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Taylor Marie Wade
Ahwahnee, California
Californians (Show/Meat pens, Dutch specializing in Blue, Black and Steel Varieties)
Taylor-Made Rabbitry
Live in the mountains 10 miles from the Yosemitee south gate. I currently have 33 holes and am adding another 24 holes to expand my Californian herd. I am a member of the ARBA and all breeding clubs that are about the breeds I raise.
559 642 4835

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Cami Johnson
Anaheim, California
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops
Cam’s Critters
Small home rabbity located in Southern California. Specializing in Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. Occasionally working to re-home other rabbit breeds. Holland Lops lines, coming soon…

Kim Paulden
Angels Camp, California
Mini Rexes, Mini Satins, Havanas, Lilacs, American Sables and Californians
TEAA’s Rabbitry
TEAA’s Rabbitry is a fine take on the old age tradition of the simple rabbit farm, quality over quantity, fresh air, water and climate controlled environments, feed, treats, sod, play time and socialization makes a fine product and a healthy choice for your next show pet! At TEAA’s we find the best breeds and genetics of rabbits as local as possible to keep small town genetics clean, strong and to uphold a traditional take on the show rabbit. TEAA’s is founded by Travis, Emily, Ashley and Austin all young children involved in 4H all ideas started from children’s books and the whimsical dreams of winning at shows, witch the first county fair attended we won many high titles! Please make us your next choice for your market animals, show stock or your next pedigreed pet!

Holland Edwards
Apple Valley, California
Rex, Mini Rex, Mini Satin, and Silver Fox
Edwards Acre Rabbitry
With my Rex I breed show quality pedigreed Castors, Opals, and all varieties of Otters. Mini Rex I breed are blue broken blue broken black and amber. The mini satins I breed are copper and broken copper.

Karen Scott
Apple Valley, California
Mini Lops
Hip Hoppity Rabbitry
I have been raising rabbits for 15 years and have between 30 and 50 rabbits, mostly mini lops. I also have a few holland lops and lionheads.

Joe Whitehall
Apple Valley, California
American Chinchilla
Whitehall Chinchillas
We have large American chinchilla rabbits Good for meat and pets very docile.

Claudia Wolff
Apple Valley, California
American, Californian, Palaminos, Havana,
Kleinhof Rabbitry
Kleinhof Rabbitry is a small rabbitry in the California High Desert. We raise Americans, Blue and White, Californian, Palamino rabbits for meat and fur. Usually we sell young breeding stock to folks who want to raise healthy meat for their table. We also sell kits for 4-H and FFA projects. For fun and show we raise Havana rabbits.
Our rabbitry is registered with ARBA!
Registration # D2696

Heather Payne-Powell
Ardmore, California
Dutch, Harlequins, Palominos, many more to come…
Blue-Bell Rabbitry
Breeder of Show Quality Stock Since 2006, Raising Blue, Chocolate and Black Dutch, Palominos in Golden, and Harlequins in the Japanese variety. Usually have stock available all year round.
Located near Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada

Sarah P.
Arroyo Grande, California
Netherland Dwarf
Hoppin’ Half-Pints Rabbitry
Netherlands Dwarfs in Shaded, Selfs, and Martens.
Registered member of the ARBA and ANDRC.

Susan Silva
Atascadero, California
Hoppy Hacienda
At Hoppy Hacienda we have beautiful well bred California rabbits. I’m a small homestead breeder on the central coast of California. Typically I have stock from 5 weeks to 12 weeks old for your consideration. My aim is to breed fast growing rabbits, with a high meat to bone ratio that provide a good investment for all those interested in the healthy homestead philosophy. My rabbits are raised on locally milled 16% protein pellets and twice daily offerings of locally grown alfalfa, and bramuda hay and our own fresh garden veggies. Baby rabbits are held regularly to help build breeding stock that is easier to handle and therefore causes less stress on the animals and the farmer. If you are interested in healthy, well bred stock, a great pet, or pedigreed rabbits for show give me a call or text Susan 805-459-8163

Harlee Green
Bakersfield, California
Holland Lop and Lion heads
Hi. I have 2 lion heads for sale going for 20 $ each. These are the only lion heads I will ever be selling, for now on I am only selling holland lips. Lion heads are great small rabbits they take some time to brush but they are great rabbits to have running around the house or even In a cage. Small rabbits like lion heads and holland lips are great as pets because of how small they are. They potty train very easily. They are only 6 months old.
Call or text

Darlene Haselden
Bakersfield, California
New Zealand White, Broken New Zealand, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Lionhead Cross, Mini California, Rex, and Mini Lop
The Goodnight Moon Rabbitry
We have five doe’s and two bucks. We are a small rabbitry but we are building. We now have the smaller varieties of bunnies.

April Ranney
Bakersfield, California
Holland Lops
Celebrity Rabbitry
Breeding only the best Holland Lops possible. We are working on colors project including Sable Points mostly. Please ask for the color you are looking for we are sure to do our best to meet your expectations.

Jennelle Price
Bakersfield, California
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead, New Zealand and Flemish Giant
Rabbits In Ribbons Rabbitry
We are a family run rabbitry that works on raising quality rabbits. We have a few different breeds and varieties that we raise. Look at our website to stay up to date with our rabbitry!

F Erdosh
Bay Area, California
Velveteen Lops
Bay Area Velveteen Lops
4H-Bred, Pedigreed Velveteen Lops

Jackie Graham
Beaumont, California
Netherland Dwarfs, Hollands Lops
Shinobi Rabbitry
Large rabbitry in Southern California with top quality Netherland Dwarfs. Most colors available.

Melody Graham
Beaumont, California
Tans, Himalayans
Scuttlebutt Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Southern California raising Tans in Black, Blue and Chocolate.
Also have Himalayans in Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac.

Ryann Everett
Benicia, California
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Holland Lop
Benicia Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Benicia CA we Currently have Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarf, and Holland Lop.
Mini lops: Chinchilla, silver tip steel, black, and Smoke pearl
Holland lop: tort
Netherland: Sable point, fawn, black otter, chinchilla, blue, lynx, opal, and chestnut

Christina Topf
Benicia (San Francisco East Bay), California
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex
The Rabbit Hill
A mid sized rabbitry specializing in rare colors of pet and show HL, ND and MR dwarf rabbits. Our rabbits are well socialized, healthy and purebred. We are open by appointment only. Bunny sitting available. Experienced international and domestic shipping since 1999. Excellent references available.

R. Waller
Bethel Island, California
Ryan’s Rabbit Farm
We are a small family run rabbit farm. We have rabbits that are great for meat, breeding, 4-H or pets.

Cindy Page
Bishop, California
Page’s Rex Rabbitry
We have begun a small Rex rabbitry here in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Valley in Bishop, CA. We raise for meat and fur but are welcome to selling show quality offspring to others that are interested in beginning breeding for themselves or desiring to show for 4-H or fairs. We are registered with ARBA, and current breeders or kits available for sale are updated on our website at

Jessie Wilkinson
Bishop, California
Rex, Standard Rex, Red New Zealand
Wilkinson’s Wylie Wabbits
Located in Bishop, California
Raising Red New Zealand’s and Standard Rex rabbits for meat and fur, show and pets. Meat mutts also available.

Ariana Cooper
Cameron Park, California
Mini Lop, Mini Rex mix
Cabbage patch kits
Beautiful Mini Lop/ Mini Rex bunnies! Make precious pets, great temperament. Soft, fluffy fur, small breed rabbit, no larger than 6 lbs. Father (Mini Lop) was the 2018 advanced rabbit agility champion, very docile. You will not be disappointed!

Ella Terzo
Cameron Park, California
Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops
Ella’s Golden CA Rabbitry
Ella Terzo
Cameron Park, CA (Near El Dorado Hills and Shingle Springs)
Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops (Previously Lionheads)
Ella’s Golden CA Rabbitry
I breed purebred and pedigreed Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops. My main breeding female Netherland Dwarfs are blue. I mainly breed blues, blue otters, pointed whites, and marked whites of Netherland Dwarfs. My Holland Lops are mainly creams, blue torts,and broken blue torts. I have had rabbits and experience with them since I was 9 years old. My rabbits are handled from birth and are introduced to young children and other animals. Netherland Dwarfs have wonderful temperaments but Hollands are naturally less skittish. I sell for pets, breeding, and for 4H. Since my rabbits are purebred and pedigreed after they are bought they may be registered into ARBA and shown. Prices vary depending on coloring,markings, and breed.
For more information call, text, or email.
(916) 628-8100

Loren Sack
Campbell, California
French Lop, French and English
Summerfield Rabbitry
We are a relatively small outfit who breeds and shows French Lopso. We have provided many rabbits to FFA and 4-H members. Our rabbits are handled from day one and are very sweet. We are working on breeding for great type and variety of colors. We exercise our rabbits regularly so they keep their muscle and shape and feed them appropriately so as not to have fat rabbits. Our children handle and show our juniors and we are pleased with our herd thus far. Follow us on Facebook at Summerfield Rabbitry or go to our website

Melani Fletcher
Caruthers, California
Jersey Woolies and Belgian Hares
Sundew Rabbitry
We strive to produce the best rabbits that we can- health, temperament, and quality. We focus on Broken, Self(not BEW), Shaded, and Tan Pattern Jersey Woolies, along with a small side project of Belgian Hares.

Christine Hert
Castro Valley, California
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Lionhead
Allie’s Bunny Barn
We are a small rabbitry nestled in the hills of Castro Valley, CA. We specialize in purebred Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, and Double Mane Lionheads. Please visit our for sale page to see what we have currently available.
As breeders, we strive to adhere to the ARBA Standard of Perfection. Our main focus is breeding top show quality rabbits with excellent temperaments, natural instincts, and longevity.

Chris Souza
Ceres, California
Harlequin , Harlequin
Oscars Bunny Trail
Raising quality pedegree Harlequins in Central California.

Parker Wood
Chico, California
Thriantas, New Zealands, American Sables, Californians, Netherland Dwarfs
Wood Family Rabbitry
Wood Family Rabbitry is just a starting out rabbitry. We will soon be adding some of the best lines of Californians to our rabbitry from Texas (AA Rabbitry). We own the best lines of Thriantas and are continuing to beat the better breeders. Our Netherland Dwarf lines come from local breeders such as : BMD bunnies, and Take Two Rabbitry. Please contact us with any questions.

Alexandria Conner
Chino, California
French Angoras, Mini Lop
Elemental Ranch
I raise show quality French Angora and Mini Lop rabbits. All of my rabbits have pedigrees and most have show experience. I handle every rabbit from the day it is born, so they are very sociable and gentle. I also spin my own fiber, so I can say from experience that my French Angoras have top quality wool.

