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Tammy Jespersen
Bushnell, Florida
Dutch, English Angora, English Lop, Holland Lop, Jersey Wooley, Lionhead, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Tammyland Rabbitry
Hi! My name is Tammy Jespersen, and I have a large rabbitry in central Florida. I am located 45 minutes south of Ocala or 45 minutes north of Tampa right off of I-75 exit 309. I am a member of ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) and plan to begin showing rabbits in the fall. I fell in love with rabbits and enjoy helping children find the perfect match! Every bunny has it’s own personally and it is such fun to help a child find the pet of their dreams! Having a large selection is key to this process! I own approximately 100 rabbits consisting of
Dutch, English Angora, English Lop, Holland Lop, Jersey Wooley, Lionhead, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, and Netherland Dwarf, and adding new breeds all the time. I look forward to meeting you and helping you and your child find your perfect match! Thanks, Tammy Jespersen (the bunny whisperer)
(904)514-5615 or (352)-815-0805
Call, Text, or Email

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Deanna Blair
Alford, Florida
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealand
Little Legacy Rabbits
Primarily breed for quality not quantity! Show, Brood, and pet rabbits. Located between Dothan, Alabama and Panama City Florida.

Deb Smith
Altha, Florida
Flemish Giant, Florida White, Silver Fox, New Zealand
Maxx Farms
We breed pedigreed Flemish Giants, Florida Whites and Silver Foxes. We have three varieties of Flemish Giants: Light Grey, Fawn and Sandy, with Bolyard, Gott, and Wooley Booger bloodlines. Our Florida Whites are from Giesy lines. The Silver Foxes are from Moore and Funck bloodlines, we have Blacks and Blues. Our New Zealands are a mix of high producing stock and Texas A&M stock. We do have some Altex and New Zealand/Altex crosses also.

Shawn Hickman
Altoona, Florida
Florida Whites, Lop ears, New Zealands
Shakins Rabbits
We specialize in meat show and pet rabbits. Our main breed is the Florida white. Which are excellent show rabbits.

Ava Mina
Alva, Florida
American – Blue and White
Serendipity Farms
Heritage farm raising American rabbits, red wattle pigs, nubian, and nigerian dwarf goats.

Thanga Raj
Any, Florida
Giant Angora
Giant Angora
Want to know about Gaint angora rabbit farms for doing the hair business

Brandy Tracy
Apalachicola, Florida
Flemish Giant, English Angora
Sleeping Giant Rabbitry
Sleeping Giant Rabbitry is a small rabbitry located on the Panhandle of Florida along the Forgotten Coastline in Old Town Apalachicola.
We were established in 2012 & are proud members of the ARBA.
Breeding the highest quality rabbits and silkie bantams, we strive to meet all breed standards.
We look forward in the very near future to adding English Angoras to our rabbitry.

Lisa Gardner
Arcadia, Florida
Rhinelander, Mini Rex, Polish
A&G Rabbitry
Small family ran rabbitry in Arcadia, FL. We like to show and bred rabbits to fit the ARBA standards as best as we can, will keeping them affordable to others as well.

Theresa Rogers
Baldwin, Florida
American Chinchilla, American, Silver Fox, Satin Angoras, English Angoras
Down the Rabbit Hole Farms
We specialize in heritage breed rabbits.

Anna Underhill
Barberville, Florida
Holland Lop, Pedigreed Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs
Chesser Farms Rabbitry
We raise Pedigreed Holland Lops and Netherland dwarfs in central Florida. We usually breed all year round. Please visit our website for more info on our rabbitry, or to see of we have any rabbits available! We do have a waiting list, so you can sign up to it on our website if you are not ready for a bunny, or we do not have any available at the time. We have rabbits for show, breeding, or pets, and all of the bunnies we sell will come with pedigrees and a care booklet.
Thanks for looking, and have a great day!
386 624 1269

Tina & Steve Quinn
Belleview, Florida
Q t’s Rabbitry
We found that the Californian Rabbits are a multi purpose rabbit and furfills all our needs & wants from a rabbit. They are a beautiful rabbit. Q t’s started by just wanting to supply meat for our family. After receiving our first trio we found that they are also have wonderful fur. Now we are also showing our rabbits. We currently have several BOB & BOS rabbits. Current members of ABRA.

Jackie Carioscia
Brooksville, Florida
Mini Rex
Moon Lake Rabbitry
I run a small rabbitry. All of my babies live in my home with me. I breed mini rex bunnies for show and pet to good homes only. 4-H/FFA students get discount with proof of membership. I do not have alot of babies at one time, I strive for quality not quantity.

Marion Masek
Brooksville, Florida
New Zealand, New Zealand Cross, Lionhead, Rex
Whipperwill Rabbitry
Family owned and family oriented rabbitry. Pet rabbits. For familys to enjoy at a resonable price.

(352) 428-5907

Joseph Spezzano
Brooksville, Florida
Altex, Califorian & New Zealand
Joe’s Quality Rabbitry
We are a Meat rabbitry in the Brooksville, Florida area, just 2 miles from the State road 50 . We pride our rabbitry on Quality Breeding stock and healthy meat production for our customers/ friends…We feed only Purina Complete feed, and have been getting litters of kits 8 – 10 in number, so they are great breeding stock if you want to start your own rabbitry… Our goal is to provide Quality Rabbits So you too can have a meat source for your family… We cull as to sell only great breeding stock… I hope to hear from you soon so we can begin a relationship with you and yours…Thanks!
Please call from 9 am -9pm

Meredith Laurent
Bronson, Florida
Creme d’ Argent, Argente Brun, Champagne d’Argent
Firefall Farms and Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry raising pedigreed Argent Brun, Creme d’Argent and Champagne d’Argent.

Pip Brant
Broward, Florida
Californian, New Zealand White, Standard Rex
Pedigreed show quality livestock. Member of ARBA, Hopper/Al Roland Cal bloodlines
NZW/ Crawford and Neff.

Lynda Filyaw
Bushnell, Florida
Rex, Pedigreed Rex, California and English spots
Twisted Pine Farm
We are a small farm of pedigreed Rex , California and English Spot rabbits , we also raised non pedigreed meat stock of New Zealand and giant crosses , we always have pet rabbits available, located in Bushnell, Florida, I am a member of ARBA and we are well known to the local county’s 4h groups that show a lot of our stock , we are a closed farm but we do allow people on our farm . All are animals are well kept and we enjoy every one of them .. If we do not have the bun you are looking for we have a few breeders we love How they care for their bunny’s and will gladly pass you on top them

Tammy Jespersen
Bushnell, Florida
English Angora, Dutch, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Tammyland Rabbitry
Large Rabbitry consisting of quality pedigreed rabbits. Offering a large selection of breeds and colors. Currently breeding Dutch, English Angora, English Lop, Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex, and Netherland Dwarfs.

Jennifer Neyra
Cape Coral, Florida
English Angora, Mini Rex, Lionhead
My Bunny Village Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Cape Coral Florida dedicated to providing beautiful show quality rabbits to caring families. We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the breed. Our specialty are English Angoras however we also carry Mini Rex and Lionhead rabbits. Our rabbirty is registered with and certified by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. We are family owned and operated and handle all of our bunnies with love and care since birth. Our goal is to provide healthy bunnies with great temperaments while maintaining the integrity of the breed according to ARBA standards. If you’re interested in visiting our bunny village and bringing home a bunny to its furrever home call us today! Follow us on instagram at mybunnyvillage

Nancy Garvin
Citrus Springs, Florida
American Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops, Netherland dwarfs, Jersey Wooly, English Angora
Sundown Rabbitry
Our rabbits are raised for show at ARBA shows but we always have pet rabbits available as well. Rabbits are reasonably priced. Rabbits are handled from birth own and well loved. Let us know how we can help you with a new fuzzy lop, jersey wooly, english angora, netherland dwarf, or holland lop.

Amber Dean
Cape Coral, FL
Flemish Giants
Gulf Coast Flemish Giants
Breeding show quality Flemish Giant Rabbits on the beautiful South West Coast of Florida.

