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Cheyanne Shipman
Advance, Missouri
French Angora, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Harlequins, Flemish Giants, Lionheads & Californians
Chet’s Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry located in a small town in Missouri, about 45 minutes from Cape Girardeau. We love our rabbits and make sure they’re in great health when they’re ready to go. Unfortunately, we don’t do pedigrees, but I have the parents on site, or I could send pictures of the parents. At most, we charge $20 for a bunny, no more than that unless it’s a bred female. Have a very blessed day!

Connie Markham
Annapolis, Missouri
Black River Rabbitry
Here at Black River Rabbitry we raise quality pedigree Californian rabbits.
email and phone to remain the same

Jade McElyea
Auxvasse, Missouri
New Zealand, Mini Rex, Silver Fox, Black Silver Martin
CG Rabbitry
Pet, Breed, Sell, Butcher
For Human Consumption or Pet Treat
*Mini Rex
-Solid, broken, tri, booted tri, black silver marten, harliequin, chinchilla
-Sell @ 4 wks old=$15
-Sell @ 6 wks and up= $15/buck $20/doe
*Red New Zealand, Black Silver Martin, Agouti, Silver Fox
-Sell @ 4 wks old=$12.
-Sell @ 6 wks & up= $15/buck $20/doe
-Butcher @ 12-16 wks old
-Average weight 3-4lbs
-Boiled & Chopped=$1/1oz.
-Dehydrated=$8- 4″/6″ bag

K House
Arcadia, Missouri
Lop mix, Mini Rex, Lop/Mini Rex mix
Mystic Artemis Rabbitry
We are a small hobby rabbitry, located in Arcadia/Farmington area of Missouri. We mostly have rabbits for pets, FFA, and 4-H. Visit our website to see if we have any rabbits for sale or any in the nest boxes.

Amy Balassone
Ava, Missouri
Mini Lop, Jersey Wool and Nee Zealand Whites
Treasured Acres Farm Rabbitry
We are a small family farm located in Sounthern Missouri that focuses on raising high quality pet and showable rabbits. Find us of Facebook @TreasuredAcresFarmRabbitry
We are proud supporters of the 4-H and FFA.

Jaiden Landolfi
Ava, Missouri
Holland Lop
Freedom Rabbitry
Breeding Holland lops for the past 3 years, specialize in blues, torts, blue torts, and black torts.

Connie Kottwitz
Belle, MO
Mini Lops, Mini Rex
Rafter K Rabbits
We are a small Rabbitry with Frosted Pearl Mini Lops and Sable Point Mini Rex.

Bailey Hamm
Belton, Missouri
Jersey Wooly
Binky Bunnies Rabbitry
We breed rabbits for show quailty and will likely have some for sale off and on. On Facebook we constantly post as much as possible. When using our phone number, please text but if needing to call please leave a message otherwise I will not get back to you. Thank you for looking.

Virginia Austin
Bolivar, Missouri
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, and Netherland Dwarfs
Windy Ridge Rabbitry
A small rabbitry located in Missouri focusing on raising quailty show rabbits. Colors we raise Hollands Tort and broken tort. Mini rex chocolate, broken, tort, REW and working on chins. Netherlands himis and Shaded.

Galleon & Julie Brinton
Bolivar, Missouri
Californians, New Zealands and Cali/NZ mix
Brinton Farms Rabbitry
We currently raise breeding stock for meat production Our crosses average 2# 4 week weaning weights and reach 5# by 8 weeks. We raise and sell breeding stock for meat production.

Carla Carter
Bolivar, Missouri
Californian, Commercial, Texas A&M (Tamuks)
Carter Farms Rabbitry
We specialize in commercial meat breeds. These lines can be used for commercial operations or for hobby operations who are interested in containing costs while raising rabbits.
Our rabbits can reach 5 pounds in 8 weeks if you follow our simple guidelines. We also have an average litter size of 10 kits. Heat tolerant rabbits mean that we can breed year around.
Contact us today to learn more about these breeds or check out our website for lots of free information on raising rabbits for commercial operations.

Eva Seals
Bourbon, Missouri
Holland Lop, English spots
Eriphos Farm/Seals’ Rabbitry
I have raised Holland Lops since 1990 and rabbits since 1985. Rabbits are bred to standard of perfection. No Vienna, VM, or VC in my herd.

Nancy Bulen
Bucklin, Missouri
Mini Rex, Lion head, Holland lop
Briar Patch Rabbitry
This is my hobby. I have a few of each breed and will have litters four or five times a year. I am located in north central Missouri along highway 36.

David James
Buffalo, Missouri
New Zealand Whites, Reds , Dutch
MDK Rabbitry
Hello, welcome to MDK Rabbitry! We currently have 7 working does (3 more coming) and 3 bucks from both pedigree and non-pedigree lines. We have mostly New Zealand Whites but have recently purchased a trio of pedigree New Zealand Reds that look very promising. We also have one Black Broken NZ doe and a Black Dutch doe (both non-pedigree).
This is a home based rabbitry were we focus on “Quality at an Affordable Price”. We raise top notch rabbits for Pet / Show / Meat purposes.

Jennifer Todd
BUNCETON, Missouri
Mini Rex, English Lop, Tan and Dwarf.
The Nerd’s Herd
I breed Mini Rex in Chinchilla and Tri Color. I am very close to where I want to be with my Chinchillas, and I’m getting closer with the Tris. My English Lops are currently a work in progress, but my end goal is Tri English Lops. I’m just starting in Tans and will be mainly breeding for dilute (including chocolate and lilac.) I am breeding a small number of Netherland Dwarfs to help get some color numbers up at convention. I’m mostly breeding for squirrels. My meat mixes are bred to produce as many colors as possible, and are differant sizes.
Show quality is my end goal with all my breeds. I really only sell brood and show quality rabbits, at this point, and rarely sell pets. I typically use all the meat from my meat rabbits, but I do have pelts and feet I can sell.

April Brannan
Bunceton, Missouri
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch, and English Lops
Amerose Rabbitry (Formerly April’s Rabbitry)
Located in Central Missouri, we are a small family rabbitry raising Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch and English Lops.

Sharon & Deb
Cabool, Missouri
Flemish Giants, Checkered Giants
Loose Cannon Rabbit Ranch
We are a small rabbitry right now. We have two bred Flemish Giant does at this point and are adding three pedigreed Flemish Giants in a couple of months. Be sure to check back.

Rubi Bolinger
California, Missouri
Dutch and Holland Lops
Double B Rabbitry
Hello, we are a small Rabbitry located in Central Missouri. We raise show quality, pedigreed Dutch and Holland Lop rabbits, email me if you are interested in adding a new rabbit to your Rabbitry!

Halie Swillum
California, Missouri
Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarfs
Halie’s Hollands
We raise holland lops in tort and broken tort. Occasionally we play with some different colors. We raise Netherland dwarfs in otter, black, and chestnut.

Amanda Blanchard
Cameron, Missouri
Giant Angora
Blanchard Family Farms
Pure Bred Giant Angora rabbits, 4 to 5 generational pedigreed.

Rebecca Miller
Cardwell, MO
Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, Dwarf Hotots, Mini Rex, Dutch & Jersey Woolys
3R Rabbitry
Breeding for Quality not quantity since 2008
Proud Member of the ARBA & the ANDRC!
Now Offering Pedigreed Rabbits in Dutch, Lionhead, Dwarf Hotot and Netherland Dwarfs! Also have Jersey woolys and Mini Rex available.
Registered rabbitry # D307 Since 12/22/2010!

Rachael Shaw
Carterville, Missouri
English Angora
Always Angoras
We are a small English angora rabbitry located between Carthage and Joplin, Missouri. Check out our Facebook page for more information

Bob Hartless
Carthage, Missouri
New Zealand, New Zealand White, Californian
Hartless Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that focuses on quality show and meat pen rabbits. I inherited the rabbits when my daughter got to old for 4-H where she did very well in breed shows and meat pen shows. I enjoy helping provide breeding stock and meat pens to the kids or anyone that I can help get better.

Laci McGinnis
Carthage, Missouri
Mini Rex
Bunny Up Rabbitry
Small home rabbitry specializing in show quality Missouri Mini Rex Rabbits.

