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Kari Covey
Alliance, Nebraska
Netherland Dwarf
KJC Rabbitry
Pedigreed Netherland Dwarf rabbits from Champion lines. Current colors of breeding stock inlude black otter, chestnut, opal, and broken opal with genetics of blue, black, chinchilla, steel, and silver martin.

Kathy Bletscher
Beatrice, Nebraska
Jersey Wooly, French Angoras, French Lops
Bletscher Rabbitry
We have owned many breeds of rabbits for several years. This is our first year of breeding. We have litters of show quality Jersey Woolies year round.

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Laura Day
Bellevue, Nebraska
Florida White and Dwarf Hotots
Bellevue Bunnies
We are a small rabbitry raising Florida Whites and Dwarf Hotots. We show at 4-h and ARBA rabbit shows

Jim Zimmerman
Blue Springs, Nebraska
New Zealand, Californians
Zimmerman Farms
We have excellent breeding stock of New Zealand and Californian meat rabbits for 4H projects,pets or to supply your family with a very healthy protein alternative
Our rabbits are on all natural feed pellets and prairie hay

Amber Boyd
Brownville, Nebraska
Flemish Giant, Rex-Minutcher, Rex-Dutch-Satin rabbits, Lops, New Zealand-the smallest rabbit breeds
therapeutic rabbitry
I teach animals to help in any way that thay can..i am disabled . i have ptsd and epilepsy

Stephanie Lindell
Cairo, Nebraska
Flemish Giant and Holland Lop
Rockin Rabbits
All my rabbits are spoiled healthy and happy. I enjoy all of my rabbits they are handled very frequently and I spend a lot of time with them they love people. I currently have two Does in Holland Lops that I breed and one Flemish Giant that is breeding.

Shelby Kriss
Chadron, Nebraska
Standard Rex, Harlequins
Fur Master Rabbitry
Hey! Will have young fresh rabbits available 2020. With nest boxes in cages I can keep track of anyone who may be looking for rex or harliquins. Prices starting at $45.00 each. Registered standard rex stock in black, blue, opal, white, tri, chinchilla, amber, otter, lynx, castor, tort, piedbald, solids and brokens.
Japanese Harlequins in blue and black
Magpie Harlequins
Pics of litters or upcoming pairings upon request! Thanks

Mikah Kavan
Colon, Nebraska
Netherland Dwarf
MK’s Rabbits
I strive lto raise show qualty Dwarfs in otter, black, blue, opal, chestnut, silver martin, and chinchilla varities. All of my rabbits are sold with a pedigree unless they are sold as pets. My rabbits are handled daily and I care very much about them. I own a small rabbitry with around 15 holes, I am looking to expand soon.

Andy Hawthorne
Daykin, Nebraska
Hawthorne Rabbitry
Breeders of high quality, prize winning Dutch since 1979.

Susan Rohrer
Edgar, Nebraska
Flemish Giant, Satin
Sugar Acre Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry that raises Flemish Giants and a few Satins. Our kids show them in 4H. Primarily we have Sandy Flemish. We have a few Fawn. Our Flemish doe won the Nebraska State Fair in 2011.

Andrea Tiemeyer
Fairfield, Nebraska
Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Jersey Wooly
Cottontail Corner
Rabbits are raised in a family environment and handled often. Rabbits do come with nails clipped and are wormed. Rabbits for sale almost year round.

Ramona Hundley
Falls City, Nebraska
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Dwarf Hotot, Polish, Mini Angora, Lionhead, California, New Zealand
The King of Hares Rabbitry
We breed and sell quality show, pet and meat rabbits.

Elisa Oberg
Farnam, Nebraska
Mini rex
Still Water Mini Rexes
We breed purebred mini rex rabbits. They are from show quality stock and are guaranteed healthy. They will come with pedigrees and can be tattooed. We will have both show stock and pet bunnies. Find us on Facebook at ‘Still Water Mini Rexes’.

Kathy Drawbridge
Fremont, Nebraska
English Angoras
The Old Poor Farm Rabbitry
All bunnies come with Pedigrees In Nebraska.

Diana Merryman
Gibbon, Nebraska
Netherland Dwarf
Merry Dwarf Rabbitry
Please delete my rabbitry info. I no longer am breeding rabbits. Thank you

Rachel Hirncihs
Glenvil, Nebraska
Mini Rex
Hinrichs Rabbitry
Here at Hinrichs Rabbitry we focus on raising show quality Mini Rex rabbits at a national level in the colors: Black, Blue, Broken, Chocolate, and Otter! Our rabbitry is registered with the ARBA and all rabbits are wormed and fully pedigreed. We have rabbits for sale year round so please contact us if you have any questions!

Sam Hartman
Grand Island, Nebraska
Mini Rex
Green Grass Rabbitry
We sell pure breed mini Rex rabbits

Mariah Ortega- Houselog
Grand Island, Nebraska
We want it to be black and white so it can look like an Oreo plz.

