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Taylor Erpelding
Algona, Iowa
Holland Lops, Satins, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Dwarf Hotots
TAE Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry south of Algona about a mile. We have 2 pairs of each breed.

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Joel Huebner
Amana, Iowa
Giant Angora, Giant Angora, French Angora and Giant-French Colored Angora,
Oldhaus Rabbits
We are an ARBA Rabbitry, We have Giant Angora, French Angora and some Cross Giant/French Angora (Giants with Color) We sell rabbits, wool, and spun yarn! Visit our website or email us if you are interested in our rabbits, wool or yarn.

Elizabeth Quam
Ames, Iowa
Holland Lop
En Gedi Grove
We breed sweet Holland Lop rabbits. We focus on personality and fun coloring.

Nick Bodette
Ames, Iowa
Champagne d’ Argent, Champagne d’ Argent
Urban Hop Rabbitry
Urban Hop Rabbitry is a small homestead rabbitry located in Ames, IA. We sell high quality pedigreed Champagne d’Argent rabbits and bunnies for show, 4-H, and as pets.

Rory Jacobs
Ankeny, Iowa
Mini Lop, Mini Rex
Grey Shed Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in central Iowa. I have a small building with a 18 hole set up. I got started a few years ago with mini rex. I have developed my own line and people are reporting good show results with my rabbits. Started with mini lops about a year ago. Have managed to find some quality foundation stock and got started with a breeding program. I plan on showing my animals in the near future and having some looked at to be registered. My goal is to raise quality animals for 4H and FFA projects.

Brooke Lincoln
Ankeny , Iowa
Flemish Giant
I would really just like a Flemish giant rabbit, I’d like it a little young so that I can train it and it know who I am so it wouldn’t become aggressive I would like a female if possible.

Crystal Schroder
Atlantic, Iowa
Schroder Farms
My children raise rabbits for 4H. Currently they have blue and black Dutch rabbits for sale, and one New Zealand as well. They have shown interest in Mini Rex and Satin’s as well and are interested in expanding the rabbit family. Please feel free to contact us if you may have Black Mini Rex’s or Satin’s available.

Macy DeBower
Audubon, Iowa
Mini Rex
Macy’s Mini Rex’s
I breed these rabbits for showing purposes. Each rabbit has won Grand Champion in any class they have been put in at shows. My breeding doe, won Grand Champion Fancy Purebred Doe 3 years running at the county fair. My breeding bucks won Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Fancy Purebred Bucks three years running and battle it out every year. I sell at prices according to age, color, sex, fur, etc.

Bodie Johnson
Atlantic, Iowa
BJ Rabbitry
I can hold up the 12 rabbits I have two breeding dues and two showing dues and zero bucks but hopefully my dues will produce at least one or two bucks come and see my rabbitry. I will be selling some at the Iowa California rcs in marshalltown Iowa youth show the prices will be $45-$100.I got a reserve grand champion and a champion and a best of show thanks

Donna Wood
Bradgate, Iowa
Flemish Giant, Lionhead, Mini Rex, Argente Brun, Rex
Rocking DM Rabbitry
This is an update for our previous directory listing. **WE HAVE MOVED** Family run rabbitry (3 generations) now located in Northwest Iowa, we work hard to provide quality rabbits at affordable prices. We have been raising and showing rabbits for more than 16 years. Flemish Giant in Sandy, Fawn, Lt. Gray, Black and White. Lionhead in Tort, REW, Black and Siamese Sable. Mini Rex in Red, Tri, Torts and brokens. (other colors in small number) Rex in Opal, Otters, Lynx, Blue and Lilac. (other colors in smaller number)

Landon Wood
Brandon, Iowa
Mini Lop, Red Satin, Copper Satin
Easter Iowa Rabbitry
I am a beginner looking to make a big hit on selling rabbits.

Susan Lyday
Burlington, Iowa
Mini Satin
Mrs. Changs Rabbitry
Small hobby breeder, Mini Satin’s with Siamese coloring.

