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Carol & David Privett
American Falls, Idaho
New Zealand, Satin, Rex, Creme d’Argent
Whispering Willows Whisker Ranch
Our whisker ranch is located in the foothills of southeastern Idaho. We focus on meat rabbit breeds and currently love and care for New Zealands, Satins, Rex and crosses there of. We are striving to increase herd size with quality results, and enjoy the journey.

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Blanchard, Idaho
Silver Fox, Mini Lop
Hangin’ Low Lops Rabbitry
Hangin’ Low Lops is a small rabbitry in beautiful North Idaho. I first got Mini Lops in 1997, and added Silver Fox about 2014. The goal is to breed show quality stock to ARBA standards, to grow and improve the breeds I raise. Those not show quality, get sold as pet/breeding stock. We usually try to attend at least six shows a year, depending on availability and location. Current ARBA member.

Keean Morgan
Blackfoot, Idaho
Silver Fox, Standard Rex, Mini Rex, Mini Lop
Morgan Family Rabbitry
At Morgan Family Rabbitry, we are focused on providing sales, breeding and advice services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come

Gage Reynolds
Blackfoot , Idaho
Holland Lop, English lops
A small rabbitry in Blackfoot idaho we always have baby holland lops and every 3 to 6 weeks we got English lops we sale for very good affordable prices we breed some show quality holland lops and really great showable English lops all full pedigree.

Jodi Anderson
Boise, Idaho
Holland Lops, Beveren
Thumper’s Trail Rabbitry@Andersons’ Sawed Off Acres
My farm and rabbitry is located in beautiful Southern Idaho. I maintain a small rabbitry in order to keep happy, healthy rabbits. Each breeding is pain stakingly thought out in order to improve the breed. I have a variety of colors in holland lops including blue-eyed white, frosty, broken black, blue chinchilla (squirrel), sable point and of course tortoise. I also have a small herd of rare beveren rabbits in blue and blue-eyed white. I have and train therapy alpacas on our farm. We volunteer at senior centers, schools, hospitals, etc. My goal is to also have several rabbits that can be used for therapy as well. Feel free to contact by email. I love talking rabbits!

Jessica Cabrera
Boise, Idaho
Mini Rex
Shadow Rabbitry
My name is Jessica, I specialize in breeding and showing Mini Rex rabbits, we have litters for sale, many babies for sale, email me for more information about my rabbits, my bucks are available for outside services, Smokey is one of them, all my rabbits are papered, visit my website!

Annah Detwiler
Boise, Idaho
Jersey Wooly
Tweety’s Rabbitry
My rabbitry is just starting out with about 13 rabbits as of May of 2016. My line has been incorporated with another Jersey Wooly breeder. We are breeding in a good head and ear and have been very successful. We also have managed to add a great coat to our REWs. We offer AOVs, broken black otters, REWs, smoke pearl, and sable martins. These rabbits are handles to become great 4-h or FFA rabbits. They also come with a pedigree, and a great line of ancestors, some of which have more than 5 legs. The pricing of these animals depend on their quality, but usually don’t go for more than $70.00, with a minimum of $35.00. If you are interested in breeding with my of my rabbits, a small stud fee may be required. I would love to sell my rabbits and have you help my rabbitry grow, or vice versa. I do have a website but I do nit update it often, so the best way to know if you are interested is by texting or emailing me, and I can put you on a waiting list.

Dario Pletikapa
Boise , Idaho
Flemish Giant
Giants among us
We have animals from several bloodlines in wild color.All parents are German imports from champion bloodlines (European exhibitions).You won’t find better quality or disposition in United States.

Danika Vucelich
Boise, Idaho
Mini Rex, Lionhead, Mini Rex / Lionhead, Harlequin
Hippity-Hop Hutch Rabbitry
I started my rabbitry off with 10 rabbits of various breeds but have now been narrowed down to mini rex, lionhead, mini rex / lionhead mix, and harlequin. I am also a member of A.R.B.A and have been specializing in these breeds for 4 years in the Boise, ID area. Besides this I am also willing and looking to merge rabbitries to contribute to growth and an increased learning experience. The best method of contact for pictures and additional info is to either text or email.

Breanna Holdeman
Bonners Ferry , Idaho
Holland Lop
Lops Rabbitry
At the moment i have 2 females for sale, they are purebred holland lops. My doe is possibly pregnant. Message for more detail at:208-597-5460. Or email me at: We are located in Bonners Ferry Idaho. Thank you!

Krissy King
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Mini Rex, Lionheads
Hunter’s Hoppers
I am currently raised blue, broken blue, broken black, and broken red tort mini rex’s. Good quality rabbits and handled from day 1. I also have some lionheads. E-mail if you want pictures.

