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Melissa Sawicki
Albion, Michigan
Mini Rex, Dutch
Circle S Rabbitry
Breeding Mini Rex, and Dutch for show, pet and meat purposes

Connie Glaspie
Alger, Michigan
New Zealand, Flemish Giant, Californian
Maple Mesa Rabbitry (MMR)
Pedigreed Flemish Giants-Californians and New Zealands. Some bloodlines are from outside the state of MI. Raising Meat pen rabbits, show rabbits or pets. Hybrids also available upon request and 50% deposit. Contact to be added to waiting list for your fair season.

Sarah Johnson
Alger, MI
Rex, Britannia Petite
RexxiRoo Rabbitry
Located in northern Michigan, we are a small rabbitry of about 25 holes. Although we are small in size we are high in quality. We focus mainly on Standard Rex, but are starting to breed Britannia Petites on the side. ARBA Registered Rabbitry #D470

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Mackenzie Sturman
Allegan, Michigan
Mini Lops, Californians
Whisper’s Rabbitry
I am a youth hobby beeder with a small number of quality Mini Lops and Californians. Whisper’s rabbitry is currently a 12-16 hole rabbitry, and I breed for quality, not quantity. My rabbitry is Registered with the ARBA (#D071), and I show my rabbits regularly throughout the year. All my rabbits are kept fully pedigreed and kits are played with from birth. I also show actively in 4-H with pigs, horses, and rabbits. I have pets and meat pens avaliable as well. Check out my website for more information on my rabbitry, as well as lots of rabbit related information!

Taelor Baden
45340, Michigan
American Fuzzy Lop, Holland lop
I want a rabbit that is nice friendly good for show and a perfect pet


Aaron Vereeke
Allegan, Michigan
Californian, Californian New Zealand crosses
Vereeke family farm
We always have kits so there are always rabbit avail. We sell by the pound young bunnies are $7 for 4-7 week olds and after that it cost $3.50lb live standing weight and $5.50 per pound butcherd and packaged

Stephanie Domke
Alpena, Michigan
Mini Lop, Californian
Steph’s Rabbitry
I own a small Mini Lop rabbitry in Northeast Michigan. I usually have rabbits for sale and I travel to shows to sell them.

Dale Sharp
Alpena, Michigan
Double D Rabbitry
We currently have several batches of bunnies ready.

Adrianna Stewart
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Holland Lop
Shadows and amazing Holland Lop. He’s a year old, loves to be held and pet. He loves to eat a lot. Shadow runs around the house freely.

Donna, Cidnee, and Carlie Schramm
Armada, Michigan
Florida White, Californian, Holland Lops
Willow Rock Rabbit Ranch
We are a mid-size rabbitry located in Armada MI, focusing currently on show quality Californians, Florida Whites, and Holland Lops.

Taylor Russell
Attica, Michigan
English Spot
Russell’s Rabbits
We are located in Attica, MI. We breed primarily black, blue, chocolate, and lilac varieties but occasionally have other varieties. The best way to contact us is by email: tetimko5@gmail.com Thanks!

Alexess Lynch
Avoca, Michigan
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Angora, English Lops, Lion Head, Dutch, Harlequin, Flemish Giant, Jersey Wooly, Satin, Polish, New Zealands
Lexee’s Rabbitry
Clean, safe 26 hole rabbitry and growing. All rabbits are worked with everyday to guarantee friendliness. We specialize in 14 different breeds at this time. Call us today! Come see what we got! If we don’t have it, we will find it. Thank You for your time. Alexess.

Douglas Madaras
Ann Arbor, MI
American Chinchillas
ScioValley American Chincilla’s
Breed stock originates in USA and Canada. Many registered and Grand Champ lines. ALBC recognized breed.

David Ackerman
Bark River, Michigan
Champagne d’ Argent
On With The Show Rabbitry
Back yard habitat with other domestic wild life including a cat, fox, wolf, skunk, that roam free as they will. The rabbits are in a free standing cage under some cedar trees next to my garden that the rabbits eat greens from. I plan to expand into a trailer for more security and mobility to go to Shows.

Caitlin Hampton
Baroda, Michigan
Lilacs and Velveteen Lops
Pleasing Pastures Farm and Rabbitry
Show and pet quality Lilacs and Velveteen Lops as well as Sebastopol geese and Muscovy and call ducks.

Diana Campbell
Battle Creek, Michigan
Silver Fox (black, blue, white, chocolate), Standard Satin (Red, Broken), American Chinchilla, Standard Rex (tri), Californian
D.Campbells Rabbitry
We specialize in practical show lines geared to promoting the usefulness of our breeds as well as overall quality. Our policies are constantly subject to updates to promote constantly improving overall quality of sales stock and our standards only get higher as we improve our lines. We focus on rare and heritage animals, emphasizing commercial type fur breeds and favoring six class animals. We do not overlook any animal that may improve our program when making purchases regardless of line, and each animal kept for breeding is named, as it is uniquely special to the program. Lines come from all over the US, with our Silver Foxes focused largely on animals of Stonecrest (Michigan, top quality lines with many Convention and Nationals wins) and Willow Run (New York, rare line bred with an emphasis on fur quality) backgrounds.

Lakota Markham
Battle Creek , Michigan
New Zealand
Lakota’s Rabbity
I would be looking into purchasing 4 babies max. Looking to get more self sufficient in our town home and we are allowed four rabbits. Looking for them for meat and to breed for the next fryers.

Stuart Denney
Battle Creek, MI
Silver Fox, Giant Chinchillas, Thrianta
Wylde Hare Rabbitry
We are a 30 hole rabbitry raising show quality Silver Fox for show and meat. Working in developing lines that easily make senior weight and have excellent fur. Our current breeding stock currently include 2 Grand Champions, their Dam, a buck weighing in at 10# 5 oz. and a few other rabbits from well regarded lines. We offer discounts for pairs, trios, and Youth exhibitors. Look us up on Facebook!

Tracy Falbe
Battle Creek, Michigan
French Angora
Mulberry Rabbitry
I’ve started a small rabbitry with the intention of maintaining a breeding pair of pedigree French angora rabbits. I plan to breed the occasional litter to sell as pets, woolers, and small livestock. I selected my doe and buck for their good personalities so that their offspring will be gentle and friendly.
I chose to undertake the raising of rabbits in order to supply my garden with fertilizer. I try to follow permaculture principles on my landscape and needed to integrate an animal into my plan so that vegetation could be consumed and transformed into fertilizer. The rabbits also create an opportunity to teach my children about caring and nurturing animals and learning responsibility. They also enjoy the rabbits.
I also see the learning of rabbit husbandry as a survival preparation in the event that meat becomes unavailable or very expensive.
I’m located in Southern Michigan and look forward to learning more about rabbits in the coming years.

William Doehring
Bay City, Michigan
New Zealand, Californian
Pardes Homestead Rabbitry
Located in Mid-Michigan, we breed pedigree Californian and New Zealand rabbits for pets, show and meat.

Sara Hammond
Bay City, Michigan
Jersey Wooly
BlueStone Rabbitry
BlueStone Rabbitry is a small 25 hole rabbitry. I raise jersey woolies in tans, self, agouti, and broken. I sometimes have other breeds so let me know what you are looking for. I have a long list of rabbit friends that raise lots of rabbit breeds so i can most likely help you. Here at the rabbitry people are always welcome. We also breed for the best and not for the amount we can get. Most of the line’s I work with are Furry Treasure’s, KCJ’s, All Star’s, and there are a few others.

Kelly Mclellan
Bellaire, Michigan
English Lop
Strictly English
Located in beautiful Northern Michigan

Mandy Coats
Birch Run, Michigan
Mini Lop, Lionhead, Mini Lion Lops
Lucky Foot Rabbitry
Lucky foot farm & Rabbitry around the Birch Run, Frankenmuth & Millington area. Breeding show standard Lionheads & mini lops. Will be breeding pet & breeder quality mini lionlops. Show & breeder have pedigrees, but pets will not. No meat purpose purchases or sells! I offer kits for 4H & other local shows. I breed smaller sized bunnies for children to handle easier, grooming experiences & temperament qualities. Will not have any litters until next spring (2017).

Lisa Hopkins
Big Rapids, MI
Flemish Giants- blue and black
Garden Gate Rabbitry
Small family run hobby farm & rabbitry. Focus is on quality not quantity….we are not you’re “100 hole rabbity”. Our does have 1, maybe 2 litters per year. We are ARBA members, our rabbitry is registered with ARBA as well. We are also members of MSARBA. We are active in 4H and show our rabbits as well.

Bobbi Ferrandino
Big Rapids , Michigan
Californian, New Zealand
We are a small family rabbitry in Big Rapids Michigan. We sell purebred rabbits for meat or pets. We sell Californian and New Zealand and mixed. We have some AVAILABLE now for $25.