Ashley & Daniel T
Chowchilla, California
American Fuzzy Lops, Checked Giants, Dutch Band, Dwarf Hotot, Giant Flemish
Lil’ Cotton Rabbitry
Lil’ Cotton Rabbitry is a small family owned operation registered with ARBA. We specialize in even temperament animals that excel at home and on the show table. Our American Fuzzy Lop are of high quality and are known for their beautiful density and conformation at the shows. We work with both Checkered Giant and Giant Flemish. In our Dutch Bands we have Tort, Black and Steel rabbits. The lionhead breed has become a joy for the family and an awesome addition to the barn. In lionheads we work mainly with the seal color, but have a few others from time to time. We also are a rabbit rescue and always have mix bunnies available. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our breeds or upcoming litters.

Camille Gordon
Citrus Heights, California
Netherland Dwarfs
Imperial Dwarfs
Imperials dwarfs in Sacramento CA were sisters who raise netherland dwarfs Camille raises Blue eyed white orange and broken orange and Nikole in raises shadeds and broken sahdeds. Were experienced in national and international shipments.

Kellie Lynch
Citrus Heights, California
Holland Lop, Lionhead
Hopscotch Buns
Hopscotch Buns is a small hobby rabbitry started in 2011, ARBA #D1322. I raise healthy, sweet & beautiful purebred Holland Lop and Lionhead bunnies in Citrus Heights, CA. My bunnies are well taken care of and handled on a daily basis. They live like kings and queens in little tikes playhouses, which are more than 4 times the size of regulation cages & super easy to clean! The rabbits I sell make excellent pets, breeders, great for 4H and FFA. Check out

Jonathan Frame
Clarksburg, California
CA Delta Rabbitry
Californian rabbits. Not registered. New litters born every 6 to 8 weeks. Call, text, or email with any questions.

Mikayla Haeberle
Clovis, California
Mini Rex, Flemish Giant, Sandy/Fawn/White, Rex; Otter/Castor/Broken/Black/Chinchilla/White/Opal/Amber; Black, Blue, Red, Tri, Haroquin, Broken Blue
Central Valley Rabbitry
I have a small scale rabbitry that is just starting out and quickly expanding. I currently offer mini rex, rex, and soon flemish. i take a 50$ deposit on all of my rabbits and have a waiting list you can email or call me if you have any questions or are interested in being put on a wait list. All of my rabbits are current bob bov and bosb. Flemish sire is a grand champion.

Emily DePriest
Coalinga, California
Flowermint Rabbitry
I have on and off Dutch-Gray, Black, Chocolate, and steels for sale.

Caitlyn O’Connor
Concord , California
The King’s Lions Rabbitry
I raise pedigree Lionhead rabbits for show or pet. I also sometimes have other breeds for sale. I will have other breeds, in the future, for sale full time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Terri Garrett
Copperopolis, California
Satin Angoras, English Angoras, French Angoras
The Flying Bunny Farm Rabbitry
I am a small family owned and ran newly opened rabbitry! I am focused right now on creating the best Satin Angoras possible. I also carry English Angoras and can provide you with French Angoras as well. The care of our rabbits is paramount and is done by each member of the family including our twin 5 year old adopted sons. Our rabbits are healthy and well cared for, we are currently starting a fodder feed program to provide our rabbits the most nutrition possible as well as keeping their diet as close to what they would eat in their natural habitat. Studies have shown great improvements in overall health, kit weight gain and growth as well as reducing the severity of scours when weening kits. Fodder has also proved to increase the number of kits born. We expect great results from this transition to fodder. I will be blogging the whole adventure and many others on our website We invite you to follow along and learn with us as we get our farm & rabbitry up and running. There will be lots of adventures and fun times ahead! The reward is the trip not the destination!

Jerry Harmon
Copperopolis, California
Beveren, Palomino, Lilac, Dutch, Triantra
Constellation Rabbits
Specializing in Endangered Breeds. I have Beverens in all show colors, black, white, blue. I also carry chocolate. All are pedigree and come from stock from 3B’s rabbits Barbie Brown’s Bunnies and have Calloway background. I have been breeding them to preserve the breed and to show. I now have Grand Champion lines in my herd from my breeding stock with Sr. Doe “Venus” a blue Beveren also, SR. Doe, ” Tahoe”, a Black Beveren. I have grand Champion Golden Palomino “Mars Hopper”. I also have many babies for sale from his line. I stock Lilac that are ready to go and are priced reasonably. Dutch in black, blue, chocolate and working on chinchilla. Thriantra for your 4-H projects along with discounts for FFA and 4-H members. I show in California and Nevada. You can see a photo album on CaliforniaShowRabbits on yahoo groups website. I bring stock for you to the shows upon request, call for advance notice of what breed you want and what Sex and what age. I also stock rabbits for meat and for pets. Prices range from 25.00 to 65.00

Jose Navarro
Corcoran, California
American Fuzzy Lop
I want a little American Fuzzy Lop baby bunnie.

Kyle Alameda
Corralitos, California
New Zealand
Zoe Reds Rabbitry
Hello i raise New Zealand Reds and Broken Red New Zealands. Im a small Rabbitry at the moment but planning on getting bigger as i build my breeding stock. All my rabbits are pedigree stock and come from great breeders.

Jonathan Frame
Clarksburg, California
Silver Fox, Californian
CA Delta Rabbitry
Californian and silver fox rabbits. Not registered. Call, text, or email with any questions.

Ned Bello
Culver City, California
Flemish Giant, Continental Giant, German giant
Looking for a male and female Flemish giant to start breeding rabbits.

David Tulkin
Daly City, CA
New Zealands, Californians, Flemish Giants
I raise rabbits for meat, raw dog food, hobby fur, and pets. I breed mostly CA and NZ crosses but also have Flemish Giants. I am more of a farmer, and less of a rabbit shower. I usually have fryers ready for purchase and some breeding stock. I also know lots of people in the business/hobby so if you are in need of rabbits in the SF bay area please let me know and I can help point you in the right direction.
Daly City, California 94015

Itzary Ortiz
Delano, California
Mini Lop, Lionhead Dwarf Rabbits
CA Rabbitry
I was looking for at least two or three rabbits. I was hoping I could find a mini lop, a dwarf rabbit, and a lionhead rabbit so this is the reason I came on this site to fined my very own rabbits. Thank you.

Brad Thurm
Descanso, California
Thurms Fine Rabbits
I have a small rabbitry, I raise rabbits for F.F.A. I have won grand champion for my meat pens. I have three does and 2 bucks.

Abigail Oberhauser
Diamond Springs, California
Holland Lops
Golden Rabbitry
We sell pet and brood pedigreed and tattooed Holland lops.

Rudolf Oberhauser
Diamond Springs, California
Holland Lop
Golden Rabbitry
Selling Holland Lop pedigreed, tattooed, pure, and mix Hollands. Often our holland mix babies are half mini rex.

Jesse Kolsky
El Dorado, California
Silver Fox, Champagne d’argent, Beverens (blue, White, black)
Black Oak Rabbitry
We are ARBA registered breeders of Beverens in all 3 ARBA recognized colors, Silver fox, Champagne d’argent and soon to be Argent Brun. All rabbits are full pedigreed and well socialized.

Timothy Lindquester
Citrus Heights, California
New Zealand, Holland Lops, French Lops
Lindquester Rabbitry
We are a small backyard rabbitry that breeds New Zealands, Holland Lops, and French Lops. If you are looking for rabbits to start your own meat rabbit operation or for a 4-H project, or even just a pet, New Zealand as well as French Lops of course make a wonderful choice. We also breed and sell pedigreed Holland Lops. Our children (along with their friends) handle all of our rabbits quite often and so our bunnies are all well socialized with a great demeanor. They will adjust nicely and are easy to tame. Please call, text, or email with any questions.

Abbie Hin.
Escondido, California
Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs
The Mini Farm 100
Hi! I am a teen breeder and I breed and raise Holland lops and Netherland dwarfs. I breed to get pure bred, strong healthy, sweet/docile, and cuddly bunnies.I have 8 siblings and when ever I have baby

Margo Lister
Eureka, California
Mini Lops and Holland Lops
Epona’s Glamour Rabbitry
Hello we are a small Mom/daughter run rabbitry. We are specializing in Mini lops in the chinchilla and Agouti color’s but also have other colors. We also have a small group of tort Holland lops we raise and sell. 4H discount!

Lisa Taylor
Fallbrook, California
American Chinchilla
Sisters Heritage Farms
We raise American Chinchilla rabbits along with a wide variety of other homestead livestock.

Rebecca Ackley
Ferndale, California
Flemish Giants
Beccas Bunny Ranch Rabbitry
At Beccas Bunny Ranch we raise quality Flemish Giants in the Fawn and Sandy colors. I am a member of the National Federation of Flemish Giant Breeders as well as the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Misty Macon
Ferndale, California
Holland Lop, Mini Lops, Fuzzy Lops
Shasta Garden Rabbitry
Shasta Garden Rabbitry is located in coastal Northern California (Humboldt County). We focus on Holland Loos, but will be adding a variety of Lop breeds this year. We are a small farm, producing a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs.
Our rabbitry will be involved in our local 4-H and rabbit clubs.

Michael York
Fontana, California
Californian, Mini Lops, Polish, Rex, Satins
Old Mc Donald Farms
Small and husband and wife ran rabbitry located in Fontana, CA..

Michael McGee
Fort Bragg, California
Californian, New Zealand, Satin
GDF Rabbitry
We are a small farm specializing in high protein meat and egg products. We believe that a farm should be self sustainable and animals should be handled and harvested with the upmost respect. We also believe that all parts of an animal should be used.

Autumn Stuckey
Fort Bragg, California
American Chinchilla, Silver Fox, American Blues and Whites and Meat Cross Lines
Stone Soup Farm
We are small farm that focuses on preserving heritage breeds while maintaining meat lines as our focus. We have American Chinchilla, Silver Fox, and crosses from meat breeding. We are happy to help in others journeys to raising rabbits.
Located on the Mendocino Coast, just north of Fort Bragg.

Hadley Ciceroni
Fresno, California
Mini Rex
Sierra Mountain Minis Rabbitry
HI my name is Hadley Ciceroni and I raise Mini Rex rabbits. I am 14 years old and I just got into the business, I live about an hour east outside of Fresno California. I breed for show and pet quality rabbits, I do not breed for meat. I work very hard on socializing my rabbits so they are very friendly. Please check out my website and send me an email if you have any questions.

Janay Hibner
Fresno, California
French Lop, Mini Rex, Dutch
Janay’s Rabbitry
My Rabbitry is just starting out and is located in the San Joaquin Valley. I am a member of ARBA and our local FFA and 4-H chapeters. All of my rabbits are handled daily they are socialable and freindly. I treat all of my rabbits as part of the family. Currently, I have nine holes and will be expanding my Mini Rex and French lop Breeds. All the rabbits come with pedigrees and in there blood line they have legs.

Alex Jensen
Fresno, California
Rex, Jersey wooly, Mini Rex, Mini Lop
Alexs Sparkling Stars Rabbitry
Hello my name is Alex Jensen I am a youth breeder in Fresno California I breed Jersey wooly , Mini Lop, Mini Rex, and Standard Rex . My main rabbit breed is the Rex which I have been working on for three years . All of my rabbits have done very well at local and state levels, and I continue to make the breeds I have the best they can be. I sell both Show and Pet Rabbits and all show Rabbits come with a pedigree. I have a variety of colors in all of my breeds. I am now breeding tri’s in mini Rex and Rex. If there’s something special you are looking for let me know if I don’t have it at the time I will know a breeder that does. I look forward to hearing from you Alex Jensen.

