ND Junior Buck – Broken Orange


Seller Name: Mary Turney
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Rabbit Breed(s): Netherland Dwarf
Rabbitry Website: Autumn Ridge Rabbitry

ND Junior Buck – Broken orange for sale. Born 11/10/2014. Current weight 1lb 14oz Genotype A_BbC_Dd-eeEnen Based on the % of color (which is less than 10%), this little bunny is not showable. He is very friendly and curious and very good with kids. He would also be great in a breeding program for oranges or brokens. $45. If you have questions or would like to see the bunny in person please call Mary at 260-637-8629.

Seller Email: mary3791@frontier.com
Seller Phone: (260)637-8629

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
ND Junior Buck – Broken Orange