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Dave Rigg
Albion, Illinois
Flemish Giant
Cedar Lane Rabbitry
I raise only pedigreed Flemish Giants in the Blue, Light Gray, Black, and Steel Gray colors. My rabbitry is well ventilated and clean. I am a minister and radio announcer. My address is 1302 County Road 345 E, Albion, Illinois 62806. My phone number is 618-445-2788 and my email address is You can also find me on Facebook.

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Dawn Bookwalter
Adams, Illinois
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
D and B Acres Rabbitry
Youth breeder raising quality Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, and Britannia Petites.

Kelby Schwarzlose
Albion, Illinois
Cinnamon, Florida White, Black NZ
Shiloh Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Southeastern Illinois. We raise cinnamon. ..Florida whites…and black NZ for show and meat. For some quality rabbits give us a call or send a message.

Aleshia Kenney
Aledo, Illinois
Flemish Giant
JKs Flemish Giants
We sell show quality pedigreed light gray Flemish Giants. Our rabbits are handled daily and truly are gentle giants. We usually have 1-2 litters every spring.

Breanne Kelsey
Alvin, Illinois
Flemish Giant, Flemish, blue newzealands, mini Rex, mini lop
P&B porknbees farm
We are a Small scale farm that raises healthy happy rabbits for 4h and pets.

Clyde Schlabach
Arthur, Illinois
Californians, New Zealand, French and English Lops
Schlabach’s Rabbitry
Wanted to Buy Rabbits: Any size, Any color. Please Call 217-543-2302

Luciana Seymour
Ashley, Illinois
Netherland Dwarf (Blue eyed white, VM Chestnut and VM Chinchilla)
Seymour Bunnies
Small rabbitry producing pet,brood and show rabbits.

Levi Meurer
Ashton, Illinois
Champagne D’ Argents, New Zealand whites, Crossbreds
Levi’s Rabbits
I have good quality rabbits. I have had winners at previous fairs and I have litters year round. So if you would like to call or text me at 1815-718-2037 or email me at

Rebecca Hoffing
Aurora, Illinois
Lops, Flemish Giants, Flemish Lops
Good with other rabbit and small pets good with kids and sweet

Miriam & Tracy Clark
Aurora, Illinois
Holland Lops, Champagne d’Argent
Grace’s Signature Rabbits
We officially began raising rabbits Summer of 2011. We are a very small rabbitry with only 10 holes. We have litters all year long and raise Holland Lops for pets and show and Champagne d’Argents for pets, meat and show. Contact us anytime for more information.

Tom Throop
Ava, Illinois
American Chinchilla, Californian
Bluegrass Acres
We are a small hobby farm operation that has raised different breeds of rabbits over the years and have recently decided to concentrate our efforts towards raising American Chinchillas. We have about ten does and two bucks as pedigreed breeding stock. We usually have young rabbits available with or without pedigree. We have found the American Chinchilla to be a very enjoyable breed to raise due to their beauty and docile nature. We also keep a few Californian breeders for lower cost meat rabbit buyers.

Brenna Chatterton
AVON, Illinois
Flemish Giant, Flemish Giant Fawn
Rae’s Rabbitry
Pedigreed Flemish Giant Bunnies. Male and Female available. Fawn color. 6 weeks old. Will be avaiable at 8 weeks. I am a 4-h member and this is my first time breeding rabbits. I also show Flemish giants in 4-h.

Brenton Cawthon
Barry, Illinois
Californians, New Zealands
Bunny Hop Farms
Our farm consists mainly of California’s that are white. Our Buck is a new Zealand who is black.

Nick Duda
Batavia, Illinois
New Zealand Black and Broken
New Zealand Rabbitry
New Zealand Rabbits, black and broken. Male and Females of breeding age, as well as 4-16 week olds.

Haley Latona
Beach Park, Illinois
Rex, Standard Rex, New Zealands
Lazy Haley J. Rabbitry
Lazy Haley J. Rabbitry is a small rabbitry raising Standard Rex and New Zealand rabbits. I raise Rex in Black, Blue, Castor, Opal, black otter, and blue otter varieties in Brokens and Solids; and New Zealands in only the white variety. We are dedicated to the American Rabbit Breeder’s Standard of Perfection, good health, and happiness. My rabbits often take Best of Breed and/or Best Opposite Breed when we attend shows. I only sell good quality rabbits that are healthy and good tempered, all the others are harvested for their meat and pelts. We do not have a main breed as both breeds are worked on equally.

Michelle Kaiser
Beecher City, IL
Netherland Dwarfs
Diamond V Rabbits
Small Rabbity in Beecher City, IL Member of the ARBA and the IRBA

Amanda Earles
Bement, Illinois
Mini Rex
Hudds Rabbitry
I am just getting started with my rabbitry. I do have a doe and buck which just had their first kit. Had three and they all have homes. I plan of having more available the middle of August. I will also be adding Holland Lops when they become available I will update.

Theresa Greene
Bluford, Illinois
English Angora, Dwarf Netherland, Lionhead
Greene’s Garden Things Rabbits
We give all our rabbits loving homes.

Stephen Smith
Bluffs, Illinois
Oak Street Rabbitry
Clean, happy, healthy.

Michelle Edmundson
Bone Gap, Illinois
Champagne d’ Argent, Jersey Woolie
Bone Gap Rabbitry
Raising champagnes for show, breeding and meat, members of ARBA, Champagne Federation and active in 4H for many years, also have small side project of Jersey Woolies and occasionally offer these for sale. We breed year round and most heavily in spring to have plenty to provide for fair rabbit choices. Located in southeast IL. We attend many spring and fall shows in our area.

