How to Sell Rabbits

Learn how to sell rabbits in this quick and easy rabbit information guide. We provide bunny rabbit selling tips in addition to our huge rabbit breeders directory.

Selling Rabbits

Under the right circumstances rabbits can indeed “multiple like rabbits”, for this reason it is extremely important that you come up with a good plan regarding exactly how you are going to sell your rabbits. No Fear: if you take action on the steps provided to you in this article you shouldn’t have any trouble selling your rabbits.

Steps to Selling your First Rabbit

Here is a list of steps that you should follow when you are looking to sell your first rabbit…

  • Research Rabbit Selling Outlets: First things first… the first step to successfully selling your first rabbit involves doing a little research on local rabbit selling outlets. If you are raising one of the smaller rabbit breeds, there is a very good chance that you can sell your first rabbit to someone who is looking for a pet rabbit. Chances are, if you just need to sell a single rabbit and ask around enough, you will sell it pretty quickly. If you only want to sell a single rabbit… I recommend taking a picture of it and posting it on Facebook for all of your friends to see. Who can turn down the face of a cute and adorable little bunny? Worst case scenario… you can just give it away for free to a friend.
  • Post a Rabbit for Sale Ad: A great way to sell rabbits nowadays is to take advantage of online classifieds websites. Try posting a “Rabbit for Sale” or “Rabbit for Adoption” ad in your local Craigslist category or on another classifieds website. This is actually the way I began selling excess rabbits from my rabbitry.
  • Get listed in Rabbit Breeders Directories: If you have quite a few rabbits to sell on a frequent basis, I highly suggest that you take advantage of our Rabbit Breeders Directory, to sell your rabbits locally. When you get listed in our breeders directory, your rabbitry will get TONS of free exposure from potential buyers who browse our site 24/7 – 365 days a year. If you only have a couple rabbits to sell I don’t recommend that you get listed as it will only create more of a hassle for me and for you than it is worth.
  • Subscribe to our Rabbit Newsletter: One of my specialties includes selling rabbits on the internet. Believe it or not, I help facilitate more rabbit sales on a daily basis than anyone else, period. That being said… I am constantly sharing new methods of selling rabbits with the subscribers of our Rabbit Breeders Newsletter. If you are interested in learning more about raising rabbits and selling rabbits I suggest that you claim your free subscription to our newsletter.

Alright that is all for this article… I hope the short steps that I provided you with will prove to be useful when you attempt to sell your first rabbits. Feel free to browse our site to learn more about raising and breeding rabbits. Also be sure to check out our related article on How to Buy Rabbits. That article is a great reference for those who are looking to locate and buy rabbits for sale in their area.

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