Kali Makula
Blissfield, Michigan
Serenity Acres
Serenity Acre’s is a small rabbitry in Blissfield, MI focusing on Lionhead rabbits. Currently we are focusing on torts but I also am working on blacks and blues as well. My goal is to keep my rabbitry small and really focus on quality in both structure and temperament. I just started in July of 2016 so I am new to the rabbit world but I have enjoyed the few shows I have attended and I have learned a lot. To keep in touch with what stock I have available you can find me on facebook or you can visit my website.

Ruth Musolf
Brighton, Michigan
Holland Lop
Dangerbunny Farm
Dangerbunny Farm is a family farm and small rabbitry near Brighton, Michigan. We exclusively raise purebred Holland Lops, which are the smallest of the lop eared rabbits. We have a range of colors but are focusing on our Blue Eyed White program. Our rabbits are bred to ARBA’s standard of perfection, and we breed for great temperaments. We keep a fairly small herd as this is a hobby, not a business. Our rabbits get daily attention and love. Although our primary focus is raising rabbits for the show table and improving the Blue Eyed White color, we occasionally will have pets available, as well as breeding or show. Dangerbunny Farm is a ARBA registered rabbitry.

Mariah Gotz
Britton, Michigan
Holland Lop
County Line Rabbits
I run a same rabbitry been raising and showing Holland lops in 4-H for 4 years. All my rabbits haves pedigrees. i am located close to Dundee right off 23 so travel to me is easy.If you have any question just contact I’ll be glad to answer.

Dona Barski
Brooklyn, Michigan
Silver Fox, New Zealand
Caprice Acres
Silver fox in Black, Blue – soon chocolate and white as well. Show quality stock that also excells for meat.
New Zealands in black, blue, and broken of those colors.

Hannah Tedlock
Brown City, Michigan
Mini Rex, Jersey Woolies
Bella’s Rabbitry
Bella’s Rabbitry is a small 19 hole rabbitry located in the Thumb of MI. We specialize in Red and Castor Mini Rex & Self and Tan Pattern Jersey Woolies. I’m very selective with what I keep, so I often have very nice quality rabbits available.

Kim Farris
Byron, Michigan
Satin, Mini Rex
Avery’s Acres Rabbitry
We are a very small rabbitry that takes pride in the quality, cleanliness, overall care and well-being of our rabbits. We believe in humane treatment for all animals and take the issue very seriously. That is why we have a strict standard of operation. We are very careful to select and breed rabbits with only the best temperament and type. Only the finest quality rabbits are sold at Avery’s Acres and come with a guarantee to have good health and temperament.

Mike & Anne Stahly
Byron, Michigan
New Zealand
Lovejoy Rabbitry
We provide only pedigreed rabbits who receive daily family care. Our rabbits receive daily fresh water, only the highest quality Kalmbach feeds and grass based hay. We never breed sire to daughter or dam to son. We concentrate on providing unrelated breeding pairs and individual rabbits for breeding stock (for meat) and show rabbits if you like. We have available in broken and unbroken color patterns: Reds, Whites, Blues and occassionally a Black and even Chestnut and Otter.

Samantha Navratil
Calgary, Michigan
Netherland Dwarf
Darling Dwarfs Rabbity
We are a very small family breeding program. We believe that great things come in small packages! Our rabbits are proof of that! with amazing little personalities. We keep our numbers small as to attain that very goal. We want to provide quality pets that can be handled by anyone!

William White “Bill”
Cambria Village, Hillsdale, Michigan
Harlequins, New Zealands, Flemish Giants
The White Rabbit Farm
We are a Small Michigan Rabbit Farm with around 22 and growing holes. We currently have 23+ adults and 35+ kits. We have Harlequins which we have been breeding for Color and some real pretty ones right now. We really started as a meat rabbit farm and for pets, the Harlequins just kind of happened along the way. We have had a lot of problems getting our large rabbits off the ground but as you know rabbits do not fly LOL. You can find us on Face Book “The White Rabbit Farm” Like us there see you all soon. -Bill

Tim Schlatter
Camden, Michigan
Silver Fox, NZ/Californian cross
Schlatter’s Farm
I currently have black and blue Silver Fox rabbits available. I also have some New Zealand/ Californian cross rabbits. The farm is located 1/2 mile north of the Ohio/Michigan state line, just north of Pioneer, Ohio. Please call for an appointment.

Ceader, Michigan
New Zealands, Rex, Californians, Mini Rex
Bunny Hop Ranch
Raising rabbits for commercial meat use. USDA licensed. I try to not cross breeds. New Zealand White & Red, Rex in Many colors, Californian. Tri-Color Mini Rex for pets. No Pedigrees. Not Show stock.
3555 W Alpine Rd. Ceader, Michigan

Diane Drier
Central, Michigan
Holland Lops
Daybreak Rabbitry
I raise quality Holland Lop rabbits for show and for pets. Some of the best bloodlines in the nation. Camelot, THF Saynora are my main focus.

Deb Dotson
Charlotte, MI
Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Make a Wish Rabbitry
We have a medium sized rabbitry in Charlotte, MI. We specialize quality in Mini Rex and Holland Lops. Our rabbits are handled from the day they are born, and are extremely social. We do offer discounts to 4h and to people who purchase multiple bunnies.

Andrea Fisher
Chesaning, Michigan
New Zealand, New Zealand Reds, Mini Lops, and Dutch
Love Bites Rabbitry
We raise pedigreed New Zealand Reds, pedigreed Mini Lops, and non-pedigreed Dutch.
All of our babies are handled daily and are perfect for 4H.

Alaina Harris
Chesterfield , Michigan
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lops
Alaina’s Rabbit’s
Breed Mini Lop’s and Netherland Dwarf Bunny’s.

Megan Kleindienst
Clayton, Michigan
New Zealand, Flemish Giants and New Zealand (Reds)
Kleindienst Rabbitry
We humanely raise both Flemish Giants and New Zealand (Reds) in a colony system, with the exception of our bucks who are kept in separate, individual hutches. Our rabbits are socialized early and are worked with on a regular basis.
517-306-3275 or 517-445-2332

Joseph Shank
Coldwater, Michigan
Flemish Giant, Angoras, Mini Lops, Palominos, Rex
The Big Bunny Boy Rabbitry
In coldwater MI I am a 15 year old man that has a interest in raising rabbits.

Jeanne Shamblin
Coleman, Michigan
Silver Fox
Shamblin Rabbitry
Started raising a trio of the Silver Fox rabbits in 2013 to help bring back the breed from the threatened species list. Currently a member of the ARBA.

Grace Dull
Coleman, Michigan
Thrianta, Holland lops
Creekside Rabbits
Coleman MI. Active ARBA Rabbitry showing thriantas and Holland Lops. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/creeksidelops/

Mike Jankowske
Columbiaville, MI
Tans, Dutch, Mini Satins, Silver Fox
C and J Tans
C and J Tans focuses on Breeding for show quality Tans. We ensure all of our sales transactions are fair and honest. We mainly show in the Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana areas.

Beth Stemmerich
Columbus Twp, Michigan
Rex, New Zealand, mix
Bunny Barn
Newly starting out with my rabbits. Having the greatest time loving on all of them. All babies are held and gave attention to daily.

Joy Thomas
Constantine, Michigan
Velveteen Lops
Bunny Acres Rabbitry
We raise velveteen lops in assorted varieties. We strive for Quality in our velveteens. We are located in SW Michigan and our rabbitry has 40 holes but not all are used as we try to keep our numbers down and not use every hole available.

Hunter Oliver
Corunna, Michigan
American Sables and Californians
Shadow Valley Rabbitry
I raise show quality, pedigreed american sables and Californians in Corunna MI. Contact me through Facebook, email, or phone if you are interested in getting stock. I have some available a great deal of the time.

Justin & Samantha Spotts
Deerfield, Michigan
Flemish Giant
Michigan Flemish Giants
We are a Flemish Giant Rabbit breeder located in southeast Michigan, focusing on pedigreed Blue, Black and Sandy varieties.

Zehara Carreau
Detroit, Michigan
Silver Fox
Backcountry Burrows
To improve Silver Fox rabbits to better meet the ARBA SOP (standard of perfection) while promoting a rare breed.
We prioritize a useful Silver Fox rabbit in meat and fur that has lovely docile temperaments and excellent mothering abilities, that are also fun to show.

Crysta H
Detroit , Michigan
Crystas bunnies
Black and white Dutch sometimes I get a few with blue eyes. Contact 3132854899 cheap

Judi Nelson
Detroit , Michigan
Flemish Giant and others
I want a baby Flemish bunny with low hanging ears .

Sarah Kostyu
Detroit (Southern Suburb), MI
K7 Farm
Breeding Californian rabbits, almost always have young rabbits available.

Su Yoder
Detroit , Michigan
Holland Lops
Urban Hops
We have a small rabbitry. We keep it at a dozen rabbits. We have a show line with Opal, chestnut, and Orange. We also have BEW that has harlequin in the lines also.

