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Carrie Bascom
Barnstead, NH
Holland Lops, Mini, and French Lops
Live, Laugh, Lops
Bunnies with great temperments, good type, healthy, and color! Those are the main goals of my rabbitry. I raise some of the unusual colors including Blue Eyed Whites, Tricolors, Chocolates, and Lilacs.

Caitlin Hogan
Barnstead, New Hampshire
Flemish Giant, Holland Lop
C & S Farms
Caitlin and Samantha are the proud owners of C & S Farms, located in Barnstead, NH. C & S Farms specializes in the breeds Flemish Giant (Blue, Fawn, LT Gray) and Holland Lop (Vienna Marked, Vienna Carrier). Prior to starting our rabbitry, we made a commitment to quality, not quantity. Our goal is to produce bunnies that not only meet the breed standards but also have excellent temperaments.

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Caitlin Hogan
Auburn, New Hampshire
Holland Lop and Flemish Giant
C & S Rabbitry
We are a small Flemish Giant and Holland Lop Breeder in Auburn, NH. We have been breeding since 2011 and specialize in quality Flemish Giants in the colors Sandy, Fawn, Steel and LT Gray as well as Holland Lops in a variety of colors including VMs.

Erin Stone
Barnstead, New Hampshire
Belgian Hare, Mini Rex, New Zealand, California
The Fox and Hare Rabbitry
We breed Black Otter Mini Rex, Belgian Hare and New Zealand and California. We offer fully pedigreed rabbits and rabbits for fiber and meat. Please check out our website for more information and for availability.

Jess Verville
Barnstead, New Hampshire
Holland Lop and Mini Rex
Little Red Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry. With tri , chocolate, frosted, sable,and more.

Malissa Levesque
Center Barnstead , New Hampshire
New Zealand, New Zealand white
Floof and Feather Farm
Very small homestead rabbitry we have New Zealand white purebred rabbits. We are working on pedigrees but just starting out. Our main goal is producing meat rabbits with good temperaments that are handled often and can just as easily be pets as well as breeding stock.

Alex Dembinski
Bartlett, New Hampshire
Holland Lops, Mini Lops, and French lop
The Saco Rabbitry
Raising Mini, Holland, and French Lop rabbits for show and as loving pets!

Denise Renk
Bradford , New Hampshire
American Chinchillas, Silver Fox
Elior Acres,llc
Our rabbits are raised in colonies

Laura Mckenzie
Brookline, NH
Mini Rex
My rabbitry is a small one with about 10 to 12 adult rabbits. At this time I only raise mini Rex I show my rabbits occasionally off & on. I try to find good homes for my young adoptable stock! And have given stock away to 4-h youth that couldn’t have purchased one on there own.

Nicole LeVasseur
Chester, New Hampshire
Holland Lop, BEW and Otter Mini Rex
Olive Tree Lops
We are an ARBA registered rabbitry. Lovingly raising Lops as a part of our family. We recently added a couple pairs of Mini Rex in Blue Eyed White and Otter to our herd. We are located in southern NH. Please visit www.olivetreelops.weebly.com for additional information and pictures of our bunnies, current availability and planned breedings. You can also find us on FB!

Nicole Anderson
Chocorua, New Hampshire
Holland Lops
Leap Year Rabbitry
I raise Vienna Marked, Vienna Carrier, and Blue – Eyed White rabbits! My rabbits are friendly, Healthy, and pedigreed!

Christopher Greene
Claremont, New Hampshire
Silver Fox, Flemish, Silver Foxes, Califorian all crosses
Greene Rabbitry
Pure Silver Foxes. The rest are crossed with Flemish buck and Silver Fox bucks.

Jason Michaud
Conway, New Hampshire
New Zealand, New zealand White/Red
Jacn Rabbitry
New Zealand baby does and bucks available

Kelly Hodgdon
Concord, New Hampshire
Satin Angora, Pedigree Satin Angora
Obscure Acres
Breeders of ethically raised Pedigree Satin Angora Rabbits. Our rabbits are hand held, groomed, and given plenty of affection from three weeks old on. This added bonus provides our clients with incredibly snugly pets, easier grooming, and perfect therapy pets. We deliver via hand to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and some parts of Mass. Sorry air delivery is on hold due to Covid at this time. Please visit our website for more info, or email. Thank you for your interest.
Find us on:
instagram under Obscureacres (please follow us here)
facebook.com/obscureacres (please like, and follow us here)

Gabe and Erica Ouellette
Cornish, New Hampshire
Holland Lops, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Lionlops
Ouellette’s Cuddly Critters
We have been proudly raising quality rabbits in New Hampshire since 1985 for great family pets and for show.

