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Jason Hitchcock
Annapolis, Maryland
American Blues
Crab Town Rabbitry
Crab Town Rabbitry is a small Rabbitry, specializing in the rare heritage American Blue. This breed has a mandolin body shape and was originally raised for meat and fur. All our rabbits come with pedigrees. Our goal is the promotion of this rare breed and to encourage others in giving the American breed its place back on the show tables and our plates.

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Grace Long
Abingdon, Maryland
Holland Lop, Pedigreed Holland Lops
Gracie’s Holland Lops
We raise fully pedigreed Holland Lops in our home. They are well loved and highly socialized little buns. Holland Lops are not only adorable, but have wonderful temperaments. Please text or email, if interested 🙂
Find us on Instagram @gracieshollandlops

Em Chan
Annapolis, Maryland
White with spots on its back and does not make a lot of noise and is a baby

Kari Hughes
Arnold, Maryland
Dutch (Blue/Black/Steel)
Bayside Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry operated by 4-H youth. Our rabbits are handled every day and socialized extensively. Our rabbitry produces only 6 – 7 litters a year and we breed for gentle temperament and breed conformation.

Kristina Fender
Baltimore, Maryland
Californians, Lionhead
Edens Edge Rabbitry
Edens Edge Rabbitry is a small rabbitry with top of the line rabbits. Beautiful show quality Californian rabbits with some of the best bloodlines on the east coast. Also raising Lionheads in many colors, including blue-eyed whites. Rabbits available for show, meat, and pets. Health of all rabbits guaranteed.

Helen Neal
Baltimore, Maryland
HRN Rabbitry
We are small Breeder of Lionhead Rabbits in Baltimore MD, All Rabbits Sold will include a Pedigree or Birth Certificate. Check out our website:

Mrs Lavender
Baltimore, Maryland
American Chinchillas
Paradise Falls Rabbitry

Laura Yurek
Baltimore, Maryland
Netherland Dwarf
Sweet Dwarf Rabbitry
Fully socialized, ready to go, purebred doe and bucks, white with blue eyes and black bunnies, very sweet personalities, come with papers

Erin Tilkin
Bethesda, Maryland
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Sweet Tooth’s Holland Lops
We specialize in breeding high quality Holland Lops & Netherland Dwarfs with excellent GC lines. As current members on the ARBA, HLRSC & ANDRC we strive to produce the standard of perfection in our offspring. Check out our website for more information and pictures.

Jay Rottmund
Boonsboro, MD
Velveteen Lops, Holland Lops, English Lops, Mini Rex
Rising Waters Rabbitry
25 holes and growing. Working the Rabbitry with the help of my two daughters. Visit us on facebook at Rising Waters Rabbitry for pics and availability.

Samantha Row
Boonsboro, Maryland
English lops, and lion heads
Long ears and fuzzy friends
My name is Samantha. I been raising rabbits for about 2 years now i had rabbits when I was young and I thought. I like to share my experience with rabbit with other people. I breed English Lop and lion heads. I sell my rabbits to people that want to share the experience of owning a rabbit. Most people that buy my rabbits buy them for there kids for 4H or just pets or for there breeding. You. Can check my Facebook Page long ear and fuzzy friends for updates.

Mary Honablew
Brandywine, Maryland
Tripple Springs Farm
We feature calm and lovely Lionheads. We enjoy having them as our pets, their personalities and colors. We also show them, so we like the sport of developing the best version of lionheads that we can. Our family handles them from a young age, so they are used to people. We offer standard colors, and also have VM and VC options.

Sara Swiat
Brookeville, Maryland
English Spot
Rapid Rabbits
Selling English Spotted Rabbits!

Laura Flournoy
Clinton, Maryland
Mini Rex, New Zealand
From the Roots Rabbitry
We breed quality Mini Rex for pet, show, and breed quality. All are handled since birth by adults and children.

Zach Zaller
Columbia, Maryland
English Angora, Sassa

Teresa Pannone
Cumberland, Maryland
Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Rocky Gap Rabbitry Holland
We are a small rabbitry located in western MD housed in doors handled daily our bunnies are show and pets

Annie Raush-Gernet
Damascus, Maryland
Holland Lop
Annie’s Holland Lop Bunnies
We are a small rabbitry, in the Montgomery County, Maryland. We are raising Holland Lop rabbits for pets and show.
Our bunnies come with the care guide, tattooed ear(if needed), full pedigree, transition food and hay.
Well socialized, handled daily and friendly. They make a great child pets.
Please visit our page
Or contact us for more information (240)6880228.