Daniel Herrera
Cape Coral, Florida
Holland Lop, Rex, Chinchilla, Valentin, Flemish Giant
Gigi’s and Big Daddy’s wiggling worm and rabbit farm
We are a small back yard venture, sustainably raising and breeding healthy happy rabbits. What has started as a father and daughter passion, we are slowly growing. We do not breed or raise our rabbits for meat purposes. As strong advocates for the environment, Gigi and I clearly recognize the importance rabbits bring to the eco system. In addition to our rabbitry, we raise worms for backyard gardens. From rabbit poop to table, let nature do its thing!
We are located in Cape Coral, Florida, 120 miles south of Tampa on Florida’s west coast.
We have started our own “rabbit classroom” YouTube channel called, “The Bunny Hop Channel.” As we learn, you will too!
Thank you and stay tuned,
Daniel Herrera-AKA “Big Daddy”

Jennifer Neyra
Cape Coral, Florida
English Angora, Mini Rex
My Bunny Village Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry located in Cape Coral, Fl. Our goal is to keep the integrity of the English Angora Breed and provide loving for ever homes with healthy ARBA standard pets with great disposition. Our bunnies are handled and cared for daily. Our English Angora bunnies come with pedigree, ear tattoo, spayed or neutered, and a care package which consists of starter food, care instructions, litter box, toe clippers. and proper comb for Angora. Like us on Facebook@ my bunny village, follow us on instagram @ my bunny village. Contact us by email or call us 239 785-8023 or 239- 785-6844

Angie & Sarah Bush
Chipley, Florida
Jersey Wooly, Holland Lop, English Angora and American Fuzzy Lop
Boxwood Acres
We are an ARBA reg. rabbitry located in the NW Florida Panhandle, where we raise and show quality Jersey Woolies, Holland Lops, AFLs and English Angoras. Our rabbits are handled daily from birth, well socialized, healthy and bred to the breed standard, as well as for good temperaments. Occasionally, we have pets available, so feel free to check with us. 🙂
At Boxwood Acres, we also raise Nigerian Dwarf & Lamancha dairy goats and our poultry includes Standard (LF) Cochins, Orpingtons and Silkies.
We travel to shows throughout the south east and have have contacts all over the nation, so we can help you find transport and can also recommend other quality rabbitries for those looking for a specific breed.
If you have any questions about the breeds we raise/show or rabbits in general, please feel free to contact us at:
and be sure to “Like” us on Facebook.

Kim Gilbert
Chipley, Florida
English Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Californians, New Zealands (Black and White), Silver Fox
Hard Labor Creek Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Chipley Florida. We strive to have healthy happy rabbits. We have pedigreed and none pedigreed rabbits. We are apart of ARBA, and 4-H were are children show some of our rabbits. Would love to meet you! Thank you for checking us out.

David Driscoll
Citra, Florida
Rex, New Zealand White
David’s Rabbits
We run a full rabbitry with 12 breeding does. All rabbits are healthy, kept in suspended cages and fed only commercial feed and home-raised greens.
We have standard Castor, Blue, and Otter Rexs.
New Zealands are bred as meat rabbits and all offspring are about 5 lbs at the 8 week mark. All rabbits receive basic socialization so we don’t have overly crazy rabbits, or biters. All of our rabbits come from proven bucks and does with regular large litters.

Wanda J.
Citrus County, Florida
Holland Lops
Lazy Livin’ Farms
Raising high-caliber Holland Lops for show and companions. We often have babies for show or pets for sale.

Corrie Nelson
Clermont, Florida
English Angora
The Fuzzbucket Rabbitry
We are a small Hobby breeder of English Angoras. ARBA members.

Lauren Wagner
Clermont, Florida
Holland Lops, Lionheads, English Angoras, Velveteen Lops
Whoa Bunny Rabbitry
I Specialize in Holland Lops; with some champion and renowned lines, Pedigreed and Show Quality. I absolutely love their compact bodies, and sweet personalities. They always come to greet and love me, you may be surprised to know that Holland Lops are one the the most easy breeds to potty train! My second breed is English Angoras, I raise Show Quality Pedigreed English Angoras. These rabbits are some of the most affectionate and loving breeds, they love to flop and snuggle. My third breed is Lionheads, I raise Show Quality lines, but without pedigree, although they are absolutely pet quality! Always looking to snuggle and get a good head-rub : ) My forth and most recent breed is Velveteen Lops. I raise Pure blood, Show Quality and Pedigreed Velveteen Lops. My favorite thing about this breed, is how they connect with you on such a personal level. They will follow you anywhere, sit when you sit, and lay down with you when you lay down. My first Velveteen’s favorite thing was always to come lay with me in bed for a while, before I fell asleep. This breed desires a deep connection with their mommy/daddy : )
Colors I raise: Blue, Black, Opal, Tricolor/Harlequin, Smoked Pearl, Siamese Sable Point, Blue Tort, Broken Black Tort, Broken Tort, Broken Black, BEW, and rare Marble Eyed…. Go check us out of Instagram and Facebook ; )
God Bless!

Joe R
Clewiston, Florida
Flemish Giant
Joe’s Flemish Giant, Rabbits & Bunnies
I am at Everhigh Acres rd Clewiston, Florida 33440.
Come by and see all of my Flemish giants rabbits and bunnies.
Check out pictures at http://youtu.be/Bc8b4lt7cqg

Sheena Smith
Clewiston, Florida
Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Jersey Wooly, New Zealand
Sugarland Bunnies
Hello, my name is Sheena Smith, I have a privately owned business by the name of Sugarland Bunnies. I am a small growing business, and also a soon-to-be member of the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) and the NMRRC (National Mini Rex Rabbit Club). I own approximately thirty rabbits consisting of Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Jersey Wooly, and New Zealand breeds, and still growing in amount. My children and myself are currently joining in 4-H. I am looking forward to doing business with you. Thanks, (Breeder of the “Sweetest Bunnies In Town”) – Sheena Smith

Don Briois
Cocoa, Florida
New Zealand and Florida White
Cocoa Rabbitry
Baby rabbits ready to go, New Zealand and Florida Whites

Debbie Gilley
Dade City, Florida
Holland Lop
Gilley’s Rabbits
Small, family run
only pedigreed and show quality bunnies sold
breed for rare colors

Karen-Corey Pergerson
Dade City, Florida
Dwarf Hotots, Elop, Vlop, Dutch, Holland, Mini Rex, Champagne D’Argent, Lionhead, Flemish Giant
Cotton Tail Cuties Rabbit Tree
We are a family run rabbitry raising several breeds for show and pets. We would be happy to help you find the bunny you are searching for.

Charlotte Roberts
Dade City, Florida
English Lop, Flemish Giant, Netherland Dwarf
Roberts Farm Rabbitry
Quality rabbits that come from rabbits that are shown and handled. Most parents are registered and on site. Located in Dade City, FL. Please contact us for more information!

Ray Schuetz
Davie, Florida
Mini Lops
Rays Rabbits
I am a breeder of healthy hardy pure mini lop ear rabbits. Contact for available rabbits for sale. Quality breeding for over five years and growing.

Grace Everitt
Daytona Beach, Florida
Netherland Dwarfs, Polish Rabbits
Happy Farm Bunnies
We are a very small luxury rabbitry raising high quality, reasonably priced Netherland Dwarfs and Polish rabbits. All of our bunnies are tame, affectionate and well socialized to dogs, people and other animals by the time they leave The Happy Farm.

Scott Allison
Daytona Beach, Florida
Holland Lops, American Blue, New Zealand Whites, Netherland Dwarfs, and Californians
SunBurned Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry in central Florida. We breed show quality Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. We also breed a large meat rabbit in purebred New Zealand Whites and New Zealand White X Californian.

Laura Bizek
DeFuniak Springs, Florida
Lionheads, Velveteen Lops
Dancing Pines Rabbitry
Dancing Pines is a small Veteran owned rabbitry in Northwest Florida specializing in Lionhead and Velveteen Lop rabbits. We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), North American Lionhead Rabbit Club (NALRC), Velveteen Lop Rabbit Club of America (VLRCA) and the Gulf Coast Rabbit Breeders Club (GCRBC). Our focus is on quality, healthy, and well socialized rabbits for both show and pet. Our rabbits are selectively choosen for supporting the ARBA Standards of Perfection and the VLRCA Standards for these breds. Contact us for available pedigreed double mane Lionhead and Veleveteen Lop rabbits. We support 4-H, FFA, and military veteran members, programs, and projects.

Rachel Guerrero
Deland, Florida
Netherland Dwarf
Dwarf Rabbit
I would like to be able to find a dwarf rabbit that has white, grey or brown fur

Frank Scarola
Deland, Florida
Flemish Giants, and Regals
Regal Rabbitry
ARBA registered raising quality Flemish Giants that we are proud of.
386 736-6454

DeLand, Florida
Mini Rex, Mini Satin
Star Farm Rabbitry
We are a rabbitry in Central Florida specializing in the Lynx variety of Mini Rex. We also raise Chinchilla, Blue Eyed White, White, Seal, Chocolate and Tri Color.
Also raising Mini Satin in Red, White, Chinchilla and Lynx.

Christina Roberts
Deleon Springs, Florida
English Lops, Flemish Giants
Onalee Rabbitry
At Onalees, we are a small Rabbitry specializing in English Lops. Each litter is raised with care and love, in the shade of old oak trees of Deleon Springs Florida. We usually have rabbits available, from English Lops to Flemish Giants, so if your looking around for either one give us a call!

Sherri Brant
Dundee, Florida
Holland Lop
Jack & Birdie’s Little Lagomorphs
We raise Holland Lops in Central Florida. We just love their sweet, spunky, friendly personality’s and that puppy look with those adorable smooshy flat faces and cute little lop ears!
We love our bunnies very much! Our bunnies are raised inside our home as our pets and accustomed to family lifestyle and all that entails (the sound of children, sometimes noisy teenagers, tv, vacuum, our pups, etc.) Our bunnies are well socialized, handled daily, litter box trained, and showered with affection. Our bunnies are given daily free time to roam and explore around the house & play time indoors and outdoors weather permitting. Our goal is to raise healthy, happy, & colorful well socialized little Holland Lop Bunnies.
Please visit our website www.jackandbirdieslittlelagomorphs.com for information about our sweet Holland Lops!