Cassandra King
Harvard, Nebraska
French Angora, Netherland Dwarf, & Flemish Giant
Royal Pine Rabbitry
Royal Pine Rabbitry is my hobby and pride and joy. I only handle purebreds. My first rabbit was a French Angora Doe, and then I was hooked, line, and carrot.

Barb Green
Holdrege Nebraska
Mini Lops, French lops, Holland Lops
Green Acre Lops
I have about 50 rabbits in my barn. Our daughter started in 4-h and that is how we got started in the rabbit business. It is really kind of a hobby, I have been a 4-h leader for 16 years and even tho our daughter is gone, I still do it. I am a member of ARBA and go to shows but there is not alot around here so we have to travel alot of the time. I do alot of breeding for 4-h kids. Love to help them out. I am always looking to improve my herd. Love to chat with other rabbit people. Thank you Barb Green Nebraska gal

Amy Brandt
Howells, Nebraska
Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarf
White Shed rabbitry
This is my son’s project! He’s always looking to improve his herd!

Colten Brandt
Howells, Nebraska
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops, Mini Lops
White Shed Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry. We currently have a pair of Holland lops. A pair of Netherland dwarfs. 2 does and 1 buck mini lop. We also just added American Sable buck and when we find a doe will start breeding those. Mostly show 4H but when time allows want to branch out to other shows.

Deb Bodfield
Lincoln, Nebraska
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, Flemish Giants, Harlequins
Deb’s Cuddly Critters Rabbitry
Deb’s cuddly critters offers many varietys of rabbits. I have mini-rex, holland lops, lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, Flemish giants, Harlequins. I offer show quality and pet quality rabbits. I also have guinea pigs with the following breeds, Coronet, Peruvians, American smooth coat and Abysinians. I also take in rescues when needed.

Mark James
Lincoln, Nebraska
Californian, New Zealand White
M&M Rabbits
We breed Californian and New Zealand Whites in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Claire Juhnke
Lincoln, Nebraska
Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs
Kings Court Rabbitry
Kings Court Rabbitry raises Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. In Holland Lops I breed mostly tort, black, sable point, seal and the occasional rew or siamese sable. In Netherland Dwarf I raise ruby eyed white (REW), siamese sable and himilayan colors.

Skylar Melbye
Lincoln, Nebraska
Palominos, Cinnamons, Netherlands, Californians
Family Street Rabbitry
Family Street is a rabbitry and 4-H group. We provide information and wonderful show and breeding quality bunnies. Our crossbreds are great for family pets or companion animals. All kits are handled from birth and litter box trained before sale.

Jamie Gordon
Maxwell , Nebraska
English Angora
Running Wild Rabbitry
Running Wild is a family ran and owned rabbitry. We specialize in a few different color programs for our English Angoras. Mainly chin, tri and harli. Soon we will be starting our own line of magpie as well. We often have show quality showable colors that we produce. Even resulting in a grand champion and several legs for others.

Rebecca Belitz
Murray, Nebraska
Mini Rex
WillowBrook Rabbitry
WillowBrook is a small rabbitry in southeast Nebraska. We breed and raise purebred Mini-Rex rabbits in the colors of: Black, Blue, Chocolate, Tort, Broken, and we have a special interest and focus on Otter.

Mary Tyson
Nebraska City, Nebraska
Mini Lop, Lionheads
Sherlock’s Rabbitry
A small rabbitry in southeast Nebraska specializing in Lionheads.

Grace Feder
Ogallala, Nebraska
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, and Fuzzy Lop
Feder Farms Rabbitry
We are a sister team raising Holland Lop, Mini Rex, and Fuzzy Lop rabbits. We strive to produce the best quality rabbits we can; and sell show, brood, and pet quality rabbits at reasonable prices. Are rabbits are worked with every day and come in beautiful colors including blue, orange, and brokens.

Lindsey Christensen
Omaha, Nebraska
Mini Rex, Rex
Emerald Hill Rabbitry
Emerald Hill Rabbitry raises nationally competitive Rex in Tri color and Mini Rex in Blue, Lilac, Otter and Broken. We can provide nice show or brood stock. Sorry, but we do not offer pet sales. Please feel free to check out our website and facebook page!

Jaime Kimbrough
Omaha, Nebraska
Holland Lop
Lynnhaven is dedicated to breeding happy and healthy show quality Holland Lops from excellent lines.

Mollie Maresh
Polk, Nebraska
Champagne d’ Argent, Rex, Mini Rex, Polish, Standard Chinchilla, Netherland Dwarf
High City Rabbitry
Located in South central Nebraska. Owned and operated by Mollie Maresh and Taylor Doremus. Raising rabbits for local 4-Hers, pets, meat, and educational purpose.Breeds include Champagne D’argent, Chinchilla, Netherland Dwarf, Polish, Mini Rex, Rex, Flemish crosses and pet crosses. I am a agriculture educator and utilize my rabbits in the classroom and community to educate those interested. I currently have approximately 40 rabbits in my rabbitry and have litters throughout the year.