Casey Hudlow
Damascus , Maryland
Holland Lop, English Lop, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Plush Lop
CKC Rogue Rabbitry
CKC Rogue is a small rabbitry focused on producing exceptional quality show rabbits as close to the ARBA Standard of Perfection as possible. While we are a show/4H/FFA barn, we also provide pet quality rabbits to great homes. All of our rabbits are pedigreed, tattooed, and very well loved and cared for. Transition feed supplied along with a lifetime of support and advice. Find us on Facebook or Instagram!

Travis Lausier
Finksburg, Maryland
Californian, New Zealand
The Lausier Homestead
We are a smaller rabbitry with the focus of raising high quality rabbit meat but many are suitable for pets. We currently have two Californian breeder does that produce large healthy litters. They are fed only high quality high protein rabbit feed, alfalfa, and all bunnies are pasture raised on grass after being weaned. We sell live or processed animals. Email for more info.

Alice Lindsey
Frederick, Maryland
Holland Lops, Lionheads, English Lops, French Lops, Neatherland Dwarfs
Lions N Lops Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry located in Frederick County Maryland. Our primary breeds are Lionheads, Holland Lops, Neatherland Dwarfs, English Lops, and French Lops. From time to time we also have rescue rabbits and guinea pigs available for adoption. We strive to breed correct to breed standard. We also spend countless hours with our rabbits so they will be sociable. Please visit us on Facebook at Lions N Lops Rabbitry. We can also be reached at

James & Connie House
Friendsville, Maryland
Flemish Giants, California, New Zealand, Mini Rex
Jim’s Hares & Hens
We have a 50 hole rabbitry where we raise Flemishs, Californias and NZW for meat and show. We also have Mini Rexs just for fun! We are members of the ARBA and are always striving to improve our herd. 4-Hers do very well with meat pens from our stock. Bunnies available year round.

Greenbelt , Maryland
Mini Rex, Harlequin, Both Mini Rex and Harlequin mix
Adorable Mini Rex and Harlequin mix baby bunnies! BunniesAndBeyond offers both male or female (non neutered / non spayed) baby bunnies! All bunnies are handled with care and receive plenty of attention therefore, they are used to being handled/held. They are super friendly and suitable for new homes including other animals (Dogs, Cats.. etc), and small children. They are up for sale and ready for a new home at sixteen weeks of age. Each bunny is officially weaned from their mother and now eats Alfalfa hay and baby pellets. Each bunny is $60 dollars and requires a $20 dollar deposit up to 48 hours upon receiving your new bunny. Any further inquires please feel free to contact me directly via Email or Text any time of day. 🙂

Timothy and Karen Cunningham
Hagerstown, Maryland
American Chinchilla, Flemish Giants, New Zealand (Red and Whites) and now Silver Foxes
We are a small rabbitry, breeding new zealand reds and whites, flemish giants, american chinchilla. We only breed unrelated rabbits and heathly rabbits to give you a baby with a good temperament, coat and teeth. Our rabbits are purebred and have pedigrees.

Jesse Hill
Hagerstown, Maryland
American Blue, New Zealand, California and Flemish Giant
Bunnies for Bellies
All rabbits are a mix of my four breeds. Mixed to provide maximum meat potential in the 8-12 week period as possible. All rabbits are on a pellet diet with vegetable and hay treats as well. All food is NOT treated with any chemicals including veggies which are either fresh from my own garden or an organic purchase. Any rabbit requiring any type of medication for illness WILL NOT be for sale. All rabbits for meat sale are antibiotic free. I also have solid and broken mixes that can make a beautiful pet as well. My rabbits are mixed breeds to prevent inbreeding and provide stronger rabbits.

Abby Kittel
Hagerstown, Maryland
Californian, Mini Rex, Mixed
Wascally Wabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Western Maryland that unfortunately is selling the majority of our rabbits due to space and time constraints. All of the rabbits have been shown in the local fair but not much else. Prices around $15-40.