Sharon Newhart
Dunnellon, Florida
Holland Lop, English Angora, Jersey Wooly
Amyndlyn’s Rabbitry
I raise English Angoras, Holland Lops and Jersey Woolys. I am a small rabbitry that gives extra time and attention to my rabbits and I only have a few litters of rabbits at a time. They can be a pedigreed show able rabbit or a cherished pet. I offer special discounts to kids in the 4H or FFA who want to show their bunnies. I am located in Central Florida, in the small town on Dunnellon which is just outside the city of Ocala.

Julie Aldridge
Eustis, Florida
Dutch, Californian, Chinchilla, English Lop, Havana, Lionheads, French Lop, Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand, Thrainta.
Triple A Rabbitry
We offer show and pet quality breeds with Pedigrees. Specializing in high quality show rabbits for our own kids that are in 4 H as well as other 4H kids.

Leona Clement
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
Three Crowns Rabbitry
Several pure bred and pedigreed Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops available can be tattooed for showing.
Both does and bucks available.
Awesome show rabbits or wonderful pets or both!

Jesse Baierl
Vwero Beach, Florida
American Chinchilla, Giant Chinchilla, New Zealand, Californian, Dutch, Havana, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop
Rustic Roots Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry centrally located on the East coast of Florida. We offer show, brood and pet quality rabbits.

Jorge Gil
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Friendly, likes to be outside.

Chuck Prine
Fort Meade, Florida
American, Holland Lops, English Lops, Dwarf Hotots, Flemish Giants, Silver Fox, American Blue & American White
CCA Rabbitry
We specialize in Holland Lops, English Lops, Dwarf Hotots, Flemish Giants, Silver Fox, the American Blue & American White rabbits. We are located in Fort Meade, FL (Polk County, Central Florida/Tampa Bay area).

Rachele Ford
Fortmyers, Florida
Chinchilla Rabbit and Chinchilla/Hotot/Lionhead Mix
Rachele’s Rabbitry
Weight: 9-12 lbs
The American Chinchilla or “Heavyweight Chinchilla” is larger than the Standard Chinchilla, it has a commercial body type but the same roll back coat. Standard Chinchillas bred for large size produced this breed. Chinchilla Rabbits originated in France and were bred to standard by M. J. Dybowski. They were introduced to the United States in 1919. [3] Bred to be a meat and fur rabbit, the American Chinchilla Rabbit can be shown/exhibited or kept as a stocky, hardy pet. American Chinchilla Rabbits do not require regular grooming. Adult American Chinchilla Rabbits weigh different for each sex. Males (Bucks)- 9-11#, and Females (Does) 10-12#. These stocky rabbits have a slight curve to their medium length bodies, beginning at the nape of their necks and following through to the rump. They carry their ears straight erect. The quality of the pelt is first and more important when breeding for the “Standard Of Perfection”. American Chinchilla Rabbits are a six-class breed in show. (Any rabbit that matures over 9 pounds is a 6-class breed, maturation weights under 9# are 4-class breeds.) The American Chinchilla Rabbit was bred from large Standard Chinchilla Rabbits in order to produce a meatier rabbit. They were originally called Heavyweight Chinchilla Rabbits.

Pedigreed Holland Lops, Lionheads, and Polish rabbits
Garden Lady Rabbitry
Garden Lady Rabbitry is a very small, hobby rabbitry focusing on high quality Holland Lops, Lionheads and Polish Rabbits.
I give discounts to 4h families with proof of membership to 4h.

Cindy Butler
Fort White, Florida
English Angoras, German Angoras and Giant Angoras
C&J Angoras Rabbitry
We have a Angora herd of German Angora, English Angora (that includes BEW) and Giant Angora. Fiber and Bunnies for sale. We are a short distance from Gainesville, Florida.

Sandy Keastfuzz
Fort White , Florida
English Angora, Mini Rex, Netherland dwarf, Flemish giant and Lionheads
Fuzz Bunny Rabbitry
I have a small collection of quality rabbits. Our angoras are beautiful and well worth the work. If I can help you select a bunny please feel free to call or email

Chrystle Morriseau (Carter)
Fountain, Florida
Flemish Giants, New Zealands, Californians
Sapphire Blue Flemish Rabbitry
We are a small family rabbitry in the panhandle of NW Florida. About a year go we started raising meat rabbits & fell in love with the flemish giants. We strive to offer high quality with great personalities for show, breeding or pet. Right now we are only selling kits. We have several different colors but are learning what colors to breed to as well as for the best traits. We have a small herd, specializing in blues. All of our kits are held & played with everyday from the time they are born until the day they go to their new homes. We have Wooly Boogers & Gott’s bloodline from Dunn Farm’s in Jennings, Florida. We also have meat rabbits from various breeds & hopefully will be adding another breed along with a larger NZ out of Pennsylvania. I have a page on my facebook Chrystle Carter, ‘Sapphire Blue Flemish Rabbitry’ that is still under construction. Our website should be up & running within the next 3 wks. I am a registered ARBA member, soon to join 4 H. My name is Chrystle Morrisseau aka Chrystle Carter

Nicole Gurganus
Fountain, Florida
Holland Lop, Jersey Woolies, Netherland Dwarfs and New Zealands
Southern SweetHearts Rabbitry
We are a Family Owned and Operated Rabbitry. Located in the Pahandle Of North West Florida, We Breed For Quality Not Quantity. We raise Happy Healthy Holland Lops, Jersey Woolies, Netherland Dwarfs. All Our Bunnies are pedigreed. Our New Zealands are purebred not papered.
Feel Free To Contact us If you have any Questions.

Pip Brant
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Californian, New Zealand, Standard Rex
Pedigreed Californians, Hopper bloodlines
Pedigreed New Zealand, Crawfird and Neff bloodlines
Pedigreed Standard Rex
Rabbits raised in subtropical climate.

Sasha Clash
Ft McCoy, Florida
Flemish Giants, Chinchilla mixes, Silver Foxes
Rabbit Foot Farms
We do our best to provide the best care for our rabbits and provent overcrowding in our hutches. We also use all natural remedies when needed on our animals so they are able to be used as both pets and for their meat consumption.

Karl and Anita Halling
Grand Ridge, Florida
Flemish Giants, New Zealands, NZ Calofornian Cross, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Mini Rexes
Halling Hoppers Rabbitry
Full blooded and cross Flemish giants. Always have New Zealand’s available.

Kristie Williams
Grand Ridge, Florida
Rex, Champagne D’argents, Netherland Dwarfs and Elops
Huck’s Paradise Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry in florida. We are raising rabbits for Show and meat. We are striving for good quality show rabbits. We are proud of what we have accomplished and would love to help you find the rabbit you are searching for.

Donald & Lisa Wilson
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Flemish Giants
Gentle Giants
Raising Flemish for show and pets have Blue, Fawn, Light Gray, Sandy breeding year round to waiting list.

Jennifer Perushek
Central Florida, Florida
Tan, Havana, Velveteen Lops
Anna-Rose Rabbitry
We currently raise Tans, Havanas and Velveteen Lops. Our Tans are National Champions – winning the 2015 Best of Breed (Youth) at the Tan National Show held in Greensboro, North Carolina. We have numerous Best of Breed Winners and Best in Show Winners with both Tans and Havanas. Please feel free to contact us to get on our waiting list or to check about availability or if you have any questions about these wonderful breeds!
We have an active facebook page – so please check us out at Anna-Rose Rabbitry.

Tammy Allen
Sturgis, Kentucky
Rocking A Rabbitry

Renee Hobbs
Gulf Hammock, FL
English Angora, Giant Angora, Lionhead, Holland Lop
Sleepy Hollow Rabbitry
Raising and loving our rabbits at Sleepy Hollow. We are blessed to have English Angoras, Giant Angoras, Lionheads, Holland Lops, Fuzzy Lops, French Lops, and English Lops. Come visit us!

Kim Pederson
Haines City, Florida
American Chinchilla
Haines City Hares
We are a small rabbitry located in Haines City, Florida called “Haines City Hares.”. Here, we strive to better the American Chinchilla breed and preserve it’s amazing heritage. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has listed this
breeds’ condition as Critical, and we would love to see more people getting to know them! They have amazing fur that is great for tanning or just petting, and excel in multiple uses such as meat, show and pet rabbits. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to add an American Chinchilla to your life!

Gregg L. Friedman MD
Hallandale Beach, Florida
English Angora, Angoras
Gregg L. Friedman MD Rabbitry
Gregg L. Friedman MD Rabbitry since 1989. Phone 954-456-1996. 2500 East Hallandale Beach Blvd, Suite 702, Hallandale Beach, FL, 33009.

Gregory Shoemaker
Hernando, FL
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Californians
Hidden in the Oaks Rabbitry
FFA Student run rabbitry. I am working on the genetice for the Netherland Dwarfs and some mini rex. Also, have some Holland Lops mainly breed for cash flow and the Californinas to eat. Please consider me when looking for a nice quality pet, show or brood rabbit.
970 W Keller Street, Hernando Florida, 34442

Lisa Gindlesperger
High Springs, Florida
Netherland Dwarfs
Diamond G Rabbitry
We are a 23 hole rabbitry that strives for quality, not quantity. We specialize in Black, Blue and Himalayan but we do produce other varieties at times. Our rabbits are shown in 4H, FFA and ARBA shows.

