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Elena Aragon
Andover, Minnesota
Holland Lop, English Lops, Angoras.
Chubby Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a small-scale hobby farm with a large garden, a flock of chickens, a few ducks and bunnies! Our Holland Lops are bred under “Chubby Bunnies Rabbitry” for show and/or pets. We also have Angoras and a retired pair of English Lops. I am in ARBA and in 4H and show my Hollands I have been working with for many years at the Anoka County fair and ARBA shows. We are located along the Rum River just north of the Twin Cities in Andover, MN. Our Holland Lop rabbits get regular exercise time, unlimited grass hay, Purina Show pellets, and water, with plenty of attention and toys. All bunnies are housed in wire cages with floor mats. We breed our Holland Lop bunnies for color and show type and interact with them daily so that they make wonderful pets, 4H rabbits, or show bunnies for your family.

Matt Lynch
Andover, Minnesota
Holland Lops
Rabbits Galore Rabbitry
Our Holland lop bunnies are raised in a safe and snug environment. They have a 100 square foot enclosed romping ground for digging in, eating plants, and playing hide and seek with each other. They are tame enough to be handled by any child and some even lick people. They are very silky and can use litter boxes. Our elderly sheep dog loves to nap beside them. We breed rabbits companions for children and families. Our rabbits are at least 8 weeks old, eat both solids and greens, and fully weaned before adoption. Please check our website for updates and adorable photos.

Lydia Perlick
Andover, Minnesota
English Angoras
Warmer than Wool Rabbitry
Warmer than Wool focuses on the breeding and raising of angora rabbits. Our rabbits are excellent fiber providers but are also fantastic companions used to lots of human interaction. We prefer to breed French and English angoras for the best combined traits of each breeds fiber. Our rabbits are raised indoors with litter pans, they do have supervised outside time in large pens to play in the grass and eat the clover. We typically have a few rabbit litters of different ages for people to adopt and each rabbit is a minimum of ten weeks before they receive a new home. Aside from the rabbits we adopt out we have our own herd we are constantly getting fiber from. Warmer than Wool often has both angora fiber and angora yarn for sale as well. We hope you find time to take a look at our fluffy companions!

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Midge Johnson
Aitkin, Minnesota
Nord Lake Rabbitry
New Zealand, Standard Rex, Flemish Giant, Crosses
My breeding program aims to produce a 12 to 14 lb adult, some with Rex fur and some with spots. I prefer does who produce 6 to 8 kits, 5 times a year. My rabbits are housed in extra large cages, on pasture in the summer, and hay in winter, with a grain pellet mix. I have breeding stock, meat,tanned pelts and other rabbit products for sale much of the year. I do have an inspected processer for meat available.

Anna Velichko
ANDOVER, Minnesota
Holland Lop, French Lop, Flemish Giant
Furry And Me
We are a member of ARBA and we breed mostly holland lop but we do offer french lops and flemish giants ones in awhile. We can have some cross breeds as well. By visiting our website you can get more information about us.

Allen Hardesty
Anoka, Minnesota
Flemish giant, Holland Lop
Hardesty Family Rabbitry
Pedigreed flemish giants black,blue,and fawn and holland lops bew,vienna,chinchilla,broken

Pete Williams
Backus, Minnesota
New Zealand
Williams Feirm Bauernhof Farm
Currently we maintain four breading does and two breading bucks. Our current does are 1 white, 1 brown, 1 tan and blue, and 1 black. Our bucks are 1 black and white broken, and 1 tan and blue. We typically will have a new batch of kits from each doe roughly every 10-12 weeks. We do not medicate or vaccinate rabbits. so if they are to be eaten they are ready the moment they reach desired weight. We originally started in order to provide our own meat and pelts, and selling any above what we would be eating. Over the last few years we have been enlarging our operation, and in the spring of 2016 moved to a new location. I can currently provide 3 generations for each new rabbit if requested, however we are not affiliated or registered with any organization.

Lily Klumper
Balaton, Minnesota
Flemish Giant, Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarf, and Mini Lop
Hop Right in Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in southwest Minnesota. We have had rabbits for 6 years and know a lot about our breeds. We are willing to meet up within reason, but we will NOT deliver. We have a variety of colors in our Jersey Woolies and Mini Lops. We have gray flemish giants, blue-eyed white Netherland Dwarfs as well as so viennas that we would be willing to sell as pets. we do not have any juniors at the moment but will be soon.
Please contact me if you have any questions or if you want pictures.

Emery Johannes
Becker, Minnesota
Satin, Champagne D’Argent
At Heartland Rabbitry we been breeding two breeds for 5+ years , Champagne D’Agents and Satins , Satins are our main breed, we have many varieties in Satins Siamese , Red , Copper , Black , Broken Black , Black Tort , Blue , Broken Blue . Our newest varieties are Blue and Broken Blue , we drove many hours for these blues and are very proud of them and are excited to breed them in our rabbitry and bring up the blue satin numbers 🙂

Ann Illies
Bemidji, Minnesota
Polish and Holland Lops
Ann’s Hop-Bit Farm
Raising Polish & Holland Lops. Contact me for what I may have available for sale.