The Frey Family
Catawissa, Missouri
Mini Rex, Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lop, Californians
Black Bird and Bunny
Family owned rabbitry with about 70 holes. Like many others we started our rabbitry around a 4-H project and it grew from there. We presently show in local fairs and ARBA shows in the Midwest mainly Mini Rexes and Dwarf Hotots but are starting to breed a few Fuzzy and Holland lops. Mom loves the Velveteen and Plush lops and wants to add them to the Herd in the near future.

Jordan Elrad
Cedar Hill, Missouri
Satin Angora, German Angora, English Angora, French Angora
Fluffington Farms
Fluffington Farms raises High quality Angora Rabbits for Fiber and Show. Our Rabbits are known for their wonderful temperaments, awesome mothering skills, and the judges seem to like them too!

Bekka ODell
Chilhowee, Missouri
Mini Rex
TerraCotta Reds
Specializing in nationally competitive Red & Chin Mini Rex
Longtime member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association
& the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club
2013 MiniRex Nationals BOSV Red & BOSV Chin
2013 MiniRex National 2nd Red Variety Sweepstakes points

Amanda Griffin
Clark, Missouri
Silver Fox
Gryphon Farms
We are a breeder of purebred, pedigreed Silver Fox rabbits in Central, MO. We have both show and brood stock available several times throughout the year. We have worked hard to bring quality stock into our breeding program from across the US and are proud of our rabbits and pedigrees. Check out our website to learn more about us.

Kerri Cornine
Columbia area, Missouri
French Angora
Little Horse Acres Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that focuses on improving the quality of the breed. We raise french angoras because they are friendly, make good pets, for harvesting their wool and also benefits from the manure for our gardens. We currently have 2 breeding age does (one from show lines) and one buck. We raised our first litter of kits and are looking forward to more in the future.

Everett Hayes
Columbia, Missouri
Mini Satin
Soft brown on light brown with white feet and ears fluffy prefer hang over front but I settle for the side ear hang.

Miriam Paneck
Columbia, Missouri
Mini Rex
Red Rock Rabbitry
I breed and sell pure-bred Mini Rex rabbits. I have a small herd of 4 does and 2 bucks. Their offspring will make great pets or 4H projects, and some are show quality. I do offer pedigrees if desired. Please contact me today!

Jency Gates
Columbia, Missouri
Holland Lop, Holland Lops

Gary and Kathy Ahern
Delta, Missouri
Ahern Rabbitry
We breed and sell many varietys of rabbits. We sell for pets and as breeding stock. We enjoy raising and selling rabbits. Would also be willing to trade if you had something that interested us.

Melinda McClain
Doniphan, Missouri
French Lops
Justamere Rabbitry
We are just a small rabbitry and only breed occasionally. Check with us to see when our next litter is planned.

Debra Cardin
Dora, Missouri
New Zealand
Ozarks New Zealand Rabbitry
We are located on the Edge of the Mark Twain Forest in Douglas County in Southern Missouri
We sell New Zealand Whites, Reds,Blacks and Brokens for meat, show,pet and Therapy Rabbits. Quality is very important to us . All of our rabbits are handled daily making them very comfortable and friendly.Recognized colors: Black, Broken, Red, White

Jessica Miner
Dora, Missouri
New Zealand and New Zealand/Lionhead
Ozarks Mollys Rabbitry
We sell New Zealand Whites for meat, show,pets and Therapy Rabbits. Quality is very important to us . All of our rabbits are handled daily making them very comfortable and friendly.
Recognized colors: Black, Broken, Red, White
Size: 9-12 pounds
National Specialty Club:
The New Zealand rabbit is a large rabbit routinely used as a meat and laboratory rabbit but also a popular pet and exhibition rabbit. New Zealand rabbits originate from America, not New Zealand. The New Zealand White first appeared in 1917 in America and was imported into the UK after the Second World War (1945). The New Zealand rabbit grows very quickly, perhaps the reason for its popularity as a meat rabbit. An adult rabbit can weigh up to 5.44kg (12lb) with a medium body, well-rounded haunches, short front legs and a bold head. The coat is usually dense but soft.
As a large rabbit, the New Zealand may be less prone to nervousness however its weight might be off-putting for people that wish to handle the breed regularly

Curtis, Miki & Cody Dahlberg
Dunnegan, Missouri
Mini Lop, Californian, New Zealand (white)
DBF- Rabbitry
Description: Hobby / Business

Jennifer Frost
DUNNEGAN, Missouri
A Frosty Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry specializing in lionheads and Holland lops

Angela Ramsey
Dunnegan, Missouri
New Zealand, Californians, Tamuck
Ramsey Rabbits
We pride on the cleanliness of our facilities and the quality of or rabbits. Our rabbits are tame and perfect specimens for 4-H/FFA shows. They have nice clean pelts. But for the meat production buyers all of our breeds throw 8-12 kits per litter with high birth weights to reach that always said impossible 8 week to yield 4.75-5 pounds

Josh Jackson
Eldon, Missouri
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites
Jackson’s Rabbitry
Small scale quality meat rabbits. Mosly raise NZW and NZW Californian cross.

Frank & Ida Lambrecht
El Dorado Springs, Missouri
Californians, New Zealands
Cedar Springs Rabbitry
Small farm meat rabbits in outbuildings with hanging cages & watering system etc….

Will and Christi Sutton
El Dorado Springs, Missouri
Flemish Giants, Havanas, Satins, Mini Satins
Sandstone Rabbitry
We have been raising rabbits since 1994, went mainly to flemish giants in 1997 and have concentrated on them ever since. We take pride in raising all 7 varieties flemish giants and showing in ARBA shows. Our children have all varieties Havanas and are just getting into Satins. We are involved in our local 4-H program as leaders and advisers. We have rabbits available for sale most of time but it depends on what you are looking for specifically.

Christal Whitchurch
Ellington, Missouri
Holland Lops, Flemish Giants
Hoppin Lops Rabbitry
I have just started hoppin lops and will start breeding soon. I will soon have pedigree lops but as of right now all I have is my breeder pair. My first three litters will be half pedigree. There will be a holding fee for any of the babies. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you and have a very nice day.

MaryBeth Pacific
Elsberry, Missouri
Californians, mix breeds and a few others
New Hope Rabbitry
Small local Rabbitry with a focus on quality not quantity.

Cortney Griffin
Essex, Missouri
Mini Rex
Bootheel Bunnies Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in the Bootheel of Southeast MO. We breed 4H and pet quality Mini Rex in a variety of colors.

Elizabeth Carter
Everton, Missouri
Dutch, Dutch and meat rabbits
Carter’s Dutch rabbits
Containing a variety of colors. Well marked dutch available. No pedigrees because they are just a piece of paper. High show quality rabbits. Do have unrelated pairs and trios. Very reasonable prices. I am always looking for more breeding stock, be it dutch or other. No crossbreeding. Everton is 45 minutes west of Springfield. Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have. Thank you!
1 417 771 1839

Riley Still
Exeter, Missouri
SRS Rabbitry
At this point of time we do not have an bunnies up for sale, but we will probably have some Californian/Flemish Giant mixes and/or Californian/Lop mixes available by January. If you want us to keep you updated please go to our website! Thanks a BUNCH!

Shelby McAvoy
Faucett, Missouri
Mini Rex
4Js Rabbitry
4Js Rabbitry features show quality Mini Rex. We offer rabbits suited for 4H and ARBA shows. Our rabbitry was started with Kelly’s Bunnies genetics. We have won multiple best of breeds at ARBA shows since our creation in fall 2014. We focus on black, blue, broken, chocolate and otter varieties.

Emily Leaver
Farmington, Missouri
Holland Lop, Lionheads, and American blues
Happily Hoppin Farm
A small family rabbitry. Our rabbits and their babies are handled daily to ensure they can be easily handled when they find homes elsewhere. We provide holland lops, with or without a pedigree, Dwarf lionheads, and American blues. For more information and availability please email or text.
573 705 0292

LaDonna Garner
Festus, Missouri
Silver Fox, American
LaVis Farm Rabbitry
We raise American and Silver Fox rabbits for meat and fur. Our rabbits are pedigreed for those wishing to purchase and show.

Clemens Werner
Festus, Missouri
New Zealand white’s, Reds, and Broken Reds
Werner Rabbitry
My name is Clemens Werner and I raise pedigreed New Zealand white, red and broken red Show quality rabbits from show winning blood lines.
You can contact Me at clw163@gmail.com or call me at (636-290-04050.
Address: 6458 Charter Church Festus, MO 63028

Cheyenne James
Festus, Missouri
New Zealand
James Family Farm
We are a small family farm with 3 does and 1 buck at the moment. We raise New Zealand black, blue, and broken rabbits for meat. Please email to find out when our next litters will be ready.

