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Jamye McCoy
Brandon, MS
Mini Lops, Dutch, Mini Rex
Real McCoy Rabbitry
We are a small home-based rabbitry in central Mississippi. We breed and raise show quality rabbits. We have been breeding and raising rabbits since spring of 2011.

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Julie Jackson
Belden, Mississippi
New Zealand, Holland Lops and Lionheads and American
J-N-J Rabbitry Farm
We have have white with red eye New Zealand we want to raise them for meat and we also have pet rabbits as well we are just being.

Sheryl Phillips
Big Point, Mississippi
Flemish Giant, Dutch and Lion Heads
S & L Big Point Rabbitry Farm
We have a 6 acre farm . Raise Flemish Giants, Dutch and Lion Heads. Our rabbits are cooled in summer and heated in winter. We handle and feed grain and hay daily.

Darrell Williams William’s
Boonville , Mississippi
New Zealand and New Zealand California
William’s rabbitry
I’m just getting started back raising them they will be in a enclosed building heat and air

Stephanie Voorhies
Brandon, Mississippi
French Lop, Checkered Giants and Flemish Giant Crosses
Voorhies Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that breeds french lops,checkered giant cross new zealand, flemish giant cross new zealand, and a few other breeds, we raise our rabbits for pets and also meat. All rabbits are very tame and any make great pets!

Cynthia Mason
Byhalia, Mississippi
New Zealands, Standard Rex, Holland Lops, Lionheads, Lion Lops
Hoppin’ Chicken Farms Rabbitry
—Call Cyndi 901-491-0949 or Nathan 901-326-6874— We are located in Desoto County Mississippi between Olive Branch and Byhalia on a small farm where we raise rabbits, boxer dogs, and Coturnix quail. We started with three breeder rabbits and are now up to 17! Although we have learned so much through trial and error and sometimes harsh experiences, we have thoroughly enjoyed the network of people we have met and look forward to meeting and working with more! Please check us out on Facebook at Hoppin’ Chicken Farms. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about a rabbit(s) here at Hoppin’ Chicken Farms, please don’t hesitate to call Cyndi at 901-491-0949 or Nathan at 901-326-6874.

Gene Brockhaus
Carriere, Mississippi
GTM Rabbitry
I have pedigree Californians. Call or email if interested.

Dylan Dickens
Collins, Mississippi
English Spots, New Zealand Whites
D&D Rabbitry
We strive to raise Quality Rabbits are Breeds are English Spot and New Zealand White and hopefully others in the future

DeAnna Prather
Como, Mississippi
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites, Holland Lops, mixed pet rabbits
Dee’s Rabbits
New rabbitry in North MS! Backyard rabbitry dedicated to providing high quality rabbits for pets, shows, and meat. We also provide bunny lovers with information, tips, and advice. Currently raising purebred New Zealand Whites, Holland Lop/New Zealand mixes, and purebred holland lops coming soon! Dee’s Rabbits also takes in homeless or unwanted rabbits, provide a safe secure environment until homes can be found for them. Follow us on Facebook for updates, herd info, and more!

Madison Dean
Decatur, Mississippi
Lionhead Lops and assorted mixed breeds
Maddie Boo’s Rabbitry
Hey, welcome to Maddie Boo’s Rabbitry! Find the best prices on cages and bunnies! Located In Decatur,Ms!

Julie Baker
Ellisville, Mississippi
New Zealands, Californians, Mini Rex’s
Baker Acres Rabbitry
At Baker Acres Rabbitry, our main focus is providing high quality meat rabbits to our clients with prompt service. We started our rabbitry about two years ago with about twenty New Zealands and now we are 250 to 500 strong. We only breed the best quality of rabbits and ensure that all of our breeders are well taken care of. We also provide Californians and Californian Cross/New Zealand for a higher breeding experience. Our Californians are big and beautiful as well as their babies. The mini Rex’s are new to us and we are just getting started in them, but we sure do have some beauties.. Check us out anytime.