Kimberly Kramer
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Holland Lops
Bunny Trek Rabbitry
Located in northern Idaho, Bunny Trek Rabbitry focuses on quality and not quantity. We work with several color projects such as the otter, self, tort, and the shadeds. Our rabbits are extremely friendly and handled since the day they are born. We are a member of the A.R.B.A. and the H.L.R.S.C. We are a fairly small rabbitry, but produce very nice hollands with big heads, bold eyes, and short/compact bodies.

David Miller
Buhl, Idaho
Dutch, Mixed Pets
5 Miller Rabbitry
Blue & Black. Breeding for ideal, uniform markings and conformation. Showable, loveable dutches. We also have mixed, small breed rabbits for pets.

Rod Chandler II
Burley, Idaho
R & R Rabbitry
I was Rod’s rabbits but I have a partner now and we changed the name. We are a growing rabbitry near Burley Idaho raising our rabbits for meat and fur. Please feel free to contact us anytime. you can also find us on Facebook at R&R Rabbitry

Sheree Armstrong
Caldwell, Idaho
Holland Lops, Rex, Himalayans, Tans, Creme d’Argents
Apple Run Rabbitry
We raise national quality rabbits. Our Holland Lops are available in ALL varieties (including red, tri color, steels, and even a small silver marten project) and are top quality. Our Rex rabbits are some of the U.S.’s best rabbits. We also offer all varieties of Rex (including tri color, californian, chinchilla, sable, and a small tortoise project). We offer Himalayans in exceptional quality from renowned bloodlines, in all four varieties. We also have a small Creme d’Argent herd, from the nation’s best breeders, and are all top notch stock. Our rabbitry also includes a very small, but very competitive, herd of Tans in all four varieties. Our rabbits are pet-gentle and excellent quality!

Chad Hores
Caldwell, Idaho
Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand, and Harlequin
H&K Rabbitry
We are 4-H’ers and doing breeding projects. We currently have a Harlequin doe, a New Zealand buck, and a Netherland Dwarf cross buck for breeding stock. We are located in Caldwell, Idaho. We will have some bunnies for sale but not all the time. We are just starting out small. All of our rabbits are outside rabbits. We work with all of our rabbits frequently each week.

Amanda Riley
Caldwell, Idaho
Holland lops, Dutch
Moosetracks Rabbitry
Specializing in temperament and rare colors.

Crystal Siegmann
Caldwell, Idaho
Mini Rex, Rex, New Zealands, Netherland Dwarfs
Purple Mountains Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry Located in SW Idaho. We raise Mini Rex, Rex, New Zealands, and are getting started in Netherland Dwarfs. In Mini Rex we do: Black, Blue, Broken, Castor, Chocolate, Opal, Otter, and White. We will be begining in Tri soon. We do have other colors pop up occasionally. In Rex we do: Black, REW, and Castor. We will hopefully be starting with Brokens Soon. In New Zealands we do Brokens and whites, we do have other colors pop up. We only have a Blue Otter Netherland Buck at this time but we plan to find a Broken Otter Doe soon.

Madison Kirkland
Carey, Idaho
Mini Rex, Dutch, Satin and Mixed breeds
Hollow creek Rabbitry
If wanting to contact me, please ether text or email me. Do not call me please.

Linda Reynolds
Cocolalla, Idaho
Holland Lops, Lionheads, New Zealands
Linda’s Lovable Lops, Lionheads, and New Zealands
We raise “Bunnies that will Hug You!” We have sweet Holland Lops and Lionheads for sale for show and pets. We also have New Zealand rabbits. Our bunnies come in a variety of colors. My rabbits have helped me through many dark hours and I hope they can do the same for you. I love to help children get started with rabbits in particular. If you are looking for a bunny for sale in Montana or Idaho please check us out. IMPORTANT: please visit our website and use the contact form there instead of e-mailing, to make sure we see your message. Thanks!

Emily Burke
Coeur D’Alene, Idaho
Holland Lops, French Lops
ELS Rabbitry
Top quality, high style Holland Lops & French Lops in the inland Northwest. Shipping available.

Andrew and James Goodrich
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Satin Angora, Holland Lop, Mini Satin, Polish, New Zealand, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Flemish Giant, Cinnamon, Californian, Checkered Giant
G and M Mission Farms
We are an ever growing and loving rabbitry that cares for each of our rabbits. We have many breeds to choose from and we use every part of the rabbit. From the manure to allow people to have amazing crops to showing rabbits in show to meat products for people to be able to eat a healthier meat. Our rabbits are handled and loved everyday of their lives. We always are willing to let someone buy a rabbit from us whether it is living for pet or show or dead for meat. We can ship as well.

