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Samantha Kuehlewind
Bethany, Connecticut
Holland Lop,
D&S Rabbitry
We breed and raise Holland Lops. Every kit is handled from birth so that they have a great start to becoming loving household pets.
At D&S Rabbitry we do more than sell you a bunny. We offer ongoing support and promise to answer your questions before and after your purchase.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.
We would love to hear from you!

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Taelor Yannielli
Bethlehem, Connecticut
Dutch, Polish, Netherland Dwarf, Dutch and Holland Lop
Breezy Acres Rabbits
We usually have a few litters a month, mostly Dutch polish and ND but every now and them will have Holland Lop. Give us a call to see what we have available! 203-577-7365
Thank you!

Suzanne Lombard
Bloomfield , Connecticut
ABC rabbitry
Looking to purchase a baby polish bunny in the Connecticut area

Amanda Carter
Bozrah, Connecticut
Dwarf Hotot, Dwarf
Carter’s Ranch, LLC
Dwarf and dwarf hotot rabbits for sale! These rabbits are pet quality and do not come with any papers or pedigrees. All of our rabbits are handled from birth and are kid friendly. We are located in Bozrah, CT. Please feel free to call, text, or email if you would like to come see any of our rabbits. We currently have both male and females available.

Momma Joe’s Rabbitry
Canaan, CT
American Chinchilla Rabbits
Momma Joe’s Rabbitry
A small, selective rabbitry breeding American Chinchilla Rabbits for breedstock, show and table. Other farm products also available. Know What You Eat!

Avatar Farm Rabbitry
Central, CT
American Chinchillas
We are a micro-farm located in central CT where we raise small, homestead livestock. American Chinchilla rabbits, Speckled Sussex chickens and bees :). We are trying to do our part to be more self sufficient. Our American Chinchilla rabbits are bred to the ARBA standard.

Blain Kukevitch
Central Village, Connecticut
Stone Oak
Stone Oak Rabbitry, located in a quaint historical village in Eastern CT. We are home to Japanese and Magpie HARLEQUINS. We are always open for viewing, chatting and sharing info. If interested in a visit, please contact us prior to heading out to make sure we are here. Thanks Blain Kukevitch

Kristina Budris
Cheshire, Connecticut
Rex, Rex. ARBA approved would be preferred
Kristina’s Heavenly Rabbits
Hello everyone!
My name is Kristina Budris and I am an active student in the FFA looking for a purebred female Rex rabbit to breed with my purebred broken-blue Rex, Ace. He has won many shows and has a full A.R.B.A champion pedigree. my male rabbit is a champion rabbit with 4 or more best in Show titles in the past year. I would like the babies to be show-able however if they have to be sold as pets then that is fine. I will help guide you through the breeding process and based on the quality of the babies I can give you a price range on how much they are worth. I am, however not responsible for your doe or the babies health once the rabbits have been bred. I can however give guidance to you.
The female must be a Rex
Stud fee is $50.00 (A payment plan is acceptable)

Cari DeLorenzo
Cheshire, Connecticut
Lionheads, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Alisa’s Bunnies
A small rabbitry I do as a hobby with my daughter. We have healthy, friendly rabbits.

Stephanie Nicoletti
Cheshire, Connecticut
Harlequin, brown lop, English rabbit mixes
Nicoletti Rabbitry
Husband and wife at home, loving rabbitry of 2 beautiful and unique litters.

Samantha S
Cheshire, Connecticut
New Zealand, Californian, American Chinchilla
DazzlingSkies Rabbitry
I breed multiple New Zealand inc REW colors: red, black, blue, and brokens. I also breed Californians as well as American Chinchillas.

Angela Smith
Clinton, Connecticut
Lionheads, Lops, and other multiple & mixed breeds
A & S Perfect Pals
All our beautiful rabbits are bred in our private home, extremely handled, well mannered and friendly, cuddly and lovable. All our bunnies get fed the best diets and are smothered with attention from the start to assure that any buyer will get to experience the affection from their new perfect pal that we do from the moment of birth without concern of having to train them themselves once older. We treat each bunny as if we are keeping them for our own. They are all let out to play and run in their own private area of the yard daily to help insure the best exercise and health your bunny can have. In addition, all of our furry friends here are handled regularly by children as well, although rabbits (I believe) are typically not the best pets for (young) children due to a rabbits desire to have a stress free and more quiet surrounding, we do welcome kids to come look at them, and sit in their outdoor play area with the bunnies to hold and play with them so they are familiar with every kind of bunny lover. We incourage anyone and everyone to experience and enjoy the compassion, comfort, and loyalty a rabbit can give.