Tatiana Eden
Homestead, Florida
Netherland Dwarf
Eden’s Heart Rabbitry
New and Upcoming Rabbitry run by FFA students with a passion for showing rabbits. We specialize in breeding Netherlands Dwarfs for show quality and pet quality. Our starting cost are around $40-50 but we can negotiate if you would like to get more than one, or if you are a member of 4-H or FFA.

Kathryn McBryde
Homestead, Florida
Holland Lops
Ewok Rabbitry
At Ewok Rabbitry, quality always comes before quantity. We sell purebred, pedigreed Holland Lops. Only sweet, well mannered bunnies bunnies are sold here. 🙂 Pets, Breeding, and Show Rabbits are available! Please see my website for more information.

Candice Carr
Interlachen, Florida
Netherland Dwarfs
Leah’s LiL Dwarf Rabbitry
I am an ARBA registered rabbitry I raise quality Netherland Dwarf’s for Show & Breeding stock. The varieties I have are Otters, Chocolates, & Blue-eyed whites.

Julie Akers
Inverness, FL
English Lops, Flemish Giants, Thriantas, Holland Lops
Hoppy Lops
I raise and show primarily English Lops. I provide lots of quality rabbits to 4-H and FF-A Students.
Most of my breeders are Granded rabbits and show at ARBA shows regularly.

Julie Conley
Inverness, Florida
Flemish Giant
In the Buff Farm
Small Family farm raising quality Flemish Giants for pets, breeding and show. Fawn, Light Gray and Steel Gray. Located in Citrus County.

Kay Ewry
Inverness, Florida
English Angora, Angora
Fiddlers Choice
We raise our rabbits to be used to dogs children and house hold noises 🙂

they make great pets and have wonderful fiber.

Rebekah Susa
Islamorada, Florida
Dwarf bunnies
A Bun in the Oven
We breed amazingly adorable dwarf bunnies. Visit www.abunintheoven.yolasite.com for more information or e-mail islandace1212@gmail.com

Janese Schenk
Jacksonville, Florida
Mini Rex
Heirloom Hares Rabbitry
“Smitten By Rabbits” We are a small Mini Rex rabbitry specializing in the beautiful castor and broken varieties. We occasionally have other varieties, such as black, white, and opal.

Bonnie Walker
Jacksonville, Florida
Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Holland Lop and Californian
Bonnie’s Bunny Barn
We have been breeding, showing and selling mini rex rabbits for three years now. My husband and I are both retired and love spending time in the rabbitry. Our mini-rex herd is from Noble Fur and we have produced many champions in a variety of colors. We expanded our herd to also include Mini Lops, Holland Lops and Californians. We now have 28 adults and 44 babies in our rabbitry! We have just started with Netherland Dwarfs and have a new liter of 3! My husband is a retired contractor and has built a barn attached to our garage; he builds all of our cages, both stationery and carrying cages for the rabbit shows we attend.

Angie Dunn
Jennings, Florida
Californian, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead, Mini Rex and Californian
Dunn Farms
We are a small Hobby Rabbitry along the Florida Georgia Line. The rabbits are housed in a Pole Barn located under Shade Trees. They have plenty of fans to keep cool in the hot month. Our rabbits have lots of attention are calm and easy to handle.

Small Rabbitry with kits available late fall through spring. These are pet rabbits and not registered. Kits sell for $35 each and a 2 page rabbit care information sheet and a gallon bag of feed is provided with each sale. Call or e-mail me in advance and I will try to meet your requests.

Nathan White
Keystone Heights, Florida
Californians, Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Polish, Havana’s, Mini Rex
White House Rabbitry
Thirty years of raising and showing our rabbits. We started with our first bunny in 1985 and each year we continue to learn more and more. We believe raising rabbits is a great joy for all ages and teaches each of us the need for responsibility and care. It always puts a smile on our face when see or hear about how goo a child is doing with a rabbit from White House Rabbitry. Whether its a small Polish or Dwarf or a bigger Californian or something in between, we try to provide the best that we can in order to promote the breed. all our bunnies come with pedigrees and information on caring for each bunnies new home. Come visit White House Rabbitry . Give us a call:
5700 CR 214 , Keystone Heights, Fl 32656
(904) 402 5442

Luz Santiago
Kissimmee, Florida
Netherland Dwarf
Luz’s Bunnies
We breed and sell Netherland Dwarf bunnies for pet/companion purposes only.

Emily Tyler
Labelle, Florida
Checkered Giant, Lop, New Zealand, Flemish Giants, Rex, American Chinchilla
E & T Rabbits
Healthy Quality rabbits of various breeds. Checkered Giant, Chinchilla, New Zealand, Lops and Giant Flemish Rabbits. Our goal is provide you with healthy and quality rabbits.

Michaela Guild
Lady Lake, Florida
Mini Rex
Twitchin’ Tails Rabbitry
Quality show/pet/brood mini rex bunnies in Florida.

Melissa Stephens
Lake Butler, Florida
Flemish Giant
Confederate Rose Rabbitry
Small family owned rabbitry breeding only quality show rabbits. We do not allow any rabbits to leave until they are 8-12 weeks to ensure they are as healthy as possible. We have fawn, sandy and light grey

Ashley Feagle
Lake City, FL
Flemish Giants
Southern Style Rabbitry
We have a wide variety of Flemish Giants. We have black, steel, light gray, sandy, fawn, white, and blue for 40 each.

Mike Grimes
Lakeland, Florida
Flemish Giants, Thriantas
Grimes Family Fluffers Rabbitry
Breeding both Grand Champion-quality Flemish Giants and Thriantas, we’re definitely rabbit lovers. I feel lucky every day to be in the company of such wonderful creatures.

Dawn Ragona
Lakeland, Florida
English Lops
Dragon Rest Rabbitry
My name is Dawn Ragona, I breed and show English Lop rabbits. I keep a small herd and strive to breed the best quality rabbits that i can. Personality is a very important part of my rabbits and I breed to instill a calm and gentle demeanor. I often have bunnies and older rabbits available so check out my website or feel free to give a call if your interested.

Miranda Rodden
Lake Wales, Florida
Mini Rex
Happy Hares Hutch
We are a new rabbitry. And are a small home business. We currently breed Mini-Rex and will soon be adding Holland Lops. Check out our FB page and like us!

Ruth Williams
Lake Wales, Florida
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Williams Wabbits
We are a family ran rabbitry. We strive for quality rather than quanity keeping less than 30 holes for both breeds all-together. We are ARBA registered (# A362). Specializing in pedigreed show/brood quality Holland lop and Netherland Dwarf rabbits. We often have quality pet rabbits available also.

Jonathan Fisher
Land O Lakes, Florida
New Zealands, Californians, Altex
Fisher Family Farm Rabbitry
Raising rabbits for meat. We breed Californian, New Zeland, and Altex mixes for nice healthy fryers at 6 weeks of age.

Elijah Penn
Land o’ lakes, Florida
Mini Rex, mini rex, silver fox, mixed breeds
Green Tooth Farm
I am member of 4H, and I currently breed mini rex most of which are pedigreed. Also silver fox rabbits all of which are pedigreed. I also have mixed breed bunnies ready for this up coming Easter!
for more info please visit our web site at: https://greentoothfarm.wixsite.com/mysite

Marc Roark
Largo, Florida
New Zealand
Florida Paleo Guys Rabbitry
Small family based rabbitry with mostly broken New Zealand’s. I have been breeding for pets at this point but do plan to start raising New Zealand Whites for meat.
All of the rabbits are handled the same, with love, care, and compassion. I feed all organic, soy free & gluten free feed along with a very healthy diet of fruit and veggies along with all they hay they want.
If you are in the market for a loving pet, feel free to contact me.
If you are in the market to start eating another awesome type of meat, contact me.

Steve Schmitt
Lee, Florida, Florida
New Zealand
We are a rabbitry servicing the north Florida and south Georgia areas. We sell New Zealand and Altex crosses for meat rabbit production.

Tammy Corbin
Live Oak, Florida
English Lops
Patch of Heaven English Lops Rabbitry
Patch of Heaven is a small family rabbitry. We breed quality English Lop rabbits and show when possible. Contact us for more information on English Lops or our bunnies.

Christine Dodd
Live Oak, Florida
Dodd’s Rascally Rabbitry
We are a small family rabbitry specializing in breeding Californian rabbits for show, 4-H or as pets. Our breeding stock have won Best of Breed and Best Opposite of Breed at ARBA sanctioned shows.

