House Rabbit Society


This is an informational rabbit blog post about the House Rabbit Society ( I have included info about the popular house rabbit society in this post. First off you might have heard this society referred to as HRS which of course stands for The House Rabbit Society. This is probably the second most popular rabbit site on the internet at the time of this writing, second only to ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association). However unlike ARBA which has a strong focus on Meat Rabbits the HRS focuses much more on the loving + caring pet bunny industry. Similar to ARBA the HRS has many sub location chapters such as the House Rabbit Society of North Georgia ( On their site you can find lots of rabbit care articles, info about the organization, rabbit rescues, adoptions, rabbit health and more….

Be sure to check out their website at for more info… or check out the Wikipedia page.

Happy Rabbit Raising + Talk Soon 🙂