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Brandon McRae
Adel, Georgia
New Zealands, Lion heads
Big B’s Bunnies
Father and son operation we are cross breeding and Lion He ad and New Zealand to produce rabbits for meat and pets. My 12yr old loves the fact that it is his business. He takes really good care of them feeding pellets and wild grasses. We plan to make all of our rabbits an albino new zealand lionhead mix, email us for photos.

Roger Bonds
Alpharetta, Georgia
New Zealand, Pedigreed New Zealand Red, White, Blue, Black and Broken
SpringHill Rabbits
As a young farmer with a degree in Agriculture from the University of Georgia, I wanted to further develop our line of pedigreed, all-natural rabbits at our family’s SpringHill Farm in North Georgia. Conducting careful research on leading edge micro-farming, we were fortunate to expand our breeding bloodlines to give specific attention to superior genetics. Our emphasis is on a clean and modern environment with proper nutrition to produce an exceptional, healthy and non-stressed rabbit.
We offer only Pedigreed New Zealands, and have them in each of the five genetic color varieties. You can learn to mix and match your colors for exciting breeding results here.
New Zealand rabbits have a proven record for efficient breeding, meat that is leaner than chicken, exceptional fur, award winning show stock and gentle pets. For decades, they’ve been known for efficient weight gain, rapidly reproducing, easy to raise, docile and extremely healthy.
We have the breeding adult or baby you want today, or you can pre-purchase your young rabbits from our next litter. We ship nationwide.
Email, text or call me 24/7.
Thank you.
Chris Bonds or (770)827-2179

Jo Roy
Aragon, Georgia
Lilac, Californian, Angora
Silver Bell Rabbitry
Small rabbitry focusing on quality, show stock. Californians and Lilacs for show, breeding, pets or meat. Angoras for fiber or pets. Hoping to add Creme D’Argents by this fall. All youngsters are handled daily, or raised under foot, show/breeders come with pedigree.

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Jodi Adams
Acworth, Georgia
Holland Lops
Peachy Buns Rabbitry
We are a family/youth run rabbitry where quality outweighs quantity. Our Holland Lops are treated like family and it is not uncommon to be greeted by one of our buns at the door. We raise show quality Holland Lops and our lines come out of Lile’s Lops, Fisher Farm’s, Smith’s, and Hamilton’s.

Dejay Robinson
Adel, Georgia
Holland Lop, Holland Lop – Netherland Dwarf – Lion Lop – Lion Head
Adel Robin’s Rabbitry
This is a small family hobby. We really love and enjoy our rabbits.
We have
Pedigree Holland Lops
Pedigree Netherland Dwarf
Lion Head
Lion Lops

Tasha Mullins
Alma, Georgia
English Lop
Magnolia Bell Farms
We are a small Rabbitry located in southeast Georgia. We raise English Lops as our specialty. I have been raising rabbits since I was 13 years old but my husband and I have been raising Elops since 2007. Please feel free to check out our Facebook page at Magnolia Bell Farms or send us an email at

Amber Roppe
Alma, Georgia
English Lops
Spring to Life
While most rabbitry specialize in quality types we are specializing in the rarer colors. For now we are working withthe vienna gene to produce the beautiful blue eyed white english lops. In the future we hope to work with chocolates, lilacs, reds, and the tri colors. Here at Spring to Life we strive to produce the best quality in these colors.

Camillia Williams
Alma, Georgia
White New Zealands and Flemish Giant/New Zealand Cross
C&R Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Southeast Georgia. We raise our animals with love and all are given attention and handled daily. We mainly have White New Zealands but also have Flemish Giant/New Zealand cross rabbits.

Sanders Thornburgh
Americus, Georgia
American Chinchillas, New Zealand White
True Harmony Rabbitry
American Chinchillas and New Zealand Whites mostly – with a few New Zealand Reds and also mixed crosses. Rabbits raised in large Hutches. Fed a diet of pellets and a variety of naturally grown wild-crafted greens. Rabbits get lots of individual attention. Email me at for prices and additional details.

Amanda Farmer
Athens, Georgia
Hutto, Lion head, Florida White Rabbits, American
Farmer Rabbitry
We have dwarf Hutto blue eyes , Florida White- pink eyes, Dwarf Lion Heads, and American. They are health , and socialize as kits. We have some ready for sale March 1st, 2018. We will send pictures with a link. All cute and loveable. Cnamandy1@gmail

Ashley Jones
Atlanta, Georgia
Holland Lops, Velveteen Lops
SomeBunnies Rabbitry
We raise awesome show and pet quality Holland Lop and Velveteen Lop rabbits. Constantly have babies available, email if interested.

Rachael Poole
Atlanta, Georgia
Netherland Dwarf, Lop
Brown furry and stinky

Emily Smith
Atlanta, Georgia
Wild Mix
Little Thumpers
Little Thumpers was a huge surprise to us. We had Johnny (our male) and June (our female) dumped on us. Soon we found ourselves loving them like our own children. Johnny and June just had their first little ones. We were blessed with nine precious kits. We love Johnny and June so much, we went out and bought two more little rabbits to breed. They have plenty of room to run around outside in a huge dog pen and are fed twice a day with fresh well water everyday as well. Our little thumpers are $10 each. They need loving, social families to belong to.

Jason Wilson
Atlanta, Georgia
Flemish Giant, Belgian Hares, BEW Beverens
Small Urban Rabbitry located in Atlant specializing in Flemish Giants Blue, Fawn, Light Grey, Sandy. Also raise Belgian Hares and BEW Beverens. Quality rabbits at resonable prices.

Sherry Amerson-White
Augusta, Georgia
Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Harlequin, Lionhead
Blackberry Creek Mini Farm Rabbitry
GA Dept. of Agriculture Licensed Pet Breeder/Sales Lic 36104417 Various breeds of rabbits; Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Harlequin, Lion Head. All are pet rabbits/show/breeders. We offer with and without pedigrees. Handled daily. The latest pictures and litters are on or
(706) 833-5535

Wendy Sousa
Augusta, GA
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Lionheads
Seven Dwarfs Rabbitry
I started Seven Dwarfs Rabbitry, (Registry # X458), in 2004. I am a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Assoc., The American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club and the Southern Dwarf Fancier’s Club.
****We have recently partnered with Alan Ream of Ardenada Acres Rabbitry and Kay Pittman of Full Moon Rabbitry to provide you with the best varieties of Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops in the Southeast…if you do not see anything available on this site please contact Kay at: or Alan at:

Sophia Vanduinhoven
Augusta, Georgia
Mini Rex and Velveteen Lops
Fur City
We breed show quality purebred pedigreed Mini Rexes and Velveteen Lops.

Kay Rezzelle
Augusta, Georgia
Holland Lop
Whispering Wilds Rabbitry
Located in a quiet wooded area, we specialize in beautiful Holland Lops in a temperature controlled environment.

Sara Cater
Augusta, Georgia
Blanc de Hotot, Rex, Holland lop
Lotus gem Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry working on producing quality rabbits. We raise and show our rabbits.

