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Brandon Dixon
Arlington, Kentucky
New Zealand and Flemish Giants
G&K Bunny Business
We are a small rabbit buisness started for our children to learn responsibility and earn some money. We have New Zealand/Flemish Giants. Our rabbits are breed for pets and meat rabbits. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Emily Opell
Ashland, Kentucky
Mixed Rabbit Breeds
Double O Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry located in Ashland, KY.We are small right now but hoping to grow!We buy and sell rabbits and rabbit supplies, we also breed rabbits.You also can breed your female to one of our males for a low fee of $10-$20.We can also board rabbits for up to two weeks max.To board a rabbit it costs around $15-$20 dollars a week.You can email us at Thanks!

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Meagan Cosper
Bagdad, Kentucky
English Angora
Stonewall Farms
Black, gray, and brown rabbits available. One doe and two bucks left! They are about 6 months old and are not papered. Very friendly and people oriented; out of all my litters, I have never been bitten.

Jessica Kulisek
Barbourville, Kentucky
Belgian Hare, Unsure
Not looking for a certain breed, just tame an female

Kasey Neagle
English Angora, English angora, lion head, spotted, dutch, mixed breeds
Bourbon Bunnies
Small rabbitry all our rabbits are raised indoors with large cages and are handled daily. We feed a healthy mixture of fresh vegetables and fruits along with a healthy mix of pellet diet. All our rabbits are raised for pet quality, or 4h projects. They are handled daily and used to our small children and dogs. We try to start litter training on some of our rabbits. Health guarantee. We breed lion head, spotted, English angoras and dutch. We do not over breed our does so we don’t always have kits available but feel free to text or email.
Bardstown ky

Tammy Weber
Bardstown, Kentucky
Flemish Giants (Blue)
Webers Rabbitry
Blue Flemish Giant Rabbits for sale. Flemish Giant Rabbits. Have pedigrees.

Laura Austin
McHenry, Kentucky
Dancin’ Does Rabbitry
Californians are a wonderful breed for for meat or for pets. If you’re looking for a hefty bunny, this may be what you want. I’m a small breeder, but I do sell kits, fryers, and occasionally, breeding stock. I never sell older animals (past good breeding age) and I don’t charge extra to sell a doe bred before purchase (pregnancy not a guarantee). I have pedigreed animals but I don’t show so I don’t promise show quality. Can be found on Facebook.

Wayne Weisman
Bedford, Kentucky
Flemish Giant
I would like a very docile laid-back giant flemish lovable rabbit.

berry, Kentucky

Sandra Cox
Bowling Green, KY
English Angoras, Lionheads, Jersey Woolys
Thumper’s Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry located in Bowling Green, Kentucky and I raise english angora rabbits. I try to show my rabbits when I get the chance. I also have Lionheads, Jersey woolys. I show them all and raise up a few litters. If you are looking for something to show, I might be able to help you out.

Christy Trevillian
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Kentucky Lionheads
I raise double Maned Lionhead rabbits. You can find me on Facebook and my website.

Jane Ely
Flemish Giant, Silver Fox, Rex
Piddlin’ ‘Round Farm Rabbitry
Our rabbitry is doing its part to keep the Flemish lines pure and improving on it as we can. PAF keeps to the color correct breeding. We offer blues and blacks and look to add other colors as we grow. Flemish Giant breeding is halted during the hottest months of summer. We also raise Rex and silver fox.

Katie Thomas
Bremen, Kentucky
Holland Lop, Lionheads, English Angoras, Jersey Wollies, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, plus a few project breeds: Lion Lops, Velvet Lions, and Plush Lops
KT’s Rabbitry
Small family rabbitry located in Bremen, Ky. We raise English Angoras in colored and white (hope to have broken soon). Jersey Woolies currently in self, shaded and broken. Holland lops in BEW, blue tort, and blue tri (soon otters too). Mini Lops in Orange, broken orange, and tri. Mini Rex in most colors. Lionheads in Double and Single Mane, most colors. Project breeds are still in development, check our website for updates on them.

Sydney Hines
Brodhead, Kentucky
Californian, Lionheads, New Zealand and Holland lop
Long Ear Rabbitry
At our farm we have many different breeds to choose from and many different ages.

Jane Sherer
Brooks, Kentucky
Holland Lops and English Angoras
I have been raising Holland for over 11 yrs. I have 6 generation families

Autumn Horan
Cadiz, Kentucky
New Zealand
Skye Rabbitry
I raise New Zealand rabbits for breeding stock and meat

Josh Rouse
Campbellsville, Kentucky
Silver Fox, Argente Brun, Crème D’Argent, New Zealand, Mini-Rex
Country View Rabbitry
We are located in Taylor County between Campbellsville and Hodgenville. We raise Silver Fox and have breeding stock with genes for all colors (black, chocolate, blue, lilac, REW, and tort). We also have breeding pairs of New Zealand, Argente Brun and Creme D’Argent. My daughter also has a pair of mini Rex (unpedigreed) that she breeds. All of the meat rabbit breeds have pedigrees except for the New Zealand which are partial pedigree.