Steve & Lee Smith
Foxworth, Mississippi
New Zealand, New Zealand Red, New Zealand Black, New Zealand Broken, American Blue and American Chinchilla
Rare Earth Rabbitry @ Rare Earth Farm
Welcome to Rare Earth Rabbitry….we are located in Foxworth, Mississippi and have New Zealand Red, New Zealand Black, Broken New Zealand’s, American Blue and Anerican Chinchilla all pure bred with pedigree.
We interact with our rabbits on a daily basis and have good healthy rabbits.
Call or text us us at (601) 419-0999 or email us at: RareEarthRabbitry@gmail.com

Anthony Dyess
Gautier, Mississippi
New Zealand, Californian, TAMUK
Hoppy Hill Rabbitry
We sell beautiful New Zealand rabbits the colors we have are white, black, blue, and red. We also have Californian rabbits and the new up-and-coming breed Tamuk which can handle the hot Mississippi heat. Please feel free to message me for more information. Thank you!

Jessica King
Greenville, Mississippi
American Chinchilla
Jessica King
White and Browm

Jason Epps
Gulfport, Mississippi
New Zealands, Mini Rex’s, California Cross, Polish Cross
The Bunny Barn
We are a small rabbitry, but we take extreamly good care of our rabbits. We are just starting breeding and also we sell coustomized rabbit houses. We started with just one doe that we were told was a buck and grew from there. We now have 3 main bucks for the New Zealand breed. We have 1 buck for the Mini Rex breed. We also will breed others does with our bucks. Our rabbits range in color from white to black. We have a chincilua buck, a black buck, and a pepered black and silver buck. Our females are Black Broken, Red Broken, White, and Sanjuan.

Riley Hoff
Gulfport, Mississippi
None of the above, Californians, new zealands, tamuk, lionhead, harliquin lops.
Hop-eration center
We sell lots of breeds and we breed year round. We most likely have lots of rabbits on hand so feel free to contact me!

James Davis
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Mini Rex
JD Bunny Rabbitry
I have broken and solid mini rabbits and babies from tris broken reds and castors blues and etc…

Tonya Stevens
Hattiesburg, MS
New Zealands, Holland Lops, French Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs
Angel Wings Rabbitry
My rabbits are well taken care of an loved….the best thing in the world is seeing a smile on a child’s face when they get their new bunny. I sell pets as well as meat rabbits.

Kermit Loupe
Hurly, Mississippi
American Chinchilla
KL Rabbitry
Searching for a quality breeding pair. Wanting to begin my rabbit colony. Starting small but have plenty of space to expand

Rachel Hortman
Jackson, MS
French Angora
La Bella Bunny
Designer Pet Bunnies & Charming Bunny Parties

Evan Daniel
Lucedale, Mississippi
Jersey Wooly
Evan’s Quality Critters
I am a primarily a rabbitry that breeds Quality Jersey Woolies. A dwarf breed with a beautiful, easy care wool coat. I am a member of ARBA and NJWRC. I breed according to the ARBA standard with the aim to produce consistent show quality stock. I breed for Show and Brood but will also sell for pets from time to time. On the side I breed hand raised dwarf hamsters and Angora and Texel fancy mice.
Please text my number (no unknown callers will be answered) or message my Facebook page @Evan’s Quality Critters.

Stephanie Parker
Lucedale, Mississippi
Velveteen Lops
Stellar Rose Rabbitry
I am registered with ARBA. I raise silver fox, velveteen lops, Rex, and occasionally have some project crosses. I may get into English lops later. My rabbits are all pedigreed except the projects and pet quality of course. I raise for show, pets, and meat. You can visit my rabbitry via Facebook.