Brittany Long
Fresno, California
Mini Rex
Love Bunnies
Currently re-inventing Love Bunnies rabbitry and starting slow with just mini rex for now. I will be venturing into other breeds soon.

Elysia Sanches
Fresno, California
Mini Rex
Romeo’s Rabbitry
Hi! I am Located in the Central Valley. I raise many varieties of Mini Rex such as Black, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Otters, and Broken. I am always expanding and selling rabbits.

Nutwood Rabbbitry
Fullerton, California
Netherland Dwarf and Holland lops
Nutwoods Rabbitry
We are a dwarf breed specialized rabbitry for mostly orange, brokens, fawns, bews and all sorts of beautiful colors! We sell well socialized pets that have sweet personalities. Our stocks come from champion bloodlines from around the US and we are members of the ARBA.

Kayla Cole
Galt, CA
Netherland Dwarf
Bunny’s Secret Rabbitry
Competitively breeding Netherland Dwarfs in Northern California focusing on the Chinchilla, Squirrel, and Broken varieties. It began as an FFA project but turned into a favorite passtime and hobby. I am a registed ARBA and ANDR member and breeder. Estimated 10-25 holes but each rabbit is socialized and handled from birth so all are kid friendly and healthy. Unfortunately shipping rabbits is not available at this time. Feel free to check out the website for details.

Galt, CA
Netherland Dwarfs, French Lops
Imperial Dwarfs
We are a sister team we mainly raise netherland dwarfs in BEW, orange, shaded, broken orange, broken shades. We are just starting to raise french lops as well. We are experienced shipper nationally, and internationally.

Bethel Morris
Galt, California
Mini Rex
Reigning Rabbits
Beautiful, hand-raised Mini Rex rabbits from Grand Champion lines.
Soft as Velvet. The Perfect Pet!
New Litters available often.

Ryan Rose
Granada Hills, CA
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Lionheads
Roaring Heights Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry located in Granada Hills, Southern Californian. I work with three breeeds: Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs & Holland Lops. I am member of ARBA & have been in this hooby for 10 years. I breed for healthy quality sound show amimals.

Emily Knupp
Gustine, California
Mini Rex, Standard Rex, Champagne D’Argents
Fuzzy Flavors Rabbitry
Hi my name is Emily Rose Knupp. I have been raising rabbits since 2007. I mainly breed Mini Rex but I also breed Standard Rex and Champagne D’Argent but ill also do other breeds. I do a lot of different variety’s in Mini Rex but mainly do Otters. In Standard Rex I have Amber, Red, Lynx, Castor, Tort (Trying to get the color recognized), Blue Torts, Chinchillas, Blues, Otters, Opals, and Brokens of all variety’s. I also Re-home Rescue bunny’s No questions asked (unless needed for care purposes).

Bae Costa
Hayward, California
Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, English Angoras
Bae’s Magic Top Hat Rabbitry
Welcome to Bae’s Magic Top Hat Rabbitry.. We carry the tiniest and best looking dwarf Rabbits for many years all throughout California.
If you want a bunny that is cuddly, potty trained, used to

Blanca Juan
Hayward, California
English Angoras, Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Lionheads, New Zealands
Bae’s Magic Top Hat Rabbitry
Hello everyone! We are a small family oriented Rabbitry nestled in the hills of Hayward, CA. We specialize in show and let quality of dwarf breeds including: Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Lionheads, New Zealands and English Angoras. We started out very young from showing to showing our stock. Please visit our website to meet our adorable fluff balls.

Emily Castillo
Healdsburg , California
Mini Rex
ABC Rabbitry
I currently have 3 purebred rabbits available they’re all healthy and we’re born December 3rd, 2019. They make great pets and are very friendly. I have a female red tort, male broken black, and a female blue tort.

Ken Lorrah
Hesperia, California
French Angora
Northern Winds Rabbitry
Breeder of French Angora’s. We only breed from our Grand Champion lines.

Noel Spark
Inyokern, California
New Zealands
Hop n High Ranch
We raise rabbits for the pet and meat industry and 4-H and FFA. We also buy rabbits in the Southern Calif. area

Alexis Lee
Irvine, California
Dutch, Netherland dwarf, Lion head
Breeded bunnies for over 10 years. We specialize in half Dutch and half Netherland dwarf bunnies and they grow to be around 1lb. We shower our bunnies with love so they are never aggressive but very sensitive and loving. Great pets to have!

Dante Bui
Irvine, CA, California
French Lop
I have a 2.5 yr old female french lop. I would like mate her 1 time to get 1 liter before i have her spayed. I have 6 friends who have all commited to adopting a baby and I am willing to keep any that do not get adopted. I do not anticipate this since the same 6 people have been very commited for a few months.
Do you have a male lop and would you be willing to breed 1 litter with me?

Kelsey Van Eck
Kelseyville, CA
Netherland Dwarf, Lion Head
Narley Netherlands Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry in Lake County California, Kelseyville to be exact, where we specialize in Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. We started with only the idea, that in a few years our Son would be in 4H and rabbits would be a good place to start, but it has quickly become our family Project that we all adore! We take pride in our rabbits, they are truly family members, as treated as so, not as trophys in a cage. They are all played with daily, and Truly loved by the whole family.

Krystian White
Kingsburg, California
Californian, New Zealand
Jimenez Rabbitry
My name is chrystian and im from kingsburg ca. Ive been raising rabbits for 15 years now and my grandfather raised rabbits his whole life on the same farm. I have California newzealand cross bred for rabbits specifically for meat. I have a total of 25 breeding females with 2 bucks and at this point in time I have a total of 142 rabbits. Im looking for buyers for my rabbits. I have yet to experience with rabbit fur tanning so if interested in buying fur let me know.

Traci Eggleston
King City, California
American Chinchilla, New Zealand, Californian, Mini Lop
Lewis Creek Farms
Currently raising American Chinchillas, New Zealands, Californians for meat and show. We support 4-H and FFA and sell meat pens for show. We also raise Mini Lops for show. We occasionally have breeding stock for sale. All of our fryers are pasture raised on all natural pellets and spring water. We never use chemicals, hormones or antibiotics in our meat rabbits. Please contact us for availability.

Amanda Harvey
Kingsburg, California
French Angoras
ABL Farm Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry specializing in French angoras. We breed for excellent fiber quality and personality. All rabbits are pedigreed show quality rabbits. These rabbits make excellent pets for fiber or show and are well socialized.

Teresa Miller
Lake Elsinore, California
Holland Lops
Spoiled Lops Rabbitry
Family Rabbitry, raising and breeding small, affectionate Holland Lops, in a wide variety of colors. All of our rabbits are held and played with daily, making them even more affectionate.

Justin Rhodes
Lake Los Angeles/Palmdale, California
Californian, New Zealand, Mini Lop
Rhodes Rabbits
I raise Californian/New Zealand Hybrids for meat purposes. I have an interest in sustainable and healthy meat. I do not like to slaughter these intelligent animals, and would like to sell the more docile ones as Pets. I have been working to interbred with Mini Lopp and Wild Rabbits with little success. Cruelty we have 8 breeding Rabbits, hopefully more litters will be born soon.

Garrett Rebarchek
Lakeside, California
English Spots and Rhinelanders
Great Rabbitry
Great rabbitry is a fairly new rabbitry. I specialize in Mini Rex, and are just starting in Netherlands. I give discounts to 4-h, and FFA, mainly because I am in both. I try to go to as many shows as possible, and am a member/ breeder registered by ARBA. ” to “I specialize in English Spots and Rhinelanders. I give discounts to 4-h, and FFA, because I was in both as a youth exhibitor. I raise Black, Blue, Lilac, Grey, Tort, and Gold English Spots.

Hailey Klows
Lake Side, California
English Spot, Californian
Spark Rabbitry
Varieties: Black, Blue, Lilac

Shelby West
Le Grand, California
French Lop, Flemish Giant, Californian
West Central Rabbitry
Breeder of French Lops of colors anywhere between black, chinchilla, and broken. Breeder of Fawn and Sandy Flemish Giants. Breeds Californians for local county fairs and meat consumption. Will breed Californians upon request.

Eldred Hughes
Littlerock, California
Californian, Mini Rex, Polish, Lion Head, Velveteen Lop
Gizmo’s Rabbitry
My rabbitry is a fun hobby. Normally I only charge enough for the bunnies to recover my feed and other costs. I enjoy breeding and caring for them and have raised rabbits since I was a teenager (many years ago)!
We are located in Littlerock, California in the desert. The rabbits are located in their own ventilated shed enclosure with a swamp cooler to keep them cool in the summers and fan to keep fresh air circulating. Since our winters are relatively mild I only use space heaters as required for new born bunnies.
I don’t believe in breeding rabbits to death. My does are usually only bred once a quarter. This gives them a few weeks to rest after weaning a litter before I breed them again. Locals who buy my bunnies also comment on how healthy they are compared to others. The cages are checked twice a day, brushed out as required and periodically they get bleached and sanitized. In order to ensure adequate water (we are in the desert) the bunnies are on an automatic water system that I flush at least weekly.
Even though my bunnies are pure breeds I do not have papers on them since it is just a hobby – this keeps my cost down. Several of my rabbits have won awards at the local fair. As a service to the community I provide bunnies free of charge to 4-H members.

Jesse Pulido
Littlerock, California
Californians, American chinchillas, Dutches and crosses
JZ Farm Rabbitry
Raised crosses and pure Californian in Los Angeles, California txt for inquires 818-359-9032.

Jessica Van Dyken
Lodi, California
Florida Whites, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs
Cloud Nine Rabbitry
We breed rabbits carefully to produce good temper, body size, and color in rabbits. None are bred for meat or for profit, only show and pets. They consist of purebred or crossed rabbits. We feed them a good diet for proper health and length of the rabbits life. We just started our Rabbitry recently, so we’ll be adding different kinds of rabbits soon.

Jessica Venti
Lodi, California
Florida White, Mini Satin, Holland Lop, and mixes
Ruby Eyed Rabbitry
We provide happy and healthy baby rabbits for great homes. We breed great color, quality and behavior. Non meat rabbits. Only show, pet, and 4-H.

David and Sandra Roe
Lodi, California
Champagne d’ Argent, American, American Sable, Creme D’Argent, Californian, New Zealand, Havana, Mini Rex, Lionhead
Roe’s Bunny Farm
Our rabbitry has grown by leaps and bounds during the last two years. Dave has been raising rabbits off and on for over 50 years! Dave concentrates on the meat rabbits while Sandra concentrates on the smaller breeds. Our Champagnes have heavy Cleer lines!