Debbie & Joe Moose
Bemidji, Minnesota
Champagne d’ Argent, Silver Fox (Black)
The Platinum Moose Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in northern Minnesota raising and showing Champagne D’Argent and Silver Fox (Black Variety). Our two favorite Heritage Silver Breeds! We are members of:
The American Rabbit Breeders Association
The Minnesota State Rabbit Breeders Association
The Champagne D’Argent Rabbit Breeders Federation
The National Silver Fox Rabbit Club

Amanda H
Brainerd, Minnesota
New Zealands, French Angora, Flemish Giants, Harlequins
That Pet Lady Rabbitry
I’m a small hobby breeder in the heart of Minnesota. I have New Zealand (red and white), French Angora, Flemish Giant, and Harlequin. I breed mostly for pet and fiber production, but will sell my New Zealands as meat or breeder. Many of my rabbits have been shown at the County Fair and those that didn’t make it in to the 2013 fair will be entered into the 2014 fair. All of our current rabbits that have been shown have placed 1st or 2nd (one got best of breed). I also provide stud services to approved does, fiber for spinning, and rabbit manure for fertilizer.

Sienna Swanberg
Brainerd , Minnesota
French Lop, French Lop
Swanny’s Acres
Large rabbit breed. Good for show, breeding stock, and even meat!

Maria Jensen
Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Dwarf Hotots, Silver Fox, Dutch, Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Holland Lops
Small Town Rabbitry
We are a partnership rabbitry, we have had rabbits for two years now, and show them through FFA. We have pet and show quality rabbits, and are always willing to offer our males as studs. Check out our website for more information!

Amarah Parks
Carlton/Cloquet Area, Minnesota
Netherland Dwarf
Amarah’s Rabbitry
I raise black, broken black, orange, broken orange, and a few others here and there.

Abigail Neilson
Chisago City, Minnesota
Northern Hollow Homestead
Northern Hollow homestead is home to the rare Cinnamon rabbit breed. We have purebred Cinnamon rabbits that can come with pedigrees. There have been great show rabbits down the lines! We sell for show, meat, 4-H and pets. We are hoping to expand to other breeds soon but for now are enjoying this fun breed. Contact us for more information!

Lisa Riley
Clear Lake, Minnesota
Mini Rex
Riley’s Rabbitry
We are a family owned rabbitry with pedigreed Mini Rex, we have rabbits available for 4-H on up to ARBA. Our Rabbitry is Registered through ARBA Registration #D1284. We belong to ARBA, National Mini Rex Rabbit Club, Minnesota State Rabbit Breeders Associaton and Wright County 4-H Rabbit Club. We have the following varieties Black, Blue, Broken and Otter. We offer 4-H discounts to children/youth who belong to 4-H and show their rabbits. We show in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota and can be found at these shows.

Julia A.
Cokato, Minnesota
Dwarf Hotot
Hoppin’ Fun Rabbitry
Striving to produce Quality Dwarf Hotot Rabbits.

Chase Oothoudt
Cold Spring, Minnesota
Backyard Rabbitry
I sell Standard Rex rabbits. I breed my does roughly in the middle of April. Their fur is very soft and they don’t shed much at all so they are a great indoor or outdoor pets. The fur is plush and has a velvety feel to the touch. The baby rabbits should be ready to be weaned by about the end of June. I like to keep them a little bit longer so I can see how they do without their mother.
I’m sell them for $15 each.
If you get 2+ its $10 each.
I butcher my rabbits when they are six months old.
If you want pictures you can contact me at chaseandaustynsurvival@gmail.com

Ashley Roisen
Conger, Minnesota
Roisen Rabbitry
We are a small family operating a rabbitry located in Conger, MN. Our passion started when we wanted to start growing our own GMO free organic food. Then we think about the meat we were eating. By raising our own rabbits for meat we know what is going into them. No steroids, no growth hormones.
Our rabbits are played with daily to make sure they are socialized with children and dogs. We breed for pets & meat.

Emily Housman
Dassel, Minnesota
Dwarf Hotot
Emily’s Hoppin’ Hotots
Raising quality Dwarf Hotot rabbits with excellent temperament. Grand Champion lines. Show, breeding, and pet quality stock available frequently.

Brenda Sharar
Dawson, Minnesota
Brejo’s Rabbitry
We breed for conformation as well as personality. We raise blue, blackand brokens and rew at present and are working on chocolates. Show also and enjoy that as well. We are always available to help in any way and answer any and all questions you may have to best of our ability if we don’t know we will try finding someone who will.

Emma Hanson
Delano, Minnesota
etherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Mini Lop
Em’s Bunnies
We are a small rabbitry located in central Minnesota. We strive for quality. We have produced many Best In Show rabbits as well as great companions. We usually have show and pet bunnies available. Bunnies bred by design. Champions producing Champions. Willing to help beginners.