Bee A
Coeur D’Alene, Idaho
Holland Lop
Bee’s Beautiful Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a humane breeder and only use natural, non-GMO feed and supplies. All our rabbits are given spacious, clean cages and are never over-bred. We handle all our bunnies daily from birth giving them amazing, human-loving personalities! All our breeders are pedigree.

Josephine Marker
Council, Idaho
Flemish Giant
Hip-pity Hop-pity Rabbitry
HHR’s Flemish Giant breeding stock has excellent dispositions, confirmation and overall quality. All of our rabbits get to enjoy the outdoors daily and we strive to keep our rabbits happy and healthy. Our first litter will be ready for their new home on January 15, 2019 when they will be 8 weeks old. My brother and I started this buisness to raise money for college. Please visit us on Facebook or email at Deposits of $50.00 are excepted to reserve your bunny of choice.

Kyersten Kerr
Creston, Idaho
Mountain Harvest Rabbitry
Breeding Rex for meat, fur and pets on a natural diet in the beautiful Kootenays, BC, Canada.
Focusing on meat qualities and stable temperaments in a variety of striking colours.

Frieda Draxlir
Creston, Idaho
Holland Lop
Sinclair Rabbitry BC
We breed and sell purebred, pedigreed and wonderfully tame Holland Lops in a variety of colours. We work hard in holding our rabbits daily to ensure kind temperaments you make the best pet bunny for you. We also specialize in rare colours!

Pam Boyer
Driggs, Idaho
Flemish Giants
Game Creek
Natural reared, utilizing outside excersize pens and indoor pens.

Nancy Harrington
Fenn, , Idaho
Giant Chinchilla, Mini Lops, Standard Rex
Sunset Prairie Rabbitry
My rabbitry is located on the Prairie in North Central Idaho. I raise quality Giant Chinchillas, Mini Lops, and Standard Rex out of champion blood lines for show, pet and meat rabbits. I love the “gentle giants.” I raise rex in many colors, including: blue, black, & chocolate otters; blues, blacks, tris, harlequins, fawns, brokens, & lynx. I have worked very hard to put quality into my herd. My mini lops are beautiful with champion bloodlines behind them. I always have show, pet, and meat rabbits available.

Tammy Brown-Thomason
Genesee, Idaho
Holland Lop
Thornhollow Rabbitry
Raising show quality Holland lops in many colors. Concentrate on breeding animals with well mannered personalities of beautiful healthy type. Adults and kits available on occasion. Visit our website for lots of pictures and information on our farm and Holland Lops.

Kylie Anderson
Hayden, Idaho
Dwarf Hotot, Dwaft Lionhead/Hotot
Avondale Creek Rabbitry
Small home Rabbitry in Hayden Idaho with purebred Dwarf Hotot’s and will soon be offering a Dwarf Hotot and Dwarf Lionhead cross. We started out breeding meat rabbits. We also bred Netherland Dwarfs that we provided to local feed stores for sale as pets. Now I am breeding purebred Dwarf Hotots. My Lionhead Doe is all white with blue eyes and she will be bred with my beautiful Hotot buck. Contact us to reserve your rabbit from one of our upcoming litters.

Ryan Hansen
Idaho Falls , Idaho
Holland Lop, Rex, Angora
Hansen’s Hoppers
We are a small rabbitry that we use to grow closer as a family with. We have three breeds, Holland Lop, rex and Angora rabbits. We are excited to help others get started and or help each other learn. Babies to proven breeding rabbits to pets.

Kaylee Ashenfelter
Idaho Falls , Idaho
French Lop, Rex mix
Idaho Rabbits
I have just started out with breeding rabbits. I have owned them for almost 3 years. Right now I only do mixes, but in the future I am hoping to do purebred french lops, Flemish giants, and french angoras.

Emily Leonard
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Mini Rex, Mini Lop and Dwarf Hotot
Silver Lining Rabbitry
I operate a small rabbitry in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Although mini rex are my favorite breed, I also have a pair of mini lops and a pair of dwarf hotots. I started my rabbitry when I purchased some rabbits for my children. They enjoyed them so much, we decided to start our own rabbitry and even entered our local 4-H club. We focus on raising quality rabbits that will do well in shows and breeding programs, but also have great temperaments and be good pets. We also focus on educating potential rabbit owners of proper rabbit care and the commitment that is involved in properly caring for a rabbit.

Darrin Nygard
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Silver Fox and mixes
Red Barrin Farms
We focus on the Silver Fox breed. We currently have 6 does and 3 bucks who are not closely related and several others who are not silver foxes.