Brian Pope
Banks County, Georgia
Holland Lop, Holland Lop/New Zealand Cross, New Zealand White, American Chinchilla and others.
Pope Rabbitry (Veteran Owned) is the centerpiece of our larger operation here at Pope Farms. At Pope Rabbitry, we specialize in raising and breeding Holland Lop/New Zealand cross breeds.
We reside in Homer, Georgia located in Banks County, in the heart of NE Georgia. We operate an 11-acre farm that houses animals such as: goats, pigs, turkeys, donkeys, rabbits and chickens.
Our rabbits receive continuous hands-on care from birth until adopted by their new family. Our rabbits each live in individual hutches until a doe has given birth. Once our kits (baby rabbits) reach the age of 10-days, the mother and her kits are moved to a much larger maternity hutch that gives them all room to grow and develop properly until they reach the adoption age of 8-weeks.

Elizabeth Wynn
Baxley , Georgia
Holland Lop, Pedigreed holland lops, english lops, netherland dwarves, dutch, and working on Velveteen lops
Beth’s Bunny Barn Rabbitry
I work with chocolate dutch. These are more of personal pets. Super friendly and loving.
I working on getting english lops going. These will be working on going towards shows and into my velveteen program.
Working on vm/Vc/Bew holland lops as well as show quality and non vm/vc/bew carriers.
Netherland dwarves. Have 2 sets if trios. One are vm/vc the others are to work towards show tables.

Lesley Deyton
Fayetteville, Georgia
Flemish Giant, German Angora, Flemish Giant/German Angora hybrids
RAD’s Rabbits
We are a small family rabbitry raising high quality pet Flemish Giants and German Angora Rabbits. Our main focus is sweet and beautiful pets for the whole family. Our bunnies are loved and cuddled daily and are kept indoors as pets. They are also litter box trained. We are small so we can provide care for each precious bunny.

Heather Maynor
Barnesville, Georgia
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs
High Cotton Rabbitry
High Cotton Rabbitry is located in Barnesville Ga, just an hour and a half south of Atlanta. At High Cotton Rabbitry we breed Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. We are currently are a 30 hole Rabbitry, with no plans of expanding. I believe in quality not quantity. All my baby bunnies leave happy and healthy. I have many colors available.
Holland Lop colors: Black Tort, Sable Point, BEW, Orange VC, Black, Broken Sable Point. Netherland Dwarf Colors: Siamese Sable, Chocolate, Black, Chestnut VM, BEW, Smoke Pearl.
If you’re looking for that special new bunny please look no further. I have your next family member right here! Please check us out on Facebook at High Cotton Rabbitry.

Dana Bredeson
Bethlehem, Georgia
Netherland Dwarfs, Lionhead, and Holland Lop
Dana’s Delightful Bunnies
Currently raising pet quality Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, and Holland Lops. I breed for temperament and disposition. I will be working on establishing my own pedigrees.

Dawna Bryson
Blairsville , Georgia
Holland Lop, New Zealand, Californian
Blairsville Bunny Ranch
We are a small hobby breeder located in Blairsville GA. We take pride in raising healthy well loved rabbits that are handled daily.

Greg Payne
Bonaire, Georgia
New zealand (White and Reds), Silver Fox and Netherland Dwarfs
My Brothers Bunny Barn
I started this rabbitry as a hobby and meat production, In October I lost my mother and now I,m the caretaker for my 43 year old disabled brother so I,m trying to supplement our income. We raise New Zealand (white and reds) SilverFox and Netherland Dwarfs some are pedigreed . We raise quality rabbits and are a ARBA member.

April McCollum
Brooklet, Georgia
New Zealand, Flemish Giant, California, New Zealand Whites, French Lop
Little Live Oaks Rabbitry
We have several different breeds of rabbits here at Little Live Oaks, and we are working on getting more. If we do not have what you are looking for, don’t worry, we will help you find it.

Patrick Cromer
BuenaVista, Georgia
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Everblades Rabbitry
We are a small 20 hole ARBA registered rabbitry focused on Showable Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarfs. We have Otter and black colored Mini Rex. We also have shaded Netherlands. Our herd is fully pedigreed and we strive to better each breed.
Fine us on facebook for more information and send a message if your interested in a rabbit or 2.

John Lian
Buena Vista, Georgia
Giant Chinchilla, New Zealand and Californian
JR Farms and Rabbitry
We raise New Zealand in white and Red, Giant Chinchillas and Californians. We are located in Buena Vista, GA. We feed all our rabbits and mixture of ADM pellets and fresh vegetables.

Jason Wyatt
Calhoun, Georgia
New Zealand White
Circle W Ranch
Breeding purebred NZW’s for optimal meat production.

Tony Guyton
Cartersville, Georgia
New Zealand Whites, Californian
Green Valley Farm
We are a processor looking for meat rabbits of any breed must be a meat rabbit type only no show bunnies NZW,CALIF,COLOR.

Tina Underwood
Cartersville, Georgia
English Angora, Mini Rex, English Angora mixed with Lionhead
Hop to it
At Hop to it, we raise and care for all of our bunnies like loved members of our family. When the kits are born they receive the same amount of love and attention so they are well adjusted, hoppy 🙂 and comfortable around people so they will be ready for their new family.
I take the time out to learn each of the kits unique personalities so when the time comes they can be placed into homes that are perfect for them and will be perfect for you!
I take great pride and time in the care, grooming, excercise, cleanliness and overall well being of every doe, buck and kit that is in my care and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
*Hop to it will not sell any bunny for meat.

Aleeah Stone
Cedartown, Georgia
Mini Rex, Velveteen lops, Dutch, and Tri-colored Rabbits
Willow Wood Rabbitry
Willow Wood Rabbitry is a division of Willow Wood Organic Farm. We strive to breed show quality Mini Rex rabbits. We have broken and solid kits available. Email us at for more information on available kits and photos.

Trey Butler
Chatsworth, Georgia
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Rex, Lionhead
Butler Rabbitry
we will help you find the rabbit you want at butler rabbitry
706 934 7202

M. DeLoach
Chickamauga, GA
American Chinchilla, Creme D’argent, Silver Fox
The Dancing Farmer
The Dancing Farmer is a small rabbitry in North Georgia raising rare breed rabbits.

Belinda Sullards
Clarkesville, Georgia
Holland Lops
Sara’s Rabbitry
We have 2 bucks and 1 doe for sale. They are proven breeders. They come with pedigree papers. They come from a champion, show bloodline. They are well socialized.
Buck: sable point born2/28/14
Doe: broken black tort born 11/17/14
Buck: Broken black born 11/17/14
$60.00 each

Melanie Rosdahl
Cleveland, Georgia
Mini Rex
The Bunny Farm
We are a family owned local breeder and bunny farm located in Cleveland, GA. Our bunnies are well taken care of, loved, and handled daily to ensure the best possible pet quality until they find their forever homes. We specialize in Mini Rex, Otter Mini Rex, and have some Mini Rex Mix. We are also a bunny rescue site!

Roger Rosdahl
Cleveland, Georgia
Dwarf Hotot, Mini Rex, Mini Rex Otter
The Bunny Farm
We are a family owned local breeder and bunny rescue located in Cleveland, GA. Our bunnies are well taken care of, loved, and handled daily to ensure the best possible pet quality until they find their forever homes. We specialize in Dwarf Hotot and Mini Rex

Blake Miller
Comer, Georgia
Silver Fox, Flemish Giant, Mini Lop
Miller’s Heritage Farm
We are a small rabbitry located in Comer, Ga about 20 minutes east of Athens. We primarily breed Silver Fox rabbits, but also have Mini Lops and Flemish Giants. Each of our rabbits and handled daily and are fed a very nutritious diet. We do this for our love of rabbits and to protect and endangered heritage breed. Visit our website to check us out.

