Californian Purebred Rabbits for Sale in Nunica, MI


Seller Name: Sarah Brandt
Location: Nunica, MI
Rabbit Breed(s): Californian
Rabbitry Website: Brandt Rabbitry

I have six Californian baby rabbits for sale. They are all purebred and have pedigrees.

Both the buck (JO4) and doe (JTS24) are of great form. The doe has one 1st Place Junior Doe and 1st place in Fur and MSU Rabbit Shows.The last litter by JO4 and JTS24 won 2nd place Intermediate doe of 11 and 2nd place Intermediate buck of 11, as well as first in fur at MSU January Rabbit Show.

This is the doe’s second litter, and as you read above her kits (babies) are proven. The ratio of bucks and does in the litter have not been identified for certain at this point but as of 6/14/14 they are 4 weeks old.

We are located in Nunica, MI near the small town of Coopersville which is about half way between Grand Rapids and Muskegon. To contact me you may email me at Also make sure to check out my website: for more information on my rabbits. The information on these specific rabbits will be on the Nursery Page, as they are not ready to leave the rabbitry until 7/6/14.

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Californian Rabbits
Californian Purebred Rabbits for Sale in Nunica, MI