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Shawn Daly
Alma, KS
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Rhinelander, Lionhead
Daly Livestock
We have a small rabbitry, up to 100 rabbits at times. My son Elijah shows rabbits in 4-H. We raise and sell lots of pet and breeding and show rabbits. Our main focus is small rabbits, mini rex, holland lop, netherland dwarf, lionheads. But we also raise Rhinelanders, and are always looking for other breeders to help diversify bloodlines.

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Michael Toalston
Arlington, Kansas
Silver Fox
NorthFork Rabbit Farm
Small Rabbitry specializing in Black and Blue Silver Fox Rabbits.

Courtney McCreery
Attica, Kansas
New Zealand
A-Town Rabbitry
I raise black, blue, and broken variety new zealand rabbits. I strive to meet the stars according to ARBA. I am planning to start the white variety in Spring 2018. I use my rabbits for show quality although I do have meat and pet quality as well. I am a member of ARBA and just put in my application for AFNZRB. My ARBA membership number is MCCRCO00.

April Altic
Baxter springs , Kansas
Flemish Giants and Mini Rex
Altic family Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry located in SE KS. We raise all 7 colors in Flemish and tri, sable point, and blue himi.

Doreen Jackson
Berryton, Kansas
None of the above, Silver Fox
Joy of Nature Farm
We are a rabbitry located near Topeks, Ks. We raise silver fox rabbits because of their ease of handling and their beautiful coats. By 12-14 weeks they provide a 3 to 3 1/2# carcass of fine-grained, d

Djimi Klein
Burrton, Kansas
French Angora
Dancing Dog Fiber
A small rabbitry producing French angora woolers. We have black tortes, black self, chocolate self, blue self, and black pointed.

Jennifer Gray
Easton, Kansas
Mini Rex
Nice Bun’s Rabbitry
Howdy, I’m Jen!
I started raising my own bunnies when I was only 6. That is when I joined 4-H which I have had the pleasure of 12 years of showing at my local county fair. Now being 4-H alumni, I do my part in selling to 4-Hers in giving them a confident start to their very own herd!
I have had my business raising mini rex for 10+ years now! In those years I have experienced myself with several varieties. I now specialise on blue, chocolate, lilacs, and tri/harlequin colors. My herd consists of 25+ and varies between seasons. I look for the quality in my bunnies and try to raise the very best to improve my herd every generation!
All my bunnies are tattooed and pedigreed before leaving my farm. I am reasonably priced for quality. I am flexible to work with and considerate of reasonable offers.

Dylan LaRue
El Dorado, Kansas
Netherland Dwarfs and and Holland Lops
Autumn Gate Rabbitry
Hi my name is Dylan LaRue and we have been showing Hollands and dwarfs for 4 years in arba. I’ve placed top 5 in the nationals for 3 years in a row for dwarfs with lots of BOB and placed top 5 at nationals. We also been showing Hollands and have won many bob as well. We are members of ARBA, KSRBA, ANRDC and Holland lop specialty club

Bridgette Hague
Derby, Kansas
Rex, Lop, Lionhead
D and B rabbit breeding
I have ten rabbits that I am selling if interested please notify me at 316-243-8799

Elizabeth Kangas
Edgerton , Kansas
New Zealand (pedigreed and non), New Zealand + Flemish Giant crosses, TAMUKs both REW and composites, Cali crosses, Polish and Mini Rex.
Liberty Tree Rabbitry
Liberty Tree Rabbitry strives to provide others with the best pet rabbit and meat production rabbits possible. Current breeds we raise are New Zealand, TAMUK REWs, TAMUK composites, Flemish Giant cros

Vivian Prose
Emporia, Kansas
Californian, California Meat Rabbits
Country Viv’s Rabbitry
Champion Fair Rabbits. Sell for Show or Meat.

Duane Otto
Eudora, Kansas
A&M Farms
Breeding a small number of standard Rex rabbits for show.

AJ Cobb
Frontenac , Kansas
New Zealand
Grimm’s Farms
We raise purebred show quality New Zealand in all recognized colors.