Clydell Hicks
Live Oak, Florida
Rabbitry located near I75 and I 10 North Florida. Close to Fla./Georgia Line. Out in the country. Rabbitry located under beautiful Pecan trees. I have about 140 holes for the girls and boys.
386-776 1735

Nicole Bocian
Loxahatchee, Florida
Holland Lops, Velveteen Lops, and French Lops
Viking Velveteens and Cavies
We are a small family rabbitry located in sunny southern Florida that raises Holland lops,Velveteen lops, and French lops on a smaller scale! We have show and pet quality available. From babies to adults. In a whole range of different colors!! We breed year round so we always have bunnies available. We do offer shipping as well.We also belong and show in A.R.B.A. and have been in 4-H for as long as we could now we are leaders in our own 4-H small animal club! We also raise Guinea pigs in texels and skinny pigs (which is a hairless Guinea pig) Please contact us with any questions! Check out our website at vikingvelveteensandcavies.com Hopefully we have what you are looking for!
Thank You
Nicole and Roxanne Bocian

Shelly Blackstone
Lutz, Florida
Fawn Flemish, Steele Flemish, Californian, Netherland Dwarfs
All Creatures Great & Small Farm
Purebred Fawn Flemish Giants available. Also have a Purebred Steele Flemish giant buck available as well as Californians and White Netherland Dwarfs. All rabbits are purebred and are very high quality! Raised in very humane areas.
ABRA member
call for details

Alexis Yahre
Lutz, Florida
Holland Lop
Bunnies by Alexis
Bunnies By Alexis is a Holland Lop rabbitry located in Lutz, Florida, offering both show rabbits and companion rabbits with lineage including some of the best breeders in the country. The rabbitry is intimately sized of about 15-25 rabbits, and each litter is given intense planning and forethought. Bunnies by Alexis is registered as an ARBA official rabbitry in addition to being a member of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, which recently recognized me for the Youth Sweepstakes in zone 4. What sets this rabbitry apart is the level of care given to ensure the production of animals that are healthy, well-tempered, and a strong representation of the standard.

Gary Mack
Marianna, Florida
Holland Lops, Dutch, Mini Rex, NZ/Cali cross, Dwarfs, Lionheads
Mack’s Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry.. All our rabbits are pure bred… We have a nice selection, our bunnies are friendly and healthy, we have many colors. And many breeds, At the moment we are only selling babies no adults are available.. We do have pictures of our babies on craigslist. com Thanks for looking.

Mike & Dee Blaha
Masaryktown, Florida
New Zealand Whites, California, Altex, Flemish Giants
Rabbits, Etc.
Rabbit………..the Ultimate White Meat! TM. We have over 350 breeding Does in our barns. That means about 3500 rabbit mouths to feed every day. We raise the New Zealand White rabbits because they are noted for having excellent mothering skills and large litters. They are the large, pink eyed, white bodied meat rabbit that our customers and processors prefer. We also raise a cross breed of the New Zealand White rabbits and the Altex rabbit. The Altex was originally developed by Dr. Steven Lukefahr, graduate students and associates in the Alabama A&M Universities – thus its’ name.The breed is noted for growing large, fast and having a good meat to bone ratio. The Altex was planned to be used as a terminal sire, but we have had excellent results raising females crossed with Altex and New Zealand, Californian or Giant Flemish for breeding stock. They acquire the best traits of both breeds providing us with hardy, large bodies,large litters and are excellent mothers. We have always believed that “mutts” are aquality to appreciate, just ask our farm dogs! In addition to the 350 “white” breeding Does, we also have some colored bunnies for the pet industry. We always have excellent breeding stock on hand. The very best kept records by the creator of the S.A.F.A.R.I. system, (Dee), can guarantee the quality of our stock. We sell rabbits for breeding stock, show, pets, home butchering, reptile feed, etc. You will find our prices competitive and our ability to meet your demands of quality with uncommon professionalism.

Ashleigh Carman
Melbourne, Fl, Florida
Holland Lops
Ash’s Hoppin’ Hollands
Producing pedigree purebred hollands

Shellie Ross
Merritt Island, Florida
Silver Fox, American
Celtic Oaks Farm LLC
Breeding for show and meat both

Iliana Gonzalez
Miami, Florida
Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Feathers n Fluff Breeders
We are a small family rabbitry. Our bunnies are our pets. We occasionally have Holland Lop bunnies and Mini Rex bunnies for sale. Please contact our email if you are interested in a pet bunny.

Ana Beatriz Martinez
Miami, Florida
Netherland Dwarf,Lionhead rabbit
Rocie’s Bunnyland

Ozzy Moreno
Miami, FL
Flemish Giant, Flemish Mix with New Zealand and California
The Home of Giant
Flemish Giant available in different colors gray, opal, white, blue and Flemish Mix rabbits also available. We are a member of The American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Lola Nader
Miami, Florida
Cookies Rabbitry

Victoria Shapiro
Miami, Florida
Holland Lop, holland dwarf male
vic rabbitry
Looking for a male , light color. Please contact me at 786-427-5477
Thank you,
Victoria Shapiro

Jill Wittbold
Micanopy, FL
Flemish Giants
Wittbold’s Rabbitry
Ours is a small rabbitry with 5 ft cages for each rabbit. I have had Flemish for over 50 years . They are handled daily, and are accustomed to the southern climate. By concentrating on one breed I hope to produce the best babies possible. We have Fawn, Sandy, Lt Grey and Steel. Located in North Florida, between Gainesville and Ocala.

Debra Saunders
Middleburg, Florida
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Dutch and Netherland Dwarf
Debra’s Bunny Barn
I have been breeding pet and show rabbits for over 14 yrs. I am located in Middleburg Fl. O am a stay at homr mom who spends alot of her time with the rabbits.

Terry Harrelson
Mims, Florida
New Zealand Whites
Rabbit Holler
I have some New Zealand does right now for sale,ready to breed. They are full blood, but no papers.good enother for show stock. Price @$ 35.00.I will be breeding soon for more to come,Call to see what I have or E-mail me @ rabbit.holler@yahoo.com.

Debbie Doss
Mossy Head, Florida
Lionhead Rabbits
Prideful Lions Rabbitry
Prideful Lions Rabbitry, specializes in Quality Purebred, Pedigreed Double Maned Lionheads, and Blue Eyed Whites. Kits for sale. We are members of American rabbit Breeders association, and The North American Lionhead Rabbit Club.

Amanda Gore
Myakka City, Florida
Holland Lop, Mini Rex , Lion Heads, Netherlands Dwarfs
Sixth Day Rabbitry
Pedigreed holland lops, mini Rex, lion heads and Netherlands dwarfs.

Anthony & Rebecca Henson
Myakka City, Florida
American Fuzzy Lop, Havana, Netherland Dwarf, Silver, Velveteen Lop
Hoppy Henson Rabbitry
American Fuzzy Lops – Blue, Opal. Havanas- Black, Chocolate. Netherland Dwarves- Black Otter, Blue Otter, Lilac Otter. Silvers – Black, Chocolate
Velveteen Lop – Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Opal.

Patrick Burrowes
Naples, Florida
None of the above, Rex , dwarf, dutch, many colors
Burrowes family farm inc
Many colors, healthy, weaned whole sale 50 a week, USDA

Mary Young
Naples, Florida
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex
Buck N Bunny Rabbitry
Buck N Bunny Rabbitry is a small family owned operation specializing in pedigreed Netherland Dwarf and Mini Rex rabbits. We do not ship any of our rabbits but we do accept third party pick ups as long as they are arranged ahead of time. We are open by appointment only and have a Face Book group and Website.

Kim Lewis Lewis
New Port Richey, Florida
Californian, New Zealand and Califorians, and Dwarf Rabbits-Mix breed.
At The Hop
Homestead meats,I grow them,you buy them and butcher them.My rabbits are all natural grass,and organic pellets.I sell them at $1.00 a pound.My rabbits are between 8 to 10 lbs.
Healthy and Happy Rabbits.
I also sell pet rabbits.

Pearl Dill
Neptune Beach, Florida
Netherland Dwarf, Velveteen Lops
Magnolia Manor Rabbitry
I am a youth rabbit breeder located near Jacksonville, Florida. My main focus is on the Velveteen Lop, to improve the breed and help them become more widely known. I have also just started my journey with the Netherland Dwarfs.


Mia Cotton
Ocala, Florida
Dwarf Hotot
Young rabbits for sale. $25 each or 2 for $40.

Kirsten Goslee
Ocala, FL
Flemish Giants
Moe’s Mighty Giants
Moe’s Mighty Giants is a rabbitry dedicated to show quality Flemish Giants. Contact for more information or visit our website www.moesmightygiants.weebly.com.

Sharon Lynn
Ocala, Florida
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, French Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands
Lynn’s Rabbitry
We are Jimmy Sharon and Nicole Lynn. We have been raising rabbits for over
38 years. We live in Ocala, Florida. We enjoy our rabbits very much.
Our mission is to improve the mini rex breed and produce the best we can.

Jared Niswonger
Ocala, Florida
Flemish Giant
Niswonger Farms Central Florida Rabbitry
Flemish Giants
Breed to ARBA standards

Mike Rose
Ocala, Florida
Silver Fox
The Rose Rabbitry
We breed Silver Fox Rabbits. Blues and Blacks. Pedigree and non pedigree available. Also hand built Hutches to order.
When available fully dressed (Oven ready) hand raised frozen rabbits.
Located in Ocala FL.

