Californian Meat Pen Rabbits


Californian Meat Pen Rabbits – Are you searching to find top quality californian meat pen rabbits for sale for your upcoming Texas Meat Pen Rabbit Show? If so you might just be in luck… as here at AA Rabbits we currently specialize in producing top noche 4-H and FFA Meat Pen Rabbits. We have been breeding Californian Rabbits since 2006 and our bloodlines have achieved numerous showing results around the state of Texas. Our rabbits have achieved success (some Grand Champions) at meat pen competitions such as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Montgomery County Fair, Nueces County, Travis County, Trinity County, Cherokee County, Beaumont County rabbit shows. If you are interested in potentially purchasing rabbit meat pens from us… go ahead and give us a call via 936-856-0064. Do note: we breed for quality vs quantity thus… we have a limited number of pens available each year.

Californian Rabbit Meat Pen

Additionally it is worth noting that if you are interested in raising meat pens for FFA or 4-H, we recommend that you grab a copy of the “Raising Meat Pen Rabbits Guide” written by Aaron Webster. The book documents our experience with californian meat pens and provides the information that one needs to successfully get started with their Meat Pen Rabbit Project. Following the 4-H philosophy we are of the opinion that its best to share what we have learned with others… vs trying to “hoard all the secrets to ourselves”.

4-H Rabbits

Grand Champion 4-H Meat Pen Rabbit

Seller Name: George Webster
Location: Willis, Texas (60 miles north of Houston)
Rabbit Breed(s): Californians
Seller Phone: 936-856-0064