Michelle Wise
Bone Gap, Illinois
Mini Rex, Satin, New Zealand
Bone Gap Rabbitry
We are a family run rabbitry with 32 holes currently, actively involved in 4H, located in southeastern IL. We are ARBA members and attend about one show a month due to work, school and sports schedules. All mini rex are pedigreed and we frequently sell quality stock, also Satins and NZ for meat, breeding, show and 4H.

Kimberly Brown
Brighton, Illinois
Holland Lop, We are out of business
Brown’s Bunny Barn
Due to hardships at the beginning of 2021 we closed our business down and no longer raise and sell rabbits. Thank you to all who have done business with us.

Elisha Lynch
Brookport , Illinois
Dutch, Dwarf Hotots , Netherland Dwarfs , Holland Lops
Lotso Bunnies Rabbitry
60 hole rabbitry in southern illinois , Raising Rabbits for 25 yrs.

Lydia Zabran
Byron, Illinois
Checkered Giant, Mini Lop, & Dutch
Zabran’s Bunny Barn
-Checkerd Giants are white with black or blue markings. the marking looks as if a butterfly was painted on there fur.
-our doe weighs 13lbs, and our buck weighs 15lbs.
-this breed requires a wood flooring cage, because of there large body (wire will damage there feet). also it has to be big enough for them to stretch out and relax. (3×3×4) is a recommended cage size for the Checkerd Giant breeders.
My family has been raising show quality rabbits, for generations. we live in a charming small city in northern, il. we have had lots of grand champion bunnies threw the year. each of my kidd0s raise a diffrent breed of show bunny. we have a large heated garage full of Checkerd Giants, Mini Lops, & Dutch.
to check our availability- please follow us on, Instagram @ Zabrans Bunny Barn

Kelly Fennell
Canton, Illinois
Mini Rex, Mixed
Happy Hoppers Rabbitry
I have minirex solids and brokens, purebreds and mixes. Mixes with checkered giant, and havana? and some unknown breed from the amish.I sell for meat fur and pets.I have blacks ,choc, choc tort and some white.At some point will be adding flemish giant and possibly some new zealands to my bunch.

Melanie Aldridge
Carbondale, Illinois
English Angora
Meadows Bluff Farm
We are registered with ARBA. Check out our Facebook page Meadows Bluff Farm.

Ron Barger
Carlyle, IL
New Zealands (Whites, Blacks and Reds)
Countryview New Zealand Rabbits
We are a mid size rabbitry located in southern IL . Raising good quality New Zealand Reds, Whites, Blacks and Brokens. We are members of ARBA, IRBA, INZRBSC,and AFNZRB. We are actively involved in 4H. We also try to hit the show table as often as possible. Our goal is to raise top quality rabbits for show, breeding, and meat. I have been raising rabbits for 20 plus yrs.

Tony Schutt
Carrier Mills, Illinois
Flemish Giant
I have pedigree flemish giant in blue,fawn,sand,steel and grey.

Jordan Griggs
Champaign, Illinois
Mini Lop, White
Small rabbit, white or gold

Olivia Drabing
Chatham, Illinois
Harlequin, Harlequin and Red New Zealand
Rakes rabbitry
We raise a small bunch of harlequin and NZ rabbits mainly for pets. Very loving and adorable bunnies!

William Marke
Centralia, Illinois
New Zealand, White New Zealand & Californians
Wdacres Rabbitry
I am a member of KIAM & ARBA, a two year director in KIAM presently. Have 25 years experience with rabbits. Presently raising rabbits for commercial sells, which includes white new Zealand & white Californians.

Olivia Drabing
Chatham, Illinois
Harlequin, Satin, Red New Zealand
Rakes Rabbitry
We mainly raise Harlequin and Broken satin rabbits for pets but have one red NZ doe that we breed also. All of our rabbits sold are gentle and would make great pets!

Nicole Yoakum
Cherry Valley, Illinois
Holland Lop, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Fuzzy Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Rolling Fields Rabbitry
Raising and showing rabbits for over 20 years. Pet and show quality available year round. Looking forward to speaking with you.

Joaquin Acuna
Chicago, Illinois
New Zealands(White, Black, Broken, Red), Mini Rex
Big Red Rabbitry
We focus on raising up quality new zealand rabbits in chicago, illinois. Our New Zealand Rabbits come with pedigrees. Call for more information.

Josie Mineau
Chicago, Illinois
Rex dwarf
Josie Rabbitry
Chocolate color with creamy colored paws.

Monica Vargas
Chicago, Illinois
Mini Lop, Lop

Maggie Lee
Chillicothe, Illinois
French Lops
Maggie Lee’s Bunny Barn
Maggie Lee’s Bunny Barn is a 48 hole french lop rabbitry founded in 2007. Located in Chillicothe, IL, 20 Miles North of Peoria. Our family has raised french lops for eight years. We welcome all inquiries from fellow exhibitors, 4H members, and pet seekers. We are registered with ARBA, and are active members of the Peoria Area Rabbit Breeders Association. Breeding for show, pet bunnies are also available.

Mary Miller

Carla Stafford
Cisne, Illinois
Holland Lop, Lion Heads
Stafford Pedigree Rabbits
Our Rabbitry is now located in Wayne County, Illinois.
We are proud to be able to say Our rabbits are hand picked from all over the United States and from only reputable breeders.
We are careful to treat our pedigrees with the best and most loving tender care!
Serving our rabbits is every bunny’s delight and your welcome to call us to see if we have what you’re looking for!!
Contact us at;
217 816 2319

Shawna Vencel
Cissa Park, Illinois
French Angora
Shawve Angoras
I breed quality French Angoras, I only sell show quality stock. I am a spinner and knitter as well. I am working on Chinchilla coloring in French Angoras. please feel free to call or email me.