Pamela Heathcock
Lucedale, Mississippi
Holland Lop, Californian, New Zealand, Standard Rex, English Lop mixes
Sandy Ridge Rabbits
We breed rabbits in Lucedale, MS our Facebook page is :
We do sell rabbits for pets, meat and breeding pairs.
We have Pedigreed blue eyed Holland lops, English Lop mixes, Standard Rex, White New Zealand, Californian and mixes of the 3 meat rabbits.
Message me on Facebook.

Nancy Peyton
Lucedale, Mississippi
Flemish Giant, Rex, Rex/Flemish Cross
Blessed Acres Homestead & Rabbitry
We are a Homestead located in South Mississippi. We raise Flemish Giants, Rex and Rex/Flemish Cross.

Destiny Mann
Lumberton, Mississippi
None of the above, TAMUK Composites
Wonderland Farm
We breed Texas A&M (TAMUK) Composite rabbits.

James & Cheyenne Roberts
Mantachie, Mississippi
New Zealands, Rex
Roberts Rabbits
We are located in Mississippi and have many different colors and kinds of rabbits.

Bill Regan
McComb, Mississippi
Californian, checker giant/new zealand white
Wayward Farm
Small clean farm based rabbitry. Raising checker giants/new zealands for pets and meat. Have been raising rabbits for 20 years. Currently only have 5 does and 1 buck. Located in McComb, MS.

Jeff Warner
McComb, Mississippi
New Zealand, Californian & cross of both
Lazy W Rabbitry
I raise New Zealand whites , California , California /New Zealand cross.. We have bunnies for pets and for meat. We are a small rabbitry located in McComb MS.

Chuck Mauer
MC Henry, MS
New Zealand
Chuck’s Rabbits
New rabbitry starting in New Zealands.

Mac Metcalfe
Natchez, Mississippi
new zealand white
Metcalfe rRabbits
We are a small rabbitry with 2 bucks and 6 does. We have new zealand white for sale for meat and pets our rabbits are big and healthy.
Thanks Mac Metcalfe.

David Bond
Necaise, Mississippi
Mini Rex
Ashlake Mini Rec Bunnies
We raise mini rex bunnies in Necaise, MS
We are working on pedigreeing our herd.
So far we have a beautiful Blk/Orang Broken Tri doe, Magpie Harlequin Doe, Buck white with a hint of charley tort orange, Castor/harlequin doe, and a Castor doe.

Ginny Brown
Nettleton, Mississippi
Netherland Dwarf and lionhead
Baile Donn Farms
I raise Netherland dwarf and lionhead rabbits for pets or breeding 🙂

Steavan Ball
New Albany, Mississippi
New Zealands
Salvation Rabbitry, LLC
We are a small family owned rabbitry that raise quality New Zealands, we raise our rabbits for pet, meat, and breeding. If you are in the market for a replacement doe/buck or maybe get a starter pack, or looking for rabbits for meat give us a try

Patricia Watson
Oloh/Sumrall, Mississippi, Mississippi
Rex and New Zealands
Watson Rabbitry
Hello! Watson Family Farms is a small farm that focuses on self sustainability and home grown food. We grow rabbits for fur and meat. We raise great quality Rex rabbits and have recently added New Zealand whites to our farm.

H W Slater
Pascagoula, Mississippi
Silver Fox and Flemish Giants
Green Fields Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry where I raise Silver Foxes and Flemish Giants, most are raised in cages and some of the does are raised in small pastures so they can burrow in the ground to create their own dens underground to raise their kits more naturally. They are fed a diet of fresh wheat grass( that I grow in the house in seed trays), pellets with no corn(GMO), alfalfa hay, and orchard grass, as well as assorted carrots and greens. I also provide the kits with a grow out pasture on the ground once they reach 6 weeks old, so they can enjoy running and a more natural environment. The adults are able to enjoy their freedom at least three times a week for about four to 6 hours ( depending on seasons ) each time in their own day pastures.

Katlynn & Steven Flowers
Purvis, Mississippi
Holland Lop
Briar Creek Lops
Small backyard rabbitry that breeds and raises Holland Lops with Pedigrees. Are rabbits are handled daily and also make great pets. Check with us to see what we have available.

