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English Spot Rabbit Breed Info

English Spot Rabbit BreedRecognized colors: black, blue, chocolate, lilac, tortoise, gray, gold

Size: 5 to 8 pounds

National Specialty Club:

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English Spot Rabbit Information and History

Is there any rabbit so remarkable to look at and yet so difficult to produce as the English Spot?  Sports, Charlies, and mismarks all frustrate the English Spot breeder, but he or she keeps at it for the satisfaction of a seeing a well-marked “Spotted Beauty” running home to win.

That’s right – English Spots, as well as other full-arch type breeds, do not pose on the show table but run the length of it, end to end and back again.  This is the best way to show off their markings, and they are quite fun to watch and to judge.  The ideal body type is long and lean, with the belly carried well off the table.  Body type and marking are of nearly equal importance in the English Spot standard.  The markings can be one of seven colors, and the coat is a flyback.

English Spots have colored ears, a butterfly-shaped nose marking, and a ragged line of color down the back called a “herringbone.”  Both eyes should be encircled with color and top a small round spot on both cheeks.  Two other breeds have similar markings (Rhinelander and Checkered Giant), but the English Spot is the only one of the three to have spots on the shoulder.  There should be an unbroken chain of spots trailing from the top of the shoulder, across the flank and spreading out at the hip.  The spots should be as round as possible, and size should increase as they travel down the rabbit’s side.  There are numerous marking disqualifications, making this breed a challenge to raise.

The English Spot pattern is caused by the broken gene.  In fact, the symbol for the broken gene is “En” referring to “English Spotting.”  When you breed broken to broken – or spot to spot – about 50% of the offspring will be broken colored, 25% will be solid, and 25% will be very lightly marked rabbits known as “charlies.” 

The exact origin of the English Spot isn’t known, but they may have been bred down from the larger Giant Papillion (Checkered Giant.)  They were known in England since the 1850’s and recognized in America in 1924.

English Spot Rabbit Care

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English Spot Rabbit Resources

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