Evie Koeppel
Sandpoint, Idaho
Mountain Traders Rabbitry
We are a farming family raising purebred Rex rabbits. Our rabbits are grass and grain fed, living year round in our tractor hutch. This gives them the healthiest environment to thrive. Since we do “Community Style” raising for our rabbits, meaning the buck and does share one large run, we have new litters frequently. Community style raising is also the best stress-free environment for our does, allowing them to share nests and ensuring the growing litters receive extra care from all the mothers.
Our rabbits provide a variety of colors, including harlequin, opal, red castor, otter, spotted and white
All of our rabbits are regularly handled and have docile temperaments, and are accustomed to kids, dogs and cats.

John Olaveson
Idaho Falls, Idaho
New Zealands
AJO Rabbitry
We are a small Father/Son meat/breed stock New Zealand rabbitry . We can supply you with replacement breed stock, from really nice pedigree, or a tasty meal. Our rabbits are well taken care of, healthy and disease free. We sale our rabbits at prices anyone can afford and will promise a good honest sale. We are easy to find and easy to contact. Give us a call or stop by, you’ll be glad you did and sorry if you didn’t. See ya soon!

Allie Smith
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Holland Lop
Chicken and Bear Rabbitry
WE LOVE RABBITS (who doesn’t?) But seriously, we adore our rabbits, and that’s why we breed them. The truth about how and why we got started? I saw a gif of a rabbit one day and it was ADORABLE! Three days later I had two rabbits. Now, my husband and I have a small herd that we completely adore! We plan on keeping it small, but somehow it just keeps growing! Right now we have 5 adult does and 5 adult bucks. And tons of little babies, with more always on the way! So far, we have stuck with Holland Lops. Something about them just gives us all the feels! They’re the cutest breed out there… AM I RIGHT?

Now I know everyone says this, but our bunnies are the absolute SWEETEST! They’re handled from day one (with lots of care, of course!) We spend hours with them every day, and they are very used to being held and handled. We’re a family (of 2!) with anxiety, and these little fluff balls are good for our souls! So, of course, we like to play with them and interact as much as we can! Plus, we have the best little mama does in the world, so between us and them, these cuties are generally spoiled with love and affection! That has always been reflected in their personalities!

If you don’t know much about rabbits, we’re here to answer any questions! If we don’t know, we know some awesome peeps that will. We always give a little informational pamphlet to anyone that adopts from us. So if you’re looking, let us know! We’d be happy to help you find what your looking for, answer any questions you have, and above all else, find a wonderful, loving home for our little angels!

Find our Facebook page at

Janel Andrews
Jerome, Idaho
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Satins, Rex, Himalayans
WillowMoon Rabbitry
WillowMoon Rabbitry is a family-based rabbitry focusing on raising top quality rabbits competitive enough to show around the nation. We raise champion Holland Lops in many varieties (including rare Reds), and Netherland Dwarfs in BEW, Broken, and AOV. Our Satins are National Quality and are available in Red, Self, Broken, Agouti, Shaded, and Otter, plus a small tri program. We also have a very small, but competitive herd of Agouti and Tri Rex, and Himalayans.

Abbie Kraft
Jerome, Idaho
English Spot, New Zealand, Mini Rex
Karrot Patch Rabbitry
We have about 40 holes, in an insulated climate controlled barn. We feed hay in the morning and at night. We give them water 24/7. And feed at night also. We raise New Zealands in White. English Spots in Black and Chocolate. Mini Rex in Broken Black, but we are slowly getting out of those. So we have very very left of the Mini Rex.

Norm Kump
Jerome, Idaho
Standard Rex, Satin Mix
Golden Premier Rabbitry
Our Rabbitry is designed to keep a clean free environment for our rabbits; and only the best of feed also designed to provide optimum health benefits and a peaceable living place for our rabbits. We provide a state certified processing facility here at our farm.

Shelley Morgan
Jerome, Idaho
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Satin
Triple K Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry near Twin Falls. Our goal is to raise quality rabbits for Show. In the Mini Rex our focus is on Tri color and will be adding Chinchilla soon. We also have Castor, Otters, Tort, Blacks, REW, and occasionally may have some other variety. Our focus in the Nethies is BEW, but have a few Siamese Sable, Chestnut, and Himi. And will have several varieties in the VM/VC. In our Satins we have Copper, Black, and Chinchilla and are hoping to add some Siamese and REW.