Cory Little
Hampstead , Maryland
Crestview Rabbitry
we buy and sell and breed show able satin rabbits

Amber Hamby-Caruso
Highland, Maryland
Mini Lop & Mini Rex
Byefield Bunnies
Byefield Bunnies is a small rabbitry owned by Amber Hamby-Caruso & Shelley Jackson. We raise and sell Mini Lops & Mini Rex rabbits for pets and showing. Byefield Bunnies is registered with ARBA Rabbity #D5563. We are located in Howard County, Maryland.

Rachel Bentley
Hollywood, Maryland
Mini Lops, Dwarfs, Dutches, & Jersey Wooley
Cottontail Corner Rabbitry
All parents on premises. They all come with a Birth Certificate, health guarantee, instruction care sheet, and bag of starter food. I’m proud to have sold rabbits from Virginia, Delaware, Eastern Shore, Carolina’s, Pennsylvania, and all over Maryland. All payments must be made in full prior to bunny being released. Payments may be made thru papal or cash.

Gabrielle SBrabbitry
Hughesville, Maryland
New Zealand
SB Rabbitry
I sell good quality new Zealand rabbits, please contact if interested

Taylor Curtin
Hughesville, Maryland
American Sable, Holland lop American blue American sable
Taylor’s Bunny Farm
I am a bunny Breeder in Hughesville, Maryland in the Dmv area. I breed Holland lops, American Sables, and American Blue. I give all my bunnies the best care and husbandry that they deserve.

Eden Girmatsion
Hyattsville , Maryland
Mini Lop, Mini Rex and Mini Lop Mix
MuSha Rabbitry
Muna (Mini Rex) and Shadow (Mini Lop) created MuSha rabbity!
7 kits born 2/7/2022 at 11:20pm will be ready to go to their new homes by 4/4/2022
2 black
1 brown
4 white broken
We’ll find out if they’re a buck or doe in the coming days!

Maria Wilson
Marbury, Maryland
Holland Lops and French Lops
Blue Sapphire Lops
Blue Sapphire Lops, formally known as Blue Sapphire Rabbitry, is a family run hobby rabbitry and farm located in Southern Maryland, established in 2006. We strive to follow the ARBA Standard of Perfection. Our Holland Lop bloodlines go back to some of the top lines in the area, and our main focus is breeding top show quality Blue Eyed White Holland’s with excellent temperaments and longevity. We also enjoy striving for the same characteristics in our Tort, self, sable point, Ruby Eyed White and French Lop projects! Blue Sapphire Lops is a proud member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

Mike and Heather Smoll-Romanowicz
Knoxville, Maryland
American Chinchilla, Mini Rex
We are offering a meat rabbit cross with excellent bone to meat and fast grow out. We process at 12/13 weeks and our rabbits provide us around 3lbs of meat and bone.
Our mini rexes are full of personality, very friendly, and great mothers.

Mildred Bowie
La Plata, Maryland
Mini Lop, Mini Rex, New Zealand, Polish, French Lop
Rabbit Ears
Quality rabbits for show and pets

Megan Schroeter
La Plata, Maryland
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Netherland Dwarfs
All Kinds of Rabbits
A small business in the Southern Maryland area. We breed mostly Holland Lops and Lionheads but also have Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, and Netherland Dwarfs.

Garrett Shaw
La Plata, Maryland
French Lop, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, New Zealand, French Angora, Polish
C C Rabbitry
Quality rabbits for show and for pets

Jimmy Larimore
Leonardtown, Maryland
New Zealand (Reds and Broken Reds)
Southern Maryland New Zealands
I raise show quality rabbits for breeders and meat. My rabbits are from petigreed lines and above average. I am working on petigreeing my herd so i can offer them to my cutsomers. I also have very nice NZ whites for sale from time to time. If your looking to better your herd, add new blood or just a few rabbit dinners let me know.

Danielle Seymour
Manchester, Maryland
Lionhead, English Angora
Second Chance Rabbitry
I currently have a couple babies they’re not ready to leave their mom yet I take in rescue bunnies that are pregnant and care for them when nobody else would I currently have a couple that are mixed breed I’m not quite sure on what kind of breed they are and I also have a lionhead Jersey wooly mix I handle my babies everyday so they are paying for when they find their new home help me find these little guys homes so I can keep helping other bunny’s

Jose Gautier
Marbury, Maryland
New Zealand Whites
Southern Maryland Rabbitry
Here at the Southern Maryland Rabbitry we breed and sell New Zealand White rabbits primarily for meat. We focus on raising our rabbits in a sustainable and humane manner with proper nutrition. Rabbits are usually available year round and can be sold as young as 6 weeks and harvested at 12. I am always happy to share any information or answer questions. Please like facebook page and post questions and get tips on raising meat rabbits.

