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Erika Dickerson & Donna Fillmore
Addison, NY & Cameron Mills, NY
French Lop, Holland Lop, Fuzzy Lop, Standard Chinchillas & a few English Lops and Mini Rex
Eureka’s Rabbits
We are a single rabbitry divided now between 2 locations. We have been raising and showing rabbits now for over 15 years. Our main breed has always been the French Lops. We have dabbled with just about every breed out there.
607-359-3433 or 607-792-3487

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Bonnie Walters
Afton, New York
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites and Blacks, Flemish Giants Sandy Colored
Bonnie’s Bunnies
Have available black New Zealand pedigreed. Also whites, first generation [no pedigree at this time] and Flemish Giants, sandy colored varieties, first generation [no pedigree at this time].

Jamie Thurlow
Albany, New York
English Lops
Hoppy Go Lucky Rabbitry
We specialize in English Lops; raising show quality rabbits in Upstate New York. Our goal is to perfect the breed not only for type, but for personality as well. We spend several hours a day in our rabbitry giving each and every rabbit one-on-one time essential to socialization and happiness and all of our babies are handled extensively since birth. Not only do most of our rabbits meet show quality standards, but they also make loving house pets. Check out our Nursery Page for current litters – our kits will make you melt! We hope you enjoy our rabbits as much as we do. Find us on Facebook for current updates!

Salina Raby
Alcove, New York
Netherland dwarf, Continental giants, Flemish giants
Sunshine Hill Farm & Rabbitry
At Sunshine Hill we breed Giants and Netherland Dwarfs. We do breed meat rabbits.

Anita Trautwein
Alden, New York
Mini Satins, American Chinchilla, Havana, Holland Lop, Rex
Windy Willows Rabbitry
We have a nice small rabbitry, we have about 100 rabbits. My daughter Jeanette, son Joe and myself raise rabbits and attend shows, we have many registered and Grand Champion rabbits in the Barn. We take our time breeding and cull non show worthy rabbits. What we sell is good stock and comes out of some of the best lines in the Country.

Philip Davis
Alexander, NY
Florida White, American Chinchilla, Californian and hybred for meat
Fattori’s Regal American Kennel and Rabbitry
We have Pedigree Florida White and The RARE American Chinchilla Rabbits, As well as Californian and hybred for meat.We started up last year and building. If you have any question please feel free to contract us.

Lynda Turcotte
Alexandria Bay, New York
English Angora
Harvest Hill Angoras
We are a small hobby breeder of pedigreed English Angoras located 5 minutes from the border at Alexandria Bay,NY….just 40 minutes from Watertown NY and 30 minutes from Kingston,Ontario.
Raised in our home, our angoras are Registered Therapy Rabbits with Bunnies in Baskets.We are fully insured for therapeutic visits, events, and parties.
The majority of our rabbits stay with us for therapy work and fibre arts,;but we do have a few babies available for adoption every year.
Please see our facebook page for information, pictures, and videos.
Harvest Hill Angoras

Jim Lewis
Alfred Station, New York
New Zealand, NZ Whites/Reds
Living Cultures Farm
Breeding rabbits for meat since 2016. Started breeding New Zealand whites in 2017 and have one mut that makes beautiful black brown and white babies. Will be expanding, contact for purchasing pet rabbit any time leave a message if no answer..

Krista Szalc
Alfred Station, New York
New Zealand: Red, Broken, & White
Red Rabbit Run Rabbitry
Small rabbitry located in Western NY focusing on NZ Reds, Brokens, & Whites. ARBA registered. Breeding for health, temper, and breed standard quality. Our rabbits are great for breeding stock, 4-H, Show, etc. Please contact us at www.redrabbitrunrabbitry.com or at redrabbitrunrabbitry@gmail.com for further information.

Casandra Borland
Altmar, New York
New Zealands, Dutch, Lionhead, Jersey Woolie, Miniature Rex
Casamommy’s Critters Rabbitry
Small Rural Homestead in Northern Central New York raising Pet and meat rabbits with a hands on and humane approach to sustaining our environment.

Megan Ross
Amherst, New York
French Angora
Giggle Bottom Homestead
We are micro-breeders and only have one litter at a time, ensuring perfect attention to the Pedigree parents and babies. All rabbits are handled daily and have been trained and handled for grooming. Our Angora’s are also exposed to other small homestead animals and children.

Syretta Linfoot
Apalachin, New York
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops and Mini Lops
S&D Linfoot Rabbitry
I am a small Rabbitry I breed Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops and Mini lops. I also take in rescues that need homes and sometimes rehome them. I have a facebook page called S&D Linfoot Rabbitry https://www.facebook.com/sdlinfootrabbitry/ I am registered with the ARBA.

Glenn Archard
Argyle, New York
We use only ALTEX Bucks to breed our White New Zealand Does, enabling them to be processed sooner with less work & less feed.
Our ALTEX Bucks sire kits that produce proven performance!
We are located between Lake George (25 minutes) & Saratoga Springs (15 minutes)
Off of Route #40 in Argyle, NY.

Cindy Taylor
Argyle, New York
Champagne d’ Argent, Velveteen Lops, Holland Lops, American Blues, Lilacs, English Spots
Small rabbitry in upstate ny, 30 yrs experience in rabbit breeding,I breed quality rare breed rabbits along with new and popular breeds . with pedigrees, rabbits do not leave until they are 8 wks old with transition food.

Deirdre Canaday
Athens, New York
Netherland Dwarf, Tan & Brittania Petite
Riverside Rabbitry and Rescue
I am a hobbiest. I seek out quality stock with excellent lines from well respected Rabbitries and breed to meet each rabbit variety’s ARBA standard of perfection. I keep my Rabbitry small and personal, so I only offer offspring for purchase in a limited amount each year.

John Hart
Averill Park, New York
Giant Angora
Hickory Hill Farm Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry that is focusing on raising quality Giant Angora rabbits,
We have REW, Blacks and occasional blue, Agouti, and steel

Nina Acevedo
Batavia , New York
Giant Chinchilla
Can be meat rabbit and or breeder. 2 years old, male and females

Sonya Cadydd
Belmont, New York
Satin, Lionhead, Pet
Cobblestone Rabbitry
Baby rabbits -kits for sale $50.- $75. ready to go 7-7-16 Phone 585-593-3006Belmont

Karen Williams
Belmont, NY
Pinewind Farm Rabbits
Located in Western New York about an hour and a half south of Buffalo. We strive to produce healthy, quality Silver rabbits suitable for pets and show.