Grace Smith
Ocala, Florida
Black and white

Logan Workman
Ocala, FL
Mini Lops, Flemish Giants, Californians
Logiemon’s Rabbits
I breed and show rabbits for 4h. My mini lops have won awards..

Jody Bodine
Ockalwaha, Florida
Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotots, Holland Lops, New Zealands
Bodine’s Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a very small family owned rabbitry located in Ocklawaha, Florida. We take pride in raising the highest quality bunny for you. We handle all of our babies/kits from the day they are born to insure the highest quality and people friendly bunny for you and your family for years to come. We also have show bunnies and bunnies for 4-H and FFA as well for pets and meat. We are glad to answer any questions you may have on bunnies. We have several breeds of bunnies so please feel free to click on my website to check them out..

Rachel Robinson
Ocklawaha, Florida
Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, Lionhead, New Zealand, Californian, Velveteen Lops.
Ally’s Paws Rabbitry
This is our daughters 4H project. She hand raises them. All money goes back to her projects. She has won several awards, including BOB this year for her 22 pound Sandy Flemish Giant Doe. This is her passion and as her mother I am willing to help her with sales, transportation, and knowledge. These rabbits are raised in central Florida where it gets very hot. 3 years in the project so far and our rabbits do not require ice bottles until it gets over 95 degrees. She has learned how to breed, raise,love, show, cull, send to freezer camp, and cook. So proud of her.

Missie Kenney
Okeechobee, Florida
New Zealand White
Hobo Queens Farm
Currently moving and getting re-established in Okeechobee, Florida.

Beckie Avery
Old Town, Florida
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs
Beckies Bunny Barn
Located in North Florida, we are a small rabbitry specializing in Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Lionheads and Netherland Dwarfs.

Simeon Woodburn
Opalocka, Florida
Flemish Giant
Just for Fun
The rabbit only has one breed and it is male.

Mini Rex
Charity bunnies
Hand raised rabbits very friendly 7 to 8 weeks old

Cindy Moore’s
Orangepark, Florida
New Zealands, Netherland Dwarfs
Moores Rabbit Retreat
Hi, we are a husband and wife team rabbitry breeding quality meat and show rabbits. We have healthy happy rabbits that are handled daily.
moorcindy@gmail.com or moorstephen81@gmail.com
(904)554-4452 or 904-307-2323

Beth Orr
Orange Park, Florida
New Zealand, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Nesting Box Rabbitry
Small family run rabbitry. I believe in the quality, health and happiness of my rabbits, not quantity. All rabbits are in roomy cages, and handled daily.

Michelle White
Orange Park, Florida
Mini Rex (castor,otter,opal,white,brokens,blacks,torts,reds), Thriantas, Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarfs (otter,blacks,chestnuts), Californians, Holland Lops
White’s Rabbits

Nathan & Susan White
Orange Park, Florida
Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Californian
White House Rabbitry
Small family rabbitry. Enjoy helping others get started especially youth and 4H. Started out in 1986 with our daughter bringing home a rabbit from the local pet store where she traded some baby cavies for a pet rabbit. That rabbit grew into a 200 hole rabbitry with two main breeds, the Californian and the French Lop. The children have long ago grown up and we once again are starting over with our grand son. Really enjoy the Rabbit Shows and their family atmosphere. God Bless and eat more rabbit. – Nathan

Stephanie Cevelin
Orlando (Bithlo), Florida
Florida White, FL Whites and soon English Angoras
Bithlo Bunny Barn
We raise primarily Florida Whites as a meat breed which also makes a good medium sized pet. We don’t breed show rabbits as we are basically a homesteading rabbitry.
Going out E. Colonial drive towards Titusville we are on the left hand side.

Katie Lingenfelter
Orlando, Florida
Rex, Black Otter Rex
Black and Tan Rex rabbit

Dorian Mccray
Orlando, Florida
Holland Lop

Flora Hodges
Oviedo, Florida
Holland Lop, Dwarf lop
I want to buy 2 baby dwarf rabbits like 12 weeks old

Doy Joe Peaden
Pace, Florida
Californians, Cane Cutters
A&L Rabbitry
Small: 12×24 shed with hanging wire cages automatic watering and feeding system. Clean from under cages ever two weeks and add to worm beds, that is located under two big Oak Trees. Rabbit droppings and grind up Oak leaves grow some big earth worm and more red worms than anyone needs. I do put in some shreds up newspaper. I think the worms like reading the news paper. They prefer the sports pages.

Jay Mikosch
Palm Beach County, Florida
Holland Lops
Bunnies off Broadway
Bunnies off Broadway is a small, backyard rabbitry located in sunny south Florida. We raise exclusively Holland Lops in a variety of colors. Our star-studded stock is comprised of colors of Carrie Campo’s stock. We sell breeding pairs and pet-quality bunnies. Please contact us for availability.

Veronica Ryan
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Mini Rex
Veronica’s So-Flo Bunnies
Small rabbit breeder in south florida

Linda Arrington
Panama City, Florida
New Zealand, Mini Rex, Satin
Under the Grapes Rabitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Panama City Florida. We started with 1 buck and 2 does about 2 years ago and fell in love with rabbits
All our rabbits live like royalty especially our breed stock. Although we primarily raise New Zealand rabbits for meat, we ended up with a sideline of smaller pet rabbits when a friend gave us our Black Rex. We searched and found a small dwarf mini rex to keep her company. We cuddle or handle our rabbits daily from the day they are weaned and sell only the small pet kits who show that they are going to make loving pets..

Ann Roney
Panama City, Florida
English Spot, Dwarf Hotots, Velveteen Lops, Holland Lops, English Lops, English Angora, Britannia Petites
Sleepy South Holland Lops
Sleepy South Holland Lops is a Christian based, small rabbitry located just North of Panama City, Florida. We raise and show English Spots, Dwarf Hotots, Velveteen Lops, Holland Lops, English Lops, English Angora & Britannia Petites.
visit us @ www.sleepysouthhollandlops.com and Like us on Facebook!

Paige Kypfer
Paxton, Florida
Hotel Tango Farms
We are a small rabbitry focusing on breeding quality Lionhead rabbits in Northwest Florida. We have blue eyed white Lionheads and Vienna Gene carriers.

Elizabeth Ellard
Pensacola, Florida
Netherland Dwarfs, Longhaired Lionheads, New Zealand Whites
Misfits Rabbitry
I am a small hobby rabbitry in the Panhandle of Florida. I try to only breed pure, but i adopt anything that needs me. I started with a New Zealand White Doe that was abused and neglected, I had Creme DeArgent crosses with horrible burrowing mites, A Netherland Dwarf cross abandoned outside an animal sanctuary, and a pair of lionheads buried under mats of their own fur. I adopt the misfits and give them a home. The home is not always with me. I get them sold and adopted to a place where they do fit.

Tara & Rodney Keener
Pensacola, Florida
Champagne d’Argents, Silver Fox, New Zealand Whites and Reds, Californians, Altex
Cottin Pickin Rabbitry
Hello! Were Cottin Pickin Rabbitry were about 250 hole and growing Small Rabbitry located out side Pensacola Florida Home to the whitest beaches and the Flying Blue Angels . Our prime objective Rabbits as wonderful healthy food source , besides showing, So if your ever in the Panhandle of Florida Come By and Visit, we also have a Saanen and Sable dairy goat herd besides The Horse and Donkey and our ever growing rattery,, Thank You , Tara and Rod Keener
850- 380-7803

Virginia Montgomery
Pensacola, FL
English Angora, Dutch, French Lop
Southern Voice Rabbitry
4-H and FFA discounts $20 off PROOF must be given. Small hobby breeder.

Rayven Westenberg
Pensacola, Florida
Ray Rays Harlies Rabbitry
I am in FFA and this is student ran rabbitry. I ONLY have harlquins, but I am looking forward to expanding soon. I am located in pensacola FL. I WILL NOT SHIP! Even though, I do not ship we can work out the distance if you are not a long distance. If you have ANY questions, please feel free to email/ call me.

Tuesday Wilkes
Pensacola, Florida
Dwarf Hotot, Dutch
Sierra’s Rabbitry
Want a small multi-coloured rabbit with brown and gray and white I want a rabbit that won’t be any larger than 4 pounds when it’s grown and not exactly flat back four but not fully wool fur either.

Gerald King
Plant City, Florida
Mini Rex, English Lop
Rabbitsunlimited Rabbitry
We raise Mini Rex rabbits for FFA/4H show and for pets,We have a great blood line and we sell to any one ,but we will not sell our Rabbits for meat.
We are in the Tampa bay area,in the town of Plant City,Come on by and check our out rabbits for show or for pets.
We also raise Lion Heads ,American Lops ,and standard Rex.

Jerri Rowell
Plant City, Florida
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Flemish Giants, English Lops
Rowell Rabbitry
I raise, breed and show Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Flemish Giant, and English Lop Rabbits. Many of my breeding stock have won multiple “Best of show” and “Best of breed” titles. Every rabbit we produce is show-able and comes with a Pedigree. We breed many different color patterns! I would love to help you find your next rabbit. (We also breed rabbits without pedigrees for pets as well) Feel free to contact me! Text or call 863-899-6533 also our facebook page we keep updated very well is Facebook.com/rowellrabbitry and our website is RowellRabbitry.webs.com.