Jessica Oldfield
Campton, KY
Flemish Giants, New Zealands, French Lops
Noele’s Noble Giants
I am a small rabbitry of about 25 rabbits. I currently raise Flemish Giants, New Zealands, and French Lops. At any given time I may have another breed. So if you are looking for any kind of rabbit send me an e-mail and I will try to locate it, if I don’t have it.

Lydia Dearsly
Catlettsburg , Kentucky
New Zealand White, Red, Agouti and Black
The Backyard Kazoo
I am a younger rabbit owner with a passion for animals! I operate as a colony setup but all of the rabbits also do okay in cages. I have been working with rabbits since 2014. My rabbits are people friendly and my does have all proved to be great mamas! I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the rabbits!

Marie Black
Central, Kentucky
Flemish Giants, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Lionheads, Dutch, Netherland Dwarfs, and More!
Rabbit Habit Rabbitry
We are a small hobby rabbitry located in central Kentucky raising Flemish giants, mini rex, holland lops, lionheads, and several other breeds. We raise our rabbits simply for the love of rabbits and try to keep our cost of upkeep (care, time, feed, vet visits, etc.) balanced with prices we ask on our rabbits. All of our rabbits are well cared for, socialized and well adjusted. We breed for TEMPERAMENT AND QUALITY, not quantity.

John Mullins
Clay City, Kentucky
Rex, Lionhead, Mini Lop
Shellis Sweet Acre Rabbitry
Shelli’s Sweet Acre Rabbitry has many beautiful rex rabbits. We also have some lionhead rabbits and mini lop bunnies coming soon!!! We work with our rabbits a lot in order to train them and get them used to love from there soon to be owners. We strive to breed with the best lines and health. We have the upmost concern for all our animals care and health in order to give them the best life quality and have the happiest rabbits you’ve ever seen!

Gary Anderson
Constantine, Kentucky
New Zealand White, Silver Fox, Californian, Satin Angora, German Angora
Rough Creek Rabbitry
Rough Creek Rabbitry focuses on meticulous record keeping to assess and improve the efficiency of producing meat, fur and wool from several breeds of rabbits. We keep and breed three different breeds at this time, with Angoras coming soon, and we enjoy what each breed has to offer our rabbitry.
We supplement our rabbits’ diets with organic greens, vegetables, tree fruits, nuts and bark, at appropriate times. We feel that a varied diet leads to a healthier and happier rabbit!
We also house rabbits in slightly larger hutches, that we build ourselves, as compared to most commercially available hutches. Rough Creek Rabbitry will soon have indoor space to raise rabbits in a climate controlled environment.
All kits and litters are weighed at specific times, and the amount of feed that that litter consumes is also recorded. We think this information is critical for those wishing to efficiently raise rabbits for meat, be it commercially or for the family table. We only sell rabbits for breeding stock that we would keep ourselves for that purpose, but we welcome inquiries from anyone interested in raising rabbits, be it for meat, fur, wool, a 4H project or a family pet.

Theresa Smith
Crescent Springs, Kentucky
None of the above, Lionhead
Lovely Little Lions
We are a small rabbitry focusing on the best individual care for our rabbits. Always looking for better husbandry practices and litter box train all of our rabbits. Rabbits are handled daily and bred for temperament as well as to fit the breed standard.

Bryan Dean
Crestwood, Kentucky
Holland Lops, American Chinchillas
4D Rabbitry
4D is a family rabbit project started in 2012, we are small but working towards good solid lines for our sweet Holland Lops and American Chinchillas.

Larry Brooks
Custer, Kentucky
Rex, mini rex, American chinchilla, silver fox
Sinking Creek rabbitry
Raising show quality rabbits for 4H, FFA or just for pets.

Glenn Woolum
Denton, Kentucky
American Chinchilla, Blue Flemish Giants, Mixed Breeds
Glenns Rabbitry
My American Chinchilla rabbits have pedigree, blue Flemish Giants are full blood, but don’t have pedigrees. All mixed rabbits are big breeds.

Chris Rhodes
Dry Ridge , Kentucky
New Zealands, Lionheads, Flemish, Marbled Giants, Lops
Daisy Ridge Farm Rabbitry
Daisy Ridge Nubian Farm’s Rabbitry is a hopping place. We have 13 breeding pairs of rabbits. Including Lops, New Zealands, Flemish, and Lionheads.

Paul & Charlene Nelson
Elkton, Kentucky
English Lops & Checkered Giants
Nelson FunnyBunny Farm Rabbitry
We have been members of ARBA since 2003. We raise English Lops and Checkered Giants for show. We are also club secretary and director for the Western Kentucky RBA and the Kentucky Lop Rabbit Club. Charlene is show Secretary for the Western Kentucky RBA and the River City RBA.

Shannon Thompson
Elliott County, Kentucky
Silver Fox, New Zealand
Rogue Wild Rabbitry
We raise black and blue Silver Fox rabbits. They are all pedigreed and many of their lines are registered grand champions. We also raise black and white New Zealands.