Crystal Moose
Juliaetta, Idaho
Holland Lops
Lil Bunny Foo Foo Farm
My name is Crystal Moose and I am raising Holland Lops. I am striving to reach the best type for Hollands in my area. Some of the ones I have now are not the greatest in head wise but have the body type. I am now in the process of Getting an awesome buck with an awesome head within the next 2 weeks and another in about 2 months. Then I get the head size into my rabbits. I handle my kits from the time they are born. I love my rabbits with all my heart and they mean the world to me. Every time I sell one a piece of me goes with the rabbit.

Alexandria McEldowney
Kamiah, Idaho
Rex, NZ Rex, Cali Rex, Otter Rex, Rex,Lionhead, Flemish Giant, Lop
Leviathan Farms
Leviathan Farms is a rabbit ranch, consisting of pet and meat rabbits. All 50+ rabbits have been named, socialized and have notations on personality, to help you find a good match.

Delivery possible, message me for more information.

We can butcher for you, for a small fee!

Mrs. K nelson
Kamiah, Idaho
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops
Blue North Bunny Rabbits
Raising Quality Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lop Rabbits. I raise rabbits for the love of it and my goal is to breed quality show and provide pet rabbits to loving homes.

Jenny Easton
Kimberly, Idaho
Mini Rex, Britannia Petites
StarStruck Rabbitry
Mini Rex in black, blue, broken, chocolate, lilac and white. Britannia Petites in REW, sable marten and BEW.

Keara Koepnick
Lewiston, Idaho
Britannia Petite, Holland Lop
Rabbits Forever
I breed towards the ARBA standard in all breeds with a focus on Britannia Petites and Holland Lops

Jose Pou
Mableton, Idaho
Flemish Giant and New Zealand Red
Gia Rabbit
We are a small rabbitry. we specialize in pure breeds. We are currently breeding Flemish giant. we are located in the Mableton area. We breed pedigree Flemish giant and new Zealand red. we have a colored of Flemish giant .we have light grey, still grey, whites, fawn and sandy

Annette Rooney
McCall, Idaho
Havana, White Lionhead rabbit, dutch rabbit, american fuzz lop, lop,angora, Netherland Dwarf, holland,french lop
baby rabbit comes with materials like cages food and also no diseases

Faith Shelley
Menan, Idaho
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex
Faith’s Rabbitry
Faith’s Rabbitry is a small rabbitry in South Eastern Idaho. We raise quality Netherland Dwarfs in Blue Eyed White and Black, and we are looking to get started in other colors. We are also starting to raise Mini Rex in Solid and Broken Chocolate. Faith’s Rabbitry started in January of 2012 and has been steadily growing. All our rabbits are in good condition,have been handled since birth, and loved to death.

Hannah Brands
Meridian, Idaho
Holland Lops, Dutch
Willow Tree Rabbits
I raise adorable Holland Lop and Dutch rabbits and breed for quality, color and personality. I currently have some beautiful, rare Holland Lop colors and am always gaining more! My main focus in Dutch is harlequin. My rabbits are handled often and have sweet personalities. Feel free to check out my website or email me anytime!

Challis Clelland
Meridian, Idaho
Harlequins, Britannia Petites
Funni Bunni Rabbitry
Breeding and showing quality rabbits since 2009!

Kenzie Geene
Meridian, Idaho
Mini Rex
Fatty’s Rabbitry
A small rabbitry that speacilizes in breeding Mini Rexs. I will only have two active breeding pairs but I always have programs you can look into.

Clover Archabal
Meridian, Idaho
Jersey Wooly
Wooly Wabbits Wabbitry
Hello, I breed self color Jersey woolies for show and pet quality. I work closely with 4-H. I try and have at least one litter for sale every year and would love to fine some sweet jersey woolies their forever home.

Ashley Isaacson
Meridian, Idaho
Genesis Rabbitry
Genesis Rabbitry focuses on Primarily Dutch. All of our rabbits are pedigreed and well taken care of. We are located in Meridian Idaho. We will give discounts for 4-h or FFA if you are interested.

Collin Law
Meridian, Idaho
New Zealand, Rex, Flemish Giant, White Lionhead, Netherlands Dwarf
Mountain Breeding
Hello! we sell all kinda of great love able little mummy’s! the best kinda pets for your kids and for you! shoot us an email at
thank you!:)

Lillyan Housend
Mountain Home, Idaho
Harlequin, Flemish Giant, Meat Mutts
House Goats Rabbit Division
We breed Harlequins in magpie all 4 colors and Japanese in blue and black. we are working to improve the body type of our harlequins. we want a nice meat animal as well as show animal. have litters usually year round. Flemish are a hobby of ours and are just starting out.

Ed Bauck
Nampa, Idaho
French Lop
Seaduck Rabbitry
We raise french lops for show and regularly have animals available both pet quality and show/breed quality. Our breeder herd is from some of the best breeders in the country and we strive for nice big animals that surpass breed standards.