Donna Wood
Camanche, Iowa
Flemish Giant, Mini-Rex & Lionhead
Rocking DM Rabbitry
We have been raising and showing rabbits for a little over 8 years. We started in Texas, but moved to Iowa 2 years ago. Because of that move, we have limited space, and do very selective breeding. We concentrate on quality Flemish Giants in Steel, Lt. Gray, White and Fawn. We also raise mini-rex in the colors of red and tort (with broken in both colors). Just recently we added a pair of chestnut lionheads, and will be breeding this spring.
I can be contacted by email if you would like to know what is available, and I will also be listing for sale rabbits on this website.

Babs Galkowski and Family
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Dwarf Hotots, Himalayans, Mini Rex
Rocket Rabbitry
We offer high quality show rabbits as well as breeding stock and pets. Many Grand Champion and registered rabbits. ARBA members as well as ISRBA, CRRBA, ADHC, AHRBC and more.

Tyler Perry
Cedar Rapids , Iowa
Holland Lop
Idk yet
I want a black grey or mixed bunny.

Sophia Poling
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Mini Rex, Rex
Chicket Farms Rabbitry
Hello, my name is Sophia. I am in 8th grade and I love rabbits and enjoy raising and caring for them! I wanted to learn how to start a small business and thought it would be best to do so with something that I love: animals! My goal is to sell quality Mini Rex and Rex rabbits for pets, show, breeding, and meat. I am dedicated to making sure you are happy with your purchase! Please contact me with any questions or interest in purchasing. Also, check out our facebook page:

Josh Peters
Cherokee, Iowa
English Lop
Peter Cottontail Rabbitry
We are a small hobby breeder of English lops. We strive to better the breed as best we can. We are a closed Rabbitry and meet off site for our animals, and family’s safety. We do work with transports. Our rabbits are not sold for sale until they reach at least 10 weeks.

Amy Bailey
Colfax, Iowa
Holland Lop
Bailey Bunny Farm
We are a small rabbitry located outside of Des Moines in Colfax, IA. We raise Holland lops. All of our bunnies live in solid floor cages and are litter trained. Our babies are handled daily.

Brandon Wieskamp
Conesville, Iowa
Netherland Dwarfs
Brandon’s Backyard Homestead
Brandon’s Backyard homestead is a very small home and family ran buisness which includes the raising and breeding of Netherland Dwarf rabbits. Particularly those with otter back coats.

Jauson King
Corning, Iowa
Flemish Giant, Cinnamon
Harvest Moon Rabbitry
Harvest Moon is a special rabbitry where rabbits are raised in a natural setting while still maintaining very strict selective breeding practices. Although the rabbits do extremely well on the show table, focus is not only on showing. Genetic health, temperament, as well as breed type are the focus of my program.

Mikayla Olson
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Bunny Barn 17 rabbitry
Lion Heads for show or pet.
They are a smaller breed ranging between 2-4 lbs, They are very furry and require routine grooming. They are very durable rabbits do great outside and also do well indoors. For images of my rabbits follow me on instagram @ bunnybarn17

Tucker Cain
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Mini Rex, New Zealand Red, New Zealand Blue and New Zealand Black
Two Mules Rabbitry
I breed show quality and pet quality rabbits. I am currently in 4-H. I have shown rabbits for seven years. I usually have rabbits available in the spring and summer.

Melissa Bundy
Derby, Iowa
Flemish Giant, Continental
Bundy’s Gentle Giants
We raise beautiful Flemish Giants and Continental Giants. Great rabbits for pets and for show.

Jessica Ballard
Des Moines, Iowa
Holland Lop, Mini Plush Lops
Forest Folk Rabbitry
Holland lops and Mini Plush Lops raised with love! All my bunnies are raised indoors, well socialized, used to dogs and kids and started on litter training. I breed not just for good looks but for good health and sound temperament.

Ginger Hartman
Des Moines, Iowa
Blanc de Hotot
Leelu Rabbitry
We breed Hotot rabbits and are a small breeder.

Amanda Hitchcock
Des Moines, Iowa
Holland Lop, Dutch, New Zealand
Mandarosa Rabbitry
Small hobby rabbitry located in Des Moines, Iowa. I raise and show Holland Lops, Dutch, and New Zealand whites. I am a member of the ARBA as well as the national Holland and Dutch clubs and also several state rabbit clubs. I strive to raise high quality rabbits. Please contact me for show, pet, or meat.