Hannah Westwood
Comer, Georgia
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, English Lops
Honey Bunnies Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry that focus’s on providing the best quality nutrition and housing for our rabbits, and we strive to send our rabbits to the best homes. We have some pedigreed rabbits and some non-pedigreed. We are ARBA registered. All rabbits are of show quality and some have championship show lines. All of our rabbits are extremely healthy and friendly and babies get handled daily. Each baby bunny will come with a specialized starter kit that is customized to fit the personality of your baby bunny(they also come with food in order to transition them).
We are located 30 minutes outside of Athens, ga on highway 172.
Please TEXT the number before calling as can’t answer a phone call for the majority of the day a text will be responded to quickly.
We don’t have a website available yet, but we will soon and will be accessible on our social medias when available
Instagram: @honeybunnies.rabbitry
Facebook: @ Honey Bunnies Rabbitry

Lincoln Nunnally
Conyers, Georgia
RexRox Rabbitry
Rex is the King of Rabbits. I love improving this breed and making this plush animal available as pets for individuals around Georgia.

Let me know if you have any questions. I love matching you with a bunny to adopt

Yves Pierrepoint
Conyers, Georgia
New Zealand, New Zealand Red
we are a small family owned rabbitry located in conyers ga,we have show bloodlines from california,north carolina,south ga we breed from 2 bucks that are of the highest quality with registered arba ear#’s,all our does are above average size; 404-384-6311 yves call any time

Jamie Tonkin
Cusseta, Georgia
Flemish Giant , New Zealand, Rex
Indigo Oak Farms
We are a small farm / rabbitry that is just starting out. We have mostly Flemish Giant and New Zealand Whites to start, but we are looking into expanding to Rex / Mini Rex. For a detailed listing of what we have available, please visit our Facebook , as we update it regularly to list what rabbits we have that are ready to be sold. You can find our Facebook page by searching for Indigo Oak Farms. There you can find our phone number and address, and speak directly with us. Thank you for looking, and we look forward to serving you!

Marian Cummings
Dahlonega, Georgia
Satin Angora, French Angora, Giant Angora
Graceful Valley Rabbitry
I have two Satin French mix Jr.s available. Both are white. One female and one male. Female is REW. Male is BEW. Price is $100.

Teresa Nethery
Dahlonega, Georgia
Ourplace Rabbitry
Located in the mountains of Dahlonega Ga, we breed Lionhead rabbits. We have two females and one male. Our bunnies are pets and we are raising babies to be pets.

Dallas, Georgia
Holland Lop
We are a small family run Rabbitry.. All of our bunnies are spoiled rotten and love to be held.. They are held from the day they are born.. We have blue torts, broken blue torts, black torts, and broken black torts.. We are just getting started in Blues… Please visit our website for a list of our available bunnies..
(770) 864-8116

Lindsey Gossett
Dallas, Georgia
Jersey Wooly
Wooly Wonders Rabbitry
I raise Jersey Woolies in Georgia for show. Started with great lines including Caudill and Phunny Pharm, email me if you are interested in a rabbit or have any questions.

Tom Leroy
Dallas, Georgia
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Waterplant Rabbitry
Waterplant rabbitry raises high quality, pure bred New Zealand White rabbits from pedigreed stock, selected for large litters, fast weight gain and heat tolerance.

Renee Wigley
Dallas, Georgia
Silver Fox
4K’s Homestead Rabbitry
“It all started with one rabbit”. We are a small farm trying to become self-sustaining. We raise rabbits for all aspects; meat, fur and show. We are working toward breeding quality rabbits that meet the standards for their breed. Silver Fox colors black, blue, chocolate, lilac and white. Check out our website for show winnings and pictures of all our breeders and available kits. Maybe you will say too, “It all started with one rabbit”.

Cole Shelton
Dalton, Georgia
Mini Lop, New Zealand, Checkered Giant, Flemish Giant, Lionhead, French Angora,
Shelton Rabbitry
We are a small rabbity located in Dalton, Georgia breeding a variety of quality rabbits. Our rabbits are handled daily by children, and are well taken care of. They are at a reasonable price, just call or text anytime. I will promptly respond and will provide any pictures or information needed. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Lisa Taylor
Dalton, Georgia
Taylor Hobby Farms Rabbitry
We are a small hobby farm in Dalton, Georgia. We raise several rare breeds of chickens, Dutch Rabbits, Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Great Pyrenees. Visit us on Facebook or at

Amy Schlabach
Dawson, Georgia
Holland Lop
Amy’s rabbits
Hi,this is Amy. Dad and I raise quality Holland Lops, currently I have 4, six week old babies they are $20 each (1doe 3 bucks ) . Colors are 2 black 1 steel 1 smoke pearl.
They are adorable and very friendly, l can Email pictures to you.

Tim Herron
Dawsonville, Georgia
New Zealand Red and New Zealand White
Herron Farms
A small Rabbitry with 14 holes, Automated water and feeders, one of the only New Zealand Red breeders in Georgia and the Southeast. All are pure line’s with no mutts or mixed breeds. We strive to be self sustaining and also sell bulk Earthworms, African Nightcrawlers, European Nightcrawlers, Canadian Nightcrawlers, Redworms and meal worms. Cage free Eggs. Pure Honey.

Paula Spicer
Our Little House of Learning Rabbitry
Hello, my children and I raise and sell Lionhead rabbits for pets. We are located in Dawsonville, GA, 45 mintues north of Atlanta. We are a homeschool family and this is a great learning experience for my children. Our purpose for raising rabbits is mainly for learning and also to keep our three adults fed and kept up. I have 2 females and one male. One female is white with blue eyes, another female is chocolate with black tipped ears and feet, the male is white and brown/black spots. My blue eyed female usually has blue eyed babies, 4 in a litter. My brown rabbit has 7 in her litter, this is her first. Feel free to email me, I can send pictures.

Joshua Young
Douglasville, Georgia
Holland Lop
Holland lop rabbitry
These are baby holland lops that were just born about 6 weeks ago. There are 7 in total, 2 black, 2 black and white, 2 brown and white, and 1 gray. They were born to a black and white, female holland lop and to a brown and white, male holland lop. They still have pointy ears that have not fallen yet, they are energetic, they run around during the night time and nibble and eat small portions of rabbit food.

Tanekia Smith
Douglasville, Georgia
Holland Lop
Xavier’s Holland Lop Rabbitry
Small rabbitry of holland lops. Mom is black/white and dad is white/reddish-brown. Both mom and dad are healthy and weigh between 3 to 4 lbs.

Wesley Helmer
Dry Branch, Georgia
Holland lops, Mini Lops, Lionheads, English Lops and some other breeds
D-branch Rabbitry
D-branch Rabbitry is located in Dry branch,GA.We love our rabbits we hope you do too.We love each and every breed we raise!Contact us anytime.

Fabian Mann
Eastman, Georgia
New Zealand
Mann Pride Rabbitry
At Mann Pride Rabbitry, the rabbits are well-cared for, make great pets ,and are excellent for their meat. At adult age, the rabbits reach 10-13 pounds. Up to 20 rabbits will be available every month. The rabbits are sold at only 10 dollars. If interested or have any questions please contact me.

Crystal Hughez
Eastman, Georgia
Holland Lop
Kucoo’s Hoppy Top Ranch
We strive to breed and raise quality Holland Lops. We work with a wide variety of colors and have recently begun working with White Ear Hollands as well.