Michaela Johnston
Purvis, Mississippi
None of the above, Velveteen Lop, Mini Plush Lop
Lone Magnolia Acres
Self, shaded and broken Pedigreed Velveteen Lops

Ford Eastin
Picayune, MS
New Zealand White, Californian
Eastin Rabbitry
I raise New Zealand Whites and Californians for show and meat.

Kara Bellow
Poplarville, Mississippi
Holland Lop and Fuzzy Lop
Hollow Lops
I raise beautiful pedigree Hollands and fuzzy lops of many colors. They are raised with our family so they come pre socialized and super friendly. Our main goal is to produce beautiful healthy friendly rabbits that could be shown or just be a great pet bunny.

Linda Pennington
Purvis, Mississippi
Holland Lops and Lionheads
Penn’s Rabbitry
I’m a small rabbitry, having around 45 holes. I raise some of the holland lops in different colors, that you don’t see as often. I have chocolate, broken chocolate, Siamese sable, sable points, bew, tortoise, blue, opal, and lilac. I try to keep babies year around! I just got started with Lionheads and will try to have all the colors in them as well! I’m a member of the ARBA memb. No. PennL100 and HLRSC. I’m located just below Hattiesburg, Mississippi, I’m in a small town called Purvis, Ms. Your welcome to come out and see what I have! You can reach me at my email address: pennington195556@gmail.com or call me at 228/990-1088

Joe Street
Ripley, Mississippi
Paw Paw’s Rabbitry
Just starting up. Would like also to add one of the faint breeds.
662 587 4007

Seprina Shepherd
Runnelstown, Mississippi
Netherland Dwarf, English Spots
Shepherd’s Bunny Hutch
We are a small family owned ARBA registered rabbitry. Our daughter has shown many of our fur babies and has placed in several categories in shows such as ARBA sanctioned shows as well as just recently in her first 4H Rabbit Show (she won overall!). The Netherland Dwarfs are our main breed and we are specializing in the Lilac, Himi, and Otter varieties. Our English Spots are Lilac and Chocolate varieties. We can be reached at 601-584-6407 or on Facebook facebook.com/ShepherdsBunnyHutch

Quinnie Conway
Runnelstown, Mississippi
Mini Rex, Dutch, English Spot, New Zealand/Californian hybrids
Conway Rabbitry
We are currently building our breeding stock but will occasionally have Mini Rex kits available. We will be offering mini rex, dutch, new zealand/californian hybrid meat rabbits, and english spot. Our goal is to raise and produce good quality meat/pet rabbits, and also rabbits that will do well on the show table. Feel free to contact for a list of available bunnies! 601.520.9753 or jqconway@gmail.com -Mini Rex kits available-

Joseph Smith
Saucier, Mississippi
Silver Fox, Mixed Meat Rabbits (California, New Zealand mix)
Smith Homestead
Are rabbits are not kept caged. They are in communal structures that provide a more realistic natural environment. Our breeding program, while regulated, provides for a more open area, for the breeding pairs, allowing for a more natural mating process. We use this form of rabbitry for our silver fox’s as well as our mix’s. All of our rabbits are considered meat rabbits, with the silver fox’s being bred for meat, show, and fur.

Joshua Mayo
Saucier, Mississippi
Silver Fox, New Zealand, lionhead, New Holland lops, rex
Furry Feet Rabbitry
Breeding for blue and lilac coloring, just starting out in 2021 with our first 2 litters born from separate bucks and does with blue in their lines.

Shella Kitchens
Seminary , Mississippi
None of the above, Texas A&M Tamku
R&R rabbitry
Small but working on building.
my dad started this and he has went off to work so I am taking over it and I would like to increase in size but it takes time. We have Texas A&M tamkus (white with pink eyes) the average grow outs weight is anywhere from 4-6 pounds (at 3 months old). If you have any questions please feel free to call or text I do not answer phone calls I don’t know so leave a voicemail and I’ll call you right back ASAP! Thanks!!

