Check out 25 new Holland Lops just posted on


Check out 25 new Holland Lops just posted on has Sable points, broken orange, broken brown, cream, frost orange, VM’s and VC’s and BEW’s. So many new bunny’s and we have new arrivals on there way. We have solid orange,show quality torts and broken. So many options, just let me know what you want and we can have it for you in a few months. We have over 25 does to breed and top pedigrees. We can meet your needs if you work with us. We fly you bunny’s anywhere in USA and out of the country. We have perfected the breeding for color, pets, show and both Does and Bucks. Call 951-351-4333 or E-mail me direct

Location: Riverside, CA
Rabbit Breed(s): Holland Lops
Seller Name: claudette Tapocik
Seller Email:
Seller Phone: 951-351-4333
Seller Website:

Holland Lop Rabbits
Holland Lop Rabbits for Sale in CA

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