David Cleveland
Elberton, Georgia
Cleveland’s Californian Rabbitry
Breeder of full blooded Californian Rabbits, Have two different blood lines and take great effort to not in interbreed.

Mia White
Ellabell, Georgia
Holland Lop
Midnight Blossom
Midnight Blossom is a small family run rabbitry specializing in Holland Lop Rabbits for PETS or show. We’re located in Bryan County Georgia, just down the road from Savannah Georgia. Holland Lops are small, compact breeds. They’re potty trainable (you’ll be surprised to know they’re a lot easier to train than dogs or cats!) and are easily the friendliest of the lop breed. The Perfect pets for a loving home!

Eli Newton
Ellijay , Georgia
Dwarf Hotot, Dwarf, Long Eared
Any kind of little bunny

Leslie Barber
Ellijay, Georgia
Holland Lop, Lionhead
Cartecay Farm
We are a small family farm located in the beautiful rolling hills of north Georgia. We specialize in purebred Lionhead and Holland Lop bunnies. Our bunnies are loved and pampered here at Cartecay Farm.

Raela Meadows
Evans, Georgia
Holland Lop
Rae’s Holland Lops!
Raising sweet and calm holland Lops as pet and show quality! Variety of colors and personalities. All bunnies are priced at $50 and come with a pedigree and transition food! All bunnies are cared for and handled when they step out of the nest box! Deposits to keep a rabbit on hold are $15

Crista Royal
Evans, Georgia
Satin Angora
Royal Angora Rabbitry
We are the Royal Angora Rabbitry located in Evans, GA. Our Satin Angora rabbits are indoor house rabbits who are litter box trained, very friendly, and have high quality fiber. I originally got them for their fiber and then fell in love with their personalities. We sell both the fiber and are taking names for people who would like kittens! Kanina will be kindling in the Spring and we’d like to have homes lined up for each baby bunny before they arrive!
Bunbury is my black Satin Angora buck. He is 14 months old and finished molting out of his soft charcoal gray baby fur (black tipped white under coat) into his amazingly shiny long black adult coat. He and his fiance Kanina are indoor house rabbits who love watching TV, playing with cardboard tubes, rearranging their (and my) houses, and going for walks. Kanina is my red Satin Angora doe. I can’t take any credit for her name since my sister named her — it’s Icelandic for “rabbit”. She’s planning a whole series of multi-lingual bunny names for future kittens. Yes, oddly enough baby rabbits are called “kittens” who grow up into “bucks” and “does”. Kanina is 7 months old and just molting out of her soft copper colored baby fur (red tipped white under coat) into her amazingly shiny long coppery red bronzed adult coat. Her fur fibers have a slight wave giving it a lovely texture and extra loft. Kanina can be a bit of a prima donna compared to the more laid-back Bunbury. She has very high standards of cleanliness and if I don’t clean the liter box as soon as she uses it she’ll try to clean it out herself- all over my floor! (I have added high sides to hers.) She’s also constantly grooming her fur and will even stop in the middle of playing, walking or watching TV to wash.
I hand pluck their fur. It is not carded into rovings but loose plucked to allow your creativity free reign. Their fur is very clean (they wash it constantly), not matted (I groom it daily), and un-washed as that causes it to felt. Most hand spinners wash the yarn after it has been spun so that it “blooms” giving it that characteristic Angora softness with a Satin Angora sheen. The staple length varies, since this is baby fur, from ~1-3 inches in length. Satin Angora can be blended with other fibers in as little as 5%, but most spinners seem to prefer 10-20% for extra softness and shine. Personally, I will go as high as 25-35% but then my bunnies are always making more fur!
Kanina will be kindling now that she has finished molting so please contact me if you would like to be added to the baby bunny waiting list! We eagerly anticipate new kittens this Spring!

Leah Barton
Fayetteville, Georgia
New Zealand, Dwarf Hotot, Mini Rex, Lops, New Zealand, French Angora
Emily Ann’s Rabbitry
My name is Leah. My daughter and I love bunnies so we started a little business of breeding rabbits. If I don’t have what you want available I can sure do my best to find what you want. We aim to please our customers. Give us a call. You will be happy doing business with us.

Lesley Deyton
Fayetteville, Georgia
Flemish Giants and German Angoras
Rad’s Rabbits
We specialize in high quality pet bunnies. They are cuddled daily and litter box trained.

Jerry Calhoun
Forest Park, GA
New Zealands, Mixed Breeds
Fastbreak Rabbitry
Small backyard around 30 to 40 rabbits at any time. Will always buy rabbits $5.00 each. Must be in good health.

Nicole Stuart
Fort Valley, Georgia
Holland Lop
Tiny Treasures Rabbitry
Small one person rabbitry concentrating on quality rather than quantity. Holland Lops suitable for show/brood/pet.
7day health guarantee.
ARBA registered

Lance Adams
Gilmer, Georgia
New Zealands
Oak Valley Rabbitry
Raising quality show Reds. We raise for quality, not quantity.

Lori McAllister
Griffin , Georgia
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Lionhead, English Angora
Ravenwoods Bunnys
We are a small rabbitry that takes pride in our babies.Each and every baby is handled since day one and socialized. I rasie pet quailty babies and starting on raising pedigreed ones as well..

Carmen Marie
Grovetown, Georgia
Holland Lop
Strawberry Fields Rabbitry
Located near Augusta, GA we breed quality pedigreed Holland Lops. We take great pride in the care and raising of our rabbits. We have a small breeding program and our goals are centered on the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association standards of perfection. This means we are always trying to improve our herd. If you are interested in adopting a bunny please see our Available Rabbits tab on our website or check us out on Facebook.

Luke Phillips
Guyton, Georgia
Netherland Dwarf
Joyful Acres Farm
I provide show-quality rabbits that are very friendly, breedable, and reasonably priced.
(912) 659-1373

Nola Lewis
Hamilton, Georgia
Rex, Rex Mix
Lazy L Family Farm
Small breeder of Rex type rabbits. Will deliver to the Columbus and LaGrange Georgia area.

Colleen Rowe
Hamilton, Georgia
Californian and New Zealand Black
Jerico Farms
Show quality and meat rabbits.

Quincy Jones
Hampton, Georgia
Mini Lop
Show quality Mini Lop savailable. Black, 1 year old, handled daily. Great for 4-H, FFA, Show, Very sweet bun and make excellent indoor or outdoor pets. $20.00 includes hay, cage and food
Text or email for more info

Charley Owenby
Hiawassee , Georgia
Mini Rex
Owenby Farms
We are located in Hiawassee, GA. We sell Pedigreed and partial and non Pedigreed Mini Rex’s. We have a Facebook page and are on mewe under Owenby Farms.

Sabrina Alexander
Hogansville, Georgia
Silver Fox
Futhark Farm Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in west Georgia focusing on the Silver Fox heritage breed.

Angelina Hillier
Hogansville, Georgia
French Angora, English Angora, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops, Mini Rex
OAK Tree Farms (Oh Angelina Knits Farms)
Pedigreed French Angoras!
Currently have blue sable does, blue sable (seal) does, blue pearl buck, Black pearl does.
English Angoras available.
Netherland Dwarfs available in the following : Black and Vienna marked babies.
Mini Rex pedigreed kits !
Blessings ! Located in Hogansville 30230. phone is 706.637.1019

Michael Morgan
Jeffersonville, Georgia
Cinnamon, Californians, New Zealands
Durham Mill Technologies- Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in the middle Georgia area. We have started raising quality Cinnamons. Durham Mill Technologies also raises poultry and worms.

