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Dylan Brennan
Albany, Indiana
Holland Lops
Raspy Rooster Farms Rabbitry
We raise quality rabbits that do well when they are shown. We are active in 4H. We raise other animals on our farm as well. Check out our website!

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Emma Brennan
Albany, Indiana
Dwarf Hotots & Mini Rex
Hoppin’ Hotots Rabbitry
I am a youth breeder and member of ARBA. We breed quality Dwarf Hotot and Mini Rex. I have babies available some times. Please email me if you have any questions!

Ernie & Connie Morgan
Albion, Indiana
Holland Lop, Rex and New Zealand
Our bunnies are like our children to us, We keep 50-75 bunnies most of the time and our goal is to raise top Quality Show & 4-H Bunnies. We sell alot of Rabbits each year and consistently turn out winners and the best pets possible for those in the market for a great house pet, Holland Lops by nature are such a joy as a childs pet.

Johnny Smith
Alexandria, Indiana
New Zealand, New Zealand White with Pedigree and few broken NZ. Also have some Californian.
Smith’s Rabbitry
New Zealand White with Pedigree, Californian with Pedigree, Also have just the meat rabbit in NZ and CA, and in the Broken for pet’s.

Eric Hensley
Anderson, Indiana
English Angora
Mockingbird Hill Angora’s
We breed english angoras for fiber and pets located right next to I-69 in Anderson just 30 minutes from Indy

Creager Family
Angola, IN
Sweet Backyard Bunnies
Quality Standard Rex
Specializing in Blue, Black, Castor, Otter, Broken

Sarah Haynes
Auburn, Indiana
Mini Satin, Min Rex, Florida Whites, Holland Lops
Haynes Girls Rabbitry
We are currently raising Mini Satin’s, Mini Rex’s, Florida Whites and Holland Lops. My daughters are actively involved in 4-H and are enjoying raising their own rabbits to show and to sell to others. We are located in Northeast Indiana.

Kay Snyder
bainbridge, Indiana
English Angora, Satin Angora
Stillwater Farm
We raise and sell English and Satin Angoras.

Olivia Treen
Bainbridge , Indiana
English Angora, Satin Angora
Treen Acres Rabbitry
I raise both English and Satin Angoras for their wonderful wool, loving personalities, and for show. I am an ARBA member and strive for quality stock. For more information please visit my website, thank you.

Emily Carroll
Bedford, IN
Cinnamon, Mini Lop
Indian Creek Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in the heart of Indian Creek Township in beautiful Lawrence County near Bedford. We raise show quality Mini Lops and Cinnamons. We began raising rabbits for 4-H about 5 years ago. We have grown from a few backyard pet bunnies to breeding stock for shows and improving herd lines. We love to talk about our rabbits, and would be happy to show them to you!

Natasha Awbrey
Bedford, IN
Awbreys Hoosier Hoppers
I am a small rabbitry in southern Indiana. I am working on improving my line of Thriantas and I breed for that reason. I handle and spend time with my rabbits so they are friendly and outgoing. They have great confirmation and color. I don’t own or sell anything that does not have a pedigree. You can find my page on facebook “Awbrey’s Hoosier Hoppers”

Teri Awbrey
Bedford, Indiana
English Angora, English and French Angora
Spin Me a Yarn Rabbitry
I raise english and french angoras from good showlines. I breed by standard of perfection and for personality and sweetness. My rabbits are handled often and gentle. I want my rabbits to have good homes and the buyer to be happy with the rabbit so I am always available to my buyers for information, advice and help.

Karen Boruff
Bedford, Indiana
Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Flemish Giant, French Lop
Needmore Bunnies
My son and stepdaughter started out showing in 4H only but when my stepdaughter won Best of Breed Thrianta we began going to open shows and started breeding. We have several Best of Breeds now and are always looking forward to our next show! Every bunny gets lots of love and attention at our rabbitry. We are a small rabbitry and only breed a few times per year so we can give all our bunnies the best care possible.

Kelly Caudill
Bedford, IN
Mini Rex, American Chinchilla, Netherland Dwarf
Kelly’s Bunny Barn Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry in Southren Indiana. Specializing in breeding, raising, selling, showing Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, American Chinchilla. I was drawn to this hobby after a hard struggle of breast cancer, the bunnies are a true blessing to me & are the love of my life! In 2010 I started my stock out of bloodlines from the Twin Barn and Miller Farms, since I have searched out some excellant breeders across the country. Through many questions, trial & error, I now have some very nice stock in my barn. I am very proud of my bunnies! I also sell pets and 4-H bunnies as well. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13

Bharatesh Aski
Belgaum or Raibag, Indiana
New Zealand, all type
Bharatesh Rabbitry
This market is near Kollapur

Claire Kidwell
Bloomington , Indiana
Harlequin, Mini Rex
Claire’s rabbits
These rabbits are only 6 weeks old and are very friendly. I would like $30 each.Their parents are also pedigreed.

Jenny Bowles
Bloomington, IN
Netherland Dwarf, Britannia Petite, Holland Lop
Trestle Creek Farm
I have been raising various show quality animals for 15 years. Focusing on development of good structure with attention to each unique animal. We possess continued enthusiasm for any animal we show and raise.

Rhonda Baird, Maya Baird
Bloomington, Indiana
Mini Lop, French Angora
Sheltering Hills Rabbitry
We started with rabbits because Rhonda is a fiber artist and gardener. Rabbits fit right in–eating weeds as treats and fertilizing the garden plus making lending fur for soft gloves, hats, and scarves. We love tending to our herd. Our small rabbitry is committed to developing and showing quality lines. We tend to have mini-lops throughout the year and angoras in the cooler months.

Jim Parks
Bloomington, Indiana
New Zealands, Mini Rex, Californians
Wonderlands Mad Rabbitry
We have top of the line purebred rabbits. All have been pedigreed. Most of our rabbits are meat, but some are for showing or just for pets. Either way youll have a “mad” time.

John Scheiwe
Bloomington, Indiana
English Spots, Holland Lops
Scheiwe Rabbitry
We have about 25 English Spots in blue, black and chocolate. Occasionally we have some for sale to those interested in English Spots.

Claire Kidwell
Bloomington, Indiana
Silver Fox
Claire’s Rare Rabbitry
I sell show Silver Fox Rabbits that are pedigreed. I have blues and blacks currently available. If you are interested in pictures or have any questions for me you can contact me at my email or my phone number 812-679-1890. First come first serve.

Kari Wilson
Bloomfield, Indiana
New Zealand, Holland Lop
Smith W Wilson Farm
We have anywhere from a total of 50 to 200+ rabbits. We are 4H friendly.

Heather Avery
Bunker Hill, Indiana
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, California, Silver Martin, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, and more
Avery’s Rabbits and more
We have several different breeds of rabbits that we breed for show, meat, or pets. We also run a rabbit rescue for central Indiana. I have purebreds and also some mix breeds. All of my rabbits are spoiled. They are all vet checked and up to date on vaccination. Most of the time I have some kits for sale. I do not have the pedigrees for all of my rabbits but do have for some. We also raise chickens and Mini Aussie Shepards on our farm. I also train all rabbits to use litter boxes and other tricks. I have on that will ring a bell when she wants something. We are working on getting our webpage up and working correctly. Thank you and Go Bunnies!!!

Sacred Roots
Butler, Indiana
Holland Lop, Netherland dwarfs and Dutch
Sacred Roots Rabbitry
We are a Rabbitry based in Butler IN, trying to raise our breeds to meet their SOP. We love our buns to death and we want to make sure they find amazing homes whether it be a pet home, show home or to a breeder. We want to make sure our buns go to great homes, and this is just a way to spread the word about our Rabbitry. We do raise some non-showable colors like VM/Harlequin/Magpie, but we only do that so that we can better the build of those colors so that hopefully one day they can be showable colors. Anyways! Feel free to contact us about availability or if you’re wanting to join a waiting list and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Also feel free to visit our Instagram page called “Sacred Roots Rabbitry”. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Richard Meyer
Cambridge City, Indiana
Mini Rex, Californians
Richard’s Rabbits
We have rabbits for county fairs.

Rick Cole
Carthage, IN
Tower Rabbitry
We have 35 working does -hotot, amercian blue & white, nzw m-70 line, nzr.

Kelly Flynn
Central Indiana, Indiana
Blue Ribbon Rabbitry
Blue Ribbon Rabbitry is owned by Kelly Flynn (ARBA Judge #920) and is located in central Indiana. I have raised numerous breeds over the years, but currently I exclusively raise Tans. I strive to be nationally competitive with my rabbits. I maintain a small herd, which I feel works well for me as I must maintain exceptionally high standards for my animals.