Tiffany Thompson
Dewitt, Michigan
Flemish Giants, Giant Chinchillas, Holland Lops, Mini Lops
Tiffany’s Rabbitry
Tiffany’s Rabbitry has Flemish Giants for those who are looking for that special gentle giant. I have owned and raised rabbits for 17 years. All our rabbits are handled daily and are raised as part of our family.

Abby Gordon
Dexter, Michigan
Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Dutch
HuckleBerry Farm
We focus on broken, lynx, and otter Mini Rex; blue Dutch; and solid and broken Mini Lop. Our rabbitry is small, but we keep only the best stock with good temperaments around. We keep our website updated, so please check there before contacting us directly.

Landyn Pfeil
Dimondale , Michigan
Holland lop
Landyn Pfeil
And color holland lop rabbit

Stacy Bauer
Dundee, MI
Mini Lops, French Lops, New Zealand Whites
Bauer’s Old Barn Rabbitry
Raising healthy, quality rabbits is my top priority. I am a member of ARBA , several National/State breed clubs, and my local 4H club. My main breeds are Mini Lops and French Lops. There are some New Zealand Whites for meat pens in my barn as well. Frequently, I have rabbits for sale.

Willam Russell
Eaton Rapids, Michigan
Champagne d’Argent, Californian, New Zealands, Florida Whites, Flemish Giant, Netherland Dwarfs
Water Crest Rabbitry
I raise several breeds of meat rabbits & some pet breeds.
I have good breeding stock & pet breeds for sale.
I also purchase rabbits for my processing business.
I have a State licensed & inspected facility, that allows me to process & sell rabbits, to stores, restaurants, and individuals.
I can process your rabbits for you, ( by law you have to be licensed to do this),
for your protection.

Jennifer Flagstadt
Escanaba, Michigan
Rex, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Meat Mixes
FURtastic Rabbitry
We are located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We are a small Rabbitry just starting out. We are raising quality rabbits for show and meat. We breed year round. Always open to sell or trade.
furtastic.rabbitry @gmail.com

Michelle McBride
Farwell, Michigan
Mini Rex, Jersey Woolies, Dutch, Fuzzy Lops
ML Rabbitry and Caviary
ML Rabbitry and Caviary is a mother and daughter business that breeds quality show rabbits. We participate in ARBA shows and we are involved in the local 4H. We truly believe in perfecting our breeds to get the best possible results. Although we do not personally cull any of our rabbits, anything that is not show quality quickly leaves our barn. We sell to local pet shops and others who are looking for pets. I do occasionally sell to cull buyers, as rabbits are meat as well as a show animal and pet. Keep in mind, our pet only bunnies are tattooed as such. Our show bunnies all come with tattoos and pedigrees. All of our animals are treated humanely with love and respect.

Theresa Klassa
Fenton, Michigan
Mini Lop, Polish, Mini Rex
Emerald Kisses Rabbitry
We sell ARBA show quality MIni Lops and Polish breed rabbits. We also sell 4-H and pet quality as well. Nice rabbits handled daily from birth. We breed at a slow pace and carefully so as not to over breed and as a result we take the time to match the rabbit with the buyer. Rabbits come with transition food and basic rabbit care instruction as well as our number for contact for questions and support.

Rebecca Bailey
FLINT, Michigan
Mini Rex, Mini rex otter
I have 8 mini rex rabbits 8 weeks old.
They have been raised with special need children, dogs, and reptiles. They are loving and sweet and great for all ages.

Karl Roberson
Flint, Michigan
English Spots, French Angoras
3K Rabbitry
Small family rabbitry ran by my 3 daughters specializing in English Spots and French Angoras.

Shannon Brown
Flint, Michigan
English Angora and Satin Angora
Steel Magnolia Bunny Ranch
A self sustaining Angora Rabbit Ranch, we focus on raising Angora Rabbits to better the breed standard. We started with champion stock and have maintained the highest standards for our bunny breeders! We raise loving, well groomed, and friendly rabbits that would make a great addition to your breeding program, show program or home as a pet.

Kat Delmerico
Fowlerville, Michigan
Mini Rex, New Zealand
House of the Rexs
We set the bar high for all rabbitries around by providing each customer with a great experience by selling the most elite line of rabbits. Not only do we stay up to date with all the latest knowledge about rabbit care, breeding, showing and much more, we also do our own part in making a safer world for rabbits everywhere. We acknowledge the population issue regarding rabbits and always make sure each rabbit has somewhere safe to go before bringing more beautiful rabbits to this world.

Jamie Agans
Frankenmuth, Michigan
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lops
Agans Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry. My Children and I enjoy working with the rabbits and spending time with them. We are members of ARBA, , American Netherland Dwarf Breeders Association and Mini Lops Breeders Association . This year we won best in show for mini lops and best of breed for Netherland Dwarfs.

Cassie Luchies
Fremont, Michigan
Radiant Rabbits!
I breed LionHead rabbits! I will not have any babies for awhile, because I just got new baby does! Have a great day! Let me know if you’re interested! Thanks, Cassie Luchies

Michelle Colvin
Gladwin, Michigan
Holland Lop
Lops to Love Rabbitry
We are raising pedigree Holland Lops, for purpose of pet or show. All of our rabbits are handled daily and are used to other pets and children. Every rabbit sold will come with either a pedigree or a bunny birth certificate, and a small bag of transition food.

Michelle Gingery
Gladwin, Michigan
Netherland Dwarf, Pedigreed Dwarf Hotot and Netherland Dwarf, Black Silver Marten
MGM Dwarf Breeds
Small hobby dwarf rabbit breeding. Parents are on site and have had many legs.

Lorien Larsen
GRAND Blanc, Michigan
Silver Fox
Lorien’s Farm
Small family meat operation.

Lorien Larsen
Grand Haven, Michigan
French Angora
Lorien’s Rabbits
Small Family Operation

Tony Watson
Grand Ledge, Michigan
Mini Lop
Watson Family Farms LLC.
We are a small start up rabbitry. We currently only breed Mini Lops.

Paige Buhl
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Palomino, Netherland Dwarf
Pretty Adorable Bunnies
Pretty Adorable Bunnies is a small family rabbitry in West Michigan (USA). We raise and show ARBA pedigreed Netherland Dwarf rabbits. The Netherland Dwarf is the smallest rabbit breed with a maximum weight limit of 2 pounds 8 ounces. Our rabbitry strives to achieve ARBA and ANDRC Standards of Perfection. American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Rabbitry Number: D8623

Lisa Peg
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Holland Lop, Lop-eared, Netherland Dwarf
Judy Rabbitry
I was hoping you would be able to find me a rabbit.

Barbara Vizzi
Grand Rapids, Michigan
English Angora
Wooly Tush Rabbitry
We are a boutique rabbitry in Grand Rapids, Michigan specializing in English Angoras. We promote, show, and breed the blue-eyed-white English Angora variety. Other colors are available as well. It is our goal to produce quality rabbits, carefully bred to the ARBA standard of perfection. Our rabbits make wonderful companions, produce wonderful wool for spinning, and competitive show rabbits.
Visit us at: www.woolytush.weebly.com

Lindzy Jackson
Grass Lake, Michigan
Havana, Mini Lops
Sharkey Farm Rabbitry
I raise Havanas and Mini Lops. I would love to help you with your rabbit project. Message me and lets get your rabbit project moving.

Lisa B. Pepper
Grass Lake, Michigan
Jersey Wooly
Smokie Blue Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Southern Michigan specializing in fine quality Jersey Woolies. The rabbitry is currently on hiatus due to medical issues, but I still attend shows and stay up-to-date on the latest Wooly news.

Krista Brooks
Grayling, Michigan
Silver Fox
Monarch Meadows Rabbitry
At Monarch Meadows Rabbitry, we are constantly seeking to improve our stock, our lines and the quality of the kits we produce. We are becoming much more active in the showing venues, and as such are striving to breed our rabbits as close to the Standard of Perfection as possible. Occasionally we will have rabbits available for sale, many of which may be able to be delivered to shows we are attending. We are currently focusing our efforts on the standard, black Silver Fox and developing better blue Silver Fox. Here at Monarch Meadows Rabbitry, we take our BioSecurity seriously; we have a strict closed-rabbitry policy, any incoming rabbits are quarantined for a minimum of 30 days before being exposed to the rest of our herd, our cages are cleaned frequently to help keep our rabbits healthy and clean, and all rabbits are inspected many times over to identify any potential health issues and are dealt with accordingly. Please visit our website for more details and pictures, or you may also call, thank you!