Rick and Shelby Wiegand
Foley, MO
California, Polish
Netherland Dwarf
We started out raising rabbits for 4H. One buck and four does , that grew to two different breeds and about 40 breeder rabbits. We are also members of ARBA and the Californian and Polish rabbit clubs.

Megan Casares
Fulton, Missouri
Netherland Dwarf, English Angora
Sedona Rabbitry
Quality Netherland Dwarfs from well known show lines. I raise our dwarfs for competition!

Linda Smith
Fulton, Missouri
Mini Lops
Hobbit Valley Rabbitry
Located in Central Missouri. Between Columbia and Fulton…..Outdoor rabbitry raising only quality pedigree’d mini lops for show or pets.
1650 CR 346 Fulton, Missouri, 65251

John York
Fulton, MO
New Zealands, California, Flemish Giant Satin Cross, New Zealand California Cross
Smokey Acres
I have a 15 hole rabbitry with several show quality and pedigree rabbits. I am currently selling breeding and meat rabbits.
7550 new hope lane fulton mo 65251

Amber and Jordan Jensen
Galena, Missouri
New Zealand, California, Silver Fox, Steel, Lionhead, Holland Lop
Hibiscus Holler Homestead
We are a small family farm who began our rabbitry in the spring of 2022 on the beautiful James River in SW Missouri. We breed all year and have several breeds for meat and pets: California, New Zealand, a silver Fox, Steel, Holland Lop and Lionhead and mixes of lionlops, NZ/Cali cross and Silver Fox and Steele mixed with Cali and NZ. All of our rabbits are handled daily with love and care by our family of 5. (3 toddlers) we provide natural and organic food and the best quality pellets and fresh water every day. We would love to share our experience with you and get you a beautiful and quality rabbit! Check us out on Facebook at Hibiscus Holler Homestead.

kierstan smart
Gideon, Missouri
Rex, New Zealand cross
Magicbunny rabbitry
Hello I raise rex rabbits in a colony most does have pedigrees I sale my kits from $15 to $30 depending on colors and other factors.

Alicia and Dan Bothel
Gilliam, MO
Mini Lops, English, Holland Lops, Flemish Giants, Mini Rex (in rare colors)
The Kids Rabbitry
We have been into raising rabbits for over 18 years. We only sell our rabbits to good homes. We sell pets that are tame and excellent pets, our brood will produce show quality babies or not be sold as brood and our show quality should compete well in local shows. We also love the rare colors!

Oleva Riley
Greenridge, Missouri
New Zealand, California
I’m having some issues finding cheap meat rabbits for my ffa project I need help I have all the stuff for it I just need rabbits

Jeannette Johnson
Hale, Missouri
Flemish Giants
Johnson’s Flemish Giants
We’re located in North Central Missouri about an hour East of Kansas City and 1 1/2 hrs North of Columbia. My daughter raises Flemish Giants for FFA SAE project. We raise sandy, lt gray, black and blue flemish.

Lyn Finwick
Hamilton, Missouri
Wagon Wheel Rabbitry
Wagon Wheel Rabbitry of rural Hamilton, Mo. is registered with the ARBA. We are ARBA, National Rex Rabbit Club and Missouri State Rabbit Producers Association members. We are an all pedigreed rabbitry, focusing on show quality Rex. We show in a 4 state area, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. We are continually striving to improve the rex breed. Like us on Facebook!!!

Amanda Railsback
Hamilton, Missouri
Mini Rex
MKT rabbits
We raise and breed good quality rabbits for pets, show and just plain fun.

Jason Estep
Hannibal, Missouri
Rex, New Zealand, Mini Rex, American Chinchilla, Silver Fox, Champagne d’ Argent, Dutch, Magpie Harlequin, Japanese Harlequin, Flemish Giant
We currently raise a few pure breeds as well as mixes for any purpose. We have Pedigreed stock as well as non Pedigreed. We also sell rabbits for Raw feeders

Deanna Douglas
Harrisburg, Missouri
French Angora
Clover Patch Angora Bunnies
I breed French Angora rabbits in the country side of mid Missouri on a little hobby farm, selling their bunnies, and selling their fiber. Each bunny gets handled, brushed, and loved from me and my family each and every day!

LeAnne Douglas
Harrisburg, Missouri
French Angora
Wildflower Acres
I breed only lovely purebred French Angora rabbits. And my bunnies come with up to a 7 generation pedigree! If you like spinning or weaving you would probably really love French Angora wool, it is so soft! Like a cloud! And why buy it for $6-$8 a oz when you can just get a beautiful bunny or two and raise your own wool! And all you have to do to get the wool from them is just hand pluck the rabbit when it loses its coat, which is about 4 times a year! But even if you are not into fiber they are a wonderful breed! They would make wonderful breeders or lovely pets! And if you are wanting to get started in breeding French Angoras, or would like to add new blood to your breeding program, bunnies with long pedigrees like these are a big plus!

Caitlyn Kesterson
Grain Valley, Missouri
Dutch, Mini Rex, & Harlequin
Hoppity Loppity
We’re a at home rabbity! We really enjoy doing this. We usually have a lot of stock in every month for baby bunnies even sometimes adults! We sell for pet or breeders! Thank you

Bob Badock
Hawk Point, Missouri
Polish, Havana, Dwarf Hotot, Standard Chinchilla, New Zealand, Florida White
Badock’s Rabbity
We raise quality large and small breeds for show and meat. We are located in east central Missouri.

Billie Seamon
Hermann, Missouri
Rex, Standard Rex and White New Zealands
Small Town Rabbitry
Our rabbitry is located outside of Hermann, MO. We have a small operation of 4 does and 2 bucks that are standard rex that are all pedigreed. We also have a pair of white new Zealand that we use primarily for meat rabbit sales that are not pedigreed but beautiful. Last year some of our young new Zealands did very well in the meat pen at the MO. State Fair. We have a page where some of our rabbits can be seen on Facebook under Small Town Rabbitry.

Kelly Mayfield
Highlandville, Missouri
English Angora and Lionhead
Annie Bears Angoras
Annie Bears Angoras specializes in breeding pedigreed English Angora and Lionhead bunnies of show quality.

April Sweet
Highlandville, Missouri
Holland Lops, French Lops, Lionheads, New Zealands, Californians
Sweet Rabbitry
We focus primarily on Holland Lops but also work with Lionheads, French Lops and several meat breeds. We have blue eyed programs in our Holland lops and breed for show and pet quality.

Amber Mims
High Ridge, Missouri
Holland Lop
Lovely Lops
I currently have no rabbits available for sale. I will be breeding again soon, when I do have kits they will be $25 each. Email me if you want to be place on a list and ill let you know as soon as I have some babies.

Audrey Westmoreland
Hillsboro, Missouri
Holland Lop
Heart Barn Rabbitry
Heart Barn Rabbitry – We are located in Hillsboro Missouri, we sell only Holland lops, all rabbits are handled multiple times a day and are super sweet and friendly We have multiple up for adoption that are looking for a good home.

Judy Grant
Joplin, Missouri
Jumping Js Rabbitry
I raise show quality red, broken red, tricolor and harlequin Rex rabbits. I have white/orange/black tricolors as well as white/blue/fawn tricolors. My harlequins are also those varieties. All rabbits are pedigreed and tattooed. I give a 10% discount to 4Hers.

Autumn James
Jackson , Missouri
Mini Rex, Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf
James Family Rabbitry
We raise Mini rex, Netherland Dwarfs, and Holland Lops. Our Rabbitry is located in the small town of Jackson (Southeast missouri). Our rabbits are handled daily from the time their eyes open up until the time they leave. We have been raising rabbits since January of 2019 and hope to continue for many more years! We celebrate each litter born and eagerly wait to discover their colors and personalities! We primarily sell localy but have had a few who have been transported out of state by via transport. The best way to contact us is via one of our face book pages (James Family Rabbitry, or James Family Farm).

Mini Rex:
Our stock includes Tri, harlequin, Magpie, broken black, broken blue, broken castor, castor, Rew, blue otter, and black. About half of our stock is pedigreed the rest are sold as pets or for 4H.