Courtney Griffith
Central Indiana (Near Indianapolis), Indiana
Dutch, Standard Chinchilla, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Himi, Flemish Giants
Dreaming Tree Rabbitry
Medium sized rabbitry located in central Indiana about 30 minutes from Indianapolis.

Arani Wentland
Churubusco, Indiana
Holland Lops, Silver Fox
A Habit of Rabbits Rabbitry
Raising show quality holland lops and silver fox. I raise rabbits as close to the breed standard as possible.

Laney Parker
Churubusco, Indiana
Holland Lop, New Zeland, Mini Rex and Chinchilla
Parker Rabbit Farm
We sell high quality brood does and fertile Bucks also show and pet rabbits.

Duane Kline
Claypool, Indiana
New Zealand, Florida White, Californians
Triple K Rabbitry
Triple K rabbits are competitive in shows and preferred by butchers.

Christy Myers
Clayton, Indiana
Flemish Giants
Myers’ Flemish Giants
I raise all 7 recognized colors of Flemish Giants: sandy, fawn, blue, black, steel gray, light gray, and white. ALL of my rabbits are pedigreed and come from good lines. Please email me if you are thinking about adding a flemish to your family or stock. I am more than happy to help with any questions you may have. 🙂

Ariel Harris
Cloverdale, Indiana
Netherland Dwarfs, Polish, Satin
Nexus Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in SW Indiana,our main breed is Netherland dwarfs in broken,sable point,and any plain colors.We also have a show Satin and a baby Polish.We always list local shows and breeders!Visit the website if your interested.

Cole Bering
Columbia city, Indiana
Palomino and Harlequin
CSA Farms
I raise palomino goldens and lynks. I also raise harlequins. I am a ARBA member im on an ffa team and a 8 year member in 4h. I have a big amount of rabbits. I love to show and help others show.

Jill Rudolph
Columbia City, Indiana
French Angoras
Melangell Rabbitry
Melangell Rabbitry is located 30 minutes west of Fort Wayne , Indiana. We raise our French Angoras for excellent wool, conformation, health and temperament qualities. We are a small scale breeder and focus on giving our Angoras excellent care. All our rabbits are handled since birth to ensure calm, friendly rabbits which are easy to handle. Please visit our website for more information!

Sarah Randolph
Columbia City, Indiana
Netherland Dwarf
Telos Farm Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry in Northern Indiana, about 30 minutes west of Fort Wayne. We primarily breed orange, lynx, and fawn Netherland Dwarfs. We aim for show quality, but also sell to those looking for a pet. Does kindle in our home and our adult rabbits live in hutches that are moveable between our lawn in nice weather, and into our insulated horse barn when it is cold or rainy. All rabbits come with transition pellets, a large bag of mixed hay, and a full 3 generation pedigree.

Jean Dargle
Columbus , Indiana
English Angora, Lionhead
Grandview Farm
We currently have wooler/pet quality rabbits available.
Prices vary from $50-$150
We have several bucks and does available in tan pattern, ticking, shaded, fawn, Chocolate Agouti.
Please email me for more information.

Dustin Maschino
Commiskey, IN
Giant Angora, American Chinchilla
Dusty’s Angora Haven
Dusty’s Angora Haven raised Giant Angoras in REW and Black we are also working on Otters. Check out my blog for all the latest details

Clara Sharp
Commiskey, Indiana
None of the above, Holland lops
We’re a small farm & rabbitry located in Southern IN. Currently we only have holland lop rabbits, but we’re hoping to expand and experiment with more breeds

Paula Moffitt-Bunch
Connersville, Indiana
Harlequin , Japanese and Magpie Harlequins, Dutch, Holland Lops and Meat Rabbits
Moffitt-Bunch Rabbitry
We have been in the Harlequin business for over 30 years (3 generations). Our Harlequins come from a pure blood line. They have received legs and have even won at the National Harlequin Convention.

Jade Zollars
Covington, Alabama
Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Holland Lop & Jersey Wooly
Funny Hunny Bunnies Rabbitty
We raise quality rabbits for show and pets!

Adi Stephens
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Flemish Giant
I raise pedigreed show qualiy sandy and white Flemish Giants. I am a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association as well as a member of the National Federation of the Flemish Giant Breeders. If you are interested in checking out my rabbitry page, please get on Facebook and search Aksrabbitry or send me an email at Thank you for looking!

David Cripe
Danville, Indiana
Flemish Giant, Giant Flemish, champagne d’argent, silver fox, American sable
DC rabbitry
Contact if Interest: text is best 317-600-9888.
We are a small and just starting out. For pets or meat rabbits. Currently have a large selection but they won’t be here for long.

Jeffery Knieriem
Depauw, Indiana
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot
Pride N Joy Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Southern Indiana

Susie Adams
Deputy, Indiana
Dwarf Hotots, Netherland Dwarf, mini rex and lion lops
Cardinal Bunny Barn
We started rescuing rabbits and fell in love with the Dwarf Hotot and Netherland Dwarfs. Then we started raising both dwarf breeds. We don’t breed very many. We only breed for them to pay for supplies needed for them. All of our rabbits are handled daily, litter box trained. Housed in controlled temperature and overall spoiled. Must meet certain requirements to adopt.

Haley Pawlowski
Dyer, Indiana
French Angora
The Binky Bunny Rabbitry
The Binky Bunny Rabbitry is a small family rabbitry currently breeding French Angoras. We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), and our rabbitry is registered. We strive to meet ARBA’s Standard of Perfection and take pride in our quality rabbits. The rabbitry is a part of our small farm in Northwest Indiana, where we also raise chickens and ducks and grow much of our own produce and meat. The French Angoras make a nice addition to our farm by providing us with a source of wool for spinning and crocheting. We breed for a number of qualities in our rabbits, including temperament, wool suitable for spinning, coats that require less grooming, and good body type. We will be breeding in spring 2015 and if all goes well we will have kits available in summer. Find us on Facebook here:

Bill Margison
Edinburgh, Indiana
Californian, New Zealand
We are raising meat pen rabbits and have just started

John Antill
Edinburgh, Indiana
Blanc de Hotot, Silver, Mini Rex, Florida White
Little Critters Nursery
Little Critters Nursery is a Disabled Veteran owned farm. We specialize in Heritage Breeds and all little critters accommodating their natural behaviors as possible.

Christopher Kraus
Elkhart, Indiana
Silver Foxes, Polish
Papa’s Rabbitry of Michiana
Papa’s rabbitry of Michiana is a small 20 hole. Raising Top Notch silver foxes & polish rabbits with a very good blood line. you will see more of papa’s rabbitry as time goes on.
{574} 226 3612

Mara Scott
Elkhart, Indiana
Cinnamon, Checkered Giant, Havana, Mini Lop
Daybreak Rabbitry
Breeding top-quality animals that are nationally competitive for all breeds, Daybreak Rabbitry was founded in 2001 with a start in Havanas. Since then Cinnamons have grown to by my main breed, and I have several Best 6 Class, Best of Group, and Convention BOB/BOS wins with them. My Havanas consistently place in the top 10% of animals at Conventions, as do my Checkered lines, with which I work closely with several of the old top breeders on.

Ryan McBride
Elkhart, Indiana
Silver, Lilac
MC Rabbitry
We’re a rabbitry that started as a family 4H project. It didn’t take long to start showing on the ARBA show circuit. We are ARBA members and are members of several other national breed clubs and local rabbit and cavy clubs. Since the kids have graduated college, the rabbits are now Dad’s. When the kids are home, they still help out.

We are currently (2020) down to 5 breeds. This will probably change over time, as it has often over the past 15 years. Current breeds are Lilac, Mini Rex, Mini Satin, New Zealand, and Silver. All are very good meat breads.

At our largest iteration, we had over 150 holes. We are currently limiting ourselves to 70 holes, which keeps our rabbit numbers somewhere between 90-150 rabbits.

We show the best and eat the rest. We show the winners and eat the dinners. If you are interested in buying processed rabbits, our current price is $4 per pound.

We are located in Elkhart, Indiana.

You can contact Ryan at:

Elkhart, IN
Flemish Giants
Em’s Flemish
I’m a youth breeder, and have a little rabbitry but some great rabbits!