Laura Orosco
Lodi, California
French Lop, Lionheads, and Holland lop
The Shire Rabbitry
Small family rabbitry specializing in French Lops, but we do breed Lionheads and Holland Lop. I am an registered breeder with A.R.B.A. and our rabbitry goal is to provide show quality rabbits. Please visit our website to look at recent sales and updates of our herds progress.

Amanda Duarte
Los Angeles, California
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Lionhead Dwarf
I don’t have one
I live in California in LA and I want to get a netherwland dwarf preferably a female baby but if it’s a male I’ll gladly take him to my price range is from 20-50 and that’s as far as I’ll go. I would like something nearby and to be able to see the bunny and get to spend a little time with him thankyou

Carl Langford
Los Angeles, California
New Zealand White, Californian, Silver Fox, Flemish Giant, Britannia Petite, Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot. COMING SOON – Holland Lops, Lionheads, Rex and Dutch
Glen Eden Rabbitry
We are a small but growing rabbitry in Los Angeles. Our team is dedicated to not only producing the finest organic meat rabbits but also the most docile and well mannered pet rabbits.
Our exclusive Easter Bunny program takes the worry and stress out of getting an Easter Bunny and we ship all over.

Lori Harmon
Los Angeles , California
Netherland Dwarf
Down The Rabbit Hole
We are a Central California based Co-Op rabbitry that raises and shows Netherland Dwarf rabbits. We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association & the American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Breeders Association. We raise Blue Eyed White, Black, Otter, Himalayan, Chestnut, Squirrel and Chinchilla Netherland Dwarfs.
Our breeding program is a collaboration of top quality hand-picked, Netherland Dwarfs from champion breeders in the US and Canada. We are a small rabbitry focusing on type, temperament while taking great pride in the health & well-being of our netherland Dwarf family.
Our Netherland Dwarf Rabbits are social, handled daily, fun to show and make excellent pets. They have a baby face that you’ll just fall in love with. Even when full-grown, these bunnies keep their babyish appearance. They are intelligent, playful and funny. They are popular because they are easy to care for, can be kept indoors, able to be litter boxed trained and they are tiny in size weighing ?1.5 to 2.5? lbs when full grown..

Our rabbits are quality, purebred and fully pedigreed. We are breeding to produce the ultimate Netherland Dwarf that we can be proud to have our rabbitry’s name on.

When you are getting a Netherland Dwarf  from Down The Rabbit Hole rabbitry you are getting top quality. A healthy rabbit free from genetic defects and a true Netherland Dwarf.

Thank You for Hoppin by!

Rachel Read
Los Baños, California
Mini Rex, Mini Lop
Bandit’s Bunny Farm
My Name is Rachel.
I breed Mini Rex and Mini Lops, and am hoping to add more breeds in the future. Feel free to ask me any questions, and shoot me an email if you’re interested in one of my buns. I love doing this, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon.
Thank you,
Rachel Read
(209) 509-8886

Lynn Romano
Lodi, California
Mini Rex, Califronian, Flemish, Mix Breed, Holland Lop
Magic of Ruby Eyes
MRE takes great care and specialty in our rabbits wellbeing. Healthiness, Cleaniness, tameness, gentleness are all traits of my rabbitry. Even the gentle giants are favorites of my children. My main focus if ruby eyed whites in almost every breed listed, but I do have other colors; broken lilacs, black, seals, chocolates, and tri-colors. They come pedigreed or without for discounted price for a pet only. They get to play in a large rabbit run in the sun on a rotational schedule. The lovable fuzz balls of MRE will probably end up in your arms!!:)

Kaitlyn Alanis
Los Banos, CA
Holland Lops
Lops of Love Rabbitry
Hi, Lops of Love is a small rabbitry started in 2011. We raise show quality and pet friendly holland lops. I am a member of both 4-H and FFA, and I give discounts to all other members. For more information, please check out our website or our facebook page. To find us on facebook, type in ‘Lops of Love Rabbitry’ in the search bar. Thank you!

Anthony Kao
Los Angeles, California
Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarfs
Urban Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Los Angeles. We specialize in Jersey Wooly and Netherland Dwarfs. Please visit our website for more info.

Rachel Read
Los Banos, California
Mini Rex, Mini Lop
Bandit’s Bunny Farm Rabbitry
Hi, my name is Rachel, I am just getting started with this business, so I’m still learning the ropes. I am currently working on Mini Rex and Mini Lops, but I’ll probably add more breeds to my stock. If you want a bunny, look at my website, and then contact me. Thank You 😀 – Rachel Read

Betsy Bradley
Madera, California
English Angora
Shogun Silkies & English Angora Farm
we raise and breed english angora rabbits , new members of the ARBA and the nationals angora club. We aim to learn as much as we can and love our babies.

Barbi Brown
Manteca, California
Beveren, Holland Lop, Velveteen Lop
3B’s Rabbitry – Barbi Brown’s Bunnies
We have been raising rabbits for 30+ years and have had many breeds but our real 1st love is the Beveren. Beverens are a rare breed originally bred for fur and meat. While still excellent meat and fur rabbits they are also great for show and pets. Very docile with good mothering abilities. Great health and they tolerate the heat well here in the Central Valley where summer temps reach over 100 degrees.
Please visit for more information and take a look at all the supplies we have for sale as well.

Melissa Tillery
Mariposa, California
Rex and Mini Rex
MMS Rabbitry
Hi I raise rexes and mini rexes for show quality, pet quality and I also have breeding pairs for meat. I strive to have the best rabbits I can. I have tons of colors in my rabbitry. I look foward to working with you thank you!

Tim, Danielle and JohnMichael Sparks
Mariposa/Midpines, California
Rex, Californian, Rhinelander.
Blue Berry Hill Bunnies
Hi we are a family of Three. We live in the Hills below Yosemite Ca. in a small town called Midpines. We started by just breeding for meat. But because I used to show when I was young, we decided to start a little rabbitry, Hoping to have some nice rabbits for when our son is old enough to start showing. Choosing Rex as our main breed.

Jessica James
Marysville, California
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops
Roadie Roo Rabbits
Netherland Dwarfs in Blue Eyed White and Broken Blue and Chocolate. Holland Lops in Chestnut and Steel and Brokens. Located in Northern California.

Arianna Castillo
Merced, California
Rex & Rex crossbreds
Santa Fe Rabbitry
A small Calfornia rabbitry run by an FFA member. Currently breeding unpedigreed Rex and Rex crossbreds as pets/meat.

Theresa Taylor
McKinleyville , California
Mad River Manes
We are a small Lionhead rabbitry located on the Mad River in Humboldt County, CA. I fell in love with these cute, friendly little rabbits! I breed pet and show quality bunnies. I breed Siamese Sables, Sable Point, Black & Blue Tort, Blue, Black & Ruby Eyed Whites.

Savannah Descovich
Modesto, California
Mini Rex
Desco Rabbitry
New college student selling off final litters of rabbits. Only breed Mini Rex.
In serious need to sell/rehome rabbits. Hope to sell mostly to 4H and FFA students. Rabbits are perfect for pets also and very friendly with dogs and children.

David Jones
Modesto, California
Flemish Giants
Ivory Farms Rabbitry
Grand Champion line bunnies for pets, 4H, FFA, ARBA shows, or breeding into your meat lines for bigger faster growing rabbits. Our babies are raised in tkennels, come to be petted or held, and are using a litter box from 3 weeks old. We let them go home after 6-8 weeks old, when they are finished nursing. we do lots of holding and petting so they are socialized. Yes they really are the largest breed of rabbit, they grow until age two, so keep getting bigger ! Dad Thumper has 2 Grand Champion parents, walks on a leash, comes up to any stranger for pets, sits up and begs for treats, walks on hind feet for treats, loves to ride in the car or watch TV on the couch with the cats. I believe these are the smartest breed of rabbit. Ours are very gentle taking treats from the fingers of tiny children regularly. They acan live with our cats and tortises and small dogs, and chickens happily. Prices are without pedigree just for pet or meat breeding $ 50. males, $ 100 females ( same litter as sold with pedigree just discounted for pets). WITH Pedigree for show or breeding $ 100 males , $ 200 females. Hottest breed for the new back yard rabbitry. If you raise GARDENS, or HYDROPONICS there is nothing BETTER than rabbit manure for worm beds, or manure tea, and you can put the non-burning beans right onto your organic garden and you won’t believe how big the plants , vegetables flowers and buds grow !! Our rabbits are very healthy, get lots of freedom, and the best foods. Come see them, you will be impressed. Call for appointment. These are GIANT rabbits that can go from 15- 25 lbs. The biggest “farm type” animal you’re allowed to raise in town.

Mary Frey
Modesto, California
Netherland Dwarf
Never Nertherland Dwarfs Rabbitry
We are a small family owned Rabbitry, but we are slowly building up.

Kayla Kassabian
Moorpark, California
Mini Rex
Kassabian Rabbitry
Kassabian Rabbitry is a family run rabbitry located in beautiful Newbury Park, California. We are currently raising show quality Mini Rex in otter and chocolate. We are now getting into Netherland Dwarf’s. Our goal for our rabbits, is to breed to the ARBA standards along with amazing personalities, and outstanding health. At Kassabian Rabbitry we believe in quality not quantity. We are registered members of the ARBA and our Rabbitry is also registered with the ARBA.

William Feldon
Moreno Valley, California
Mini Rex, Standard Rex
Sunset Grove Rabbitry
Hello Fellow Rabbit Lovers! Me and my rabbitry are located in southern California! Our goal in Sunset Grove is to improve our lines of rabbit and to get the best quality of rabbits we can. We strive to improve our lines and others as well. We really enjoy raising the wonderful Rex and Mini rex! We first started to get into rabbits a few years ago, but never knew it was going to grow into what I have now. The majority of our rabbits have pedigrees and parents and grandparents have been entered in shows. We enjoy raising Blue, Black, BEW, REW, Otters, Castors, Brokens, Chocolates, Lilac and other rare colors! I am also very excited to share that I will eventually be joining 4-H again were I can there too, exceed in my rabbitry. We look forward to meeting you and your bunnies! Take care! -William

Bettina Clifton
Mount Shasta, California
French Angora
French Angoras of Mount Shasta
We are a very small rabbitry in Mount Shasta, California, providing quality French Angora Rabbits which are bred for their outstanding fiber, used for spinning yarn and felting. The sweetest rabbits with the most luxurious fiber!

Cristy Anders
Murphys, California
Holland Lop, American Sables
Mom N Moregan’s Lops
We are a mom and daughter owned and operated rabbitry. We are in the process of expanding our herd of Holland lops. Our goal is to provide happy, healthy, and colorful additions to our stock. Right now we have American Sables but only until the end of this year (2015), we really want to focus on the Holland lop breed. Please call, or email if you are interested. You can also visit our website.