Michael William
Clarendon Hills, Illinois
Mini Rex
Full Circle Rabbitry
Specializing in pedigreed Show Quality Mini Rex.
Blue, Opal, Lilac, Lynx, Red, Sable, & Sable Point.

Miranda Miller
Clayton, Illinois
New Zealand, New Zealand Reds
D&B Rabbitry
Great show quality New Zealand Reds breed by a small rabbitry.

Sam Miller
Clayton, Illinois
New Zealand, New Zealand Reds
D&B Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in West Central Illinois. Raising only New Zealand Reds for 4-h. We breed only purebred, high quality rabbits for show.

Coatsburg, Illinois
Jersey Wooly
Safe Haven Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry, located in west-central Illinois. We specializing in Jersey Wooly rabbits. Currently breeding for a BEW variety of Jersey Woolies.

Martha Bauman-Smith
Cooksville, Illinois
Flemish Giants
Marf’s Fabulous Flemish Factory
Located in central Illinois. Breeding and showing all pedigreed Flemish Giant Rabbits. Try to keep litters going throughout the year. We have an indoor rabbitry that is air conditioned and heated ( although the heat usually doesn’t get touched – enough Body Heat)

Michael Walkup
Crystal Lake, IL
Walkup Heritage Farm
Heritage farm featuring heritage breeds of various farm animals, including the Silver breed of heritage rabbits. Price $50 each. No shipping.

Chris & Trisha Blair
Colchester, Illinois
Rex, French Lop
Brier Patch Homestead
Brier Patch Homestead strives to raise happy, healthy Show, brood, pet and meat quality rabbits. Our rabbits come from exceptional lines. We have an outstanding rabbits available most times of the year in both French Lops and Rex. French colors vary. Rex colors that we focus on : Black,Blue, Chocolate, Harlequin, Lilac, Otter (black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac), and Tri-color. Please feel free to call us for any information or availability. All rabbits are sold at proper weaning age (8 weeks) or Older. All rabbits are tattooed, pedigreed and come with transition food.

Bridget Walker
Cuba, Illinois
Flemish Giant
The Bunny Garage
I raise and breed Flemish Giants in sandy, fawn, white, steel grey, and light grey. My rabbitry is small, allowing me to focus on each rabbit’s health, personality, and development. All the rabbit’s here at The Bunny Garage are gentle and loving with most meeting ARBA’s SOP.

Darlene Price
Danville, Illinois
Californians, New Zealands, Rex
D’s Rabbits
Californians, New Zealands and Rex. Show, pet and meat rabbits. I am a small rabbitry but we strive for the best. I have bunnies Spring, Summer and Fall. Call or text to see what I have.

Cynthia Porter
Danville,, Illinois
Mini Lop, LIonhead, Rex, ESpot
We raise and show several breeds and additionally have a Rabbit Rescue. We started it because during answering ads for rabbits to show we occasionally found rabbits in poor conditions in need of care. It’s been successful to breed as well as house bunnies in need and recouping them for new homes. We didn’t start put rescuing We only bred to show but the need for bunnies grew. So you can purchase a well bred or adopt a sweet bun in need of a home Either way its great.

David Bowman
Decatur, IL
Bowman Rabbitry
Controlled-environment rabbitry housing purebred – registered Californians. My stock is selected on the basis of performance in the nestbox, hutch, show table, and meat tray.

SILVIA Trimble
Decatur, Illinois
Californian, New Zealand, white, black, gold-tipped steel
Rabbits Decatur
Meat and pet rabbits

Emilyn Ritchie
Dekalb, Illinois
Ritchie Dutch Rabbitry
We breed Dutch rabbits in black, blue, chocolate, tort and occasionally blue tort and lilac. We have rabbits that have won Best of Variety and Best of Breed. Prices range from $35-65 depending on quality (pet, brood, show). All rabbits are raised in a family environment with adults, children and other animals.

Howard Durst Sr.
Delavan, Illinois
Giant Chinchillas, Flemish giants, cross bred
Howard’s Rabbits
We specialize in Giant Chinchillas but we do have Flemish giants and New Zealand cross rabbits, Giant Chins are from show wining blood lines

Patricia Ingalls
Delavan, Illinois
Lionheads, Checkered Giants
Mill Road Rabbitry
I had raised rabbits a long time ago, but had to give it up do to my husbands health, but have been back in it, now for almost a year. I have Lionhead rabbits, now. Both single and double mane. I will be getting into a couple of other breeds, this year.

Jody Spencer
Dixon , Illinois
Flemish Giants
Spencers Rabbitry
I have flemish giants in fawn and sandy and black they range from ages 3 to 6 months.

Rita Koy
DuQuoin, Illinois
Netherland Dwarf
Majestic Joy Rabbitry
We raise and show Netherland Dwarf rabbits. We are dedicated to the shaded group, Sable Point,Siamese Sable,Siamese Smoke Pearl, and the Himalayans.
If you are looking for a nice Netherland Dwarf to show, breed or as a pet, take a look at our website. Thanks Rita & Gina

Danielle Halcom
Edwardsville, Illinois
Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Halcom Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry with one goal in mind. Quality over quantity. Our daily goal is to keep our rabbita happy and healthy. We keep our rabbitry clean, and safe for both the rabbits and the people visiting.
Our rabbits are all apart of our family, and we would like to share their love and personalities with you and your family.

Marie Smith
Edwardsville , Illinois
Californian, New Zealands (m-70) and Mini Rex
Dinky Acres Farm Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in the metro St. Louis area selling rabbits for breeding, meat and pets.

