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English Lop Rabbit Breed Info

English Lop Rabbit BreedRecognized colors: Many. Shown in broken pattern and solid pattern groups.  

Size: Minimum of 10.5 pounds

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English Lop Rabbit Information and History

English lop rabbits are unique pet known for their long ears that will drag on the ground when they become adults. They are some of the best pets people can have because of their pleasant personalities. The long ear assists the rabbit to regulate heat. The ears can grow from 21 — 32 inches in length. The ears grow to their maximum by age of four months.


The history of this breed is vague. Some are believed to have been developed in the 1900s for exhibition purposes. Other accounts suggest that they originated in Africa. However, no one knows for sure where the rabbit originated from. The English lop rabbits appeared in the 1800s in England and were later taken to America through ships. During this time people resulted in cruel methods of pullings the rabbit’s ears to make them longer. In contrast, in the modern age of animal rights, no breeder would think of taking such punitive measures.

Interesting Facts about the Breed

They have a mandolin-shaped body, they have big heads with wide glistening eyes. Unlike other species their tail is straight and not screwed, their front feet are straight and not bow-legged. Also, the ears are straight and round at the end and not pointed. The ears reach the rise on the rabbits back. Their coat has remarkable soft far, and their ears are soft fur. The rabbits are simply adorable.
Additionally, they have a great personality. Hence, they make wonderful pets even for children. However, children require supervision when dealing with English lop rabbits.

Breed Varieties and Colors

English lop rabbits are endowed with a variety of colors. The breeds can have a solid color or broken coloring with white markings. According to British Rabbits Council (BRC), the English lop rabbits have;

• black orange/fawn,
• agouti/opal,
• chinchilla (grey),
• red-eyed-white
• blue
• black torts
• white
• sooty fawn

American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) offers a greater color variety.

Weight and Size

The English lop rabbit can grow as big as possible without looking obese. The largest one weighs approximately between 91/2lbs and 11lbs. Their long ears give them a different frame which sets them apart from others. According to the Guinness world records, they have the longest ears of any rabbit. In contrast to another type of rabbits, they have a particularly long slender body. Other rabbits tend to be wider and shorter.


They live for approximately 5 to 7 years. Its longevity is attributable to many factors including how well you take care of it. First of all, you need to maintain their health. Due to their unusual long ears, you must pay particular attention as the drag can injure their ears. Hence you should clip their toenails. The rabbits do better in warmer conditions than during winter or cold condition. There is a high risk of their feet getting frozen. Their inner part of the ear should be cleaned regularly to avoid wax build up. Also, their teeth need a checkup to avoid overgrowth.

Litter size for a English Lop

The English lop can produce large litters between 5 and 12. They breed at nine months of age. English lops have 6-12 bunnies in a litter. However, in some instances, they have 16. You have to check some teats, and that all teats are working, fewer teats mean that you have to cull the baby bunnies. The gestation period is 28-31 days, and they usually give birth at 30th to 32nd day.

Caring for pet English Lop Rabbits

The English lop requires much more care because of their physical characteristics. They require a bigger hutch allowing them room to stand. This enables them to stand with their feet and not their ears. The floor of the hutch should be solid surface made from materials plastic or wood. Secondly, due to their long ears, you should use a water bottle instead of a crock. This prevents their ears from getting wet. Alternatively, dragging through the water. It is particularly important to keep their ears dry during winter as they will freeze quickly. If ear tips become frostbitten, they will fall off. Moreover, the ears require special attention because of their length. The ear should be checked regularly for infection, wax buildup, and their nails should be trimmed.

These rabbits should be fed high-quality pellets which are rich in proteins approximately 16-18% plus supplemental hay and vegetables.

English Lop Cages / Supplies

Unlike other rabbits, these rabbits require larger cages for their comfort. Also, Cleaning the rabbit cage is paramount since cleanliness means less health trouble for your rabbit. Their daily droppings need to be cleared once a day. Additionally, the beddings need to be removed and changed every once or twice a week. This will again depend on the number of English lop rabbits you have in the encloser. Also, you rabbit needs play time, hence makes sure you take them out of the cage. This will enable them to hop around and stretch their legs. They like being petted on the back and head just like a cat.

How to Breed English Lop Rabbits for Show

First, you need to engage judges before you breed a the English lop. Judges will give you credible information to protect their reputation. You also need to seek an opinion from several judges before making up on your own. The more opinions you ask, the more you learn. Eventually, you will be able to make breeding decisions on your own. If you have a buck and an acquaintance ask for your animal for breeding purposes, then you are only supposed to make sure that your animal is clean and in great health. It’s essential to make sure that your animal is in good shape otherwise there is no need to produce unhealthy stock.

Additionally, check whether the Doe is in great shape. Does’ are known to attack and injure bucks hence it’s not advisable to risk your buck. Rabbits are very territorial. The Doe is likely to give birth in 28-33 days. Always take the doe to the buck to mitigate challenges.
Breeding English lop is not the same as other rabbits; they are big hence they need time to mature. They need at least nine months for them to reach breeding age. Some breeders prefer waiting for at least a year. The English lop doe has to be mature enough to be able to handle the strain of raising her litter.

Breed Resources

American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) has chartered several national breed specialty clubs. The Lop Rabbit Club of America represents the English lop rabbits. National Angora Rabbit breeders also represent them. The specialty clubs purpose is to promote the breeds. They advance and encourage members to breed and exhibit quality animals.

Buying a English Lop

Before buying an English lop ensure that you have the necessary things to care for an English lop adequately. You need a bigger cage, water bottle instead of a crock, a litter box among other. You must be able to care for the animal. It’s easier for you to buy English lop online as many websites are listing these rabbits for sale and contact the owner.

English Lop Price

The English lop prices vary from one location to another. They retail from 30$ to 50$. Those price for exhibition or show quality will go as high as 100$ to 150$. You can check online and confirm the color of the rabbit you want. The online market has attracted many sellers listing their English lops hence it’s easier to find what you are looking for.

Locating an English Lop Rabbit Breeder

The Rabbit breeders directory (RabbitBreeders.us website) stands out as one of the best. The directory provides top breeders list on the website platform based on state or region. With an estimated one thousand breeders and millions of pet lovers raising rabbits, this website makes it easier to connect such a unique market online. It makes it’s easier for breeders to connect and share information. It makes it easier for buyers to have a smooth experience when buying an English lop Rabbits.


The English lop rabbit is such an outstanding pet. Its physic makes it’s an adorable animal to raise and keep as a pet. Its long ears require special care; its cages need to be bigger to makes it comfortable. They require special care and attention, especially during the winter season. They are suited for warmer weather.



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