Elaine Miller
Fairdale, Kentucky
Cedar Spring’s Rabbitry
Holland Lops
We raise beautiful Holland Lops in a variety of colors including Black Torts and Blue Torts, Blues, Blacks, Sable Points, Frostys, REWs(Ruby eyed whites) and BEWs(Blue eyed whites). Visitors are always welcome at our Rabbitry.

Herman Dutschke
Falls of Rough, KY
New Zealands
Country Boys Meat Rabbits
Right now I just have 10 does and 2 bucks, I will acquire more once I locate a good and profitable market.

Jordan Smith
Frankfort, Kentucky
Mini Rex, I breed show quality Mini Rex rabbits And pet quality Lionheads.
Otto and Lola’s Rabbitry
I breed Mini rex rabbits for 4h and FFA. I show my rabbits in 4h and open shows. I will not have a litter until spring of 2018. I do make holds. Just let me know what you are looking for.

Sophia Smith
Frankfort, Kentucky
Rhinelander, Rhinelander Tan
Grüner Stein
My name is Sophia smith and I own a small 4-H based Rabbitry in Frankfort Ky. I have raised Hollands, mix breeds, and Mini rex rabbits. But now I have decided to get into the rarer breeds. I have gotten out of the common breeds and into the full arch breeds. I want to mainly focus on Rhinelanders and Tan rabbits. Rhinelander and Tan rabbits are both a full arch and running breed. They are not posed on the show table and have VERY high energy. They can be a very sweet disposition, but every rabbit has its own personality.

Brittany Tran
Garfield, Kentucky
English Angora
TeaRose Angoras
We are a small rabbitry. We specialize in Pedigreed English Angoras. We have all colors including self and broken. All rabbits are raised under foot with our family. They are handled daily and well socialized with children and other pets. We try our best to litter train every-bunny that leaves here and give them a good start for their new home. We groom our rabbits weekly and start all bunnies with hands on grooming at an early age. Contact for anymore information. Check us out on Facebook TeaRose Angoras. The best way to contact is by phone or Facebook.

Danielle Fannin
Georgetown, Kentucky
Twilight Lionheads
We raise show quality double Manes Lionhead rabbits. I breed the following varieties: tort, ruby-eyed white, black, and several from the shaded family. We breed towards the Lionhead standard and go to as many shows as we can. You can find us on Facebook and our website.

Rowan Davies
Goshen, Kentucky
Lion-Lops, Lionhead Holland Lop Mixes
Little Lion Lops
Check out the site and take a look around. Here at Little Lion Lops, we specialize in finding you your perfect companion. Our rabbits are very unique and have great personalities – plus they’re adorable!

Sarah Ettel
Goshen, Kentucky
Holland Lop
Goshen Hollands
We specialize in Vienna marked holland lops, but also have a few non Vienna marked. Bunnies are handled from birth and a are used to children, noises and other animals. I breed for temperament, and to better the breed. These bunnies are great for children.

Teresa White
Grand Rivers, Kentucky
Holland Lops
Teresa’s Bunnies Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry of 8 does and 2 bucks. Orange, Sable, Broken Tort, and white. Babies available year round. ARBA Member #WHITTE02 since 2012.

Caitlynn Sammons
Grayson, Kentucky
Mini Rex, New Zealand Red/White, Flemish Giant, Satin
The Bunny Burrow Rabbitry
The Bunny Burrow Rabbitry is registered with ARBA, we strive to produce show quality rabbits of Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Satins, Californians, and New Zealand Red/White. Our Mini Rex and Flemish Giants are bred to produce lines of show rabbits, while our other breeds are bred for 4-H and FFA projects or meat breeders. We’re a smaller sized rabbitry that put the needs of the rabbits first. Our bucks and does with litters are in large, clean hutches and our open does roam a colony type style. If you’d like any more information about us or our rabbitry please call, email, or see us on Facebook as The Bunny Burrow Rabbitry.

Debbie Johns
Grayson, Kentucky
Flemish Giant
Hello from Rabbit Village! Baby bunnies have arrived! We are a small rabbitry located in Grayson, Ky. Our bunnies are Flemish Giants & blue in color. They are raised in a clean rabbitry and are treated with TLC (tender, loving care)! We enjoy having them around & they make great pets. Pedigrees are available on all our bunnies. We are an ARBA member since 2014. Feel free to hop on in and give us a call or email us anytime!

Sheila Seaton
Grayson, Kentucky
Flemish Giant
The cotton tail bunny farm im in Grayson KY for pic up I have famish giant for sale asking $70.00 each mail and female they are pedigree..
please call me at 1(606)475-0352 can tex me on face book messager will have some baby’s starting in 2021 hit me up i if interested ty god bless

Amber Townsend
Grayson, Kentucky
Harlequin (Magpie), Mini Rex
Hiden Woods Rabbitry
We are breeding show quality Magpie Harlequine rabbits and Mini Rex. Our animals get lots of handling and attention.

Maryellen Tussey
Grayson, Kentucky
Harlequin, Rex and Magpie Harlequin
The Velveteen Rabbitry
Small family rabbitry in Easter Kentucky.
Pet and show quality rabbits.