Stephanie Thompson
Duluth, Minnesota
Flemish Giant, Polish cross
Steph’s critter coral
I have a small rabbitry with flemish giants as my main source of breeding. I also have polish/rex and polish/flemish mix babies that I sell as well. I breed twice a summer so babies are available from June to September. I Socialize the bunnies and they are very friendly. I charge a 20 dollar fee for my mixed bunnies (they are very cute pets) and I sell Flemish giants for meat at 35 bucks but i don’t do the butchering so if you want them Bouchard it’s up to you to do it. If you want a flemish as a pet that is fine too they get anywhere from a size of a cat to a small corgi dog..
All of my rabbits leave here with a ziplock bag of food and some hay which is what the fee pays for so I can keep up on my farm.

Caroline Kramer
Edina, Minnesota
Mini Rex
Hope Rabbitry
We are just starting out as a small family owned rabbitry thanks to the generosity of well-regarded rabbit breeders who trusted us with their best. We are committed to raising beautiful Mini Rex rabbits who can do well at shows and as pets. We are members of the ARBA, and have full pedigrees for each of our rabbits. Our rabbits live indoors and are socialized daily. We are located in South Minneapolis.

Please contact us if you are interested, would like pictures, or have any questions at all!

Sydney D.
Elk River, Minnesota
Holland Lop, Mini Rex
Golden Oaks Rabbitry
We raise Purebred, high quality Holland Lops, and pet and show quality Mini Rex rabbits. All of our rabbits are friendly, social, and are raised with the utmost love and care that we can provide. Our rabbits are Dwarf breeds, so they are great for homes with more limited space. We focus on quality, not quantity; our Lops will be pedigreed, they are brood, show, and pet quality, and you will 100% get what you pay for.. We are expecting a litter of Mini Rexes around August 30th, and a litter of Holland Lops sometime in October. Please check out our website and social media for more information on our herd, and upcoming litters. If you have any questions, feel free to email or DM me!
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/minirex.loplife/

Julia Martin
Faribault, Minnesota
Silver Fox
Raine Burrow Rabbitry
We raise quality organic meat rabbits for human and animal consumption.
We pride ourselves in our meat taste, there is no game flavor or smell to it. The meat is soft and I find a sweeter meat. We feed strictly whole oats and hay to rabbits who will be processed for human consumption. Those for raw feed dog or cat diets are fed oats, pellets and hay until 12 weeks of age.
We are a small operation with 2 breeding does at a time. We do not have large grow out pens. My weights range from 3-5lbs by 12 weeks depending on litter sizes and breeding combos. They reach adult weight by 6 months ranging from 7.5lbs-10lbs.
We also sell kits as pets to approved homes only. Non pedegree

John Aria
Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Flemish Giant
Two J’s
Just getting started Flemish. Looking for whites and blacks

Becky Kertscher
Frazee, MN
New Zealands, Havana, Silver Marten, Himalayan, Thrianta
Broken Branch Rabbitry
Raising: Black Silver Marten, Hotot, Black Himalayan, White New Zealand, Champayne De’Argent. Currently we do not have anything available for sale. Getting ready for Becker County Fair (July). Have four 4-Her’s. Will post upon availablity. Will also put you on my contact list if interested.

Mandie Schmitz
Garrison, Minnesota
New Zealand, Holland Lop
The Country Rabbit Ranch
At The Country Rabbit Ranch, we breed Holland Lops for pets and New Zealands for pets and for food. Our rabbits are bred for large litters, excellent mothers and fast growth. We have all sorts of colors for variety if people want pets but we have NZ whites as well.

Grace Feder
Gibbon, Minnesota
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, and Fuzzy Lop
Feder Farm Rabbitry
At Feder Farm Rabbitry we raise Holland Lop, Mini Rex, and Fuzzy Lop rabbits. Our goal is to breed the best quality rabbits we can with good temperaments. Our rabbits are worked with very day and receive lots of loving care.

Emma Hagen
Glenville, MN
Creme D’Argent
Emma Hagen Rabbitry
Jr and Intermediate Cremes for sale. Creme d’ Argent Juniors and Intermediates (Buck and Does) for sale. Breeding females year round.

Dorie Barnes
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Holland Lop, Polish
HMH Rabbitry
We breed both Holland Lops & Polish. We are ARBA members & our rabbitry name is registered with ARBA. Our prices vary, but we give discounted rates to 4Hers that can give proof of enrollment in their county’s 4H rabbit program.

Chris Meyer
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Harlequin, Californians, New Zealand Whites
MJ Rabbitry
We breed Harlequins for show and pet we offer pedigrees if wanted or needed. We also have show quality Californians as well and offer them as meat or show. Newzelands are mainly meat but have a few show quality buck and does.

Samantha Schmidt
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
French Lops
Milo & Me Rabbitry
Quality, pedigreed French lop rabbits for show and pet. Our bunnies are pets before anything else. All are exposed to litter training as well as noises and kids.

Joshua Anderson
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
None of the above, American Blue White & Black
Praise Pastures
We raise American blue white and black registered meat rabbits We have True grass-forge based All natural Pasture raised Rabbits.

Emma & Lisa Carter
Granite Falls, Minnesota
Holland Lop, Cinnamon
Painted Ridge Rabbitry
Our rabbitry started as daughter Emma’s 4H project. We have continued to grow the rabbitry to now include the rare Cinnamon breed!