Alison Knabe
Eldred, Illinois
Californians, Mini Rex, Dutch, Holland Lop, Angora
R Wild Hare Rabbitry
R Wild Hare Rabbitry has been in the family since. 1996. We breed for quality and raise champion rabbits for show, meat and pets. Members of ARBA. We welcome all inquiries!! Thank you!!! Tim Alison, Caleb, Sarah, Luke and Logan.

Nanette LaGrange
Essex, Illinois
Nanette’s Lion Head Rabbitry
Established lion head breeder since 2008. Raise a variety of colors including harlequin, magpie, torts, Brokens, REW, blues and blacks. All are double maned and can be pedigreed.
Exceptionally tame breed for younger children and 4-h showing.

Brian & Crystal Smith
Farmer City, Illinois
Mini Lops, French Lops, Californians
Cherokee Flats Rabbitry
We raise Mini Lop, French Lop and Californian for Meat, Pet and Show. We also raise poultry.

Brenda Mann
Flat Rock, IL
Standard Rex
The Rabbit Hut
We started out as a 4H project. Right now I have several Black, Castors and Chocolates for sale. I have does and bucks.

Jordan Yates
Flora, Illinois
Mini Rex
Purebred mini rex rabbits. Are not pedigree.

Jordan Yates
Flora, Illinois
Mini Rex
Mini rex (Mostly black and tortoise colors)

Paula Church
Fox Lake, Illinois
English Angora, Angora Lop Ear
Lonely Bunny
Looking to breed, 2 year old male. Angora Lop, not sure what breed. Lt. Brown. Was a show bunny, in his younger hay days! Has initials tated on ear.

Sabrina Barry
Freeport, Illinois
Champion Ranch Rabbitry
Showing and breeding show quality Lionhead rabbits in many colors!

Carol Walsh
Freeport, IL
Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands
FurSashe Harden
FurSashe Harden rabbitry is a family run rabbitry located in Northern IL. We are a small-medium sized rabbitry about 40 holes. We raise our lionheads & Netherlands as our main show breeds, and we use the New Zealands for show and meat purposes, We strive for Quality!

Brandi Pessman
Fulton, Illinois
Mini Lop
Brandi’s Rabbits
I have 9 rabbits. I just had a baby rabbit. The mother isn’t my rabbit. I am only using her to breed. Two rabbits are 3 years old. Three rabbits are 2 years old. One rabbit is a dwarf rabbit and he is around 10 years old. Two rabbits are about medium age. The baby was born June 29, 2012. One of my medium age rabbits was the father. All rabbits have their own cages and trays that get cleaned once a week. They get unlimited water. They get 1/2 a cup of pellets a day along with oats and hay. Each rabbit also gets a special treat. They all get a carrot. I have 4 brown rabbits, 1 black one, 3 multi-colored ones, and one gray one.

Jen Peterson
Grand de tour, Illinois
Rhinelander, Rhinelanders, Flemish Giants & custom livestock lines
FireStorm Rabbitry
Specializing in Quality Rare Breed Rhinelanders. In Blue & Black. Brood and Show quality only.
Also raising flemish giants for pets and livestock breeders.
My custom livestock lines I’ve been working for several years. Some compact some large. Aiming for litter size and quick growth.
Livestock face book page is The Mini Farm @buyfresheggs

Jordan Dixon
J & I’S Rabbitry
Our rabbitry raises and sells sow quality REX rabbits. We offer a variety of colors in REX such as Black Orange & Blue Fawn Harlequins & Tri, Otter in Black, Blue & Chocolate, Which are main focus. On occasion we also have Blue, Black, Castor & Opal in Self and Broken varieties. You can reach the rabbitry on the phone number provided (618-610-8906) or on our Facebook page (J&I’S Rabbitry) .

Mary Henry
Grant Park, Illinois
Himalayan, Himalayans, English Spots, Californians
Henry’s Hares Rabbitry
Located in North East Illinois, about 50 miles south of Chicago. Raise Himalayan rabbits in all 4 varieties, English Spots in mainly Black and Gold-occasionally other varieties and Californians. Have many years experience in raising high quality, prize winning show rabbits in multiple breeds. Accomplishments:
2012 ARBA Convention Open- BOB and BOS English Spots.
2005 and 2007- National Himalayan Convention Open BIS’s
2008- Home to the ARBA Convention and Group winner Himalayan Youth
2008- ARBA Convention BOS Himalayan Youth
2012- Open and Youth #1 National Himalayan Club Sweepstakes show point winners. Multiple history of Open as well as Youth AHRA show point sweepstakes #1 winners
Multiple All breed BIS’s Himalayan and English Spots.
Multiple Specialty Show BIS’s -Himalayans.

Shannon Lilley
Greenville, IL
American Chinchilla, Californian, Polish, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Lionheads
Shanybugs Rabbitry
We just started back up in 2010. We love all of our rabbits and make sure they have social interaction on a daily basis.

Barbara Henderson
Griggaville, Illinois
Mini Rex, Dutch, New Zealand, Flemish giants, California, Mixed Breeds
Henderson Hutch Rabbitry
I breed for fun and good quality! I sometimes cross to get new exciting rabbits! I have lots to choose from and some of my Dutch babies have won first place at fairs! Come take a look! I sell pure breeds for $15 and crosses for $10 and I make deals on 3 or more I also sell good fryer rabbits for $5 not butchered!

Dennis Thomas
Hanna City, Illinois
Holland Lops
KT’s Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry with 50 holes. We raise and show our rabbits and always strive to produce the highest quality. We are located in Hanna city Il. Call Dennis 309 370-7416 if you have any questions.