John Barrera
Bronx, New York
Blanc de Hotot
Rabbit Breeders
I’m looking to raise a rabbit of the breed called Blanc de Hotot. I know this is a rare breed and I would love to have one as pet. I have previous experience in owning a rabbit as a pet I used to have a holland lop.Im looking for a blanc de hotot of 8 weeks old.

David Wickham
Blossvale, New York
Polish Pride Rabbitry of NY
Raising purebred polish rabbits for showing and selling. Not a lot of space so cheap prices.

Anil Facey
Brooklyn, New York
Californian, New Zealand
California rabbit
I need rabbit

Carter Sancomb Jr
Brushton, New York
American Chinchilla, English Lops, Lionheads, Mini Rex, Silver Marten, Netherland dwarfs, New Zealands, Califorians
PepDuke Rabbitry
Small Run rabbitry located in northern ny. i try to breed a good quality rabbit and some of my stock are show quality. All bunnies are handled at a very young age.

Mia Love
Buffalo, New York
Mini Lop, Holland lop
Multi color

Lee Gadway
Cadyville, New York
New Zealand, Californian, Flemish Giants and mixes thereof
TnL Rabbitry
Selling pure New Zealands,Californians,Flemish Giants
New Zealand/Californian cross
New Zealand/Flemish cross
Californian/Flemish cross
Pets or meat rabbits…they grow fast!

Tim Gadway
Cadyville, New York
Silver fox, New Zealand crosses and New Zealand lop crosses
Burnt Hill Rabbitry
I have New Zealand and silver fox rabbits along with lops with crosses available also. Great for breeding, meat and pets. Deals on multiples. Call or text me for more info at (518)420-5894

Dennis Day
Cairo, New York
Crescent Valley Rabbitry
C.V.R. is a well kept rabbitry which houses all the members of the herd. We breed for quality and toward the A.R.B.A. Standards… Satins bred to the Standard.
Rabbits available year-round. See Website for more information.

Richard Bickford
Caledonia, New York
New Zealand White and Red
Bickford – Appleton
We show our New Zealands all over the North East with very good results. We have both Red and White show stock available most times at very reasonable prices-sharbick@frontiernet,net or call 585-261-8239

Alicia Thompson
Canandaigua, New York
Mini Rex, New Zealand
Just Fur Fun Bunnitry
Raising quality purebred Mini Rex rabbits with a focus on improving the Shaded varieties while maintaining their amazing personalities. Great for showing or pet homes for youth and new breeders alike!
Small herd of White NewZealand rabbits for those wanting a homestead meat rabbit or a giant pet bunny.
Email is our best contact, phone message for those without email. Thank you!

Piper McAllister
Canton, New York
Dutch, Velveteen Lops. Dutch.
My Hoppy Hour Rabbitry
I own My Hoppy Hour Rabbitry. We are a small, hobby Rabbitry. I currently have 2 breeding pairs. A pair of Velveteen Lops, and a pair of Dutch. I will be breeding my Dutch mid August – Late

Brenda Olivett
Catskill, New York
Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Hotot, Californians, Flemish Giants
The Valley Bunny Farm
My dad, daughter and I have been raising rabbits for years. The past three years my daughter has shown at the Greene County Youth Fair and has done very good. We are a small family rabbitry that enjoys rabbits. We also have a facebook page The Valley Bunny.

Marsha Mcculloch
8895 Tonawanda Cr. Rd., Clarence, New York
Mini Lop
Cookie Jar Rabbitry
At Cookie Jar we work to develope a sweet, well designed bunny that is capable of not only presenting well at shows but also will become a special member of the family.

Brandon & Lynda Heaslip
Clayton, New York
Flemish Giants & Lionheads
Sereno Valley Rabbits
We are a small hobby rabbitry raising pedigreed Flemish Giants and Lionheads. We are located 15 minutes north of Clayton, NY.

Rachel Rouland
Clifton Springs, New York
Florida White, Dwarf Hotot
Rachel’s Rabbitry
I own a small rabbitry raising primarily Florida Whites. Florida Whites are a
Small, compact breed that has great fur and meat qualities. All my rabbits are pedigreed, purebred, Showable, friendly and healthy. Florida Whites are very docile and great for children.

Laurinda Williams
Coram, New York
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Flemish Giant
White Wolf Critters
I work with three breeds currently. All of my rabbits are from high quality show lines.

Bob or Kim
Corning, NY
Bob’s Polish Rabbitry
Adult ARBA member, showing and Breeding polish. Blacks, Blues,Brokens.

Pat Wesner
Cossayuna, NY
Giant Chinchillas, Flemish Giant
Livingston Brook Farm
Small family farm raising rabbits for meat and pets. We raise healthy organic rabbits for our own consumption. We have a small herd of producing does and bucks. We raise Giant Satin, Giant Chinchilla and Flemish Giants.
292 McDougal Lake Rd. Cossayuna New York, 12823

Christina Haley
Coxsackie, New York
Holland Lop, Mini Lops
Lovingly Lops Rabbitry
Welcome to lovingly lops please check out my website for babies that are for sale. My bunnies stay indoors and are handled everyday so they will be comfortable for their new homes!

Lisa Flick
Dansville, New York
Dwarf Hotots, Holland Lops
Hoppy Hollow Rabbitry
Small rabbitry specializing in the rare Dwarf Hotot (black band only) and Holland Lops, including several color varieties. Pet, show, and breeding stock available.

Kathryn Mattson
Downsville, New York
English Lops, Velveteen Lop
Bella’s Bunnies Rabbitry
Big ears and even bigger personalities! We are a registered rabbitry through the ARBA, LRCA, and the VLRBA since 2011. We are also a member of the New York State Lop Rabbit Club since 2012. Registered ARBA English Lops. We are a very small rabbitry that strive to exemplify type and unmatchable personality in both the Velveteen and English Lops. We meet these goals by going to as many shows as possible, educational promotions of rabbit behavior and care and in our therapy rabbit program through BunniesInBaskets.org. Please look us up on Facebook or Pinterest!

Lakee Miner
East Nassau, New York
Loving Bunny Rabbitry
My family has a great love of rabbits. We raise lionhead rabbits, because they are a very loving and friendly breed. All of our babies are well socialized and will give you all of their love.

Mike Murray
East Pharsalia, New York
New Zealands, Califorians, & hybrids of both
Murray’s Meat Rabbitry
24×36 Rabbitry currently housing 20 Breeding Does and Growing. Rabbits Kindling weekly

Hidden Acres Rabbitry
Elba, New York
Mini Rex, Rex
We are a small rabbitry currently in Western NY whose goal is quality, not quantity. Our bunnies are all played with from birth so are super friendly! We are members of ARBA, NMRRC, and 4H. We have mostly Mini Rex, with a few Rex rabbits in pedigreed show, pet and brood qualities. Our colors are mainly sable point, chocolate, lilac, red, tri (red/black/white), himilayan, silver marten and tortoise. Our website is www.hiddenacresrabbitry.com for a details of our rabbitry and bunnies for sale.