Leigh Ann Martin
Greenup, Kentucky
Silver Fox, Pedigree silver fox and non pedigree american chinchillas
Silver lining rabbitry and homestead
Breeding quality pedigree silver fox and non pedigree american chinchilla rabbits.

Billy Rudnick
Hardinsburg, Kentucky
New Zealands, Holland Lops
5 R Rabbitry
We have assortment of NZ most of the year we have young now and we are getting Holland lops added to our rabbitry

Ken Sandefur
Hawesville, NY
New Zealands – M70
BirdmanKen Rabbitry
I have 75 does /12 bucks and a lot of little ones all in barns and a lot more room for 50 more.

Natalie Srygler
Hodgenville, Kentucky
Straight Line Rabbitry
A big hello from Straight Line Rabbitry! I breed Californians for show and meat. My Rabbitry is registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association and I have placed very well in the Ky State Fair. I have stock from Hornback, Jars, and Simmons genetic lines. Good stock pays for itself! Call or text me if you are interested or have questions!

Stephanie Jakus
Hustonville, Kentucky
English Lops
Moon Flower Farm Rabbitry
We are a hobby farm located just North of Liberty Kentucky. We raise English Lops. Visit our website or visit us on Facebook. Thanks!

Sarah Davis
Irvington , Kentucky
English Angora, Jersey Woolies, and Lionheads
Bluegrass Bunnies
We are a small Rabbitry in Kentucky. We started raising rabbits because as a family we enjoyed them so much. Over time we have expand our herd and have different varieties. We do our best to produce healthy happy bunnies. We have Jersey Woolies, English Angoras, and Lionheads. We have a variety of colors in each of these breeds.That are very social. Our rabbits are handled daily and live in clean environments. Our rabbits are here at home so they are party of our family. Always looking out to do our best to provide what each bunny needs and to improve our bunny farm.

Kelly Adams
Jenkins, Kentucky
Mini Rex
Velvet Village Rabbitry
I’m a youth breeder located in eastern Ky and am also involved in my local 4H. I breed mini rex in broken/solid blue and black. If you have any questions feel free to contact me 🙂

Marie Black
Lancaster, Kentucky
Flemish Giants, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, and Mini Rex
Open Fields Rabbitry
Open Fields Rabbitry is located in Lancaster, Kentucky. We are centrally located in the state of Kentucky and just a short drive from Lexington, Kentucky. We are in the beginning stages of opening our rabbitry and hope to have things completely operational by Spring of 2013. We do plan on having some fall litters though. Our star doe at Open Fields Rabbitry is Open Fields Big Mama weighing in at 20lbs. Big Mama is fully pedigreed and a descendant of man show rabbits from Wooley Boogers Rabbitry in Dallas, NC. Almost all rabbits kept on our grounds with the exception of a small few are fully pedigreed. We breed for HEALTH and QUALITY animals. Our animals are frequently vet checked, vetted, and we have a vet reference 24 hours around the clock when needed. After visiting several rabbitriesand ending up with sick animals I decided I will make it my personal mission to raise HEALTHY animals that see vets regularly and extend my personal health guarantee on every rabbit purchased from Open Fields Rabbitry! Whether you’re looking for a rabbit Extra large or extra small, even somewhere in between…We have it all!

Bethany Lawson
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
French Angora, Californian
Woolly Ridge Rabbitry
Our rabbits are known for their sweet and gentle personalities.
We raise Pedigree French Angora and Pedigree Californian.
We also sell with out Pedigree for Pets and 4H.
Both Breeds are Great Dual Purpose breeds
Feel Free to check out our website

Emily Walker
Ledbetter, Kentucky
Holland Lop
In west west Ky, I raise fine pedigreed Holland lops. I will have 4 female black-brkn black torts and 2 males. And 2 brkn chocolate females w a brkn opal male. I am small but good quality stock.

Heather Doucette
Lewisport, Kentucky
Holland Lop
Lil’ Bun Buns Rabbitry
We love our little farm here in Lewisport, Kentucky! We have about 7 acres where we raise Holland Lop bunnies and a variety of chickens. In 2020, we found our first set of bunnies and fell in love! Our goal is to raise healthy happy lops and provide the best care possible. Our buns are socialized daily and are therapeutic pets to our family.

We are a registered breeder through the American Rabbit Breeder Association and Rabbit Breeders US. We are also members of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, and Hancock County 4-H Rabbit Club.

Paula Greene-Bowron
Lexington, Kentucky
French Angora
TheFiberQueen’s Rabbitry
I am a fiber artist located in KY. I raise pedigreed French Angora rabbits for their wonderfully soft fur that I spin into luxurious yarn. I now have 14 kits that were born this past week in two litters. The kits are not related, and you will receive their pedigree papers when purchased. I will be offering a select few kits for sale. Great for fiber artists, they are very social, well loved, and live in a climate controlled environment. You can follow them at Photos are posted and will be updated at least once a week.

Bryce Davenport
Lexington, Kentucky
Flemish Giant
Flemish Giant rabbit
any color and very young.