Megan O’Hare
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Velveteen Lop
O’Hare’s Rabbitry
Small, family owned rabbitry. Our rabbits are raised indoors with plenty of outdoor exercise. We are a 4H family and many of our rabbits go to pet homes and 4H children, so breeding for temperment is a priority for us. We do our best to breed to ARBA’s SOP as many of Rabbits are shown. We are members of ARBA, National Velveteen Lop Club and the Holland Lop Specialty Club. All Rabbits are handled daily, are very social, friendly and very used to kids, dogs and cats.
We specialize in Holland Lops, Mini Rex and Velveteen Lops. We are expecting Plush Lops to be added tonour rabbitry in late 2019.

Joe and Andrea Wheeler
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
New Zealand and Mini Rex
Wheeler’s Rabbitry
We are a small family run Rabbitry , nestled off the treasure coast of Florida. We strive to raise top quality show rabbits as well as premium quality pet rabbits. All of our rabbits come from award winning stock. All show quality rabbits come pedigreed and ear tattooed. All parents are located on premise. We currently are raising Red, white, blue and broken red New Zealand’s. Our mini Rex collection is varied in color so just call to see what our current color status is. You can find us on Facebook under Wheeler’s Rabbitry. We have pictures of our setup, breed stock and babies. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.
772-971-1974 or 954-609-8173

Kimberly Flowers
Punta Gorda, Florida
English Angoras
Flowers Rabbitry
Winner of Best in Breeds. Please find us also on Facebook at Flowers Rabbitry.

Abigail Deaton
Ridge Manor , Florida
Mini Rex
Deaton Family Rabbitry
We have blacks, broken blacks, lilac otters, chocolate otters, chocolates, reds, broken blues, blues, broken black otters, silver martins, ruby eyed whites, blue eyed whites, harlequins, broken castors and tris.

Stacie Dailey
Riverview, FL
Polish, English Lops, French Lops, Satin Angoras
13 Dailey Dreams
A family rabbitry, striving to produce great quality rabbits.

Jennifer Cureton
Saint Cloud, Florida
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites, Standard Rex
Mother Nature’s Homestead
We are a small family operation and occasionally have New Zealand White and Standard Rex rabbits for sale.

Lindsey and Riley Mills
Sarasota, Florida
Holland Lop and American Chinchillas
Pickle Patch Rabbitry
Hello! We breed and show American Chinchillas and Holland Lops. We show in ARBA in the state of Florida. We are a small 45 hole rabbitry in South Florida. Our focus is on Torts and Agouti colors. Check us out on Facebook!

Brian Fassler
Sebring, Florida
Californian, Broken Steel, Mixed
Brian’s Bunnies
A backyard rabbitry in operation since 1999. I raise rabbits for meat, mostly for personal use but sell dressed rabbits as available. Occasionally sell for pets. I take unwanted rabbits.

Josharon Kubli
Seminole, Florida
Mini Rex
Sea Life Rabbitry
Smaller rabbitry hoping to expand in the future need the funds though. We breed quality rabbits for show, pet, and herd.

Ann Roney
Southport, Florida
Holland Lops, Dutch, Lionheads & Dwarf Hotot
Sleepy South Holland Lops
Sleepy South Holland Lops is a small rabbitry located just North of Panama City, Florida. We have a Hardware and Feed store in Youngstown Florida where we sell live poultry as well as bunnies. I became intrigued with learning about raising rabbits and learned all I could from our reputable local breeders as well as read every piece of media I could find on the subject. It wasn’t long before I purchased my first rabbit, an adorable Holland Lop! We now have a good line of top quality breeding stock of Holland Lops, Dutch, Lionheads and Dwarf Hotots. We are proud members of ARBA and support our local 4-H and FFA programs. We enjoy teaching families about the importance of proper rabbit care, their different purposes, the many benefits as well as the simple enjoyment and companionship that bunnies can provide. Our mission is to teach our younger generation and teens about the importance of Farming, Gardening and Agriculture as well as encourage a sustainable lifestyle… the lifestyle my husband and I were taught growing up. We sell top quality rabbits and possibly will expand our breeds in the future. Give us a call and see what we currently have available!

Julia Gordie
Jacksonville/St Augustine/Green Cove, Florida
English Angoras, Satin Angoras, Jersey Woolies, and Holland lops
Constellation Bunnies Rabbitry
Constellation Bunnies Rabbitry is in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine/Green Cove Springs area. We raise show quality English and Satin Angoras, Holland Lops, and Jerseys Woolies. We are here to meet your needs whether it be ARBA/FFA/4-H show quality, fiber artist homes, or pets. We often have sr. rabbits available for fiber artists. We are very involved in 4-H and ARBA shows. We would love to place an animal in your home.

Robert & Ginger Petzel
St Augustine, Florida
Beveren, Champagne D’Argent, Flemish Giant, Lionhead, Mini Rex, Silver Fox
Two Pines Farm
We offer pedigreed Blue Beveren, pedigreed Champagne D’Argent, pedigreed Flemish Giant in fawn and light gray, pedigreed Lionhead in assorted colors, pedigreed Mini Rex in assorted colors including brokens, and pedigreed Silver Fox in black, blue, lilac, and chocolate.

Joe & Missy Donato
St. Cloud, Florida
Silver Fox, American (Blue & White), Golden Palomino and Magpie Harlequin
Big D’s Rabbitry
Small Family run rabbitry in Central Florida specializing in Rare Heritage Breeds such as Silver Fox, Americans and Golden Palominos. We also offer small livestock transport, rabbit therapy sessions and we also do speaking demonstrations.We specialize in High Quality Show Rabbits, most of our brood does are Grand Champions and come from some of the top lines in the country. We stress quality over quantity and have a smaller rabbitry for this reason. We try to put our hands on all of our rabbits everyday which makes them all big playful teddy bears. We also offer livestock transport and have many many references and satisfied customers. We feel that Youth is the foundation of our hobby and always offer large discounts to youths who need transport or are looking to add one of our Heritage Breeds to their rabbitry. For those not interested in Heritage Breeds we do have an extensive list of breeders across the country so feel free to drop us a line we may be able to help you with your hunt.

Luis Quinones
ST CLOUD, Florida
NZ white, NZ reds, NZ blacks, Altex, White Beveren, Cinnamon, Standard rex, Standard Satins 6 colors, Cream and Champagne d Argent, Palomino, Blanc de Hotot, American Chinchilla and Silver Fox Blue, Black and Chocolate
Oak Tree Rabbitry
FFA menber

Lee Bourne
Saint Johns, Florida
New Zealand Whites, New Zealand Red
Bourne’s Backyard Bunnies
Small Rabbitry featuring quality stock with special attention paid to cleanliness and good health. All rabbits are pure bred but currently not pedigreed. In process of creating records to gain pedigrees in future. Developing herd to be show quality and to supply 4-H clubs.

Terry Morgan
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Florida White, New Zealand White, Californian rabbits
Pure breed Rabbitry
My Rabbits Are All Pure Breed From Different Generations Fed Good Feed with out Corn Very healthy rabbits.

Rebecca Medeiros
Steinhatchee, Florida
Californians, American Blues
River Rabbitry
We offer pedigreed American Blues, Californians, and the occasional cross.

Molly Hibbett
Stuart, Florida
New Zealand, Altex, Californian, Californain/NewZealand mix
BackYard Beach Bunnies
We are a family rabbitry here Stuart Fla. We have several breeds of rabbits Altex, New Zealand Mix, & Californian. We will be adding more breeds later.

Lynda Taylor
Summerfield, Florida
Netherland Dwarfs, Britannia Petite
Taylormade Rabbitry
We maintain a 50 hole rabbitry raising and showing Netherland Dwarfs and have recently acquired Brittania Petite show and brood stock. We are Members of ARBA, ANDRC and BPRCA. We only raise and sell pedigreed stock and offer discounts to 4-H and FFA members. Taylormade Rabbitry is registered with ARBA.

John Bailey
Tallahassee, Florida
New Zealand, Pedigree New Zealand Whites
Hasenpfeffer’s Rabbitry
ARBA registered rabbitry and breeder.
We are a small rabbitry specializing in Pedigree juvenile and proven breeders.
We do not sell rabbits for the pet trade, our animals are considered livestock.
We do not sell rabbit meat either.
Products when available.
8 weeks old juveniles.
2 months – 6 months breeders.
6 months plus proven breeders.

Laurie Davis
Tallahassee, Florida
Silver Fox
Foggy Bottom Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry located in northwestern Tallahassee. I received my first pair of rabbits in 1970 for my seventh birthday and had rabbits ever since. I have raised small pet rabbits for a number of years and bought my first trio of Silver Foxes in the summer of 2009. I enjoyed the big rabbits I had when I was a kid and thought the Silver Foxes seemed beautiful and sweet-natured. I was right.
I named my rabbitry after my grandfather’s cattle ranch, because I had many ffond memories there when I was growing up. My grandfather fostered my interest in animal husbandry.
Although my herd is small, it is made up of rabbits from some of the finest rabbitries in the country, such as Moore’s, Cute Buns, Funck’s, Stonecrest’s, Lone Bullet’s, Harris’s and Hillside’s.
I hope to be able to go to some shows in the near future. I sell rabbits for show or meat production. I breed from September through June to avoid the extreme heat. I will have some ready in late December and again in the middle of February.
I am a member of ARBA, Number DAVILA01.

