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Giant Angora Rabbit Breed Info

Giant Angora Rabbit BreedRecognized colors: Many.  Shown in white and colored classes.  

Size: Minimum of 9.5-10 pounds.

National Specialty Club:

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Giant Angora Rabbit Information and History

Angoras in general are called “the Bunnies with a Bonus” and the Giant Angora has an extra bonus – just more of that good soft wool than other breeds.  That wool is so valuable: at least seven times as warmer than sheep’s wool, and the softest animal fiber that exists.  Rabbits can produce over six times more wool per pound of body weight than sheep, and need to eat 30% less per pound.  Most Giant Angoras do not molt, so breeders eagerly harvest the wool by shearing and hand-spin it into yarn, often mixing it with other animal fiber to give it strength.  Then they dye it beautiful colors and knit it into assorted creative and useful garments.  Today most spinning is done by hobbyists and small farmers.  In older times commercial wool production was a healthy industry in this country, but now China produces the most rabbit wool commercially.

For many years, the ARBA only recognized the French and the English Angora.  Another breed existed here – the German Angora – but the ARBA would not recognize it as a new breed, not being different enough from the others.  So Louise Walsh, of Taunton, Massachusetts, set out to create an Angora with a bigger body type than the others.  She crossed German Angoras to large commercial breeds and eventually achieved an all-white rabbit with some hear and head furnishings, high-quality wool, and a weight of at least 9.5 pounds.   The breed was accepted in 1988.  Currently ruby-eyed white is the only variety, but black Giant Angoras exist and breeders have been attempting to present them for years.  The Giant Angora standard describes three distinct types of wool:  the strong straight “awn hair,” the slightly wavy “awn fluff,” and the soft crimped “underwool.”  This breed has tassels on the ears and some furnishings on the face.  The Giant is the only Angora that is a six-class breed, which means it is large enough for entries to be shown in three different age classes: senior, intermediate, and junior. 

The German Angora is similar, and often mistaken for the same breed.   However the emphasis when producing Germans is on wool, not size or body type.  The weight range is very wide, from 4.4 to 12 pounds, though in later years larger rabbits are preferred.  It’s not likely that this fifth angora breed will ever be ARBA recognized.

Giant Angora Rabbit Care

Here is a list of resources to help you care for your giant angora rabbits…

Giant Angora Rabbit Resources

Here is a listing of giant angora rabbit resources to help you out with your rabbit project…

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