Louis Moses
Murrieta, California
Flemish Giant
Happy Tails
I am a registered ARBA and NFFGRB registered member. I produce white, grey, fawn, sandy, and blue colored Giants. Select babies a re keep for showing.
My bunnies are feed Purina Rabbit Chow Show Formula, Rolled Oats, fruit and vegetables. They are given pine cones for chew toys. The adults are housed in a very roomy 2ft x 8ft bunny house.
My Giants babies are raised with my family, my 2 cats, 2 mongrel dogs, and my Black Russian Terrier. My babies are raised in our walk-in bunny-run. It measures 7ft wide x 31ft long. It has fruit trees and water mister.
I have a litter of Blue s born on 12-20-13 that will be ready for their forever home beginning 2-8-14.
I am also expecting a litter of Grey and White with a due date of 2-21-14.
I am open to shipping.

Lana Piercy
Murrieta, California
Mini Lops, Lion Heads, Rexes, Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Champagne d’argents
Shearer’s Rabbitry
At Shearer’s Rabbitry, we breed show quality rabbits at affordable prices: Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Lion Head, Rex, Champagne d’argent. We ship worldwide.

Emily Colyn
Norco, California
S & S Ranch
Breeding Rex rabbits for shows and pets! Breed otters, selfs,brokens, and hopefully soon tris

Gloria Cisneros
Pasadena, California
Netherland Dwarf, American Blue rabbit
American blue rabbit

Lauren B
Rancho Cucamonga, California
Holland Lops & Lionheads
Redhill Rabbitry
We are Rabbit enthusiasts and we focus on health, structure, and temperament. We have bred and shown rabbits since 1996. In addition to being an experienced breeder we have also worked with some of the top veterinarians in Southern California! Getting a rabbit from us means you are now part of our family and we want to stay connected with you. We will always accept our bunnies back in to our home if you are no longer able to keep your pet. We are committed to each bunny that leaves our home for their entire life. Since I have previously worked in the veterinarian field I can first hand attest to shelter overpopulation which is why we will never allow our bunnies to be sent into rescue – you can always feel comfortable reaching out to us for any reason and we will do our best to assist you. With that being said, we are always accepting deposits for our baby bunnies to approved homes. Our bunnies will come with their pedigree/birth certificate, literature on the care and dietary needs of your new bunny, we also provide a sample of their diet for transitional purposes, toys, grooming items, and a limited health warranty. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. For the quickest response please DM on instagram at [ ] or follow us on Facebook at and be sure to visit our website for more details: www.lionheadbunnies.weebly.comWe are proud members of: ARBA, NALRC, HLRSC, and we are a registered rabbitry.Questions? Email us today! We are experienced, knowledgeable, and veterinarian trained. Not only can we educate you on rabbit care but we can also explain their social behaviors and the “do’s” and “don’ts” of ownership. Training and socialization begin on day one! We have OVER 23 years experience in raising/showing rabbits. Proper care & nutrition are pivotal and we make sure you leave our home with the information necessary to maintain the ideal care for your new bunny. We are not a farm, ranch, or facility. We are a small home located behind a private golf course. Please refer to our website for more information and even more things to look for when researching your bunny breeder…

Melanie O’Hara
Rancho Murieta, California
Mini Rex
Jewels Rabbits
My daughter Julia is in 4-H rabbits and enjoyed it so much she started a rabbit business! We breed Mini Rex and currently have two herds. One herd was born June 13th and have three available. One black, one broken blue and one broken chocolate. The other herd was born July 15th and have five available. Three broken black, one broken blue and one broken chocolate. Our purpose is to breed rabbits for 4-H and FFA projects. We chose Mini Rex to raise, because of their calm temperament, fur and size. Makes it easier to work with for showing. This breed makes great pets too!

Carol Scherner
Napa, California
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops, Polish
Rabbit Ridge is a small home-based rabbitry in Napa, California. We do not ship our rabbits, nor do we put them through stressful shows. We specialize in pure bred pedigreed Netherland Dwarf Rabbits and Dwarf Holland Lops. Our rabbits are socialized and made part of the family right from the start. Come and see the difference!

Late & Lois Smith
Napa, CA
Mini Rex
Red Hot Rabbits
We raise mini rex in the following varieties: Chinchilla, Broken Chinchilla, Sable Point, Broken Black and Tri.

Amy Duke
Norco, California
Rusted Star Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry located in Southern California, I raise Polish rabbits for competitive show and 4H in black and chocolate and broken. I also have a few Lionheads that I raise for show REWs and Torts. I have rabbits available at many times of the year please visit my facebook page at dukesfancyrabbitry for available rabbits.

Brooke Tennant
Norco, California
Rex, Mini Rex, Velveteen Lops, Holland Lops
Hoppy Days’ Rabbitry
We are an ARBA registered rabbitry in southern California raising Rex, Mini Rex, Velveteen Lops and Holland Lops. We breed nationally competitive, show quality Rex. We have small programs of the other 3 breeds, but our main focus is our Rex. Our most common colors are black, blue, broken, otter and white but we specialize in Blue and Lilac. We pride ourselves for having great fur, fast growth and sweet temperaments. We always have rabbits available from pets to homestead breeding rabbits to show rabbits. Check out our website, Facebook or Instagram for lots of cute pictures and to learn more about our herd!

Sharon Williams
Norco, California
Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lops
Hallmark Hollands and American Fuzzy Lops
I am raising Holland Lop rabbits and American Fuzzy Lops primarily to meet the ARBA Standard of Perfection, firstly for type and temperament.. I also have special color projects such as blue, chocoloate, some shaded and otter at the time that I am also breeding. To good homes only, I offer young juniors to adults as pets, some show and brood quality rabbits at competitive prices. Some of my young junior pet-quality bucks are neutered after 6 months and are then offered up as pets. With the purchase of one of my rabbits, I offer a rabbit-lifetime of consult to the best of my ability.

Deann DaSilva
Novato, California
New Zealand, American, American Chinchilla
Just Struttin
We are a small rabbitry focusing on quality rabbits that are suitable showing or breeding

Allysa Baker
Oakdale, California
Holland Lop
AC Sisters Rabbitry
Hello my name is Allysa. I raise a small herd of Holland lops in Oakdale, Ca. I raise rabbits for show rabbits. I started my rabbitry in May of 2016. I’m also a member of 4-H.

Jeffrey Stone
Oakland, California
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Oakstead Rabbits
An urban rabbitry in Oakland, CA!
We are a small, organic urban farm located in Oakland that raises rabbits for meat, pets and pelts. We’ve only got three cages, so have rabbits for sale on a first come, first serve basis (and obviously, on a limited scale!)
Fed only organic feed from a local supplier (Modesto Milling as sold by the BioFuel Oasis in Berkeley). You’re welcome to come visit and say hi to your flock of chickens and herd of rabbits!

Lacey Grant
Oak Run, California
Mini Rex, Californians
Hopper Farms
We specialize in health, temperament and quality in our Rabbitry. We won’t breed just anything. We breed for the best!

Amy Wehner
Oceanside, California
Holland Lop
Bunches of Bunnies Rabbitry
Professionally raise and skillfully grown lovable rabbits that will be great with however puts them into their home.

Kendra Belleghem
Ontario , California
Holland Lop, American fuzzy lops
Belgium buns rabbitry
We rasied show and high quality holland lop and American fuzzy lops and some meat breeds I am a proud member ARBA I take pride in rasing show and high quality holland lop my American fuzzy lop I breed top quality show quality Americans fuzzy lops check my Instagram page and Facebook page Belgium buns rabbitry all my rabbits are show quality fully pedigreed and tattooed rabbits

Dianne Bauer
Orange, California
Mini Lop Ear bunnies and Angora Lops
Bauer Bunnies
Adorable lop ear bunnies. Friendly and smart. Many great colors to choose from! Born in home and hand held from birth so that they will bond with humans. I have been breeding this line for 20 years to create health and long life in the line. We have all just moved back to California full time. FREE starter food and “How to Care For Bunnies” booklet included with purchase. We are breeding for the Holidays now.Please check with us as we might have one or more available at any time.

Hannah Shaff
Pacifica, California
Mini Rex, New Zealands
T.D. Rabbitry
In California, I’m a 4-h member. I raise quality mini rex and new zealand rabbits.

KG Rairden
Palmdale, CA
Mini Rex
Rair-Find Rabbits
A small rabbitry with more than half of breeding stock Grand Champions. In addition to Mini Rex, I also breed the beautiful and sweet Velveteen Lop breed.

Brian Stafford
Palms, CA
Mini Rex, Silver Fox
Wild West
Small hobby rabbitry raising pure bred mini rex in Opal, Black and Blue , Ch lines show quality
Black Silver Fox , our goal is to preserve this rare American breed
760 865 0849

Kili Jung
Paso Robles, California
Californians, New Zealands, Satin, Rex, Mini Rex, New Zealand Californian Cross
Ear’s Looken At Ya Rabbitry
Our family rabbitry has been raising meat and show stock for over 33 years. We currently have New Zealands, Californians, Satins, Rex, and Californian Crosses within our herds. We are just starting back raising Mini Rex. Our family raises pet, show, and meat stock.

Lance Casey
Penryn, California
Californian, New Zealand Cross
Penryn Rabbit Farm
Penryn Rabbit Farm currently has rabbit meat for sale. Buy Rabbit Meat direct from the farm or at participating Farmer’s Markets. Our meat rabbits are fed a certified organic feed. The organic feed does not contain soy or corn. We sell breeding stock.

Adrian Higareda
Perris , California
Holland Lop, Double Mained Lionheads
Lovely Lionheads
I don’t have any Holland lops I just couldn’t find the Lionheads in the breed category. But I have double Mained Lionheads. Ask for availability. Prices are from $150 and up depending on the bunny. I have Vienna carriers and Blue eyed whites. Please no calls I only answer texts thank you.

Holland Lops
Perris (30-40 minutes from Riverside), California
Holland Lop
Lovely Lops Rabbitry
Hi Ive been breeding rabbits since I was 10 and I love every bit of it! I just started in breeding pedigreed Holland lops. ( I’m not into the technology so I print the pedigree paper and I hand write in the information). Your more than welcome to print it on your own pedigree but all the information is correct and to the best of my knowledge. I have about 7 Holland lops which I’m also planning to expand. Please TEXT for pictures and to see what’s available. I don’t answer unknown numbers when called. Also I rarely check my email. I DO NOT DELIVER! I’m located in PERRIS, CA (40 minutes from riverside). All my bunnies are sold no younger than 8 weeks.

Cristina Rose Strube
Petaluma, California
French Angora
Friends-and-Relations Rabbitry
I am a high school student in FFA; my rabbitry is registered with ARBA (#D3563). I started raising French Angora rabbits as a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) for FFA, but it’s more than a project; I love my rabbits!
I currently have one breeding pair, both Ruby-Eyed Whites. I kept one of their daughters from their first litter, and plan to expand my herd soon by obtaining another buck. I would like to get a buck of a different color to increase the color possibilities in the gene pool.
My rabbits are handled constantly, so they are all friendly and affectionate.
Kits from my rabbitry will make good pets as well as show and fiber rabbits, and maybe some breeders.

