German Hybrid


Seller Name: Nancy & George Rousseau
Location: Shelburne, NH 03581
Rabbit Breed(s): German Hybrid

You’ve come to meet my velvet goddess! If your in the process of finding a rabbit(s) to enrich your fiber, look no more! When my French/German/Satin Doe named Mitzi is mated with my German/French/Giant Buck Chaz we’re talking quality fiber to the max! Because our rabbits are from good stock they make great fiber pets and very good for children old enough for 4-h but not younger please. At the moment we do not plan to have any kits because I don’t feel they should not be under the Christmas tree. Angora Rabbits make great pets but are ideal for spinners and other fiber artists looking for their own fiber source. They are friendly and very intelligent, raised in my home so their handled everyday! .They are handled since birtheveryday and are very friendly But I will be having some litters come spring! And fingers crossed, I should also have a litter of Giant Germans also. So please feel free to check with me come spring, or sooner if you have any questions 😉

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Seller Phone: (603)466-2109

German Hybrid Rabbits
German Hybrid