Can Rabbits eat Celery?

Can rabbits eat celery

Can rabbits eat celery? Well, what a great question that begs answers for rabbit enthusiasts. Celery is a type of vegetable very popular and essential for human consumption. Its nutritional value is high. It has a savory taste and is mostly used in soups. Its rich in fiber, vitamin C. Also, it a good source of potassium, calcium, vitamins B1, B2 and B6, and folic acid. Celery has phytochemical compounds that assist in the prevention of cancer, assist in easing migraines and its good in lowering blood pressure.

Can you give your rabbits celery?

With all those benefits its right to answer YES, rabbits can feed on celery. However, you should mix up the vegetables and start your bunny with small amounts at first. This will give you time to monitor the rabbit’s health after consumption. They exhibit great health after eating then you can continue providing them in small quantities.

Do rabbits eat celery in the wild?

Well, you have to understand that rabbits don’t consume celery in the wild since celery grows in wet, muddy areas hence it unlikely the wild bunnies would eat celery. You should give a bigger portion of leafy vegetables to the rabbits. Celery is not precisely a leafy vegetable and should constitute approximately 15% of rabbits diet.

Is celery safe for your bunny?

Rabbits are herbivore animals, and as such, they can consume a variety of hay, leaves, and grass. Its advisable to prepare the celery by cutting it in smaller pieces since celery fibers can get stuck on the teeth. Also, your rabbits can show signs of diarrhea or stomach upsets. Hence you should monitor them just in case they show signs of illness. Celery is made up of the stalk which has strings in them. Therefore, there is a chance that they might get choked. This can be an issue in the short term, but you can cut the stalk in small pieces.

Can rabbits consume celery stalks

Rabbits can eat the stalk or celery stem. Its stem thicken towards the end. However, the thicker part is not as tasty as, the thinner part. Unlike another celery part, the stalk can have choking problems.

• How to prepare the stalk

To avoid choking incidences, you need to cut the stalk in the middle using a knife to make it slender. Then cut pieces of 1 ½ or 1 ¼ pieces of the sliced stalk. Then feed the rabbit the cut pieces. The sliced pieces allow the minimize the width of the stalk hence it can easily fit the Bunny’s mouth. Choking can have grave consequences to your rabbit since your bunny cannot vomit. Vomiting is quite useful because it can help clear the windpipe and the esophagus.

• Choking signs

First of all, you will notice heavy breathing, with strong chewing motions. Occasionally they might gurgle or whine while lifting their noses to breath oxygen. Also, you will notice a blue tint forming around the gum tissues. If you spot any of this symptom, then you need to rush your bunny to the nearest animal hospital.

Can rabbits consume celery leaves

Celery leaves are the safest part of this vegetable. They pose no choking danger. Hence they are suitable for rabbits consumption. Leaves are quite similar to many foods a rabbit consumes in the wild like;-

• Grasses,
• Bark,
• weeds,
• buds,
• clover,
• flowers

The indigestible fiber in celery is similar to the ones found on the plants in the wild that a rabbit consumes. Hence celery leaves are quite safe for rabbits consumption.

How good is celery for rabbits

Well after learning that celery is suitable for the rabbit’s diet. It is good to delve into deeper and understand celery value addition to the rabbit’s general health. Celery is packed with a variety of minerals which include;

• Manganese
• Folate
• Phosphorous
• Potassium
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin B6
• Vitamin B2

The fact that celery has phosphorous plus other vitamins prevent your rabbits from forming rickets. Rickets is another name for weak bones which can fracture at any time. A diet of celery, exposure to the sunlight for vitamin D plus calcium-rich broccoli prevents bone disease.
Do rabbits love celery?

The answer is YES. Well, this is a good question especially if it’s your first time to feed celery. Every pet owner wants to have a good relationship and improve the comfort. They like celery as part of their diet. Hence you should give small pieces of celery with other vegetables in their diet.


Celery is an essential addition to your rabbit’s diet. It should, however, be given as a portion of other feeds. Celery is rich in phosphorous plus other minerals hence its rich in nutrients. Go ahead and feed Celery to your bunny, she will love it.