Elbridge, New York
New Zealand
3B Urban Farm
Small scale urban farm/homestead. Rabbits are healthy and active. They receive an abundance of fresh veggies. Our two does had their first litter and the will be ready on October 30th.

Danielle VanSlyke
Erin, New York
Thriantas, Champagne D’Argents, New Zealands (white), Beverens (BEW), Rhinelanders, Mini-Lops, Dwarf Hotots
Fire Valley Rabbitry
My rabbitry is mostly Thriantas. I have over 100 rabbits in my barn total. Mini-Lops I breed maybe twice a year. As for the other breeds I am just starting out with them. New Zealands I have 10, Champagne’s I have 7, Beverens I have a pair which I am breeding early next month, Rhinelanders I have 5, and Hotots I have 3 and will breed sometime this fall. I am curently #1 in NY with my Thriantas and #5 in the U.S. I am only 15 so I think that’s pretty awsome. My rabbitry is very healthy. My prices range a lot. Thriantas are expensive, and all the others are under $40 most of the time. Visit my website for rabbits and chickens for sale. Thank You.

Jake Weber
Erin, NY
Mini Lops, Thriantas
Park Hill Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry so I can give personal, loving care to each and every rabbit I raise! My focus is the Mini Lop breed. I breed for ARBA and 4-H shows as well as for sale. I always keep my prices reasonable because I want to share my love for these beautiful rabbits!
303 Park Hill Rd., Erin, NY 14838

Rachel Arnold
Esopus, New York
Oma’s Community Farm
Our Californian rabbits are good for breeding or show rabbit, pets, and meat production.
Our rabbits are laid-back and have been frequently handled by children.

Kayla Bartkowski
Fairport, New York
Holland Lop
Baby Holland Lop
We have the sweetest and nicest rabbits around! They have been held and played with since the day they were born and would make the perfect edition to a family!

Victoria Vrooman
Fort Ann, New York
Lionheads, Holland Lops, French Lops, Fuzzy Lops, Rexes
Cherokee Acres Rabbitry
2098 St Rt 149 E , Fort Ann, New York

Alyssa Davis
Frankfort, New York
Champagne d’ Argent
Brick House Acres Rabbitry
We raise & sell purebred Champagne d’Argent rabbits on our organic farm in central NY. This heritage breed is known to have existed since the 1500’s. Champagne kits are born jet black and gradually turn silver as they grow. They are calm rabbits that make excellent “backyard livestock” providing plenty of companionship, meat, manure, and fur. Their rich manure fertilizes our gardens and their succulent meat graces our table. We LOVE our Champagnes!

Kaya McGuinn
Fredonia, New York
Mini Rex
Lamberton Hollow Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in Fredonia NY. We have had rabbits for ten years and specialize in Mini Rexes. We are hoping to expand to Rheinlanders as well. our rabbits are socialized at a young age and we have two to three litters a year. Our rabbits and pure bred and papered.

Katelyn Hatlee
Galway, New York
Holland Lops
Wonderland Lops
Holland Lops : Tris & Harlis (black, blue, and lilac), Otters (black, blue, chocolate), Torts (blue, lilac, and chocolate, and BEW/VM.

Jo A. Roy
Geneseo, NY
English Angoras, Jersey Woolies, Californians
Borderwinds Farm
We are a small farm dedicated to raising happy, healthy animals. We raised English Angoras, Jersey Woolies, long-haired guinea pigs (Texel, Coronet, Silkie, Peruvian) for pets or show. We will have Californian rabbits available starting the Summer of 2012.

Brandi Foster
Georgetown, New York
American Chinchilla, New Zealand, Holland lops, lion heads, silver fox (chocolate)
Foster’s Bunnies
We provide our rabbits with the best care while they are here with us. We breed for both meat and pelt as well as for pets. Our rabbits are cared for and handled daily. We select the best to breed so you can have the best of the breed.

Casey Hust
Glen Aubrey, New York
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Hust Roost Farm
We raise New Zealand White rabbits for their meat and pelts. We sell them as pets or for meat.

Susan Sacchetta
Glen Cove, New York
Flemish Giant Rabbits
Giovanni’s Way
We have tons of babies for sale. Both male and female. Pure white and others are grey. Please contact us if interested.

Melissa Clark
Glen Spey , New York
Holland Lop, Holland lops Netherland Dwarfs Champagne Dargents
Primal Homestead
Small homestead breeding specifically for temperament and hardy rabbits. We have pedigreed holland lops and Netherland dwarfs for sale. Occasionally offering non pedigreed champagne dargents as well.

Matt Rach MAr – RabbitBiz
Hamburg, New York
Mini Rex, Lion Head, New Zealand, Flemish Giant
We breed Mini Rex , Lion Head , New Zealand , Flemish Giant

Chris Rosbrook
Hamilton, New York
Champagne d’ Argent
Rosbrook Rabbitry
Raising Champagne d’Argent rabbits for show or meat breeders. We have plenty of trio’s ready for sale. Located in Central Upstate New York.

Jolene Pregent
Hannacroix, NY
Mini Lops, Mini Satins, Mini Rex
Hocus Pocus Rabbitry
I Show & breed mini lop rabbits in various colors specializing in Chocolate & Lilacs. I also work with mini satins in red and white.

Sarah Henning
Hartland, New York
Silver Fox, Silver Fox/Flemish Giant crosses
La Luna Harvest
We are small homestead tucked under Lake Ontario,breeding silver fox for meat and pets. I will have silver fox /Flemish giant crosses from time to time .

Brittney Worden
Henderson, New York
Eastern Cottontails
May Roo Stables
May Roo Stables is a gentleman farm that raises and tames Eastern Cottontail Rabbits. After they get a certain age, we let them go back to the wild unless they are to tame to survive by themselves.,

Marissa Florio
Hilton, New York
Netherland Dwarf, Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey Woolies, Fuzzy Netherland Dwarfs, Netherland Wooly Dwarfs
Fluffy Misfits Rabbitry
I am a small Rabbit Breeder and Rabbit Showman. About 100 rabbits. Most are Netherland Dwarfs. I am located: In Monroe County, NY. Close to Rochester, NY (Hilton – On Lake Ontario). I am in my last year of college (2021-2022). My mom and I travel almost monthly to Troy/Albany, NY and could meet along I90/NYS Thruway. I am an ARBA Member. Many of my rabbits are Grand Champions or have produced offspring that have gone on to be Grand Champions. Pets: Start at $20. Love to help 4H showman! I specialize in: ND Varieties: Shadeds, Otters, Selfs, & Brokens. JW Varieties: Otters, Selfs & Brokens. I am always on the look out for Shaded JWs.

