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Megan Poulin
Augusta , Maine
Lionhead Rabbits
Razzy’s Rabbitry
Specializing in indoor litterbox trained, happy, healthy, family friendly, lionhead rabbits.

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John Rollins
Anson, Maine
Holland Lop, White New zerland / California mix, Red Rex, Lionheads, Dutch, Holland lop
Johns Rabbit Farm
Johns Rabbit Farm carries two lines of rabbits meat and pet. White New Zealand’s, Red Rex and California rabbits for meat rabbit breeders. Lion Heads, Dutch and Holland lop eared for pet buyers or show rabbits. My rabbits a well maintained and keep in separate hutches to control breeding and blood line. Accurate breeding records are keep on each rabbit to show date of birth, mother, father and litter count. All rabbits are grain and hay feed.

Brianna P.
Bangor, Maine
Rhinelander, Jersey Wooly Rex
Zephyr Ridge Rabbitry
Currently raising both varieties of Rhinelander for show, Jersey Woolys in Pointed White and Black, and Rex in various colors.
We strive to meet the breed standards as outlined in the Standards of Perfection (ARBA). Currently closed to the public, and at times we offer litter trained rabbits to pet homes.
We are located in the Bangor, Maine area but frequent local shows and travel out of state to Massachusetts on occasion. Transport can sometimes be arranged at Buyer’s expense.
Email or Facebook is the best way to get in touch.

Jonathan Jones
Berwick, Maine
Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Micro Rex, Angora, Flemish Giant
Eggsellent Chickens Rabbitry
We breed several different types of bunnies in a variety of colors. All our bunnies are handled daily from as young as a week old till the time they are homed to get them ready for their new families as pets. While we do focus on standards of excellence, we also push for new colors and more unique patterns. Our main goal is to provide healthy and very companionable bunnies.

Brandi Corvin
Blue Hill, Maine
Mini Lop, Mini Plush Lops
Berry Hill Rabbitry
We breed a rare and adorable breed of rabbits, mini plush lops. They have the softest plush fur and lop ears and are from the original d’annibelle herd bred to make the ideal pet rabbit. Our rabbits are handled and socialized with children daily. Please contact us to find out how to purchase one of these adorable bunnies today!

Mark Elwell
Bowdoin, Maine
Silver Fox (Black-Blue), Creme D’argent, Californian, Satins, French Lop, New Zealand white-red-black-broken.
Rocky’s Rabbits
Providing high quality meat and show rabbits year round. We have many blood lines available for all of our breeds to insure you the best breeding pair or trio options. All our rabbits come from excellent proven stock. Meat breeds ready for production level breeding with excellent temperaments as well. We are a medium sized Rabbitry with 100-150 holes depending on the season. Select pedigreed show stock also available, reservations suggested on these.

Central, Maine
Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch, Polish, Dwarf Hotots and Lionheads
Archway Rabbitry
Archway Rabbitry is a small family run rabbitry. We raise our rabbits primarily for show. We have been the top points winners in the state of Maine for more than 1 year. We have also won breeder of the year for our national specialty club in our district for a few years. As you can see, we care about quality rather than quantity. I have started several youth breeders in the New England area with top quality rabbits that have gone on to win Best in Shows for them. Hope to see you at the shows!

Kayla Poulin
Chelsea, Maine
Flemish Giant, Mini Lop
Poulin Rabbitry
I am new a breeding rabbits.

Alex and John Fitzday
Denmark, Maine
Mini Lop, Silver Fox, Satin, Lionhead, Lionlop, crosses
Scruffles Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Denmark, ME. Our breeds include the Mini Lop, Silver Fox, Satin, Lionhead and Lionlop. We also have some crosses. We raise a variety of rabbits for pets, meat, and we hope to start showing in the Fall. If you are interested in getting a pet rabbit, check us out – our bunnies get handled from birth by adults and children.

Canaan Marble
Detroit, Maine
American Chinchilla
Fair & Square Farm
Raising pedigreed American Chinchilla rabbits for breeding, pets and meat.