Barbara A Reiter
Gulliver, Michigan
Silver Fox
Reiter’s Silver Fox
We are small Silver Fox Rabbitry for the best care and quality of our rabbits. Keeping small I can enjoy the buns and get to know each one for their particular personalities and traits for the breed standard. Silver Fox are great 4H projects, best meat breed, and quality fur. They have Large litters of offspring and just a joy to raise. We are located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Dawn Nelsey
Hale, MI
Holland Lops, Lionheads, occasionally Netherland Dwarfs and Californians
A Basket of Blessings Rabbitry
At A Basket of Blessings Rabbitry I raise Holland Lops in the colors of Tort, Sable Point, (sometimes Blue Point), Blue Tort, Black Otter, Blue Otter, Black and brokens of those colors. In Lionheads I raise Siamese Sables, Sable Points, Blue Point, REW, Black, Blue, Chinchilla, & Tort at present. I am hoping to add more colors as money and cage space permit. I also raise Netherlands and Californians occasionally too.

Sharon Green
Hamilton, Michigan
Cottontail, Colorodo Bucktail, Angora, Harlequin
Greens Cottontail rabbits
We breed and sell out best bunnies from
Colorodo bucktail to angora harlequin
And regular cottontail rabbits. Our bunnies are
Feed the best pellets and soy along with
Hay and are extremely beautiful and friendly.
Please email lm63671@gmail.com for orders

Jodi Miller
Hamilton, Michigan
Netherland Dwarf
Windmill Rabbits
We are a smaller rabbitry (30 holes) located in west Michigan, near Holland. We show our rabbits and breed with that intent in mind. But, unless they are with their kits, all of our rabbits are handled every day and are given outside exercise, when weather permits, every other day. So whether they are show or pet quality, we strive for friendly, relaxed rabbits. Typically there is at least one litter available for sale and we have a wide range of colors.

Scott Jehnzen
Harrison, MI
Mini Lops, English Lops, Dutch, Harlequin, Standard Rex, Californians
Wooded Valley Rabbitry
We are a loving family that loves our rabbits. We are a family of 8 doing 4-h and some rabbit shows when we can. The many breeds are for each one of us. We try to breed the best rabbits we can and love them all.

Jenn Zoerman
Holland, Michigan
Holland Lop, Pedigree Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarves, Polish Dwarves, Lion Heads, Dutch, and Silver Fox.
Whispering Creek Rabbitry
We’ve been raising rabbits for most of our lives, and we care deeply about making sure that our rabbits are quality rabbits for showing, breeding, and loving. Breed availability varies by month but we usually have a great selection, especially in the beginning of the year when folks are looking for their new 4H or show buns. While we don’t attend any shows currently due to scheduling conflicts, we have shown before and plan to get back at it in the near future.

Jodi Miller
Holland, Michigan
Netherland Dwarf
Windmill Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in southwest Michigan, USA. We focus on the Netherland Dwarfs in order to give them and our breeding program our full attention. Our rabbits are being bred to show, both open and 4H. Colors include chestnuts, otters, martens and chinchillas.

Annette Taylor
Holly, Michigan
Satin Angora
A.J. Alpaca Farm & Satin Angora’s
I have been raising Alpaca’s for over 15 years. Switching to Satin Angora’s as my grandchildren are asthmatics and Satin’s don’t seem to bother them. They are also easier to care for, the fiber has a beautiful shine to it. And I prefer plucking verses clipping.
I have 7 satin’s currently, looking to trade or purchase a new buck and or possibly a new dam to further increase my breeding’s and sales.
I spin, knit, crochet, weave and needle felt. Alpaca’s got me into the fiber business loving all natural fibers. Would like to disburse my alpaca herd and concentrate on Satin Angora’s. The are a rare bread but will worth the effort.
I make all kinds of fiber products from my animals. Will do consignments with a non-refundable deposit. You can view my Rabbits, Alpaca’s and fiber related products at A.J. Alpaca Farm & Fiber Products or Open Herd .com A.J. Alpaca Farm Holly, MI.
I currently have 3 satin’s for sale 6 months old. New breeding’s to follow.
I have an open door policy if you wish to visit my farm and are in the Holly, MI area just give me a shout.
Annette Taylor

Shawna Kenton
Homer, Michigan
Mini Rex, Holland lop, Continental Giants.
Kenton Farm
We raise mini rex, holland lops, and Continental Giants.
We show mini rex and holland lops and breed to the SOP. We do offer pets as well as show and brood stock. We have bred for good temperaments as well as quality. We have alot of well known breeder lines that have helped create the wonderful herd we have today.

Chris Oslund
Houghton, Michigan
English Lop
Copper Country E. Lops
Small rabbitry with kits raised in-home and handled daily. Show quality with pet personalities.
Kits exposed to cats and dogs and family life. Limited number of litters throughout the year, to ensure individual attention. Contact us if you would like to be notified of our next litter. Colors include self and broken blue, cream, chestnut, sable point. ARBA, pedigreed.
Prices typically $85 – $100.

Fred and Kay Murphy
Howell, MI
Flemish Giants, Lionheads
F&K’s Rabbitry
Our main focus is on the Flemish Giant’s but we also raise a few Holland Lop’s and Lionhead’s. We raise blue, black,fawn, light gray, sandy and white in the Flemish Giant’s. Our rabbit’s are shown and do very well. In Holland’s I’m working on the Red’s, tri and harliquin’s. I love the bold color’s but my granddaughter show’s holland’s and has alot of other color’s for sale also. In Lionhead’s we have alot of color’s including blue eyed white’s. I’m working on some tri color in them also. We would love to show you our stock if you are looking to find that special bunny for yourself. Thank-You from Fred and Kay

Laura and Madalyn Lyon
Howell, Michigan
Holland Lops- Pointed White
Himadri Hollands
ARBA registered rabbitry #D550. Himadri Hollands is a small select hobby rabbitry rasing Holland Lops for show and personal enjoyment. Focusing on producing show quality Hollands in Pointed White. We also have Siamese Sable, Sable Point, Ruby-eyed White, and Dilute Shaded breeding stock. We occasionally have show, breeding, and pet quality rabbits available. Our website is updated often and has lots of photos!

Rachel Taylor
Howell, Michigan
Rachel’s Polish Paradise
I have been breeding and showing rabbits for eight years, and I have been a 4H member for just as long. In my heard, I have very nice foundation stock that focuses on width and depth in body. I have about 8 holes, and rapidly growing. I usually have show quality, pedigreed polish for sale.

Bailey Steele
Ida, Michigan
Mini Lop
Hops & Lops Rabbitry
I am located in Ida, MI and I sell pedigreed mini lops. I take quality care of my rabbits and I love spending my time with them! I hope to share that experience with everyone. We all need some bunny! – Hops & Lops Rabbitry

Aaliyah Oliver-Long and Madeline Hopkins
Jackson, Michigan
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Mini Lops & more
Country Champions Rabbitry
We breed Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Holland Lops and Jersey wooly and others coming soon.
517-563-9286 or 517-569-9430

Madi Mahlmeister
Jackson, Michigan
Mahlmeister Rabbits
I have 8 polish rabbits. All purebred. Some come with pedigrees, I lost some of the pedigrees. They are all realated except for a chocolate doe and another blue doe. They were the ones used for breeding. There are five does and three bucks
Chocolate buck (best show quality first place in junior polish show)
Brocken black buck (beautiful Breeder makes wonderful babies)
Chocolate buck (good show quality second place in junior polish show has longer ears)
Black doe ( Breeder)
Blue doe (Breeder)
Chocolate doe (Breeder)
Chocolate doe (Breeder)
Chocolate doe (pet quality) has long ears, was the odd one out of the litter.
$50 dollars each.

Monique Kinney
Kalamazoo, Michigan
French Angora, Silver Fox
Kaninchen Farm
We raise French Angoras and Silver Fox rabbits. All of our rabbits are show quality and pedigreed. We have 20-30 rabbits, and usually have 5 or so for sale at any time. We are an ARBA Registered Rabbitry. You can find us on Facebook or view our website: kaninchenfarm.webs.com/

Rachel Strothers
Kalkaska, MI
Mini Rex, Mini Lop
Nothern Seal Rabbitry
Mini Rex in all 4 otters. Mini Lop in Many different colors!
(231) 715-8104

Jennifer Vadnais
Kimball, MI
Mini Rex
Asinaway’s Rabbitry
Specializing in Red and Black. Planning to be at several shows all around MI.

Charles & Anita Kruschinska
Lake City, Michigan
New Zealand Whites, Tans
Kruschinska Farms Rabbitry
We are a family owned and operated rabbitry and poultry farm in beautiful Northern Michigan. We breed Tan’s and New Zealand White’s for sale as breeders, meat, and for shows. We are currently at 30 holes and growing.

Ginger Freeman
Lakeview, Michigan
Californians and Meat Pens
Catalaya’s Rabbitry
ARBA registered Rabbitry raising Californians for show and broad stock. Offer meat pens as well. Located in Mid Michigan and attend many ARBA sanctioned shows.