Ellie O’Neill
Lexington, Kentucky
Mini Plush Lop
Ellie’s Rabbitry
Ellie’s Rabbitry specializes in true Mini Plush Lops, one of the most unique, rare and beautiful hybrid rabbit breeds available. I am a very small scale breeder located in Lexington Kentucky, striving to produce healthy, friendly, quality Mini Plush Lops with exceptional body confirmation, fur and color.
I have been very fortunate to attain my Mini Plush Lops from a breeder who bought Devie Danniballe, the creator of the Mini Plush Lops’s, original breeding stock. Don’t be fooled, a True Mini Plush lop is not simply a cross between a Holland Lop and Mini Rex. There are a total of 4 breeds that were selectively bread for their desirable traits over a 12 year period to produce the true Mini Plush Lop. The Mini Plush lop is in extremely high demand because of their very small size, friendly temperament and incredibly velvety nearly shed free fur and of course their lopped ears! If interested in purchasing a Mini Plush Lop, please contact me so you can have your own to enjoy! I do offer shipping for those who do not live within driving distance to Kentucky.
Attention 4-H’rs: You can take Mini Plush Lops to the fair! This breed is not yet accepted by the ARBA, but you are still able to show them. They are just not able to participate in any ARBA judged breed shows.

Alyssa Richardson
Lexington, Kentucky
Lionhead/Netherlands Dwarf mix
Angel Bunnies Rabbitry
Angel Bunnies Rabbitry is a very small operation that breeds Lionhead/Netherlands Dwarf mixes, and takes great pride is providing all bunnies with a good home and a loving family. If you are interested in adoption of one of our small breed bunnies email us at

Donna Thomas
Lexington, Kentucky
French Angora
Hoppin Fiber Farm
We raise French Angora rabbits. We keep an anverage of 16-20 rabbits. Most are black or chocolate. They have been very good fiber producers and several are very socialized and are litter trained. We sale our bunnies for pets, breeding, 4H , show, and fiber!!! We also sale: hand made bunny treats/toys; raw fiber; and bunny poop which makes great fertilizer!
Feel free to contact us any time.

Tammy Vosburgh
Lexington, Kentucky
Lionheads, Jersey Wooly, French Angora, English Spots
Wooly Hares Rabbitry
Here at Wooly Hares Rabbitry we handle our rabbits everyday and spoil them with TLC. We work with Lionheads, Jersey Wooly, French Angoras, and English Spots. Most of our rabbits are fully pedigreed. We breed for Show, Breeding, and Pet quality rabbits. We are located in Lexington , KY. You can reach us at 859-259-2787 or visit our website at

Madyson Roszel
Lexington , Kentucky
Mini Rex, Holland lop, mini lop
K & M rabbits
We are small and locally owned and take pride in having the highest quality rabbits. All of our rabbits are docile, exposed to children and other animals and litter box trained. They make wonderful pets aswell as great show rabbits. All of our rabbits come with a pedigree and most of them are ‘Best in show’, ‘Best in breed’ and ‘best in variety’.

We specialize in lilac and castor mini rex rabbits

Doretha Jones
Liberty, Kentucky
Holland Lop
DJ’s Bunnies and More
We have beautiful litter trained Holland Lops for sale! They all come with a pedigree and are handled from a young age. We pride ourselves in having healthy, clean and happy bunnies. We have bunnies available now as well as upcoming litters! Call 931-324-2250

Tasha Slone
Louisa, Kentucky
Dwarf Hotot, Mini Rex, Dutch
Queenicess Rabbitry Village
We strive to raise top quality rabbits for show, 4-H and pets.
Our rabbits are well maintained in large hutches cleaned daily.
We are small but growing with time.
They get treated like part of our family with treats and lots of running time to ensure a happy and healthy life style. Not to mention all of the love and attention they get daily!!
We never have an accidental litter we plan all litters. We have never lost any of our rabbits.
We feed good food and hay, they are never with out food and always have what they need.
We do not do colonies as to much can happen and could go unnoticed.
We do a daily health inspection to make sure there are no problems going on.
If you are looking for a show rabbit, some thing for 4-H or a sweet pet, then we have what you would be looking for at a reasonable price without breaking your bank account.
If you would like more info about our rabbitry, please contact us via email, phone, or visit us on Facebook as Queenicess Rabbitry Village.

Tiffani Bolin

Justin Elder
Louisville, Kentucky
New Zealand white and reds, Mini Rex and Californian and mixed breeds
Bluegrass Rabbitry
Specializing in new Zealand red show quality rabbits!

Bob Hunter
Louisville, Kentucky
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
RBTT Rabbitry
Indoor rabbitry with heat in winter and air conditioning in summer. We breed year round and currently have Six(6) Grand Champions on sight.