Lindsay Whalen
Horseheads, New York
Holland Lops
Lindsay’s Loveable Lops Rabbitry
I have a very small rabbitry with a variety of colors. I have and have produced, orange, BEW, chestnut, fawn, sable point, tri-color, harliquin, magpie, and lilac. I breed them and mostly show at the fair and sell them for pets.

Kelly Garrison
Hudson, New York
Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
Kellys Kritters Rabbitry
I am a very small registered rabbitry and I am a member of the ARBA. I breed and raise pedigreed netherland dwarfs and pedigreed lionheads. Having a very small rabbitry, I can focus on each and every one of my rabbits individually. Each one of my rabbits are extremely loved and all babies born at my rabbitry are handled from day one.

Cher Pompa
Hudson Valley, NY
Holland Lops
Radical Rabbits Rabbitry
My daughter and I starter our small 20 hole rabbitry when she started 4H two years ago. Since then we have become ARBA, YA ARBA, HLRSC members. We have attended the PA Convention 2012, we are going to the LI ARBA show 3/12 and will be at the Rhinebeck show 4/12. We love each of our rabbits and enjoy working on the solid color’s as well as our sable points. Come and enjoy our site.

Ilion, NY
English Lops
I run a small ARBA registered rabbitry in central NY and strive to raise healthy, happy English Lops in a variety of colors for showing/breeding/pets.

Beth Rhoades
Ithaca, New York
Rainbow Rabbitry
Located in the Fingerlakes Region in Ithaca, NY, we raise & show Dutch rabbits. We breed from ARBA-registered, grand champion bucks and does. Check out our website to see what kits and older Dutch are curretly available. We usually have black and steel, does and bucks. We supply a started bag of feed and hay. Sone Dutch are showable (correct markings) and some are destined to be fantastic pets. Our Dutch grow to be 4 to 5.5 lbs.

Jamestown, New York
English Lops, Dwarf Hotot, Mini Rex, Mini Lops
Show Them Bunnies
My rabbitry is a 5 car garage we house 60 rabbits. We started when my son asked for an english lop for a pet, then we found out that you can show them which was the next thing he wanted to do. We went with 1 and came back with 4 and we have been growing and learning ever since.

Dave Bridegroom
Johnsonville, NY
New Zealand, Californian, Chinchilla, Mini Lop, Holland Lop
Bridegroom LLC
We are located East of Troy, NY. We raise for meat and pet sales. We have breeders available year round. We are trying to establish a rabbit meat market in our area. Looking for meat rabbits? Call/Email us with what you have to sell.

Skyler Coffin
Keene Valley, New York
New Zealand White
Keene Valley Rabbitry
I run a small rabbitry in the heart of the Adirondacks, selling New Zealand Whites for the purposes of pets, meat, and pelts. Please email or call me for more information with concerns to prices and such!

Kelsey Barrus
Kennedy, New York
Dwarf Hotot, Thriantas
Hello! My name is Kelsey and I raise and sell Dwarf Hotots and Thriantas in New York. I participate in 4H and am a member of the ARBA, NEDHRC, and ADHRC. I breed both breeds of rabbit for show. I am planning on attending ARBA shows in 2013. I will usually have rabbits ready, although as of June 2012, I have 5 dwarf hotot babies ready in July 2012, I am waiting to see how these sell and if I can sell them all quick, I will regularly be breeding them. Please contact me for more information or visit my website. Thank you!

Beth Elliott
Lagrangeville, New York
Mini Lops
Be My Baby Rabbitry
I am a member of 4-H and arba. I go to as many shows as possible and I love to show my rabbits. My rabbitry is small but my goal is to get it bigger. I want to add more color into my lines.

Jill Gerrmani
Levittown , New York
Dwarf Hotot
Hi, looking for one or two dwarf rabbits
Please let me know who has some to
I am Wabbit person, whole life!

Long Island, New York
Flemish Giants, Silver Fox, Mini Rex
Sunny Oak Rabbits
Raising Blue, Black and White Flemish Giants, Black Silver Fox and Black, Blue and Tortoise Mini Rex. Emphasis on Confirmation, Personality and Health.

Brandan Earnest
Lowman, New York
Himalayan, New Zealand, Polish
Creek Side Rabbitry
My Himalayans are very friendly. They are great for kids. I have Blues and Blacks. I wanted to try a meat rabbit, so I started the new Zealands (white). I have only been with them 1 year.

Rielly Davis
Machias, New York
Rielly’s rabbitry
It is made up of mostly lion heads but has some mini Rex’s, a California , a silver fox

Laura Zielewicz
Maine, New York
Mini Lop, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Laura’s Lops Rabbitry
I have a small rabbitry located in Maine, NY (Binghamton area). I breed mostly for pets, but also for show. I have fully pedigreed rabbits available if you are interested in showing and/or breeding. I breed mostly Mini Lops, but also Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. I have a large variety of colors, including specialties like Blue-Eyed Whites/ Vienna Marked/Vienna Carrier, Harlequins, Magpies. I also sell my quality timothy hay that is produced by our family farm. For more information, please either call/text or visit my Facebook page at Facebook.com/lauraslopsrabbitry.

Michelle Marshall
Malone, New York
Sams Memory Lane Rabbitry
Sam’s Memory Lane is a small rabbitry located in Northern New York about a half hour from Canada .I fell in love with the fairly new breed of rabbit called the Lionhead.I am currently working on providing the sweetest most “well ” put together Lionhead I can in a variety of colors.Currently I am working on the Blue Eyed White and Just added Harlequins and Magpies to the colors I am working with.If you have any questions feel free to call or e-mail me 🙂

Savyon Stewart
Manlius, New York
Netherland Dwarf, Netherland Fuzzy Dwarf
Cherry Tree Rabbitry
We are a small family-run breedery located outside of Syracuse NY. Are bunnies are our first priority and we make sure they go to good caring homes.

Lauren Mousso
Marion, New York
American Fuzzy Lop
Faithful Fuzzies Rabbitry
Faithful Fuzzies Rabbitry is Located in Marion NY. Here at Faithful Fuzzies we raise for quality verses quantity. We raise show quality American Fuzzy Lops. I am a youth breeder who is devoted to her rabbits.