Tracie Robbins
Des Moines, Iowa
Mini Rex
Sky rabbitry
I have kits that I’m taking deposits on

Amanda Nichol
Eaglegrove, Iowa
Flemish Giants, Checkered Giants, Mini Lops, Holland Lops
Nichol Back Rabbitry
We breed raise show and sell quality giants and lops. My rabbits are my passion if you need any help or I don’t have what you need I am more than happy to help in anyway. Thanks for looking 🙂

Brooklyn Taylor
Earlham, Iowa
Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs
Brooklyn’s Bunnies Rabbitry
Raising, showing, and breeding Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs.

Brad Anderson
Estherville, Iowa
Champagne d’ Argent, Argente Brun
Lightning Rabbitry
Hello I raise Argente Bruns and Champagnes My rabbits have been known to get Purple Ribbons at fairs.This is my FFA Sae project I will have some kits of both breeds in October they will be ready in November contact me now to be put on a waiting list. (4-Hers and the FFA get a discount)
Hope to hear from you soon
-Lightning Rabbitry

Jason Niles
Fayette , Iowa
New Zealand, Mini Rex
New Zealand
We got lots of rabbits to sell.. all different sizes and colors . 1@ dollars per rabbits.

Philip Hansen
Fort Madison, Iowa
Netherland dwarf, Mini Rex, and Holland Lops
Lily Bugs Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in southeast Iowa. All our stock is fully pedigreed. We breed to ARBA standard.

Toni Dudley
Granger, Iowa
Mini Rex
Toni’s Coneys Rabbitry
I raise and show mini rex rabbits in the beautiful castor variety. I have a small herd and focus on quality. I often have show rabbits, brood rabbits, and friendly pets for sale. Each rabbit I use for breeding is of very good quality. My rabbits are handled daily, and show rabbits are trained to pose. I strive to raise castors with excellent type, fur, and rich color. I am a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club.

Lisa Davis
Grimes, IA
Holland Lops
Corky’s Cave Holland Lops
We are a small rabbitry located in central Iowa. Striving to raise quality show holland lops with personality as well as quality.
Working in the sable point color.

Justin Lewis
Grimes, Iowa
Standard Chinchilla
JEL Rabbitry
We are a small breeder that has a limited supply of Standard Chinchilla Rabbits. Our rabbits are are well kept, show quality rabbits with lineage available upon request.
We are located in Grimes Iowa, just a few miles North-West of Des Moines.
All of our rabbits are fed a pellet staple with supplemented timothy hay.
We are always more than willing to answer questions, so please feel free to contact anytime.

Amy Edwards
Grundy Center, Iowa
Mini Rex, New Zealand, Mini Lop
Edwards Farms Rabbitry
Our family started raising rabbits in 2017 as pets. As our three children became old enough to participate in 4-H we have really worked hard to specialize in the production and breeding of show quality rabbits. Our two girls, Alaina and Haylie are still young and clover kids while our son Kael has shown at our county fair for the past two years. We started with the Mini Rex breed and fell in love and since then have started raising Mini Lops and New Zealands. Our passion for rabbits made us decide we wanted to be able to share our rabbits with others whether they are just starting, still learning or want new genetics or rabbits of their own. We have worked hard to perfect the breeds we have and our success has paid off. We are ready to share our rabbits with you.

Brent Ungerer
Hawkeye, IA
New Zealands, Californians
Have 12 does just getting started as hobby

Jason Clark
Hiawatha, Iowa
New Zealand
Clark’s Rabbitry
I run a small clean Rabbitry in Hiawatha Ia. We focus on breeding New Zealand Rabbits for Show and Pet as well as Meat and pen. We curently are breeding red, broken red colors as well as black broken black and rew. At some point we hope to have Blue New Zealands available also. Please feel free and contact me for info and availability.

Bertie Wilson
Humboldt , Iowa
French Angora, English Angora
Mysterysmeadow Angora Rabbits
Small rabbit breeder specializing in English and French Angora rabbits for pets and woolers. Located in Humvoldt, Iowa

Baylea Way
Independence, Iowa
Mini Lop, Harlequin, Flemish Giant, Dutch
Evens Rabbitry
We are a rabbitry out of Independence, Iowa and we have been running it since 2012. We raise, sell, and show harlequin, flemish giants, mini lops, and dutch. We are a rabbitry through the ARBA and have been showing through 4H and FFA for many years. We only raise the best show quality and nice rabbits. Our rabbits are handled daily by kids and adults. We currently have a five star rating on our facebook listed under Evens Rabbitry.