Sarah Ellison
Nampa, Idaho
Very gentle and sweet 5 month old bunny. Ready for breeding or just to be a pet. He comes with 2 different cages, food, hay, bedding, and everything else he’ll need.

Jocelyn Gruver
Nampa, Idaho
Mini Rex
Rose Petal Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Southwestern, Idaho that is dedicated to the breeding of beautiful and gentle Mini Rex Rabbits. Whether it’s a sweet show rabbit or a loving companion we have rabbits to fit your need and lifestyle. We offer rabbits in Black, Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Red, Castor, and Broken. Though we may get the occasional Harlequin, and Tri.

Challis Hopwood
Nampa, Idaho
Harlequins & Britannia Petites
Funni Bunni Rabbitry
Breeding quality Harlequin and Britannia Petite rabbits since 2009; for ARBA members, 4Hers, FFA, fur, meat, therapy, and pet lovers alike.

Nathan Stansell
Nampa, Idaho
American Sable, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf
Nate’s Network
We raise rabbits as a hobby and share our extra fluffs with others via our website

Makayla Tenney
Nampa, Idaho
Standard Rex
Jalapeño Hoppers
A friend set off to breed rabbits of merit. Show quality papered Rex in many colors.

Les Warner
Nampa, Idaho
Holland Lops
Lavish Wildflower Rabbitry
I have a rather small rabbitry here SW Idaho, I have a 20 hole operation. We raise show quality pedigreed Holland Lops for show, 4-H and of course pets. I don’t want to get too big because I want to spend quality time with each rabbit. We are located in Nampa only about 20 minutes from Boise. The majority of the holland lops that we have are torts and broken torts. I have high quality rabbits from some very good breeders. (L&R and Critter Co*op) Take a look at my website, I am registered with the ARBA and a member of HLRSC. Email me or call me with any questions.

Northern, Idaho
Up A Creek With A Rabbit

Lisa Bunney
Northern Idaho
Mini Rex
Rabbit Run Rabbitry
Rabbit Run Rabbitry is a small 3 generation family owned rabbitry! At this time we only have about 30 holes. We are located in Northern Idaho. We raise and show Mini Rex in Black, Broken Black & Black Otter. Occasionally we will have Castor & REW. We are proud members of the ARBA, NMRRC, MRFGNW, IERBA, & WSRBA.
Like a lot of rabbit fanciers we got our start in 4-H. When the kids wanted something more to do with their bunnies we started going to ARBA shows. The kids have a blast and we haven’t looked back!! So of course mom and now grandma have joined in on the fun!! Check out our web site for more info, pictures and what we currently have for sale. Thanks!!

Vicki Young
Oldtown, Idaho
Silver Fox & New Zealand (black, white, blue and broken)
Dayspring Rabbitry & Worm Farm
This whole thing started out as a way to put meat on our table. But you know, one thing leads to another and SHAZAM! you have a barn full. I love the Silver Fox for their wonderful temperament. My teenage daughter does the New Zealands. She started in 4-H with them and her barn has grown also since then. We do the ARBA shows together as mother/daughter.

Carrol Horne
Pocatello, Idaho
Holland Lop, Mixed Meat Rabbits and Rescue When I have cages available
WeLuvR Bunnies Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry in Southeastern Idaho…(Pocatello) Specializing in Breeding Quality Holland Lops. Meat Rabbits occasionally and Rescue when I have cages available.

Jexi Burke
Pocatello, Idaho
Mini Rex, Purebred Pedigreed Mini Rex, purebred pedigreed Holland Lop
Happy Homestead
Mini Rex with velvet fur, and holland lops of all kinds. All buns raised in our rabbitry are handled regularly by adults and children. They are also all accustomed to free range chickens and cats.

Katrina Ruelas
Post Falls, Idaho
Holland Lop
Whispering Falls Rabbitry
We strive to breed as close to the breed standard as possible without losing that sweet, lovable personality that the Hollands are so famously noted for. We are very picky about our rabbitry and keep it as clean as possible. The bunnies are checked on several times a day to monitor their feed, water, health and room temp. They are also handled daily and allowed to free roam outdoors when weather permits!

Candace Howell
Pocatello, Idaho
Rex, Cinnamons, American Chinchillas, New Zealands, Silvers, Silver Fox
Howell’s Honey Bunnies
We generally have around 180 rabbits, most varieties of rex, and a few of the other breeds.
We breed in the spring and summer and breed for show quality. We support 4-H and FFA.