Francine Bradley
Grasston, Minnesota
Netherland Dwarf
B&F Hobby Farm & Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry but no less of high quality Netherland Dwarfs, our bloodlines include Woollets, Reynolds, Roth. We rated 63 out of 627 for sweepstakes last year in our showing, so you can see we had won quite a few shows with our little ones. Our main focus is on Himi’s and Siamese Sables, but do have some Smokes and Sable Points that will pop up in our breedings from time to time. So if your looking for these colors and want some high quality bloodlines come check out my web site and say HI.

Matt Lynch
Hartland, Minnesota
Holland Lops & Blue Eyed Netherlands Dwarfs
Rabbits Galore Rabbitry
Our Holland lop bunnies are raised in a safe and snug environment. They have a 100 square foot enclosed romping ground for digging in, eating plants, and playing hide and seek with each other. They are tame enough to be handled by any child and some even lick people. They are very silky and can use litter boxes. Our elderly sheep dog loves to nap beside them. We breed rabbits companions for children and families. Our rabbits are at least 8 weeks old, eat both solids and greens, and fully weaned before adoption. Please check our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RabbitzGalore/) or Website (http://rabbitsgalore.webs.com/) for updates and adorable photos

Dorie Barnes
Hill City, Minnesota
Four Reasons Rabbitry
Showing and raising Tans

Lauren Sorgaard
Hinckley, Minnesota
American, American, Silver Fox, New Zealand, California
Silver Maple Farms
We are a small farm located in East Central Minnesota, halfway between the Twin Cities and Duluth. We specialize in heritage breed preservation with American and Silver Fox rabbits but also raise New Zealand/California cross for meat production. Our heritage lines are carefully bred to maintain breed standard.

Ariana Eichert
Hinckley, Minnesota
Mini Rex, English Angora
Ariana’s Pine Rabbitry
Fledgling rabbitry that breeds high quality Mini Rex from show lines and pedigreed English Angoras.

Melissa M Wacker
Hutchinson, Minnesota
Mini Rex, Dwarf Hotot, Dutch, Holland Lop, Californian
Lov Bunnie’s Rabbitry
We started with all colors of mini rex now we focus primarily on castor and otters, then got into dwarf hotot, added holland lops focus on torts, for meat customers we do californians and for fun and pets we do dutch they currently are the only bunnies without pedigrees. We do attend MN and S.Dakota ARBA shows as well as McLeod County Fair, MN State Fair and sometimes carver or sibley cty fair. We have about 70 holes in our rabbitry most equipment was hand me downs and we are very grateful to those who helped us!

Jenny Yates
Hutchinson, Minnesota
Champagne d’ Argent
REd Barn Farm Rabbitry
We raise pedigreed Champagne d’Argent rabbits for the fair, then sell in the fall as pets or breeding stock They are tattooed and are blue ribbon winners. We go to state every year. Our rabbits are handled from birth and start life in the house. They are litter box trained, used to all sorts of chaos. Please call, I would be happy to answer questions or send pictures.

Crystal Hendrickson
Isanti, Minnesota
Holland Lop, Netherland, Mini Rex ,Lionhead, Jersey Wooly, Flemish Giant
Lops Of Love Rabbitry
This is where the love begins…
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. but the greatest of these is love
1 corinthians 13:13
Welcome to the Lops of Love Rabbitry!!
All our bunnies are hand raised,tame and very lovable.
Start a wonderful journey of love with your new bundle of joy. 🙂
Bunnies are the perfect pet they are extremely lovable, playful and low maintenance. Your bunny will be your best friend. they make a great first pet. Many who are allergic to other animals do not have the problem with bunnies making them the ideal pet for just about everyone.
We will cover what you can and cannot feed to your little friend as well as how to introduce your bunny into their new family. Every new owner leaves with a pamphlet on how to care for your new family member and a birth certificate. We will tell you all you ever need to know when you visit.
We started this with our daughter Katelyn to help her with the money she needs for all of her 4H projects and also to keep all of her show rabbits fed. she loves all of her bunnies and she helps each night take care of them and feed and water them all. she has also helped her grandpa and dad build and paint the new living quarters for them.
Our rabbity is to teach our children responsibilities on caring for animals and helping my daughter with 4H and also a hobby for myself. Any money we receive from animal sales go right back into our Rabbitry. We have numerous expenses including feed, housing, medical care, show fees, transportation, etc.
Members Of The American Rabbit Breeders Association
Rabbitry Number D3962
We are located Isanti MN
Phone: 763-438-0270
We are a CLOSED barn and for our safety and the safety and bio-security of our herd, we do NOT allow visitors. All meetings and sales will be conducted outside in front of the barn or in garage in winter.
I want to Thank you for adopting our bunnies and supporting my daughters 4H bunny project.

Tressa Johnson
Isanti, Minnesota
Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lop
Ohana Farms Rabbitry
My name is Tressa, I have recently begun breeding rabbits. I show and breed Dwarf Hotot, and Holland Lop rabbits. My current herd size is about 5 adult rabbits and 4 juniors which I will be showing this summer at our county fair. I am a member of the ARBA.