Amanda Paul
Deering, New Hampshire
Flemish Giant
Paul Farm
Small Farm in Deering, NH specializing in light grey and sandy Flemish Giants (steel and white occasionally).

Ashley Clement
Derry, New Hampshire
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
Regal Rabbitry
We have been raising rabbits since early 2006 for pet and show. All our rabbits are handled daily, kept in clean and healthy living quarters, given genuine care and affection, and are pedigreed. We sell to pet and breeding homes, specializing in a variety of Holland Lops and then secondly Blue Eyed White and VM Mini Rex, but also have on occasion; Mini Lops, and velveteen Lops.

Derry, NH
Jersey Woolies, French Lops, English Lops, Mini Rex, French Angoras, Lionheads
Once Upon A Forest Rabbitry
We’ve been breeding different rabbits since May 2006.

Rosco Anderson-Hardie
Dublin, New Hampshire
None of the above, Continental Giants
Serenity Farm
Pedigree Continental Giants from imported lines. Will be very large robust rabbits as adults.
Lovely natures and very easy to litter train. Make fantastic house bunny’s as aren’t phased by much!
Standard and fancy colors. Currently have BEW, Fawn, Blue and Black. Some with minimal white. Kits will be ready in 2 weeks.
$300 pet price
$400 with pedigree

Bridget O’Brien
Dunbarton , New Hampshire
Rex, New zealand and Cinnamon
Bridget’s Bunnies
We run a small homestead rabbitry in southern NH. Our main focus is on meat production type rabbits that are as friendly as any pet rabbit. Rex, New zealand and Cinnamon breed focused. All of our kits are handled daily and we ensure all breeding stock are friendly and peaceful. We pride ourselves on producing meaty, friendly and healthy rabbits. Please contact us with any rabbit questions you may have.

Zackary Lavoie
Effingham, New Hampshire
Holland Lops, English Lops, Thrianta’s, and Silver Foxes
Hippity Hop Rabbitry
I’m a small rabbitry. The breeds I raise are the breeds I love. All rabbits are handled from birth and have a great temperments. I’m a 4-H member and belong to several rabbit clubs as well as being registered with ARBA.
603 539-6957

Elsbeth Connolly
Epsom, New Hampshire
Suncook Valley Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Central NH raising Rex primarily for show and meat and compost. Please check us out on FB @suncookvalleyrabbits. Since we have a small rabbitry our focus is on raising the agouti varieties (chinchilla, castor, opal and) although we also keep whites from time to time to pair with our chins.

Jackson Mills
Francestown, New Hampshire
Rex, Beveren
Life and Liberty Rabbitry
We are a small family run farm, located in Francestown, NH. We raise mainly rex and rex-beveren crosses. You can visit our Instagram @lifeandlibertyfarm_nh or our facebook @life and liberty farm for more information.

Susan Kimball
Hampton, NH
New Zealand, Rex, Californian, Creme d’ Argent, Silver Fox
Free Range Rabbitry
Free Range Rabbitry naturally raises meat, pet and show rabbits. Our Cremes & Silver fox are pedigree. From farm to table, our rabbits are guaranteed to be healthy & fresh from our family to yours.

Al Chase
Haverhill, NH
New Zealand Whites
Family run rabbitry located in New Hampshire. We focus on raising quality New Zealand White Rabbits.

Kara Schindler
Henniker, New Hampshire
Mini Rex
Rainbow Rabbitry
I only do breeding once every few months to ensure my rabbits do not become overwhelmed and stay healthy. My rabbits are pure mini Rex and come from champion bloodlines in Pennsylvania. However, they are not registered and do not have a pedigree. These baby bunnies are meant for pets and nothing more.

Roger Couture
Hudson, New Hampshire
New Zealand, Flemish, Lion Head, California
R.C. Rabbitry 58
Southern New Hampshire small rabbitery with fifty plus rabbits for meat or pets. Call or text (603)759-8724 or email rogercouture58@gmail.com.
9 Belknap Road
Hudson, N. H. 03051

Annette and Waylon Reynolds
Jarales, New Hampshire
Holland Lops, Himalayans, Netherland Dwarfs
Reynolds Rabbit Habit
We are a family owned and operated ARBA #D782 rabbitry. We strive for quality not quantity in our rabbits. We work with both 4H and FFA kids. Please visit us and have a look around.

