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Christine Sharp
Abington, Massachusetts
JT Hoppers Lionhead Rabbitry
4H family also Members of ARBA and NALRC. Raising quality lionheads for show. Breeding towards the SOP. Located South of Boston,Massachusetts.

Linda Kokoszka
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Holland Lop, Lionhead, and Netherland Dwarf rabbits
Fluffy Bunny Rabbitry at Forest Glenn Farm
Fluffy Bunny Rabbitry at Forest Glenn Farm is a family run Rabbitry with locations in Foster, RI and Attleboro, MA. We raise loving pedigreed Holland Lop, Lionhead, and Netherland Dwarf rabbits for show and as pets. We welcome you to visit with us and view our rabbits that are for sale (appointment required). We provide complete one on one care instructions with every rabbit we sell. Please contact us with any questions (even if you did not buy your rabbit from our Rabbitry). Thank you and we look forward to helping you find a loving rabbit! info@fluffybunnyrabbitry.com
800-951-0760, Facebook link to “Jean Forest Glenn Farm”: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008471328363

The Andruskiewicz Family
Beverly, Massachusetts
Holland Lop, Mini Lops, Dutch, French Lops, Palominos
Hoppn Hollow Rabbitry
We are a family run rabbitry with about ten years experience. Raising bunnies on the north shore of Massachusetts, we are heavily involved in 4-H, community service & The Topsfield Fair. Our main focus is personality for fantastic pets, and rabbit education for caring owners. Our bunnies come from champion lines and are raised as part of our family to become a prized part of yours! Even if you do not own a bunny from Hoppn Hollow, we highly encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about your precious pet! You can also find us on Facebook. Registered Rabbitry #: D992 Members of: The American Rabbit Breeder’s Association, Great Scott’s 4-H Rabbit & Cavy Club, Essex County Compact Club, Essex County Rabbit & Cavy Breeder’s Association.

Stacey Kean
Bridgewater, MA
Holland Lops
Hilltop Hollands
Very small rabbitry, recently restarted.. Only raising Holland lops. Still building my herd at this time.

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Christopher Elias
Belchertown, Massachusetts
New Zealand and New Zealand Whites
Fox Run Family Farm
We are a small family farm in Western Massachusetts. We specialize in pedigree New Zealand white rabbits, also meat rabbits.

Emma Taylor
Boston, Massachusetts
Holland Lop
A Buns Life Rabbitry
We are dedicated to helping you choose the perfect companion. We are diligent with socializing and litter box training right away so they will master it by the time they go home to you! Please contact us with any questions. Ask us about our litters!

Liana Morgens
Boston, Massachusetts
Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot, Jersey Wooly
Sherborn Woods Rabbitry
Family hobbyist breeders of Show Quality Netherland Dwarf rabbits. We specialize in Orange, BEW, Red, and Fawn.

Erika Stockler
Brockton , Massachusetts
Holland Lops, Lionheads, LionLops
Lion Heart Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that focuses on Lion heads, lionlop and Holland Lops. We have been breeding rabbits for the past 6 years, and all of our rabbits are raised by children. We love our bunnies very much and look for the best homes for them. Check out the website or call to find out what litters we have.

Steph Teebo
Brookfield, Massachusetts
Holland Lop
Hoppy Loppy Rabbitry
We raise Holland Lop bunnies with lots of love and plenty hands on with children. Great temperaments! Pedigree is optional and price varies depending on coloring, type, pedigree, etc. Feel free to email with questions!

Janet Whittemore
Chatham, Massachusetts
Rex, Standard Rex
Chatham Hare Rabbitry
A micro farm rabbity focusing on healthy rabbits who contribute to the
organic garden and are fed from the garden. My bunnies are breed for
temperament, form and fur quality. I have been raising standards for the past
5 years. The rabbits are a very important contributors to my organic garden
and perennial beds. They also contribute to my work as an artist and enjoy
capturing their beauty on canvas.

Krystal Chesbro
Clarksburg, Massachusetts
Rex, Giant Chinchilla
Our Backyard Bunch
We are a small backyard farm in Clarksburg. Our rabbits are very friendly and we do handle the babies daily. We raise the rabbits outside in our own created hutch/tractor; each mother and babies have their own. The rabbits get plenty of free-range time and fresh greens daily. We use them as a dual purpose breed, but they would make very sweet pets as well. Please send e-mail for availability.

