Giant Angora Kits available in NC


Giant Angora Kits available in NC. very very cute Giant Angora kits, all does, all REW.Wonderful abundant fiber. Great family pet. Show potential and pet quality available. Handled daily and when the grandkits visit they get handled NUMEROUS times in one day !Born 5-5-13 and parents are very large. This breed requires brushing weekly and every 90 days they shed the top layer of hair. We sell all of our fiber. The scoop on the poop-rabbit droppings are safe to put on plants or in your garden without the trouble of composting. Can call BEFORE 9pm EST (us rabbit folks need our beauty sleep)

Location: Statesville, NC
Rabbit Breed(s): Giant-Angora
Seller Name: Nancy Miller
Seller Email:
Seller Phone: 704-585-2129
Seller Website:

Giant Angora Kits
Giant Angora Kits available in NC

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