Melissa Roy
Laconia NH, New Hampshire
Holland Lop and Mini Rex
New Moon Rabbitry
We are a mother/daughter run small rabbitry, we breed QUALITY Holland Lops and Mini Rex. All bunnies are raised indoors and all have pedigrees.

Gene Ash
Lempster, New Hampshire
New Zealand, New Zealand White Rabbits
Ashire Rabbitry
At, Ashire Rabbitry, we focus on raising quality New Zealand White meat and show rabbits. Our breeding lines are derived from pedigreed, good quality show rabbits. We raise our rabbits in an outside enclosed rabbitry for a hardier and easier to raise meat and show rabbit. We sell our New Zealands with or without pedigree documents.

Sandy Bedard
Littleton, NH
Bedards Bunny Barn- bedardsbunnybarn.com
We are a small rabbitry with family raised rabbits. We take pride in breeding for health and good temperament in our rabbits for use of pet ,4-H and Show. Our rabbits have full pedigrees and live in an indoor rabbitry that we built for them. They are all handled daily.

Loudon, NH
English Lop
Daisy Patch Rabbitry
Daisy patch rabbitry specializes in English Lops for show and as pets. A real “fancy” breed, we have been raising these beauties for more then 15 years.

Steve & Kay Doyon
Loudon, NH
Californians, New Zealands (White, Black), Satins
Song Away Farm Rabbitry
We are a small family owned and operated ARBA registered rabbitry. We strive for quality not quantity in our rabbits, breeding for health and good temperament. Our Californian and White New Zealand rabbits come from champion lines and have full pedigrees. We keep only stock that have good temperaments and features and will improve the standard for that breed. All of our breeding stock live in an indoor rabbitry, safe from the elements, in spacious hutches that we built for them and all of the adults and kits are handled daily. Our main focus is on rabbit education and helping folks pick the correct rabbits for their rabbitries. And we promise continued support even after the sale. You can find us on Facebook, email us or check out our website: songawayfarm.weebly.com to see what stock is available and what is happening at Song Away!

The Hickey Family
Loudon, New Hampshire
Mini Lop, Flemish Giant, New Zealand
Hop-Up Rabbitry
We are a family run Rabbitry with 13 years of experience. We raise meat, pedigreed and pet quality rabbits that are great with kids and other pets (including dogs, cats and goats). We welcome you to visit us in Loudon, NH and call with any questions at 7742762013 or 5082773197.

Elle Whiteman
Manchester, New Hampshire
Netherland dwarf
Playful sweet cuddly

Susan McGowan
Mason, NH
Mini Lops
Living Waters Rabbitry
We strive to breed and raise purebred, show quality mini lops with type and temperment being our top priority. We are a small family rabbitry which allows us to spend quality time caring for our rabbits. We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Mini Lop Club of America, and are involved with our local 4-H Thumpers club.

Milford/Wilton, NH
Mini Rex (Blue eyed white), Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarf (Harlequin varieties and Champagnes)
Lily’s Rabbit Hole
We have been raising rabbits for nearly 40 years in beautiful Southern NH. Learning about this intelligent animal through observation, genetics, research, and first hand experience has truly helped us in our different breeding programs and rabbit agility training. We raise our rabbits for show and pet, with focus on great personality as an important aspect in all we raise. Always up for a challenge, we first focused on improving the Blue Eyed White variety of Mini Rex and did so with gusto, receiving accolades from ARBA judges nationwide. Our hard work paid off with numerous Grand Champions and even Best of Breed wins pretty quickly. We continue to strive for the very best in this one breed and variety as our main focus for the show table. Next we spent time developing our Velvet Lions (small sized rabbits with rex fur and manes) and a line of Micro Rex (dwarf sized bunnies with plush rex fur) as well. After that we became obsessed with bringing the Harlequin Varieties of Netherland Dwarf to New England. After many years of selective breeding and culling, we have all three Harlequin Varieties (Harlequin, Magpie and Tricolor) in all four colors (Black, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac) of the Netherland Dwarf breed; and which meet ARBA’s SOP for the breed itself. We are very proud of our work in this venue and hope to one day apply for a COD in the Tricolor Variety of Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. Finally, we are now working on our own type of Dwarf Velour Lop. We have incorporated our Micro Rex lines with tiny Holland Lops to ultimately have tiny dwarf sized rabbits with plush rex fur and a lopped ear carriage… this is still a work in progress as it stands in January 2012 and, although we have the size down to 2 – 2 1/2 lbs, with a great plush dense rex fur, we are still challenged with the needed modifiers for a good lopped ear carriage. It does seem to be soon on the horizon however, and we hope to have these beautiful, friendly, tiny bunnies available to the general public soon. Wishing everyone the best in all their bunny ventures! Lily :o)