Amalia Mattson
LakeOdessa, Michigan
Flemish Giant, Flemish Giants – NZ mixes
Luhtalan Rabbitry

I raise non-pedigreed flemish giant rabbits.

On the side I also raise New Zealand giants which are a breed non-recognized by the ARBA, I developed it myself for meat production so you won’t fund any info about it on google. Best way to describe it is a 15lb New Zealand rabbit.

Lansing, MI
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Flemish Giants
Hip Hop Lopz
We are a small 20 hole Rabbitry in Lansing, MI. I take pride in the quality of my rabbits. I am disabled and raising rabbits is therapeutic for me and is also a GREAT stress reliever. It is a Hobby that I love and Love to share with other interested people. I raise Holland lops Generally but I have a pair of Mini rex, and a pair of Flemish giants. I Love All rabbit breeds but these breeds have really found a place in my heart. I give discounts to 4-H members and FFA members with proof of membership. I love to make new Friends!

Kara and Abby Hopkins
Lapeer, Michigan
Champagne D’Argents and Netherland Dwarfs
SweetHops Rabbitry
We are a family owned rabbitry focusing on raising Champagne D’Argents and Netherland Dwarfs for ARBA shows. We are also involved in 4-H and love helping our fellow youth members of ARBA and 4-H. We travel to ARBA shows in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio and have been very successful in the shows. We love meeting fellow rabbit raisers and fanciers. We breed and raise show quality rabbits and “breed to better the breed”.

Olivia Smith
Lansing, Michigan
Californian, Mini Lop
North Gardens Rabbitry
A very small rabbitry that’s dedicated to producing extremely well socialized rabbits for pets, 4-H, or meat. At North Gardens I make sure my rabbits are happy and healthy and have great quality of life.

Michael Klim
Lennon, Michigan
Rex (standard), Holland Lop
I breed/sell/show quality, pedigreed Rex and Holland Lops.
About my Rex: I have many ARBA Grand Champions in my breeding stock. My foundation pair outproduced themselves with their first litter, with three of the five kits becoming ARBA Grand Champions and the remaining two have several ARBA Legs. Colors I Breed: Black, Broken, Castor, Lilac and Otter (Black and Blue). I regularly show my Rex at ARBA and 4-H shows. I have been breeding Rex for one year. In the NRRC national points I am currently ranked in the top 10 for: Total Points, Quality Points, Avg Points Per Show. And in the top five for: Broken Rex, Castor Rex and Colored Fur. In Michigan points I am first in Rex points, first in Fur Points and in the top ten for Top Ten Breed Points.
About my Holland Lops: Showing my Holland Lops is very limited because I focus on mainly showing Rex, however, my Holland breeding stock have ARBA Grand Champions and well-known lines on their pedigrees. They produce beautiful, show quality babies. Colors I Breed: Black, Broken, Sable Point, Tort and Blue Tort. I have been breeding Holland Lops since spring 2014.
About Me: I am a youth member of ARBA (#KLIMMI00), MSRBA, OSRBA, NRRC, HLRSC, 4-H and FFA. I take my Rabbitry seriously and work hard on gaining knowledge of rabbit husbandry.

Ava Prysazniuk
Lenox, Michigan
Mini Lop
Coon Creek Rabbitry
Here at Coon Creek Rabbitry we breed pedigreed mini lops for show, 4-h, and pet. We strive for the quality not quantity here at out rabbitry. All of our rabbits receive the best care possible and are given fresh food and water daily along with cage cleanings once or twice a week and not to forget love and affection to its fullest. All of all rabbits come with pedigrees and are handled daily from the day of birth. We raise about 4-6 litters a year because of our small size, so this means we only have litters available at certain times of the year, but we do try to keep the litters spred out threw the year if possible. If you are interested in our mini lops check out our site to see if there’s any available or soon to be available in the near future. If interested or have any questions please, please contact us at cooncreekrabbitry@gmail.com

Makanna Schramm
Lenox, Michigan
Californian, Flemish Giant
Schramm’s Rabbitry
We are a Rabbitry focused on working hard towards the best stock that we can achieve.

Steph & Barb Makela
Leslie, Michigan
French Angoras, Lionheads, New Zealand Whites, Californians, Satins, Angora Hybrids
Blossom Acres Rabbitry
Blossom Acres Rabbitry is a small rabbitry located in Leslie, MI. We raise French Angoras, Lionheads, New Zealand Whites, Satins, Californians, & Angora Hybrids. We attend ARBA and 4-H shows throughout mid-Michigan, and have rabbits for sale year-round. We hand-spin yarns from Angora, rare breeds of sheep wool, mohair, etc. Blossom Acres Rabbitry also sells hand-made drop spindles and nesting boxes. Our rabbits are housed in a clean heated and air-conditioned rabbitry and they are handled daily.
please visit www.blossomacresrabbitry.webs.com for more information!

Mindy Martin
Lincoln, Michigan
Rex, Rex, Satin
Raven Tree Rabbitry
We are a very small rabbitry breeding mainly pedigreed Rex (not mini) and pedigreed Satin rabbits. We have black, black otter, castor, white, and occasionally a few other colors. Our satin rabbits are chinchilla, white, black, and blue.

Chelsea Pipkins
Lowell, MI
Mini Lops, French Lops, and Flemish
Chelsea’s Rabbitry
I am a young rabbit breeder who loves rabbits and works hard to have healthy happy rabbits.

Chiara Schmitz
Lowell, Michigan
English Spot, Californian
Sunshine Rabbitry
I am a small scale rabbit breeder who raises black, chocolate, and black Tort English Spots for pet, brood, and show and Californians for meat and pets. My Californians have excellent fur and personalities, as well as great meat quality. My English Spots have good type and fur and great markings. I almost always have rabbits available for pet, brood, and show.

Elizabeth Charles
Luther, Michigan
Californian, Dutch
Alpine Rabbitry
We are focussing in on my two favorite breeds and working to perfect our program. We raise mainly for meat but have been exploring other options. My children want to join 4-H with our rabbits so that is our goal.

Sarah Prohaszka
Macomb county, Michigan
Holland Lops and Lionheads
Blooming Angels Rabbitry
We breed quality Holland lops and lionheads in Michigan. We started breeding lionheads in the winter of 2010, and Holland lops came in the beginning of 2013. We strive for the quality of our rabbits not the quantity. Each of our rabbits, receives exercise and love daily. When emailing us please include your name, state, number or email adress, and what type of animal you were interested in. Thanks! Sarah

Autumn Maneke
Marion, Michigan
Dutch, New Zealand, Californian
Maneke Family Rabbitry
We are just a small family rabbitry. Our stock is not registered or pedigreed. We breed for pleasure, meat and show. All of our stock is well cared for and healthy.

Dawn Robinson
Marcellus, Michigan
New Zealand, Californian, Mini Lop, Holland Lop, Lionhead
Herbal Acres Rabbitry
I raise a small herd of black, blue and a few broken New Zealands, Mini Lops, a few Holland lops, also I am starting show quality Californians. I have beautiful Double Maned Lionheads in many colors including Magpie, Harlequin, BEW, REW and Chocolate. I do keep my VM lines separate. All my rabbits are pedigreed. At this point my Holland Lops are not show quality but i am working torwards that. I sell mostly young stock but occasionally do have breeding stock available.

Charles Pemble
Marquette, Michigan
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites &/or Flemish Giants
Hare Today, Goner Tomorrow
Well I first started thinking about raising rabbits for meat about two years ago for several reasons. 1. Because I believe in locally produced food of all types.
2. The healthy benefit of eating a meat with zero cholesterol. 3. I live within the city and raising other “farm animals” is prohibited. 4. Rabbits are not noisy, smelly, destructive or vicious. 5. They provide excellent manure for my garden.
I haven’t yet even purchased my first rabbit as I have been researching this idea of mine so I will provide the best environment for my rabbits to flourish. I visited a rabbit rancher in West Ishpeming yesterday who was wonderfully eager to share his passion with me. I will soon build 4-5 hutches in my backyard garden area and secure either New Zealand Whites or a cross of NZW with Flemish Giant.

Sahra Voltattorni
Marshall, Michigan
The Voltattorni Family Farm
We are a small Homeschooling family that raises pure bred harlequin rabbits. All of are bunnies are extremely friendly and are great show rabbits. We also sell fresh farm eggs from are flock of thirty chickens.

Randi Decker
Mason, Michigan
Silver Fox
Silver Fox Ranch
I breed Blue and Black color Silver Fox Rabbits. My number one thing right now is improving and promoting the quality of the Silver Fox breed. I plan to expand into different breeds and hopefully will start showing as well. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions and I will answer as so as I can.

Elizabeth Williams
Mattawan, Michigan
Silver Fox
Mystic Fire Homestead
We are a small rabbitry that concentrates on quality over quantity. We raise and show mostly black fox, but do have a few other colors occasionally.
We are located near Kalamazoo, Michigan, and are members of ARBA and NSFRBA.