Shawn Witte
Medina, New York
Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch, and Belgian Hares
Diamond Dwarfs Rabbitry
I have been raising Netherland Dwarfs since 2007, Dutch since 2012, and got my first pair of Belgian Hares in 2013. In the Netherland Dwarfs, I focus primarily on Chocolate varieties, along with REWs, Otters, Chestnuts, Silver Martens, and Steels. In Dutch, I breed with only Blacks, Steels, and the occasional Gray. I am an ARBA licensed Registrar.

Deb Graning
Middleport, NY
Champagne D’Argents, Mini Lops
Graning’s Northern Lights Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry of about a hundred rabbits or so and are ARBA members who breed for show. We have done mini lops for several years and champagnes for about a year now and have just started to show them.

Michael Morris
Mohegan Lake, New York
Belgian Hares
Happy Rabbitry
I`m just getting into raising rabbits in New York And I need all the help I can get.

Koty L. Rondeau
Morris, New York
Legacy Hill Rabbitry
Legacy Hill is a small rabbitry of lionhead rabbits. We breed for show stock and breeding stock. We show and help out independent 4H students with there favorite bunnies. Sales, Breeding, and now and then a rescue rabbit here or there are all things we use to give back to other rabbit lovers. We currently have 12 rabbits, two of which are not lionheads, and hope to grow. Please contact us further if interested in seeing our beautiful lionheads.

JC Sawyer
Mount Morris, New York
Rex, French Lop, Mini Lop, Lionhead
The Menagerie Farm Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in western New York. We raise quality French Lop, Mini Lop, standard Rex, and Lionhead rabbits.

Christine Lupo
Nesconset, New York
Champagne d’Argents
NY Divine d’Argents
We have a small, clean rabbitry with only one unrelated, purebred breeding pair from reputable breeders. Both my buck and doe have ARBA pedigree papers and ear tattoos. They are big, beautiful healthy rabbits that will produce beautiful robust babies. We are located in the beautiful town of Nesconset, Long Island, New York. Visitation is permitted by appointment.

Meghan Vitaro
Newark, New York
Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarfs
Frosty Beach Rabbitry
At Frosty Beach Rabbitry, we raise and breed show quality mini rex that do very well on the show tables. We also raise and breed netherland dwarfs for pets. Both breeds are very small and make excellent pets. All babies born in our rabbitry are handled since birth to make sure that they are very friendly. We raise mini rex in the varieties (colors) Black, Broken, Castor, Black otter, opal, lynx and red. We raise netherland dwarfs in the varieties (colors) orange, chestnut, and broken. We breed for quality not quantity so all our rabbits do good on the show table and are very friendly!

Michael Ryan
Newark, New York
Show jumping rabbits
Little Hop Acadamy Rabbitry
Hi, we raise show jumping rabbits in Newark, NY!

KyLee Moryl
New Berlin, NY
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Lionhead, Mini Satin
Kamber Rabbitry
I own a small Rabbitry of about 25 holes. My main breed is Netherland Dwarf, but I do steadily raise mini satin, mini rex, and lionheads. I have Tri/Harlie & Castor Mini Rex, Harlie/Magpie Lionheads, Shaded & Otter ND, and Siamese Mini Satin. (: Still in the process of creating my website.

Shira Antar
New City, New York
Netherland Dwarf
A Rabbitry
I read online that Netherland Dwarfs are the smallest rabbit breed so I would like to get a pure Netherland Dwarf that will grow to be somewhere between 2 to 3 pounds. I don’t have a fur color in mind or eye color but I do not want one with red eyes.

Casey Cotter
New Paltz, New York
Rex, Lionhead
Caseys Rex Lion Rabbits
My name is Casey. I am 29 years old. I purchased my first bunny 4 years ago. His name is Mumford and he is a rex. he is the most mellow animal you will ever meet in your life. Just last SUMMER, i was in asia & was introduced to the lionhead breed. After spending a month with the rabbit, I decided to find one here in NY . I purchased my 2nd rabbit Lionhead shortly after coming home in the fall. Her name is bella & she is the cutest thing ever. she is super affectionate( gives me plenty of kisses) but shes quite the opposite from the rex. Anyway, just last winter, they had their first batch of babies. Cute as can be. Shes had about 6 batches of babies since then. I currently have 6 for sale right now & plan of having more in the near future. They are all black with a hint of brown in their coat with a single mane and long pointy ears. There are also a few brown/tan/grey babies. A few are 3 months old and some are 2 months. I also have a few that are 6 months old. I wanted to permanently keep those but circumstances have changed so im really trying hard to find a good home for them. contact me via email caseycarescleaning@gmail.com. thank you for your time & you wont regret these cuties.

Olivia Hampleton
New York, New York
Flemish Giant
Hampleton’s Giants
We raise Flemish Giants in all known varieties!

Melissa van der Valke
New York, New York
Lionhead Rabbit
Lionhead Rabbit Farm
We are a small rabbitry located in New York and we breed Lionhead Rabbits. This is a relatively new breed that was recently recognised by the ARBA.

Shelly Madison
New York, New York
Lionhead, English, French, Netherland, Mini Lop rabbits available
Exotic Rabbit Kingdom
Welcome to Exotic Rabbit Kingdom! We are based in North America and have been breeding and selling rabbits for over ten years. Between the Spring and Fall (we also sell fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers!) Since you stumbled across this website, I hope I can help you find the perfect pet rabbit for your family. Rabbits can make great pets for the prepared owner and I have the experience and enthusiasm as a rabbit breeder to make your rabbit purchase as easy and enjoyable as possible..

Mark Bourdon
Niskayuna, New York
Flemish Giant – New Zealand cross
Bourdon’s Best Burrow
We are a new rabbity offering New Zealand Flemish Giant mixes at this time. Yields 10-15lb rabbits with exceptionally long ears. Very cute and ready for homes immediately.

Ryan Rauker
North Collins, New York
Silver Fox
Rauks Rabbitry
Silver Fox Breeder

Ginger Nichols
North Java, New York
English Angora Rabbits
Ginger’s Rabbitry
Small Rabbitry located in Western New York, selling English Angora Rabbits in white with red eyes and black. We have a litter of four babies ready for new homes in a week, and another litter that will be ready soon after. You may also be put on a waiting list as babies go fast! See english-angora-rabbits.blogspot.com/2012/07/rabbit-and-wool-price-list.html for price lists.

Don Chase
Norwich, New York
New Zealand White, Red, Black Holland Lop
Chase Rabbitry
A small 40 hole rabbitry located in central New York. Our primary focus is on raising quality New Zealand rabbits. We have recently begun raising Holland Lops also

Alice Santy
American Blue, Havana and Jersey Wooly
Alice’s Americans
Breeding and raising American blue heritage rabbits. We are a 4H family and our rabbitry is run by kids, for kids. Pedigreed kits available now, handled since birth. Care taken to ensure lineage is from multiple breeders and states. $100 each. Once sold we will begin a waiting list and breed accordingly. This breed produces large meaty rabbits who have the bluest coat of all breeds. This once endangered breed is making a comeback because American rabbits make excellent mothers, are docile and gentle, and are all around easy to care for more information.