Joanna White
Elkhart, Indiana
Mini Lops
Whitehaven Woods Rabbitry
We are a small scale, family run rabbitry in Northern Indiana.
Our rabbitry is registered with the ARBA.
We raise both pedigreed Mini Lops and pedigreed English Lops from great lines.
We will have multiple litters available through out the year.
We are a homeschooling family, home every day with our rabbits.
They are handled from day one.
Visit our site to read what customers have said!
Contact us if you are looking to add a rabbit to your family.

Mary Coomes
Evansville/Poseyville, Indiana
Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, Lilacs, Jersey Wooly, & Holland lops
K&M’s Rabbitrys
We are located in Southern Indiana,
Breeders of ( Show, Breeding, & Pet Quality ) rabbits
All Pedigreed Stock,
Please visit our website. If you are looking for a special breed that you can not find please contact us, If we don’t have what you are looking for we will try our best to point you in the right direction!
Email, Text, or Call us anytime!
If we don’t answer please leave us a message and we will respond A.S.A.P.!!!
Thank you !!!!
812-760-5409 or 812-568-3228

Kelsey Nay
Fishers, Indiana
Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Mini Lops
Littlebit Bunnies
I breed 4-H mini lops, mini rexes, and Flemish giants! I don’t have alot and I don’t have a big barn, these aren’t breeding rabbits to me they’re family!! I sell them for a very low price not because they are cheap rabbits but because I want them to go to a good home and to kids who normally wouldn’t be able to show or join 4-H for financial reasons! Please call or email me if your interested or if you just have questions!

Raven Durham
Floyds Knobs, Indiana
Holland Lop
Sky Line Rabbitry
We are a some rabbitry focused on producing top quality Holland Lops in Floyds Knobs Indiana, just about thirty minutes from Louisville Kentucky. We are proud members of the ARBA and HLSC, and are striving to have top quality otter and sable point Hollands on the show table.

Randy Lewis
Fort Wayne, Indiana
New Zealand Blacks and Brokens
Lewis Rabbitry
We have been raising rabbits for 25 years. Our main purpose is to raise quality meat pens for 4-H. Our kids are now done with 4-H so we are concentrating on selling to 4-Hers across the state. We also sell breeding stock and bred does for those wanting to raise there own.

Mary Turney
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Netherland Dwarf
Autumn Ridge Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Fort Wayne Indiana. We raise exclusively Netherland Dwarf Rabbits and specialize in Orange and Cinnamon colors. We strive to breed our bunnies to meet the ARBA standards for Netherland Dwarfs as well as friendly dispositions and good mothering skills. Please contact us if you are interested in one of our bunnies.

Barbara Ruden
Fort Wayne, Indiana
French Angora
Those Yarn Rabbits
We are a small Rabbitry and breed for companionship rabbits and great wool production. Our rabbits are handled daily to ensure good temperaments. All our rabbits have pedigrees and can be tattooed on request.

Breeanna Yates
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Regular Dwarf
Grey good with kids small baby

Heather Dunaway
Franklin, IN
English Spot
WE.B.C.N Spots Rabbitry
Indiana breeder of English Spots in black, blue, chocolate, and gray. Owner of the 2009 Spot Nationals Best in Show. Breeder/Owner of the 2010 Spot Nationals Best in Show.

Christine Gordon
Franklin, Indiana
Netherland Dwarf
Gordon Rabbitry
We strive to produce the best quality rabbits we can.

Jamie Gonser
Garrett, Indiana
Holland Lops, Lionheads
Little Hoppin’ Lions Rabbitry
Little Hoppin’ Lions Rabbitry is a small rabbitry dedicated to producing Lionhead Rabbits as close to the standard as possible. I have been raising rabbits for 12 years. I have raised a few different breeds including: Standard Rex, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch, and Mini Lop. I got my first Lionhead about 6 years ago, Tizzi, and she just stole my heart. I am focusing on the following colors (but do have other colors occasionally): REW, Chocolate, and Cocolate Tort. I learn something new about these amazing rabbits everyday. All of my rabbits come from show quality, and pedigreed breeding stock. Little Hoppin Lions now has a new addition of Holland Lop Bunnies!!! I just had to have some of these adorable lop eared rabbits.

Rachel Schrock
Goshen, Indiana
Tan, Netherland Dwarf, Californian, Dutch, New Zealand, Mini Lop, French Lop, Lionhead, English Spot
Schrock Rabbitry
I have 10 years of 4-h experience as well as attending many open arba shows in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan. I thoroughly enjoy raising and showing rabbits and am always looking to improve the quality of my stock. i almost always have a few rabbits for sale so please feel free to contact me! I am mainly focused on Tans, but have over 9 breeds including English Spot, French lop, Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf and a few more.

Frank Grimes
Greencastle, Indiana
Flemish Giants (checkered), Lion Heads, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Mini Rex
Boone Doc Boers and Bunnies
I am located in greencastle, IN. I have a small farm there where I raise all different kinds of rabbits along with Boer goats and sheep. We raise show quality animals for less.

Vanessa and Darla Thompson
Greencastle, Indiana
French Angora, Flemish Giant
Heavenly Hoppers Rabbitry
We are located in Greencastle, Indiana and raise French Angoras, and Flemish Giants.

Todd and Mary Manion
Greenfield, Indiana
Mini Lops, Mini Rex
Manion’s Mini’s
We are a very small breeder of great show mini lops. As we grow we
will add other mini breeds for everyone to enjoy. We do work very close
with the Special Olympics of Indiana so some of the athletes can compete in the open shows. We are members of the ARBA as well.

David Wilson
Greenfield , Indiana
New Zealand, Californian MEAT RABBITS, Rabbit Meat
Wilsons Woooo Rabbits
We are selling RABBITS!! $4.00 a pound or buy a rabbit to raise for $20 dollars a rabbit! Please call 317-809-8667 for more details or to place an order! HURRY THESE FURY CREATURES ARE SELLING FAST!
We are located in Hancock County, Greenfield Indiana.

Andrew Gauck
Greensburg, Indiana
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites and Californians
Gauck Family Livestock
Hello! If you are interested in Heavy Muscled, Fast Growing rabbits that can be Competitive Show Rabbit in the Commercial Classes, you have come to the right person. We pride ourselves in hanging banners and plaques in ARBA Meat Pen, Single Fryer, Roaster and Stewer Classes at a National Level. Set your goals high and let us help you Achieve Them!
Both our Cals and NZ Whites have won Major Titles all across the Country.
The Top 5 Meat Pens at the Indiana State Fair in 2019 were 100% GFL Genetics.
We look forward to working WITH YOU! Thanks!

Cindy Whaley
Hazleton, Indiana
Holland Lop
Shiloh Woods Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Southern indiana

Rose Neises
Hebron, Indiana
Holland Lops, Jersey Wooly, Angora Fiber
Mom’s M & M Bunnies
We are a Junior Breeder & Mom rabbitry. We belong to ARBA and breed to their standards. All of our rabbits are loved and played with daily. They have amazing personalities. We also sell the Angora Fiber and Jacob Sheep wool.

Saba Anjum
Hubli, Indiana
None of the above, Domestic
Best domestic Rabbits…

Josh & Robin Laymon
Hudson, IN
Holland Lops, Mini Satin
Laymon’s Rabbitry
We are located approx 15 miles from the Indiana/Michigan State line and 15 miles from the Ohio/Indiana State line.

Elizabeth Blinn
Huntington, Indiana
Mini Lop, Champagne d’Argent
Blinn Farms Rabbitry
32 hole rabbitry. 50% mini lop and 50% Champagne. Participate in Huntington 4-H and in local open shows. Have had Mini lops for 12 years and Champagnes for 4 years.

James Ford
Indianapolis, Indiana
New Zealand
Happy Fields
We raise meat rabbits and have been doing so for over 10 years. We sale both prepped and live rabbits.

Brianna Gann
Indianapolis, Indiana
Holland Lops, Mini Lops
Bries Babies Rabbitry
We are just starting and out. We mainly focus on our lops but have added others to our herd. We are in a housing addition and we have all our permits and are lucky to keep our bunnies. None of our rabbits come with pedigrees or tattoos but if you wanted to you could definitely show them, we have some gorgeous bunnies and we are also a sanctuary for broken babies that need extra love and care .

James Miller
Indianapolis, Indiana
Dwarf Hotot, Mini Satin
A Hare Above Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry located in east side of Indianapolis, Indiana. We have been breeding for about a year and are focusing on producing quality Dwarf Hotot and Mini Satin Rabbits.

