Champion Pedigree Flemish Rabbits for Sale


Champion Pedigree Flemish rabbits for sale. Grand Champion line bunnies for pets, 4H, FFA, ARBA shows, or breeding into your meat lines for bigger faster growing rabbits. Our babies are raised in tkennels, come to be petted or held, and are using a litter box from 3 weeks old. We let them go home after 6-8 weeks old, when they are finished nursing. we do lots of holding and petting so they are socialized. Yes they really are the largest breed of rabbit, they grow until age two, so keep getting bigger ! Dad Thumper has 2 Grand Champion parents, walks on a leash, comes up to any stranger for pets, sits up and begs for treats, walks on hind feet for treats, loves to ride in the car or watch TV on the couch with the cats. I believe these are the smartest breed of rabbit. Ours are very gentle taking treats from the fingers of tiny children regularly. They acan live with our cats and tortises and small dogs, and chickens happily. Prices are without pedigree just for pet or meat breeding $ 50. males, $ 100 females ( same litter as sold with pedigree just discounted for pets). WITH Pedigree for show or breeding $ 100 males , $ 200 females. Hottest new pets as they don’t require licenses, expensive shots, and don’t bark.

Location: Modesto
Rabbit Breed(s): Californian
Seller Name: David Jones
Seller Email:
Seller Phone: 209 204-2086
Seller Website:

Flemish Giant Rabbits
Champion Pedigree Flemish Rabbits for Sale

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