Jessica Kleinschmidt
Dighton, Massachusetts
Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
In The Sticks Rabbitry
Hello there! I have a small family run rabbitry. We have Lionheads and Netherland Dwarfs. I want to provide wonderful pets and life time assistance with questions or help at any point in the life of the rabbits. I love all my rabbits and treat all litters as if they were staying my pets. Please take a look at our site to find out more information and to see the buns!

Megan Miller
Douglas, Massachusetts
Holland Lops, Lionheads
Country Oak Rabbitry
We are located in Douglas MA
Our Rabbitry is Closed but we do provide families with alot of info about our babies they are handled since day one and we send lots of photos . Lionheads are our main breed but we do breed Holland Lops as well. We have about 40 holes. We do show so if you want a bunny we can meet you where ever we will be or to meet somewhere else we need to charge for gas.
We breed in a rainbow of colors so come check us out and see what is new!

Krista Shultz
Dudley, Massachusetts
Lionhead Chinchilla, Sable Point, Tort-Black, Harlequin, Black, Siamese Sable, Blue, Opal, Fawn, Black Otter
Krista’s Kids Rabbitry
Please Visit My Website It Has Tons Of Information On Me And My Bunnies They Are Not Like Most Bunnies As I Raise Mine Very Different 🙂

Megan Miller
East Douglas , Massachusetts
None of the above, Lionheads & Holland Lops both in Tort – Black, Brokens, Blue Eyed Whites, & Vienna Marked
Country Oak Rabbitry
Yes this is a real website! Updated for 2023
We have a small rabbitry – We are closed to the public only can see our buns through pictures!
Please visit our Website and stay up to date with us through Facebook! We breed in a rainbow of colors so come check us out and see what’s new!
All of our Bunnies are Pedigree but if looking for a pet we just give Birth Certificates!
Please Read our SALES POLICY before inquiring for a Bunny!
Lionheads are our main breed but we do breed Holland Lops as well. We have about 40 holes.

Jeff and Liz Jerome
East Freetown, MA
Mini Rex, New Zealand White
Jerome’ Rabbit Tree
We are a small backyard rabbitry located in East Freetown, MA. We specialize in show quality New Zealand Whites and Mini Rex Castors.

Colleen Rebello
East Taunton, Massachusetts
English Spot
English Spot Rabbitry
Beautiful English Spot Rabbits. Located in East Taunton and easily accessible from several major highways. Our rabbits are loved and cared for, and will make great additions to your homestead.

Marianne Botman
Georgetown, Massachusetts
Holland Lops
Celtic Sun Rabbitry
Celtic Sun Rabbitry breeds quality holland lops for show and pets. We are a member of the ARBA and have been raising rabbits for the past 20 years. Our rabbitry is small allowing us to provide excellent care and plenty of individual attention and exercise for each rabbit. All of our rabbits are well socialized with people, children and other pets. Celtic Sun’s mission is to provide people with a quality, healthy and friendly bunny. To inquire about a rabbit please call the number listed, email does not get checked often.

Sarah Duclos
Groveland , Massachusetts
Mini Lop
Duclos family Mini Lops
Based in Groveland Mass, we breed Mini Lops. Currently have two liters ready for adopting this summer.

Randy Putney
Halifax, Massachusetts
New Zealand, New Zealand Californian Flemish continental
Randy’s Rabbits
Small Rabbitry Honesty is best please call

Lynda Hutchings
Hanson, Massachusetts
Holland Lop
Moonlight Acre
Holland Lop bunnies are small and have a gentle temperament which makes them easy for children to handle, also, they are just so incredibly cute! Litters are born in mid spring through late summer. Predominate colors are Tort, Black Otter, Agouti and Black. Solid and Broken pattern.

Jewelia rex
HOLYOKE, Massachusetts
Mini Rex, Dutch, Mini Lop
Western Mass Rabbitry & Rescue
From the beginning our family has been invested in the welfare and comfort of our rabbits. When a rescue came to us after being left behind a school, our mission changed and inspiration came from her story. So lwhether it’s that rabbit that got a raw deal or you’re looking for that for ever furry freind, our mission is to instill confidence and bring the best out of our rabbits from them to you.

Beth Newman
Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Netherland Dwarf
Newman Family Rabbitry
Small family-run rabbitry breeding Netherland Dwarf rabbits. Mainly Blue-eyed White with some Black Self, Black Otter, and Chestnut. ARBA and ANDRC registered members.

