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Kari Smith
Laie, Hawaii
Dwarf Hotot, Hotot
Kari’s Kolony
Backyard Bunnies! We have 2 males and 2 females that we originally purchased as pets and for the great fertilizer for the garden. We recently started breeding and our only breed is Hotots. They are each handled frequently so they are very accustomed to people and would make great pets.

Leimaile Tsuneyoshi
Kailua, Hawaii
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites
Lightning P
I have New Zealand babies and full grown males for sale. Prices range from $35-40.

Zachary Johnson
Kapolei , Hawaii
New Zealand, Dwarf Hotots/New Zealand
Zacs Rabbitry
18 Holes for my Dwarf Hotots. 20 Holes for my New Zealands. Also I have a worm farm[ewa blue worms] and make vermicast. Check out my video at www,newsnowhawaii worms in makakilo 3/21/2012…facebook also.

Kapolei, Hawaii
Big Rabbitry with all types of breeds. Mixed and rescue rabbits. Hard to find rabbits.

Pualani Franco
Makawao, Hawaii
English Angora, American blue
Sweet Buns Rabbitry
Affectionate English Angora bunnies and American Blue bunnies in need of good safe loving homes. They are very tame and social. Hand held since eyes opened. Very smart and interactive. They are free-roaming indoor bunnies with outside running time for exercise. They are fed Timothy hay and fresh vegetables grown from our outdoor garden.

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Toni Martin
Kula, Maui, Hawaii
Holland Lops
Ohana Ranch of Maui
Ohana Ranch of Maui Rabbitry
sells beautiful Holland Lops that
are handled on a regular basis. Fed healthy organic food and have a lot of love.

Trisha Broley
Pahoa, Hawaii
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Large Mix Breed Lops
Lava Rock Rabbits
Pets, Therapy, Farm, Show. Small and Large breeds. ARBA registered rabbitry. Member Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, National Mini Rex Rabbit Club, and the Palomino Rabbit Co-Breeders Association. All Rabbits sold with unconditional return guarantee. Any rabbit we sell can be returned at any time regardless of when the rabbit was sold or why the buyer wants to return. Rabbit support offered to anyone with rabbits. Small hospital area for those unable to care for sick or injured rabbits.
I maintain a wait list if what you are looking for is not currently available.
Shipping from Hilo to Honolulu with Aloha Air Cargo at cost.
Some hand crafted boutique items for sale, please check my website.

Lesley Maxwell
Pahoa, Hawaii
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, New Zealand
Two By Two Lil Farm Rabbitry
We keep our rabbits in a safe and healthy environment. Raising rabbits for show, pets and breeding purposes in the state of Hawaii.

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