Karissa Santy
Oakfield, New York
Jersey Wooly, American Blue and Havana
Alice’s Americans
Youth 4H ran rabbitry specializing in American Blues. American rabbits are a heritage breed. They are rare breed that my daughter selected based on their uniqueness, excellent disposition, and mothering skills. Very large docile breed with the most ‘blue’color of any breed. Pedigreed kit available now.

Ernie Williams
Olivebridge , New York
Flemish Giant, Flemish Giant,New Zealand, Holland Lop, Californian, Chinchilla, Netherland Dwarf
Homestead Rabbitry
Here at homestead Rabbitry we sell multiple breeds of rabbit. We sell both for pet and food.
We almost always have baby’s available.

Kaylee Brown
Painted Post, New York
American Chinchilla, Tan, Lionhead, English Spot/Lionhead
Happy Homes Rabbitry
I have many beautiful rabbits to choose some. A few mix breed. But mostly beautiful, sweet, gentle, American Chinchilla and Lionhead! All my bunnies are hand raised from the day they’re born. Very sweet, and kid friendly! I have many references on my rabbits and they are guaranteed in case anything goes wrong! All parents are on site. Please contact me for more info or if you’re interested in one of my beauties! (607) 377-6088

Marguerite Illing
Parksville, New York
New Zealand
Twin Brook
New Zealand rabbits usually available in all ages for meat, breeding stock or a pet. Can be seen on www.twinbrookarabians.com or contact me by email

Syretta Linfoot
Penn yan, New York
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lops and Holland Lops
S&D Linfoot Rabbitry
I am a small Rabbitry I breed Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops and Mini lops. I also take in rescues that need homes and sometimes rehome them. I have a facebook page called S&D Linfoot Rabbitry I am registered with the ARBA.

Veronika Falcon
Peru, New York
Holland Lop
Valley Forges Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry in Upstate NY just outside the beautiful Adirondack Park. I have been raising/breeding Holland Lops for over 4 years now. All of our bunnies get the best care possible and are handled daily. Available bunnies come with a full pedigree and enough food for a couple of days .I am a member of ARBA. (#FALCVE00) Please visit my Facebook page for info and photos of available bunnies. facebook.com/ValleyForgesRabbitry.

Gretchen Clothier
Phoenix, New York
Mini Rex & Flemish Giant Rabbits
Gert’s Hoppy Hares
Small rabbitry located in Phoenix NY. We breed Mini Rex & Flemish Giant rabbits!

Dorothea Prine
Piffard, New York
Satins, Mini Satins, Hollands, English Lops
Story Book Cottage Rabbitry
Satins out of Grand Champion Stock in Blue, Broken, Copper, Red, White, Black and Chocolate. Mini Satins in Blue, Broken, Black, White and Copper.

Portville, New York
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, French Lops
C&D Rabbits/Cavys
We love rabbits show and breed them in portviolle ny we belong to arba and 4h.

Theresa Miller
Poughkeepsie, New York
Dutch, Rex, Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
I am looking for pure bred rabbits that would qualify for rabbit shows. I am also interested in breeding. I have a female Dutch and a female Netherland Dwarf that I would be interested in breeding if I found a nice mate. I am especially interested in the Dutch breed, I know they are hard to qualify for show, but this is where my kids liking is.

Heather French
Queensbury, New York
Holland Lop, Lion Lops
Will be breeding Holland Lops and Lion lops in spring of 2014 they will have a pedigree,all my rabbits are located in my house and pet and handled daily,I am located in Queensbury,NY.

Emilee LaBombard
St. Regis Falls, New York
Rex, Californian
Down to Earth Homestead
We breed purebread Rex & Californian rabbits, also mixed, for meat/ or pets. We also be selling their fertilizer, fur pelts, feet key chains, and ears for dog treats. We also will be breeding Buff Orphington Chickens. We will have a farm stand as well with many options.

Ryley Trail
Rochester, New York
Holland Lop
Hoppy Trails Rabbitry
My name is Ryley and I am a young teen that loves her Holland lops with all her heart and wants someone else to experience it too. Our rabbitry is located in Palmyra ,NY where we breed pedigree Holland lop bunnies that have fun and unique coloring but sweet and loving characters. Any one of our bunnies would be a great companion for anyone or their family. Our main focus is to give people the change to experience having a pet to love and snuggle. Although it is a big goal and we are a small rabbitry, it doesn’t stop us because our costumers give us great reviews about how cute and entertaining as while as lovable their Holland lops are .

Diane Vara
Rochester, New York
Holland Lop
Sunset Hill Rabbitry
I have been breeding purebred Holland lop bunnies for a couple of years now. They are super friendly and love attention. I handled them daily so they are super friendly. We have does and bucks available. All of our bunnies are litter trained which will make cleaning their cages so much easier.

Susan Kouame
Rochester, New York
Champagne d’ Argent
Silver Belle Rabbitry
We’re a small Rabbitry located in Rochester, NY. I specialize in purebred Champagne d’Argent rabbits. These are heritage rabbits originating from France, they are born with all black fur and transition to a beautiful silver color. I also breed chinchilla and mixed breeds. We love our rabbits and handle them regularly. Rabbits are great for companionship, meat, and manure.

Melanie Williams
Rochester, New York
Holland Lop
Muddy Paws Rabbitry
We are a very small rabbitry offering only three to four litters of Holland Lops per year. Our buns are well-loved, handled daily, and free-roaming. We also work with our buns on litter training. Our buns have no pedigree. Our website is in progress and will be up and running soon. Please email us for a brochure of our current litter.

Ava Seablom
Rosendale, New York
Holland Lop Baby Rabbit
Holland Lop Rabbit
Golden brown or black or black and white

Christine Miller
Saint James, New York
Holland Lops, Lionheads
Mills Pond Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry giving personalized attention to each and every bunny. Our rabbits are held and loved everyday. Most are litterbox trained and we take pride in our clean heated barn. We are people friendly so come visit us! Check out our website via: millspondrabbitry.webs.com.

Gary Provost
Saranac, New York
New Zealands, Californians, Rexes, Netherland Dwarfs
Provost Farms Rabbitry
We raise all natural new zealand and californian rabbits for meat. We also raise all natural rex and netherland dwarf rabbits for pets and are hands on with all rabbits so they are very loving pets. All rabbits are raised right here on provost farms, not bought and resold. All our rabbits come from pedigree or very hardy breeding stock.