Kim Fitzgerald
Leominster, Massachusetts
American Fuzzy Lop, French Lop, Holland Lop, Mini Lop
Fitzgerald Family Rabbitry
We raise, breed and show Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, French Lops and Mini Lops. Deeply involved in the 4-H Club, our entire family takes part in the care of our bunnies.

April Lichenstein
Leominster, Massachusetts
Satin Angora
Nashaway River Rabbitry
Family run Rabbitry, breeding quality Satin Angoras for Show, Pet, Breeding and Woollers. Pedigreed and non-pedireed available.
Our lines are Reds, Fawns, Chocolates and Blues, carrying agauti. Most come litterbox trained and are used to dogs, cats, children, yard machines, carpentry tolls, and handled daily. We have Senior and Juniors available, however no rabbit will leave our Rabbitry earlier than Nine (9) weeks old.
We also build hutches for purchase.
When calling please leave a detailed message.
Thank you and we look forward to meeting you.

Rick Marchand
Leominster, Massachusetts
Flemish Giant – Sandy Color
Johnny Appleseed Rabbitry
HEALTHY WINTER BREEDING has resulted in five fantastic litters.
As of 2/1/20, I have 14 rabbits available.
As of 3/7/20 I have five rabbits available.
Two more litters gave birth today 1/27/20!
I prepare each of my rabbits to be NEADS pets. They have great temperament and personalities!
Does and Bucks available for a donation back to the rabbitry for supplies.
CALL (978) 660-2313

Samantha Sirois
Leominster, MA
Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Lion Lops, English Spots
Sirois Family Rabbitry
SFR is a small family owned rabbitry. We breed Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Lion Lops, and English Spots. We strive to breed the best quality babies as possible. We look forward to doing business with you.

Kristy Wark
Leominster, Massachusetts
Holland Lops, Dutch, Lionhead
BCK Family Rabbitry
We are a small family owned rabbitry. We breed Holland Lops, Dutch and Lionhead rabbits. We strive to breed the best quality babies as possible. We handle our babies on a daily basis. Our family is involved in the local 4-H club. Our whole family helps out with the care of the bunnies. Our website is www.bckfamilyrabbitry.weebly.com or feel free to email us.

Dan Juliano
Ludlow, Massachusetts
American Chinchilla, New Zealand varieties, Reg. show quality & meat rabbits
D-n-D Rabbitry
Reg. Show quality American Chinchillas
Also breed SQ NZ varieties &
meat rabbits normally available
Cell 413-654-7701
Home 413-583-3923

Betty Pellerin
Lunenburg, MA
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Lion Heads
Betty’s Bunny Barn
I have a small rabbit barn and have been raising rabbits for almost 40 years.

Laura Johnson
Marlboro, Massachusetts
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Lop, Rex
J’s Rabbitry
Pets and meat rabbits. Have many breeds for both needs! All different lop variations too. Please contact to see what we are breeding at the moment.

Danilo Nascimento-Kaler
Marlborough, Massachusetts
Giant Angora
Provisions 134
Provisions 134 is about getting back to the basics through Suburban Agriculture. We celebrate the beauty and abundance of nature, the generosity and wonder of earth’s creatures. Established in 2018, our suburban oasis includes a Rabbitry, an Apiary and a flock of poultry.
Our Rabbitry is focused specifically on Giant Angoras. We began by raising them for their plush and luxurious fiber and have come to love these gently giants. Our herd consists of three adults:
-Harvey is our Buck. He is a beautiful Tortoiseshell with a wide banding coat.
-Priscilla is an Ermine Doe with a lot of spunk- She has recently given birth to 3 Ermine (2 with Red Eyes) and 1 Tortoiseshell/Blue
-Dorothy is our Blue laid-back Doe whom has also recently given birth to a litter of 4. 1 Blue, 1 Black, 1 Tortoiseshell and 1 Ermine with Red Eyes.
Our rabbits are pedigree to 4 generations.