Serena Drago
Gas, Kansas
Flemish Giants, English Spots, Mini Rex, Dutch, Californians, New Zealands
Drago’s Bunny Farm Rabbitry
Drago’s Bunny Farm is made up of my husband, myself, our 3 boys and of course our herd of bunnies. We raise a few different breeds of rabbits and many varieties in each of those breeds. Raising rabbits has become a passion of ours. Each of our rabbits is a pet that we love. We take great pride in our rabbits and our business. We love meeting and working with others.

Sierra Sporleder
Glen Elder, Kansas
Dutch and Lionhead Rabbit
Sierra’s Loin head and Dutch Rabbitry
I raise purebred Dutch rabbits. I will soon get a lion head doe. So i will just have three rabbits.

Kimberly Benson
Hamilton, Kansas
English Spot & Jersey Wooly
Prodigious Buns
We raise Jersey Woolies as well as Chocolate & Lilac English Spot rabbits in south/central Kansas. Feel free to contact for your amazing new Spot or Wooly bunny today!

Justin Klumpe
Hartford, Kansas
Dwarf Hotots, Netherland Dwarfs, Silver Foxes, Champagne D’Argents
Hick Town Rabbitry
My kids are in 4-H and our family is members of ARBA so we like to travel to rabbit shows. We take pride in the line of rabbits that we have. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah Grafton
Holton, Kansas
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, English Lops
Brightside Farms
My sister and I show 4-H rabbits. This year we decided to start breeding them, so we have mini rex babies ready and holland lops on the way. We are a small rabbitry but have good blood lines.

Lily Cannon
Hoyt, Kansas
Holland Lop & Netherland Dwarf
Lily Bean & the Rabbit Factory
I show my rabbits in 4H and ARBA. I love showing rabbits and am now starting to breed them as well. My focus in the Netherland Dwarf are the lilac, lynx, blue, & chocolate colors. In my Hollands I am focusing on the sable point & broken.

Emma Rose Ritter
Johnson County , Kansas
Holland Lops, English Angora, Fuzzy Lops, Dutch, Lion Head, Designer, Mini Lops, & Rescue
House of Ritter Rabbitry
We are a large family raising a variety of bunnies throughout the year! If you are looking for spoiled bunnies that are fully acclimated to family life, look no further than The House of Ritter Rabbitry. We guarantee our bunnies and have delighted our families with perfect companions for years. We customize the experience for each of our families, so reach out anytime to find out why families come back to us time and time again!

David Mckinney
Junction city, Kansas
Mini Lops, Jersey wooly
Bunnies Galore Rabbbitry
I specialize in raising Mini Lops in Kansas. I will be attending shows and I have full pedigrees available on all my rabbits.

A Ritter
Kansas City, Kansas
Holland lops, lionhead, English Angoras, and Fuzzies
House Of Ritter Rabbitry
We believe the best companions are those that come from the home, that are raised with unconditional love, where they will become a true member of your family. From hand picking only the most unique of personalities and the highest quality of rabbits, we guarantee our parents to produce the best bunnies around. Every one of our rabbits are raised by hand, are exposed to multiple scenarios, and in our home so they can easily transition from our family to yours. Our bunnies and rabbits eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day, and have an unlimited supply to seasonal hays, herbs, and filtered water. They each have their own private hutch to retire to in the evening. Our bunnies free roam our home during the day and in our secure yard under supervision. They are litter box trained. Our rabbits will come to you already acclimated to family life.

Amie Duvall
Kiowa, Kansas
Netherland Dwarf, Black Otter, Blue Silver Martin, Broken, REW
Duvall Rabbitry
Netherland Dwarf

Bailey Hiersche
Lawrence, Kansas
American Fuzzy Lops, English Angoras, French Angoras, Jersey Wooly, Mini Lops
Hershey Creek Rabbits
Hello! My name is Bailey Hiersche I am in 4H, FFA, and just for fun with my rabbits! I live in the North Eastern part of Kansas, called Lawrence, or “JayHawk” country. I usually only have around 25 rabbits. in various breeds: American Fuzzy Lop, English Angora, French Angora, French Lop, Jersey Wooly, and Mini Lops, as I said I have various rabbit breeds I do not always have rabbits through out the year I just might have some rabbits for sale on occasion, just send me and Email. also If you ever have any questions on health issues or how to raise rabbits just Email me!
785 917 0435 (call or TEXT)