Karah Thomas
Hanna City, Illinois
Holland Lop
KT’s Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Hanna City, IL. Since 2009 we have been raising and selling Holland Lops. We strive to raise the best quality rabbits. Our bloodlines include Camelot’s, Schwandt’s, Lov’s, Narrogon’s, Kloster’s.

Kasandra Snowden
Harmon, Illinois
Champagne d’Argent and Satin
B & K Rabbitry
We raise pure bred Champagne D’Argents and Satins. We give our rabbits the best care daily. All of our rabbits are handled from a young age. In 2013 we were new to showing rabbits, however we did very well , and we are looking forward to 2014.

Ryon Richardson
Harmon, Illinois
Giant Chinchillas
Richardson Rabbitry
Very good rabbits… I have breeding stock for sale…call if you need any, THANKS!

Twila Coffey
Hartsburg, Illinois
Netherland Dwarfs
I have raised Dwarfs exclusively for 23 years. They are in a controlled 70* environment year round. I usually have 12 – 13 of the 25 colors sanctioned by the ARBA (National Rabbit Club) & ANDRC (National Dwarf Club).

Laurie Quinn
Hillsboro , Illinois
Flemish Giant
Red Bridge Rabbitry
Offering pedigreed light greys, blues, whites, and sandies. Super healthy rabbits raised in extra clean environment with spacious living areas. Located about an hour south of Springfield.

Shawna Vencel
Hoopeston, Illinois
French Angora, Satin Angora, Giant Angora
Shawve Rabbitry
I primarily raise top show quality French Angoras in both colored and whites. I also raise Satin Angoras and Giant Angoras. I periodically have Angoras for sale please email me with any questions

Ella Schoenberg
Huntley, Illinois
Mini Lop, Holland Lop
Aimee Rabbitry
I would love a rabbitry that is dependable and kind with me and their rabbits. I would love a Holland or mini lop with floppy ears. Also, a rabbit that is smaller in size and loves to play and be held by people.

Tina Jockisch
Ipava, Illinois
Rex, Mini Rex and Dutch
Double C Rabbitry
We have a 30 hole rabbitry…We have babies each and every month. Please call for pricing and to see what’s available.

Erik Dawson
Island lake, Illinois
French Angoras
Amigurumi Rabbitry
I am a youth breeder of show quality french angoras, I am a member of ARBA and NARBC, I am located near Chicago and Elgin, I sell Both wool and rabbits. Email me, I almost Always have rabbits for sale.

Kayleigh Garden
Iuka, Illinois
Holland Lop
Garden Bunny Farm
We raise nationally competitive show quality Holland Lops in beautiful Southern IL. We have placed in the top 10 at both Holland Lop Nationals and ARBA Convention. We pride ourselves in breeding as close to the SOP as possible.
If you are looking for a Show Quality Holland or nice Breeding stock check out our website or send us an email! Our show rabbits and breeding stock will all come with a pedigree. The lines we work are: Karrot Kreek, thf Saynora, Camelot and Brocks Fallen Ears.
We do from time to time have pets for sale as well. Our pets DO NOT come with pedigrees.

Joshua Shepherd
Highland, Illinois
Rex, New Zealand, German Angora
Moonbay Rabbitry and Homestead
Small Rabbitry producing New Zealand, Rex, and German Angora. Our New Zealands are from meat stock, our Rex and German Angoras are from fully pedigreed stock.

Joni Rester
Johnston City, Illinois
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops
Country Bunnies Rabbitry
Country Bunnies is a small rabbitry in southern Illinois. We have had rabbits a little over 5 years now.We raise only dwarf breed’s as a hobby and show them as well. We belong to the ARBA,IRBA,ANDRC,HLRSC and KIAM Egyptian RBA club which i serve as the vice-president at present.

Alexis DeBord
Kewanee, Illinois
New Zealands, Mini Rex, Lops, Lion Heads
Our rabbits have a measured amount of pellets and get greens everyday. They get fresh water and exercise daily. Cages get cleaned once a week or more. Our rabbits are not bred right after a litter. We wait a month or two before breeding them again. We have purebred rabbits as well as mixes. We take in rescues also. All of our rabbits are healthy. None of them are wild. We prefer to tame our rabbits before sending them off to homes with children and other pets.

Dylan Herridge
Lacon, Illinois
Mini Rex
Herridge Rabbitry
Mini Rex for sale! Show and pet quality.

Haley L.
Lake County, IL
New Zealand Whites, Rex
Lazy Haley J Rabbitry
I am a youth breeder who pays for my rabbitry entirely and I raise for quality, not quantity. I have a 12 hole rabbitry containing 1 Black Otter Rex Buck, 1 New Zealand White buck, 1 Blue otter Rex doe, 1 Black Doe, 1 Broken Black Otter Doe, 2 New Zealand White Does, and 1 blue eyed white mini Rex. I Raising Champion Rabbits for Show, Pets, And Meat. I show in ARBA and 4H and all of my rabbits are proven and healthy.

Sue Mars
Lakewood, IL
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Mars Quality Rabbits
I have a medium sized rabbitry. They are in a heated/air conditioned building. I have mainly stack cages but I do have one hanging cage. I use water bottles so my babies will not be used to bowls.

Chelsea Cuttill
La Place, Illinois
Rex, Mini rex
Thumping Trails Rabbitry
I am now breeding only Rex, but I have a few mini rex I am breeding as well but only a few. You can always look me up on my page on Facebook under Thumping Trails Rabbitry. I also have a side branch as well Thumping Trails Otto’s Magpie Branch. This Branch is also Rex.