Keith Newberry
Kathleen, Georgia
New Zealand White’s, New Zealand Red’s, New Zealand Brokens Red’s, Californian’s, Black & Chocolate Silver Fox
Newberry ‘s Rabbit Barn
Welcome to The Newberry Rabbit Barn locate in Kathleen, Ga. Where we put The Lord first in our back yard Rabbitry. The Newberry Rabbity Barn started October 10,2011. Our motto is (WHERE THE NAME IS SERVICE). Our Rabbirty is located in our back yard so we can spends hours and hours with our Rabbits. We try our best to make sure our buck’s & doe’s are up to weight & healthy before we breed them. We do not interbreed our rabbits, that’s just not right. At this time we have three breed of rabbits. We raise our rabbits for pets and food. We put our heart in producing some of the darkest NZ Reds bunnies, not like the light color if Reds you see in ads.
Our Rabbitry started with New Zealand White’s, then we invest in the New Zealand Red’s. Not long after that the Broken Red’s came to Kathleen, Ga. Couple months past a long and the Californian’s came. Finally we inveted in our finally breed the Silver Fox Rabbits (Black & Chocolate).
We can be reach by calling,texting, (478)957-5946. Are emailing the Newberry’s Rabbit Barn at
Thanks you for visting our ad.

Gerda Sablowski
Kennesaw , Georgia
New Zealand, NZW , San Juan, Angora , Netherland Dwarf
Blueberry Rabbitry
Welcome, we are newbie ‘s in the world of rabbit breeders! Our rabbitry has 2 NZW does and 1 buck, we still looking for the perfect breeder pair of Netherland Dwarfs. We also have a great Angora doe and a beautiful San Juan buck. Our NZW should be ready to breed for the first time this fall:)

Larry Kneeshaw
Kingsland, Georgia
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Kneeshaw’s Rabbitry
We are small Rabbitry concentrating on high quality show rabbits, pets, and meat rabbits. All show rabbits come with a pedigree. Feel free to call anytime for information. We are located a mile of I-95 on the border of Florida.

Carsyn Cone
LaGrange, Georgia
Piney Hollow Farm
We have Rex rabbits for sale. We just had a litter of kits this past Thursday. Please contact for availability.

Willene Clark
Lake Park, Georgia
Holland Lop, Lion Head, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Flemish Giant and French Lop
J7 W Rabbit Farm
Bunnies ready now for 4-Hers or ARBA Shows LionHead, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Will be ready in June 2014, Flemish Giant Bunnies/ in Sandy Agouti and Chinchilla ready July 25th 229-251-0490 ask for Willene

Jessica Binkley
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
The Bunny Patch
We are a small family owned and operated rabbitry. We breed Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs for show quality pedigreed rabbits and pets.

Jim Thorpe
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Double mane lionhead
Jjmsfarm & Rabbitry
Our little rabbitry is located in Lawrenceville GA we only breed double main lionhead Rabbits. The reason we have chosen this breed is not only how cute they are but how friendly, smart and sweet they are. We often have kits for sale please let us know if you have any questions. Contact us at

Kevin Harbosky
Leesburg, Georgia
Giant Chinchilla, American Sables, Silver Fox, Holland Lop, American Fuzzies
Thundering Oaks Rabbitry
Thundering Oaks is a 60+ hole rabbitry located about 20 miles north of Albany, GA and 15 miles south of Americus, GA.
We specialize in:
~ Holland Lops
~ American Fuzzy Lops
~ American Sables
~ Giant Chinchillas
~ Silver Fox
Rabbits may be viewed by appointment between the hours of 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Please contact us for an appointment by messaging here on FaceBook or emailing us at
Our available rabbits are listed here and on our website. Our website will contain additional information regarding dams and sires. Visit us at

Valerie McGreevy
Lexington , Georgia
New Zealand, domestic giant, rex
Dragonfeather Farm
My does are New Zealand and my buck is a domestic giant/Rex cross. They produce offspring with mellow dispositions and beautiful pelts. They are a good dual-purpose mix that make excellent pets, but are exceptional meat rabbits as well.

Tiffany Holmes
Loganville, Georgia
Holland Lop, Lionhead, Lionlop
Isla’s Rabbitry
Isla’s Rabbitry was a project started with my granddaughter and her friends to learn to raise and care for pet rabbits. We currently have 14 rabbits. It’s been a lot of fun and now we are downsizing.
We are currently selling 2 pure bred lionhead does (colors are black and grey) a purebred holland lop buck (brown and blue) and 7 lionlop’s that will be ready for their new home after Oct 26th. Colors are Lavender, white, white and blue, blue, grey, sable, brown. Handled daily.

Marty Nix
Lookout Mountain, Georgia
Giant Chinchilla
Hole in the Head Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry specializing in the rare breed Giant Chinchilla. They are raised on Orchard Grass hay, home grown organic greens and supplemented with pellets. I am an ARBA and Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association member.

April Brock
Lula, Georgia
Holland Lop
Brock’s Grove River Rabbitry
Here at BGR we are currently only raising Holland lop. All of our rabbits are fully pedigreed. Some of our lines include Camelot, Saynora, Brock’s fallen ears, Gromleys, and Son Rose. We strive to better the breed and to raise show quality Hollands. Our varieties include Tortoise, Broken Tortoise, Black (chocolate carriers), Black otter, Chocolate, Chocolate otter, Harliquen, Orange, Fawn, Sable Point, Siamese Sable, and Blue Eyed White.
Add us on Facebook!

Jose Pou
Mableton, Georgia
Flemish Giant
Gias Rabbits
We have 6 sandy and fawn Flemish giant rabbits. 3 of them are males, the other 3 are females. We also have 2 grey Flemish giants 1 is male the other is a female.

Ashley Law
Macon, Georgia
Holland Lops, Netherlands, Lionheads, and Commercial
Smoky Woods Rabbitry
We are 25 hole ARBA registered rabbitry located in Central Georgia, specifically Macon. We just started breeding in May and will be concetrating on providing pet, brood, and show quality buns to our area and Georgia. We are going to be attending shows starting in the fall and bringing our buns as well. Please see our website or facebook to see what we currently have available. We do not post pictures up of our new litters until they are fully weaned and you must ask us directly for pictures of our Hollands and Netherlands since there are some from our litters that we keep for our breeding program or don’t want to sell until they are shown.
Thank You!

Maddie Whitten
Macon, Georgia
Mini Lop, Dawf lop
Female pet baby

MACON, Georgia
New Zealand & Registered Rex Rabbits
L & A Rabbits
Big body fast growing New Zealands, We also have Rex rabbits for 4H students. All of our rabbits are raised off the ground with premium feed, and hay.

Ashley C.
Marietta, Georgia
Mini Lop
Georgia Peach Rabbitry
We strive to produce local and nationally competitive Mini Lops. You can find the occasional pet quality available. Please check with us frequently for updates. Thank you!

Abbye Wallace
Marietta, Georgia
Holland Lop, Lionhead, Mini Rex
Bunny Bouquet
We are a small family rabbitry in Greater Metro Atlanta area. We started a rabbitry in response to how difficult it was to find a friend to our Holland Lop. We have expanded to Lionheads, Mini Rex, and occasional hybrids. We raise beauties inside our home with frequent love and affection. We also offer information and educational materials for people just interested in having rabbits as indoor pets! Please text any questions you may have about us.