Kurt Kroninger
Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
Mini Rex, Flemish Giant, Holland lop
Kurt’s Rabbitry
Please contact me on my facebook page at
Kurt’s Rabbitry or
or give me a text 508-525-0576
or email me at Kurt2013@gmail.com

The Moore’s
Merrimac, Massachusetts
Holland Lop
Orchid Creek Rabbitry
Orchid Creek Rabbitry is located just outside of Newburyport, Massachusetts. We pride ourselves in providing pedigreed Holland Lops to those seeking fuzzy companions. Our Lops are cuddly, sweet, and show-quality. We sell pet rabbits only. Rabbits leave the rabbitry eight weeks after birth to give the kits the necessary amount of time with their mother.

Sarah Curtis
Middleboro, Massachusetts
Hunny Bunny Rabbitry
We are a small family run Lionhead rabbit breeder in Middleborough Ma. that specializes in Lionhead Rabbits. We breed for show quality and for the perfect little pet. All of our rabbits are of pure breed and come from the highest quality of pedigree stock. All of our rabbits are hand raised right from birth with the utmost love and care. Lionheads are of the dwarf variety making them hardy little fluff balls with a wonderfully sweet temperament.
We love our rabbits and so will you.

Ginny Sybertz
Middleboro, Massachusetts
Flemish Giants
Cranberry Cove
Small, stacked 2 x 4 cages,inside a barn.
121 Miller St. Middleboro, Massachusetts, 02346

Middleboro, Massachusetts
Polish, Mini Lop
KidsPlay Rabbitry
We are a 4h and ARBA showing family. Our purpose is to breed to the Standard of Perfection as well as a family friendly temperment. Our rabbits are raised inside our home and handled by kids and used to the daily life noises of family and other pets. As we are small and very selective of breeding stock, we have only a few litters a year but encourage interested new ownera to contact us to be notified when available breedings are coming up. We also offer older rabbits who for one reason or another(never bad health or aggressive!) will not fit into our planned breeding program.
Show winnings and updates posted regularly on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/kidsplayrabbitry/

David Bean
Middleton, Massachusetts
Holland Lop, Lionhead
Beanie Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a small family-run rabbitry on the North Shore of Massachusetts. We specialize in small mild-tempered rabbits with a focus on Holland Lop and Lionhead breeds. Our focus is to “hand-raise” the bunnies with lots of attention and plenty of space from a young age. This gives them a very friendly and healthy environment to prepare them to be excellent pets.

Martha Morris
Monson, Massachusetts
Moraine Hill Homestead
Fast growing, friendly, purebred Californian rabbits are handled since birth. Unpapered.

Meg Marshall
Near Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Marshling Farms Rabbitry
We are members of Leominster 4H. Our rabbits are beloved pets and 4H projects for our children. We bred our blue-ribbon doe Elizabeth. It was an amazing experience for the children to watch the kits grow and watch as their mother took amazing care of them. We currently have one female and two males available.
Our family has recently gone through some difficult times and we are not able to care for them as expected. We would love to find them a good home as soon as possible.
They were born October 5th and are acclimated to the outdoors.

Brie Voleil
Newton, Massachusetts
Holland Lop, Mini Plush Lops, Holland Plush Lops, Voleil Lops and American Plush Lops
Mini Plush Lops USA
We are a boutique Rabbitry that specializes in plush lops both from the USA and from France. We breed – Mini Plush Lops, Holland Plush Lops, Voleil Lops and American Plush Lops.

We raise our bunnies all indoors free roaming with kids and dogs. They are litter trained and held from birth.

We are available if anyone just has questions or needs help with their bunnies.

Linda Kokoszka
North Attleboro, Massachusetts
Holland Lop, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf and American Fuzzy Lop
Fluffy Bunny Rabbitry
As a family run Rabbitry we raise pedigreed quality Holland Lop, Lionhead, and Netherland Dwarf rabbits for show and as pets. Our secondary focus breeds are American Fuzzy Lops and Lion Lops. We welcome you to visit our Rabbitry and view our baby and adult rabbits that are for sale (appointment required). We provide complete care instructions with every rabbit we sell. Please contact us with any questions (even if you did not buy your rabbit from our Rabbitry). Returns are accepted but please contact us toward an appointment before arriving at the Rabbitry so we can be prepared for any arrivals. Thank you and we look forward to helping you with your rabbit!

Jackie Larcenaire
North Central, Ma., Massachusetts
Netherland Dwarfs & Holland Lops
Mass Netherlands Rabbitry
We are a Hobby Rabbitry located in North Central, Ma. We raise Netherland Dwarfs & Holland Lops for show & pets. We raise a variety of colors for the Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops we raise the following colors:orange,broken orange.
You can contact us on Facebook under Mass Netherlands Rabbitry.

