Excellent show potential Mini Lop babies


Seller Name: Jody Rosnik
Location: Colorado
Rabbit Breed(s): Mini Lops, Dutch, Rex, New Zealands, Standard Chinchillas

I have recently bred my best to the best in mini lops, and starting Thanksgiving weekend these beauties will be 6 weeks old and ready to be considered for your show herd! The photo from left to right: Black Chinchilla buck, Blue Silver tip steel doe, Broken blue silver tip steel doe, black doe. Day of the picture these babies are just 4 weeks old. There are 4 other litters to choose from that were bred for the show table. My special price for Thanksgiving weekend (must pick-up by Sunday Nov 30) are just $75 each. After that, and until Dec 24, they are $100 and if any of these are remaining, may be priced higher depending on my evaluation of type at the more mature age.
For the serious show fanciers, I will have some outstanding Dutch in chocolate or black available in December!

Seller Email: rabbitjudgerosnik@gmail.com
Seller Phone: (719)276-3311

Mini Lop Rabbits
Excellent show potential Mini Lop babies