Mike Heath
Isle, Minnesota
Flemish Giants
M & M Rabbitry
We breed Flemish Giant rabbits of all colors. Our goal is to produced quality. Flemish rabbits for breeding purposes and also for the table. We try to have rabbits of all ages and colors available for sale.

Nicola Wendt-Creeley
Lake City, Minnesota
Holland Lop
Lops on the Lake
Our herd size stays small but the quality stays high. Our rabbitry is situated on beautiful Lake Pepin, where we raise Holland Lops from grand champion lines. We welcome you to check out our website!

Karlee Fick
Lake City, Minnesota
Holland Lop
Fick Farms Rabbitry
SouthEast Minnesota
Purebred Hollands with pedigrees

Elizabeth Bertram
Lake Park, Minnesota
French Angoras
Water’s Edge Homestead
We have a small rabbitry that we started in April, 2020. We have all pedigreed stock: 2 does and one buck. Our first 2 kindlings happened just this week! (July 28,2020). Our Buck is from Dolly Rock Farms in WI and he comes from an award winning line of rabbits. I raise the rabbits for fiber and to sell. I would love to help out any FFA or 4-H kids as long as they are 15 years or older. Angoras take more care than other breeds; I want our rabbits going to responsible people. I don’t know exactly what all we have with this “double” kindling but I am sure a mix of show quality, woolers and pet quality. I plan on one or two breedings for each doe per year. We do line breeding. Member of Arba, awaiting my registration number.

Chad Boisjolie
Le Sueur, Minnesota
New Zealand, Polish
Le Sueur Rabbits
We raise all varieties of New Zealand rabbits. They are all pedigreed animals. Currently focusing on New Zealand Reds, Broken Reds, Blues and Broken Blues. We breed our blacks and whites regularly too. We are ARBA members who breed for show and meat. We do raise Polish as well for our children to show in 4H. 4H discounts will apply.

Seirra Weber
Litchfield, MN
American Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops, Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarfs
Crow River Ranch Rabbitry
Establishing rabbitry in quality pet and show bunnies. Raising small breeds known for kid friendly size and personality. Will be venturing into show world this summer 2012. I have two small kids who are absenced with bunnies but are too young yet for 4-h. Check back often for available babies and adults…

Naomi Thompson
Lyle, Minnesota
Silver Fox, Gnomish Giant, Rex, Silver Fox
Gnomestead Farms LLC
Gnomestead Farms has been operating since 2015 and has a solid reputation and quality rabbits. We breed for temperament and health. The Gnomish Giants are a breed in creation by our rabbitry and we are 8 years in as of 2022. Our Rex and Silver Fox have taken BOB, BOV, BOSV in many shows for our customers. We have also seen our customers win at state fairs in several states. We can’t guarantee table performance but we strive to work toward the SOP and get the best to our customers. We breed for quick growth for meat and breed for friendliness as pets.

LeAnn Jerzak
Marshall, Minnesota
French Lops, Mini Lops, and Holland Lops
Jerzak Rabbitry
I have great french lops. I have been raising mini lops for a long time but i have decided to change to holland lops. I will still have some mini lops but i will be more focused on my holland and french lops.

Ashley Picotte
Milaca, Minnesota
Polish, Holland Lop, Dutch
Creek Hopper Rabbitry
Creek Hopper Rabbitry is located in Milaca, MN. We breed Polish, Holland Lops, and Dutch rabbits.

Lucille Connolly
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Holland Lop, Lion Head , Netherland Dwarf
Lucy’s Lop’s
HI, my hobby is breeding rabbits in the Twin Cities, and I’m hoping to help you find the perfect pet rabbit for you and your family. Rabbits make great pets for the prepared owner and I have the enthusiasm and knowledge as a rabbit breeder to help make your rabbit purchase as easy and enjoyable as possible. I’m a small rabbitry so I’m able to handle my rabbits daily and really get to know them. This helps me to find the perfect rabbit for your needs. If you are considering a rabbit (or two!) I invite you to visit my web sight !

Grace Terhaar
Minneapolis , Minnesota
Holland Lop
Riverwood Rabbitry
I raise purebred Holland Lops with pet or show qualities! I focus on the self, shaded, and broken varieties. I have a few side projects with agoutis. All my rabbits are lovingly raise! I pride myself in raising friendly, loveable Holland Lops! If your looking for a pet or show rabbit, you’ve come to the right place!

Alex Gawarecki
Minnesota, Minnesota
Champagne d’ Argent
Lucky G’s Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry in Minneota that mainly consists of Champagne’s. I got started with my little brother with Californians, but decided I wanted a rarer breed so when I moved out I picked up some Champagnes and have been raising them ever since. My stock comes from great lines, but with such small space I raise quality, not quantity. I also raise a few nice mini rexs on the side that originally started as a pet project, but when I started winning shows with my first buck I decided to get some nicer rabbits and breed to show.

Mary Arends
New London`, Minnesota
Flemish Giant, English Lop, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Checkered Giant
Lake Hylia Family Rabbitry
We’re a small scale rabbitry located near New London, MN. We raise rabbits for meat, pet, or show.