Charlie Rocko
Lee County, Illinois
New Zealand Red
Rocko’s Rabbitry
I have New Zealands that need to go!!

Clayton Obert
Liberty, Illinois
Jersey Wooly
Obert Rabbitry
They are pure Jersey Wooly
They have pedigrees
They are tattooed
Blue eyed
Show rabbits

Rob and Melodie Gabel
Lima, Illinois
Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Lionhead, Polish
Nothing Special Rabbitry
Raising quality purebred rabbits for pets and for shows.

Brock Poehler
Louisville, Illinois
Californian, New Zealand
Poehler’s Rabbitry
No fancy breeds, just your main fryer rabbits. We raise California, New Zealand, Champagne, and Flemish giants. Special mix orders are accepted.

Natalie Lambdin
Lovington, Illinois
English Lops, Mixed Breeds, Commercial rabbits, French Lops
Lambdin’s Rabbitry
I am a youth breeder and a member of the ARBA, CIRBA, and LRCA. I raise English Lops, Mixed breeds, Commercial rabbits, and soon French Lops. Check out my website ( or my facebook page (Lambdin’s Rabbitry). Call, Text, or Email me with any questions or to ask about rabbits for sale.

Danielle Richardson
Macedonia, Illinois
French Angora, Flemish Giant
Danielle Hoppers
The French Angora are pedigree but the Flemish Giant are not.

Ivana Green
Mansfield, Illinois
Satin, Mini Rex, Mini Lops, and Jersey Woolies
Country Lops
I’m a decent sized rabbitry in central Illinois. I mainly raise satins and do very well with them. I have all varieties; however, I only have a pair of some of the varieties. My largest varieties are black, blue, and broken in those colors. My favorites are chocolate and otter. I have lines from all across the country from some of the top breeders. I’ve won many BIS, RIS, best and best opposite varieties at nationals.
My mini lops, mini rex, and woolies are from top lines as well. I don’t have many of those. I have a 9 hole of mini rex, 9 hole of woolies, and an 8 hole of mini lops. I don’t show these often but when I do I typically win best of breed.
If you give me call and I don’t answer please leave a voice mail and I’ll call you back. If I don’t get a voice mail I won’t call back, sorry.

Tina Woolum
Maroa, Illinois
Standard Rex and Mini Rex
Hidden Rock Rabbitry
Breeder of show quality pedigreed Standard Rex and Mini Rex rabbits, located in Central Illinois.

Jerry Fisher
Martinton, IL
JC Bunny Ranch
We raise only champagnes,we have 45 holes currently,10 brood does.

Christina Ware
Mason City, Illinois
Standard Rex, Mini Rex, and Silver Fox
Rowan Tree Rabbit Hole Rabbitry
Opal, Castor, Otter, Martin, Seal, Tri, Hari, and Broken Standard Rexes (working on more chin genes and larger rabbits).
Otter, Martin, Self, and Broken Mini Rexes (working on more chin genes).
Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac Silver Foxes.
Show, pet, breeder, and meat rabbits.

Bobby Akins
McLeansboro, Illinois
New Zealand, Red and Broken Red New Zealands
Akins Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Southern Illinois. I am a member of ARBA, IRBA, KIAM and MERBA. We raise New Zealand Reds and Broken Reds. Our goal is to raise top quality show and 4H rabbits. All of our rabbits are pedigreed. New Zealands also make great meat rabbits if thats what your in the market for. Please feel free to email or call with any questions. Email is Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Jacki Pienta
McNabb, Illinois
Holland Lops & Lionheads
Feathered & Furry Foto Farm
We are a small rabbitry- with only 25 holes. Rabbits are socialized and handled daily. Bloodlines are show stock and come from a very successful line of show rabbits. We take pride in providing quality stock for ARBA show and 4-H.

H. David Bruno
Mechanicsburg, Illinois
Harlequins- Japanese and Siamese Satins
Bruno Farms Rabbitry
Located in Central Illinois. Specializing in Japanese Harlequins and Siamese Satins. Please call for more information.

Cindy Bankes
Mendota, IL
Mini Rex
KC’s Rabbit Ranch
Raising Mini Rex in several colors Black, Broken, Himi, Seal, Tortoise, Otter(Black), Red & Sable Point. Main color being worked on is Seals which I love. I show in several states and have show animals for sale as well as brood stock at times. I am always trying to produce animals with better type and fur …I do not breed for pets but do have them at times.

Jennifer Hopkins
Mt Vernon, IL
Lionheads, Giants, Californians
Grover’s Rabbitry
Grovers Rabbitry is kept nice and clean.

Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Lionheads, Lionhead Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Michelle’s Rabbits
I have raised rabbits for 9 years! I showed for 3 years! I just breeded for pets and show! And have some for meat too.

Cowboy Kolweier
Nashville, Illinois
Polish, Thriantas, Holland Lops, Florida Whites, Mini Rex, & Havanas
Cowboy’s Rabbit Ranch
Howdy, We are a small Rabbitry in southern Illinois(50 miles due east of St. Louis,Mo.) and have been raising rabbits since 1985. I got my ARBA Registrars License in 1989, and was very active showing. I was also very fortunate to win B.O.B. at the Polish Nationals 2 years in a row. Then, due to job change we sold out in 2003. I also let my Registrars License expired(not very good move). Anyway; last year my grandson started 4-H and guess what; he started with RABBITS , and said,” Grampa you need to get some rabbits again”. Well, it didn’t take much convincing. We bought a pair of Polish last year and are now back at it(and enjoying every minute of it). Since that first pair, we bought more Polish, some Thriantas and a few other breeds for my grandson to become familiar with.We are again members of the ARBA, Illinois Rabbit Breeders Association, and the American Polish Rabbit Club.