Catelyn Ames
Orange MA, Massachusetts
Mini Lops, Holland Lops, French Lops, Fuzzy Lops
Friendly Hoppers Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry and specialize in Mini lops and Holland lops. All our bunnies are friendly, loving and fun to have. They are handled everyday since birth and all have great personalities. It is important to us to make sure you receive a great friend and pet. Please feel free to email us and we will be happy to help you or answer any questions.

Michele Moran
Oxford, Massachusetts
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Lionlops and Netherland Dwarfs
Proud Eyes Rabbitry
Our small family run Rabbitry raises Lionhead, Holland Lop, LionLop and Netherland Dwarf rabbits for show and as pets. Our rabbits are very friendly due to the fact that they are given a lot of love and attention, and are handled on a daily basis.

Jenn Barbaro
Peabody, MA
Mini Lops, English Lops, Lionheads & Lionlops
Stardust’s Rabbitry
Stardust’s is a small family rabbitry located on the North Shore of Mass. We are focusing on top quality Mini Lops in a wide range of colors, including Self, Shaded, BEW, Vienna, Agoutis, Steels, Tricolors, and more! Our Minis have champion lines behind them! We just started with English Lops and have promising juniors coming up. We breed Lionheads/Lionlops for pet homes and specialize in BEW, Tricolor, and Self. ARBA and 4-H members, more than 18 years in business. Our bunnies mean the world to us!

Rachel Hatch
Pembroke, Massachusetts
None of the above, Holland Lops
Little Nugget Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that breeds pet quality bunnies. We take pride in the care of our bunnies.

Colleen Bachman
Plymouth, MA
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Country Hill Rabbitry
I operated a small rabbitry in America’s Hometown of Plymouth. Just started with Mini Lops have always loved Mini Rex. I have BEW ND and Black Otters. All raised with the love and attention they require. My daughter is now going to start showing. Which is new to both of us. Both are ARBA members and Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club Members. We learn something new everyday and have met a lot of nice people and fellow breeders.

Paula Webb
Salem, Massachusetts
Lionheads, Mini Lops, English Lops, Netherlands
Webb Family Rabbitry
Small family run rabbitry on the northshore of Mass. We breed to the standard of perfection set by the ARBA. Our bunnys are pets first. Our predominent breed is Lionheads. We also breed Netherlands, Mini Lops and English Lops on a small scale.

john white
san diego, Massachusetts
English Angora, Rabbitry
We are a small TICA registered cattery. We have exceptional turkish angora Kittens For Sale exclusively to pet homes. Price include, Vet Vaccinated, Guaranteed.

Michele Millard
Saugus, MA
Thrianta, Holland Lops
M&M’s Hoppy Days Rabbitry
Hi, my name is Michele and I run a small-scale rabbitry in Saugus, MA. I don’t have a lot of rabbits so all of my rabbits get an equal amount of TLC each. I major in Thrianta and Holland Lops and love them all very much! I’ve been raising rabbits for almost 5 years now and have loved every minute of it. I am involved in 4-H, the Topsfield Fair, the ARBA, the HLRSC, and the ECR&CBA as well as community service. Feel free to ask me any questions! You can also find M&M’s Hoppy Days Rabbitry on Facebook!

Kerry Oleksak
Southwick, MA
English Lops, Holland Lops, Lionheads
King of the Jungle Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry in Southwestern MA working with Lionheads, Holland Lops, and English Lops. The rabbits are my full time job. All of our rabbits are socialized with chilren and other animals. We are ARBA certified and members of multiple specialty clubs. We are always up to discussing rabbits and welcome your questions!

Cameron Bishop
Spencer, Massachusetts
New Zealand, NZ white
Circle 7 Rabbitry
small rabbitry, slowly expanding. 12 holes at this time

Joelle and Michelle Camara
Swansea, Massachusetts
Royal Rabbits Rabbitry
Royal Rabbits Rabbitry, located in Swansea, MA, began as a 4H project.
It has since grown, and become the home of award winning, quality Dutch which are shown throughout New England, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. For more information regarding our rabbits, please contact us at royalrabbitsrabbitry@yahoo.com.

Sarah Grant
Sudbury, Massachusetts
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Lops A Lot Farm
Family run rabbitry located in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Focusing on breeding show quality holland lop and netherland dwarf rabbits with great temperaments.