Lynn Marble_Riechers
Independence, Iowa
Mini Lop, Californians, Holland Lops
Elbram’s Rabbitry
Breeder of quality Californian,Mini Lop and Holland Lop rabbits since 2007.Presently live in Independence IA….. formerly of Massachusetts.Foundation stock of Californians out of Tebo lines & Northwind.Offer Mini Lop,Californian & Holland Lop show prospects,brood and pet rabbits.I work with many Mini Lop colors including my Blue- eyed white and pointed white program as well as tri colors.My Rabbitry presently houses approximately 125 rabbits.All ages available for purchase,pedigrees on all rabbits

Grace Jakes
Indianola, Iowa
Silver Fox
Graceful Meadows Rabbits
My name is Grace Jakes and I am in 7th grade. I am a exclusive breeder of quality Silver Fox rabbits. My rabbits are affordable, healthy and well cared for. My prices for the rabbits I sell are good and my rabbits come with pedigrees. My website includes up-to-date listings of rabbits I am selling as well as information about Silver Fox rabbits. I live in Indianola Iowa (just south of Des Moines) and I hope that my rabbitry will help get other people interested in Silver Fox rabbits.

Emma Nelson
Iowa City, Iowa
Rex, Mini Rex, Mini Rex mixed with Holland Lop, Flemish
Millers Rabbitry
Hello my name is Emma I have a small rabbitry in Iowa city. I have all sorts of breeds. I am expanding my business so there will be more breeds etc. I will have babies soon and adults. I always dreamt of being a owner of a rabbitry. Thank you.

Quinnlyn Schulte
Johnston , Iowa
Holland Lop
Bea Cute Rabbitry
I have a very small herd, I have 3 does and 2 bucks. I handle my bunnies daily and when they leave my care they are in the process of being litter trained. I mainly work with agoutis and magpies. I strive for quality temperament and show potential.

Ericia Lanning
Lamont, Iowa
English Spot, English Spotted and Dutch
Lanning Rabbitry
We started raising rabbits for 4h and our daughters feel in love with the English Spotted and Dutch. It has been a fun family experience.

Paris Reimann
Leland, Iowa
Mini Rex
Star-Crossed Mini Rex
We Raise Quality Mini Rex In North Iowa Including Castor (solid&broken), Black (solid&broken), Tortoise (solid&broken), Smoke Pearl, Sable & Himalayan!

Grant Miller
Lenox, Iowa
English Spots, Lops, Lion Heads
Hawkeye Rabbitry
I have Lop English Spot an Lion Heads.

Ali Foth
Livermore, Iowa
Mini Rex, Mini Rex – Netherland Dwarf
Foth’s Mini Rex & Netherland Dwarf
Small Mini Rex rabbitry focusing on quality show animals. Otters are my specialty, I have them in all 4 self colors, I have some solid colors as well. I stay away from brokens to avoid stray white hairs in offspring. I am involved in both 4H and open shows, and have done quite well in both. While the Mini Rex breed is my main focus, I am starting with Netherland Dwarfs. I have started with great stock, a trio with parents imported from Holland. Possible future colors include Opal, Blue Otter, Black Otter, Chesnut, and REW. All rabbits are priced according to their quality, gender, and color. Let me know what you are looking for, and I will help you in the best way I can. If I don’t have what you want, I can recommend another breeder. Please check out my website, I update it with coming litters and pictures of my stock, as well as juniors and other rabbits for sale as often as I can!

Ashley Rouse
Luzerne, Iowa
Holland Lops, Dwarf Hotots, & Lionheads
Rouse’s Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry ran by myself and my daughter Madison. We have around 30-40 rabbits at a time. We are raising Holland Lops, Dwarf Hotots and Lionheads. Show, Brood and pet rabbits we do offer a 4-H discount. We also build custom outside hutches and stackers..

Bruce Hutchinson
Manchester, Iowa
Polish, American Sables
Trystan’s Hoppy Shoppy
This is a relatively small rabbitry with a total of about 75 rabbits. Few, but so good. The kids have some great bloodlines and winners to back them up. American Sables and Polish are the main breeds.

