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Steve & Susan Rogers
Carson City, Nevada
Tan, Florida White, Thrianta
Snsbunnies Rabbitry
We love and care for rabbits and enjoy showing.

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Sheena Quillan
Fallon, Nevada
Mini Rex, Mixs, Meat Rabbits
S&K Sister Rabbitry
We have all types of rabbits. We have 10 now and are looking to get some more.

Ellen Arbuckle
Fernley, NV
Holland Lops, Mini Lops, French Lops, Lionheads, Lilacs
We raise and show Holland Lops, Mini Lops, French Lops, Lionheads and Lilacs in No NV near Reno.

Tyler Baltes
Frenley, NV
American Sables, Polish
Double B Bunnies
We strive to breed the top American Sables and Polish we can get.
We are at the moment the only breeders of American Sables in the state of Nevada.

Joe Apple
Gardnerville, Nevada
Apple Bunnies
We raise and sell standard Rex rabbits for show, meat and fur. We currently have Ruby eyed whites and Solid Blacks. All rabbits are pedigreed if sold for breeding/show stock. Discounts given for 4-H or FFA members.

Ashley Ponsness
Gardnerville , Nevada
Mini Lop, Rex, Havana, Californians and meat rabbits
Hoplin Rabbitry
Hi, I have Mini Lops for sale. All have pedigrees and great bloodlines. They all would be great for pets, breeding stock, and show bunnies. I pride in my top quality show rabbits and the offspring they produce. I can meet at shows or am willing to drive. If you have any quastions please just email me.
Thank you

Katharine Stoker
Henderson, Nevada
Californians, New Zealands, Meat Rabbits
Chubby Bunny Rabbitry
We raise Californian rabbits and New Zealand White for meat production or pets which ever you prefer. We prefer the New Zealand does to the Californian does. We have found that the New Zealands are better commercial producers. We sometimes crossbreed the Californian buck to the New Zealand doe for our fryers.

Angela Applegate
Las Vegas, Nevada
None of the above, Lionhead
Sybina’s Rabbitry
Small hobby rabbitry breeding for show quality lionheads. Those that do not meet the “Standard of Perfection” will be sold as pets (available most of the time). I have been blessed with a great foundation stock and will also be selling some brood/show quality animals soon.

Sarah Ballachey
Las Vegas, Nevada
Mini Lop, Anmerican Fuzzy Lop
Hello, my name is Sarah I am 24 years old. I live with my boyfriend and we currently have no pets and are very interested in adopting a bunny. I would love these two breeds as a baby (american fuzzy lop or mini lop) if available as well as any of the lop breeds. I have studied they are more likely to be docile and cuddly as get older which would be absolutely ideal for us because we plan on giving it lots of love in our home. Please contact me.
phone number:7079345245
Thank you so much I hope to hear from you soon and you have a wonderful weekend.
Sarah Ballachey

Melissa Valenzuela
Las Vegas, Nevada
Harlequin, Holland lops
Valley loppers
Pure Harlequin Holland lops

Christie & Lindsay Raskopf
Las Vegas, Nevada
Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs
Lindsay’s Carrot Field
I am the rabbit leader with the local 4-H club. The two big rabbit breeders in the area decided to get out of the business. I decided to take over the business to ensure that kids in the area can find quality rabbits for show and pets. I took on 2 bucks and 2 does (all papered) and with the help of friends who know a little about rabbits, I am embarking on this adventure. My daughter (Lindsay) and I are having a good time, learning something new every day!

Jennifer Leal
Las Vegas, Nevada
English Angora, Angora Dwarf, Netherland Dwarf, Cinnamon
Willow Creek Rabbitry
All my rabbits are show quality and 4h kids get 50% off price all rabbits are held from birth till they go to new homes an amazing bloodline.

Taylour Leal
Las Vegas, Nevada
Flemish Giant, Mini Lops, Dwarfs
Las Vegas Willow Creek Rabbitry
Our giant colors include blue and black and our mini lops are always black brokens and our dwarfs are angora mixs call or text for more ifo on my rabbits and upcoming litters all my rabbits are show quality and FFA and 4-h kids get half off my rabbits. Located in Las Vegas NV

Matt Wheeler
North Las Vegas, Nevada
Sandhill Rabbit Rescue
We are a small family operation. We raise american breeds, we have from white rabbits to chocolate, all are rex rabbits.

Helen Bradburry
Pahrump, Nevada
New Zealand Whites, Californians, Satin cross, and Flemish Giant cross
Bradburry Rabbitry
We raise meat rabbits, and sell breeding stock . we have abt 60 does in production at this time , we select from our fryers, for the best breeders. and raise most of our stock, we chose rabbits that are heat tolerant, fast growing and large bodied. anyone in the pahrump area interested in meat rabbits or would like to sell fryers , you may contact me at 775-253-4845. We also have mini rex, and have babies for sale.

Bradyn and Brooke Shenberger
Pahrump, Nevada
Mini Rex, Lionheads
Bradyn Bugs Rabbitry
I am in 4-H and show in youth in the ARBA shows I am 9 years old and my sister has Hello Bunny Rabbitry she is 14 and raises Netherland Dwarfs . My mom and I have mini rex’s and Lionheads and a few Holland lops 🙂

Christi Clyde
Reno, Nevada
Rex, Mini Rex, Satin
Clyde Farms Rabbitry
Local Northern Nevada Hobby farm that specializes in Satin, Rex and Mini Rex rabbits for meat, show and pets.