Deborah Collins
Milton, NH
Mini Lops, French Lops, Holland Lops
Rockcastle Rabbits
Rockcastle Rabbits is a small rabbitry in New Hampshire raising Mini lops, French lops, and Holland lops for pets, breeding, and showing.
14 Backjaw rd. Milton, New Hampshire 03851

Bri & Ariel Desfosses
Mont Vernon, New Hampshire
Flemish Giants, Velveteen Lops/ Astrex Lops, Standard Rex
B.A. Rabbitry & Fox’s Pride Dairy Goats
While we are most active with our American Dairy Goat Assoc. registered dairy goats, the rabbits we consider our “hobby” part of the farm. Fox’s Pride has been established since 1968. We enjoy raising a variety of rabbits for pets and breeders. We were fortunate enough to secure 2 beautiful purebred Flemish Giant does, one orange/black Harlequin, and one Blue/White Magpie. Our buck is a fawn and they have produced broken colored kits. Our Flemish range from 20-22 lbs. They are just eye catching with their flashy coats! We also recently ventured into Velveteen Lops. Our broken blue doe always had a slight wave to her coat but much to our surprise she produced a litter of astrex velveteen lops with beautiful type, long ears, and curly hair! All the kits in the litter did have wavy hair, with one having perfect ringlets. We instantly fell in love and are on a venture to pursue our curly little lops! We also raise a few Standard Rex on the side, and a Mini Lop litter from time to time. We do not ship, however can deliver to some locations in MA and ME if traveling to a dairy goat show. We do not show the rabbits but enjoy raising them. Please email with any questions or to find out our availability.

Sherry Diamond
Mont Vernon, NH
Holland Lops
Starry Sky Farm Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in southern NH breeding Holland Lops. We are members of the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association (ARBA) and the Essex County Rabbit & Cavy Breeder’s Association. We like to say our rabbits come with free “customer support” – buyers are welcome to email or call with questions or concerns whether they’ve had their rabbit for a day or several years.

Kimberly Pena
Nashua, New Hampshire
Holland Lop, lops
Live Laugh Lops
The rabbitry is located no more then an hour and a half from Nashua.

Susan Bascom
Nottingham, NH
Lionheads, Velvetlions, Lionlops, Astrex
Mane Lions
I have a small 40 hole rabbitry. I breed show and pet quality lionheads. I am also working on mixing the lionhead with other breeds to make stunning Velvet lions and the sweet lionlops.

Janet Pulling
Orange, New Hampshire
Netherland Dwarfs
Second Chance Rescue
Small dwarf breeding facility.

Cheryl Lang
Ossipee, NH
Thrianta, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Silver Fox
Aisling Farm Rabbitry
I guess we could have called ourselves Rerun or Redo Rabbitry – this is a third generation of kids doing rabbits in our family – starting with me! I raised and showed rabbits and was in 4-H, my kids raised and showed rabbits and I was the County Co-ordinator for the Rabbit Program, and our grandson, who lives with us, is raising and showing rabbits. Lo and behold, I am in 4-H again! In total, it’s been well over 20 years for me. (even more in 4-H!) For Tyler, it’s been just over a year. Our breeding program is carefully thought out, rabbits are handled daily with love and care, and we make every effort to place our rabbits in the best of homes.

Amy Harrington
Pembroke, New Hampshire
Holland Lops
Windy Green Hills Rabbitry
We are a small home based rabbitry breeding quality pedigree Holland Lops. I focus on health, temperament, and the breed standard. All our rabbits/babies are handled daily, live in large cages in a clean well ventilated barn. Please visit my website for more details!

