Drakes Hip Hop Bunny Barn Rabbitry

Welcome to Drakes Hip Hop Bunny Barn, where we breed beautiful, pedigreed rabbits with award-winning personalities! Our rabbitry is nestled on a charming 5-acre farm just outside the city, providing our bunnies plenty of room to hop and play. We specialize in Holland Lop, Mini Rex, and Netherland Dwarf rabbits, prized for their fun-loving temperaments and cute, compact size. Our focus is on breeding healthy, well-socialized pet rabbits that make wonderful additions to families.

When you adopt a bunny from Drakes Hip Hop Bunny Barn, you can rest assured they come from excellent genetic lines and have been handled frequently since birth to be comfortable around people. We take pride in matching our rabbits’ unique personalities to your family based on the preferences you specify. Whether you’re looking for a snuggly lap bunny, playful partner for your kids, or laid-back companion, we have the perfect rabbit for your home.

Our bunnies are raised in spacious, clean hutches and fed a premium diet to support their health and happiness. We keep our rabbits indoors as well, so they are accustomed to being around people and indoor environments. To ensure your new family member transitions smoothly, adoption packages include a starter kit with care essentials and an informational guide on rabbit care.

Let our 25+ years of experience and passion for rabbits help you find your new best friend! Contact us today to learn more about adopting one of our pedigreed, people-friendly rabbits!

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