Lisa Westering
Manson, Iowa
Californian, Silver Fox, Lionhead, Mini Lop
Red Barn Rabbitry
We breed and sell purebred pedigreed Silver Fox, Lionhead, Mini lop, and Californian rabbits. We show at multiple 4-H and ARBA shows. Our rabbits are handled daily with a lot of adult and child interaction. Located in Manson, Iowa

Nicki Bulicek
Marengo, Iowa
New Zealands, California Whites, and Checkered Giants
Bully’s Farms Rabbitry
We are located in Iowa and are always working to improve our stock. Our rabbits are feed a diet of natural grass/alfalfa hay and greens grown by us and raised with quality in mind. We also have dairy goats and handmade goods that we offer.

Andrea Quastad
Marshalltown, Iowa
Cross Breeds: New Zealands, Harlequins, Californians
Double AJ
Urban rabbit breeding. Outdoor hutches. Raised for meat and pets. Do feed pellets but trying some all natural. I’m asking $20 per rabbit, but if feed prices go up or down it will change. Feel free to call. Most rabbits are cross bred.

Chantel Woerner
Marshalltown, Iowa
CROSS BREEDS only at this time
Stone Fox Stock Farm
I have been raising rabbits for 6 1/2 years. Have since moved into town from the farm (hate it!!!) and the rabbits were the only livestock allowed. I raise primarily rabbits for meat and pets, but I am preparing to purchase some proven pedigreed stock, most likely American, Lilac, Angora, Satin or Silver Fox. I am a backyard operation with 20 hutches and a large grow pen. This has worked quite well for the past few years and has provided about 50 lbs of meat for our table for little or no money (I feed hand picked grass in the summer months) and minimal labor. I am prospective veterinary student who is adament about the health of my rabbits. Very concerned about the overuse of antibiotics, I have fecal screenings done twice a year and never medicate unless needed. Have had only two single cases of snuffles the entire time, a single case of “big head”, a minor case of coccidosis that was quickly remedied with sulfadiamethazine and a new cage design (easier to clean). My rabbits are medium to medium-large, fine boned, some are quite friendly, others are somewhat aloof. If any show signs of aggression, I cull the individual and watch the parents for signs of reproducing this trait again. If it does happen again, I cull them, too. The rabbits dress out nicely at about 3 to 6 pounds (I let them get a little larger than most people would). I am asking $20 per rabbit as of this time (10-24-11) but this can change at any time depending on the feed costs (they get hay and pellets during the winter months). Customers that buy on a routine basis are considered for a discount rate (such as snake-owners). I am happy to answer any questions that anyone of my customers or non-customers might have. Also, I provide for the first time rabbit owner, free handouts detailing rabbit care that I have written myself from my own experience.

Tiffany Musgrove
Mount Ayr, Iowa
American Fuzzy Lop
Willing to breed him just want a bunny out of the litter.

Lisa Lisk
Massena, Iowa
Flemish Giant
Happy day
I love Flemish Giant Rabbits. I believe that they are the sweetest bunnies. My Doe and Buck are very calm, friendly and tame. You can’t go wrong with a Flemish Giant rabbit. They will add alot of fun to your life.

Anita, Joseph, and Heather Kacmarynski
Newton, IA
Dwarf Hotot/Netherland Dwarf
Kac’s Cute Miracles
We are a family operated rabbitry. We use primarily Pure essentials Oils and other natural items to maintain the health of our rabbits. We have a hand full of lionheads we breed but our main breeding program is Dwarf Hotot and Netherland Dwarf. The other three breeds we have only one or two of them! Tan may become my 1st breeding program since I was a kid when we breed and raised neat rabbits. Our bunnies get toys, and lots of play time that is why we keep our numbers low! Making a run, and a fun play land for them to play in! Joseph is making toys for them for the fair this year! He is also focusing on jumping with a couple of his bunnies!!

Shawna Earel
North Liberty, Iowa
American Sable, Pet Quality Sable Netherlands, American Chinchillas
We raise a small number of pet quality netherlands. Mostly sable and sable marten with the occasional sable point. We hope to get some show quality does to go with our good bucks so we can offer show quality offspring in the future.
We have american sables available now and are steadily establishing some more does. We are working hard to cull out the flyback fur which is a fault to DQ on the table. Most of our original stock has a show record with our main buck qualifying for GC.
We should have american chinchillas and crosses to sable and palomino available starting late spring of 2014.