Daniel Feiner
Falmouth, Maine
Red Satin, Rex, New Zealand Whites, Flemish Giant, California, Lionhead
West Falmouth Rabbitry
About 25 breeding does and a nice selection of males… meat rabbits also available during most of the year.

Lauren Verow
Bangor, Maine
Californian, English Spot
Wild Eden Rabbitry
Wild Eden Rabbitry is a small family rabbitry specializing in high quality Californians for both meat and show. Our stock comes from nationally competitive lines and we frequently travel out of state to show. We are selective and mindful in our stock and every rabbit, regardless of whether it’s destined for the show table or soup pot, receives socialization starting at birth. On occasion we may offer English Spots (in black or blue variety) for sale which make excellent “hopper” (i.e. jumping) rabbits for 4-H. For available rabbits, please check out our Facebook page which is always updated with we what currently have for sale.

Sarah Buckley
Brunswick, Maine
Checkered Giants, Dutch, English Spot, Mini Lops, New Zealands, Rhinelanders, Satins, Tans
Sarah’s Rabbits
Email me.

Judie Nelson
Corinna, Maine
English Angora, Mini Rex, Dwarf Hotot
Nelson Rabbitry
Committed to raising friendly, purebred English Angoras with excellent wool. Willing to sell bunnies and older rabbits. Can ship through airlines. Welcome phone calls or emails with any questions or to arrange a visit.

Taryn+sierra spelta
Edinburg, Maine
Jersey Wooly and English angoras
Two Girl Rabbitree
hi everyone and welcome to Two Girl Rabbitree! we Breed English angoras and Jersey wooly… all are rabbits and Mid grade or high grade rabbits, we breed show quality rabbits and will sell with or wit

Tonja Dodge
Harmony, Maine
Netherland Dwarfs
Netherland Dwarf Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry located in a nice country setting in the small town of Harmony. Here is where I raise these rabbits along side my three children and my husband. We have a wide variety of Netherland Dwarf colors and pride ourselves in happy, healthy and friendly pets. We occasionally have show quality rabbits but we focus more on temperament for the best ideal pet. I am a current vet tech student and hope to be able to bring my knowledge of rabbits into practice with me. We also take in unwanted rabbits of any breed and find forever homes home for them.

Andrea Guimond
Hiram, Maine
Grassy Knoll Lion Heads
We are a Maine Micro Farm located in the foothills of the White Mountains. We raise pigs, chickens, ducks and have lots of 4 legged critters running on the farm. Our farm house is full of children and often grandchildren that help raise lion heads. All of our bunnies live in the house with us and have plenty of room to run and play. We do not cage our bunnies but instead let them co-habitate to allow plenty of exercise and gives them human contact daily. We welcome visitors and have new litters of lion heads several times yearly. If you are interested please contact us for more information.

Edy Kizaki
Fryeburg, Maine
Silver Fox
Fox Hill Rabbitry
We have purebred Silver Fox rabbits. Only the best conformed are sold as breeding stock. Black and blue varieties. Pedigree available. We handle and spend time with our rabbits so they are gentle, friendly and outgoing, great for pets as well as breeding stock. We love to “talk rabbit” and are always happy to answer your questions.

Polly Chasse
Hartford, Maine
Rex, Californians and Creme d’Argent
Wee Acre Micro Farm
I have a small rabbitry of 40 holes. I have more Rex at the moment mostly jrs. I just got my Creme’s over the summer they are all jrs for another month. My Cali’s are good meat producers and occasionally produce a show rabbit or two. I show all the breeds but also raise for meat and pets. I also raise chickens and grow a very large garden and put up around 800-1000 jars of food each year. I now have a new barn that houses all my rabbits.