Indigo Munoz-Weaver
Saugerties, New York
Holland Lop, New Zealand Blacks and Brokens, Lion Heads
The Happy Hutch
Specializing in great temperaments as well as the standards of perfection for the breed. Serving the New York’s Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain region.

Wilfred Lagoe
Schuylerville, New York
Satin Angoras
Olde Saratoga Farmstead Rabbitry
Our beautiful Satin Angora Rabbits are from Louise Walsh’s line of satin angoras in Taunton, Massachusetts. All are purebred with pedigrees. We currently have 4 kits (baby bunnies) for sale. If you are interested in purchasing one of our bunnies please call us at (518)867-7238. Our rabbitry is located in Saratoga County, 5 miles north of the Saratoga Battlefield.

Eva Trimboli
Schuylerville, New York
Satin Angoras
Eagle Ridge Farms Rabbitry
Eagle Ridge Farms is proud to supply beautiful Satin Angora rabbits. Our breeding stock is from a VERY strong line that produces show quality rabbits with exceptional wool. All rabbits have great temperaments, and are great with children.
Whether you’re interested in family pet, wool for spinning, or a show quality winner, we have the right rabbit for you!

Bailey Grogan
Selkirk , New York
Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Mini Satin, Dwarf Hotot
I really want a mini Rex, my mini Rex died a little while ago and I absolutely love the breed. I love the other breeds I mentioned too but this is my favorite breed. I’m located in Selkirk New York. Near Albany New York.

Colton Courtney
Sherman, New York
Rex, Mini Rex, Harlequin, Dutch, Holland Lop, and Mini Lop
C & M Rabbitry
We love what we do and enjoy raising rabbits. We first started in March of 2017 and have grew from 2 rabbits to 50 rabbits today. We specialize in quality Rex and Harlequin rabbits and also raise a few more breeds such as Lop and Dutch rabbits. All of are rabbits are pedigreed. We also have rabbit meat, and hides for sale just go to our website for more info.

Amanda Dionne
Slingerlands, NY
Cavies, French Lops, Lionheads, Mini Rex, Americans (cavy), Peruvian (cavy), Texel (cavy)
Cutie Pie Rabbits & Cavies
We are a mid-size rabbitry and caviary in upstate NY raising quality French Lops, Lionheads and Mini Rex rabbits as well as American, Peruvian and Texel cavies.
(518) 227-5147

Southern, NY
Netherland Dwarf, American Fuzzy Lop, Mini Rex
LDL’s BunnyHouse
We are a small rabbitry located in Southern NY.Our breeds consist of Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, and Am. Fuzzy Lops.We breed occasionally and strive to reach the standard of perfection for each breed.

Frank Keeler
Spencer, New York
New Zealand- Whites, Blacks, and Reds. Californian
Upstate Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry primarily raising for meat, we only breed the biggest. We take extremely good care of our rabbits to ensure excellent health and happiness. We build all our cages and feeders ourselves and can build yours too.
We have big healthy breeding stock in Pure New Zealand and Pure Californian, if you’re interested in starting your own meat rabbit operation please feel free to send us an email, We would be happy to get you started, and we’ll give you all sorts of tips and tricks that we wish we had known when we started.
We would love to sell our beautiful baby bunnies as pets to good homes.
Contact us: Downsizing607@gmail.com

April Riggle
Springville, New York
Holland Lop, Lionhead
Bunbun love rabbitry

Brie Laskowski
Stamford, New York
Flemish Giants
Brie’s Angels Farm Rabbitry
We are a small farm in Stamford, NY. On our farm we have mini horses, pygmy goats & Flemish Giant rabbits.

Corey Luchetta
Stamford, NY
New Zealand, Californians
Corey’s Pastured Meat
I am a small Rabbitry located in the catskill mountains. I also raise meat chickens and soon cows. I primarily raise rabbits for meat but will soon have registered stock for showing.

Amanda Ryan
Staten Island, New York
Holland Lops, Dwarf Hotots
Ryan Rabbitry
We are a 12 hole Rabbitry, Specializing in Holland Lops in different colors and Dwarf Hotots. At Ryan Rabbitry we focus on quality not quantity!

Stormville, New York
Holland Lop BEW, Netherland Dwarf, English Lops
Glacierbay Rabbitry
Small hobby breeder specializing in the beautiful Blue Eyed White Holland Lop. Fully pedigreed.

Sandra Higham
Stormville, New York
Holland Lop, Bew Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex
Glacierbay Rabbits
breeder of pedigreed blue eyed white Holland lops, nice small size show quality bunnies with bright blue eyes and super sweet temperments, also Netherland Dwarf and Mini Rex occasionally available in BEW. please visit glacierbayrabbits.weebly.com

Michael Bourdon
Stephentown, New York
New Zealand
Bourdon Family Farm
Our family started a small urban rabbitry for the purpose of providing our family with a healthy supply of tasty rabbit meat. Now we have moved to the country and expanded our operation. Right now we are raising New Zealand rabbits and offer them to be purchased as fryers, breeding stock or even as pets. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or to place an order and we will do best to provide. Also you can check us out on Facebook at Bourdon Family Farm. Stay healthy and happy and eat local holistic food.

Katalin Fazakas
Suffern, New York
New Zealand Whites, New Zealand and Silver Fox
AK Rabbitry
We are a small family around Rabbitry.We have a New Zealand Whites and Silver Fox meat /pen rabbits.Our rabbits are high quality.They are getting only soy and corn free high quality organic feed and lots of vegetables.They also live in clean environment.Our rabbits are happy and they are very friendly.We are selling rabbits the whole year.They are good for meat and for pets as well.
Feel free to contact us at:
Or (845)653-1684
Thank you!

Frank O’Neill
Syracuse, New York
Flemish Giant ( blue & black )
O’Neill’s Flemish
Small rabbitry raising blue and black Flemish Giant of show quality : recent win Cortland Classic 2015 BOV. & BOSV. show A & B

Allison & Matthew Bujold
Tupper Lake, New York
Creme d’Argent & Flemish Giants
A & M Champagne Dreams Rabbitry
We are the very first ever small scale, ARBA Registered Rabbitry in our small town of Tupper Lake which is located deep in the heart of the Adirondack mountains. My husband Matthew & I are deeply dedicated to the breeding & raising of Champagne d’Argent, Creme d’Argent & Flemish Giant rabbits for luxurious show rabbits, loving affectionate pets & wholesome meat for our family’s table and now for your family too.
These amazing heritage rabbits are not only loved & sought after because they are a duel purpose breed, but also for their mild temperament and superb personalities. They will make a splendid addition to any Rabbitry or home.
All our rabbits are handled daily & started on our Socialization Program as soon as they open their eyes @ about 2 weeks of age. We take the utmost pride in our Rabbitry & our heritage breed rabbits! You can check us out on Facebook!