Netherland Dwarfs:
Our stock includes black otter, blue vm, opal, and fawn. At this time none of our stock is pedigreed, and are sold solely as pets. We do plan to add pedigreed stock in Spring-Summer 2020.

Holland lops:
Our stock includes blue vm, bew, broken black, broken black tort, magpie, and harlequin. As of right now we only have a pedigreed pair, the rest are primarily sold as pets.

Kent Kranawetter
Jackson, Missouri
Californians, New Zealands
Whistling Hills Rabbits
We keep as many as 10 fresh does at times, sometimes more sometimes less, sell breeding stock and fryers.

Jenna Rector
Jasper, Missouri
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Satins, Californians
Wild Hare Rabbit Ranch
I am a small size rabbitry specializing in show-quality Netherland Dwarfs. I also breed pet-quality Mini Satins, pet-quality Californian mixes, and finally show-quality Californians. I raise rabbits as a FFA project and I really enjoy doing it. All of my rabbits are handled daily and are very gentle. Any of them would make a wonderful pet! Check me out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wildharerabbitranch

Julia Haskin
Jefferson City, MO
Mini Rex- otter, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, broken
JH Ranch Rabbitry
I love my rabbits and take fantastic care of them. I got into them as a genetic challenge/ project to enjoy. I enjoy attending the shows and earning legs for my bunnies.

Doug & Julie Rummerfield
Jefferson City, Missouri
New Zealand, Red, Broken & White
Rum’s Buns Rabbitry
We raise and show Red, Broken Red & White New Zealand’s. We have a backyard style rabbitry. We focus on High quality winning show stock. We started with some of the best show lines in the country.

Myron Weber
Jerome, MO
Flemish Giants, New Zealands, Californians, New Zealand/Californian Crosses
Weber’s Rabbitry
We have quality purebreds and meat rabbits in Missouri.

Dusty Carver
Joplin, Missouri
Mini Rex, Flemish giant
I am an ARBA member that began raising on showing rabbits a short time ago. Our small rabbitry consist mainly of Mini Rex (Sable point, Black, otter, castor, and tri). We seem to off to a good start at the shows and are continuously trying to improve.

Tarah Tylle
Joplin, Missouri
Holland Lop
Whirlwind Wabbits Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Joplin Missouri. I am a member of the ARBA (#TYLLTA00). We breed to ARBA standard for show quality Holland Lops as well as for good temperament. Our rabbits are given daily attention and handling for good socialization. They are ready for show, or to be a child’s best friend. Holland Lops are the smallest lop eared rabbit weighing in between 3-4 pounds. Check out my website!

Rachel Cohen
Kansas City, MO
Mini Rex
Cohen Rabbitry
Since 2010 we have been specializing in Black, Blue, Castor, Tort, White, and Brokens. Minorizing in Otters.

Peyton S.
Kansas City/Pleasant Hill, Missouri
New Zealand, Californians, Havana, Mini Rex
MilkWeed Rabbitry
Hi my name is Peyton and I am the owner of a small rabbitry called milk Weed rabbitry we are located 20 minutes south of Kansas city in a small town called pleasant hill.I raise many different breeds including all of the rabbit breeds above and looking to expand shortly so if their is a specific breed or color that you would like just call or text (816)920-1674 and I will see what I can do.At the moment I have american chinchillas,new Zealand in all colors ,Californians,Havanas, mini rex in all colors and standard rex in different colors .

Jessica Farmer
Holden, Missouri
Harlequin, Flemish Giant and Harlequins
Farmer’s Rabbitry & Hatchery
We raise and show Flemish Giants and Harlequins. For Flemish Giants we breed light grays, steel grays, whites, blacks, and blues. For Harlequins we raise Japanese in black, blue, chocolate, and lilac, but we occasionally have magpies available too. Find us on Facebook!
(816) 263-2332

Tammy Hagerman
Kansas City, Missouri
New Zealands
Hag’s Hoppers
Raising New Zealand Whites, Flemish Giants and Holland Lops

Bethanni Langworthy
Kansas City, Missouri
S.R.B. Rabbitry
Holland Lop
We specialize in Holland lops. We focus on BEW/VM/VC…blue eyed whites, Vienna Marked, and Vienna carriers. Also, we carry broken hollands in almost every color. Most of our rabbits are pedigreed and some are registered. Our rabbits are all high show, breed, and pet quality. We do constant health checks and give them much attention. Prices vary.
To contact us you can call/text/email and we should respond immediately. Thank you!

Rina Long
Kearney, Missouri
French Angora
Rina’s Rabbits
I have a small rabbitry located 45 minutes North of Kansas City where I breed rabbits for show, woolers, and pets. Babies are constantly handled to guarantee friendliness and are treated like family. Colors include Black, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Black Tort, Chocolate Tort, Blue Tort, Lilac Tort, Chestnut, Chocolate Agouti, Opal, Lynx, and Fawn. Colors can be broken or unbroken.

Barbara Garlich
Kimberling City, Missouri
Satins, NZ/Cali/Satin crosses
Tablerock Lake Rabbitry
I have pedigreed full-sized Satins, and meat mutts of varying breeds. Located near Branson/Springfield, Missouri.

Mary Webb
King City, Missouri
French Angora, English Angora
DDM Miniatures
In the spring of 2014 I intend to add a pair of the Satin Angoras. Won’t have any more kits until spring of 2014. DDM Miniatures has a facebook page. Please visit it for pics of our rabbits.

Carson Martin
Kingsville, Missouri
Havana, New Zealand, Champagne
Martin Farms
I have lots of first place rabbits some won grand champion

Brittany Elder
Kingsville, Missouri
New Zealand, Holland Lops, American Chinchilla, TAMUK
The Sharp Homestead
American Chinchilla– Fully pedigreed, show quality.
Holland Lops– Fully pedigreed, prioritize WE quality. We have VM/VC lines, clean show lines, and the WE lines.
New Zealands– Can be pedigreed, usually sold without. ARBA standard colors + others. Breeding for meat, so they hit 3-5lb by 8 weeks.
TAMUK– strictly bred for meat use, no pedigrees.

Naomi Powell
Kingsville, Missouri
Silver Fox, New Zealand Whites and Mixes
Silver Rabitry
We are a small rabbitry located near Kingsville, MO. We have 3 Silver Fox does, 2 New Zealand White does, 2 Silver Fox bucks, and 1 New Zealand Black buck as our breeding adults. Our 7 month old Silver Fox rabbits average 8 lbs., and our 8 month old New Zealand rabbits average 7 lbs.
We feed our rabbits a high quality diet to ensure good health and large litters. Our Silver Fox/New Zealand hybrids grow to 2 lbs. at 8 weeks, and 3.3 lbs. at 12 weeks.
These rabbits are handled daily to ensure pet quality.
We raise rabbits for their excellent meat production and as an adorable hobby.

Kay Chang
Kirksville, Missouri
Polish, Florida White, Polish
Black Oak Livestock
We are a small rabbitry in Northeast Missouri. We raise show rabbits, but have plenty for pets too.

Amanda White
Kirksville, Missouri
New Zealand
A&T Rabbitry
A&T Rabbitry is a partnership located in Northeast, Missouri. Amanda White and Tawna Cavender specialize in New Zealand rabbits and market the kits as livestock, pets, or 4-H/FFA Projects to the local community.
Rabbits for Livestock or Pets
Thank you for buying or considering a purchase with A&T Rabbitry. All livestock sales are final and will take place at the Truman State University Farm or through transportation services. Buyers are responsible for all transport arrangements. We ask for 100% of the animal’s sale price at pickup or prior to delivery orders over $50 will require 50% of the animal’s sale price as a downpayment. Payments will be made through Venmo or cash payments.
A&T Rabbitry reserves the right to sell, discontinue sales, or deny sales to anyone, at any point in time. Animals will not be sold under the age of 8 weeks. If the rabbit(s) of the buyer’s choice die(s) while in our care, a replacement will be offered if one is available. In the case that there is not a replacement, then and only then, will payment be refunded. Rabbits will leave our rabbitry’s care in good health, at an appropriate age. Once animals are out of our care, they are no longer our responsibility. We are not liable for the health and/or treatment of your animal after it is given to transport or owner(s).
In the event that the animal is not picked up from our planned arrangements, sales will be terminated, your animal(s) and payment will be forfeited after 24 hours. With the purchase, new owners will receive a rabbit, as well as a transition feed. Our rabbits drink from water bowls and bottles. Please note that rabbits, like any other animal, are a commitment. We thank you for your purchase and/or support of A&T Rabbitry!
Processed Rabbits
Thank you for buying or considering a purchase with A&T Rabbitry. All sales are final and pickup will take place at the Truman State University Farm. We ask for 100% of the payment to be made at pickup, because of the nature of this product we will ask for a $7 deposit per rabbit to reserve your order. Our estimated price per processed rabbit will be $17.50, this is an estimate since each item has a different weight.
In order to provide the freshest products possible, we will vacuum seal and freeze all items at the time of production. This ensures you receive a high-quality product. We recommend defrosting slowly when preparing to cook the rabbit meat. Our rabbits for consumption will be processed in a facility that has been inspected by a USDA Agent. Due to USDA regulations, we cannot sell processed rabbits outside the state of Missouri.