Kati and Alan Bailey
North Branch, Minnesota
Rex and American Rabbits
Frost Farms Rabbitry
We are a small family farm located 35 minutes north of the Twin Cities in North Branch. We started raising rabbits for my daughter to show in 4H and to supply a healthier meat source for our family. Our rabbits are well cared for and socialized on a daily basis. We breed stock for show, pet and meat and produce litters all year round.

Michelle Ferguson
Oakdale, Minnesota
Mini Lops, Flemish Giants, Satins, Holland Lops, Tri Color, Lion Heads, Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch, Siamese, American Fuzzy Lops, Chinchillas
Bunny Haven Farms Rabbitry
My husband and I love bunnies.! We believe they make wonderful companions. Our farm began with us saving 3 wild babies from being eaten by our dog. After saving those three we started saving bunnies from neglected homes, loss of attention,being sold as meat, or to help out another rabbit friend to make space at their farm. We have a wide variety of bunnies. We have Flemish Giant, Satin, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Tri Color,Lion Head, Netherland Dwarf, Dutch, Siamese, American Fuzzy Lop, and Chinchilla. The main way we have the bunnies organized are in groups that work together (which are mostly all female), individual cages, or one female and one male together. We look for great homes for whatever babies come to be to share the companionship and fulfillment that these bunnies have given to us. We are trying to get our rescue farm off the ground, so currently we are not in any bunny societies. We can provide birth dates, pictures and any other information you need! If you have any inquiries or you’re interested in any babies, send an email!

Shysie Vreeman
Ostrander, Minnesota
Netherland Dwarf
Maoneka’s Netherland Dwarfs
Hello, I am a Netherland Dwarf rabbit breeder located in southern Minnesota. I breed and raise netherland dwarf rabbits for my local 4H club and as a personal hobby.
Find me on facebook @ Maoneka’s Netherland Dwarfs.

Holly Hole
Owatonna, Minnesota
New Zealand, Pure New Zealand, Californian and Cross breeds of each
Owatonna Rabbit Hole
We are a home steading home schooling family located in Owatonna MN with 4 children and many fury friends! Primary use is meat rabbits so we need and cross the new Zealand and Californians we have for the ultimate meat and fur pelt. Please contact us if you have any interest in taking a tour here in southern MN. God Bless- The Hole Family: Robert and Holly.

Ben Daker
Parkers Prairie, Minnesota
Netherland Dwarf
Ben’s Bunnies
Quality rabbits with loud colors and champion bloodlines. Call before 6:00pm. Thank You.

Krista Jenkins
Pillager, Minnesota
Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lop/Palomino Netherland Dwarf Hotot/Lionhead
Mix breed rabbitry
I bought a doe and she turned out pregnant. I loved raising the babies so I decided to get into the rabbitry business…
I mix breed my bunnies of the same size and they always turn out precious.
I will be breeding th following this spring and can take payments of $10 to reserve a bunny after they are born. Total cost will be $20 a bunny papered or $18 without. (Unless I purchase a new papered doe, these will not be full pedigrees)
Netherland dwarf hotot (pedigreed) bred with
Palomino bred with holland lop.
I can send photos via email and text of previous litters of the palomino/holland lop.

Mellissa Milliman
Pine City, Minnesota
Mini Rex and Holland Lop
Ridgeway Rabbitry
We are a smaller Rabbitry .We specialize in mini Rex’s, we also have a Holland Lop for stud service.

Janae Symington
Prior Lake, Minnesota
Holland Lop, White Purebred Holland Lops
Prior Lake PP Rabbitry
Small quality purebred holland lops – white with blue eyes

Sara Aden
Rochester, Minnesota
Flemish Giant, Giant Rabbit
Giant Rabbit
Giant Flemish I want a baby one that I can raise all gray or gray and white

Dallas Creger
Rochester, Minnesota
English Angora
Urban Meadows Farm
Urban Meadows Farm (UMF) is a small rabbitry that specializes in raising and showing English Angoras. We try to get to as many shows as possible but also raise and show chickens and horses. From time to time, UMF offers junior angoras for sale. We selectively pick our breeding bucks and does that closely aling with the standards of perfection. As with any animal and breeding pairings, as much as we strive for quality rabbits, we can not guarantee that all if any of the off spring will be show quality. We can not guarantee the quality of the rabbit and how closely it aligns with the SOP, we encourage buyers to come and physically exam the rabbits before purchasing. Transportation can be arranged via 3rd parties, buyers can come and pick up rabbits or if along routes to and from shows, UMF can possibly assist with transportation.

Owen Paulson
Royalton, Minnesota
New Zealand
Deadwood Rabbitry
Here at dead wood rabbitry we have new zeland blues, blacks, augutii, and whites. We have rabbits avalibale for pers, breeding stock ect. Your rabbit comes with a box and bag of feed. $35

Teretha Henderson
Saint paul, Minnesota
Holland Lop
I would prefer a baby 6-8 weeks so he or she can grow with my family the bunny is for my 8 years olds birthday and she has been asking for a bunny for years so I believe she deserves one now

Quincie Lanari
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Holland Lop
Home Sweet Rabbitry
I have a rabbitry in Saint Paul MN. I focus on breeding quality show rabbits, but also focus on chocolate, harlequin, and heavy VM colors. I strive to produce friendly and kind babies that make good pets, or good additions to others programs.