Jennifer & Robert Doucette
LaGrange, Maine
New Zealand Whites, Californians, Lion Heads, English Spots
Country Critters Fairy Tail Rabbitry
Our Rabbitry breeds Meat and pet rabbits. We do not show but we do strive to breed our rabbits for type and are constantly looking to improve upon what we believe is already pretty close to perfect. Our rabbits are fed a complete diet including 18% pellet, free choice quality timothy and clover hay, alfalfa cubes, papaya tablets, and fresh clean water. We take the time to handle our rabbits and trim nails when needed. They are offered chew sticks to help keep their teeth from overgrowing. We house our rabbits in 30×30 Bass wire cages suspended for optimum cleanliness. We keep accurate records of all our breedings, births, deaths, and medical needs. We do offer pedigrees with those rabbits being sold as pets or breeding stock. Prices are very reasonable ranging from $10-$30 each and discounts on trios or more.

Jolene Colwell
Lebanon, Maine
American Chinchilla
Knotchhill Farm
We are growing nice meat rabbits. Good size. Healthy parents.

Mandy McDonald
Lebanon, Maine
Satin Angora, German Angora Cross, Silver Fox
Kerfluffle Fiber Farm
Kerfluffle Fiber Farm is all about the fluff!
We pride ourselves in raising the ultimate in fiber rabbits. Our main goal is to breed an angora rabbit that is a spinners dream. Our rabbits have fine high quality fiber with consistent color great production yield.
Different spinners have different wants and needs. Due to this we use a variety of Angora breeds in our breeding program. We use German, Satin and Giant as our base breed. English and French are used in small percentages in our breeding program. All of our Angoras are sold with the option to purchase papers. Although our rabbits are not a registered pure bred having their lineage is very important when breeding for certain fiber characteristics.
Our family farm is also where we homestead. Our silver fox rabbits produce delicious meat and luxury pelts. Our lines consists of black and some blue. Our Silver Fox are raised mainly for production but we are pleased to have had some of our rabbits go on to win best of breed in the show ring.
Client education is very important to us. We pride ourselves in keeping up with our clients and their bunnies. Owners of our rabbits can contact us with any questions or concerns about that they might have about their rabbits.
We also offer lessons on how to groom and harvest your angoras fiber. Knitting, Crochet,Spinning and fiber prep lessons are also available.

Haley Higgins
Lewiston, Maine
English Spot
English Spot or a Rex. Male.

Andrew Hunt
Limestone , Maine
Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
Limestone Rabbitry
At Limestone Rabbitry, we are a medium-sized facility specializing in Netherlands Dwarf rabbits and lionheads. We are located in Limestone, Maine on the Blake road. All rabbits are show ready and healthy so we hope you come see us soon! Call me at the number listed and I will be happy to send pictures.
PS. We also custom make cages and sell those as well.

Tiffany Murchison
Lincoln, Maine
Californian, New Zealand White
Murchison rabbitry
Beautiful Californian rabbits

Angela Smith
Lower Truro, Nova Scotia Canada, Maine
English Lop
Bunny Bay Rabbitry
Small, family owned rabbitry. We raise show quality English Lops based on the ARBA SOP.

Sarah Berry
Monmouth, Maine
English Angora
Whitney Farm and Rabbitry
Whiteberryfarm raises English Angie’s for over 12 years now. lots of beautiful colors in our English lines , from chins,tris,chicolstes and broken. Our rabbits are full Pedigreed.w e have s small business we sell the beautiful hands-on rabbit yarn.
On the side we do have s couple of Holland lops.we just started raise then from fun for the kids, the cord are Siamese sable, tri, harlequin, and sable.

Sarah Berry
North Monmouth , Maine
English Angoras, Giant English Angoras, German French angoras
White Berry Farm and Rabbitry
White berry farm and rabbitry raises beautiful English angoras and angora hybrid for fiber,show and breeding stock. Fiber shop located in beautiful kennabec county-Monmouth Maine.

Lisa Clements
Nova Scotia, Maine
French Lops
New Harbour Rabbitry
Our family has been breeding French Lops exclusively since 2002, striving for perfect health and quality rabbits. We are 4-H alumni, as well as current members of the Maritime Rabbit Breeders Association.
Our rabbitry is located in New Harbour (Blandford), Nova Scotia.
If you are interested in our rabbits and would like to learn more, send us an e-mail!
Lisa and Murray Clements

Jenna Hardy
Phillips, Maine
Rex, Lionheads, English Angoras
Levant Rabbitry
We strive to breed our bunnies for show so what we get mainly consists of high quality stock. We try to have bunnies of all the breeds listed above for sale all year long, so just let us know what you are looking for and we will see what we have. Pricing is based on the breed and quality of each bunny.