Shawnee Scott
Koshkonong, MO
Mini Rex
Southern Comfort Rabbitry
Hi, I only raise Pedigreed Rabbits and only dwarf breeds. I currently only have Mini Rex but I plan to add Lion Head, Dwarf Hotot, and Dutch and possibly Netherland Dwarf. My rabbitry is located in southern MO about 1.5 hours south east of Springfield MO. Oh and when I got my website they spelt my web address wrong. I am Southern not “Sothern” lol.

Rick Harvey
LaMonte, Missouri
Cedar Lane Rabbits
Californian rabbits for sale. We have good quality rabbits, focusing on quality for meat production. Occasionally have young rabbits for sale.

Ethan and Tiffany McKay
Lebanon, Missouri
Mini Rex
Holy Grail Rabbitry
Rabbitry in central Missouri that specializes in show quality Mini Rex. Colors in black, blue, castor, sable point, brokens, and otters.

Theresa Denney
Liberty, Missouri
English Angora, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf
The Liberty Bunny Barn
The Liberty Bunny Barn is a one of a kind rabbitry! Right now we have moved to a new farm to expand so we can raise even more bunnies for everyone to love!
Your future bunny will be raised in an exclusive facility, complete with nursery for the moms and babies and all the rabbits will receive time to scamper in the outdoor bunny play yard. We will also have Bunny Barn events throughout the year, including an Easter brunch, Spring 2016!
Can’t wait for the new facility to be completed? Good news- bunnies are already available!
We’d be “hoppy” to introduce you to our bunnies; please contact us to make an appointment to meet our fuzzy friends today! thelibertybunnybarn@gmail.com
Because *everyone needs “some bunny” to love!*

Maddy Luebbert
Loose Creek, Missouri
Holland Lops
Lou Lops Rabbitry
Pedigree Holland Lops – Show and Pet Quality
Check Facebook For Current or Upcoming Litters

Ron & Marvelle Smith
Lowry City, Missouri
Flemish Giants, New Zealand
St. Clair Rabbitry
Man and wife operated rabbitry. Raising mostly sandy flemish giants at this time, may try checkered giant at a later date.

Katie Wansing
Marshall, Missouri
French Angoras, Mini Rex, Dutch
Wansing Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located just outside of Marshall,MO. We raise show quality min rexes in tort, red,black, blue,ruby eyedwhite,chocolate,and brokens.We raise quality french angoras in many colors tort, black, chocolate, and white. We raise show quality dutch in black,blue,gray,and steel.

Allison Olson
Milo, Missouri
New Zealand
Olson Rabbits
Growing rabbitry that sells rabbits to local 4H kids for the Local youth fair. The owners also are involved in 4H. We have grown our rabbitry to the point where we are able to sell our rabbits more year around and are looking for people to buy them.

Edna Keim
Moberly, Missouri
New Zealand, California
ejk rabbit farm
I am in 4 h the Randolph County Builders I am 14 years old and I got my first rabbit a year ago then I got my 6 other rabbits and started raising baby bunnys I have a rabbit that has 8 to 11 bunnys every time and then I have 9 others that have 8 bunnys. My mom used to raise rabbits fromwhen she was just alittle girl until she got married so she knows how to raise rabbits. I have several meat rabbits they are New Zealand and California I got white, grey, black, white with black noses feet and ears , brown and white , my rabbits reach 5 lbs 8-10 weeks old and are really tame as I spend alot of time with them and they are where I let my little 9 month old cousin pet them and hold them . They are good for old people to have them for a pass time too. so they make Nice Pets – Show Rabbits – 4 H – FAA or Meat Rabbits . I train them to be on a leash or potty train them if anybody wants them trained like that and if you want me too I can butcher them too.

Carl Belken
MOKANE, Missouri
New Zealand
Carl and Gretchen’s Rabbits
We are a very small operation. We began raising rabbits in the spring of 2014.
I currently have 6 New Zealand’s for sale that were born on August 3rd. They should make great pets as they have been handled daily and are constantly in view of their humans.
There have been no issues with their parents. The Doe is an excellent mother rabbit.

Hannah Daugard
Mountain Grove, Missouri
Rex, French lops, Checkered Giants, Standard Rex and more.
Reflections Rabbitry
Just a small rabbitry, just getting started agian. Will add more later.

Hope Eells
Neosho, Missouri
English Lops and Mini Rexs
Hope N Rick Love Bunnies
We raise English lops & mini Rexs we are in Neosho Mo phone # 417-389-4989 call OR text

Heather Shaw
Newburg , Missouri
Flemish Giant
Tree of Life Rabbitry
I have a small Rabbitry all I raise is My love able Flemish Giants.

Hope Eells
Neosho, Missouri
English Lops & Mini Rex’s
Hope-N-Rick’s Love Bunnies
Very gentle English lop’s & mini rex’s handheld & played with everyday most are litter box trained when they are you ready to leave come from award-winning pedigree line we choose be a small Rabbit tree call or text 417-389-4989

Thomas Newcomb
New Haven, Missouri
New Zealand
ABC Rabbitry
I raise my rabbits for meat, and I do sell some.

Ella & Aubrey Hawkins
Nixa , Missouri
Ostara Springs Rabbitry

Suzan Brewer
Noel, Missouri
New Zealand, Purebred New Zealand and a few Californian New Zealand crosses
Brewer Farm Rabbitry
I started raising Rabbits 16 years ago in Pennsylvania both as an educational experience for our 3 boys and as fertilizer for the garden. Relocated to Missouri 11 years ago the rabbitry enlarged. The boys have grown up and the garden has flourished. I’ve learned a whole lot about rabbits. Currently many beautiful litters to choose from. Can form unrelated pairs and trios. Breeders 8 weeks to proven, pets, and processed meat available. Call Text or Email

Amber Scott
Ofallon, Missouri
She is about 6 months old I believe. I got her when she was just a baby at one of our farmer stores in the st louis metro area. I want to say she was maybe 6 or 8 weeks then? And ive had her ever since. She’s the most loving and free spirited thing ive ever seen! She is mainly white, with some grey/ silver spots on her lower back, and ears and eyes. We are working on clicker training now, and id like to do jumoing and hopping! She already is a pro on her own. I just wanted to know if you could help me find out if she is in fact a polish. I have done so much research and I believe that is what she is. Thank you!

Audrey Schiele
Ofallon, Missouri
None of the above, Champagne D’ Argent
Audrey’s Bunz Rabbitry
I raise purebred champagnes with pedigrees! I am a youth producer and a member of 4H and ARBA. I participate in showmanship and am always looking to learn from other rabbit producers. My rabbitry is on the smaller side with 3 does and 1 buck as breeders. I usually have rabbits for sale at most times of the year and will do my best to provide you with the best breeding stock I can.

Guillaume Williams
Osage Beach, Missouri
American Chinchilla, American Blue and White, New Zealand White
Magic Dragon Rabbitry
A small 25 hole rabbitry dedicated to building up endangered heritage breeds. We have American Chinchillas and American Blues and White. All kits sold will be 8 weeks old. We hope you join us in building up these rare breeds of rabbits.