Megan Butler-Benke
Reno, Nevada
Satin, Lionhead, Meat Mutt, New Zealand Red
Desert Rose Rabbits
We breed primarily meat mutts and believe in hybrid-vigor. With our meat mutts we focus on growth, dress out weights, and conformation (we hope to develop a rabbit that is meaty all over vs. just in the rump and loin area. In addition to this we are working on developing a magpie/harlequin meat line. We are also hoping to get involved in Lionheads once our junior doe is old enough.

Jessi Brown
Reno, Nevada
Champagne d’ Argent, American Blue
Flying Fossil Farm Rabbitry
We are raising American Blue and Champagne d’Argent rabbits for meat according to permaculture principles. We are experimenting with raising some of them on pasture in “rabbit tractors.” Pedigreed breeding stock sometimes available.

Misty Kollen
NV, Nevada
New Zealands, Belgian Hares
Silver Desert Rabbitry
I raise pedigreed and registered New Zealand Reds/Broken Reds and Belgian Hares. I have show, pet, brood, and meat stock available.
(775) 742-7461

Bob Kaiser
Pioche, Nevada
Lionheads, Meat Rabbits
Lincoln County Rabbitry & Rescue
We are a small rabbitry just starting out, we have very nice Lionheads., the babies are handled every day, All of our rabbits are happy and health,

Nick Aboumrad
Reno, Nevada
New Zealand
Boomer Rabbitry
We currently raise New Zealand rabbits. We typically have rabbits available in all colors including White, Black, Blue, Red, Grey, and Broken varieties. We offer both pedigreed and non-pedigreed animals.

Alexandria Cannon
Reno, Nevada
Black Polish Rabbit
Small polish Black Rabbit. I’ve been a foster mother for 2 years now I do not know her age. She does have allergies and requires eye medication (she does not need this constantly, if you keep her inside I rarely see any issue). She comes with a rather large cage (grey) 25″ by 37″ water feeder, some hay, and pellets. A rather large bag of wood chips for bedding. She likes pellets and hay everyday has no food allergies. She runs up to her cage when she wants affection but is not up for daily affection. Hilariously she has OCD and likes everything, where she puts it otherwise, will kick up bedding in mini tantrums and will slam her back foot on the bottom of her cage. Luna appreciates treats she can nibble on. I would love it if I could find someone with a low amount of pets who could give her the love she needs and keep her inside and well cared for.

I’m asking for 100$ flat. Since that was the cost of her cage and I would like to make the investment back. Luna appreciates the room and would prefer somebody who would be happy to keep the cage.

Nicole Varain
Reno, Nevada
Flemish Giants, New Zealands, Californians
Rockin’ V Rabbitry
Now breeding show quality Fawn Flemish Giants. Over 20 years experience breeding New Zealands and Californians for both show and meat. We here at Rockin’ V Rabbitry give our bunnies lots of TLC and sell to approved homes only. We hope to soon have a link with pics of our rabbits, etc at

Josie Leary
Silver Springs, NV
French Lops, English Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Velveteen Lops, Cinnamons, Silver Fox
Lil Leary Lops
A small rabbitry located in Northern Nevada raising ALL the lop breeds and rare breeds. We are dedicated and devoted to our rabbits. We also do our best to improve the knowledge of others.

Angie Herrick
Sparks, Nevada
New Zealand, New Zealands in white, black, red, broken. Standard satins in red, blue, chocolate, lilac and brokens and otters. Mini Rex in blue, opal, brokens and tri
Stonegate Rabbitry
Hello I have A small ARBA registered Rabbitry. I strive to have show quality, happy and healthy buns. My New Zealands are from exceptional lines and do very well on the show table, as pets and as meat producers. I have very nice quality lines of satins also. Great for meat and fur, and very fun to show. Mine have also done well on the show table. New to my barn are mini Rex, they are just to adorable and sweet. I am very excited to add them to my program and start showing them soon. I have litters almost year round, if you are looking for something I can also breed for what you want if you give me enough time.

Kaitlyn Parrish
Sparks, Nevada
French Lop, Holland lops
We raise show quality French and Holland lops and are members of 4-H and ARBA.

Donna Stuckey
Spring Creek, Nevada
New Zealands, Californians, Satins, Himalayans
DD Rabbit Ranch
We are a small family operation. The Rabbitry raises quality pedigreed Californians, Satins, Himalayan, and Production line New Zealands. Contact us for further information.

Micki & Mandy
Sun Valley, NV
M&M Rabbitry
We raise quality pedigreed Californians, Champagne D’Argents, Himalayans, Holland Lops & Mini Lops. Email us for our current selection of pet or show quality.
5720 Bozic Ln. Sun Valley Nevada, 89433

Mark & Debbie Aird
Virginia City, Nevada
Pedigreed Satins & Californians
Comstock Rabbitry
Quality pedigreed Satins for show: specializing in chocolates, chinchillas, and coppers. We also have blacks and blues, otters and brokens. Our Californians have shown well for meat pens and are available with advance notice.

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