Heidi Kearns
Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut
New Zealands, Mixed breed
Splendid Croft Rabbitry
We are a small farm in NW CT offering rabbits for Commercial and Pet purposes; New Zealand and mixed breeds available; contact us anytime at the email address below. Thank you.

Rachel Ortiz
Danbury, Connecticut
Silver Martens, Mini Lops
Munchkinland Rabbitry
We are a smaller Rabbitry located in Fairfield County CT. We primarily raise Show Quality Mini Lops and Silver Martens. All of our rabbits are sold and raised for Show, Brood, Pet and Market.

Shelby Burger
East Hampton, Connecticut
Netherland Dwarf
I have 2 netherland dwarfs I am trying to breed.

Emilie Foster
East Hampton, Connecticut
Silver Fox, American Chinchilla, American Blue (Coming in the Future!)
Dark Horse Homestead
Small scale homestead focusing on heritage breed livestock raised humanely and on pasture as much as possible. This includes our rabbits! We are starting small, working on creating lines of rabbits that are naturally hardy, parasite resistant, and don’t rely on human intervention for breeding/thriving. Our goal is a self sustaining homestead and every animal on this property is bred/reared with dedication and care given to developing quality over quantity.

Melissa Vincent
East Haven, Connecticut
Mini Rex
Kaitlyn’s Bunny Hutch
My daughter Kaitlyn and I breed both pet and show quality mini rex at our small rabbitry. Our bunnies are handled daily and are used to children, other animals, and loud noises. They live outdoors, so they are suitable for either indoor or outdoor living. We only breed a few litters per year, so call or e-mail for availability, or find us on Facebook. We are members of the ARBA.

Morgan D’Andrea
Fairfield, Connecticut
Holland Lop
Fairfield County Lops
I currently breed only Holland Lop bunnies. Before my rabbits even leave my home, they are exposed to all different kinds of children so they are very calm and loving to everyone. Call, text or email me with any questions.

Michael Lavoie
Farmington, Connecticut
Holland Lop, Mini Lops, French Lops, American Fuzzy Lops
Lavoie’s Lops
We breed and raise purebred rabbits for both show and pet homes. We enter our rabbits in local fairs every fall and have brought home quite a few ribbons. Our rabbits are well handled and socialized with our 3 daughters. We offer a variety of breeds and colors.
We love to work with our local 4-H kids as well!

John Lavoie
Franklin, Connecticut
Giant Chinchilla
Blue Hill Rabbitry
Have just stated raising Giant Chinchillas, Have both pet and pedigree usually available forsale

Chelsea & Fabio Scalora
Glastonbury, Connecticut
Holland Lops, Lion Lops, Flemish Giants (FG in 2021)
Blueberry Birch Rabbitry
We’re a small rabbitry in Glastonbury, CT focusing mainly on Holland Lops. We strive for unique colors which includes Vienna Marked in our lines. We also breed Lion Lops. In 2021 we should also have a litter or two of Flemish Giants available. Our babies get handled from birth to be well socialized and friendly. We welcome homes with children. Please contact us to find your new baby today!

Rebecca S
Glastonbury, Connecticut
American Chinchillas, Flemish Giants, variety of mixed breeds
Rebecca’s Rabbitry
Hi! I have a small home rabbitry/rescue. Mainly find and help neglected/abused rabbits and place them to good homes. Also breed American chinchillas. Pet/show homes only. Will NOT sell to meat homes under any circumstances. Breed for companion personalities. Thank you:)

Talia Terracciano
Griswold, Connecticut
Mini Rex
Terracciano Mini Rex
Litter of black doe(blue and black bloodlines) X black broken buck. Currently have three for sale from this litter. Two males and one female. Beautiful fur grades and great demeanors. Ready 5/07/2022.
We have a Harlequin X Mini Rex litter that was born 04/10/22 that will be ready in June. Brown broke. Doe X black broken buck. Beautiful markings and both parents are very friendly.
Summer litters will be available.

