Harlequin Bunnies for sale


Seller Name: Cheyenne Albers
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Rabbit Breed(s): Harlequin

I currently have 3 eight week old harlequin bunnies up for sale. They were born the 5th of December and were separated from their mom earlier this week(the 25th of January). I want $20 a rabbit. I have two bucks and a doe. The bucks are well marked, one has a little bit of white on his head and foot. The doe is almost entirely orange but is very nicely colored and the largest out of the three. Both parents are kept in the same area and are easily accessible if you want a general idea of how big the babies will be when they grow up.

Seller Email: poochmon@gmail.com

Harlequin Rabbits
Harlequin Bunnies for sale