Grace Fitzgerald
Maryland, Maryland
Mini Lop

Shilynn Escobar
Mount Airy, Maryland
American Chinchilla
September Sky Farm
We raise pedigreed American Chinchilla Rabbits. Our family provides them with daily cuddles and handling. They come tattooed with pedigrees and starter feed. Please contact us for more information. You may also check out our FaceBook page for pics of our latest litters.

Jillian Tanzey
New Windsor, Maryland
Mini Rex
Beanie’s Bunnies Rabbitry
Hello, I am Jillian and I’m a pet, show, and hobby rabbit breeder specializing in Mini Rex in New Windsor, MD. I have kits for sale often and I am breeding for the best show quality and temperaments possible. My kits are handled daily from the day they are born and have fresh greens and an outdoor run. My colors most often available include Blue, Lilac, and Black, however I will occasionally have others. They are 100% purebred and can come with a pedigree upon request.

Duae Hill
Owings, Maryland
Dancing Hills Rabbitry
Small backyard rabbitry.

Amanda Wagner
Pasadena, Maryland
Standard Rex, New Zealand, Californian, and Californian / New Zealand Mixes
Small Scale Farmhouse
Hi there! We’re a small rabbitry that breeds Standard Rex, New Zealand, Californian, and Californian / New Zealand mixes.

Katelin Frase
Preston, Maryland
Champagne d’ Argent
Vintage Family Farms Rabbitry
We are a new, small farm producing healthy, pedigree, grass-fed Champagne d’ Argent rabbits for pets, show and meat quality. Please email us for more information.

Arjun Pandava
Rockville, Maryland
American Chinchilla, American Blue, Californian, New Zealand
AA Rabbitry
AA Rabbitry is a small but growing rabbitry, specializing in the heritage Am. Chinchilla. This breed has very soft grey coat/fur and a medium/large body shape and was originally raised for meat and fur. My primary goal is the promotion of this breed and the Am. Blue, as pets and for meat, and also to encourage the growth of raising rabbits for protein in a sustainable manner.

Leah Menges
Parkton, Maryland
Holland Lop
We Purebred Holland Lops as a family Hobby. Our bunnies are handled by children every day since birth and as a result are very sweet and tame! We DO NOT raise our bunnies confined to wire bottom cages as most breeders do. Our bunnies are free to run, jump, and dig in their indoor spacious pens with their mom. Yes this is more work, but a happy bunny is a healthy bunny!
We feed a high quality diet complete with probiotics and fresh daily garden veggies.
Our does are not overbred and the limited number of litters we have tend to go fast. Our babies are usually all reserved with a deposit before they are 8 weeks old.
Call or text today to check availability!
Leah 410-746-0047

Michelle Hurley
Ridgely, Maryland
Netherland Dwarf
Hurley’s Lil Bits
Welcome to Hurley’s Lil Bits. We are a small indoor hobby-rabbitry for Netherland Dwarfs. All rabbits are Pedigreed, Show-Quality with Grand Champion blood lines. Litter trained and handled daily. Member of ARBA and ANDRC.
Our rabbitry is also registered with ARBA.

Audrey Manahan
Sabillasville, Maryland
Lionheads, New Zealand
RNA Rabbitry
We have VM and VC double mane and single mane lionheads and some that are broken tort.

Sarah Freund
Salisbury, Maryland
Harlequin, Dwarf Hotots, English Lops, Netherland Dwarves, Havanas
The Harlequin Hatchery
Raising show quality harlequins, dwarf hotots, english lops, netherland dwarves, and the odd havana. Pets and brood stock are also offered. Everything is pedigreed.