Curtis Butler
Leavenworth, Kansas
New Zealand, American Blue/ Rex opal/ New Zealand White
Fat & Happy Rabbitry
Fat & Happy rabbitry is a small rabbitry paying more attention to quality not quantity. We raise American Blues , opal Rex, New Zealand whites. We strive to keep good records clean facilities and healthy live stock

Jamie & Shalia Franch
Leonardville, Kansas
Tan, English Spot(black,chocolate & lilac), Lilac, Silver(black,brown & fawn) & Tan(black,blue,chocolate & lilac)
S & J Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry not more than 60 holes, Tans are our main breed having all 4 colors, We also have English Spots in black,chocolate and lilac soon to be getting gold too Silvers in all 3 colors and also Lilacs.

Jerrod Goddard
Lyndon, Kansas
American Blue and White
Rocking G American Rabbitry
We have American blue buck ear # h1 one blue American doe ear # 14g2 and one American white doe ear #n83a just getting started but fixing to buy about 3 to 6 more

Cherie Olsen
Manhattan, Kansas
English Angora, New Zealand
Little Angora House on the Prairie
I have been raising English Angora Rabbits for many years and love them. I have show-rabbit lines but have not actually shown for a long time. I am a hand spinner and sell English Angora rabbits and the Angora wool to other spinners. My website is angorahouse.com so feel free to check it out. The bunnies I decide to part with are $100 each, hopefully to well-informed, responsible, rabbit-loving, nurturing persons. I do not ship my rabbits. The website has a rabbit care page if you want more information on what they need.

Lil Peck
Manhattan, Kansas
English Angora, Giant Angora
Moirai Rabbitry
Breeders of show quality English Angora Rabbits and Giant Angora Rabbits.

Elsie Grimm
Morrill, Kansas
Holland Lop
Grimm Girls Farm Rabbitry
Our family loves sharing the gifts that the Lord has blessed us with! Some of those many gifts are the animals that we love and care for. We live on a farm in Morrill, Kansas and we love farm life! We enjoy sharing our animals and also our love for animals. Some of the ways that we share our love of animals is by giving farm tours to local preschools, and nursing homes, hosting farm safety day for 1st and 2nd graders, and loaning our animals for public events.We also strive to raise adorable and sweet Holland Lop bunnies. We enjoy gardening, sewing, doing crafts, and baking for others.

Marian McHugh
Newton, Kansas
Netherland Dwarf
Sand Creek Rabbits
We are a small family-owned rabbitry located in Newton, Kansas. We specialize in Mini Rex rabbits but also have Polish, Champagne and Lionhead. Hoping for chocolate and black Mini Rex kits this Christmas for Spring availability. Great bloodlines!

Anna Tomka
Olathe, Kansas
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, and Dutch
Bunnies ‘R Us Rabbitry
I raise and sell show quality and award winning Holland lops and Dutch. I am a member of the KSRBA, ARBA, Holland Lop Specialty Club, American Dutch Rabbit Club & 4-H. Showing and raiseing rabbits is a strong passion I share, and hope to share with all. I sell these rabbits making sure they meet my customers requirements and are satisfactory. My rabbits are handled and groomed daily and are always disease free and well cared for. Wether you buy them for a pet, show, or to breed you will find what you want here!

Kara Friedline
Olathe, Kansas
Mini Lop, Lion heads
The yellow schoolhouse rabbitry
Hi there, we are a small family owned rabbitry outside of the KC area. We raise lion heads and mini lop rabbits.