Jan Wagner
Osceola, Missouri
Meat Rabbit Breeding Stock including Texas A&M heat tolerant, Californian, New Zealand, and hybrids.
Jan’s Rabbits
Jan’s Rabbits is a small, homestead rabbitry. My meat rabbits are bred to be great mothers, with high fertility rates and fairly heat tolerant. With average litter sizes of 10-12 and crosses utilizing hybrid vitality hitting 5 pound weights at 8 weeks following a simple raising system it’s easy to see why they are so popular.
My New Zealands, we are whites, blacks,: broken blacks, and others.. I have also crossed my color New Zealands with Texas A&M lines for color Texas A&M rabbits! Pretty AND heat tolerant!
Texas A&M stock developed by Dr. Lukefahr include the production whites as well as composites. These are well known for being great mothers, throwing large litters and being heat tolerant as well. This stock will hit 5 pounds at 8 weeks consistently and eat less to boot! Great lines to add to your herd. AND the traits can be crossed into your existing stock. Good for two generations.
Contact me today for more information.
417 880 0997
417 646 5678

Megan Hendrickson
Ovid, Missouri
Mini Rex
Wonderland Rabbitry
I raise show quality mini rex rabbits. I do occasionally have some other breeds for sale, but I concentrate on the mini rex. I have blues, broken blues, blacks, broken blacks, a broken lilac doe that throws lilacs once in a while, and a blue eyed white pair.

April Sweet
Ozark, Missouri
Holland Lops, Lionheads, French Lops
Sweet Rabbitry
We offer pet and show quality holland lops, French lops and lionheads.

Carrie Wadlow
Park Hills, Missouri
Flemish Giant
Grand-Maw’s Hill Top Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in south east MO.
We focus on Flemish Giants. Blue, black, light gray and soon… steel. All rabbits have 3 gen pedigree and come from show quality stock.
Ear tattoos, for showing are provided.
I am a member of ARBA and the National Flemish giant club.
Visit us on Facebook.

Jenni Weber
Piedmont, Missouri
Flemish Giants
H&F Rabbitry
My rabbitry is located in beautiful Southeast Missouri. I currently raise pedigreed or pet quality Fliemish Giants. I plan to add Mini Lops into my rabbitry in the near future. My rabbits are given daily attention and babies are used to being handled since birth. I have many different colors available. contact me with any questions.

Rebecca Doak
Plato, Missouri
French Angora
Mother’s Love Farms, Llc
I have a small rabbitry consisting of one doe and one buck. The bunnies live in 4 ft x 2 ft wire and wood hutches and are fed a good diet of pellets, Timothy hay, and fresh veggies. I blend the wool of my dark rabbits with southdown wool and create a beautiful Smokey gray yarn without dyes. The babies are intended for spinning and pet homes.

Lynda Velten
Pierce City, Missouri
Holland Lop, New Zealand, Mixed breeds, Mini Lop, Dutch, Lionhead, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf
Velten Hoppers
My daughter is currently in FFA and rabbits are her SAE for it. We have raised rabbits since she was in fourth grade and she is now a senior. She has shown them also and has grand champions in her stock. We all enjoy the rabbits and spoil them just a little. Most are pedigreed. Please take a look at Velten Hoppers on facebook for information and pictures.

Brianne Orr
Silver Marten, Silver
LarkSong Rabbitry
I raise purebred, critically endangered Silver Martens and Silvers for meat and show. They also make excellent family members and 4-H/FFA projects.

Kimberly Ireland
Pleasant Hope, Missouri
Mini Rex
Rockin’ Ridge Bunnies
We are a small Licensed Rabbity located about 20 miles north of Springfield. We only raise Mini Rex Rabbits. We have Show Quality Rabbits! We mainly focus on Blue, Black, Chocolate, Tri-Colored & Brokens. We have acquired our breeding stock from some of the top show breeders in the US. We have Show & Pet Quality babies available at times! Please check out our website & Check us out on Facebook!

Angel Sisk
Popular Bluff, MO
Lion Heads, Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Dwarf Hotots, Dutch, New Zealands, Californians
DogWood Hills Rabbitry
We are located in Southeast Missouri on a small farm, and started raising rabbits as a hobby with our young daughter and it quickly grew..we have over 70 bunnies now..and growing daily.

Kristy Wagner
Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Dwarf Hotots, Lionheads, French Angoras, New Zealands (Reds, Whites)
Handled With Care Farm and Rabbitry
We are a nice rural rabbitry in Southeast Missouri. We raise meat, pet and show rabbits on our farm. We are working extensively on our French Angora and Lionhead lines and have some beautiful Dwarf Hotots and New Zealands as well. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook! Handled With Care Farm and Rabbitry

Kelly Faulkner
Princeton, Missouri
Mini Rex
Shady Mulberry Rabbitry
At Shady Mulberry, we raise and sell Mini Rex rabbits. It all started in 2016, when my step-daughter wanted to take rabbits for a 4-H project. We set out researching the breed, breeders and any other tidbits of information to educate ourselves about this incredibly enjoyable breed of rabbit.
Rebecca, my step-daughter, has shown her rabbits and improved as a showman and has improved the genetics of her rabbits, as well. We are always in search of better rabbits from top quality breeders to continually improve on the genetics of our rabbits. In fact, we are going to be purchase our new herd buck from Doug King on October 1, 2017. For those of you who don’t know him. Doug is one of the top breeders of Mini Rex rabbits in the country. We take these steps of improvement to offer our customers the best Mini Rex rabbits available.
The health of our rabbits is of the utmost importance to us so you can be sure that you will be buying healthy rabbits when you buy from Shady Mulberry. We feed only fresh high quality feed pellets, Timothy grass pellets and provide clean fresh water for our rabbits. We practice clean sanitation in our rabbitry to avoid disease. In fact, not long ago, we were complemented for having the ‘best kept rabbitry in town’. You can be sure that you will be buying good quality rabbits when you buy from Shady Mulberry.

Kaysi Francis
Princeton, Missouri
Rex and Mini Rex
ShowMe Rabbitry
We have a small Rabbitry in northern Missouri where we raise rex and mini rex for showing.

Connie Markham
Puxico, Missouri
Black River Rabbitry
I raise only pedigree Californian rabbits from champion lines and I love what I do.

Kelly Dietsch
Raymondville, MO
Flemish Giants
A&K Rabbitry
A&K Rabbitry is starting small. We have 2 breeding bucks and 4 breeding does. We have been raising Flemish Giants for over 3 years here in MO. We raise all colors. Starting April 2012, we will have kits for sale (fawn, gray, steel, black, blue). We are located between Houston and Licking, in Texas County, MO.

Jenna Everhart
Raymore , Missouri
We raise Mini Lops (6 1/2 lbs) and Standard Rex ( 12 lbs).
Everhart Acres Rabbitry
We are a 4h Rabbitry located in Raymore, Mo. We do our best to raise show quality rabbits that are friendly. Many of our rabbits are sold to pet owners and a few of our mini lops have become therapy rabbits. All of our rabbits are pedigreed and we breed them to have rabbits that are as close to the ARBA standard of perfection. We raise mini lops in chocolate, chinchilla, chestnut, black, and lilac colors and we raise standard Rex in blue fawn and black orange tri and harlequin.

Jolene Martens
Richmond, Missouri
New Zealand, New Zealand/California crosses and Netherland Dwarfs
Martens Farm and Gardens
I currently have 6 Black New Zealand/California cross babies. They are 8 weeks old and super cute. 2 girls and 4 boys. They have all been held a lot and are pretty tame. I plan to get a Netherland Dwarf stud to breed with my little girl in the spring.

Jennifer Leigh
Ridgeway, Missouri
None of the above, Lion head / Lionhead
Green Top Acres
This is our hobby and we love Lionhead rabbits! They make great pets, extremely docile and are great with children and other animals. We have a variety of colors and in the warm months, usually have 2 or more litters of kits available. Our buck is a miniature as well as one of our does. Another doe is standard size. We have a variety of colors that include sable point (buck), blue, chocolate, cream splash, red eyed Whites and more. We are located near Bethany Missouri in Harrison county.

Natalie Trout
Richmond, Missouri
Flemish Giant, Flemish Giants/Cross, Dwarf Lops, Dwarf, Mini Lops, Lionhead, Lionhead/Dwarf
Happy Hoppers Rabbitry
Welcome to Happy Hoppers Rabbitry! I have been raising rabbits for about 3 years know. It started as a hobby and know I’m working on expanding it to sell to the public. A little history my first rabbit was a dwarf (lopsy) I absolutely love her she is a very sweet girl and has some of the sweetest, beautiful litters ranging from 4 to 6. 🙂 I normally breed her to my white red eyed lope buck . I have 4 Flemish /cross females there babies are normaly meat muts, 1 pure Flemish giant female and one buck, one Flemish /Cross buck, a lope ear buck, 1 angora/ Flemish female , 2 pedigree mine lope does and one buck, 2 dwarf females and 2 male’s , and 1 Lion head doe. The female big breeds are raised in a colony on the ground they seem to do better and get bigger that way .The males are in large cages. The prices range from $10 to $50 depending on what I have at the time
I live in Richmond mo. I also sell the leftovers (bunny poops) so ask me about prices . It is a really good fertilizer for your gardens and it doesn’t burn the plants :-)! I hope you enjoyed this little history about me so hop on by and check us out !