Kori & Kimberly Botelho
Swansea, Massachusetts
Jersey Wooly
Kori’s Wooly Wabbitry
My name is Kori Botelho, I am 13 years old. I live in a small town in MA. I am a ARBA and 4H member. I started 4H 2years ago (since 2010) and my project was rabbits. I fell in love with the Jersey Wooly breed. I am currently working on a blue eyed white project. If you have any questions or want information on any of my rabbits you can contact me on my contact info page on my website.

Mel Pac
Taunton , Massachusetts
Mini Lop, Lion/lop
Mamma buns rabbitry
My bunnies in my rabbitry are well loved vet checked live indoors get the praper amounts of hay small anountsvof pellets and greens daily! They make great pets handled daily by adults and kids!

Jessica St Andre
Taunton, Massachusetts
Holland Lop, FLemish Giant x Holland Lops
Buns Out
We sell Full bred quality Holland Lops and Occasionally a Holland Lop x Flemish Cross.

Lisa Stratton
Upton, Massachusetts
American Chinchilla, French Angora, Mini Rex
Hoppy Hollow
Hoppy Hollow is a small (20 hole) backyard rabbitry located in central Massachusetts. Registered with ARBA since 2009, we are members of the TriCounty Rabbit Breeders Association, American Chinchilla Rabbit Breeders Association, National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club and MA 4-H Rabbit Advisory Committee.

John Desantis
Ware, Massachusetts
Shady Tort Lionhead Bunnies
Hi we here at shady tort lionhead bunnies sell only lionhead bunnies and rabbits. Located in Massachusetts our bunnies average size is 2 to 3 pounds. They are all double mane . We offer tort/ broken/sable/blue /BEW/ and black. Bunnies are available on a first come first serve basis.We try to pair our bunnies with their new families by 10 weeks old. If you are interested and ready to adopt a bunny or rabbit email us or check our website or Facebook page to see what is available. You can find us on Facebook at Shady tort lionhead bunnies

Alexa Wurszt
Ware, Massachusetts
New Zealand, Continental giant rabbit
Boom boom pow rabbitry
Hello my name is alexa, you can find me on fb under my rabbitry name. I am a small local breeder in ware Massachusetts i breed continental giants and new zealands, i started this rabbitry when covid hit, to survive on a all natral meat. We butch and package our own. Any baby we have i give a change on new home first before dinner plate. So contact me if you are interested in a rabbit.

Joan Blair
Wareham, Massachusetts
English Angora
Wild Oats
Small hobby rabbitry of 8, breeding only one litter a year-hand raised from birth to be ( calm around pets & adults )groomed weekly.Carefully fed to grow as big & strong as possible. Presently I have males for sale,2- yr old proven stud bunnies. and three born 8/24/13 two show quality blue eye whites; & two pretty, mostly white w/tan ears & eye surrounds, with family tree 5 generations. .Past member ARBA.
One young one left

Megan Barrett
Westfield, Massachusetts
Himalayans & Havanas
Bright Day’s Rabbitry
Devoted to Himalayans, Dabbling in Havanas, established prior to 1996. This is a labor of love, and has been since I was a young child.

Ryan O’Toole
Weston, Massachusetts
Mini Rex
Rushmore Rabbitry
A very small mini rex breeder in eastern MA.

Stephanie Cardine
Westwood , Massachusetts
Holland Lop, Mini Plush Lops, Mini Lops
Lusters Lops
As of 2022-2023 we are an active boutique rabbitry of medium size in Westwood, Massachusetts. Our partner lives in Ct so we deliver to New Britain, Ct and Derry, NH free of charge.
We specialize in

Donna & Bria French
Wilbraham, MA
Lionheads, Holland Lops, Velveteen Lops
Mighty Roar Rabbitry
We are a family run rabbitry, I specialize in Lionheads, hollands and my daughter specializes in veleveteen lops. I am a 4-H leader & Bria is youth 4-H.

R.J. Anderson
Worcester, Massachusetts
New Zealand Reds
Rainbow Farm
Featuring my own production bred strain of “Russetts ” for meat, pets, show, and breeding stock.
Member ARBA #ANDERU00 & Central Mass Rabbit Breeders Network CMRBN
Delivery can be arranged in greater Worcester Area (20 mile radius)

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