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French Lop Rabbit Breed Info

French Lop Rabbit BreedRecognized colors: Many.  Shown in broken and solid pattern classifications.

Size: Minimum of 11 pounds for bucks and 11.5 pounds for does

National Specialty Club:

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French Lop Rabbit Information and History

If you’d like to get “more bunny for your money,” there’s not much better choice than the French Lop.  If this breed can be described in one word, it’s “cuddly.”  This is the only lop-eared beed that is placed in the “giant” size category, and Frenchies are gentle giants indeed.  Although French Lops are not widely bred due to the space and feed they require, a number of people keep “just one” as a cuddle bunny.

The Frenchie resembles an oversized Mini Lop.  At a minimum of eleven pounds, it is occasionally mistaken for a small dog at first glance.  Unlike some other giant breeds, the French Lop has commercial body type rather than semi-arch.  Although perhaps slow to grow out, the French Lop yields a good amount of meat and can even be shown in market pen classes.

French Lop bodies should be shaped more or less like New Zealands, and should feel like boulders.  They are prone to becoming a little flabby and developing a “skirt” – that is, a roll of skin and fur around the lower hindquarter.  The coat is a long and glossy rollback, which means that the fur slowly and gently returns to its original position when stroked against the grain.  The head is set moderately high on the shoulders and is broad and bold.  Ears are topped with a fluffy crown.  Maximum ear length is not desired on this lop breed like it is on the English.   Ear carriage and shape are important.  Ears should be horseshoe shaped and fall open without folding or rolling.  The French Lop Color Guide allows many colors, but this breed is shown in only two classifications: solid pattern and broken pattern.

Today the French Lop shares a national specialty club with the English Lop, and that’s fitting enough, since they were brought to this country along with the English Lop in the early stages of the American rabbit fancy.   The breed was first developed in France, as the name suggests.   The first record of it being shown is in 1850, by a breeder named Condenier.  The French Lop is probably the result of selectively breeding English Lops to a large French breed called the Butterfly.  It is not one of the most popular breeds, but also is not in danger of extinction at this time.

French Lop Rabbit Care

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French Lop Rabbit Resources

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