Hampton, CT
Rex, New Zealands, Palominos
Papa’s Bunny Barn
I’ve a Rex buck and doe. I am also breeding the buck with with a New Zealand and a half New Zealand half Palomino.

Miss Rickard
Harwinton, Connecticut
American Chinchilla
Doc Oc’s Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that focus’ on breeding and raising Am. Chin.’s for pet, show and table. All rabbits that leave us are people friendly and perfect for a family pet, or show.
Visit our website for more detailed information, and for contact phone number.

Louis Dominguez
Huntington, Connecticut
Flemish Giant
BigDog’s Flemish Giants
Natural Coffee / Medium Brown folors

Carolee Tumolo
Killingly, Connecticut
German Angoras
Handall House Farm
We are a hobby farm in Dayville (a borough of Killingly), Connecticut. We raise German Angora Rabbits on a small scale for show, pets, and fiber.

Desiree Duzant
Groton, Connecticut
Netherland Dwarf
A small, white boy Netherland dwarf bunny.

Taelor Y
Litchfield, Connecticut
Mini Rex, Flemish Giant, Polish
Taelor’s Rabbitry
Hi I have been breeding and showing for many years now. I am trying to downsize on Mini Rex so there at good sale prices right now. I also breed flemish and polish. Email or text for more info

David Hawes
Manchester, Connecticut
None of the above, Holland Lops
DH Holland Lops
I have a small rabbitry and breed to produce quality pedigree Holland Lops for other breeders, or for pets.
I have been breeding Hollands for 20 years and have show quality stock
Whether for showing or for that special pet, my Holland Lops are sure winners

David Hawes
Manchester, CT, Connecticut
None of the above, Holland Lops
DH Holland Lops
I have been raising show quality Holland Lop rabbits for over 20 years. I currently have 4 6 week old bucks – 2 torts, b/tort, and a sable point

Ray Skoglund
Meriden, CT
Flemish Giants
Ray’s Rabbits of CT
I raise the finest Fawn Flemish Giants in New England. Have won many big show all over the country thru the years. My show record speaks for it’s self. No on has finished higher in point than me, who has been to less shows than me for many years. I sell winners as well as pets.

Jamie Murray
Middlebury, Connecticut
New Zealand, dutch satins
Jamies Rabbitry
New Zealand flemish mix…..dutch…satin.

Lizzi Erdman
Middletown, Connecticut
None of the above, Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, Dutch
Beloved Buns Rabbitry
We are currently raising Flemish Giants in Sandy varities as well as Flemish Mixes for meat or pet purposes. We now also raise Dutch and Mini Rex for show. I raise black, tort, chocolate, and lilac Dutch as well as self mini rex. Contact for availability.

Marjorie Beausoleil
Monroe, Connecticut
Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand
Eclipse Rabbitry
I am a small, dedicated breeder of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. I breed for temper and health first, adherence to the standard a close second. My rabbits are home raised and handled daily for optimal socialization from an early age. For now, I have Broken, Solids (Blue and Black) as well as Shaded varieties. I do not breed often, but I list all my litters on my website as well as on my FB page.

I also breed New Zealand in REW, Solid, Broken Black, as well as Broken Chinchilla (not a showable color, but cute nonetheless). I sometimes have Steel colors. All are fast growers with solid health and great tempers.

Amylynn Kemp
Moosup, Connecticut
English Angoras, Giant Angoras
Alpaca Obsession Rabbitry
We are a small farm located in Moosup, CT breeding alpacas and angora rabbits. In the spring we breed 100% pure pedigree English Angora Rabbits and also Giant Angora Rabbits.

Jamie Markie
Naugatuck, Connecticut
Holland Lop and Lionhead
Thumps~A~Lot Rabbitry
Specializing in dwarf breeds. Holland Lops And Lionheads only. Blue ribbon winners, best of breed ,best of show best jr.s Call text or e-mail

Aimee Lawrence
Newington, Connecticut
Lion Head Mini Lop Mix
Aimee’s Animals Rabbitry
Hi! my name is Aimee i am an agriculture student selling bunnies as my project for my school. I love animals and hope I give my bunnies to people who love animals as well.