Shana, Jake, Carley
Rolla, MO
Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Hopes N Dreams Rabbitry
We are a small to medium sized rabbitry located in central Missouri. We started with Mini Rex in Sept 2008 & added Holland Lops in Feb 2010. Carley shows Mini Rex in Black, BEW, Otter, Tort, REW & Brokens of all. BEW is our newest variety & ope to do well with it in 2012. Shana plans to show Tort in 2012 & add Red & Sable Point to the program. Jake shows Hollands in Black tort. solid & broken. He hopes to add blue tort in 2012. We breed for highest quality & strive for Grand Champion producers. We can also be found on Facebook: Hopes N Dreams Rabbitry.

Rowena Wallace
Rolla, Missouri
Satins, Mini Lops and mixes.
Buckeye Creek Rabbitry
We specialize in Satins (Blacks Blues Reds and Chocolates.) but have recently started with Mini Lops. Im always in the market for new Satin and Mini Lops. Please email me if you have any Satins or Mini Lops near Rolla.

Amy Jennings
Saint Louis , Missouri
Netherland Dwarf
Amy Jennings
We are looking for a bondmate for our Male Dwarf KOKO. He is spayed . We have had rabbits for our pets for over 15 years. Can you help us find a Female Partner for our KOKO ? Thank you Amy & Doug Jennings.
We have no children or any other pets in our happy ,clam beautiful home in St.Louis ,Missouri 63146.
Thank you
Amy Jennings

Birdie Pruessner
St. Louis, Missouri
Flemish Giant and Polish
Root Cause STL
Root Cause STL is an urban 4h supported rabbitry. We have pedigreed, color correct shore lines and pet quality kits available occasionally.

Jenna Ellison
Sedalia , Missouri
Mini Rex and Holland Lop/AFL
Ellison Acres Rabbitry
I started raising rabbits for 4-H and then I got hooked. I now have around 30 holes consisting of Mini Rex in Tort and broken tort and Holland Lop/AFL. I also have a couple New Zealands that I mainly breed for a meat pen for my county fair. All of my show rabbits(mini rex holland lop/AFL) are pedigreed but the NZ are not. I am a member of 4-H, FFA, ARBA, and MSRPA.

Christine Kelsey
Sedalia, Missouri
Flemish Giant, American Chinchilla
Mommas Miracles
I am a hobby breeder of Flemish Giants and American Chinchilla rabbits. I breed because I love rabbits and I love selling sweet and healthy bunnies. I do not breed my does back to back because I care about their health and well being, so I will not always have kits available.

Tim Zimmerman
Seymour, Missouri
Flemish Giants
Kota Jo’s Rabbit Ranch
Small down town hobby rabbitry.

Jessica Schmitt
South Fork, Missouri
Rex, Mini Rex and Satin
Dreamcatchers Homestead Ranch
I specialize in Rex in many varieties, some are recognized varieties and some are unrecognized but are growing in popularity!
Agouti (Castor, Opal, Red), Otter (Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac), Self (Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac), Harlequin (Black, Blue), Nonextension (Tort in Black, Blue, and hoping for Chocolate and Lilac).
We hope to add Amber, Lynx, and are working on a Steele Rex program as well! Think PELTS!
In Mini Rex we focus on Chinchilla only.
In Satin we are focusing on Black and Blue at this time. We are hoping to up our production in Siamese.
With Dreamcatchers Homestead Ranch you never know what we might add in over the years or months! We love our rabbits and may add in another breed or perhaps another variety in the existing breeds we already breed! Stay tuned or email us!
If we don’t have it we will work with you and attempt to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

Sharlene Risinger
Spokane, MO
Satin, Rex, Lion Head, Jersey Wooly
Risinger’s Rabbits
We are new and planning to specialize in Satins. Our foundation buck is a Broken Group Satin and he’s really nice and we plan to build our herd around his genes.

Anna Lang
Springfield, Missouri
English Angora, Dutch
Bungalow of Bunnies
Hello there! My name is Anna and I live close to Springfield, MO. I raise Purebred English Angora’s and Dutch to the 2015 ARBA Standard of Perfection. Feel free to visit my website, let me know if you’d be interested in a bunny, or contact me if you have any questions!

Nikki Henderson
Springfield, Missouri
Holland Lop & American Fuzzy on occasion
Work of Art Rabbitry
Work of Art Rabbitry is a small locally owned ARBA registered Holland Lop Breeder. We specialize in feindly show quality rabbits. We do occasionally offer rare black and siamese sables. We raise our rabbits in a small rabbitry in order to insure optimum care and time to tame and train every rabbit. Our Show quality young(8+ weeks) start at $100.00 with a full pedigree and go up depending on quality. Our pet quality is $65 and (does not include a pedigree as we wish to not pass on disqualifications to the next generation). Our proven breeding stock(W/ pedigree) is on a very limited basis and prices do greatly vary depending on quality so call if interested. We do offer Stud service on some of our Bucks just call for more info and pricing. Due to our very limited litters be sure to add your name to the list to be contacted when the next litter is ready!
(417)988-9786 you can text or call (if you call please leave a detailed message and I will return your call after 6pm mon-fri)

Springfield, Missouri
White New Zealands, Californians, AND CALIFORNIA and WHITE NEW ZEALAND CROSSES
JR’S Rabbitry
Our rabbits are raised in a climate controlled building and are raised mainly for meat production. We raise white new zealands, californias, and white new zealand and california crosses. We have bunnies available for sale all year around. Do have some with pedigrees and some without.

Stephen McCullah
Springfield, Missouri
Giant Chinchilla, American, Texas A&M Tamuk, New Zealand White, Crème d’Argent, Dwarf Hotot, Dwarf Lionhead, Dutch, Thrianta, Standard Rex, French Lop, Palimono, Harlequin, Jersey Wooly
White Oak Rabbitry
We typically have 5-15 does of each breed that we raise except for Giant Chinchillas, New Zealands, Tamuks, and Americans, of which we have 40 to 200. We are constantly looking to expand our breeds and are hoping to extend into Giant Angoras, English Lops, and Flemish Giants soon.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. We love assisting other rabbitries or rabbit enthusiasts.
Email: Stephen@evanscollars.com
Call or text: 417-766-3568

Mike Kashubin
Springfield , Missouri
None of the above, Lion Head
Lmk Rabbitry
Lion Head Bunnies For Sale.
Colors Available: Black, Brown, White, White&Beige Mix, Grey, Beige
We sell at 18 weeks old
Will help check Gender before sale, no Guarantee
Eat Organic Vegitables, and Rabbit pellet Food.
Call or Text 417-379-1400

James Nugent
St. Clair, Missouri
New Zealand Reds and Broken Reds
Red Refuge Rabbitry
New Rabbitry in St. Clair, Mo run by my myself and my wife. We carry pedigree and non-pedigree new zealand reds and broken reds. Most are champion or grand champion blood lines from fellow breeders across the country. Quality breed and show stock.

Svetlana Sampson
St.Clair, Missouri
Holland Lops, Plush lops
Rainbow hills Rabbitry
We are a new rabbitry in St.Clair Missouri. My daughter and I raise and breed rabbits we have plenty of babies soon to come and that we have for sale in our rabbitry.We do not sell sick or injured rabbits and we check the rabbits each day 3 times or more.We are also working on a breed called the Plush lop.They have the rex coat of the Mini Rex and lopped ears of the Holland lop.They are a breed in progress though.We handle our babies daily and other rabbits as well so they all know human contact and are friendly.

Erin Smith
St Louis, Missouri
Champagne D’Argent, Chinchilla, Rex mix, Lionhead mix, New Zealand mix
Bunny Ranch Rabbitry
We are a small urban rabbitry. As of now we have several breeds and mixes. We do not have pedigrees or show rabbits. We mainly breed for meat, pelts and pets.

Nikki Orozco
St Louis, Missouri
Mini Lop
I want that they find they closest rabbit breeders there is.