Cherie Smith
Indianapolis, Indiana
Holland Lop
My Rabbit Habit
Holland Lops for 4H show or pets

Julie Hanna-Stewart and Allyson Stewart
Indianapolis, IN
Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Twin Barns Rabbitry
We are a small-ish rabbitry of about 70 holes in a suburban area that fortunately allows animals in the city that are well cared for. And ours certainly are! We raise national award winning Mini Rex in REW, broken, red and black. We also raise Hollands in a variety of colors. I enjoy selling rabbits as pets, to 4-Hers and to those who want to show in ARBA shows as we do.

Stephen Andreanopoulos
Indianapolis, Indiana
Silver Fox
Quarter Acre Rabbitry
We strive to breed the best all purpose Silver Fox lines. Currently we have a line of Blue/blue carriers as well as a heritage black Silver Fox line. We breed for meat production as well as aiming for show quality. This breed is so versatile! Whether you want to feed your family on a small homestead, or you want to show a more rare breed for 4-H, the Silver Fox will not disappoint. We hope our efforts will help the Silver Fox’s progression back into the mainstream after a time of being a pretty rare breed.

Breana Fiechter
Keystone, Indiana
Holland Lops and English Spot
Cute Hops Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry between Fort Wayne and Muncie. We are farmers and parents of little kids. Currently raising Holland Lops with blue eyes (BEW) and English Spots. We do it more for the fun of teaching kids chores and the joy of raising animals than money.
All our animals have an excellent amount of space and are well taken care of. We won’t show till the kids are older and in 4H so our rabbits have not been exposed to rabbit diseases commonly and are very healthy.
English Spots are (in my opinion) the most beautiful breed of rabbit and have lots of entertaining personality. Its really fun to watch them run and leap and play in a fence, I could watch them for hours. They are a challenge to get perfect though, so we can have these pretty rabbits available as pets for less!
Holland lops are very cute, docile and pretty gentle for kids. They are smaller than mini lops and possibly more curious. They are ridiculously easy to catch in my experience. I can catch them in our cornfield. I am striving for show quality blue-eyed-white Holland Lops. We are happy to help you find a rabbit if we can! Very reasonable prices. My advertising and pictures will always be on craigslist.

Ed Plunkett
Kingman, Indiana
Purebred New Zealand Whites
Rabbits on zackmire
Junior bucks and does.
(765)299-1744David Marley
Kokomo, Indiana
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites, Californians
D&D rabbitry
Nzw bucks and does. Fryers.

Connor Minix
Knox, Indiana
Florida White, Thriantas, Havanas, Mini Lops
Minix Farms and Rabbitry
Minix Farms and Rabbitry is located in Northern Indiana. We have champion show rabbits with great bloodlines. Pet rabbits are also available. We offer other animals such as goats, chickens, guinea pigs, ducks, and more. We are known for Florida Whites because of the many wins we have from them. Check us out on Facebook!

Kalley Gregory
Laconia, IN
Polish, Tans, English Spots
Gregory Rabbitry
I have about 30 or so Polish and just starting in Tans and English Spots.

Gabriela De La Cruz
Lafayette, Indiana
Mini Lops, Holland lops
Lafayette Rabbitry
Pure bred mini lops amd holland lops! Full pedigree and i sell for show and for pets! If you want a rabbit, but you dont have lots of money, i am willing to negotiate prices for anyone:)

Stanley Knight
Lafayette, IN
French Lops
Gallant Knight Rabbitry
We have been breeding/raising/showing French lops in open and youth for many years.

Leann Alexander
Lakeville, Indiana
French Lop, Velveteen Lop, Mini Rex, Lionhead
A Hoppy Place
We are a family farm in northern Indiana. We raise rabbits and service dogs and have mini horses and sheep too. 🙂 We LOVE the friendly and loving nature of the Lops. We do not keep or breed any rabbit that is not nice, they have to be great pets first! We are striving to have rabbits that meet ARBA standards. We hope to even start showing them this year. My goal is to have chocolate and lilac French Lops, Velveteens, and Mini Rex.

Andrea Childress
LaPorte, Indiana
Mini Rex, Silver, Flemish Giant
Rhine Creek Rabbitry
Breeding Mini Rex, Silvers, and Flemish Giants in Northwest Indiana.

Jaime Cipares
LaPorte, Indiana
Serapic Farm’s Rabbitry
We raise superior quality polish rabbits for open, youth, and 4-H shows. Pet rabbits available as well. Breeding Black, Chocolate, Blue, and Broken Polish.

Natalie Devereaux
LaPorte, Indiana
Mini Lop, Californian, New Zealand and Netherland Dwarf
Griffin Girls Rabbitry
Our goal is to raise quality show rabbits as well as raise quality cammercial rabbits with our Californians and New Zealands.

Brianna Marsh
Lawrence, Indiana
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and a variety of mixes
Bries Babies Rabbitry
We are just starting and out. We mainly focus on our lops but have added others to our herd. None of our rabbits come with pedigrees or tattoos but if you wanted to you could definitely show them, we have some gorgeous bunnies and we are also a sanctuary for broken babies that need extra love and care. my fiance and i take great pride in our fur babies so they all have wonderful temperaments when they go to their new home i offer a 7 day health guarantee with all my buns

Andy Schindler
New Zealand REDS, Californians
Currently raising New Zealand Reds, I focus on meat breeds, I may occasionally have California, and White New Zealands. My goal is to raise and sell reasonably priced rabbits that can be used for meat, pet, or show.

James Schmidt
Warsaw, Indiana
Champagne d’Argent, Californian, New Zealand White, Dutch
Schmidt Rabbitry

Chayleigh Swartz
Lebanon, Indiana
Mini Lop, California, New Zealand
Turtles Creek Rabbitry
We specialize in Mini-Lops, California, and New Zealands. We offer fully pedigreed, purebred rabbits. We are active in 4-H, Youth ARBA and ARBA shows.

Jordan Hancock
Linton, Indiana
Checkered Giants
Hancock’s Rabbitry
Small but sanitary. produces quality purebred checkered giants with pedigrees.

Alan Siktberg
Lizton, Indiana
Flemish Giants
Siktberg’s Flemish Giants Rabbitry
Have raised and shown Flemish for 20+ years and always willing to help others out and enjoy the Gentle Giants. Colors raised: Black, Lt. Gray, and White.

Eric Abel
Loogootee, Indiana
English Spot,Polish
Country Bunnies Rabbitry
Located in Southern Indiana, we raise quality English Spots & Polish Pedigreed Rabbits. We breed, raise & show quality pedigreed rabbits and me and my girls show them together. ARBA members. Martin Co Indiana 4-H Members. Atend Shows in Indiana & Kentucky

Megan Alspaugh
Loogootee, Indiana
None of the above, Velveteen lops and mini rex.
For the Love of lops
I raise extremely socialized well adapted rabbits, I do not cage any of them and prefer them to go to homes that will give them nice pens like they have here, or indoor pet homes.

Chasitee Hiebert
Lowe Farm, Indiana
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Northern Prairies
Northern Prairies is dedicated to quality-bred pets and customer satisfaction. We offer a range of breeds from Netherland Dwarf to Holland Lop to Mini Rex. We can deliver to Winnipeg, Winkler, Morden, and surrounding areas. Contact us for furthur information and to check availability.

Lyons, Indiana
Commercial rabbitry of 250 does. Providing pet rabbits, commercial breeding stock, and sustainable farming.

Sherryl Gaines
Martinsville, Indiana
Californians, Holland Lops
River Hills Rabbitry
I am an ARBA member with a newly established rabbitry, raising show quality Californian and Holland Lops. We offer for sale breeding stock for open and youth show and meat pens for 4H. Our barn is small but we have good lines. Good prices, too. Give us a look. Inquire via email @

Kimberly Schultz
Michigan City, IN
Champagne D Argents, Silver Fox
Bunnies from Nevaeh
I am a small breeder of Champagne D Argents and Silver Fox. I am an ARBA member and my stock is pedigreed. Selling show quality and pet. Bringing these two wonderful breeds to my state is an honor and pleasure.

Heather & Piper Malcom
Middlebury, Indiana
Mini Lop
Bundaway Rabbitry
My daughter and I haveing been raising mini lops for almost 3 years.We are members of ARBA and 4-h.We breed for type and confirmation and color being secondary.We are working on a shaded program currently.Have babies year round.We offer discounts to 4-her’s and mutiple discounts.