Susan and Dominic Prezzato
Mayville, Michigan
Tans and Holland Lops
Prezzato’s Rabbitry
We have breeding and showing rabbits for almost thirty years. Starting 4H, we soon moved to ARBA. We have raised English Angoras, Jersey Willies, Holland Lops and Tans. Our family was very successfful with many grandchampoins, BOB, including BOB and BOS at nationals. Today our rabbitry focuses entirely on the tans and Holland Lops. Our tans are well established with over twenty years of breeding. We have show and breeding stock available. Our Hollands are just beginning to be competitive. We cannot offer show stock at this time but do good breeding stock for sale. Many are proven. All have good bloodlines We love to work with people and to promote our breeds

Christine Snow
Mesick, Michigan
Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lops
Windy Hill Rabbitry
Windy Hill Rabbitry is a small, family-run business located in northern Michigan.
We raise pet, brood and show quality Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lop rabbits.

Leanna Schmaltz
Metamora, Michigan
Holland Lops
Makenna’s Holland Lops Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in southern Lapeer county. We are just getting started but we plan on expanding our rabbitry very soon. We raise Holland Lops for 4-H, show, and pets. We have only been showing rabbits for a short time but we fell in love with the Holland Lop breed right away.

Melanie Blues
Midland, MI
Rhinelander, Tan
BlueStar Rabbit Ranch
Youth breeder raising Rhinelanders and Tans.

Lisa Inman
Midland, MI
Harlequins, Mini Rex
Mysticalbunnies Rabbit Rescue
We are a small rabbit rescue we take in all unwanted rabbits or just rabbits no one wants but we do also show and breed for our own personal use we always have rabbits ready for new homes are prices are set so there are no surprises.

Danielle Ciarelli
Milford, Michigan
Holland Lops, English Spots, Champagnes
Danielle’s Darlings
We’re a small, family owned rabbitry concentrating on raising show quality rabbits with very sweet temperaments. We view and treat all our rabbits as pets regardless of quality. They are all pampered and loved by us until they go to their new forever home with you!

Janet Peace
Mt Pleasant, Michigan
French Angora
Freedom Farm
Pedigreed French Angora bunnies for sale!

James Johnson
Muskegon, Michigan
New Zealand Whites
JJ’s Rabbitry
I sell New Zealand whites for meat or breeding
They are all healthy I sell them at 8wks

Lydia Swanson
Muskegon, Michigan
French Angora
Dominion Farm Rabbitry
In West Michigan I raise French Angora rabbits for their wool. They are purebred, gentle tempered rabbits that get frequent handling and grooming. My does never have more that three litters per year, and all the kits have been raised with children since their eyes open at ten days. They make great pets, are easy to care for, and I always have beautiful colors available.

Angie Young
Muskegon, Michigan
New Zealand, Checkered Giant
AA Coco Rabbitry
New Zealand for meat or pet if you want.
Also have Checkered giant male that breeds with the New Zealand.

Amber DeMoss
Newport, Michigan
English Angora, Mini Rex, Lionheads
Monroe County Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Monroe County Michigan. We focus on mini rex, lionheads and English angoras.

Hailee R
Monroe, Michigan
Holland Lop, Lionheads, Lion Lops
Stoney Creek Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry located in southeastern Michigan. We focus on Lionheads, but occasionally have Holland Lops and Lion Lops available. We are devoted to producing quality rabbits.

Darrian Young
Monroe, Michigan
New Zealands, Flemish Giants, Californians and Altex
Youngs Rabbitry
At Youngs Rabbitry we breed for quality not quantity.

Kris and Elissa Knopp
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Mini Rex
Primrose Rabbitry
My daughter started showing rabbits in 4h, and we enjoyed the breed so much, we decided to raise them.
We are members of ARBA, MSRBA, CMMRBC, And NMRA.

Trisha Benjamin
Mulliken, MI
New Zealands, Florida White, Californian, Holland Lops
Benjamin’s Hobby Farm
We breed NZ’s, Florida Whites, & Californians (coming soon) for Show, Fur and Meat! We also are suppliers of Natural Pet food for pets who are fed the BARF (or RAW) diet. We are a hobby farm and take pride in our animals. We also are proud to announce that we donate 50lbs of Rabbit meat to local food banks surrounding us once every 2 months! We also make lots of Cool stuff out of our Rabbit furs and much more! Visit us, It’s a learning experience! 🙂

Nicole Krol
Muskegon, Michigan
Mini Lops, Lionheads
JJ’s Rabbitry
We here at JJ’s Rabbitry love rabbits and many other animals. I have been raising rabbits now for 3 years. Thats when my husband bought me the first one. I have a 8 hole rabbitry and plan on growing larger. For now i have pet quality rabbits only show. I do plan on raising show rabbit in the near future.

Christina Laverty
Newberry, Michigan
Mini Rex, Lionhead, Rhinelanders
Thunder Struck Rabbitry
I started breeding rabbits a few years ago for meat. We had just a few mixed breed rabbits, but like a friend of my told me rabbits aren’t a hobby, they’re an obsession. We needed some rabbits that we wouldn’t use for meat and that were small enough for my kids to handle. We now use the Rhinelanders as our meat breed and have the lion heads and Mini Rex as our pet type. All my rabbits are pedigreed but with 4 small children and living in the U.P. of Michigan I just can’t make it to shows. I would love to show my rabbits and someday I will, but for now we have our rabbits and I love to share my love of them with anyone interested.

Robin Pierson
New Haven, Michigan
Pepper Jack Rabbits
Very small breeder of rex rabbits for show, meat and pets.

Sarah Brandt
Nunica, Michigan
Brandt Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry that breeds for 4-H, show, breed stock, and pet purposes. Our rabbitry consists of 5 breeding stock rabbits and we breed 4 times a year. We have 2 bucks so we can offer breeding pairs, trios, and even quartets if needed. Our breeding schedule includes a breeding to provide young showmanship rabbits for fair and of course good breeding stock rabbits are available throughout the year. Our breeding stock comes from winning bloodlines and all our rabbits are played with and taken to our local Farm Museum for Kids Day to ensure the best temperments for pet, show, or just breeding stock rabbits.
The best way to contact us is to submit a form through our website on the Contact page, this form has spots for all the information we need to help you to the best of our ability and save time asking you questions about what you are looking for.

Suzanne Foster
Ocqueoc, Michigan
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Lionheads
Forever Farms Rabbitry
We are a 100+ rabbitry in Northeast MI. Show in ARBA show all over MI and neighboring states.
We breed Black, Blue, Broken, Tri-Colors and Himi’s in Mini Rex.
My Daughter breed Holland Lops and had her first BOB with her home bred Broken JR buck last fall. SHe had Torts Broken tort and Sable points and Smoked pearls.
Oldest Daughter Breeds Lionheads. HAs many colors , but is focusing on Torts, Blacks , Chinchillas and Squirrels. She has had many BOB. Her last good win was BOV at the Mini Cinvention All Breed Show in Columbus OH, with her Sr. Black Buck.

Alyssa Magiera
Olivet, Michigan
French Angora
Warm Fuzzies Rabbitry
Breeding pedigreed French Angoras in southwest Michigan. Our rabbits are all well socialized and friendly. Bunnies always available in a variety of colors, both common and fancy. We have blacks, chocolates, blues, fawns, chestnuts, brokens, ermine, chinchilla, lilac…pretty much everything but rew right now! Whether you are looking for housepets, show, breeding stock, or wool production, we can help you find the perfect angora for you. Stud service also available to several bucks.

Ethan Hartnett & Heather White
Onondaga, MI
Rhinelanders, English Lops, Holland Lops
Crescent Moon Rabbitry
Crescent Moon Rabbitry is a small rabbitry in MI where the focus is breeding for superior quality, not quantity. Our main breed is Rhinelanders but we’ve recently introduced English Lops into the herd.

Amy Cubera
Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops
Copper Penny Stables and Rabbitry
I raise Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lop rabbits in South Eastern Michigan. I am always striving for breed standard, but often have pet quality rabbits available for families looking for a new family member.

McKenna Lacki
Ortonville, Michigan
Netherland Dwarf, Lionheads
Furball Farm Rabbitry
I raise both Netherland Dwarfs and Lionheads. In Netherland Dwarfs I mainly focus on the Martens, but will get some shadeds and selfs. In lionheads I have both selfs and Torts. I have both show and pet quality rabbits. Prices will vary depending on quality. My rabbits’ carry good lines, such as Bonds, Covert, and Weber. Please give me a call I almost always have something for sale.

Ashley Ganey
Oxford, Michigan
English Lop, American Fuzzy Lop, Flemish Giant, Lionhead, Holland Lop, English Angora
Bratty Bunnies Rabbitry
Show and pet quality English Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, Flemish Giants (main focus on blues), Lionheads (main focus on Chocolates), Holland Lops & English Angoras. We offer a 1 year genetic health guarantee on all pet rabbits and vaccinate all bunnies with BunnyVac before leaving for their new homes. ARBA member breeder.

