Can Rabbits eat Grapes?

Can rabbits eat grapes

Grapes are not only sweet but are packed with various nutrients. Can rabbits eat grapes? This is a trivial question which most people who keep rabbits would love to get answered. In this article, we will discuss this question in detail. For a start, it is absolutely safe to feed your rabbit on grapes. According to research, grapes have been found to be a very healthy treat for both wild and domestic rabbits.

What parts of the grape should the rabbit eat

Being a member of the ruminant family, rabbits can comfortably feed on various parts of the grape plant. This includes the grapefruit, stems and even the roots. Grapes are low glycemic and contain antioxidants that are very beneficial to a rabbits healthy.

How frequently should one feed rabbits on grapes

Grapes are very sweet due to the high amount of sugar they contain. Rabbits will quickly devour grapefruits. Too much sugar is not healthy for rabbits and can lead to adverse health complications. Due to the sugary nature of grapes, the bacteria in a rabbits stomach quickly digests the sugar resulting in the production of gas. Over time, the breakdown results in the accumulation of gases in the rabbit’s stomach resulting in bloating. In rabbits, bloating results in stomach upsets.

The PH of a rabbits stomach is also altered by the accumulation of the gas. Bacteria in a rabbits stomach can only operate within a specific PH level. Any changes inhibit their functions and as a result, the digestion process is interfered with. In light of the above issues, it is critical to only feed your rabbits on a small number of grapes. After feeding grapes to rabbits, always monitor the behavior of the rabbits and check for sign of discomforts if any or even swollen stomachs as a result of bloating.

What types of grapes are ideal for rabbits

It is important to note that not all type of grapes are healthy for rabbits. The ideal grapes should be fresh and if possible grown organically. Due to pest invasions, a lot of pesticides may by farmers on grape plants as they grow. Pesticides can be very toxic to rabbits and when ingested can lead to stomach upsets. In severe cases, the toxins can also lead to death. Ensure that the grapes you feed your rabbit are properly washed and have not been recently sprayed with pesticides.

It is advisable not to feed your rabbits on dried grapes. Such grapes are hard to digest and can cause stomach upsets when fed to rabbits. Grape juice is suitable for rabbits but should be given in very small quantities due to the high amount of sugar it contains. The juice should also be fresh as stale grape juice is acidic and has been found to cause bloating in rabbits.

Before feeding grapes to rabbits, always ensure that you remove the skins from the grapes. When taken in excess, grapes skins have been found to trigger abnormalities such as kidney stones. The stems and roots fed to rabbits should also be fresh to allow for easy digestion.

Recent research has certified grapes as a very healthy addition to a rabbits diet. Rabbits that are frequently fed on grapes have been found to have better cardiovascular health. The antioxidants found in grapes have also been found to improve the health of rabbits. By observation, the rabbits will appear more healthy and also very active.

Always consult an expert

Before incorporating grapes into your rabbit’s diet, seek the opinion of an animal nutritionist on the right quantity of grapes to feed your rabbits. Animal experts will normally monitor the rabbits after the introduction of the grape diet and check for any warning signs such as obesity in the rabbits. Young rabbits are particularly vulnerable to stomach complications and consulting an expert will enable you to know the right quantities of grapes to feed them to avoid health issues.

Ensure that the grapes you feed your rabbits are clean

The harvesting process of grapes and packaging can at times expose grapes to foreign material such as dust or even wood chips. If they are ingested with the grapes, they can cause a rabbit to develop serious stomach upsets. Wash the grapes roughly and just give the rabbits what they can comfortably eat and finish. With so many health benefits, grapes are a worthy treat for your bunnies. If fed in the correct manner, they will not only improove your rabbits health, but give your rabbits something sweet to nibble on as a snack.