April Wilburn
Pine Mountain Club, CA
Jersey Woolys
The Long Coat Rabbit
I am a small indoor rabbitry producing rabbits for show and pets in the mountains of Southern California. I am located an hour north of Valencia CA (Magic Mountain) and a hour south of Bakersfield.

Heather Murray
Placerville, California
French Lops, Lionheads, Dutch, Holland Lops
Dreamcatcher Acre’s Rabbitry
I mainly raise Lionheads and French Lops, I dabble in Dutch and Holland Lops. I have 2 sites, my Lionheads are my main ones.

Billie Saporito
Placerville, California
Jersey Wooly
Fuzzywuzzy Rabbitry
Looking for a pet

Leo Rodriguez
Pollock Pines, California
Mini Rex, Jersey Woolies and Rex
Rodriguez Rabbitry
We at Rodriguez Rabbitry strive to produce Quality Mini Rex Jersey Woolies. We have acquired the majority of our stock from top notch breeders/exhibitors. We strive to increase the quality of rabbits we produce from litter to litter. We are Family run.

Kaden Poe
Porterville, California
Oakley Rabbitry
We are rabbitry based in Porterville Californa that sells Dutch rabbits for show and pets.

Jennifer Cox
Poway, California
Dutch: Black and Steel, Tan: Black and Blue, English Spots
Jennies Rabbits
I raise, breed, show and sell quality Dutch, Tan and English Spot rabbits. My breeding program focuses on good temperament with high quality bloodlines. I breed 2 Varieties of Dutch; Black and Steel. I breed 2 varities of Tans: Black and Blue. I breed 2 Varities of English Spots: Black and Blue.

Gerald Heberling
Prunedale, CA
American Chinchilla, American
Tans Buns Rabbitry
We raise American Chinchilla rabbits for show, fun and yum!

Melinda Duldulao
Quartz Hill, California
Californian and Mini Rex
Milliies Minis
We sell Californian and Mini Rex for breeding and 4H and FFA projects. We have a great stock of rabbits from great lines.

Monta Duweling
Redding, California
New Zealand/California Cross
Duweling Farm
We raise the New Zealand/California Cross for both sale and meat. These rabbits have been proven to be lasting and productive. We also purchase rabbits to improve our stock.

Greg G.
Redding, California
New Zealand
Don’t Blink Rabbitry
Hi, our hobby farm was established in 2011. My wife and I really just wanted to start eating healthier and more importantly, to know where our food came from. Our Rabbitry was established in 2013. And like our tiny farm, it continues to grow. And we love it!
Currently we are working with 5 sweet does. And 1 amazing “Buck Norris”. Of course, all have their own hole. Housed in all Wire cages suspended in a shed which east & west walls are roll up tarps or shade cloth( depending on time of year). The other 2 walls have windows. And because the heat gets intense in Redding CA. A mist system is a must. Topped off with gravity fed water nipples.
I really enjoy building hutches and cages. And usually have a variety of them for sale.
If we successfully make it through another summer (without any casualties). I’m seriously considering upgrading to pedigrees and possibly even a D’Argent breed.

Jonathan Novembri
Redding, California
Mini Rex, New Zealand Reds
Stillwater Rabbitry

Allison Hagen Kennedy
Redlands, California
Satin Angoras
Lair of the Lepus
New start up rabbitry in southern California…
5 does, 2 breeding bucks, and on pet buck.
2 reds( 1 doe & 1 buck), chocolate pearl( 1 buck), sable pearl( doe), 2 chocolates, 1 buck, 1 doe) 1 black(doe)

David Kozlowski
Redondo Beach, California
American Blue
Kozlowski Rabbitry
Currently have one 5 year old female blue American rabbit.

Sandra J. E. & Larry G. Warkentin
Ridgecrest, California
American Sables, Holland Lop
Pig ‘N’ Hare Rabbitry – A.R.B.A. Registration #A257
Our main breed is Holland Lops. Sandra has been raising and showing rabbits since early 1997. She started out with one HL Sable Point doe named Picard’s Genie. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to breed Genie, Sandra tried one more time. This time everything worked out just fine! Genie was a Mommy who raised her litter and Sandra was hooked, hook, line and sinker! She had caught the Holland Fever! She started raising Netherland Dwarf rabbits soon after the Holland Lops and did well with them, but eventually sold out to make more room for her beloved Holland Lops. Today we still raise Holland Lops, but we also have American Sables. They are a rare breed at number 10 on the Rare Breed list. Thank you for your interest in our rabbits. – Larry & Sandra Warkentin aka Bunny Lady.
(760) 382-9453

Taelor and Sandi Burt
Rio Linda, CA
Mini Lops, Jersey Wooly
Mumble’s Mini’s Rabbitry
My mom and I run a small rabbitry located in northern California. I am in 4-H and FFA. We raise mini lops and jersey woolies, and they have been doing very well at show and we hope to improve our breeding as we go!

Charlotte Jewell
Rio Linda, California
Beveren, French Lops
Gentle Spirits Rabbitry
Gentle Spirits Rabbitry is located in the Northern California area. I am a very small rabbitry. My name is Charlotte Jewell, I have been raising rabbits for a total of 8 years. Currently, I only raise the beautiful Beverens and huge French Lops.
Thinking about starting raising rabbits for pets, show, 4H, FFA, or meat? Consider the beautiful rare Beverens. With only a few breeders in California it is hard to find these beautiful bunnies.
My bunnies are very friendly and crave attention. I do breed my bunnies for show purposes, and to help pay for the food and other supplies that they need.
Be sure to see our website!

Allysa Baker
Riverbank, California
Holland Lop
A&C Sisters Rabbitry
I have nice stuff

Cheyenne Merrell
Riverside, California
Lionheads, Mini Rex
Wish Come True Rabbitry
We breed Lionhead and Minirex rabbits for show. We sell pet, brood and show quality rabbits. Our rabbits are healthy and socialized to be friendly and easy to groom.

Sarah L’ Huillier
Riverside, California
Mini Lops
Sarah’s Bunny Barn
I have a nice herd of mini lops in southern california. Almost always have some lops available 🙂

Claudette Tapocik
Riverside, California
Holland Lops
Hollywood Rabbits
Our web site is www.hollywoodrabbits, we have Show Holland Lops and pets, Blue eyed whites and more. We ship world wide. We sell rabbit hutches and hay and pellets.We are taking orders for Christmas and Easter.Call Claudette 951 351 4333
951 351 4333

Michelle Johnson
Riverside, CA
Mini Rex, Lionhead
Ponderosa Bunny Ranch
We are a small 3rd Generation rabbitry in Riverside California North of Lake Mathews in an area called Woodcrest. This was a 4H Family project that started from 4 rabbits and has now expanded to a 40 hole rabbitry which has become a love of our life. We started raising Mini Rex and LionHead rabbits about 4 years ago and have been showing for the last 2 years around Southern California.

Mike Betzler
Sacramento, California
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites
Mikes New Zealands
I am a hobby breeder of pure white new Zealand rabbits, almost always have bunnies for sale. $15.00 each located in Sacramento California. Email me if interested,

Faith Droszcz
Sacramento, California
D-Z Rabbitry
We breed great quality Dutch rabbits and have raised them for five almost six years. Our rabbits have been awarded Best of Breed, Champion, Reserve Champion, 1st places, and many other awards. We currently have Steel, Black, and Tortoise. We are constantly breeding our stock. Although we only have a few varieties as of right now, we have had the pleasure of owning at least one of every variety in the past. We are a registered Rabbitry with A.R.B.A. We appreciate you reading about D-Z Rabbitry and hope for your business! Thank you.

Stephanie & Erin
Sacramento, California
Netherland Dwarfs
Chaos Rabbitry
Chaos is a small rabbitry that my sister and i started in February 2011. As a new rabbitry we only have four holes but we focus on healthy and happy rabbits. We are in FFA and this started as our project, but hopefully with a little time and money we can expand our small 4 hole rabbitry into about 15 holes.

Lexi Fischer
Sacramento, California
New Zealand
Lexi’s Rabbits
I am breeding New Zealand Rabbits. Both male and female will be available. The minimum age I will sell them at is 1 month. All rabbits will be socialized with humans at a young age.

Shuyi Li
Sacramento, California
Dwarf Hotot
I want to know how they shower and when they slept also can i live them in a cage for a day

Jeff Taylor
Sacramento, California
Standard Rex, American
Chabbey Rabbitry
Standard rex varieties including, but not limited to, chinchilla, castor, broken, otter and more.
Blue American and Black American.

Paul Urtz
Sacramento, California
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites
Paul’s Rabbits
I am located in North Highlands, California which is just north of Sacramento, Ca. At this time I have a small backyard rabbitry that has 50 New Zealand Whites of various ages. I have new born up to 2 years old that are all white and I sell for pets, meat or breeding.

Eric Webb
Sacramento, California
Dwarf Lionhead, English Angora, Holland Lop
Dollhouse Rabbitry
Highly socialized Dwarf Lionhead, Holland Lop & English Angora Rabbits. Used to being handled with kids ,& cats.

Miles Whitney
Sacramento, California
American Chinchilla
CaliBuns Rabbitry
Father-daughter team raising quality American Chinchillas for meat, show, pets and fur. The rabbits are handled almost daily and are good-natured and friendly.

Sarah Sicotte
Sacramento, California
Holland Lop
Blueberry Bunnies Rabbitary
Small family rabbitary, mom, daughter and my granddaughter who specializes in daily handling and plenty of kisses.

Paul Fickas
Salinas, California
Mini Satin, Mini Rex, Satin, Florida White and Havana
Salad Bowl Rabbitry
Specializing in
Mini Satins, Mini Rex, Satins
Florida Whites & Havana
11803 Augusta Drive * Salinas, CA * 93906
(831) 737-7223 or email us at
Join our Facebook page at:

TanBuns Heberling
Salinas, California
American Chinchilla, Giant Chinchilla, Tan, Meat Production
TanBuns Rabbitry
We raise American Chinchilla rabbits for show, fun and yum!

Anna Nock
San Bernardino, California
Rex, New Zealand, Californian
AB Rabbitry
The Rex rabbit is sometimes called the King of Rabbits. This is a beautiful breed developed for fur but also for meat, and with those traits in mind today they are roughly an 8-10 pound mature rabbit with a gorgeous soft fur unlike any other. With some breeds you get one color – for example New Zealands can be black, red and white but the most common color is white. Californians are always white with black feet, nose and ears. Proper terminology for the Rex, like other rabbits is males are bucks, females are does, babies are kits and come in a litter…Rex fur is extremely plush making it the best choice for the fur market…

Christopher Smith
San Diego , California
Holland Lop, Mini lops, Flemish Giants, Lion heads, Mini rex’s, rex, Jersey Wooly, Otters, Americans, Californians, New Zealands,
The Bunny Smith Rabbitry
The Bunny Smith specializes in hand raising bunnies for all your needs. We provide amazing tempered and beautiful bunnies to anyone looking for the best pet. The bunnies are all spoiled from the time they are 2 weeks old. Held constantly, and loved always. Our bunnies dont bite, and love to hop into your hearts. We provide bunnies for 4-H and FFA children. We also have show bunnies available to those who want them. We raise tons of different breeds of bunnies. We have well over 150 bunnies in our herd (including the babies).