Elizabeth Heijkoop
Tallahassee, Florida
Dwarf Hotot, The Cutest Dwarf Hotots for shows or pets
AppleBlossom Rabbitry
Christian based rabbitry specializing in the Dwarf Hotot breed. We are located in Tallahassee, Florida.

Renee Miller
Tallahassee, Florida
English Lop, BEW Holland Lops, Velveteen Lop, Meat Rabbits
Hoppy Feet
We are just outside of Tallahassee in Crawfordville Florida. We look forward to sharing our love of rabbits with you.

Rob Reiding
Tallahassee, Florida
Flemish Giant, New Zealand White, Holland Lop
Rob’s Rabbits
I breed Flemish Giant, New Zealand White, and Holland Lop rabbits as a hobby in the Tallahassee, Florida area. Breeding takes place in the cooler months of the Florida climate, October through June.
All of my rabbits are being fed natural foods and pellet food.
If you have any questions or if you are looking for a new rabbit email me at reiding@comcast.net (preferred) or call 850 893-6682. If no answer please leave a message with a call back number.
850 893 6683

Raquel English
Tampa, Florida
Jersey Wooly
I am looking for a jersey whooly, to have as a inside house pet. I am married with no children. I am home most days, love a docile, calm rabbit that enjoys cuddling and playfulness. Not too hyper though.

Chrishell Gengler
Tampa, Florida
Thrianta, Mini Satins
Gengler Family Ranch
New rabbitry in Hillsborough County offering quality rabbits for show or pet homes! We will have our first set of Thrianta kits by the end of March 2016! We are very excited!

Jessica Mailliez
Tampa, Florida
Holland Lop
Sun Soaked Holland Lops
Located just south of Tampa Florida, we produce great tricolor, broken tort, broken orange, tort and BEW for show, brood and occasionally pet.

Debra Mitchell
Tampa, Florida
English Angoras
Spinning Hare Rabbitry
Small family owned rabbitry that specializes in finding good homes for my small herd of beautiful soft fiber rabbits. I do everything I can to improve the breed and temperament of my rabbits by handling them everyday and learning as much as I can about them. These rabbits are ideal for the fiber enthusiast or pet owner but also for show. Feel free to call with any questions.

Linda Starr
Trenton, Florida
New Zealand and Angora
Starr Rabbits
I have 80 breeding New Zealand White Does. I also have Angora rabbits.

Thomas Angell
Umatilla, Florida
New Zealands
Angells Rabbitry
Small backyard rabbitry. Just getting started again after several years away. Formaly raised French Lops and English Angoras. Children got married and moved away so I stopped showing. Only raised meat and pet rabbits. Never lost my love for the shows so now I’m retired and want to resume my love of raising show rabbits.

Brian Burrows
USA, Florida
Continental Giant
Continental Giant US
Myself and a small group of dedicated US breeders have been working to advance BRC quality (rung) Continental Giants in the US. All of my lines are out of BRC champions and represent the best available to import. I am also a BRC and ARBA member and I am actively pursuing their approval to be a recognized breed by ARBA. Would you be able to add our website as a link to help promote the breed? It is full of great conti specific articles and community.
Many Thanks,
Brian Burrows

Kathie Deakin
Venice, Florida
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Kate’s Bunny Haven
Baby bunnies available now. Adorable New Zealand White just like the Cadbury Easter Bunny. 6 weeks old and ready for their forever homes. They make great house pets. Can be litter trained. No shots or tags required. Sweet and loving to have their heads rubbed. There are only 9 available ( 3 males, 6 females). $15 each. Located in Venice, FL. Call 941-894-7960

Ron Trapp
Vernon, Florida
Silver Fox, New Zealand Red
Rabbit Trax
We are a small family owned rabbitry (ARBA # D3791) that specializes in quality purebred pedigree Silver Fox Rabbits in the Black, Blue and Chocolate Varieties as well as purebred pedigree New Zealand Red rabbits with the deep mahogany color. We use the online “Global Pedigree Project” so all our pedigree rabbits heritage and low COI inbred percentages can be authenticated and verified. We can sell you unrelated breeding pairs or individual bucks and doe’s. Our indoor pens are clean and our rabbits are handled on a regular basis. We also raise non pedigree New Zealand whites, blacks and mixes for meat and sale.
We are located just 30 miles north of Panama City Beach and south of Bonifay, Florida.

Drew Baierl
Vero Beach, Florida
Lionheads, Holland Lop
Roaring Pride Lionheads
I am a youth breeder specializing in the Lionhead and Holland Lop breeds. Mainly Tortoise and Ruby-eyed White. I show in 4-H and ARBA shows in Florida.

Michelle Storts
Wauchula, Florida
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
Cottontail Hollow Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry, I raise quality holland lops in broken, shaded, and self colors. And raise quality mini rex in Otter, Self, Broken, and Chinchilla.

Sean Bennett
Webster, Florida
Rex, Mini rex
Countryboy Rabbits
We are located in Webster florida.

Mark Kisenwether
Webster, FL
Flemish Giants, Californian/New Zealand/Flemish Cross, and Harlequin
Kw Critters Rabbitry
We are a family run rabbitry in Sumter County, FL. Our focus is on raising the highest quality Flemish Giants. All our rabbits are lovingly handled daily making this already calm and gentle breed very people friendly. Show winning pedigree Flemish Giants and non-pedigree; Californian/New Zealand/ Flemish Cross and Harlequin.

Jamie Beaver-Streetman
Weirsdale, Florida
Mini Rexs, Lion Heads & Angoras
Carrot Patch Rabbitry
Carrot Patch Rabbtry is a small family owned rabbitry that is located in Weirsdale,Fla. All of our little bunnies are Purbreed, Raised around children and other pets.Our Goal here is to keep or Prices cheap and our costumers and bunnies as happy as possible! All 4H and FFA members(with proof for memebership) get a discount!! I post rabbit facts and information about rabbits, How to care for them as well as answer any question you may have via Facebook,Phone/Text or Messanger my Facebook page is Facebook.com/carrotpatch.rabbitry. Prices = Angoras $20.00, Lion Heads $15.00 and Mini Rexs $10.00.

Jeff Bogle
West Palm Beach, FL
Flemish Giants, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Aletex, NZW & Californians
Bogle’s Bunny Farm
Litters available throughout the year. Our rabbits are raised in a climate controlled environment fed with the best quality feed. Meat rabbits sold, Butchering rabbits provided upon request for a small fee. Cage’s are available with a watering system set up. Prices vary on size.
561-719-2451 0r 561-644-4193

Carrie and Joye
West Palm Beach, Florida
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Californian
Ripley’s Rabbitry
We are large rabbit breeding facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. Specializing on Flemish Giants, Californian and New Zealand bunnies. You might have to get on the waiting list 😉 but we can get you any color of Flemish 😉

Pam Kulp
Williston, Florida
Flemish Giants
Twisted Oaks Flemish Giants
Quality Flemish, big beautiful, friendly rabbits. Colors : Fawn, Light Gray, Sandy, Steel & White

Amanda Donatello
Zephyrhills, FL
Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Lionhead
The Bun Bun Hutch
We are a small rabbitry that is breeding for quailty. We breed only pedigreed stock. Mini Rex lines include Noble Fur, Ez Deaz, Cresthills, KD’s, RRs, and Jimwoods. Holland lines include Styles, Camelot, Tall Oaks, etc. My lionheads are bred by Parrish Rabbitry, they are pedigreed. Tort only.

Marco Kinsman
Zephyrhills, Florida
Mini Rex
Mjk’s Bunny Barn
We are a small but quality rabbitry. We are a family runnned rabbitry.

Pauli Franklin
Zephyrhills, Florida
Flemish Giants
CrazyRanch Giantry
We are proud members fo ARBA & NFFGRB.

William and Angelica Pippin
Zolfo Springs, Florida
New Zealan (whites) – Californians (imported from northcentral us)- Mini Rex (all colors) – Lionheads – English Lops – Dwarf Hotot – Havana – Champaigne D’ Argent – Flemish Giant – Dutch – American Chinchilla – Altex New Zealand (cross)
Orange Blossom Special Rabbitry
Orange Blossom Special Rabbitry is in central Florida in a town of Zolfo Springs. We strive to breed hardy and solid show quality New Zealand’s and Californians. Whether it be for show , pet, or meat. We have the rabbit you are looking for. We also have cute and correct Mini Rex, Dutch, Lion head, and English Lops. Our goal is to produce stock that is healthy, structurally correct and of good behavior and temperament. We also have a good selection of Champaigne d’Argent whether you are looking for meat for the table, or a show rabbit for the show table, we have what you are looking for. We have blood lines from the central eastern coast of the US that are sought after often. Please feel free to call or email (wapippininc@yahoo.com) or (apadron72@yahoo.com) cell #863-328-0022

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