Sarah Fletcher
Mitchell, Indiana
Holland Lop
Sarah Beth’s Bunnies
Hi, my name is Sarah Fletcher and I am 12-years-old. I started raising rabbits last year because I love Holland Lop rabbits and was wanting to expand my herd. I show my rabbits in 4-H and in some local open shows. I started out with my buck 4 years ago, then decided I wanted to purchase a doe for breeding. I am a member of ARBA and my rabbitry number is D5024. I am just starting out but am wanting to expand further. Thanks for stopping by and looking at my page. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks!

Wendy Chalfant
Modoc, IN
Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Jersey Woolies, Flemish Giants
JWC Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry with about 25 holes. We mainly raise Holland lops but, are starting in Mini Lops, Jersey Woolies, and Flemish Giants.

Kelly & Peter Flynn
Monrovia, Indiana
Tan, Mini Satins
Blue Ribbon Rabbitry-
We raise nationally competitive rabbits in the Indianapolis metro area.

Summer Garrett
Monrovia, Indiana
Thriantas, Golden Palaminos, Dwarf Hotots, Harlequins(Magpie & Jap.), NZ Reds, Satins and some ND’s & Meat
Red Robin Rabbitry
My boys and I raise quality show/4h rabbits. Actively involved in 4h. We belong to the Arba and Trba. All rabbits are pedigreed. We love to show and meeting new rabbit friends 🙂

MLB Rabbitry
Mooresville, Indiana
American Chinchilla, Mini Rex
Raising American Chinchillas for show, we have around 30 holes with more on the way.

Stephanie Myers
Montgomery , Indiana
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Californian and more
J n S rabbitry
I live in Montgomery, In and i have several different breeds to choose from. I try to keep good quality, purebred bunnies at a reasonable price. Some as low as $10 with the most expensive at $25. I am 21 and raised bunnies a good bit of my life! I do not show my rabbits myself but some of my rabbits have been shown and have done well. So if your looking for a pet or show i probably will have a few options! Please call or text me at (812)617-1809 please no sunday calls

Amanda Richards
Morgantown, Indiana
Velveteen Lops
Richards Rabbitry
We raise only Veveteen Lops and we are comitted to improving the breed so they can pass ARBA standards and become recognized. They are the best rabbits we have ever owned. We will have new litters born this fall. They make great pets and are fun to show. We are members of the ARBA #RICHAMOO and our Rabbitry # D1511.

Kevin Lengacher
Montgomery, Indiana
KRL Rabbitry
I hav cute little lionhead babies for sale as pets!!!

Stephanie Myers
Montgomery, Indiana
J n S rabbitry

Louis Allyn
Mount Vernon, Indiana
American Chinchilla, Broken Black Satin and mixed breeds
Blue Ribbon Rabbitry
We raise rabbits for show and meat. All the does will sell in the spring when they are young. Most buck will sell in the spring or winter. Some bucks might sell in the spring. When they are young. We will have older rabbits for sell most of the time of the year.

Tara Wolf
Mulberry, Indiana
Britannia Petites, English Spots, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
Wolf’s Rabbits
We raise national quality show rabbits. Established in 2007 as a youth breeder then continued into open. Raised several convention and national winners and numerous Best in Show winners. We do not sell pets and do not ship animals.
Check us out on Facebook!

Veronica Hurtado
Muncie, Indiana
Mini Rex, Dwarf Hotots
VH Rabbitry
At VH Rabbitry i breed for quality Mini Rex and Dwarf Hotots, make sure to check for info of my rabbits 🙂

Suzanne Kadinger
Muncie, IN
Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop, Dutch
Hanna’s Hollands Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in East Central Indiana raising show quality Holland Lops with a few American Fuzzy Lops and Dutch thrown in there. We love to work with 4-H families!

Erika Pugsley
Muncie, Indiana
Florida White, Californian, New Zealand Red
Pugsley Rabbitry
Breeding Californian, New Zealand Red, Florida White.
All purchased rabbits come with pedigree.
Meat / Pet / Show
Tanned Hides
Natural Treats
Visit our website!

Eli Rodriguez Hill
Nashville , Indiana
Holland Lop, Lions Heads, Netherland Dwarfs
Rabbit Roost Rabbitry
Raised in the hills of Brown County Indiana, our bunnies are given a life most bunnies would dream of.

Our girls live in a temperature regulated barn with plenty of light. (Winter)
Since we are a small rabbitry, we are able to provide all our bunnies recess time out in a fenced enclosure.
Our boys are raised in our 100 year old main barn. (Winter) This barn houses our 95 hens on one side. Our Bunny Boys (lol) are kept on the other side. We utilize full spectrum lighting in their area since not much sun gets through. Still, like the girls, they are let out for several hours through the day in a safe environment.
During non-winter months our bunnies are kept in the fresh air outside in their hutches protected from the elements Provided free time and open pens for roaming each day.

About Our Baby Bunnies

Our baby bunnies are handled early on in their lives. We wait until they are 7 to 8 weeks to send them to their new homes. Your baby bunny will come with a three generation pedigree , if applicable, and a small bag of food.
Our baby bunnies have various price points based on the breed, coloration, and if they have A pedegree or not. The price will be under the quick description of each bunny.
We offer pedigree and pet quality bunnies: Lion Heads, Holland Lops, and Netherland Dwarfs.

Carter Bernard
New Albany, Indiana
American Chinchilla, French Angora, Mini Rex, Silver Fox
FurFoxy Rabbitry
We care for a select herd of purebred rabbits from award winning lines. We truly enjoy this hobby and love to share it with others. We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Regional delivery is available.

Erica and Jaden Horvath
New Carlisle, IN
Dwarf Hotots, Holland Lops Mini Rex, Mini Lops
Overlooking Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in northern Indiana that specializes in quality breeding of dwarf hotot rabbits. Our goal is to offer the best rabbits according to the standard of perfection. We strive to help youth have a wonderful experience if taking an interest in rabbits.

Tiffnie and Greg Maples, Kadrin Wheeler
New Carlisle, IN
Dwarf Hotots, Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey Woolys
Snow White’s Dwarfs Rabbitry
We are a small, young rabbitry just getting our start. We are located in Northern Indiana and we will be specializing in show quality rabbits for all of our breeds. If you have any questions or friendly advice for us please feel free to email.

Cindy Stoll
New Haven, Indiana
Holland Lops
Straws and Paws Rabbitry
My rabbitry sits between Fort Wayne and Ohio. It”s just a little town, but I like it. I raise Hollands in orange, opal, blue, rew, torts and some other colors as well.

Jeff Mckee
Nineveh, Indiana
McKee Rabbitry
Small rabbitry located in northern Brown County Indiana strickly producing pedigreed Californian rabbits. Provider or meat pens and fryers for local 4H members as well as 8-10 week old kits for breeding stock, pets, meat. stock usually available April through December. Located 30 miles south of Indianapolis, IN. Reasonable prices.

Joseph M. Ginder (Mike)
Noblesville, IN
Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarf
J&J Rabbitry
Our rabbitry began 23 years ago when my daughter was 8 years old and in the 4-H program. We then began to show around Indiana and Michigan. We began to show nationally and created our name as J & J Rabbitry.

Olivia Howard
Northern Indiana, Indiana
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Polish, Tans
O&K Rabbitry
Breeders of show quality rabbits. Black and broken Polish, Black and Chocolate Tans, Black Netherland Dwarfs, and Chocolate, Black, Tort, and broken Mini Rex.

Sue Webb
North Judson, Indiana
Polish, N.Dwarf, Holland, Mini Rex, Mini Satin, Harlequin, Lionhead
SD Rabbitry
I started raising and showing rabbits in the 1960’s. I have 200 holes +. I promote good 4-H rabbits in my area. Polish has been our main breed since we started. I imported a few Neth. Dwarfs back in the 1970’s. I breed year round. Always have good stock available.

Zachary Wright
North Judson, Indiana
Holland Lops, Mini Satins
The Rabbit Den Rabbitry
The Rabbit Den Rabbitry is fairly new. We breed any kind of show rabbit. We also show our own rabbits. We also have mix breeds for pets and sell meat rabbits. We are also a rabbit rescue.

Aviana Mitchell
North Liberty, Indiana
Flemish Giant, Flemish, Champagne d’Argent, Standard Chinchilla
Softpaws Rabbitry
Have pedigree chinchilla, champagne d’argent, and flemish giant rabbits as well as pet quality flemish! All well handled by my siblings and myself!