Angela Jimenez
Silver Spring , Maryland
None of the above, Lion head
This is mable she is very friendly littler box trained i do walk her on her leash she walks great on it likes to be petted picked up she will follow you around the house

Sonya Kao
Silver Spring, Maryland
Netherland Dwarf
Maple Tree Rabbitry
We are Maple Tree Rabbitry, located in Silver Spring, Maryland, by a small maple tree. Here, our rabbits live and thrive given plenty of love and support each day. Our rabbits are handled daily, and kept indoors. With years of experience, we also breed our animals producing many adorable little bunnies that are eligible for becoming pets and precious friends. Here we carry all sorts of Netherland Dwarf bunnies and rabbits, each fully pedigreed. Netherland Dwarf bunnies, being dwarf, are smaller than the size of most rabbits, even at adult age. Best of all, they retain their adorable little features that make them seem as though they never change.

Laurie Zaatr
Silver Spring, Maryland
None of the above, Lionhead and Netherland Dwarf
Whimsicat Kitten and Bunnies
Small in-home rabbitry. Our Lionheads are kept strictly indoors. Harlequins, Blue Eyes Whites.

Samantha Nyhart
Silvers Spring, Maryland
Giant Angora
French angora
Black male angora rabbit

Allison Lilly
Thurmont, Maryland
Silver Fox
Davino’s Rabbits
We are a small family rabbitry specializing in the Silver Fox rabbit in black, blue, chocolate, and lilac.

Ken Anderson
Violetville, Maryland
Silver Fox, Californian, New Zealand White, Satin
Ravens Fan Rabbitry #D1205
We are a small USDA compliant and ARBA registered backyard rabbitry that started in 2010 and in a short period of time has produced high quality and above all, very healthy pet and show quality commercial breeds for 4-H and FFA students and other rabbit enthusiasts. Our heritage breed Silver Foxes are a combination between Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Washington State bloodlines and include blacks, chocolates, blues, and albino Silver Fox varieties. As members of the ARBA, National Silver Fox club, American Federation of New Zealand Rabbit Breeders and soon the Californian Rabbit Specialty club, we also produce pedigreed NZW, Californian, and Satin show/pet rabbits and meat pen commercial breed crosses on request and offer junior pairs and trios for other backyard meat breeders and homesteaders. All our rabbits come with a health guarantee and 4 generation pedigree when applicable. We generally are unable to ship rabbits except in vary narrow circumstances but can arrange delivers to several of the mid-Atlantic states. Each and every inquiry is greatly appreciated.
(443) 527-5501

Ralph Johnson
Waldorf, Maryland
New Zealand, Californian mixed, Holland Lop
Hutch in the Cedars
Wonderful as pets. Easy to care for and easy to train to kitty litter. Also the best for sustainable meat supply.

Andrew&Andrea Campbell
Walkersville, Maryland
Californian, Californian/Dutch
Double A Rabbitry
We raise our rabbits in a colony setting

Ashlee Fleming
Walkersville, Maryland
Silver Fox (Black, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac)
It Takes Two Rabbitry
Small-scale family rabbitry in Walkersville, Maryland specializing in pasture-grown Silver Fox rabbits. We raise primarily for meat, but also have rabbits available for show. All rabbits are pedigreed with parents on premises. Kits are handled daily to ensure friendly and calm personalities. We focus on raising our rabbits in a sustainable and humane manner with proper nutrition. All processing is down on site. If you have any question about our facility, practices or rabbits in general, feel free to email us!

Sarah McCloskey
Warwick, Maryland
5 lionhead **urgent
I have 5 lionhead bunnies, mom and dad are brown and black and they accidentally had 3 babys 1 boy is white and 2 girls, one is black and one is white, they really need a good home, one of them is extremely matted and I haven’t been able to get thru the fur, she really needs a professional, also 2 of the boys have some matting to. It makes me very sad that I havent been able to help them all that much with this problem, someone please help -Sarah

Carlos Rubio
Washington, Maryland
Creme d’ Argent, Female
Any rabbits y near me
A female, breed is not importante for me as long as its white or black if not Brown or greyish nd is a baby

Tim Pleus
White Plains, Maryland
Silver Fox, German Angora
Ugly Duckling Rabbitry
Pedigreed Silver Fox for sale – $65. Sire and Dam show quality salt and pepper heavy.
ready to go now, weaned physically two weeks ago, psychologically ready
Also have six pedigreed German Angora rews ready to go. Sold 3, but have 6 left. These are heavy fiber producers. $250 for does, $200 for bucks.

Williamsport, Maryland
Silver Fox, California, New Zealand
Briarwood Farms Rabbitry
Pedigreed Silver fox and California rabbits for show, plate or pet.

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