Creighton Small
Red Cloud, Nebraska
New Zealand, New Zealands
C R Bunnies
New Zealand rabbits I started with a black and a red eyed white it grew from there. I have Blacks Whites broken blacks blues broken blues reds and broken reds. I show in 4H last year was my first year.20016 Champion junior doe over all reserve champion rabbit with Clover my white New Zealand. Reserve champion junior buck with Bunnie bunnie my black broken. Reserve champion senior doe with Tillie my other white New Zealand doe.

Paige McKenzie
Rising City, Nebraska
Mini Rex, American Fuzzy Lop
Jumpin Jack Rabbitry
I have been a 4-H member since 2008 and a member of ARBA since 2013. I focus on helping other 4-Hers to learn about rabbits and know the information they need to compete in 4-H.

Kenzy Feltes
Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Holland Lop
RKC Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Scottsbluff, NE offering pet and show quality rabbits. Rabbits are tame and great around kids and dogs. Rabbits are handled with love daily for best socialization.

Katherine Mueller
Shelton, Nebraska
Mini Rex, Satin, English Angora
Grace’s Soul Rabbitry
I’m a small rabbitry working on purebred mini rex color good confirmation quality and communication wait

Shelbi Starr
Springfield, Nebraska
Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Shooting Starr’s Rabbitry
Black, Blue, White, Light grey and Steel Flemish giants all purebred and pedigreed. Most lines registered and some are granded

Trenton Cadwallader
Stanton, Nebraska
Mini Rex, Rex, Satin, Rhinelander, Harlequin
Trenton’s Rabbits
Many tri-colored mini rex and broken satins. Also a lot of harlequins.

Joni Petersen
Stratton, Nebraska
Netherland Dwarf
Gifts of a Grace Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry committed to producing quality Netherland Dwarfs.

Schyler DeFreece
Tecumseh, Nebraska
Holland Lops
Hoppy Loppies Rabbitry
Here at Hoppy Loppies, we raise Holland Lops and specialize in Torts and Tri-Colors. We raise for show and pet so they are all very friendly. I also have therapy rabbits that I take to children’s hospitals ad nursing homes. Most of my therapy animals are bucks because my does can get moody and are a lot of the time pregnant or with a litter. One of the rabbits from my previousthat is a therapy rabbit at Bryan LGH in Lincoln and the kids love her.We’ve been raising rabbits for four years now and have advanced greatly since when we first started. I am a member of the ARBA and my Rabbitry is registered with them also.

Jerry Johnson
Tecumseh, Nebraska
New Zealand, New Zealand White Rabbits
Johnson Rabbitry
Beautiful white rabbits that are only twelve weeks old.

Terri Donnelly
Tekamah, Nebraska
Silver Fox
Foxy Lady Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry with pedigreed Silver Fox rabbits.

Spencer & Michelle Herbolsheimer
Tekamah, Nebraska
French Lop, Rex, Polish, Holland Lop, Lion Head
Gotta Run Rabbitry
Breeding to ARBA standards the Rex, French Lop, Polish & Holland Lop. Also working with black Lion head rabbits. Young breeding and show quality animals as well as proven stock available. Very small rabbitry focusing on high quality bunnies.

Randy/Donna McCarty
Tekamah, Nebraska
Standard Rex
Mac Rabbits
We offer pedigree standard Rex . Some of the varieties of babies that we have had are Opal, Blue, Black, Black Otter, Castor, Lynx, Amber, Brokens, Harlequin & a variety of Chinchilla’s. We have sold bunnies that have won best in show,best in breed, grand champion & reserve grand champion ! We are a small rabbitry because we choose to give the best!

Pastor Trever Ashbrook
Valley, Nebraska
New Zealand, White New Zealands, Broken Satin White and New Zealand Mix
Ash Brook Outdoors
We are a small family rabbitry that started in 2015. We currently have a breeding stock that consists of 5 does and 3 bucks. Our rabbits are kept and raised in temperature controlled large indoor hutches. Each adult rabbit gets its own hutch with 36 cubic feet of space. Our kits are separated by gender and age once weaned and share one of our four large 72 cubic feet hutches. We feed our rabbits a mixture of all natural feed and fresh greens all of which are free of gmos, antibiotics and steroids. We also sell processed rabbit meat, raw hides and dehydrated ear chews for pet treats.

Stephanie Jeff and Tammy Draper
Valparaiso, Nebraska
Dutch and Lionhead
Draper Rabbitry
We are happy to say after a few years of downsizing our herd we are now breeding again we will be posting on face our progress we are striving to breed a high quality of rabbits to complimenting our fellow breders

Terry Buderus
Wisner, Nebraska
Mini Rex, Polish
Bud’s Bunnies
We raise nationally-competitive Mini Rex (mostly blue, broken, smoke pearl, and white) and Polish (black, blue, broken, and chocolate). Polish Nationals 2015 Youth BIS winner is in our barn! Mini Rex Nationals 2014 AND 2015 Open smoke pearl winners are both there, too.

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