Mackenzie Mitchell
Oxford, Michigan
Netherland Dwarf, Flemish Giant
Jumpin’ Giants Rabbitry
Jumpin’ Giants Rabbitry is a small hobby breeder of shaded Netherland Dwarf and fawn Flemish Giant rabbits. We breed rabbits for 4H (always offer a 20% discount), show, brood quality, and pet quality. We are located in Oxford, near Lapeer and Lake Orion in Michigan. The breeder is a proud member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

Chris Deshler
Ovid, Michigan
French Angora
Halo Angora Rabbitry
We raise French Angora`s for showing and wool production. Dedicated to breeding for improved wool and body type in agouti, wideband, chinchilla, self and broken varietys. We have harvested plucked wool and bunnies available often. Show and wooler/pet.

Mackenzie Mitchell
Oxford, Michigan
Netherland Dwarf, Flemish Giant
Jumpin’ Giants Rabbitry
A small hobby breeder of shaded Netherland Dwarf and fawn Flemish Giant rabbits. We breed rabbits for 4H (always offer a 20% discount), show, brood quality, and pet quality. We are located in Oxford, near Lapeer and Lake Orion in Michigan. The breeder is a proud member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

Amber DeLong
Owosso, Michigan
Mini Rex, Mini Rex, Jersey Woolly
Hairy Baby Rabbitry
My two children, husband and I are proud breeders of mini rex rabbits focusing on otter and tri varieties.

Shelby Elrod
Owosso , Michigan
Rex, Rex Californians New Zealand’s
Elrod’s homestead
We have broken Rex sables otters lilacs. We also have Californians. And coming soon New Zealand’s . All our rabbits are extreme healthy and well taken care of . We ask 40 per rabbit at 7 weeks old

Denver Hayes
Paris, Michigan
Mini Rex and Dutch
Hayes Farms Rabbitry
Family operated organic farm that also houses a rabbitry cared for by an 11 year old 4-H member. Pedigrees with legs available with all rabbit purchases.

Ron McCartney
PAW PAW, Michigan
Florida White, Mini Rex, Standard Rex, New Zealand
McCartney Rabbitry & Farm
Rabbits give us pets or heart healthy meat, hours of enjoyment watching and playing with them, bunny berries for garden fertilizer and worm food, which gives us worm castings for the garden also. Have a house or garden plant? add your bunny berries (cold fertilizer added directly to soil no composting needed) and watch how it grows, it will just love it! Our rabbits are housed in a secure rabbit barn with adequate ventilation in hanging cages allowing rabbit droppings to be harvested from below.

Larry Hawke
Pentwater, Michigan
Checkered Giants
Hawke’s Happy Rabbitry
My rabbitry consists of 38 pens that average 3’x4′ full of Beautiful Black and Blue Checkered Giants. They are all kept inside in a Pole barn with lighting, water and exhaust fans, windows. My pole barn is 24′ x96′ I am in the process of adding more pens and expanding for more room, to be 24′ x 56 full of Checkered giants.
231-869-7003 or 231-907 0825

Dana Dubay
Pinconning, Michigan
Britannia Petites
Dubay’s Rabbitry
I raise Britannia Petites in all show able varieties and non-show able varieties. Main variety is Sable Marten.

Ciara Wertzbar
Pittsford, Michigan
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
C&J Rabbitry
Check us out on Facebook for more information at C&J Poultry and Rabbitry. Also have cavies available.
Ciara Wertzbar

Kecia Visser
Plainwell, MI
Californian, New Zealand , Mini Rex
Kecia’s Rabbitry
Kecia’s Rabbitry is an 80+ hole rabbitry located in South West Mi. I raise show quality New Zealand Whites, Californians, Mini Lops and Mini Rex. I raise standard Californians, New Zealands in the white variety only, Mini rex in broken and solid black, blue, chocolate, and REW and mini lops mostly in solid and broken black and chinchilla with a couple others occasionally. Kecia’s Rabbitry is an ARBA registered rabbitry and I do attend shows throughout central and southern Michigan and Northern Indiana and Ohio. I almost always have rabbits for sale, but they dont usually stick around for long. I am willing to deliver rabbits to shows I plan on attending. I strive to breed good show quality rabbits. Most of my breeding stock is not bred before being registered. This helps assure the quality of our rabbits.
685 114th Ave Plainwell, Michigan, 49080

Mary Stucko
Portland, Michigan
Jersey Wooly, Polish, Mini Rex
River View Rabbit Ranch Rabbitry
My son Matthew and I raise and breed high quality , fully pedigreed Jersey Wooly, Polish and mini rex rabbits. We are active in the 4-H program. These bunnies are a part of the family and we want to make certain you get the best fit bunny for your family.

Jennifer Beardslee
Reese, Michigan
Polish, Netherland Dwarfs, Flemish Giants
Gordon’s and Beardslee’s
Our main focus is on the Polish. We have well developed lines and our rabbits consistantly do well on the show table. Our original lines come from Drew Bliss and we have worked for 5 years to develop a strong breeding program. We raise blacks, blues, chocolates, and brokens.

Kristi Murray
Richmond, Michigan
Holland Lop
Stringed Beene Farms
Offering show, brood and pet quality Holland Lops bred to the ARBA standard. We also have pet Vienna Marked project

Amy Barr
Riley, Michigan
Holland Lops, Castor & BEW Mini-Rex, Otter Netherland Dwarfs
Tiger Country Holland Lops Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in northern Macomb / southern St. Clair counties, Michigan. We raise Holland Lops for show, 4-H, and pets focusing on quality not quantity. We breed Hollands focusing on type, color, and good disposition. Our litters consist of typey Hollands in oranges, chestnuts, blues, blacks, creams, torts, opals, and otter. We also raise castor and BEW Mini-Rex and Otter Netherland Dwarfs. Each of our rabbits receive love, attention, and exercise daily. We attend many of the shows in Michigan and are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), the Holland Lop Speciality Club (HLSC), the Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Association (MSRBA), National Mini-Rex Rabbit Club (NMRRC), and the American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club (ANDRC).

Norman L Lake
Rock Michigan
Californians, New Zealand, Flemish
Norm’s Maple Ridge Rabbitry
Breeding stock for 4-h, and show plus meat rabbits.

Christina Harrington
Rose City, Michigan
New Zealand – whites, reds, blacks and brokens
Pardes Homestead Rabbitry
Parses Homestead Rabbitry is registered with the ARBA. We focus on the New Zealand breed with the goal to produce great quality rabbits. We breed for show and for meat. Our lines are from in state and from out of state. We can provide unrelated breeding trios as we keep several bucks and more does.

Tammy Ortwein
Sanford , Michigan
DW Maned Lionheads
Avayas Lovable Bunnies
We Raise top quality DM lionhead rabbits. We breed for and raise for 4/h, show quality, breeding and also pets. They are handled on a daily basis and are very loving and affectionate. They never bite. They love being groomed held and your full attention. They’re have nice coats and body formations. We use PayPal as a payment method. Which makes it easy to make a deposit or pay for a rabbit. Thank you

Amanda Feneis
Sears, Michigan
Mini Rex
Amanda’s Dream Rabbitry
Amanda’s Dream Rabbitry is a Small Rabbitry located in Sears, MI. Working on many colors, but mainly Otters. Strive for the best. You can check us out on Facebook Amanda’s Dream Rabbitry. Or my website, Adream2710.webs.com.

Jacob Camden-Niemyjski
Shelby Township, Michigan
English Lop, Califonan min rex cross and lops
Shelby twp. Rabbitry
Shelby twp good prices text at 586 683 9214

Kathy and Chelsea Ball
Shepherd, MI
Mini Rex, Flemish Giants
K/C Rabbitry
We are a small mother/daughter rabbitry in Central Michigan. We got started by my daughter joining 4-H and our love for buns has grown from there.

Javier Luis Webb (Sanchez)
Somerset Center, MI
Silver Fox
Javi’s Hoppers
Slowly expanding rabbitry with a focus on Silver Fox. We do raise a few SF/NZ crosses. We desire to help improve the breed and put meat on the table. Home based business is Bi-lingual and willing to do business in Spanish.

Gail Carlson
S.E. Michigan, Michigan
French Angoras, German Angoras
Moonbeam Angoras Rabbitry
I have a small herd of home raised angora rabbits that provide me with wool for my spinning, weaving and knitting projects. I also enjoy other activities such as showing angoras and volunteering with a local rabbit rescue. I strive for quality – healthy, happy rabbits with good dispositions. If you are interested in an angora for showing, a spinners companion or a pet, please email me for more information about upcoming litters or adoptable rabbits. I am a proud member of ARBA, IAGARB and NARBC.