Hillary Zeppelin
Sauk Rapids, Minnesota
American Fuzzy Lop, Holland Lop
Zeppelin’s A-Z Rabbitry
We are a family owned rabbitry with Holland Lops and American Fuzzy lops.

Kristopher Howell
Ste Annes Manitoba, Minnesota
New Zealand, Rex, Flemish Dwarfs, Lop, Chinchilla, Angora and other hybrids
South Eastern Rabbits
Established 2019 and expanding breeding for meat and pets mostly. Here on 5 acres Sitting around 25-50 rabbits any given time always looking to breed some interesting variety. Contact me for stock exchange options and to register with our rabbit breeding program. 4-H welcome.

Karen McAllister
Sandstone, Minnesota
Rex, Silver Fox, Netherland Dwarf, American
Northwoods Bunny Barn
Small family run hobby farm raising quality rabbits for meat, pet or show. Breeds include Silver Fox in black, blue, chocolate & lilac with occasional white, Rex in chinchilla, tricolor & harlequin, lynx, red, seal, Californian, opal & broken of these colors, Americans in blue, white & black & Dwarf in black otter & himalayan. Please visit us on Facebook for updated information. Soon adding Giant Chinchilla or American Chinchilla later in the spring.

Samantha Bukosky
Silver Creek, Minnesota
Holland Lops and Lionheads
Lops & Lions
Hello, my name is Samantha. I currently have 3 rabbits, Levi is a purebred Holland lop with an amazing heart, Daisy is my female Holland lop with a great personality she is also purebred. Lastly, is Hurley he is my Lionhead with a sassy personality. My co-breeder has a soft hearted purebred Lionhead named Blue. Both of my Holland lops have unique markings, Levi is a dark grey with white, Daisy is Brown with darker brown markings. Hurley is my Lionhead with grey and white fur, he is so handsome. Blue is she is pure white with black feet and black eyeliner around her eyes. I have been breeding Holland lops for about 3 years, and Lionheads about a year. I always make sure that every year they all have their yearly check ups to maintain there health. Before, I let my bunnies go to their forever homes I make sure they are ready and that the new owner is a perfect fit and is left with knowledge of the bunny they are bringing home with them. I love to make sure that the bunny is going to an amazing home like the one they came from.

Alexander Joramo
Sleepy Eye, Minnesota
Mini Rex
Joramo rabbitry
We have 5 mini-rex rabbits for sale. They all are looking for a good home. They’re $20 and can survive some of the harshest conditions. We’re raising them as an supervised agricultural experience for FFA.

Carrie Van Wert
Solway, Minnesota
Silver Fox, Californians, Dwarf Hotot, Flemish Giant, Giant Chinchilla, French Lop, Holland Lop, Havana, Himalayan, Silver Martens, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, Jersey Wooly, Velveteen Lops, Rex, Mini Satin, Satin, and Thrianta.
The Hunny Bunny Hoppery
We are a family run rabbitry. Our focus is producing top notch show prospects that are kept as pampered pets. Our rabbits thrive on a high quality diet, fresh water and plenty of toys and large spacious caging. We occasionally have breeding stock for sale.

Anthony Falk
Springfield, MN
Holland Lops, French Lops, Lionheads
Falks Bunny Rabbits 4U
I raise Holland and French papered rabbits, and I also raise Lionhead rabbits.

Robyn Anderson
Stanchfield, Minnesota
Mini Rex
Rum River Mini Rex
I breed only high quality fully pedigreed mini rexes. I have these colors Ruby-Eyed White, Black Otter, Blue Otter, Broken Black being bred to a Broken Chocolate buck and maybe a broken black buck with 5 legs including a BIS. All of my rabbits have been shown and have done exceptionally well. We try to get as many shows as we can. I have (usually) at least one litter in the rabbitry year-round.

Kristopher Howell
Ste Annes manitoba, Minnesota
New Zealand, Nz rex flemmish dwarfs lop chinchilla angora and other hybrids.
South eastern rabbits
Established 2019 and expanding breeding for meat and pets mostly. Here on 5 acres Sitting around 25-50 rabbits any given time always looking to breed some interesting variety. Contact me for stock exchange options and to register with our rabbit breeding program. 4-H welcome.

Francine Bradley
St.Cloud, Minnesota
Netherland Dwarfs
B&F Hobby Farm & Rabbitry
WE breed for quality show Netherland Dwarfs in these colors, Himi, Siamese Sable, and soon to come Siamese Smoke Pearl.

John Kellner
Stillwater, Minnesota
Silver Fox, New Zealand
John’s Rabbits
Raising Black New Zealand and Black Silver Fox for fun, meat and profit.

Kristopher Howell
Tache Manitiba, Minnesota
Flemish Giant, New strains pure & hybrids A-Z.
PBR Zoo bunnies
Quality purebred and hybrid crosses.
From Flemish Giants down to dwarfs.
Nz Rex French lops chinchilla angora
United livestock association Registry.