Andrea Childress
Northwest, Indiana
Mini Rex, Flemish Giant
Rhine Creek Rabbitry
Breeding superior quality Mini Rex rabbits in Northwest Indiana.
Stock available in many colors including tri color, broken, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, REW, otter, and more.

Anna Joray
North Vernon, Indiana
Mini Lop, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Marie’s Rabbitry
Small scale rabbitry raising many different breeds. 35$ per rabbit

Bennie Wade
Oolitic, Indiana
American Chinchilla, Mini Rex, Thrianta
WAB Rabbitry
We are a medium size rabbitry, it is me and my 3 kids that show about 15 to 20 times a year. We raise the best rabbits that we can and are always looking to improve the breeds we raise. I have raised rabbits for 30 plus yrs. but not always pedigreed rabbits but now all we have are pedigreed rabbits. WE only pedigree the best ones of what we raise and always have some for sale.

Bree Bailey
Ossian, Indiana
Mini Rex and crosses
Bree Bailey’s Bunny Breeders
I raise purebred Mini-Rex rabbits on a small-scale. This ensures that all of the rabbits are properly taken care of. Most of the babies are kept in a special room at my school set up so they are comfortable and well cared for. This way, students who never get to see or hold animals can feel the responsibility of pet ownership by daily caring for them until they are sold. The students love this and the bunnies become very tame and used to people. I am a 4-H member and I show rabbits and I hope to get my precious little bunnies to good homes. I also am seeking to earn a profit to pay for my mission work I do. All of my purebred rabbits have valid pedigrees and can be shown at the fair. The easiest way to contact me is my cell (260)273-1567
~God Bless

Jacob Horton
Otisco, Indiana
Holland Lop, New Zealand
The Horton Homestead
We are a small rabbitry just starting out. We have New Zealand rabbits and Holland Lops available at different times throughout the year. Our Rabbits are excellent for meat or show.

Laurie Staley-Jones
Paragon, IN
Blanc de Hotot, Mini Lop, Satin
Lazy S Rabbitry
Show an breeding quality Blanc de Hotots and Mini Lops since 1989

Deb Thompson
Paragon, Indiana
American Chinchilla, Flemish Giants, Mixed
Lane’s End Rabbitry
We are in the process of breeding a good quality meat rabbit. We also have pet rabbits and pedigreed Am Chinchillas. We strongly believe in raising healthy rabbits that are fed quality pellets, hay, fresh human grade vegetables and fruit. Our main goal is a rabbit that cleans out well and can supply ourselves, and others, with quality meat.

Rick & Emily Rogers
Pendleton, Indiana
New Zealand – Whites
Rogers Rabbits
We have showed and raised New Zealand Whites going on 30 years. Our motto is we do not sell any rabbit that we would not want to show or keep ourselves and use for our own breeding stock.

Stew Williams
Peru, Indiana
Californians, Polish
Broken Oak Farm
We raise polish, californians and pygmy goats along with lowline cattle.

Joy Schmidt
Pierceton, Indiana
Mini Lop
Winding Creek Rabbitry
I sell pedigreed Mini Lops.

Gabrielle Mast
Plainfield, Indiana
English Angora, Dutch
Ridgewood Hill Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Central Indiana. We breed Dutch and English Angora. We are mainly breeding English Angoras at this time. We strive for friendly, well bred, pedigreed rabbits. We breed for show, pet, and wool. Check out our website for rabbits that are available for sale. Our rabbitry was formally known as Dutch in a Hutch Rabbitry and our website still has that name.

Mandi Wilson
Plainfield, IN
Himalayan, American Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops, Giant Angoras
Bluewood Bunnies
Small rabbitry located on the west side of Indianapolis. Most our stock is registered and granded. We strive for quality, not quantity.

Sue Goote
Plymouth, IN
Mini Satin, Satin, Rex, New Zealand
Oak Tree Rabbitry
We are located in Northern Indiana and have been in the rabbit habit since 1974. We joined the ARBA in 1978. We have raised various breeds through the years but have maintained Rex, Satin and New Zealand adding the Mini Satin in 2007. We enjoy raising and showing our rabbits, supporting our local 4H club and spending time with our extended rabbit family and friends. We generally have animals available for sale and welcome inquiries.

Ryan and John Stutzman
Plymouth, Indiana
Netherland Dwarf
Hoppy Dreams Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Northern Indiana that specializes in raising quality rabbits. We currently only raise Netherland Dwarfs.

Keri Harker
Portland, Indiana
Dwarf Hotot, Silver Fox, Californian, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Harker’s Rascally Rabbits
We proudly raise; Dwarf Hotot, Silver Fox, Californian, Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarf Rabbits in the state of Indiana.

Kathryn Schwanke
Remington, IN
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
Narnia Rabbitry
We are small but we have a good blood line.

Lisa Creech
Richmond, Indiana
Holland Lops, English spots, Mini Lops, Mini Rex
Rebekahs Rabbitry
We are a mother and daughter that raise and breed rabbits for show and 4H. My daughter has been showing rabbits for 9 years and breeding for the past few years. We are a small rabbitry in eastern Indiana. Our Mini lop won best of show at our county fair in 2012 and our others have also placed well. We are small but we breed for quality in our rabbits.

Cara Paynter
Richmond, Indiana
Mini Rex, Californians, New Zealands
Mangen Rabbitry
Raising quality mini rex in black, blue, castor, rew, seal, chocolate, otter, and broken. New zealands in White, Red, Black, Broken. and Californians. Learn more at our website:

Jessica Gant
Ridgeville, IN
Harlequin, Holland Lop, Meat Producing
Around the Corner Rabbitry
Our rabbit experience began with one mixed breed rabbit purchased for our daughter while my husband was home on leave from Iraq in 2008. We enjoyed BunnyRabbit so much, our daughter got several more and began showing in 4-H. After a few years in 4-H, we were up to 9 rabbits of different varieties. In the Summer of 2011, an unfortunate incident led to us loosing 7 of our rabbits. Instead of giving up, we decided to take this tragedy and turn it into an opportunity; thus Around the Corner Rabbitry was born. We are ARBA Registered #D967, and take great pride in the rabbits we raise and sell.

Sonja Southard
Rising Sun, Indiana
French Lops and Lionheads
Hares on the Hill Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Southeast Indiana. We raise show quality French Lops and pet quality Lionheads.

Haley Buchert
Roanoke , Indiana
Holland Lops and Mini Rex
Lulu B’s Rabbitry
Our rabbitry is nestled on a small farm in Northeastern Indiana. We are dedicated to hand raising quality Holland Lops and Mini Rex either for homes as loving pets or for the show table.

Erin Nelson
Rochester, Indiana
Netherland Dwarf, Standard Rex, Dwarf Hotot, Silver Fox, Californian, & Satins
Stamberger Boer Goats and Rabbitry
My Aunt & I make up our small rabbitry in Northern Indiana. She started raising rabbits a long time ago when her children were in 4-H and has continued to raise them for several years. My daughters started showing rabbits 5 years ago and decided they wanted to add other breeds to the barn.
The girls mainly show the Netherland Dwarfs, Rex & Silver Fox. We are working on expanding lines and getting new colors with each litter of our Netherland Dwarfs. We recently got 2 more Silver Foxes and look forward to being able to breed them.
We have litters in the barn for sale!!

David and April Moseley
Rockport, Indiana
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, English Lops, French Lops, Mini Lops, Velveteen Lops
Land O’ Bunnies Rabbitry
We are located in Southern Indiana. We mainly raise Holland Lops at this time. We do also have Netherland Dwarfs, English Lops, French Lops, Velveteen Lops, and Mini Lops.

Rolling Prairie, IN
Satins, Mini Rex, Mini Lop
D & D Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry with various colors. Raised mainly for show and 4-H. Do get some for pet and meat also.

Bradley Clapp
Rushville, IN
Holland Lops
Batches of Bunnies Rabbitry
Holland Lops are the main target. Working with Hollands, we are working to better the quality and create all kinds of variety.

Roger Clines
Rushville, IN
Netherland Dwarfs
Roger Rabbit Rabbitry
I strive to breed and raise quality Netherland Dwarfs. My goal is to raise the best I can and make them better. Color and type are two specific characteristics I plan on progressing continuously.

Betsy Calloway
Salem, Indiana
Netherland Dwarf, Dutch
Blue Sky Farm
Show rabbits and pets

Cindy Nelson
San Pierre, Indiana
Holland Lop, Californian, Netherland Dwarf
Silouette Rabbitry
Small backyard rabbitry, not a rabbit mill and specialize in quality rabbits.

