Meat Rabbits For Sale-Texas A&M Heat Tolerant and others


Seller Name: Carla Carter
Location: Bolivar, Missouri
Rabbit Breed(s): New Zealands, White and Colors, Californian, Texas A&M
Rabbitry Website: Carter Farms Rabbitry

Our meat rabbits are breed to be great mother, high fertility rates and fairly heat tolerant. With average litter sizes of 10-12 and crosses utilizing hybrid vitality hitting 5 pound weights at 8 weeks following our simple raising system it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

With our New Zealands, we have whites and lots of colors: Broken blacks, blues and reds; solid reds, fawns, blues (limited quantity), blacks greys, chincillas. We have also crossed our color New Zealands with our Texas A&M lines for color Texas A&M rabbits! Pretty AND heat tolerant!

Texas A&M stock developed by Dr. Lukefahr include the production whites as well as composites.

These are well known for being great mothers, throwing large litters and being heat tolerant as well. This stock will hit 5 pounds at 8 weeks consistently and eat less to boot! Great lines to add to your herd. AND the traits can be crossed into your existing stock. Good for two generations.

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Seller Phone: (812)361-6035

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Meat Rabbits For Sale-Texas A&M Heat Tolerant and others