German Hybrid


Seller Name: Nancy & George Rousseau
Location: Shelburne, NH 03581
Rabbit Breed(s): German Hybrid

Welcome to the world of luxurious fiber! I have for you the combination of a German/French/Graint REW Buck and a beautiful Lilac point French/German/Satin Doe! I do not believe these kits are for children to be found under the xmas tree. They make a great 4-H project for a child willing to dedicate time, kindness and a lot of effort on their part to handle these rabbits correctly. Their fiber needs to be groomed, and their cages should be attended to at least every other day. Yes, I’m fussy, but you have to put some time and effort into keeping their fur mat free and their cages clean to come out with a elegant product. The blending of these 2 breeds, I feel, brings out the goodness of there breeds. And how can you not want to spend time with an animal so willing to come to the door just to be greeted by you! Come spring, I will be breeding them, so please keep me in mind! That’s Mitzi, my doe and Chaz my buck, but that is not me holding him. 😉

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Seller Phone: (603)466-2109

German Hybrid Rabbits
German Hybrid