Ashley Oller
Louisville, Kentucky
Mini Rex
Oller Rabbitry
3 month old miniature Rex bunnies.
Two girls, & two boys.
More baby rex’s also along the way! Momma bun is about to have her 3rd set of kits any day now 🙂

Sean Feltner
Madisonville, Kentucky
New Zealand, Velveteen Reds, California, white and red New Zealand, a couple of cute mixes
F&P Livestock
i have lots of rabbits. i can have babys at anytime with a 2 1/2 to 3 month in advance phone number is 270-871-4782 ask for sean

Latashia House
Manchester, Kentucky
Holland Lop, Lionheads, English Angoras, Mini Plush Lops
Lavender Beds Rabbitry
Hi! We currently have a small group of English Angoras, Holland Lops, and Mini Plush Lops with our main herd/focus being Lionheads! We strive to produce quality, friendly bunnies!

James Jones
Manchester, Kentucky
Holland Lop
Lavender Beds Rabbitry
All of my rabbits are pedigreed, well socialized, and healthy. I am located in Manchester, KY. I work hard to ensure that each rabbit I produce is well cared for both with me & after they leave me.

jamie pursell
Manchester, KY, Kentucky
French Angora, English Angora
Starmoss Acres
We raise French and English Angora rabbits in Manchester KY. Our rabbits are well socialized and kept indoors in the air conditioning during the summer.

Nikki Easley
Marion, Kentucky
Rex, mini rex
Nikki’s rabbitry
Rex rabbits looking for their forever homes. $30 each

Dan Castle
Mc Kee, Kentucky
New Zealand White
Rocking Hare’s Rabbitry
My rabbits are raised in a barn. I have 30 doe’s mostly New Zealand White’s.

Rob Ison
Murray, Kentucky
New Zealand, Californian
Carrot Country Lapin
At Carrot Country Lapin we produce New Zealand and Californian rabbits that have excellent disposition (in case you want to handle them), confirmation (in case you want to show them), and carcass quality (in case you want to eat them). We do extensive performance tests and keep accurate records. We test all breeding prospects for body length and for circumference at the head, shoulders, and hips. We also monitor weight gain at 3 weeks, 5 weeks, 8 weeks, and 10 weeks. Murray, Kentucky is located halfway between Nashville, TN and St. Louis, MO. We are twenty miles west of I-24 and about 500 yards west of the Kentucky Lake in the Land Between the Lakes Region. Contact us today to arrange a visit or to obtain a list of prospects currently available.

Joe Apple
Nortonville, Kentucky
New Legacy Homestead
Breeding broken and solid Castor, Tri-color, Harlequin, Lynx, Lilac, Otters, Ambers, REW Rex rabbits.

Chris Fairchild
Olive Hill, Kentucky
Holland Lop, New Zealands; Californians
C&K Rabbitry
We raise Holland Lops for pets and New Zealand and New Zealand x Californian crosses as meat rabbits. We are slowly getting into pedigreed rabbits so eventually all stock will have full pedigrees.

Michelle Leadingham
Olive Hill, Kentucky
Lionheads, NZ
Hillbilly Acres Rabbitry
Hi there! Hillbilly Acres is a farm of 120+ acres. With chickens, goats, rabbits, horses, and a cow! Specializing in rabbits. Oh, and not to forget the dogs and cats! If you need something, just hit me up with an email.

A B Prewitt
Owensboro, KY
Netherland Dwarfs; black silver martin, also otter and blue
Back Yard Rabbits
Our rabbitry is only 42 holes but we have some nice rabbits, we sell some as they come available.

Heather Vandiver
Owingsville, Kentucky
Dutch, New Zealands
Aya Sora Rabbitry
I’m a small rabbitry that has been developing into a rabbitry that can do what I want with it.

Steph Baucum
Paducah, Kentucky
American Fuzzy Lop, Dwarf Cinnamon
Steph Rabbitry
In search of bunny for disabled son.
Floppy ears small

Tonya Jones
Paducah, Kentucky
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
tNts Unique Bunny’s
II have the most amazing bunnies they are each so very different but everyone of my bunnies are very unique I mean I can take them on a walk a car ride let them run in my house or my yard and when I say come they do when I say stay they do for a second they use a littler box and demand attention even before food I have been raining rabbits for about four years now I’m still learning on colors on prices on Pedigree I would love to put at least one of my buddies in a show just to see how unique he or she is but I don’t know what I’m doing could use a little guidance I live in Paducah KY my phone number is 2709335332

Bill Partin
Pineville, Kentucky
Dutch, Dutch and Holland Lop
Partin’s Rabbitry
I have Dutch rabbits for sale almost all of the time and I am just getting started in Holland Lops.

Brianna Willis
Pineville, Kentucky
Holland Lop
Elk Hollow Rabbitry
We breed beautiful heathy pedigree holland lops with blue eyes. When you receive your baby it has already started its house training so easier for new owners .

Lisa Haynes
Princeton , Kentucky
Holland Lop, Lionheads, English angora, French angora
Bunny Cottage Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry is Western Kentucky!

Sarah & Abigail Bruno
Redbush, Kentucky
Silver Fox, White & Red New Zealands
Holy Mountain Rabbitry
Here at Holy Mountain Rabbitry, our rabbits are treated with the best care possible. Here our breeding stock are selected for good mothering abilities, fastest growing for meat production, and wonderful temperament. All of our bunnies can either be sold as breeding stock or wonderful pets. Check us out on our website at!! Give us a call to reserve your wonderful bunny!!