Karlie Ries
Scottsburg, Indiana
On the Brightside Rabbitry
I am a youth breeder and have been raising rabbits since 2006. I focus on Rex but sometimes have an extra breed in the rabbitry.

Aaron & Staci Fogle
Shelbyville, Indiana
Californians, Florida Whites, New Zealands (Reds)
Fogle Farms Rabbitry
We raise show quality Californian, Florida whites, and New Zealand red rabbits. We strive to breed as close to the standard of perfection as we possibly can. We also sell meat pens and raise fryers to order.

Eden Carey
Shipshewana, Indiana
Mini Rex
Long Lane Farms
We raise purebred Mini Rex for 4-h and ARBA shows. All of our rabbits are pedigreed. We offer a wide variety of rabbits for sale from pet quality to proven show stock.
Prices start at $5 and go up to $75 depending on quality.
We mainly specialize in Black, broken black, broken blue, and broken tort, but have other colors at times.

David Mains
Shoals, Indiana
New Zealand Reds and Whites, Californians
Mains Rabbit Farm
I now have Zealand red’s with young and white new Zealand’s I will be breeding throughout the spring and summer. I have rabbits for meat and show.

Cassandra and Kelly Bokon
South Bend, IN
Rhinelander, Mini Lop
Fern’s Ranch
We show and raise Rhinelanders in Black and Blue varieties, Mini Lops, Polish in Chocolate and BEW. I also do rabbit hopping and hope to do rabbit agility eventually. We have a small rabbit herd in Northern Indiana.

Madelyn Kanczuzewski
South Bend, Indiana
French Angora
Good Shepherd Acres French Angora Rabbitry & Woolery
Welcome to Good Shepherd Acres French Angora Rabbitry and Woolery!
We specialize in the breeding and improvement of French Angora Rabbits, exclusively and their wool. We breed to ARBA confirmation standards and colors. We strive to improve wool density and length, as well as selecting rabbits who handle well for the show table and spinner’s wooler bunnies. Good Shepherd Acres Rabbitry specializes in the breeding & improvement of French Angora Rabbits and their wool for the show table, 4H, spinners & yarnies.
We breed our kind, splendid and stunning French Angora rabbits throughout the year, and we have a limited supply of kits available for sale. Many of our babies are reserved a year before they are born. If you are hoping to adopt one of our champion pedigree, pure-bred French Angora Rabbits, and would like to be notified when babies become available, contact us and we will gladly add your name to our waiting list.
Our splendid French Angora rabbits come with a four generation pedigree and a tattoo. Our breeding lines include pedigrees from Binky Bunny, Black Foot Fiber Farm, Briar Lane, Celtic Hare, Farfelu, Fuzzie’s, Heartsong, Hunter Glenn, IS, JDV, Lilylane Farms, NB’s, Plentiful Harves, Reed’s, Somerhill and more.
Our pure bred, pedigreed French Angoras babies may leave the rabbitry no earlier than 8 weeks of age.
When you pick up your rabbit at the rabbitry, we will provide a 3-day supply of our special blend of food that the rabbit has been eating so that you can transition your new rabbit gradually over to the food you will be feeding him/her.
If you’d like to be put on our waiting list please contact us through our email, Facebook page private message system or our website.
A nonrefundable $25 deposit is required through Paypal to hold a firm reservation. Your rabbit(s) should be paid for in full before leaving the rabbitry. If you plan to pay on date of pick-up, please pay in cash or pay by PayPal before pick-up.
Please know, we are always happy to talk to you before you decide on your purchase of one of our sweet bunnies, to make sure that a French Angora bunny is a good fit for your family and your homesteading plans.
Madelyn and Mom (Cindy)

Matthew Lewis
South Bend, Indiana
Satin, Flemish Giants, Mini Rex
HL Rabbitry
We raised rabbits as a hobby. We raised them to compete in 4-H and in ARBA shows.

Southern Indiana, Louisville , Indiana
Mini Plush Lops
Emily’s Rabbitry
We have Mini Plush Lops 🙂 they are very cute and sweet and have their own little personalities! They are very easy to love and care for!!! We are a young family and would love to sell you a fur baby:)!!!! My number is 8129729649 I can text or talk and send pix! None of our bunnies are under 100$ the fastest way to contact me is text messages

Amy Arnold
Spencer, Indiana
New Zealand, New Zealand White Tamuks
Harvestmoon Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry just starting out. We have New Zealand White line from Texas A&M University. This line was specifically developed for commercial meat. They are well adapted to heat and cold, have larger litters, and reach weight faster.

Lessie Lennon
Spencer, Indiana
Silver Fox, American Blue, Champagne d’Argen, Florida White
Celtic Glen Rabbitry
Celtic Glen Rabbitry by Lennon Farms is based in Owen County, Indiana, home to the Miami, Pottawatomie, Delaware and Eel River tribes. The glen is nestled between the former Romona Oolitic Stone Co. quarry (1868-1966) and the White River. The farm, as such, was built (1950s-80s) by Paul Ault, working a factory day-job and dreaming large on these acres.
These days, as a local, family farm, we offer:
Pasture-raised, heritage livestock;
Direct-to-customer natural meats;
Self-processing on-site: stainless steel sinks, halal-friendly; Workshops on animal care & processing;
Breeding stock.
Our livestock include:
Rabbitry: Argente, Silver Fox, American Blue, Florida Whites (all pedigreed)

Mike Novinger
St. Joe, Indiana
Area 51 Rabbit Ranch
Black and broken black satin.

Mike Novinger
St. Joe, Indiana
Area 51 Rabbit Ranch
Black and broken black satin.

Tom Nepsa
Swayzee, Indiana
Flemish Giant, Californian, New Zealand
Pops rabbitry
I have 7 purebred Flemish Giants ( no pedigree but dam and sire are from pedigreed stock. 6 weeks old. I have two 6 week old N Z / Cali cross bucks, one looks like cali, one broken black ( dam is pedigreed sire is not but is from pedigreed stock)

Jessica Moss
Sweetser, Indiana
Moss Essentials Rabbitry
Our rabbitry just started in 2014; although I have raised 4-H rabbits for years in my teens. Now my children are 4-H age and we (my husband & I) love sharing this experience with our children as we grow in Christ and our self sufficient living. We raise 4-H and pet quality Lionhead rabbits that are partial pedigree. We plan to expand our rabbitry next spring with American heritage breeds of meat rabbits: American Rabbit, American Chinchilla, Silver Fox & more pedigree Lionheads.

Larry Simmons
Switz city, Indiana
None of the above, New Zealand California mixes n will have full blooded Californians soon
I raise meat rabbits which would make good pets my rabbits r calm good natured n make good breeden stock

Katrina, Kinsey, & Shelby Hoogenboom
Terre Haute, Indiana
Californians, Satins, Mini Satins, Havanas, Mini Rex
High Tree’s Rabbitry
We raise quality rabbits for 4-H and open shows with well-known competitive bloodlines, and hoping to establish ourselves with our own line too. Satins- Chin, Copper, Broken, Black. Mini Satins- White and Black. Havanas- Black, Broken, Chocolate, and eventually Blue.

Angela Levesque
Terre Haute, Indiana
SimplerTimes Rabbitry
SimplerTimes is just a family ran project that is slowly turning into a local old time general store where we will be selling many different locally produced and cared for products. One of those products will be rabbits. We have cared and loved these rabbits as they have been growing. We will not be shipping rabbits so we prefer local or near by customers.

Wilhelm Minartz
Terre Haute, Indiana
Amish and mixed breed
Lovable bunnies
8 black and white rabbits 5 brown and 3 butterscotch colored rabbits for sale and more soon to be weened

Shawna Vencel
Terre Haute, Indiana
French Angoras, English Angoras
Shawve’ Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry in Terre Haute, IN. I have stock from Grand Champion lines and do show from time to time. I am a spinner and specialize in excellent wool for spinners. if you would like to add a rabbit from my rabbitry to your home please Email me.

Tina .mcintire
Tippecanoe, Indiana
Holland Lop
Tippy river holland lops
I have raised holland lops for 14 yrs..all are pedigreed..striving in improving the quality of the breed…i raise torts, and am working on a agouti line and sable point line…my facebook page is tippy river hollands

Matt Beck
Trafalgar, Indiana
Havana, Havanas, Harliquins
Beck’s Bunnies
I have been breeding rabbits for about two years. I breed my rabbits usually at the beginning of spring.