Carrie Knight
Readfield, Maine
Silver Fox
Knight Farm Rabbitry
We have a family farm, with many animals and a special love for rabbits. Our Silver Fox rabbits are purebred and quite beautiful and friendly.

Wendy Pettengill
Readfield, Maine
Holland Lops
Plain to Bizarre Farms
I have a small rabbitry with only 3 females and 2 males. They are all pure bred Holland Lops.

Michael Crowley
Saco, Maine
Holland Lops
Crowley’s Cottontails
Small young rabbitry on a small farm raising chickens, ducks and of course Rabbits. My wife, Karen, daughter, Morgan and I love all our animals and have had a great time breeding, raising and showing our beautiful Holland Lops.

Karen Smith
Sanford, Maine
Silver Fox
North Star Acre Farm Rabbitry
Raising Silver Fox rabbits, as they are great as pets and meat rabbits. I currently use them for my own meat production, but would like to offer this great heritage breed to others for breeding or pets. My rabbitry goal is to be a free range rabbitry and to help preserve the Silver Fox.

Roger Watson
Sanford, Maine
Mini Lops
Nearly Perfect Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in southern Maine, with the hope of improving the Mini Lop breed. We now have our own line and hope to hit the shows this spring. See you all at the New England shows.

Tracy Dollins
Springfield, Maine
Rhinelander, Angoras
Flat Creek Rabbitry
Were a small rabbitry in northern Maine. We pride ourselves in raising correct type and marked animals that conform to the ARBA SOP.

Jeff Douglas-Temm
Steep Falls, Maine
Silver Fox, American Blues and Whites
Whippoorwill Farm
We raise pedigreed Silver Fox rabbits (Both Blacks and Blues). We have 4 bucks and 12 does from different lines and different parts of the country for good diversity. We also have a small herd of 11 American Rabbits (Blues and Whites) 2 bucks and 9 does all from the Can/Am Show line that we brought from California. We have a litters about every 2 weeks so there should be kits or jrs available most of the year.

Hayden Poirier
Sydney, Maine
Dutch, Lion Head, Mini Rex, Californian
Hayden’s Rabbitry
Healthy Rabbits Pure Bred

Root Down Rabbitry
Unity, Maine
Silver Fox, Creme D’Argent
Small Rabbitry in central Maine specializing in Heritage Breed Meat rabbits.

Summer Usher
West Gardiner, Maine
English Angora, Angoras • English Lops • Lionheads • Mini Lops • Rex • Velveteen Lops
Lucky Duck Hatchery
We have all different ages, breeding pairs, and pet quality rabbits available! We have several different breeds, plenty of babies, and wonderful additions to any home! We also have raw Angora wool available by the ounce, and are expecting a litter of Angora babies in the near future. Email us or call to find out about our many breeds and types of rabbits we have available, from show rabbits, to pets and wool producers, our rabbits are given fresh alfalfa hay and pro feed to promote good health, while given exercise outside in the run during the warm Maine summer.

Sitara Malerba
West Newfield, Maine
Holland Lop
Rainbow Rabbit Farm
I run a small rabbitry in Weat Newfield, Maine. Rabbits are my passion and I love Hollands Lops! I have pedigreed and pet quality Holland Lop rabbits. I have a variety of colors including Vienna Carriers and Blue eyes whites.

Katy Haskell
Whitefield, Maine
Netherland dwarf, Mini rex, Lionhead
Crazzzys Farm Rabbitry
We raise and breed lionheads, mini rex, netherland dwarfs and the occasional mix for pets all very friendly and healthy handled a great deal.

Audrey Chisholm
York, Maine
Netherland Dwarf
Madi’s Netherland Dwarfs
Pure bred Netherland dwarfs bred for quality and personality. Family run, our bunnies have lots of love. Been breeding since 2013. Members of ARBA

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