Franette Curry
Maysville, GA
Flemish Giants, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, American Sables
Rambling Rose Rabbitry
Two barns of rabbits, two caretakers. Fran and Tracey. Fran has Flemish Giants and Mini Rex. Tracey has American Sables, Mini Rex, Netherlands, and Mini Lop. We are out in the rolling hills of north Ga.. It’s a gentle life and all bunnies are handled and loved. Come see us.

Gena Choulat
McDonough, Georgia
Flemish Giant/American Chinchilla mix
Middle Creek acres
We do a Flemish mix due to meat bone ratio.
These are huge rabbits, we raise them for meat rather than the commercial breeds because they are very very hardy, excellent producers ( giant litters) and perfect mothers. These babies have not been handled but are pretty easy to make into pets as they are very docile in general. Available for pickup by appointment or can meet on some days.
25 each or 4 for 80.00. Please message me if interested. Thanks.
Current litter available born in Feb. (Two different litters)
Currently we have 2 gray males Flemish/Chin mix
1 light gray Male with floppy ears Flemish/chin/floppy mix
1 female Flemish mix

William McKenzie
Menlo, Georgia
Flemish Giant, Flemish Giants and Silver Fox
Will’s Rabbits
Will’s Rabbits. Flemish Giants and Silver Fox are my pure breeds. I also have mixed breeds of several different breeds. All of them are so cute! I am located in Menlo,Ga. On top of Lookout Mtn, if you’re interested in buying a few.

Phillip Smith
Milledgeville, Georgia
Florida White, All white breeds, some mix colors for pet stores
Smith and Son Farm Co.

Ann Gray
Milner, Georgia
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Hotot
Gray’s Tiny Bunnies
I raise purebred pedigreed Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf and Hotot rabbits. Along with all the usual colors I also have Blue Eyed White Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf. I am located in Milner, Ga. 40 miles south of Atlanta, Ga. Ann Gray 770 468 3330.
770 468 3330

Chase Todd
Milner, Georgia
New Zealand Whites and Red
Etheridge Mill Rabbitry
We breed pure bred New Zealand White, and Red rabbits for meat and show. We sale young rabbits and breeding pairs.

Shereen Crowley
Milner, Georgia
Flemish Giant, Flemish New Zealand Crosses
Crowley Rabbitry
We are a small farm rabbitry, Most rabbits grow on the ground so they can access the clover and grass we grow for them and the bees (with boxes or quarters to get in out of the weather) and they are moved everyday so they have fresh pickings. We do not breed in the summer (from May to August) to keep from stressing our breeder moms. You can see our rabbits on facebook if you go to Crowley Farm (no s’s)

Robbyn Baker
Molena , Georgia
Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarfs
Funny Farm and Rabbitry
We breed pedigreed Holland lops and Netherland dwarfs for show. We offer show, brood, and pet quality rabbits for sale.

Donna Ashby
Moultrie, Georgia
Netherland Dwarfs, Thriantas, Mini and Holland Lops, Flemish Giants, New Zealands and Altex
BFF Rabbitry “Bunny Friends Forever”
BFF Rabbitry “Bunny Friends Forever” ARBA Registered Rabbitry * We specialize in Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf,Thrianta, Flemish Giant, New Zealand, and AlTex rabbits. We have all of your rabbit breed needs covered from the small family pet, the tiny 2 pound Netherland Dwarf, the small Holland Lops, the medium Mini Lops and Thrianta, to the large “gentle giants” the Flemish. We also have your meat variety covered as well with the New Zealand and the amazing new breed of AlTex. If we do not have the breed that you are looking for our fellow 4-Her’s probally do so we can find it for you. We hope you “like” our page and hope to see you soon at BFF rabbitry. Bunny Friends Forever

Isabella Yeomans
Nashville, Georgia
Holland Lop
All lops come with pedigree and have show ancestors! Fair pricing. (Cheaper than others)

Tim Adams
Murrayville, Georgia
New Zealand, Californan
Wahoo Rabbitry
Small one man farm with one pair nzw and one pair californan rabbits. Can sell for pets, can FDA prossess for pet food, can sell trio to start your own meat pen. Would like to find a zoo in need of rabbits for food for other anamals.

Hannah Weeks
Newborn, Georgia
Hannah’s HopHops Rabbitry
Our breeding program focuses on creating the friendliest Lionheads in existence! With the Lionhead breed being so new, I felt that it was a breed that should become popular and known throughout the U.S.! The difference between our Rabbitry and others is the amount of attention given to each rabbit and each litter. By thoroughly socializing our rabbits and letting them grow up inside our home, we help to create bunnies that are completely comfortable and happy being around you! We keep our rabbit numbers very small, which also allows for our rabbits to have more space and more one-on-one contact with humans. Our babies start litter training and are some of the loveliest Lionheads you will ever meet!

Camryn Garrard
Newnan, Georgia
Flemish Giant, Lionhead, Mini Rex, mixed breeds of all sorts!
Amelia’s Rabbitry Rescue
Hi y’all!!
Amelia’s rabbitry rescue
Is simply just that a small rescue!
I do not breed.
And I do not sell these rabbits for meat
these are pet only rabbits.
I have many full-blooded rabbits such as Flemish Giants and Lionheads
I also have many mixed breeds.
I never know what rabbits I’ll be rescuing next so if you’re looking for something specific please contact me I just may have it!
I believe that all of these rabbits deserve love and care and that includes the right cage setup the right diet and the right amount of exercise and socialization!
Please contact me if you are interested in adopting! Or have a rabbit in need! Thank you!

Cytheria Jones
Newnan, Georgia
Mini Rex, English Angoras, Lionheads, Hotot’s, Netherlands Dwarfs, Himalayans, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Flemish Giants, Jersey Wooleys
Georgia’s Best Rabbitry and Exotics
A very good mix of breeds, as well as, a great mix of pet all the way up to show quality rabbits. Our bunnies are pet and played with regularly and fed hay, pellets, as well as, fruits and veggies often. Our babies are handled since birth and we will not sell them under 8 weeks of age. We do not sell rabbits for meat. Prices for bunnies range from $20-$200 depending on breed and quality.

CD Walters
Northeast, Georgia
English Lop
Dandelion Hollow
We are a small, home-based rabbitry in Northeast Georgia that is dedicated to raising sweet & adorable pedigree English Lops. This is a hobby and our goal is to raise happy, healthy animals with excellent type & lovable natures.

April W
Northwestern, Georgia
New Zealands
OlivYew Rabbitry
OlivYew Farm has a small rabbitry in which we raise both solid and broken red New Zealand rabbits. Our pedigreed rabbits are selected for conformation to the breed standard. The rabbits are housed in spacious hutches and fed a quality pellet diet supplemented with a variety of fresh foods.

Logan Henning
Pike County, Georgia
New Zealand, Californians, San Juans, Angoras, Mini Velveteen Rex, Netherland Dwarfs
Backwoods Beginnings
I have just started my own little rabbitry of about 50. ALL OF MY RABBITS ARE MAINLY GRASS FED, WITH SOME PELLETS FOR ADDED PROTEIN. I have mainly meat rabbits and also some specialty breeds. The meat rabbits including- San Juan’s, Californian’s, and New Zealand’s. They are all in an array of colors, Reds, Blacks, Whites, and Broken patterns. These can be used for meat purposes and or pets. I don’t have just meat rabbits. I also have Netherland Dwarf’s, Angora’s, Loin-head’s, and Mini Velveteen Rex’s
If you would like to purchase a bunny please email me at Let me know what you are looking for and I can assist you!