Grace Klumper
Tyler, Minnesota
Flemish Giant and Mini Lop
Hop right in rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Minnesota. We breed Blue Flemish Giants mostly but we have Mini Lops. We almost always have rabbits for sale.

Betty Johnson
Wabasso, Minnesota
Holland Lop, Holland lops, Mini Lops, English Lops, Lionhead
Bunnies Etc Rabbitry
Pet bunnies for sale in Mn. I mainly breed Holland lops, Mini Lop, English Lops and Lionhead. I breed bunnies because I find it therapeutic. I love to go to the barn and be with my buns. I will be out for hours, time flys when I am with them. They can change your mood in a sec. They are great pets for kids and adults. You will feel the stress of the day leave your body when you pick up your bun and sit down for a few min. before you start taking care of everybody else. Give yourself 15 min long if you can with your bun let him lick your face or snuggle your neck. Most of my bunnies, bunny, rabbit are pedigreed. Not the lions tho. I do have other .breeds so head to my website I update every day.

Fed and Tei Mahne
Wannaska, Minnesota
Mini Rex, Standard Rex, Dutch, Champagne D’Argent, Argente Brun, and Continental Giants
Justawee Farm
We are in Wannaska, MN. We have show quality rabbits, pet quality rabbits, meat rabbits, and give 4-H discounts. My husband and I are both members of ARBA and MSRBA ( Minnesota State Rabbit Breeders Assc.) We enjoy showing our rabbits and working with our local 4-H club and County Fair.( Three of the 4-H rabbit youth won Grand , Reserve Grand, and overall Grand at our County Fair this year with rabbits from our Justawee Farm!!! How happy that made us!! ) We recently purchased a pair of the newest ARBA approved rabbit breed, the Argente Brun, and look forward to helping this breed get established. We also recently purchased a pair of Continental Giants, a breed from Europe, and tbough this breed is not recognized by ARBA yet, we are helping to get this breed started in the U.S. and teach people about this awesome breed of rabbit!!! We love our rabbits and love introducing others to these awesome animals,!!!

Michele Eichorn
Warba, Minnesota
Holland Lops, Jersey Wooly, French Angora, American Fuzzy Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Serenity Farm Rabbitry
We are one of northern Minnesota’s top breeders of many different types of rabbits- we specialize in smaller breeds, and love finding fellow bunny lovers out there who are looking for that special rabbit to take home! We have a variety of babies for sale year round- all our babies are handled from birth, so when they go to their new homes they are friendly, happy, and usually pretty cuddly!

Claire Juhnke
Willmar, Minnesota
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarf
King’s Court Rabbitry
King’s Court Rabbitry is located in central Minnesota. I raise rabbits for show and personal enjoyment. Netherland Dwarf colors include Solid (rew/black), Tan Pattern, Agouti, Shaded and Himi. Holland Lop colors include solid and broken tort, sable point, and black.

Elicia Spike
Wisnted, Minnesota
Netherland Dwarfs
Elicia Spikes Bunnie House
Im starting out had one litter already and another on the way in a month here. I raise Netherland Dwarfs, my oldest buck is black, my oldest doe is black otter, they do have champ blood lines. THey are kid friendly and have been worked with on posing and checking exams. My oldest daughter is in 4h with one the oldest black buck.

Steph Keranen
Wolf Lake, MN
Silver Marten, Himalayans
Steph’s Rabbitry
Smaller rabbitry with quality rabbits. Multiple 4-h champions as well as breed winners in the ARBA. I focus on breeding quality rabbits, my main focus is chocolate silver martens. Most of my herd has at least one if not multiple show legs, all are pedigreed. Discounts to 4-h and multiple purchases.

Janette Marabella
Wyoming, Minnesota
French Angora, Angora and Holland Lop
Marabella Family Rabbitry
We are a family owned rabbitry. We specialize in Angoras and Holland Lops. Our family lives in a farm house in Wyoming, Minnesota, north of the Twin Cities. Please check our website for details and currently available bunnies.

Timothy Loons
Zimmerman, Minnesota
New Zealand
Loons Family Rabbitry
We are a family owned rabbitry and sell primarily to people looking for pets. We also sell to people looking for meat production animals, with our most popular purchase being a breeding trio.
While we do breed our rabbits mainly for meat purposes and are interested in developing an animal that thrives on pasture; we find that our rabbits are also very suitable as pets.
Please check out our website for more information. Thanks for looking.

Kevin Amundson
Zumbrota, Minnesota
American, American Blue and American White
Highland Knolls Rabbitry
Kevin and Emily Amundson established Highland Knolls as a family venture committed to sustainable agricultural practices and their goal is to provide the highest quality stock. The rabbitry currently maintains and produces American rabbit stock (Blue and White) and we are always looking to increase the viability and health of our meat stock.

Kayla Wedde
Zumbrota, Minnesota
American Fuzzy Lop and Holland Lop
Cherish Willow Rabbitry
Beautiful as pets, winners, and friends. I not only focus on the image, but their personality and sweet traits. Beauty is within too. 🙂
I breed a variety of colors, from solids to brokens, many patterns in between.

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