Terri Taylor
Ottawa, Kansas
Netherland Dwarfs, and Dutch.
The Taylor’s Family Rabbit Farm
We are a small rabbitry that is quickly growing. We are current members of the ARBA and KSARBA members we plan in future to join KSNDRC,ANDRC, and the ADRC and KSDRC. My kids are active 4-h members in the rabbit club and show our rabbits. all which are show quality and have proven show quality. We have several that have won BOB,Best of Show, BOV, and reserve champion. We currently only do show in Kansas and Kansas city, MO. Our rabbits are show able quality and we show great pride in our babies. Our rabbits are handled and groomed daily and are always disease free and well cared for. Wether you buy them for a pet, show, or to breed you will find what you are looking for. Email us for availability, pricing, and if 4-h member or FFA member we do offer discounts. So contact us for pricing and availability.

Jackie Schulz
Ottawa, Kansas
Mini Rex
Schulz Rabbitry
Hi I am a small town rabbit breeder.I breed mini rexs. I started breeding mini rexs for a FFA project but quickly grew to selling them for pets,show,meat. I want to provide good quality rabbits no matter what you want them wether it be meat to show. I have a couple litters a year so please text me if you want to know if I have any available.

Dezeray Calderwood
Paola, Kansas
Mini Lop, Mini Rex
Home Sweet Home Acres Rabbitry
Right now I have two rabbits to sell. I have a year old grey mini lop buck. Would make great for 4H. Very sweet loves attention. Handled daily. I also have an 8 week old brown baby. Not sure if sex but can check if anyone is interested. Needing to downsize a few of my show rabbits that I am not showing this year and make room for new kits.

Miranda Columbia
Paola, Kansas
New Zealand, Flemish giant
Columbia Rabbitry
We regularly have New Zealand’s and New Zealand/Californian crosses. Will be having Flemish giants in the near future 913-837-6636

Does are 20-35 depending on coloration. Bucks are 10-35 depending on coloration.

Breeding trips are available as well as we have several lines.


F. H
Park City, Kansas
Holland Lop and Velveteen Lops
In’s Bunnies
I have 2 two month old bunnies that are ready now. They have 1/2 Holland, 1/2 Velveteen lop parents.

Rebecca Reed
Parsons, Kansas
Dutch and Mini Rex
Little Rabbitry On The Prairie
Hi, my name is Becky. My son, daughter and I got into the rabbit business about a year ago. We are a modest rabbitry located in Southeast Kansas. We breed Opal Mini Rex and Gray and Black Steel Dutch rabbits. We are members of ARBA, NMRRC, and ADRC. We have shown our rabbits at two county fairs and will be showing at ARBA shows next year.

Randy Hensley
Pleasanton, Kansas
Flemish Giants, Havanas, Mini Rex, Californians
Hensley’s Hare Hut Rabbitry
We are a small family rabbitry that shows 4H and Arba shows. We show both Kansas and Missouri and may start going to other states. We usually have Flemish and Havanas for sale most of the time, Mini Rex and Californians at different times of a year. We sell all our rabbits based on Quality { Pet type and also Show Quality} and all rabbits are full pedigree { with some only missing 3rd generation} We do offer a Youth discount if showing in 4H.

Rebekah Eilert
Powhattan, Kansas
Mini Rex
T-Rex Rabbitry
Striving to breed good quality Mini Rexes.

Tony Ritter
Riley, Kansas
Mini Lops
Ritter’s Quail Farm
I have a small 7 hole setup with a quad of mini lops. My buck and 1 doe (pedigreed) are out of a national champion producing herd, my other 2 does are rare (frosted) colored but their babies will be 1st gen. pedigreed. My 1st doe is 1/2 sister to a champion frosted buck. E-mail or call for prices and availability, discounts for 4-H kids wanting them to show.

Shelli Hertzel
Sabetha, Kansas
Holland Lop
Hertzel’s Holland Lop Rabbitry
We started our Holland Lop Rabbitry in Northeast Kansas in a small town, Sabetha, Kansas. We have two bucks and two does and all are pure breed Holland Lop bunnies. Recently, one of the bunnies from our very first litter won 4 contests at the local fair and one was Grand Champion!
Check out our website at www.hertzelshollands.com

K. SinghDhillon
Saint Marys, Kansas
Holland Lop
Furry 4
Small family owned rabbitry specializing in Holland lops, great for 4h, show or pets. Rabbits are handled and loved daily by both adults and kids.

