Mini Lop Junior Bucks


Seller Name: Jody Rosnik
Location: Fremont County, Colorado
Rabbit Breed(s): Mini Lops, Dutch, Rex, New Zealands, Standard Chinchillas

Found some really pretty, sweet, excellent typed junior bucks as I was looking for some does!
From left to right: Heavy pattern Broken Red, broken black, fawn, black chinchilla, sable.
Ready to get to new homes as show bunnies, 4H, or a great breeder to add to your color genetic projects, OR a non-breeding companion.

2015 special: these bucks are just $75 each with pedigrees until Feb 1, 2015. I will be attending the PRRF show in Henderson, CO on Jan 10 if you’d like to see these boys in person to choose which one you want!
I Also have some show marked Dutch bunnies, White New Zealand Juniors, and Rex available.
email, text or call 719-276-3311

Seller Email:
Seller Phone: (719)276-3311

Mini Lop Rabbits
Mini Lop Junior Bucks