Can Rabbits eat Apples?

Can rabbits eat apple

When it comes to what rabbits like to eat, there are many herbivore experts who say they always like to eat “grass and leafy weeds.” However, there is a difference between what domestic rabbits enjoy eating and what wild rabbits consume, say these experts who enjoy raising these small mammals. At the same time, the common question about what’s best to feed one’s bunny is all about natural and organic foods sold online and in traditional brick and mortar retail pet shops. To avoid digestive upset that is easily triggered when rabbits are moved or stressed out in some way, these bunny fans “fresh hay is best.”

As for the question, can rabbits eat apple? The answer is yes, but only a limited amount.

What to feed rabbits for health and happiness?

There are many types of natural and organic hay that is viewed as “essential” for a healthy rabbit’s diet. In fact, the view is “more hay the better” because processed gains common in retail rabbit food is troublesome for many domesticated rabbits because they tend to put on pounds that, in turn, makes them lethargic and even ill over time. Thus, the solution is to always feed your rabbit the best natural hay available and your bunny will just love it.

Best foods for rabbit enjoyment

According to a longtime veterinarian commenting on a social networking platform, the best bet for rabbit food is “never process rabbit food mixes containing lots of grain and fillers.” For instance, the vet said “it is simply unhealthy to feed rabbit foods high in starch such as muesli and other sugar laden pet food mixes.” In turn, the vet said there are many good food mixes for bunnies in the form of “pellets” that are especially designed to meet the nutrition needs of these small mammals.

The best types of foods for rabbits include:

— Pellets high in nutrients and fiber.

— Pellets made from organic hay.

— Fresh vegetables that most bunnies enjoy and love to eat all day.

— At least “three types of greens” per day to keep a rabbit healthy and happy.

In general, there is a huge concern about rabbit pellet foods that may contain toxic pesticides. Thus, it is vital that bunny owners research and read the ingredients of the rabbit food they purchase so as to ensure no process food products harmful to these wee creatures.

Keeping bunnies healthy

There are many ways and means to feed a rabbit. For instance, a local famer who raises bunnies said online that he feeds his rabbits a minimum of “one cup of food for each 3 pounds that the bunny weighs.” He said this is a time-tested formula to ensure how much food to feed a rabbit for optimal overall health. The famer says he treats his rabbits to such things as twigs, flower and dried leaves because “they need natural fiber as well as food nutrients.”

Fruit for rabbits

A longtime rabbit owner commented on a social networking platform that she always feed hers rabbits “the treat of fresh fruit daily.” The owner said fruit is nutritious for bunnies because it helps fight “gut bacteria,” while too much fruit is also not good due to fruit being high in sugar. The best advice for feeding rabbits fresh fruits is to limit it “as a special treat.” The owner said not to feed a rabbit more than “a cup of fruit” at a feeding; while it’s best to also limit fresh fruit to “about three times per week” due to the fear of giving the animal too much natural sugar.

Again, can rabbits eat apples? The answer is yes, but only a limited amount.

Nutrition facts for rabbit owners

There are many good rabbit health textbooks available online or at your local library to instruct the happy bunny owner on how best to keep this wee animal happy and healthy. The texts on rabbit health are based on generations of people keeping these small mammals and being successful at it. For instance, there is a recent 2018 guide for rabbit health issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that states how bunny breeds need different nutrients to stay healthy. A domestic rabbit requires different foods than say a long haired breed from Europe. Because there are so many types of bunnies, it is always best to focus on what your breed of rabbit requires in terms of foods.

Overall, there has never been a better time to breed and enjoy rabbits because of a wide range of good foods that bunnies like to eat sold online at a various retail pet supply stores.