Martine Wielath
San Diego, California
Californian, Californian Meat Rabbit
Californian Dream
We have been breeding pure breed Californian Meat Rabbits for over 3 years now.

We really love these rabbits as they have so many uses!
1- we use there poop to fertilize our garden and land (one of the best fertilizers and dosent burn up plants of seeds!)
2- get to be a great size fast for shows or meat.
3- great looking and sweet pets if trained and bonded at an yearly age!

They are pure breed, and come from parents that have won Best of Show and Best of Opposite many of times at Meat Rabbit Fairs.

We have 2 males and 3 females, with 6 kits at the moment.
The momma of the kits is such a great one too and they are all eating real food and fresh veggies too born April 25, 2020

Wendy Santamaria
San Diego County/ Valley Center, California
Satin, Dutch and Holland
Paradiso Rabbits
Rancho Paradiso Rabbitry Breeding & Showing Rabbits over 20 years
Satins Dutch Holland Lops

ARBA member/ 4H/FFA Project leader/ educator/ volunteer
Rabbit agility
Satins dual purpose Best in Show San Diego County Fair
Reserve Grand Champion Meat Pen. / Satins
Meat Pen / ARBA Convention / San Diego
Dutch Best in Show / Cardiff, CA

Audra Sather
Santa , California
Mini Rex
Sather Ranch Rabbitry
For sale mini rex does $75 each. I have three mini rex doe for sale. Two of broken black otter and one black otter doe. Can be used for showing for kids that is starting 4-H or for pets. Need them gone.

For Sale – They are Mini Rex. They are almost weaned off of mom. There are 2 does and 3 bucks.
There color are broken black otter and black ottter. Asking price is $75 each.

Lilybell Baxes
Santa Rosa, California
Netherland Dwarf
Two Moon Rabbitry
Two Moons Rabbitry is nestled in several acres of pristine Sonoma County property, only 15 minutes from downtown Healdsburg. We raise quality Netherland Dwarfs, focusing on perfect conformation as well as temperment. Large indoor cages as well as a big rabbit run make Two Moons Rabbitry a comfortable place for our small herd. Two Moon’s sires and dams have won multiple legs and have scored high on their conformation chart. Kits have been well adjusted to handling and posing, and are ready to go at the age of 8 weeks – suitable to be either pets or show bunnies.

Arthur M
Sunland, California
Arthur’s Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in California; Los Angeles area. We breed and raise only Californian rabbits for show and healthy meat. We usually have stock all year round.

Jeremy Hampton
Tollesboro, Kentucky
Hampton Rabbitry

Jennifer Fleming
San Diego, California
Mini Rex
Hippity Hop Mini Rex
Show quality Mini Rex in castor, BEW, and chocolate.

Caroline Gerardi
San Diego, California
Mini Rex, Lionhead
Winding Ridge Rabbitry
I raise quality pet rabbits! All my bunnies are handled from day 1. Check out my website for info, pictures, and rabbits for sale.

Shelly Meszaros
San Diego, California
All breeds
Shelly’s Shelter Rabbit Rescue
We rescue ALL breeds of rabbits from area shelters and spay/neuter them before finding loving homes. All of our rescued bunnies come with a free vet check, box of hay, and House Rabbit Handbook to get the new owner off to the right start for a long happy relationship with their new rescued bunny.

Cyrus Jones
San Francisco, CA, California
American Fuzzy Lop, Netherland Dwarf
ABC Rabbitry
Netherland Dwarf

Cynthia Ng
Holland Lops
san Francisco rabbitry
Brown Spots and white fur.

Jannette Grassi
San Jose, California
Holland Lop
One Stop Lop
A small urban rabbitry in the Silicon Valley raising purebred Holland Lops in a variety of colors to the ARAB standards. Strive to produce show quality and pet friendly holland lops.

Vanessa Phan
San Jose, California
Californian and New Zealand White
San Jose Rabbitry
Are you looking for a good source of rabbit for pet or meat? I have it all… I always have in stock around 20 bunnies for sale every month. I have been raising rabbit for years, my rabbits are good for mead pens , pets and show. Let me know your interest. I will give you good getting started advice. To me raising rabbits is a hobby, just look at them you already feel relaxed … Call me if interested. If you can’t get a hold of me please leave a message, I will call you back as soon as I can. Thank you!

Blanca Acosta
San Lorenzo, California
None of the above, Netherland Dwarfs, Double Maned Lionheads, Holland Lops, English Angora’s and New Zealand’s
Bae’s Magic Top Hat Rabbitry
We are a small, friendly and family oriented rabbitry located in the small village of San Lorenzo, CA & have been raising rabbits that are pedigreed and registered for years. As ARBA Breeders, we strive to breed strictly pedigreed rabbits to ensure top standard quality of the rabbit. We’ve grown knowledgable on genetics therefor making the rabbits temperament indescribably sweet. Our main focus is breeding over the top show quality and to provide the sweetest bunnies yet to be seen while providing the best lifetime support. Visit our website to see what we currently have available!

Kathleen Coyle
San Pablo, California
Mini Rex, Lilac
Casey’s Bunnies Rabbitry
Hi! I have a small rabbitry – mini-rex and a pair of lilacs. I am aiming for blues and otters with the mini-rex, good type and fur, size and small ears. My lilacs are a side interest but I really enjoy this breed for it’s beautiful coat and disposition. Please contact me directly to find out what I have available. Thank you for your interest!

Sara Carter
Sanger, CA
Polish, Himalayans, Harlequins, Californians, Rhinelanders, Dwarf Hotots, English Angoras
Carter’s Cuties Barns
We have a medium size rabbitry, and have rabbits for sale year-round. We take care of are rabbits daily, we also consider them family and are dear to us. We attend shows 2 -3 times a month, we also transport rabbits to and from shows for others. Currently have a family member working on judging license. We also raise other animals such as Muscovy ducks, Bantam and Laying chickens. We are currently work with local 4H and FFA kids to ensure they learn proper knowledge on raising rabbits, and other small animals. Contact us if any questions, or you would like to purchase an animal.

Jarred Navarro
Sanger, California
American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Lop, Californian, New Zealand Whites and Standard Rex
Jarred’s Bunny Ranch Rabbitry
I am a youth breeder of American Fuzzy lops, Mini lops, Californian, New Zealand white, and a standard Rex. I breed meat pens for local fairs and for the community. My rabbits have done real well in all the local and state rabbit shows.

Shelly & Tatiana
San Luis Obispo, CA
Mini Rex, American Fuzzy Lops
Hidden Creek Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry focusing on mini rex with the occasional AFL. We strive to produce quality over quantity and have many Best of Breed wins and a few Best in Shows to our name! Contact us today whether you are looking for a promising show rabbit or just a family pet – we do handle our rabbits daily and strive for excellent temperaments!
(408) 513 4148 / (805) 503 8610

Rebecca Jones
San Rafael, CA
American, Blue and White
Mother Jones Rabbitry
A small rabbitry specializing in purebred American Blue and White rabbits, featured on the ALBC “critical” list of endangered domestic species.

Amanda Arnold
Santa Clarita, California
Netherland Dwarf
Amanda A
I have four baby Netherland Dwarf bunny’s from the same litter. They are all Albino and the genders are unknown. At the moment they are two weeks and have 6-8 more weeks until they can be adopted out.

April Golston
Santa Cruz, California
Californians, New Zealands
Backyard Barnyard Rabbitry
I raise rabbits for meat, mostly for family and friends but I frequently have fryers ready for purchase and some breeding stock available. They are fed a high quality diet consisting of sprouted grains, produce from our organic garden, timothy hay and supplemented with an organic quality pellet.

Ashlyn Ballenger
Santa Rosa, California
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Ballenger Bunnies
My rabbitry is just getting started. I am in 4-h and will give a 4-h discount. Please email me or check out my website to see what available! thanks!

Chrissy Randel
Santa Rosa, California
Florida White, Netherland Dwarf
Randels Rabbitry
Randels Rabbitry is a new rabbitry that was started last year as a result of my daughters 4-H project. We are working on breeding Florida Whites and Netherland Dwarfs with the main focus on her Florida Whites. Currently have 3 Does and 3 Bucks, 2 Does have several best of breed wins and one buck has a best of breed win.

Shasta County, California
English Lops
My Little Sweetie Rabbitry
My Little Sweetie is a small, home based rabbitry in the heart of Northern California. Our rabbits are exceptionally cared for and loved. They are well socialized and used to people, children, and other animals. We raise show quality English Lops and have a few litters throughout the year. You can see pictures and information about our English Lops and Litters on our site. We look forward to hearing from you.

Taylor Lewis
Shingle Springs, California
Flemish Giant
Foothill Flemishes
I’m a small town rabbit breeder in Shingle Springs, CA and participated in FFA for 4 years! I don’t have a lot of stock, as I am very meticulous with the rabbits I breed with and strive for perfecting my rabbits! All of my rabbits are Pedigreed, Grand Champion rabbits with great temperament, and are raised in an active environment (loud noises, dogs, cats, etc).
All proceeds go directly into managing my rabbits. I’m flexible about pickups, and am willing to drive up 45 min from Shingle Springs to meet you!
My rabbits typically go for $60, but if you’re a 4H or FFA member, I offer them for $50!
Hope to hear from you!

Lindsey Vaught
Shingle Springs, CA
Mini Lops
Lindsey’s Lovely Lops
My name is Lindsey, Me and my Mom raise and breed Mini lop rabbits for 4H. We currently have one breeding pair that is very very good and all come from amazing pedigrees with 10+ grandchampion awards. Our doe has taken BOB and RIS. Our Buck has 3 grandchampion legs currently. (You can email my mom or message me on facebook to discuss price and availability) We do not ship.

Neil G.
Signal Hill, CA, California
Mini Lop, Mini Fuzzy Lop, Lionhead Dwarf, Netherlands Dwarf
Cali Exotic Rabbit
Home-based hutchland of just a few holes of 3 petite breeds each (american fuzzy lop, lionhead dwarf, & new zealand dwarf) producing purebred show and pet quality as well as the occasional, carefully crossed, unique exotic designer bunny for a jewel of a pet like none other!
Only to good, forever homes, always.
No shipping nor delivery. Conveniently nestled near Pacific Coast Highway in the heart of Signal Hill, Long Beach, and the coastal Los Angeles/Ocean County areas, minutes away from Long Beach Airport (LGB). By appointment only, when there is an occasional availability.

Sarah Cuthill
Sonora, California
French Angoras
Frühlingskabine Rabbitry
Here at Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm, we breed and raise French Angoras for the best wool quality possible. Our primary focus is wool density and proper crimp in all of our rabbits. Our friendly rabbits are all pedigreed and come from several Grand Champion lines. They would be great for show, breeding, 4-H, wool production, or pets. All of our rabbits are well-adjusted because they are handled from birth and grow up around small children. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions! We are alway happy to “talk rabbits”.
(209) 588-1262

Cali Girl Farms
Temecula, California
Rex, Standard Rex
Cali Girl Farms Rabbitry
We are a small homestead-based rabbitry with Standard Rex rabbits bred for meat and fur. Our rabbits are fodder-raised and allowed time out of the cage for exercise. We have black, black otter, blue, chinchilla, and castor fur colors.