Scott Schumacher
NEOGA, Illinois
New Zealand, all breeds
Triple S Rabbitry
Looking for buyers.

Jill Hackett
Oblong, Illinois
Tans and New Zealands
J & G Rabbitry
We started raising rabbits about 5 years ago with my daughter as a 4-H project. Once we got started we realized we all enjoyed it. We are now raising New Zealand’s both broken & solids. We also have some Tans in our barn because I am still a fan of the small rabbits as well.

Tracy Fochs
Oswego, Illinois
English Lops, French Lops, Flemish Giants, Holland Lops
Silver Spoon Bunny Ranch
Breeder of rabbits

Carolyne Jimenez
Oswego, Illinois
Jersey Wooly
Adelina’s Wonderful Woolies
Show and pet quality absolutely adorable Jersey Wooly bunnies. Specialize in Blue Eyed White, Chocolate, and Tan pattern Jerseys. My 11 year old daughter and I raise Jersey Woolies because they are beyond cute, ridiculously soft, and their calm and friendly demeanor makes them one of the very best pets. We show our bunnies in 4-H as well as other ARBA shows, and of course the Jersey Wooly Nationals.
Soon to be members of the ARBA and National Jersey Wooly Rabbit Club.
Please let us know if you have any questions we would be more than happy to provide you with a quality and lovely Jersey Wooly rabbit

Jesse Bashaw
Pearl City, Illinois
Florida Whites, California white, Lionhead
GoldMine Farm Rabbitry
A small town farm turned rabbit crazy! We are currently raising Florida whites and lion heads. But will also have California-Florida white cross breeds soon. Currently working with eight breeding sets, we hope to expand and enjoy rabbits for years to come.

Crystal Ben-Ezra
Peoria, Illinois
Flemish Giants and New Zealand Californians
Urban Rabbitry
Find us on Facebook!

Michelle Heins
Peoria, Illinois
French Lop, Dutch, German Angora
Meadow View Farm
We are currently growing our rabbitry and so far have Dutch, French Lop, and German Angora rabbits in a variety of colors. We are not yet members of ARBA but we are registered with IAGARB (#IL-19) for our German Angoras. Our French Lops and German Angoras all have complete pedigrees, our Dutch have partial pedigrees at the moment but we are working to improve our lines. All rabbits are breed with the individual Standard of Perfection in mind for their breed.

Vitali Devocelle
Petersburg , Illinois
Holland lop, lionhead
Salem Exotics (Rabbits & Rats)
At Salem Exotics we have over 8+ years of experience with rabbits. We breed Holland lop lionhead cross breeds, with a variety of colors and markings. We breed on a very small scale, and we do keep a waitlist and offer payment plans. All our rabbits are housed indoors and free roamed daily.
We feed several different vegetables daily, as well as hay, pellets, vitamins, and occasional treats. Our babies are kept in large play pens with different tunnels, hides, and toys to explore once they leave the nest, until they are adopted.

Terry Walters
Plainfield, Illinois
Flemish Giant
The Rabbits Hutch
We are dedicated to providing a natural environment for our rabbits. This allows us to help create high quality, healthy and friendly Flemish Giants. Our rabbits are allowed to roam, graze and play in the back yard during the day. At night they are returned to their hutches. As a result, they are in excellent physical condition which helps prolong their lifespan, while, the constant handling from our children and friends, makes them very tame and social. Please call to make an appointment to view our process and available stock!

Anna Tatum
Prairie Du Rocher, Illinois
New Zealands, Standard Rexes, Mixes
Tatum Rabbitry
Small scale. My daughter is raising the standard Rex’s. I raise the meat rabbits.

Bob McKenney
Princeton, Illinois
Mini Rex, New Zealand Whites
RM Rabbitry
I raise both Mini Rex and NZWs of show quality although I only show about once a year. I just got back into the bunnies after being out for several yrs. I started out with the best show quality rabbits I could find in both breeds.I will have more does coming due starting this month jan 2012. Both bunnies and from time to time adult rabbits for sale. Feel free to call for more information.

Lisa G
Quad Cities, Illinois
Champagne d’ Argent, Californian
WildRiver Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry just getting started as of 2022. We mainly breed for meat. Our rabbits a fed pellets and have free access to hay.

Troy Eisenmann
Red Bud, IL
New Zealands, California
TnS Rabbits
Just starting out recently. I only have four right now, but looking to expand fast. I’m really in need of breeding age does.

Robert Foster
Rossville, Illinois
New Zealand, Californians
T@r Rabbitry

Jessica Smith
Rossville, Illinois
New Zealand – Red, Black, Broken Black, Blue, Broken Blue, Gold tipped steel.
Strugglebus Farm
Located in East Central Illinois. We are a medium size rabbitry and often have a wonderful assortment of colored new zealand rabbits to choose from. Pedigrees available

Dana Scott
Sandwich, Illinois
Holland Lop
Illinois Holland Lops
Holland Lop breeder focused on Producing quality rabbits for pet and show. Our rabbits are raised indoors with kids and pets so they’re social and will make a great addition to your family. I start the litter training process here and your bunny comes home with his/her pedigree and transition food when they’re 8 weeks old. Check or for pricing and availability. Located in Sandwich, IL.

Ethan Martindale
Smithfield, Illinois
Standard Rex Rabbits
M&T Rabbitry
My cousin and I started M&T Rabbitry in November 2019. We just started raising bunnies. We have Rex rabbits for sale!

Gary Geerts
Sterling, Illinois
Californians and Silver Martens (all colors)
Californians are strong Coffee line. Silver Martens all colors Black,Blue,Chocolate,Sable.