Amy Richburg
Richmond, Kentucky
Holland Lop
Fairy Trail Rabbitry
We are a very small family-run Holland Lop rabbitry based in Kentucky. All of our bunnies are raised indoors in spacious solid floored pens with lots of free-roam time, litter box trained, and highly socialized as a part of the family! Our parent bunnies are also our pets and are loved beyond words! ? We give our buns unlimited grass hay, quality hay-based pellets, fresh water in large bowls and bottles (as backup), and lots of toys, hides, and enrichment. Our Holland Lop babies are lovingly hand raised and handled from day one to help ensure they will be the perfect companions and addition to your family. We are committed to raising happy, healthy, and friendly bunnies for amazing homes that will spoil and love them endlessly!! All buns are at least eight weeks old before going to their forever homes. We regularly travel between Richmond, KY and Mount Sterling, KY. We offer lifetime support to all of our bunny families, and I am always happy to help out with any questions you might have so please feel free to reach out! ?

Madelyn Bennett
Robards, Kentucky
Flemish Giant, Pedigreed Black Flemish Giant & Pedigreed Giant English Lop
Bennett Barnyard
Hey y’all! Our Bennett Barnyard farm raises and sells black pedigreed Flemish giants from a blue/black line. We also raise and sell Flemish Giant and English Lop Crosses. We’re typically breeding year round and have big litters. My sisters and I are members of 4-H and FFA. Breeding rabbits is something we enjoy doing and loving on our giant babies! Shoot me, Madelyn, a message to see what we have available today! 270-957-2776

Donna Barnes
Scottsville, Kentucky
Double Mane lion heads,Jersey Wooley,English Angora
Southern Ky Rabbitry
Here at Southern Ky Rabbitry we have lion heads,jersey wooly, english angoras.

Lynn Calvert
Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Californian, New Zealands
KSV Rabbitry
We are breeders of Californian and New Zealand rabbits. Our breeding is for meat however, our Californians are show quality with a best in class doe as part of one of our breeding pairs in house. We also build cages and can help with supplies.

Jenny W.
Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Velveteen Lops
Ainsley Willow Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry of only about 21 holes located about 25 miles south of Louisville. We are registered with the ARBA and are an active member of the VLRCA. We started out raising Hollands and Netherlands, but after acquiring a pet Velveteen Lop, quickly made the switch to only breeding V lops. Velveteen Lops are not yet recognized by the ARBA, but they go up for consideration for the first time under this COD holder in November of 2014. Weighing in at only about 6 1/2 pounds, they are a cross between an English Lop and a Mini Rex. They get the E lop’s great personality and long ears and the Mini Rex’s velvety coat.

Richard Johnson
Somerset, Kentucky
Flemish Giant, checker giants , new zealand , mini rex and holland lops
J&J Chickens and rabbits look us up on Fb
We have been raising rabbits since 2012 . So we have gained a lot of knowledge in our years in business . We currently have new zealand`s for sale . We are on FB just look us up J&J chickens and rabbits . WE have pictures and info. on our site of everything currently available .

Tammy Allen
Sturgis, Kentucky
Velveteen lops
Rocking A rabbitry
I. Breed only velveteen lops. They are one of the sweetest breeds I have raised. Currently I am breeding show quality chocolates. And some shaded varieties. Rabbits for sale most times. Pet and show quality. If none available I can help find someone that has them available. Tri colors available from a close friend.

Dana Crowe
Stanton, Kentucky
New Zealand, Lionhead, and Dutch
Dana’s Fabulous Rabbits
I raise mainly Lionheads, even though I do raise Dutch and New Zealand. I do not breed during the Winter months. I start breeding February through September. My rabbits are top quality! I will not ship my bunnies you must be able to meet close to me. Like in Mt Sterling or Clay City.

Jessica Crowe
Stanton, Kentucky
New Zealand, Lionhead, Dutch, Dwarf, Mini Rex Mix, New Zealand/Silver Fox mix
Jessica Crowe Rabbitry
I have started my rabbitry 3-4 years ago and still raising bunnies!! I make sure all of my buns are happy and healthy and are handled daily! My prices range from $10-$30 depending on breed.

Travis & Jessica Adams
Stinnett, Kentucky
Flemish Giant, Lionheads, New Zealand White, California, Redbacks,
Adams Little Ranch
We raise a variety of breeds such as Flemish Giants, Lionheads, New Zealand Whites, Redback, all are pedigreed except Redbacks and rabbits raised for meat. All our Bunnies are very well taken care of with lots of love, we raise our bunnies for quality and not for quantity.

Tammy Allen
Sturgis, Kentucky
English Lop, Velveteen lops
Rocking A Rabbitry
Velveteen lops are my primary breed. Weaned kits for sale now

Jeremy Hampton
Tollesboro, Kentucky
New Zealand, Lionhead, Angora
Hampton Rabbitry
Breeding Meat Rabbits as well as pet rabbits.