Riley Broadhead
Preston, Idaho
Dutch, Mini Lop, Silver Fox, Neatherland Dwarf, New Zealand, Florida White
R&B Rabbitry
Located in Preston Idaho, we specialize in high quality show rabbits. We also have pet rabbits available when/If rabbits don’t meet our standards!

Aurora Bacowsky
Priest River, Idaho
Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Silver Fox
Timber Wolfe Rabbitry
Hello, my name is Aurora and I am the owner of Timber Wolfe Rabbitry located in Priest River Idaho! I specialize in BEWs, or blue eyed white rabbits! This trait is neither recessive or dominant, but hidden. As a breeder it is my job to pick out the best of the breed and make sure that they will produce healthy, happy kits; as well as beautiful blue eyed white rabbits. We do not just breed to make BEWs but other interesting colors! All the kits we produce are guaranteed to be socialized and well taken care of before they leave.

Chelsie McBride
Rexburg, Idaho
Holland Lop
Henry’s Fork
I love bunnies!! Especially Holland Lops! I keep show quality Hollands because it is a fun hobby and I love to share the joy with others.
Registered with ARBA and HLRSC.

Robyn Holderman
Rexburg, Idaho
Rex, Standard Rex & Mini Lops
Robyn’s Rabbitry (aka: Robyn’s Rabbit Tree)
Standard Rex & Mini Lops
Small, but growing, rabbitry with mainly Standard Rex and Mini Lop breeds. I currently have two beautiful Rex does; one is broken black and the other a tricolor.. My buck is a 11.5 lb blue otter.
My Mini doe is a carmel agouti and my bucks are broken blue and black (father and son).
I enjoy supporting the 4-H program and all families who want to start their own rabbit breeding operation whether it be for pets, show, meat, or fur.

Lorri Stewart
Rose Lake, Idaho
Holland Lop
Bentley Creek Rabbitry
Bentley Creek Rabbity is a small rabbitry raising quality Holland Lops for pet, breeding and show. We strive to produce beautiful type and good temperament in our herd.

Annette Borges
Sagle, Idaho
Holland Lop
TBFH’s Rabbitry
We are a young homesteading family involved in 4H and raising Holland lops. We home school and use our rabbits to learn about life, developmental stages, natural remedies, responsibility, and recently, genetics! Our goal is to improve quality in colors that require recessive genes. Our bunnies are handled daily from birth and we are proud of our reputation and our loving bunnies! We currently raise blue eyed whites as well as blacks, torts, chocolates, agoutis, and chinchillas in both dilute and non dilute. Come and visit!

Jennifer Gonzalez
Saint Anthony, Idaho
Rex, Chinchilla
Jenny’s Rabbitry
I raise rabbits for pets, meat, and fur. I also raise them for shows. I have mostly Rex. I have babies until winter when I don’t breed. My rabbits are high quality Rex. They come papered, with pedigrees and some have won prizes.

Emily Barbe
Saint Maries, Idaho
Satin, Satin Angoras
Peace Mountain Farm
My Mom had Satin rabbits every since I could remember. When I was 6, my Mom bought me my first pure Satin rabbit. Since then, I’ve slowly taken over the rabbitry :o) I now strive to breed for all around rabbits. I have bred satin into my Satin Angoras to get thicker, shiner fiber. and also to make them meatier and hardier. I raise calm, sweet and good just good all around rabbits. I have been to all close shows (as I can’t travel far at this time, well, from Spokane WA and Couer D’ alene ID). I am only showing my Satins right know, but i hope to show my Satin angoras soon.
My bloodlines in my Satins include: Sapp, Maiden Rock, Benbrook and Barbe.
My bloodlines in the Satin Angoras include: Oceanside, Daisy Hill, Nelle & Elle and Websters.
If you want to contact me you can reach me better through email;
Thank You!!
P.s: I will be raising mini Rex here soon!

Theresa Danielson
Saint Maries, Idaho
Netherland Dwarf
Theresa Danielson
I had a Netherland dwarf male pure black when I was young but because my grandparents had to move they had to give him away. I’ve been searching for once since because I love them so much.

CrookedPine Ranch
Saint Maries, Idaho
Satin, Satin Angoras
CrookedPine Rabbitry
Welcome to CrookedPineranch! I raise both Saints and Satin Angoras! Along with mixes.
I have show quality, meat and pet rabbits. I have a ton of rabbits of all ages and size. I also have all kinds of colors like, Coppers, Whites, Blues, Brokens and for pets, Steels.
For Satin Angora colors I have, Seal points, Tort Pearl, REW, Lynx and Brokens. They all can come with pedigrees. The Satin lines include Benbrook, Barbe, Sapps, Terrys and lots of other good lines.
The Satin Angora lines include DaisyHills, Barbe and a hole lot more. Some are mixes for hardier and bigger Angoras.
All would make great 4-H rabbits! I thrive for calm, easy going rabbits.
I don’t have a web page up just yet. But, I’ll post one when I do. It will be the one that’s below.