Kaleb Quirk
Odebolt, Iowa
Californian Rabbits
We are owned by Kaden and Kaleb
Males -35$
Females -30$

Cyn Bissa
Oelwein, Iowa
New Zealand and many others
Bunny Haven
I have 2 blue baby new zealands for sale. i will have other breeds in the near future
Contact me on Facebook, email is not available

Cyndy Bissa
Oelwein , Iowa
English Lop, Lionhead, Mini rex, Flemish giants, Harlquinns. Blue eyed mix breeds. Mixed breeds. Others may be added
Bunny world
We are a small rabbitry all rabbits are handled daily. They are very friendly and used to being held if they do not care for it it will be noted. I’m on fb and mewe. Contact me thru pm on fb if interested in one of my rabbits contact me with any questions.

Heather Mulder
Orange city, Iowa
Mini Lop, Lionhead
Mulder Rabbitry
Mini lop lionhead cross bunnies

Mari Horstmeiet
Stanley, Iowa
Maris Mystic Lion heads rabbits
Hello I have single and double Maine lion heads. I have a variety of colors ready for adoption. My parents all have papers. I will be selling my rabbits without papers. Your Bonnie will come with a basket of goodies to start you out. Please go to Facebook to check out my pictures and my website thank you
319 240-7414

Rebecca Rust
Oskaloosa, Iowa
Mini Rex, Mini Rex – French Lop
Rusty Acres Rabbitry
We at Rusty Acres Rabbitry are located in Southeast Iowa & strive to provide healthy show quality rabbits to our customers. We have raised and showed open class rabbits for over 25 years. This is why rabbits from our barn are consistantly winning for our 4Hers from Mahaska and many of the surrounding counties. We currently are raising Mini Rex & Holland Lops in a variety of colors. Visit me or Rusty Acres Rabbitry on Facebook

Lane Leerhoff
Plainfield, Iowa
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Dwarf Hotot, and New Zealands
Iowa Country Rabbitry
I have raised show quality rabbits for many years, All my rabbits come with a pedigree besides my new zealands since the are new to my rabbitry.

Julie Wolfe
Red Oak, Iowa
Wolfe California show rabbits
We are a family owned business 60 miles east of Omaha off highway 34. We won top honors this year at our county fair and both FFA and open shows at the Iowa state fair. We sell meat rabbits for shows and also breeding stock. You can contact us at

Janet Dirks
Rock Rapids, Iowa
French Lops, Mini Lops & Californian rabbits
Small hobby rabbitry where bunnies are l?ved.

Christa Keagle
Saint Charles, Iowa
Country Keagles Rabbitry
Beginning rabbitry that focuses on quality meat rabbits.

Marylou Griffith
Shelby , Iowa
Holland Lops
Shamrock Holland’s
Shamrock Holland’s exclusively breeds quality Holland’s. We are a small rabbitry that prides itself on great personality/temperament and health.
Our rabbits have shown well in 4-H and ARBA venues but our priority is placing our rabbits in loving homes.
Our rabbits are handled daily and have outside playtime when weather allows.
We have a FB page with video and pictures “Shamrock Holland’s “

Ben Willson
Shell Rock, Iowa
California, American Sable, New Zealand
Willson’s Rabbitry
We are just starting, and expanding, we now have rabbits for sale for meat as well as breeding.

Audrey Selander
Council Bluffs / Silver City, Iowa
New Zealand White
Engedi Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry located outside of Council Bluffs with full bred New Zealand White rabbits as well as some mixed breed pet bunnies. Please contact me with questions & thank you for looking!

Brady Havener
Sioux City, Iowa
Blackhawk Rabbitry
I have been in 4h for six years and desited to breed the rabbits I had. We are just north of Sioux city.

Beth Reese
Sioux City, Iowa
Mini Rex
Beth’s Bunnies Rabbitry
I am a small breeder and breed for quality. All of my babies are handled from the day they are born and are handled daily. Very tame and not inclined to bite.

Ashley Sears
SW Iowa, Iowa
Holland Lop
Sunlight Hollands
Raising quality Holland Lops in Southwest Iowa for show and breeding. We do have pets available occasionally! Visit and like our ‘Sunlight Hollands’ page on facebook, send an e-mail, or visit our website and we’ll try to help you find what you’re looking for!

