Holland Lops in Lewiston Idaho


Holland Lops in Lewiston Idaho. We are a small rabbitry in Lewiston Idaho that prides itself on raising quality holland lops for the local 4-H kids, pets and show. A lot of time is spent at the rabbitry keeping it clean and spending time socializing with the bunnies. We have Hollands in creams, blues, lilac, opal, chocolate, torts, blacks and orange. Check out our website to view our current stock as well as what is available or coming available.

Location: Lewiston
Rabbit Breed(s): Holland-Lop
Seller Name: Tammy Brown
Seller Email: thornhollow@cableone.net
Seller Phone: 208-790-3007
Seller Website: www.thornhollow.net

Holland Lop Rabbits
Holland Lops in Lewiston, Idaho

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