Evangeline Carroll
Sandpoint, Idaho
Holland Lop
Evies Rabbirtry
I will not always have rabbits for sale, I will mainly only be breeding the same 2 rabbits so please bare with me! My kits will be purebred Holland lops that will be selling for anywhere from $30-100 depending on the litter. I will not pick homes at random, I do not support caging rabbits so all my kits will be in pens their first 8 ish week of life and I encourage you to do the same or free range. For further question email me, I will always reply as long as you specify that you may be interested in buying so it doesn’t get lost in junk mail.

G Ek
Sandpoint, Idaho
Holland Lop, Mini Holland, Lop Rex
Holland Lop
Babies and easy to train and super sweet

Vanessa Friend
Soda Springs, Idaho
Californian, Lionheads Californians
VIP Rabbitry
We are located in Southeast idaho and we are working towards the standard for our rabbits. we are also trying to get some fun colors with our lionheads while also still working on body composition. We make sure all our rabbits are handled and loved daily from the day they are born until the day they leave our rabbitry

Elisa Teal
Spirit Lake, Idaho
Holland Lop
Dreamcatcher Lops
Improving my herd 1 rabbit at a time with quality lines. Working on chocolates, otter, agouti, & wideband

Melissa Vanek
Spirit Lake, Idaho
Mini Lop, Dutch, Polish
Sunflower Family Farms
We are a small 30 hole rabbitry located in North Idaho. What started as a 4H project for my daughter, has turned into true love for both of us and we like to travel to shows and hang out with fellow rabbit breeders.

Brittany Gunter
Stites, Idaho
Mini Lop, Rex, Giant Chinchilla, Californian, New Zealand
Diamond B Ranch
DBR (Diamond B Ranch) is located along the Clearwater River in north central Idaho. I raise many breeds but currently have the most in mini lops. I am always striving to breed for better quality in any breed I raise. I breed for quality not color. I travel to many shows in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. I also offer transport services to and from shows to help rabbits get to new homes. I breed all year long so I always have something available.

Theresa Denham
Treasure Valley, Idaho
New Zealand, NZ White, NZ Red, NZ Black, Californian and X breeds of the mentioned.
Juniper Meadow Ranch – Rabbit Division
Very nice growing NZ meat rabbits. Some pedigreed, all excellent growers. We provide prize winning FFA and 4-H Meat pen rabbits . Order in January so we can accommodate the needs. Managed by a veterinary technician. Over 30 years of animal husbandry, with 20 years in rabbits. We don’t show, but our lines have come from show and are bred for excellent confirmation and meat production. Will come speak with FFA and 4-H groups on rabbit husbandry in the Treasure Valley area no charge.

Elizabeth Hadlock
Twin Falls, Idaho
English Lop, Rex, Holland Lop, Lion-head and Mix-breeds
Bunny Barnyard Rabbitry
I started this rabbitry because of my love for animals and because my original five rabbits turned into about thirty, which happened because of an accidental breeding. If you have any questions for me or you are interested in some of the rabbits feel free to email me or go to my website.

Keara Koepnick
Twin Falls, Idaho
Rex, Himalayans
RabbitsForever Rabbitry
I breed many varieties of Rex and Himmylayan. I am working with a friend to produce the best stocks for meet, fur, show, and pet. Thank you. 🙂

Morgan Taylor
Twin falls , Idaho
None of the above, Silver fox
Ready to hop on the baby making train! Silver Fox male available for $25 breeding

Jim Head
Weippe, Idaho
Californian, Rex, Satin
Honey Bunny Rabbitry
Honey Bunny Rabbitry is located in north central Idaho, in beautiful Clearwater county. We are mainly focused on meat rabbits so they are large with adults weighing in between 12 and 15 lbs. We also sell rabbits for pets or 4H.

Oz Castrot
Wendell, Idaho
Flemish Giants (Sandy and Fawn)
Grizly Giant Rabbitry
We take pride of our rabbits. Our rabbits are from the best breeder in the nation with grant champion legs. We are also the only breeders in the state of Idaho with the best quaity flemish giant rabbits.

Bruce Henriod Ava Pennell
Wesier, ID
Mini Rex
Angel Rabbitry
Angel Rabbitry has quality, pedigreed Mini Rex. We breed for temperament as we deal with a children and want them to have an enjoyable experience with their bunnies. We have downsized in 2011 and only do the 2 varieties of Castor and Otter now.

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