Nevaeh Dhatt
Stockton, California
American Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lop
Bun bun
It will keep me entertain I will clean its cage every day boned with it and feed it every day

Charlie Partello
Temecula, California
Rex, Standard Rex, Mini Lop
Partello’s Pride Rabbitry
Partello’s Pride is located in Temecula, CA. We breed show quality Rex (specializing in otters) and Mini Lops. There are many colors to choose from, please call Charlie at (818) 618-8007. Thank you.

Elizabeth Cook
Toronto, Ontario, California
Pure Netherland Dwarfs & Britannia Petite
Teacup Rabbitry
Toronto Breeder of Pure Netherland Dwarfs
Vienna, Lilac, Otter, Bew, Black, Himalayan, Chestnut ect..
I breed netherlands in small round compact sizes, also in rare colors that are hard to come by. I have gotten my stock from top quality breeders all over Ontario. I sell my rabbits as pets only, on occasions I will sell them with breeding rights. I have been working with animals my whole life and my rabbits come first, they are let outside daily to run in the grass and socialize with each other. I breed not only for appearance but temperament, all my rabbits are very friendly and calm. I always welcome people to my home to visit my rabbits!
I also breed Britannia Petites, they are sold with their full pedigrees.

Hope H
Torrance, California
Netherland Dwarf, Netherland Dwarf Mixes
Sansei Rabbits
Netherland Dwarf Mixes
Fur results:
White with brown ears and brown patch down the back,
Brown with white nose,
Light brown with gray stripes
Brown with gray tones
Litter size is about 7-8 kits.

Gaby Logoluso
Torrance, California
Holland Lop
Green Meadows Rabbitry
Holland Lop baby bunnies for sale! Call for availabilities! We do our best to satisfy our customers and provide for them a sweet pet! We have a variety of colors. Prices range depending on color and looks of the bunny. Check us out!

Suzanne Contreras
Torrance, California
Holland Lop, English long ward bunnys, Lion head bunnys and Angora English
All Rabbitry

Giancarlo Cuciz
Tracy, California
Californians, New Zealand Whites, Mini Rex, Americans
Cuciz Ranch Rabbits
Hello my name is Giancarlo Cuciz aka “The Rabbit King”. I have Californians, New Zealands, Americans and Mini Rex Rabbits. I raise my rabbits for pets & meat. Come visit us at Cuciz Ranch Rabbits located in Tracy, California.

Linda Patterson
Tracy, California
Holland Lop
Floppy Lop Bunnies
Located in Tracy, California, we raise Holland Lops with an aim towards developing loving and lovable bunnies for pets and 4-H competitions. Our granddaughters help us feed, care for, and socialize the bunnies. We have just finished remodeling our bunny barn so that our rabbits will be much more comfortable during the summer heat and winter cold. In fact, they are pretty spoiled, but we love to pamper them. Visit our website to see photos of our babies and adults, and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Brittani Buckner
Turlock, California
Mini Rex
Princess Rabbitry
Hi my name is Brittani Bucknsr. I am the owner and operator of Princess Rabbitry. I have been raising mini rex for 4 years. As of right now my breeding stock consists of a red buck, chocolate doe, and a Rew doe. I hope to expand my selection soon. If you have any questions please contact me through via text message, calling, or email

Ilianna, Elissa Kaitlyn, and Maddie
Turlock, California
Polish, Mini Rex, Lionheads, Mini Lops, Mini satins
Bunny Trails Rabbitry
Our names are Ilianna, Elissa, Maddie, and Kaitlyn. We are a small rabbitry in Central California. We have Polish, Mini Lops, Mini Satins, Lionheads, and Mini Rex. We have them as Pet, Brood, or Show. All of our rabbits are show able and pedigreed. We love our animals! We are currently expanding a lot, so check back often. Thanks!

Jacqueline Haro
Turlock, California
Blanc de Hotot

Stephany Brundage
Ukiah, California
Satin, Californian
Lost Brundage Rabbitry
We raise show quality, pedigreed Satins in the white, blue, black, broken blue, and broken black varieties. We also have partial pedigreed Californians. The Satins can be sold as breeding pairs if requested. Prices are: $30 Pet, $40 Show/brood, $50-70 shown/winning rabbit.Other rabbit products are listed on our website.
We have been raising rabbits for 7 years, and as the head/owner of Lost Brundage Rabbitry I am a member of the ARBA (as a youth) and I am in 4H. Our rabbits are shown on the monthly basis, winning often. We have received 2 Reserve in Shows with our white Satin herd buck, 1 Reserve in Show with our Californian herd buck, and 1 Reserve in Show with our white Satin brood doe. Right now we have 6 breeding does (2 blue Satin, 1 black Satin, 1 white Satin, 2 Californian), 4 herd bucks (1 broken Satin, 1 white Satin, 1 blue Satin, 1 Californian), 3 pets/small breed show rabbits (1 Mutt doe, 1 Britannia Petite buck, 1 Jersey Wooly buck), and we constantly have about 5 litters at a time on the does or in grow-out pens.
Most of our rabbits are raised for show, but as the rule goes with large breeds: Sell the best, eat the rest. I refuse to sell any low quality rabbits as show or brood. We also have rabbit meat available for sale upon request.

Olivia Cooper
Ukiah, CA
Rae’s Ranch Rabbitry
Hi, I’m a quality Dutch rabbit breeder in northern California 4-H. For more information such as tips, upcoming show news, and about any rabbits I’m selling please check out my website!

Brandon Nolan
Vacaville, California
Silver Fox
The Rollin nolan rabbitry
I have 5 silver fox rabbits 5 weeks old and my second female just had a litter yesterday of 6 kits the male we are breeding with is fully pedigreed while the two females are half pedigreed beautiful strong babies are available now 50$ each

Crystal Pollard
Vallejo, California
Flemish Giants
Carrot Patch Rabbitry
Breeds Fawn and Sandy

Jana Williams
Visalia, California
Mini-Rex (Blue, Black, Broken), Beveren (BEW), Satin (Red), Thrianta
Petra’s Bunnies
Welcome to Petra’s bunny, started in January 2012, in honor of our first pet rabbit PETRA. Our rabbitry is based on love, the more you put into your bunny the better the rabbit turns out. Based in the mountains of Central California near Sequoia we work with the understanding that energy is only borrowed and that rabbits born today store the energy needed for tomorrow. All bunnies born in our rabbitry are handled from day one. We offer show quality rabbits as well as pet and meat rabbits. We have shown our rabbits at shows all over California. If you would like to keep in touch or just see how we are doing, we keep a youtube site and a facebook site under petrasbunnies.

Caroline Malmgren Davis
Watsonville, California
Rancho Madonna Rabbitry
I raise Standard Rex rabbits on the Central California Coast. Rex rabbits offer everything you could ask for in a rabbit: unique plush fur, wonderful temperament, LOTS of color varieties, large litters, great mothers, healthy meat for people and pets, instant fertilizer for the garden and orchard, and hours of enjoyment imagining WHAT colors can come from which pairing… and then checking in the nest box like Christmas morning. We have had Amber, Black, Blue, Castor, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Ermine, Lilac, Lynx, Opal, Otter, Red, Sallander, Seal, Tort, REW, and broken of these varieties. We’re focusing on the brown based varieties but they are ALL so beautiful that we are having trouble eliminating the others and so we may have them available too, just ask.

Mary Hammond
Weed, CA
Flemish Giants
Weed Flemish Giants
Raising Grand Champion Flemish Giants Since 2004. Quality Lines of Pure Pedigreed Stock from Top Well Known Breeders Around the Country for Use in ARBA Show, 4-H, and FFA Breeding Programs. Current Varieties include: Fawn, Blue, Black, Sandy. We are located in Northern California.

K. Trinette Pierce
West Sacramento, CA
Flemish Giants (Fawn and Sandy)
Galavant Kennels
We are a small rabbitry that breed only a few & select buns for home and show; a majority of our rabbits are Grand Champions and Registered with ARBA. We take pride on how well our animals are cared for from quality food, housing to socialization.
Please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to make time for you to come see our buns or refer you to fellow breeders who might have what you are looking for. Raising Flemish isn’t a business for us, but a hobby we do for the pleasure of the breed.
We are members of NFFGRB, as well.

Sarah Martin
Whittier, California
Lionheads, Californians
Shamrock Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry. I raise Californians and Lionheads. For Lionheads I’m mainly focusing on broken, chocolates, Siamese sables and pointed Whites. I have a very nice stock of Californians. With even winning a RIS in my first year raising Californians. I am a member of the ARBA and my local 4-H club.

Alexander Correia
Winton , California
Dutch, dutch rabbits ,flemish giants
pineapple bunnies
I sell dutchrabbits

Ella Terzo
Wilton, California
Netherland Dwarfs (Agouti, BEW, brown, black, and gray color varieties)
Ella’s Golden Ca Rabbitry
I have been breeding rabbits since I was 9 years old. I am located in Wilton, CA which is near to Sacramento. All of my new babies are handled and given special, attention each day from a young age. They are all used to other animals and children.
(916) 628-8100

Jann Hall
Windsor, California
Silvers & Himalayans(all varsities)
Jann’s Silver Lining Rabbitry
All varieties of Silvers and Himalayans are for sale most of the year. Out of grand champion and National Convention winners I sell quality stock only. Silvers are on the endangered list and a Heritage Breed. They come in varieties of black, brown, and fawn. Himalayans come in varieties of black, blue, chocolate, and lilac.

Merle Loewen
Livingston, California
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands
Loewen Rabbitry
We raise Holland lops, Netherland Dwarfs and New Zealands.

Lea Kirby
Woodland, CA
Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Polish, Californians
Thumper’s Friends Rabbitry
My four daughters and I have a small scale rabbitry. We currently breed Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Polish and Californians. We do have rabbits for sale frequently and post them on our for sale page. My daughters are involved in 4-H and FFA. We attend as many shows as we can and post our results and pictures on our website. We are open to co-operative breeding and information sharing. We are located in Woodland, California, approximately 30 miles from Sacramento in Northern California.

Shannon Petersen
Yreka, California
New Zealand White, Californian, Satin
Petersen Acres
Raising top quality meat and fur rabbits. We sell meat and fur breeders, meat bunnies and a few pets.

Manuel Solorzano
Wilmington, California
Blue Belgian Hare
Abc Rabbitry USA
Baby Beljum hare blue color that looks black

Tina Jacobson
Mini Rex – Black Himilayan & Chinchilla colors only
Clover Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that raises Mini Rex rabbits in Black Himilayan and Chinchilla colors only. We offer 4H discounts and love to support youth exhibitors!

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