Sierra Cofield
Pine Mountain, Georgia
Mini Rex, Flemish Giant, MiniLops, Holland Lops, Lionheads
Cofield Farms Rabbitry
Cofield Farms is a family owned rabbitry located in Pine Mountain Georgia. We mainly raise Flemish Giants, Mini Rex and Holland lops, but we do occasionally have other breeds available. Most of our rabbits are pedigreed and will be sold as either pet or brood quality. We handle our rabbits daily, and do all we can to ensure they Will adjust well to their new homes. All rabbits will be at least 8-12 weeks or older before leaving our farm and come with a transitional bag of feed. We love to help educate and help anyone who is interested in getting started with rabbits! Please follow our Facebook page for the most recent updates on what we have available-

Sierra Cofield
Pine Mountain , Georgia
Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, Mini Lops, and Lionheads
Cofield Farms Rabbitry
We raise pedigreed and non pedigreed Flemish Giants, Mini Rex, and Mini Lops! We also have lionheads and a few small breed rabbits as well! We love our rabbits and treat them like a member of our family! Our babies are handled from birth until they go to their new home, so they make amazing pets ! If you are interested in purchasing a rabbit from us or have any questions please reach out !

Tabitha Dotson
Port Wentworth , Georgia
New Zealand, Red New Zealand, Holland Lop
Hopping Dots Rabbitry
We are a small family-owned Rabbitry. We have Red New Zealand and Holland Lops.

Abigail and Amber Evans
Ringgold, Georgia
Mini Lop (Show Quality)
Lops of Glitter Rabbitry
Small closed Rabbitry located in Ringgold,GA. We raise quality mini lops for show. We do upon occasion have pet and brood quality available. Proud ARBA member.

Jessica Hendrix
Rockmart, Georgia
Mini Lops, Mini Plush Lops
HF Farm
HF Farm is a small farm located in Northwest GA raising Mini Plush Lops and Mini Lops. We raise our rabbits simply for the love of rabbits and all our mommas and babies live in our house with us for daily interaction (and early litter box training!). All of our rabbits are well cared for, socialized, well adjusted and raised with 3 younger kids.

ROME, Georgia

Hanlen Thomas
Rossville, Georgia
Mini Rex, New Zealand White
Bailey’s Bunnies Rabbitry
I started my rabbit business when I was 13 years old and have been working hard at it for almost three years now and have paid for every bit of it. Trust me, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong! I have learned my lesson on many things….Weepy eye,Scabies,Winter,Dead kits,Birth problems, leaving food bucket open when it rains,buying rabbits from unreliable breeders,competition, junky cages,rabbits unwilling to breed and owing money ect. I have gone through the ups and downs of a rabbit business like you wouldn’t believe! But I never would let myself quit and never will. I was born a business women and an animal lover. I just thought a rabbit business would be easy….. yeah right! But it has made me feel proud of something and has given me something to call my own. But I would be nowhere without my Momma’s help and support. Bailey is my middle name, my dad thought of Bailey’s Bunnies, so here it is now my rabbit business Bailey’s Bunnies. I have full blooded stock only. I have Mini Rex and New Zealand white. I am hoping to expand and get more of a variety . So who knows, when you call you may find that I have more than Mini Rex and New Zealand whites! So give me a call and come pick out a bunny! 423-309-0703

William Ramsey
Rydal, Georgia
Silver Fox
Daystar farm Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry specializing in Silver fox blacks for meat and show. Our goal is to have a self sustaining rabbitry that will provide the highest quality in meat and also produce the best possible show rabbits.

Bryan Ladd
Savannah, Georgia
Californian Red, White, and Broken, New Zealand, Flemish Giant
B&T Rabbitry
We currently have 7 week old 14 flemish giant, 1/4 broken white new zealand rabbits,1/2 californian mixture. They are growing quickly with a good form and personality 1 black some white and a couple black spotted which the combination makes them make them great for meat production or as pets.

Katie DUrgin
Rome, Georgia
English Spot
Lava’s Rabbitry
We raise and show quality English Spots.

Tiffany Hammontree
Rossville , Georgia
Holland Lop, Lionheads
Rossville Rabbitry
I have 1 female and 1 male available they were born March 3rd 2019. They will be 5 weeks old Monday. I also have some pregnant holland lops so reserve those today. Lionheads are 35 n holland lops are 45

Daniel Tompkins
Royston, Georgia
New Zealand, NZ Reds & Whites, Holland Lops, Velveteen Lops, Mini Rex
Briar Patch Rabbitry
Briar Patch Rabbitry is nestled in the foothills of the Smokie Mountains. It is a scenic drive easily accessible from the I-85 corridor. We are located 90 miles north of Atlanta and 65 miles south of Greenville, SC. Briar Patch Rabbitry is a state licensed pet dealer. Annual inspections insure our customers that our operation is sanitary and organized. We primarily grow NZ Whites for meat. Our NZ White breeders are culled hard for optimum structure, size and feed conversion. We can provide customers with breeding records for all of our litters. We’ve added three more popular purebreds to our rabbitry. We now offer NZ Reds, Holland lops and Velveteen lops. Our beautiful chestnut NZ Reds are robust and very gentle. The Hollands and Velveteen lops are pedigree quality with a variety of broken and solid color options. We continue to raise colorful mixed rabbits for fun. Locals love them for pets.
Come and see what a rabbitry should look like. We can advise you concerning cages, feeding, breeding and kindling. We build the all wire hutch and can equip you with drinkers (both automatic and bottle), feeders and nesting boxes. Let Briar Patch Rabbitry help you successfully overcome the learning curve so that you can enjoy raising your new rabbit(s).

Mia White
Savannah, Georgia
Holland Lop
Midnight Blossom
Midnight Blossom is a small family run rabbitry specializing in Holland Lop Rabbits for PETS or show. We’re located in Bryan County Georgia, just down the road from Savannah Georgia. Holland Lops are small, compact breeds. They’re potty trainable (you’ll be surprised to know they’re a lot easier to train than dogs or cats!) and are easily the friendliest of the lop breed. The Perfect pets for a loving home!

Heather Maynor
Shiloh, Georgia
Holland Lop
High Cotton Rabbitry
Breeding, show quality and pet quality Holland Lops.
The main color I have is black tort, with an occasional broke black tort & broken blue tort. I’ve also gotten sable points as well. High Cotton Rabbitry is small with around 10 rabbits total. They’re all handled daily, and I believe quality over quantity.

Kate Leach
Statham, Georgia
Holland Lop
Little Paws Farm
Small family hobby farm. Nice pedigreed show stock available.

Steve Gragnaniello
Stone Mountain Ga., Georgia
Mini Rex, Mini Holland Lop Eared
Stone Mountain Bunny Farm
Mini Rex and Mini Holland Lop bunnies all colors both breeds are small and max wieght 3-4 pounds great pets

Leanna Myrick
Stone Mountain , Georgia
Rex, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarf, Rex/ English lop mix, Mini rex/ Jersey Wooly mix
Atlanta Boutique Rabbits
Local Stone Mountain Breeder. Hobby Farm Rabbitry located in Stone Mountain Ga. Started in 2020.
Specializing in socializing and hand raised bunnies. We take great pride in making sure that our bunnies are comfortable with kids, dogs and being loved on.

Kim Cantrell
Summerville, Georgia
Mini Rex, New Zealand Red
Silent Hill Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Summerville ga. We raise New Zealand reds and mini rex.