Ryan and John Castelluzzo
Newington, Connecticut
None of the above, Lion Head
Lion Head
We specialize in selling baby Lion Head rabbits. All baby rabbits are at least right weeks old before going to their homes. We get the babies used to using a litter box to eliminate as well as appropriately socialize and keep them on a healthy diet before going to their forever home. We currently have two liters available.

Jennifer Turek
New Britain , Connecticut
Holland Lop
Hopscotch Boutique of Connecticut
Hopscotch Boutique raises happy Holland Lops for family pets and shows. We are located in central Connecticut

Amanda Fink
New Haven, CT
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Amanda’s Rabbitry
We are a small family owned rabbitry breeding quality rabbits for show pet or brood we are members of the A.R.B.A and strive to have amazing rabbits we have Mini Rex in the following colors black,blue,otter,bew, Rew,tort and broken in all for Netherland Dwarfs we have blacks,blues and chocolates and for Velveteen Lops we have chocolate tort and broken blacks feel free to give me a call text or email for more informatio on our rabbits 😉

Linda Bates
New Haven County, Connecticut
Flemish Giant
LB Rabbitry – Flemish Giants
I breed quality FLEMISH GIANT rabbits for show. I currently breed light gray, steel gray, sandy and white varieties. I am located in New Haven County, CT. You can contact me via email to inquire about my rabbits or check my website.

Mikaila Zanetti
New Milford, Connecticut
Rex, Giant Flemish, Standard Rex, Mini Lop, Dwarf and Netherland Dwarf
Hop Along Rabbitry
We raise rabbits for showing and pets. They are all handled and played with so they are ready to go to their new homes as happy friendly bunnies. They make great 4h projects or good to show in local fairs or rated ARBA shows. Feed quality pellets, hay, and fruits and vegetables. Feel free to like our Facebook page to see photos and updates. Link is below or shoot me an email or text. Even give me a call.

William Rinoski
Niantic, Connecticut
Holland Lops
Little Bunnies
We breed and raise holland lop bunnies. The bunnies are handled frequently and play with children often.
Please call (860 739 6667) or e-mail thewjrdj@gmail.com So you can see what we have available or you can be put on a waiting list. If you would like to come see the bunnies or the parents give a call.

Stephanie Perez
North Branford, Connecticut
Netherland Dwarf
Stephs Rabbitry
I have spotted black and white netherland dwarf rabbit, i also have a mix of brown white and dark brown netherland rabbits who i refer to as tiramisu colored rabbits and i have grey and white spotted netherland dwarf rabbits !

Lillian concepcion
Norwalk, Connecticut
American Chinchilla, Any very small
Lillian concepcion
I want one for a pet to love and to hold

Kevin van Veen
Oxford, Connecticut
American Chinchilla and mixed breeds
Happy Acre Rabbitry
We are family owned ARBA registered breeders of purebred American Chinchillas and mix breed rabbits for pet, show and meat. Stud services available.

Paul & Rachel Kichar
Oxford, Connecticut
Holland Lop
Toes In The Grass Rabbitry
At Toes In the Grass Rabbitry, we specialize in raising Holland Lops that bring joy to your family and quality to your rabbit herd. All kits are handled carefully and given regular opportunities for exercise in protected areas of the lawn. We love to get our toes in the grass, and our bunnies do too! Please e-mail Paul and Rachel to inquire about availability.

Brooke Warner
Oxford , Connecticut
Holland Lop, Netherland dwarfs, Brittania petites, Continental Giants
Brooke’s Bunny Farm
Brooke’s bunny farm – Farm raised. Hand fed.

We breed for highest quality and health. We show our rabbits and work with other breeding and show professionals to maintain and continue the integrity of the breed. We offer families birth certificates and health guarantees with every purchase so you can feel confident that you and your family are getting a healthy, quality pet.

