Netherland Dwarfs – Cinnamon, Orange, Fawn and Lynx


Seller Name: Mary Turney
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Rabbit Breed(s): Netherland Dwarf
Rabbitry Website: Autumn Ridge Rabbitry

We have four Netherland Dwarf Bunnies available. Their colors are cinnamon, orange fawn and lynx. Cinnamon is also known as Chocolate Chestnut. Fawn is the dilute, or lighter version, of orange. Lynx is beautiful light gray with a fawn undercoat which give it the appearance of a lilac. These little bunnies were born on 11/30/15 and will be ready for their new home on 1/25/16. The bunnies in these pictures are 3 weeks. It is still a little early to tell the gender (gender can be determined conclusively between 4-5 weeks old). We are a small rabbitry in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We breed Netherland dwarf rabbits for pets and for show. We strive to raise bunnies that meet the American Rabbit Breeder’s standards for the Netherland Dwarf, have friendly dispositions and good mothering skills. The whole family is involved with taking care of the bunnies and we make sure they get a lot of handling and playtime! If you are interested in reserving one of these bunnies we take a $25 deposit. The total cost of each bunny is $50. Each little bunny comes with a three generation pedigree (to show ancestry) and some transition food (about the size of a sandwich bag). If you would like more information about our rabbitry, please visit our website at http:/ Please call us at 260-637-8629 if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

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Seller Phone: (260)637-8629

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
Netherland Dwarfs – Cinnamon, Orange, Fawn and Lynx