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This page is a topic page which provides links to the individual breed pages of Meat Rabbit Breeds. As you might expect all rabbit breeds are certainly not equal in terms of meat qualities. For instance there is the Britannia Petite which usually weighs under 3 pounds! Then of course you have the big old Flemish Giant which might reach a weight of 15+ pounds.

The best meat rabbit breeds in my opinion consist of the Californian, New Zealand, Palomino and Beveren Rabbits. When I choose a rabbit breed to raise for meat I am ideally wanting to pick a breed that puts on lots of meat in a short amount of time and that usually has large litters of bunnies. Other conditions to consider would be overall health of animal (some breeds may possess better immune systems to fight of disease), body type and fur.

Other meat breeds include; American Chinchilla, Cinnamon, Creme d’ Argent, French Lop, Hotot, Rex, Satin and Harlequin.

Out of all the breeds of meat rabbits I would personally recommend the Californian. In my opinion they possess the best meat qualities out of all the different breeds.

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