Emily Handy
Pawcatuck, Connecticut
New Zealand Whites, Californians
Wild Goose Ranch Rabbitry
We are a small scale rabbitry that focuses on raising high quality, healthy New Zealand Whites and Californians for pets, breeding, and meat production. We also offer dressed fryers and roasters. Our rabbits come with a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

Abby Cornell
Plainfield , Connecticut
Mini Rex, Standard Rex, Holland Lops
Bad Toad Rabbitry
Hi my name is Abby, I am located in Plainfield CT, I breed three kinds of rabbits Mini Rex, Standard Rex, and Holland Lops. I have been breeding rabbits 7 years. I was in 4H and am currently in FFA I raise rabbits as my school project. Before that I did it for enjoyment and to educate the public. I handle the babies from the first day they are born and give all the litters personalized attention. I try to ensure good homes for all the Kits I raise for pet homes and other breeders. I would respond better to Email or text messages.

Eileen Flynn
Plainfield, Connecticut
We breed the endangered breed Amercan Chinchilla Rabbits which are becoming wildly popular again in America. In the 1940’s this incredible breed was severely wiped out because of their pelt quality for fur coats and accesoroies tendermeat. Supply was greater than the breeders could keep up with so they nearly vanished.They are large grey rabbit with colored rings in their coat’s that man made pelters cannot duplicate like the natural coat of a AmChin as we fondly call them, they grow very quickly 10 lbs for does 9 lbs bucks. I have babies available NOW but not a lot left at this point. My rabbit breeders are also Grand Champions. Also rabbit meat is also the most ingested meat in Manhattan NY now because of the nutritional benefits, and you can get a break from your insurance company if you breed a few to save a endangered breed in America! My rabbit prices start at 65.00 and up to promote this breed we will ship but not in heat. I also have Giant Chins and spotted mini rexes pls email to ericci@hotmail.com or call 1 860-634-0421. website still under construction: tinkertoyheritagefarm.com.

Sara Kowalski
Plainfield, Connecticut
Netherland Dwarf, Lionheads, Mini Rex, Holland lops, Mini Lops
The Bunny Depot
I run a small to medium sized rabbitry from home, specializing in small breed bunnies. All of my rabbits are well socialized and are raised in a home with young children.

Bob Lavoie
Pomfret, Connecticut
Holland Lops & New Zealand Whites
Chase Hill Rabbitry
Show winning line of Hollands specializing in brokens

Molly Puzzo
Preston, Connecticut
Juniper Knoll Farm
We are a small hobby farm located in Preston, CT. We own a myriad of animals and have many varieties of (Standard) Rex available. More coming but as of right now we have Blue, Blue otter, Broken Blue, Black, Broken Black, Chocolate otter, Lilac, and Opal. Please feel free to contact us for more information and check out our facebook page: facebook.com/juniperknollfarm

Michele Moran
Quinebaug, Connecticut
Holland Lop
Proud Eyes Rabbitry
Small Holland lop hobby rabbitry focusing on pet quality rabbits with great temperament. I focus my attention on holding and socializing my bunnies so that they make great housepets. All my bunnies are well cared for and very loved!

Trevor Koropatkin
Rockville, Connecticut
New Zealand, Flemish Giant
The Little Rabbitry
HI Little Rabbitry in vernon,CT .I breed quality rabbits for pet, show, and meat.. I breed Flemish Giants and new zealands…Juniors to proven adults. Please call or email on availability and prices, Thank You..

Maryssa Sullivan
Rockville, Connecticut
Lionheads, Flemish Giants, Mini Rex
DSA Rabbitry
We have been breeding for three years, all rabbits are pedigreed. What started out as a 4-H project, turned into a family affaire. We started out with pet stock and now we have all pedigreed rabbits.

Sarah Ives
Salisbury, Connecticut
English Angora, English Lop
27:23 Angoras at Ives Acres
Breeder of pedigreed English Angoras and English Lops in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. Small scale rabbitry with a focus on top quality care, fun and show colors, and friendly animals. Lifetime support is always available for every animal.

Brian Kilian
Sharon, Connecticut
New Zealand
FFXV Rabbit Barn
Small breeder with 20 New Zealand rabbits. Mainly meat rabbits and only bred once or twice per year. Currently have 16 bunnies that were born on June 5th and are ready for a new home. Bunnies are handled frequently and are good with people if wanted as a pet. Any additional info please let me know.