Brad Holland
Sullivan, Illinois
Dutch, Netherland Dwarf, Japanese Harlequin and Mini Rex
Pine View Ranch Rabbitry
We are a small family rabbitry that started in 2020. Father & Daughter duo and part of ARBA and CIRBA. Our rabbits are housed in a well ventilated barn, heated and air conditioned. Rabbits are friendly and spoiled with treats. We breed for show and for pets. Located in Sullivan, IL at 1522 Cr 750 East. Email is Phone is 217-671-6013 and 217-828-2868. We can also be found on Facebook! Website is

Linc Woodrome
Texico, Illinois
New Zealand, California/New Zealand cross, Mini Rex
Hershey’s Hoppers Rabbitry
Small family owned Rabbitry in Texico (north of Mt. Vernon). We raise very friendly rabbits that have been handled daily. We have pet and pedigree options. Mini Rex is in development and will be happening in the Spring of 2016. We look forward to a call or an email, Facebook coming soon.

Dave Zerrusen
Teutopolis, IL
Holland Lops, Lionheads
Dave’s Lions and Lops
We raise quality Holland Lops and Lionheads. All of our rabbits have pedigrees. Most of our Holland stock is out of Sue Mars herd. We have had a lot of success in the few shows that we have shown in. We often have rabbits for sale you can check out the following links to see some pictures and see the contact info. Thanks – Dave

Jennifer Bauer
Union Hill, IL
Champagne d’ Argent, Mini Lop
Bauer Bunnies
We started raising Champagnes and Mini Lops last year. We have roughly 10-20 rabbits. We started raising rabbits as a 4-H project for our sons. We have Champagnes and Mini Lops. We are members of the ARBA, Illinois Rabbit Breeders Assocation, Illinois Mini Lop Club, and the Champagne d’ Argent rabbit Federation.

Dawn Bookwalter`
Union, Illinois
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Polish, and Californians
D and B Acres Rabbitry
D and B Acres is our hobby. We’ve had Polish rabbits since 2003, Holland Lop rabbits since 2005 and Netherland Dwarfs since 2008. We focus mainly on Netherland Dwarfs in all shaded varieties, sable and smoke martens, chestnuts, and oranges. We try to keep litters of Holland Lops and Polish current and ready to be sold. We usually try to attend at least one rabbit show a month. We show in both 4-H and nationals/open. We currently belong to the ARBA, ANDRC, INDSC, and IRBA.

Arnie and Sue Schmidt
Union, Illinois
New Zealand, New Zealand’s, Blue, Red, White and Black. Also have Siamese Satins and sometimes Broken Black
ABC Rabbitry
Have been Raising New Zealands and Satins for oveer 30 years

Sam Matkovich
Wadsworth , Illinois
Dutch, New Zealand, Champagne D’Argent
Northern Illinois Dutch Rabbitry
Ive bean breeding Dutch rabbits since I was 12, mostly blues and chocolates, and my dad breeds New Zealand and the Champagnes for meet.

Carolyn Bradshaw
Walsh, Illinois
New Zealand, Pedigreed New Zealand Reds Whites and Brokens . Cals
Foo Foo Farm
I am a small rabbitry in so. Illinois. I have pedigreed NZs and Cals . I am also looking to buy pedigreed Harlequins.

Megan and Brett Seaman
Wappela, Illinois
Holland lops, and Red New Zealands
TRK’s Rabbitry
We are a hobby rabbitry. Started and operated by myself, my husband and 3 children. We strive to produce Holland lops and Red New Zealands as close to the ARBA SOP as possible! We specialize in Blue eyed White Holland lops, but do have a regular color project on the side. We are 4-H and youth friendly!

Andrea Pate
Wauconda, Illinois
American Fuzzy Lop
Pate’s Rabbits
Show as well as a few pet quality American Fuzzy Lops. Show or brood. Competitive quality.

Tara Lane
Xenia, Illinois
Flemish Giant, Giant Blue Flemish
Celtic Corner Rabbitry
Big lovable Rabbits! Bred with love and care. These are pedigreed Blue Giant Flemish. Bred for show or pets. Gentle Giants with wonderful personalities. E-Mail for litter information.

Jim Matkovich
Wadsworth, Illinois
Matkovich Family Rabbitry

Amy/Hailey Dote
Wheaton, Illinois
Silver Fox, Silver fox. Harlequin Magpie Variety and Lionheads
BuckWild Rabbitry
Small 20 hole Rabbitry
I do have white silver fox for meat buyers
Harlequins for dog food or fancy/pets
Lionheads pets but can be used for feeding to other animals. Such as raptors, snakes large lizards etc
Please tell me exactly what you desire

We raise for meat show and fur
Not primarily a pet breeder howeverit can be possible.

All rabbits are raised without antibiotics
Fed premium pellets and hay
Rabbits are housed in sanitary conditions
If you would like rabbit meat for yourself I sell you the rabbit and as a service I can dress it out for you

Thank you for your consideration

Amy and Hailey Dote
BuckWild Rabbitry
Wheaton, Illinois
Member ARBA
Member Silver Fox Rabbit Club
Member National Lionhead Rabbit Club
Member Harlequin Club

Randy Wackerlin John Wheaton
Yorkville , Illinois
New Zealands, Flemish Giants, Checkered Giants, Blanc de Hotots, Champagne d’Argents, and Harlequins
W & W Wabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Northern Illinois. We have several breeds available. We do not usually breed in the hot weather to preserve the health of our rabbits. We are connected with a breeder of Netherland Dwarfs and Holland lops and can usually get them as well as our larger breeds. We are a member of the ARBA. John can also be contacted at: 630-816-6803

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