Vanessa Kemp
Summit, Mississippi
Holland Lops and Florida Cottontails
Sally’s Rabbitry
Well, hello there! Sally’s Rabbitry is a fairly new rabbitry mainly working with pedigreed Holland lops for show, breeding, and pets. We are members of ARBA. We also work with Florida Cottontails for meat and for supplying our Rabbit Beagle friends with young rabbits to stock beagle puppy training pens. My husband and I have fallen in love with rabbits and their quirky personalities. If we can help you in any way you may contact us at sallysrabbitry@gmail.com. Drop us a line and we will try our best to check our messages regularly.

Jacob Stroud
Sumrall, Mississippi
Dutch, New Zealand
Tick Creek Rabbitry
Tick Creek Rabbitry is a small ARBA registered rabbitry (D6998). We are currently focused on breeding showable Black and Tort Dutch, meaty New Zealand, and colorful New Zealand mix. We chose the name of the creek that borders and transects our property as our rabbitry name. If you would like to inquire about our available rabbits you can call, text email, or find us on Facebook.

Mary Callihan
Tishomingo, Mississippi
Mini Lops, Dutch, Lion Heads, New Zealands, Mini Rex, San Juan, Florida Cottontail, and Flemish Giants
Honey Bunny Rabbits
When I started raising rabbits it was for my son who is autistic in the hopes that it would interest him. But I soon found out that it was me that it intrigued and it took off from there. The love I have for my babies is like a calming to me. As of right now I have approximately 23 rabbits but I am always looking out for more lol. Lord knows where this adventure will take me.

Lisa Douglas
Tylertown , Mississippi
New Zealand Whites , Californians
My husband and I raise New Zealand whites , California , California /New Zealand cross. We have a few mixed breeds also. We have bunnies for pets and for meat. We are a small rabbitry located in Tylertown MS.
601-876-8998 or601-876-7778

Michelle Evans
Tylertown, Mississippi
French Lops, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, New Zealand Whites & Reds, Californians
Lucky Charm Farm Rabbitry
We raise and breed quality meat and pet rabbits. We have recently expanded from New Zealands and Californians to Holland Lops, French Lops, and Mini Rex. We raise Show Quality, Pedigreed French Lops (Clark Valentino/ Eden/Loupe/Marko lines) Excellent for 4-H, State Shows and pets. Our Mini Rex are Show and Pet Quality. Castor in Color (Casablanca/Kraemer lines). Vist our website: luckycharmfarm7.weebly.com or call (601) 814-0748 to schedule a visit to our rabbitry. Add us on facebook at facebook.com/luckycharmfarm7.

Ramona Smith
VanCleave, Mississippi
Dwarf Hotot, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand, Mini Rex
Itty Bitty’s
Privately owned and operated, we are located on a small 2 acre farm site in south Mississippi. Our rabbits are housed in a clean, sheltered, climate controlled environment. We breed year round, so there is always a bunny either available now or will be soon.
We have Pedigree Netherland Dwarf’s and Dwarf Hotot available.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Mark & Kristi Hill/Ashcraft
Vancleave, Mississippi
New Zealand, Californian
Red Creek Rabbitry
We breed and sell New Zealand whites and Californian Rabbits for meat, breeding and pets.

Jerry Archie
Vicksburg, MS
LionHeads, Flemish Giants, Velveteen Lops
The Pesky Rabbit
Hello, we’ve been breeding for atleast a year but, we’ve had rabbits in the past.
We will not ship our rabbits, but if you live close to Mississippi we will plan a met-up somewhere in the middle. Feel free to email/call us if you have any questions about our rabbitry or taking care of your own rabbit, we’d love to help.
4575 Haleys Point Rd. Vicksburg, MS, 39183

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