Jesse Beeson
Sedan, Kansas
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, American, and mixes.
DoubleJ Rabbitry
We are a very small rabbitry focusing on American, Netherland Dwarf, and Mini Rex rabbits. We enjoy offering advice and help for everyone who buys a rabbit from us long after the original bunny purchase. We only breed the beginning and end of the year, so make sure to message us and claim your bunny before they’re all gone! We are not breeders that are in this for money, we are in it because we love rabbits and live to share that love with others.

Kaitlyn Huffman
Southwest, Kansas
Dwarf Hotot, Havanas, Himalayans, and Tans
Creekstone Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry in Southwest Kansas which houses my youth project. I work to promote the breeds of Dwarf Hotot, Havanas in chocolate and broken chocolate, Himalayans in lilac and chocolate, and Tans in black, blue, chocolate, and lilac through breeding and exhibition. I am nationally ranked and producing quality winners. I am also building a Blanc de Hotot breeding project to hopefully bring more of these beautiful, rare rabbits to the midwest. I have available show, breeding, and companion rabbits from time to time and I can be e-mailed for current availability. I am also a proud member of the ARBA, KSRBA, ADHRC, HRBA, AHRA, & ATRSC &. Visit my website for pictures and more information about my breeds. http://www.creekstone.webs.com Creeksone Rabbitry can also be followed on Facebook.

Christa Deines
Spring Hill, Kansas
Rhinelander, Mini Rex, French Lops
Sunnyside Farm
I started as a youth raising Mini Rex in 2008, I then added French Lops and Californians, I quickly sold out of Californians and then in 2012 I purchased my first Rhinelander. Since then I have started competing in rabbit hopping.

Lindsay Radliff
Spring Hill, Kansas
Holland Lop
Homegrown Rabbits
We will have 2 litters of Holland Lops coming in October, if you are interested in getting one, please let me know, males will be $80 and females $100.

Molly Kramer
Stilwell, Kansas
Miss Molly’s Rabbits
We offer exceptional pet/companion and breed/show quality Dutch rabbits raised by our 4H daughters. Our rabbits are healthy, handled, groomed, and loved. We are located in 15 minutes south of Overland Park KS. Please contact us for additional information and pictures.

Dani Bittner
Topeka, Kansas
Holland Lop
Lovely Lops Rabbitry
We have pedigreed Holland Lops rabbits that are of excellent quality! They are handled regularly, and make for excellent pets, show rabbits, and breeders!

Katelynn Waters
Topeka, Kansas
Standard Rex, Flemish Giants, Himalayan
KT Sunflower Rabbitry
We have several Rex, colors we may have available at any given time are black otter, blue otter, black, blue, lilac, rew, lilac/ blue chinchilla and chinchilla. I will also have broken occasionally.
In Flemish I have white, light gray, Steele, and black.
We have a few Himalayan and get all four varieties in our litters.
call, text or email to see what we have available.
My facebook page is KT Sunflower rabbitry, please like the page to get updates on kits and litters.

Lydia Kemp
Wichita, Kansas
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
LKK Rabbitry
You will fall in love with these little guys! I have Mini Rex and Netherland dwarf baby bunnies for sale. Only $25 each! They have the cutest personality. They’re so lovable, and the most unique coloring.
I also have Holland Lop baby bunnies. There little ears flop up and down ever time they hop. They’re just the cutest little ever! They are only $25 each also! I usually sell the baby rabbits at the age of 7 weeks old. So give me an email and adopt a cute little bunny today! 🙂

Courtney Records
Wichita, Kansas
Mini Rex
A female mini Rex for free. Looking for good home

Nathan & Victoria McCormack
Wichita, Kansas
Silver Fox – black and blue
The Silver Standard Rabbitry
The Silver Standard Rabbitry, a small-scale homestead located in Wichita, KS, is dedicated to breeding and offering top-notch pedigree Silver Fox rabbits.

Victoria Sierra
Wichita, Kansas
Silver Fox
The Silver Standard Rabbitry
A small-scale homestead located in Wichita, KS dedicated to breeding/offering pedigreed Silver Fox rabbits

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