Amorette Halley
Suwanee, Georgia
Beveren, American Chinchilla
Suwanee Creek Family Farm
Suwanee Creek Family Farm is a small rabbitry in NE Georgia that takes great delight in our rare and pedigreed heritage rabbits. We raise BEW Beverens and American Chinchillas. Our rabbits are raised in clean generous sized cages in an enclosed barn and are accustom to eating Southern States pellets and organic garden greens and vegetables from an early age. Rabbits are closely managed and monitored. We raise rabbits for three purposes: meat, show, and cold manure for our gardens.

DJ Galimi
Talking Rock, Georgia
New Zealand, American; Champagne D’ Argent; New Zealand; Silver Fox
Mountain Rabbits
Pedigreed Medium-Sized Meat Rabbits: American; Champagne D’Argent; New Zealand; Silver Fox. Dressed Rabbit Meat available at times.
Wire Cages: 24×24; 24×30; 24×42; 30×36; 36×36; Custom Orders Welcome
Rabbit Nest Boxes: 1/4″ mesh floor; wood sides; open top
Wood Framed Cage Stands to hang wire cages from
Coming Soon: rough cut lumber; veggies; fruits; nuts and herbs

Jenny Stockbridge
Talking Rock, Georgia
Silver Fox, Non-pedigreed Silver Fox Rabbits
Central Rabbitry
Small family meat rabbitry ALL for sale: two proven bucks and two proven does, all less than 2 years-old.

Gloria Waddell
Thomaston, Georgia
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Lionheads, Dutch, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealand, English Lops
Waddell’s Wabbits
I am a small family run rabbitry that focuses on high quality and very friendly bunnies. I currently breed Holland lops, mini rex, lionheads, dutch, Netherland dwarfs, new Zealand, and English lpps.

Marianne Horchler & JingLei Horchler
Thomasville, Georgia (30 miles north of Tallahassee, FL)
Holland Lops
BUNNYLOPS is a small Rabbitry in south Georgia specializing in HOLLAND LOPS. We are a mother/daughter team and raise Holland Lops for pets and show. Bunnylops is located close to the Florida border, 30 miles north of Tallahassee, and less than 2 hours from Alabama. Members of Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club (HLRSC). We think Holland Lops are the cutest and make an ideal pet rabbit! Consider us if you want a friendly quality pet rabbit or a show bunny.

Amy Bart
Toccoa, Georgia
American blue and American White Rabbits
River Trail Rabbits
Dedicated to raising American Rabbits!

TOCCOA, Georgia
706-244-3981 or 706-491-0324

Destiny Prince
Townsend , Georgia
English Angora, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Holland Lop
Hoppy Trails Rabbitry
Variety of breeds, buns/babies handled daily for great socialization, etc.

Laura Powell
Valdosta , Georgia
Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotots, Dwarf Papillons, Jersey Woolies
Little Rabbits Farm
Im a small rabbitry, so I’m able to handle my rabbits daily, and also from birth on. I make sure that they are humanized by the time that they will go to their forever homes. I like to breed a breed that’s hard to find, or a sot after kind of rabbit. I breed only pedigree rabbits, and I assure that they are in good health and condition before they leave my rabbitry. I accept a non-fundible deposit on the rabbits. Then I adjust the price accordingly. I try to keep my prices as affordable, but at the same time not to neglect the quality in my rabbits.

Sosa Choppa
Villa Rica, Georgia
French Lop
Big ears small body

Jacob Chandler
Vovington, Georgia
American Chinchilla
Chandler’s Chinchilla Rabbitry
My daughter and I offer Healthy American Chinchilla Rabbits for a reasonable price. We enjoy raising them and meeting the variety of people that are involved with rabbits. We keep 2 bucks and around 6 does for breeding and harvest or sell their offspring. I also build nice Rabbit pens with automatic water system and heat lamps built in. These make for easy care of your rabbits.

Greg Waller
Waleska, Georgia
Florida Whites
Roaring Rabbits Ranch
A small family rabbitry focused on raising only high quality Florida White rabbits.

Amber Hall
Walnut Grove, Georgia
Lionheads and Holland Lops
Hall Of Bunnies Rabbitry
Hall of Bunnies is a family owned rabbitry located in Walnut Grove, Georgia. We currently raise Lionheads and Holland Lops. Our bunnies are handled daily and spoiled rotten.

Mike Buttimer
Warner Robins, Georgia
New Zealand
Fudd Bunnies Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry where I breed non-pedigreed New Zealand Whites and will be adding another breed soon.

Kaitlyn Stone
Warrenton, Georgia
Dutch, English Spots, Silver Fox, New Zealand, Standard Rex, Flemish Giants, and mixes
Kaitlyn’s Bunnies and Guinea Pigs
I raise the following breeds and colors of the breeds.
? Dutch (pedigreed)
I am breeding for Lilac and Harlequin Dutch. Both of which I currently have.
? English spots (pedigreed)
I am currently breeding for lilac and gold.
? Silver fox
? Standard rex
Broken opal
Broken black
? New Zealand
Broken Red
?Flemish Giants (pedigreed)
I should have purebred ones soon.
? Mixes
Normally like dutch mixes or new Zealand mixes.
Call or text 406-852-2666
Facebook page
Kaitlyn’s Bunnies and Guinea Pigs
I started raising rabbits when I was ten and am still raising rabbits now. I plan to make my rabbitry grow and to maintain healthy rabbits. I sell them as meat rabbits, pet rabbits, and breeders.
You can contact me by calling or texting 406-852-2666

Brooks Fletcher
Watkinsville, Georgia
Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand Whites.
Brooks’ Rabbitru
I raise Chestnut, and opal Netherland Dwarfs. I also have New Zealand Whites. The Netherland Dwarf rabbits range from $40-$60. The New Zealnds cost: Bucks- $20 Does-$25. Discounts for FFA or 4-H members!

Kaitlyn Stone
Warrenton, Georgia
Dutch, English Spots, Standard Rex, New Zealands, Silverfox, Flemish giants, Lionheads, and occasionally others.
Kaitlyn’s Bunnies and Guinea pigs
I raise and sell 7 or 8 different breeds.
My main 2 breeds are English spots and Dutch, but I have all of the other breeds that I listed as well. I breed for meat, show, pets, and pelts.
I have fully pedigreed rabbits and pet quality ones.

Christina Bachhofer
Waycross, Georgia
Holland Lops, Lion Heads, English Angoras
Bachhoppers Bunny Farm
We raise full pedigreed Holland Lops, Lion Heads, and English Angoras. We also have plenty of meat rabbits too! Located in Southeast Georgia.

Jennifer Lor
Winder, Georgia
Dutch, Netherland Dwarf
ABC rabbitry
I would like them to be very young and I’ll just likely buy 1-2 depending on how much they’re being sold. Good condition, gender doesn’t matter.

Sarah Pollard
Winder, Georgia
Flemish Giant, Flemish mixes
Briarwood homestead
I breed Flemish nz mixes. Great size for meat and great texture of fur. Located in winder Georgia.

Tabatha Smith
Wrightsville, Georgia
English Spot, Mini Rex, Holland lop, Rex/New Zealands
Smith Family Rabbitry
We are a family ran Rabbitry. My son and daughter show the pedigreed rabbits. These rabbits are handled daily and loved. We live in Wrightsville GA. We are have a small rabbitry at this time, so rabbits are few. We have pet or show rabbits.

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