Rachel Owens
SW, Missouri
Mini Rex
Owens Run Rabbitry
Owens Run is a Mini Rex rabbitry located in SW Missouri specializing in show quality Blacks, Blues, and Brokens. Our other lines currently in progress are Chocolates, Opals, Torts and Tri-Color.

Gene Gillispie
Vienna, Missouri
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, New Zealands, Californians, Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Havanas, Florida Whites, Rex, Flemish Giants, Checkered Giants, Britana Petites
Gillispie’s of Paydown
We have operated our Rabbitry in the Missouri Ozarks since 1966–We are both ARBA Judges–All of our stock is pedigreed and we actively show. We have 3 barns on the farm with show rabbits. We also keep show poultry. Stock is available most of the time. We travel and do 4H & FFA Workshops for Purina Mills. We also judge County Fairs–Rabbits-Poulty-Dairy Goats–and Boer Goats. We also have a small herd of Mini-Pot Bellied Pigs–babies available in Spring of 2012.

Tamra West
Villa Ridge, Missouri
Mini Rex
2013 Rabbitry
I recently got two baby Mini Rex Rabbits. They were born on June 4th, 2013. One is a light grey and the bigger one of the two. The other one is a dark grey and is the runt. They both are females and they are sisters. Im getting two more tomorrow and they are also brother/sister. When they a little older i want to breed them and have babies. 🙂

Vania Juarez
Walnut Grove, Missouri
New Zealands, Lionheads, White New Zealands, White New Zealand/Californian Cross
Lady V’s Rabbit Ranch
Small but growing Rabbitry located just outside Walnut Grove, MO raising Lionhead Rabbits for Show, Breeding, and Pets… Also raise New Zealand White and Californian Rabbits. Year round breeder.

Kimberly Lovelace
Walnut Grove, Missouri
Californian, Pedigreed Californian Rabbits
DK Farm
We only focus on Pedigreed Californian rabbits. They all will come with pedigree papers that go back 4 generations and will be tattooed to match papers. I only sell them at 10 weeks or older. Does and bucks are $25 each.

Rhonda Edmunds
Warrrensburg, Missouri
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Californian
Fern Hill
We have a small rabbitry focusing on high quality show rabbits. We show at many ARBA shows in the Midwest. Our main breeds are Holland lops and Netherland dwarfs but also raise a few quality Californians. All are handled since birth to create great pets as well.

Alisa Froh
Warrensburg, Missouri
Holland Lop, Lionhead, French Lop, Mini Lop
Pepper’s Lops and Lions Rabbitry
We focus on breeding Lop eared and Lionhead rabbits. We breed show, brood, and pet quality rabbits.

Alexis Havas
Mini Rex
Tort-elleni Rabbitry
Breeding quality brood, show and pet Mini Rex rabbits. All rabbits have pedigrees but price reflects whether they go with one. I currently raise Tort, and Black. Broken in those varieties, My sisters raise Blue, Chocolate and Lilac. Broken in those varieties. I will try to keep our page updated!
We also have a Facebook page,
Tort-elleni Rabbitry

Kathrine & Arthur Kanneman
Warrensburg, Missouri
American White
Hoppers Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in west central Missouri. We have American whites, a rare heritage breed, our daughter is showing in 4H and ARBA sanctioned shows. Our rabbits have pedigrees and hope to have American whites available for show, pets, and meat rabbits available in the future. We are members of the ALBC and our daughter is a member of ARBA.

WARSAW, Missouri
Mini Rex
Baptist Ridge Rabbitry
We focus on breeding for top show quality Mini Rex bunnies. We do have pet quality rabbits and a range of show quality rabbits available. Contact us by phone or at Baptist Ridge Rabbitry on face book.

Marcy Ritchey
Washington, MO
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
M.R. Lops Rabbitry
Hi, we are a small rabbitry in Washington, MO, which is about an hour west of St. Louis. Here we raise pedigreed Holland Lops and Mini Rexes that are good for showing, breeding, and/or for pets. I am a member of ARBA and I am in 4-H. We are also working on a breed called the Plush Lop, not yet recognized by ARBA. They have the soft, rex coat of the Mini Rex and the lopped ears of the Holland Lop. We handle our babies daily so they’re all very friendly. Please feel free to check out our website and email if you have any questions.

Andy & Esther Zeman
Webb City, Missouri
New Zealands (whites & Reds, and in the future Blacks)
Lighthouse Farms Rabbitry
New Zealand meat rabbits in white, red, and black with breeding stock available. Indoor, insulated roof.

Jessica & Danielle Schmitt & Hiltibran
West Plains, Missouri
Rex & Mini Rex
Second Chance Sisters
Our Main breed is Rex and we specialize in Chinchilla, Sable, and White. Though we also breed and raise recognized varieties of Castor, Red, Tri-Color, Black Otter, Blue Otter, Chocolate Otter, Lilac Otter, Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac. As well as a few unrecognized varieties such as Sallander, Ermine, Silver Marten, Harlequin, and Booted Brokens.
In Mini Rex we breed for Magpies, as well as Chinchillas, Chocolate Harlequins, Chocolate Piebalds, and Chocolates.

Emilia Martinez
West Plains, Missouri
Holland Lop, Mini Lop, English Lop, Red New Zealand, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarf, Giant Chinchilla
Floppy Acres Rabbitry
We raise show, brood, and pet quality rabbits. Pedigrees available.

Samantha Makatchie
West Plains, Missouri
Sam’s Farms
2 Dutch rabbits girl and boy one walks on leash .
West plains mo

Amber Root
West Plains, Missouri
English Angora, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
Grass Roots Rabbitry
A small Rabbitry located in southern Missouri. I raise quality English angora, Netherland dwarf, and holland lop rabbits. They are my babies and are well cared for and socialized.

Kent Kranawetter
Whitewater, Missouri
Palomino, Californian, Champagne D’Argent, Chinchilla, Cinnamon, Dutch Crosses
Whistling Hills Rabbitry
We have 7 does. We sell fryers and breeding stock. Whatever color rabbit you want, we probably have it.

Naomi Brown
Wildwood, Missouri
Mini Rex
Jack&David’s Rabbitry
Jack & David’s Rabbitry provides show and pet bunnies. We are a same family ran rabbitry. Our bunnies get time to play in the yard. Along with feed a great diet. This produces happy and healthy rabbits.

Kynlea Huskey
Williamsburg, Missouri
New Zealand, Mini Rex ,Lops, and Dutch
Bunny Barn
I run a small rabbitry in Williamsburg mo I raise new Zealand, dutch, lionheads, and mini rex

Tina Crites
Williamsville, Missouri
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, Dwarf Hotot, Mini Rex
Its a Bunnie Thang
My rabbitry is located in beautiful Southeast Missouri. I currently raise pedigreed or pet quality Holland lops, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, and Dwarf Hotots. I plan to add French lops into my rabbitry in the near future. My rabbits are given daily attention and babies are used to being handled since birth. I have many different colors available year round as my rabbitry is in a heat/ac building. Please view my website and contact me with any questions.

Amanda Wickham
Winfield, Missouri
Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Sleet Kids
My son started 4-H last year and was in rabbits. we had a lot of fun with it and kept going with it.

Richard Underwood
Windsor, Missouri
Californian, Californian-Dutch-Flemish Giant and Flemish New Zealand crosses
Underwood and Associates Friendly Livestock
We are a friendly family farm llc we believe in doing whats right and we treat our animals as family we have sheep as well right now due to the time of year there is none at this time we would be glad to serve you so stop on by or call one of us.we will be glad to assist you and your needs.

Rob & Tina Bougeno
Wright City, Missouri
Lionheads, Jersey Woolies, English Angoras, Mini Rex, Lops, Dwarf Hotots
Little Angels Farms
We are a small rabbitry that got started in 2004 after adopting a Mini Lop and a bred Californian, after that we were hooked!
We quickly fell in love with the Lionheads and soon added them to our family and have raised them ever since!
I have several breeds that I love, but Lionheads definitely steal 1st place!
My son also raises Mini Lops and Mini Rex. We finally recently became members of ARBA and are glad to be a part!!

Susan Muska
Yukon, Missouri
Californians, Lops, New Zealand Whites
5 Acre Bramble Rabbitry
A growing rabbitry since 2010, raising meat rabbits without medication or chemicals in an open air environment. We are located in Texas county and frequently sell rabbits at the Cabool Flea Market on Saturdays.

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