317-878-9019 ANYTIME

sandra willard
Trafalgar, Indiana
None of the above, New Zealand, Californian, Cinnamon, Satin, Rex, Checkered Giant, Palomino,Dutch,Silver Fox,Japanese Harlequin,Silver Marten
Willard’s Creekside Rabbitry
We have been expanding our rabbitry in preparation for our grandchildrens participation in 4h in several years. Our grandchildren and I are attending open shows for education, show techniques and meeting many great owners/breeders.
My grandson (6yo) went to 2nd show and was so excited about the blue,red and white ribbons. He told me”Ma Maw those colors are patriotic like the flag. Could we get all the colors today. I told him we could try. We left show with 5 blues, and a red ribbon! Maybe someday we can get the white ribbon.

Chelsie Pendleton
Van Buren , Indiana
Silver Fox, New Zealand
Simple Pilgrims Rabbitry
I breed Silver Fox and New Zealand rabbits for the purpose of meat production. I currently have 5 breeding does with plans to grow. Both pedigreed and non pedigreed rabbits will be available throughout most of the year.

Marlena Galbreath
Vevay, Indiana
New Zealands
Galbreath’s Rabbitry
White New Zealands, I have about 20 does, that I breed every spring. Mainly for 4-H show. My Rabbits have won Grand Champion meat pen in our county for 11 years now. and 9 years in the county next to ours. ARBA member.

Jim Whitaker
Underwood, Indiana
New Zealand, Californian
The Rabbit Tree
We sell full-blooded White, Red New Zealand and Californian .

Zora Brewer
Vincennes, Indiana
Mini Rex, Palomino
Zoom Brewer Rabbitry
Hello, we are a smaller rabbitry dealing with great palominos for thoughts of you with this special breed 🙂 We also have mini rex; black, blue, blue-eyed white, broken black, broken blue, Opal VC/VM, lilac (get lots of them from blues), and some tri that come out here and then 🙂 I have gotten BIS and RIS with my palominos. With my Mini Rex I have gotten BOB and BOSB.

Brooklynn Mikiska
Vincennes, Indiana
Lilac, Holland lop, cross, tan, American blue
Happy Tails Rabbitry
Our rabbitry is located in Vincennes, Indiana. We strive to breed very good show rabbits. We work with our rabbits from a very young age, that way they are familiar with being handled and will be very good on the show table. We make sure that our rabbits comply with the standard of perfection and that they have no sickness and anything wrong with them before we sell them.

Terri/Amber Lazzaro
Walkerton, Indiana
Dwarf Hotot
Snowy Angels Rabbitry
Breeding show quality Dwarf Hotots exclusively in Northwestern Indiana.

Lindsay Vanvleet
English Spot
Van Ink Rabbitry
Breeders an active ARBA and AESRC competitors we strive to breed quality English Spots in all 7 varieties. Our youth members are very dedicated to their rabbits an proper care. We love educating new youth members an there families on the English spot breed, showing, breeding and overall care of their new family members! Youngsters are usually available for purchase in several colors. Contact us if you’re ready for a fun challenge!

Katelynn Wells
Wanatah, Indiana
American Fuzzy Lops and Holland Lops
Katies Kuties
I raise both Holland Lops and American Fuzzy Lops for show and sell. I am a member of youth ARBA and the rabbitry is registered with ARBA as well. My fuzzy lops are true Fuzzies not long haired Holland’s. They come with a long line of champions and grand champions. We maintain a clean, small rabbitry, where each litter of rabbits are hand raised, and I know and love each of my rabbits 🙂

Ned and Deb Ruble
Warren, Indiana
Californians, New Zealands, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Dutch, Lion Head, Polish and Mini Rex
Ruble Farms Rabbitry
Started out a small rabbitry for our grand kids for 4h, we have expanded and are learning lots. Ready to get out and do some open shows also .

Brittany Howard
Warsaw, Indiana
New Zealand
Crystal Lake Rabbitry
We raise New Zealand rabbits for 4-H, regular shows, and for meatpens. We are located in Warsaw, IN.

James Schmidtd
Warsaw, Indiana
Champagne d’Argent, Californians, Dutch, New Zealand White
Schmidt Rabbitry
We raise New Zealand Whites, Californians, Dutch – but mainly Champagne D’Argents for breeding stock, competitive showing, 4-H and meat. My family has raised rabbits for over 40 years, showing in a variety of local, regional and national competitions as well as numerous 4-H fair shows over that time period. Some accomplishments our rabbits have earned include: Best of Breed, Best Opposite, Best 6 Class and Best in Show – earned in a variety of locations, several times over. We have been fortunate to have good bloodlines, achieved through careful breeding, routine culling, and selective purchases of new stock. The third generation (down to 3 current 4-H’ers from 7) is still very active in raising & showing rabbits – thus a continual flow of new, young rabbits in our stock – leading to more breeding and more rabbits for sale! Contact us via email to connect, or Like us on Facebook – Schmidt Rabbitry. We currently have several small litters, several litters that we have just weaned and many pre-juniors ready for a new home. We can sell for pets, and will do so to good homes; but the rabbits we raise are truly for show purposes. Plymouth and Warsaw, Indiana. 574-268-0353.

Steve Dunn
Waterloo, Indiana
Champagne d’ Argent, Californian
Oakline Rabbitry
Winners of multiple BOS. Show quality Californian and champagne d’argent for sale. $40 and up.

Julie King
Waterloo, Indiana
Silver Fox
Kings Korner Homestead
We are a small rabbitry located on a farm in northeasrern Indiana. Our kids started showing silver fox rabbits for 4H and we fell in love with the breed. We breed for meat and show. All our rabbits are pedigreed and come tattooed. Our rabbits are fed a diet of Timothy hay grown here on the farm, pellets, and treats from the garden. Silver Fox are a wonderful breed making a come back!”

Chris Mannon
Waynetown, Indiana
Standard Rex, Lionheads
Broken Road Rabbitry
Broken road is a small 40 hole rabbitry with standard Rex in chocolate, opal , castor ,blue otter and double mane lionheads in rew, Siamese sable , black and black chin we are in waynetown. About 20 mins from IL go to brokenroadrabbitry .

Adi Stephens
Waynetown, Indiana
Flemish Giant, Mini Lops
AKS Rabbitry
Hi my name is adi stephens I raise PEDIGREED rabbits only! I have show quality, pet quality, and brood quality I DO NOT sell for meat.

Lacie Stephens
Waynetown, Indiana
Flemish Giant
Basil Rabbitry
I raise pedigreed fawn flemish

Chris Reitz
West Lebanon, Indiana
New Zealands, Californians
Chris’ Rabbits
Our rabbitry is run by Christopher Reitz, with the help of his children. The rabbits are well-fed and watered and taken good care of. We sell and breed pure-bred rabbits, and we breed hybrids to come up with combinations of fine soft fur and unique coloring.

Annette Baker
West Terre Haute, Indiana
New Zealand, New Zealands, Satins, Silver Martins, Polish, Mini Rex, and Hollands
Kiddin Around Rabbitry
I love to breed and show my rabbit

Robin McDaniel
Wheatfield, IN
Netherland Dwarfs, Polish, Holland Lops, Lionheads, Californians, Magpies
Backyardigans Rabbitry & Caviary
We are a small rabbitry in Northwest Indiana, working toward 4H projects for my many children at home. We love our rabbits and take special care to try our best to improve the quality of our rabbits for 4H, show and pets.

Bo Bateman
Williams, Indiana
New Zealand
Bateman Rabbitry
Selling White, Red and Blacks. Pedigrees available.

Abby Hamilton
Williams, Indiana
None of the above, Continental Giants, Velveteen Lops
Misty Valley Rabbitry of Southern Indiana
-Quality Continental Giants and Stunning Velveteen Lops
-Full Pedigrees Available
Structure, Health, Temperament and Beauty is what I strive for in my rabbits. Continental Giant breeding stock is from import lines and have excellent temperaments. My Velveteen Lops also have great temperaments as well as beautiful ranges of color.
Location: Martin County Indiana
Please search Misty Valley Rabbitry of Southern Indiana on Facebook

Jeff Hochstetler
Wolf Lake, Indiana
Holland Lop, New Zealand, Polish
Hochstetler’s Hoppers Rabbitry
We raise full pedigreed Holland Lop, New Zealand (White), and Polish (BEW) rabbits. Whether you are looking for a pet, 4-H, breeding, or for show; we can help. Please contact us to learn what is currently available.

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