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Jersey Wooly Rabbit Breed Info

Jersey Wooly Rabbit BreedRecognized colors: Many.  Shown in five groups: Agouti, AOV, Self, Shaded, Tan Pattern.

Size: Ideal weight 3 pounds

National Specialty Club:

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Jersey Wooly Rabbit Information and History

The Jersey Wooly is one of the very few breeds that was developed primarily for the pet trade.  However, in spite of its intended use, the Wooly has become quite popular as a show animal.  It has a very short body with a chunky head and small, upright ears.  Like the American Fuzzy Lop, the Jersey Wooly wears a coarse, short wool coat that requires little grooming.  The breed has a maximum senior weight of 3 ½ pounds.

In the 1970’s and 80’s, an influx of very small and dwarf breeds were introduced to the ARBA membership.  One such breed was the Jersey Wooly, accepted in 1988.  Bonnie Seeley of High Bridge, New Jersey crossed a Netherland Dwarf and a French Angora in the hopes of producing a small bunny with an easy-care wool coat.  It took some careful selection, but by 1984 she had the breed down to the size and type she wanted, and presented it for the first time at the ARBA convention in Orlando, Florida. 

In just a short time, the Jersey Wooly rose to the list of the ten most popular show rabbit breeds, but it has probably never seen the popularity as a pet that Bonnie envisioned.  Pet owners seem to prefer lops most of all, and most don’t understand how easy-care the Jersey Wooly coat really is.  Daily grooming is not necessary.  At all times, the coat should be kept clean and free of debris.  Otherwise little grooming is required except a quick brush before a show to remove dead hairs.  Watch for signs of wool block during a molt.

As is the case in several breeds, fanciers disagree as to the proper Jersey Wooly type.  Some breeders prefer a “Netherland Dwarf with wool on,” while many others argue that a slightly lower head mount and different body shape from the Netherland Dwarf makes the Jersey Wooly what it is.  In any case, the head should be broad and bold, the ears thick and under 3 inches, and the body shape very compact.  Coat length must be at least 1 ½ inches, though a 2-3 inch length is preferred.  A high ratio of guard hairs to underwool produces the coarse texture.  Wool is mostly restricted to the body; it’s disqualified when found excessively on the ears or feet.  The Jersey Wooly comes in an array of colors that are grouped in to five categories for show: Agouti, Any Other Variety (AOV), Self, Shaded, and Tan Pattern.

The Jersey Wooly is only found in countries that use the ARBA standards.  Some countries recognize a Dwarf Angora, and though it is similar, there are distinct differences between the two breeds.

Jersey Wooly Rabbit Care

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Jersey Wooly Rabbit Resources

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