Irene Gaunitz
Tipton, Iowa
Champagne D’Argent, Mini Lop, Thrianta
Cedar Bluff Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry. My daughters Lindsey, and Marillea have shown rabbits for 4-H and we have also shown at local ARBA shows. We are members of the ARBA, IRBA, and CRRBA along with belonging to the American Mini Lop Club and the Champagne D’Argent club. Mini Lops have been in our rabbitry since the very first. We strive to get a good head with a very nice crown and well proportioned ears. We also have well muscled rabbits with compact and balanced bodies. Our Champagne’s have done very well at shows. We attended the 2012 Nationals where we placed 7th and 8th with our Jr. Does. We have just acquired a pair of Thrianta and look forward to working with them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away, my kids and I are always willing to help out! Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from other rabbit lovers, Irene. Update: we have 2 litter of Thrianta’s that are about a week old, and we also have some Champagne litters on the way!

Ben & Brooke Kramer
Titonka, Iowa
New Zealand, Lionheads, Californians, Mini Lops
German Valley Farms
Just a small meat rabbit production, and pet quality Lionhead. Main focus is to help younger people be involved through 4-h and or FFA.

Jessica Ubben
Traer, Iowa
Tan (Chocolate and Lilac colors)
Ubben’s Bunnies
I have Tans of all ages in Chocolate and Lilac colors. I have a few that could be great companion animals as well as a few that, if worked with, could be great show rabbits and or hoppers. I also have some senior bucks and does I would be willing to let go for CHEAP! Call for pricing!

Ron Flick
Wadena, Iowa
New Zealand
R & D Rabbitry
We breed and raise our rabbits in a controlled environment year round. Does and Bucks are in wire cages on steal pipe racks 2 high. Currently we have 12 working Does with room to grow up to 36 more Does. All of our cages have metal pans under them. This keeps the rabbits clean and helps us in cleaning up the rabbitry. The kits are raised in similar fashion and we can handle currently 30 to 40 kits. These kits are raised for show and/or pets. We could also provide you with does, bucks and/or a breeding pair.
Our rabbit building is wood framed with metal siding inside and outside, insulated walls, ceiling and floor. The floor is a concrete heated floor which has a seal coat. We been raising rabbits about 11 years and find this a great way for added cash flow for our farm here in the North East corner of Iowa. We also fabricate all of our pans and cages. If you are needing cages, pans and/or racks we could help you out with custom design and/or standard cages, pans or racks.
Thank you for viewing our site and feel free to contact us on our e-mail
Ron Flick

Heather Reyna
Walnut, Iowa, Iowa
Netherland Dwarf, Florida Whites, Champagnes, Mini Rex, French Lops, California’s, Beverens, New Zealand’s
Reyna Rabbitry
The Reyna Rabbitry was showing in 4-H and FFA . We have started going to national shows and have been getting Best of Breed with all of our breeds. We have breeding rabbits, show rabbits and pets quality. All of our Rabbits in our Rabbitry have pedigrees. Let us know what you are looking for and we can help even if we don’t have that breed we can always look for it for you.
Reyna Rabbitry

Aaron Brown
Washington , Iowa
Dutch, New Zealand
A&D Rabbits
Check us out on
Supplier for Orscheln’s Farm Stores

Cierra Braswell
West Des Moines, Iowa
Mini Lop
Sirs Hops-A-Lot Rabbitry
I raise Mini Lops for both show and pets. We breed our Mini Lops specifically for colors, mostly dealing with Oranges, Lilacs, and Chestnut Agoutis. We also have had many other colors such as Black Chinchilla, Cream, White, etc.

Sharon Schutjer
Waterloo, Iowa
Netherland Dwarfs
Seahorse rabbitry
Raising pet and show quality Netherland dwarfs, selfs and BEW.

Tyson Cochran
Woodward, Iowa
Flemish Giants
Fuzzy Buttz Rabbitry
We are a flemish giant breeder located in woodward iowa we breed for show and pet rabbits. We are registered with the arba and nffgrb.

L Cain
……, Iowa
Mini Lop, Lionhead
Blue Skies Rabbitry
Our rabbitry breeds and shows lionheads.

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