Teresa Turner
Totz, Kentucky
Mini Rex, New Zealand
Sweet Nibbles Rabbitry
I have a small but growing Hobby rabbitry in Totz Ky. I Raise rabbits just for the love of raising them. I sell mini Rex, some New Zealand, and New Zealand mni-Rex cross breed. I have a beautiful American Chinchilla Buck I’d like to find a doe for. My rabbits are kept in clean, spacious, well ventilated cages. They are pellet and hay fed, with greens, fruits and vegetables. Our rabbits get lots of handling brushing, and t.l.c. . They make good pets, breeder stock, and the New Zealands are good meat rabbits. No hormones are ever given to our rabbits. You can follow the cuteness on Facebook at Sweet Nibbles Rabbitry. I board Rabbits for only 3.00 a day. And for those interested I brush and cut nails for 5.00. Check out our pictures, we have an active breeding program so should have lots of bunnies for sale or soon to be.

Teresa Turner
Totz, Kentucky
Holland Lop, Lionhead
Sweet Nibbles Rabbitry
Beautiful, fully pedigreed Holland Lops, and Lionheads. Also breeding Guinia pigs as well. I have a Facebook page if interested. Sweet Nibbles Rabbitry. I also have restarted my breeding program, looking forward to getting and keeping quality rabbits.

Holly Spears Simpson
Union, Kentucky
Holland Lop, Holland Lop Ears
Holly Spears Holland Lop Ears
In an effort to get back to her roots, Holly Spears (Country Music Singer/Actress, has started her own Rabbitry called Holly Spears Holland Lop Ears. She has produced Black Torts, Blue Torts, Broken Torts and Blue Otters as of the present. Her current Sires are Black Torts and Broken Tort, while her current Dames are a Broken Tort and a Sable Point. Located in Union, KY, Holly Spears Holland Lop Ears is convenient to the interstate, but has a country feel. We hope you can stop by and see the cuteness! You can also follow the bunny adventures on Face Book. Just look up Holly Spears Holland Lop Ears and prepare to fall in love 😀

Shawn Miller
Utica, Kentucky
New Zealand Whites, Flemish Giants, Netherland Dwarfs
Miller and Ashley Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry we have 30 brood doe new zealand whites And 5 flemish giant does and 4 netherland dwarf does we r working and growing every day closer to our goal of 150 new zealand for the commercial market we have a few mix breed and ALWAYS have babies available for purchase from 7.00 to 20.00 each feel free to call or text us anytime 2709938880 thank you for looking

Crystal Rhein
Upton, Kentucky
Crystals Harlequin’s
I have started my rabbitry at my home I love rabbits and they are so easy to take care of and raise I started posting on Facebook and Craigslist with successful results. I’ve noticed that I would be the first person to have this breed of rabbits in the state of KY and I’ve noticed that the Harlequin’s are rare here also

Tammy Oliver
Versailles, Kentucky
Holland Lops, Lion Lops
Thoroughbred Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Versailles, Kentucky. We raise pet and show quality holland lop and lion lop rabbits. Our babies are handled daily.

Scott Martin
Vine Grove, Kentucky
Californian, New Zealand whites, Californians, Tans, Holland lops
Triple M
Small family owned rabbitry raising pedigreed rabbits in Vine Grove, KY.

Darrin Smith
Waynesburg, Kentucky
Flemish Giant, Fawn and Sandy Flemish Giant, New Zealand Red, Black Polish
S & W Rabbityry
We are a small family operated rabbitry focusing on pedigree show and pet quality Fawn and Sandy Flemish Giants, Red New Zealand and Black Polish.

Katarena Conley
West Liberty, Kentucky
English Spot, Halequins, Blanc de Hotot, Checkered Giants, Dutch and English Spots
Busy Bunnies Rabbitry
As of right now I am still currently restocking on rabbits. Last winter a terrible sickness went around my rabbitry, wiping out more than half my rabbits. The rabbits I have listed are the ones I have right now, happy and healthy. By this time next month I will have many new litters of baby rabbits, and is very excited to see what comes out. I am mix breeding for better meat, and to also bring back the breeds I lost to the sickness; Alaskas, American Chins, American Lops, Californians, etc. If anyone is interested in the breeds I have listed, I will be more than happy to help. I only ask $5 for babies, and $10 for adults of all breeds. My rabbits are treated with much love, care, and respect. They’ll make great pets. I have also been told their meat is pretty great too. I only ask that when you send your emails to name the subject as rabbits or else I probably wont get it.-Thank you. (:

Ahnika Collins
Williamsburg, Kentucky
English Angora
Buckeye Hollow Farm
Our rabbitry raises Dutch (black, steel, blue, gray, tort, harlequin, and some AOVs); and Rex (black, blue, chocolate, lilac, all 4 otter varieties, and broken in all of the above colors). We have been raising rabbits in Central KY for 3+ years, and have raised rabbits in Central FL for 15+ years. Active in supporting 4H. Showing in local Open, Youth, and 4H shows. We’re always happy to help youth with any questions, and give 4H/FFA discounts.

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