John Byers
Spring Lake, Michigan
Silver Fox
Byers’ Farm
We are a small rabbitry with a handful of rabbits but we love them all. We raise predominantly Silver Fox and soon Satins. We breed for size, color, and temperament. If you have any questions please call anytime.

Kylie Westendotp
Shelbyville , Michigan
Netherland Dwarf
M&KS Rabbitry
We raise Netherland Dwarf based on the ARBA Standard of Perfection. We pride ourselves on quality vs quantity. Temperament is equally as important as conformation at our rabbitry. Our bunnies are socialized starting at birth and handled by kids and adults multiple times daily to insure proper socialization. All of our hardwork helps prepare your new bunny for the show table. We welcome potential new owners to come meet our bunnies and we will answer any questions you may have.

Patricia Lane
Stanwood, Michigan
Pumpkin’s Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry, located in Stanwood, Michigan, that specializes in raising show quality Californian rabbits. Having a small rabbitry allows us to offer quality over quantity.

Amanda Baumler
Stephenson, Michigan
Mini Satin
M.A.D. Rabbits
Started in 2009, in the northwoods of Upper Peninsula of Michigan we currently own & raise Mini Satins in the varieties of White, Siamese, Black, Silver Marten, and Otter. We occasionally pick up other varities to “play” with, but our strong suit is our whites. We are a family that shows in both Youth and Open and try to accomodate to 4Her’s of all ages. We mainly travel to Wisconsin Shows as we are located 30 minutes north of the Wisconsin/Michigan border thus making every rabbit show a four hour + adventure! We truely love raising rabbits/showing them/and meeting new people. Contact M.A.D. (Malorie, Amanda, Dennis) for info.

Natalie and Gabbi Norris
St. Charles, Michigan
Holland Lop, English Angoras, Standard Rexes
Ring Road/Oddball’s Rabbitry
Hello! My sister and I have a very small rabbitry near Saginaw Michigan that raises Standard Rexes, English angoras and Holland lops. When I say very small I mean 1 breeding trio of Rexes, 1 breed trio of English angoras and 1 breeding trio of Holland lops. We are still starting out and are trying to get some Otter Holland lops, and some Otter Rexes. I was blessed to have found some nice rabbitries and friends to help me start. I hope to here from you soon! All of our stock is pedigree. We are also in 4-H.

Jacob DeJong
St Joseph, Michigan
None of the above, Lionhead New Zealand and crosses between the two
Poodle Creek Rabbits
I breed lionheads new zealands and crosses between the two all kits are heavily socialized and will come home used to loud kids semi-rough handling (lord knows the kids will accidentally drop it once or twice.) and dogs. they are desensitized to many situations so they are a nice sound pet.
follow my breeder page for pictures

Mersaius Peake
Sue. Sainte Marie, Michigan
New Zealand
I would like my rabbit to have long soft ears and a big fluffy tail. I would also like them to be female and 1 year old. I would like this rabbit to be tame.

Jennie Blanton
Taylor, MI
Holland Lops, Lion Heads
Blanton’s Bunny Patch
We are a small Family run Rabbitry. The rabbits we offer are Holland Lops and Lion Heads. Our bunnies are loved and held every day; they are very spoiled- they get fresh fruit each morning, green leafy veggies at lunch time, and carrots at dinner, in addition to pellets, water, and fresh hay at all times. The baby bunnies are held daily from the time they are 1 week old so they are very excepting of human interaction.

Steve Ferguson
Temperaance, Michigan
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites & Californias
S & J Rabbitry
Hello, S & J Rabbitry is a small opperation specializing in quality bloodlines. Terry Grubb & Carpenters bloodline. I breed for show quality as well as meat pen rabbits.
Steve Ferguson

Noah Miller
Three Rivers, Michigan
Silver Fox, Velveteen lop, and possibly Flemish giants upon request.
Millers Rabbitry
Just a small little rabbitry trying to make life easier for the animals. All are pedigreed expcept for the Flemish Giant. All rabbits are of great quality. Silver foxes are the second most endangered rabbit species. Very rare as well. I would like to sell to rabbit breeders to get this breed going again. For silver foxes I do Chocolate, black, and blues. There also may be a few dilutes in the litter you never know. With velveteen lops you might as well say a color and you might get it. With mine being bred by so many different colors to get GOOD quality there are so many different chances. And I do have one blue Flemish giant doe.

Colleen Boyd
Thumb area of Michigan, Michigan
French Angoras
C.B.’s French Angora Bunnies
I have been raising French Angora Rabbits for over 20 years, mainly for show and fiber. My animals are exceptional quality, with excellent body type and density of fiber. I believe in support after the sale, so if you have questions please contact me (or questions before the sale or if you just have questions). The more information you know before you commit to this breed the better you will be able to decide if this is the right breed for you. I am just returning to the show table this fall (2012) after several years away from showing. In the past my rabbits have won ARBA Best of Breed at the National Convention (and many other regular and wool classes) I’m a member of ARBA, NARBC and several other angora clubs and groups.

The Burkes
Traverse City, Michigan
Holland Lop, Rex (Standard)
Onward Acres Rabbitry
Fine quality show & pet quality Holland Lops & Rex rabbits in beautiful northern Michigan. We have lots of colors in Holland Lops and specialize in castor Rex. Shipping available!

Elizabeth Didur
Traverse City, MI
Dharma Buns Rabbitry
Dharma Buns Rabbitry specializes in high quality nationally competitive Tans. While we focus mainly on blacks, chocolates and lilacs do appear in our litters from time to time.

Lovisa Kunkle
Traverse City, Michigan
French Angora, New Zealand
Hazelnut Rabbitry
We raise French Angoras, breeding for good conformation, color, temper, and easy grooming.

Misty Rohrer
Union City, MI
Mini Rex, Lionheads
Evies Tulips Rabbitry
I been raising rabbits for almost 2 years on Feb 2012, I raise Lionheads and Mini Rex’s.

Tracee Willette
Vassar, MI
Netherland Dwarfs
Sunrise Rabbitry
I breed Netherlands . My main color is Blue eyed white. I also have some oranges, otters, and silver martens.

Janet Sturkol
Wakefield, Michigan
New Zealands
Storgard Rabbits
We raise rabbits with love. Have New Zealand crosses right now but am wanting to get a pair of flemish giants or other large breed for meat. Info is always welcome!

Jill Stoehr
Webberville, Michigan
Flemish Giant
Grandma Stoehr’s Family Rabbitry
New Rabbitry for the breeding of Flemish Giants.

Keith Rockwood
Webberville, MI
Polish, Mini Rex
Rising R Ranch
We are a nationally competitive rabbitry. We won the 2009 APRC National Show and won Reserve in Show at the 2010 APRC National show along with two BOVs (Black and Chocolate). We raise all colors including Lilacs…

Joseph Povey
White Cloud, Michigan
Californian, New Zealand, Florida White
Snowy Creek Rabbitry
Primarly breed meat and pets rabbits.

Brian Wilkins
White Lake, Michigan
Silver Fox, New Zealand
Lucid Farms Rabbitry
We have many 4-5 month old New Zealand & Silver Fox meat rabbits available in both does & bucks! None are pedigreed, but are pure genetics. Contact me for specifics on what your looking for. Text or c

Anita & James Connelly
White Pigeon, Michigan
Lionheads, Hollands and Velveteen Lops
Lion and the King Rabbitry
Although I have raised rabbits since early twenties. I have been in and out in recent years due to health. I once had best display in Lionheads back in 2005 as well as numerous wins in show circuit through out Indiana and Michigan. I also held a COD for the breed but had to drop due to illness. My newest conquest, with my husbands assistance of course, is Velveteen Lops. I am thrilled to own these guys and work with them!! By next year we should have several litters under our wings. God willing we will have babies available next year!! Along with a few Lionheads and Hollands!!! : )

Jim and Anita Connelly
White Pigeon, Michigan
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Velveteens
Lion & the King Rabbitry
We raise Holland Lops in Self, Agouti and Otter; Lionheads in REW, Tort, Black, Chestnut and Otter, and Velveteens in Harliquin, Black, Blue, Lilac, Chestnut, Otter all breeds we have broken and solids. Raising quality rabbits since the 1980s!!!
* Velveteens unrecognized breed but Otter not even on list to pass soon
*Lionheads currently passed in REW and Tort only but many colors to follow soon!! Best Display in 2005 and Best of Breed in AOV in 2005 with Otter

Teri Drew
Wyoming, Michigan
Mini Rex Netherland Dwarf, Rhinelander, Thrianta, Mixed
Teri’s Tails Rabbitry
We love all bunnies and want to share the joy they bring with others.
Herd size is 30-40 adults regularly. Baby population varies.
Our babies are handled daily, making them wonderful pets or easy to handle for breeding.
Most of our rabbits are pedigreed or partially pedigreed.

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