Cara Lavoie
Salem, New Hampshire
French Angora, Lionheads
Heavenly Homesteaders
We are a family run Rabbitry located in Salem, NH. Our bunnies are raised with access to fresh air and vitamin D. All babies stay with their moms until they are ready for their new homes. Our bunnies are raised with love and are held daily by children and adults. We can meet within reasonable distance for a 10$ travel fee if your unable to come to us. Our Lionheads are 50$ each and we are asking 70$ for our French Angoras.

Nancy Rousseau
Shelburne, New Hampshire
German Hybrid Angoras
You’ve come to meet my velvet goddess!
I have 5 unregistered German Hybrids for Sale ready to go July 1st 2015! Please check with me for more information. I also have 3 unreg. German bucks that are a year old. A black, one light brown and a chocolate going for $20. each or less if you buy more!
If your in the process of finding a rabbit(s) to enrich your fiber, look no more! When I mate my French/German/Satin Doe named Mitzi is mated with my German/French/Giant Buck Chaz we’re talking quality fiber to the max! I also have some unregistered Germans that I sell from time to time. Always check with me to see what’s available! Because our rabbits are from good stock they make great fiber pets and very good for children old enough for 4-h but not younger please. Angora Rabbits make great pets but are ideal for spinners and other fiber artists looking for their own fiber source, or someone’s special pet because extra care with their fur is required. They are friendly and very intelligent, raised in my home so their handled everyday! .They are handled since birth everyday and are very friendly But I will be having some litters come spring! So please feel free to check with me come spring, or sooner if you have any questions

Holly Bureau
Southern, New Hampshire
Holland Lops, French Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Panda Bear Kennel and Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry in NH. We have lots bunnies to look at just contact us if you want a bunny or just a question about rabbits. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Paul Gilberti
Southern, New Hampshire
Giant Chinchilla, New Zealand Whites, NZW/Cal Cross
The Rabbits RUn
We primarily raise meat rabbits. Some for pets. Our Chinchillas all have pedigrees.

Southern NH
Dwarfs, Lops, Femish, Mini Rex, Lionhead
Rosies Backyard Bunnies
We are a small rabbitry located in Southern NH. We raise all different lines from Dwarf to Flemish also includes the rare Velvet Lion.

Bill & Betty Homeyer
Stoddard, NH
Silver Foxes, Satins, Californias
Liberty’s Home
Liberty’s Home specializes in Silver Fox, Satin, and California breeds, breeding for quality and temperament. All are housed in a protected indoor facility, and are handled daily to encourage friendliness and responsiveness to human contact. Please email us for further information, as well as stock availability.

Rebecca Lazzaro
Stoddard , New Hampshire
Silver Fox
Ray of Sunshine Farm
We are a small, family owned farm who love raising silver fox rabbits! We currently have a small herd and are in the process of expanding. Our main focus is quality of life and preservation of breed. We are members of the ARBA and also listed with Global Pedigree.

Jacque Lamoureaux
Twin Mountain, New Hampshire
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Dwarf Hotot, Thrianta
Jacque’s Rabbitat
We are a small rabbitry located in Twin Mountain, NH. We raise Netherland Dwarfs- and sometimes have other breeds. It all started out as an educational project for a vocational agricultural education program and has grown over the past years into a family run project!

Heidi Nippe
Weare , New Hampshire
Holland Lops
Waterside Down Rabbitry
Member ARBA REG #NIPPHEOO EXP: 05/01/2015. Rabbitry Reg: D1875. Member Holland Lop Specialty Club. Breeding to the standard of the American Rabbit Breeders Association. And trying to improve on the breed. All of my rabbits are sweet and loveable weather for the show table or a family pet. The size of the Holland lop 4 pounds and under make for a great pet for the children to handle.They have been raised in climate control so will not do well in the harsh winters outside. They are all held by me and the grandchildren daily so are very social. My dogs Harley a yorkie and Peaches a Bichon are in the rabbitry with them and lay beside their playpens and just hang with the ones who get to roam loose.

Paolamantina Grullon-Livingstone
Wentworth, New Hampshire
Satin Angora, Giant Angoras
Living Stone Farm
Living Stone Farm’s Rabbitry specializes in breeding Giant and Satin Angoras. Our rabbits are well cared for and they come with a full pedigree. You may register your rabbit at a show near you if you choose to show them. They make great pets as they are socialized since birth by our 3 young kids and several adults.

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