Louis Dominguez
Shelton, Connecticut
Flemish Giant
BigDog Rabbitry
Looking to buy Flemish bunnies.
Two males and two Females from different parents.
I want them as my personal breeding stock
I do not need pedigrees!
Colors are unimportant.
Reasonable please

James Dickson
Southbury, Connecticut
Mini Lop, Lionhead
Roxbury bunnies
We are rabbit breaders in Southbury Ct on the Roxbury line. We love and take great care of our hurd of bunnies. They are raised in large cages and held and exercised daily. They have great disposition. We do have a bunny cam set up in our nursery pen if you would like access feel free to contact us

Paul Spataro
Southington, Connecticut
Dutch, New zeland White, Mix Bread Meat Rabbits as well as meat
Pspataro rabbitry
Small local hobbie breeder who breeds for meat as well as pets verious breeds for verious reasons. Contact Paul at 203-725-7285 for more info

Sarah Cooper
South Killingly, Connecticut
The Connecticut Clover Company
A mating pair of lionhead, black female w/ tan & black buck, 5 bunnies born on Easter April 8th, 2012.

Penelope Conklin
Stafford Springs, Connecticut
German Angora,- German ,Satin, French Xs,- American Chinchilla,
Oak Root Warren
Oak Root Warren Rabbitree is located in upper Connecticut near Ma. We Specialise in German Angora Rabbits for top Angora Production, Also We Xs French Satin and German for Colors. We are proud members of IAGARB

Mary Jordan
Sterling, Connecticut
Rex, Mixed meat breeds
Heritage Rose Rabbitry
Hi, I have a small rabbitry that raises standard Rex rabbits. I have been raising rabbits for about five years now. I am member of my local 4-H club and I major in animal science in my VoAg class. I am active in FFA. I always have some kits for sale starting in May and ending in October. I try my hardest to sell these rabbits for pets or 4-H projects. They are handled daily from the day they were born until the day they leave my care. I love and care for all of my breeding stock, making sure everyone is absolutely healthy before breeding them. I hope to find homes for these rabbits.
I also have some mixed breeds that can be sold for meat. Most have some Black New Zealand and some Standard Rex in them.

Jeanie Salvio
Stratford, Connecticut
New Zealand whites and Blacks, Californians, Giant Flemishs
Rabbittat Rabbitry
I am a small home rabbitry. I care for each individual animal insuring it’s proper health and happiness. All meat pen rabbits are still provided with a wonderful loving life. I feel their nutritional needs should be optimal to provide optimal nutrition for us in return. I sell Californians, Californian/New Zealand Crosses. Pure White New Zealands, Black New Zealands. Occasionally there is a Giant Flemish or two for sale.

Roxann Gallo
Vernon , Connecticut
Mini Rex , Dutch & soon to come Holland Lops
Hays & Hope Rabbitry
I raise purebred Mini rex , Dutch & soon to come Holland Lops . I’m located in Vernon , Ct! All bunnies come with a pedigree , small starter bag of food . I’ve had rabbits for over 20 years & my rabbits are handled & inter acted with daily . Follow my page on Facebook- Hays & Hope Rabbitry! Thanks !

Tim Law
Watretown , Connecticut
American Chinchilla
Bunnies and Barns
Selling American Chinchilla rabbits for meat pets and breeding stock
We sell pedigree and none pedigree stock
We also sell Barns , sheds and rabbit hutches
send us an Email and we will reply ASAP
Thanks Tim

Eve Burtness
West Hartford, Connecticut
Holland Lop
Blue Back Bunnies
We are a small rabbitry (formerly called Tort Reform Rabbitry) breeding to ARBA’s Standard of Perfection for Holland Lops. This means that although we occasionally have 8-week-old babies available, we often grow out our rabbits into their “teen” years (3 to 6 months) in order to see how they develop before we decide to keep them for breeding or show, or to sell them as a beloved pet.

Stefan Fedorowicz
Winsted, Connecticut
2 Female, 1 Male
Stefan Fedorowicz
2 female
1 male
for starting breed

Susan Wargo
Woodbury, CT
English Angoras, Holland Lops
B’s Heavenly Holland Lops & English Angoras
Small scale breeder that breeds for quality not quantity, and out of love.

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