You can find us on Facebook @ www.facebook/AMChampagneDreamsRabbitry2020NYS

ARBA Rabbitry Registration #D9088

Tammy Orlopp
Waterloo, New York
Blue-haired Silver Fox
Blue haired silver fox rabbits 9 weeks old.

Rich Foster
Trumansburg, New York
Californian, California’s & New Zealand
Mountain View Rabbitry
We breed California and New Zealand for breeding replacements and for meat. we also buy rabbits for meat .
We are certified ” all natural ” . we only use and sell certified feed at our farm .
We’re also currently expanding to a state of art barns designed for high effective rabbit breeding and raising programs. These new barns will house 304 rabbits each . all manure will be stored in under ground tanks ,then pumped to local fields .

Corinne Fayo Fayo
Valatie, New York
Netherland Dwarf
Bucky’s Bunny Barn
I specialize in Black Otter and Blue Otter Netherland Dwarf colors. I’ve been breeding for show since 1996 and offer pets as well as show/breeding stock. I’m a member of the American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club. I also offer rabbit care information.

Ginamarie Lopez
Valley stream , New York
Dutch, Mini Rex
Little chip
Only 8 weeks old and was just bought yesterday from the pet store ,unfortunately I am highly allergic! Looking for a great loving home for this little one.

Vernon Center, New York
Lionheads, Mini Rexs
TuckAway Rescue ‘n Rabbitry
Harlequin/Broken Tri Lionheads and Blue Eyed White/Vienna Marked Mini Rexs

Jane Tilleman
Vestal, NY
New Zealands, Lionhead, California, Rhineland, Mixed Breeds
JaneMar Farms Rabbitry
We are a small operation dedicated to loving and socializing our rabbits and kits. We also rescue unwanted pets, socialze and rehome rabbits. Although we mostly raise mixed breeds, at this point, we are beginning purebred line. Our Lionheads are just gorgeous! Many of our rabbits are found in local special education classrooms as therapy pets. We also raise guinea pigs. Please call us with any questions.

Daniel Padua
Wallkill, New York
New Zealand, New Zealands-Dwarfs, Dutch-Rex
Padua Family Farm
Padua Family Farm is nested in the heart of the minnewaska state park mountains. We only do selective breeding. We are 4H friendly and give 4 H discounts. Our selection vary from large meat breeds such as New Zealand to little breeds like Dwarfs.We carry a large selection of breeds, so always give us a call to see whats available.Our bunnies are hand raised and won many awards at local and state fairs. we raise our bunnies with love with only healthy meals and fresh water daily.

Kelly Buck
Warsaw, New York
Holland Lop, Mini Lop and Fuzzy Lop
Cloverleaf Corners Rabbitry
Hello! We are a small family owned and operated rabbitry located in the beautiful Rolling Hills of Wyoming County, New York. Here at our farm we are committed to raising the healthiest and most socialized pet rabbits available! Our bunnies have been selected from as far away as California, and shipped here to make the best possible genetic offspring, and conformation. We take special care of each of our baby bunnies to produce the friendliest companion animals. A good beginning will provide you and your family many years of enjoyment with your next bunny from Cloverleaf Corners Rabbitry!

Bruce Bernardo
Warwick, New York
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Lionhead
Edenville Rabbitry
Rabbits, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Lionhead, bunnies for adoption, specialize in small breeds

Lauren Olsen
Warwick, New York
Holland Lops
Lop’s of Delite GHVNY Rabbitry
We raise Quality Holland Lop Rabbits! Located in the Beautiful Greater Hudson Valley, New York. We own a very small amount of Holland Lop Rabbits. They all live in our home with myself and my family. On occasion we have bunnies available. We place our bunnies with families as pet only, with 4 – H students or breeders who belong to ARBA and can provide us with their Rabbitry Name and Membership ID#.

Laura Bock
Western, New York
Mini Rex, Dwarf Hotots, and Holland Lops
Vin-Laur Farms Rabbitry
I have a rabbitry of Mini Rex, Dwarf Hotot, and Holland Lop rabbits. Our family established ourselves with show rabbits starting in 1995 as 4-H projects. Those years were a wonderful experience for our four children. We then started showing in ARBA shows starting in 2000. I strive to have quality animals suitable for show and pet homes. The care of our rabbits is the most important aspect, so I always try to match each one with a suitable home.

Deb Pisarski
Western New York, New York
French Lop, English Lop
101 Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Western New York. We have quality French and English Lops that are shown in both ARBA and at the 4-H level. 101 is an ARBA member Rabbitry and we can be found on FaceBook. We rarely have many for sale but do occasionally.

Dana Decker
Whitney Point, New York
New Zealands
D n J Rabbitry
We decided that we would like to raise meat rabbits mainly because there seems to be a demand around here. Our family really enjoys the rabbits. It seems that all ages can enjoy them. We currently have a dozen adult rabbits with bunnies available at pretty much anytime.

Trish Holman
Whitney Point, New York
Giant Chinchilla, Flemish Giant mixes
Where The Gray Bunnies Grow
We are a small rabbitry breeding Giant Chinchilla rabbits as well as Flemish Giant Mix rabbits. We breed Giant Chinchillas for SOP and utilize as meat/fur rabbits and Flemish Giant mixes for meat/fur. Giant Chinchilla rabbits have excellent temperaments, phenomenal growth rates, and are on The Livestock Conservancy “Watch” list. Our goal is to keep this wonderful breed going.

Danielle Leary
Williamson, New York
Rex, Standard Rex
Hummingbird Hollow Rabbitry
Raising pedigreed quality Standard Rex in upstate New York. We breed for type and fur that conforms to the ARBA Standard of Perfection. Our Rex have very docile tempers and love toys; they are always playing with them! Colors include black, blue, broken, castor, otter, chinchilla, lilac, and at times others.

Meg Martin
Willsboro, NY
Netherland Dwarfs
Meg’s Rabbitry
I am a small Rabbitry located in Willsboro New York. My name is Megan Martin, and I show with my mother that has been breeding for 20 some years! We make a great term! Lines included: Adirondacks, Garretts, Blue Diamonds, Bonds, and many more good reliable breeders. We show all over the New England area and where else the rabbits decided to take us! Now in a Coop With Adirondack Rabbitry. Netherland Dwarf in the following colors: Blue Eyed White, Siamese Sable, Smoke Pearl, Himalayan, Broken.

Jen Reagan
Wilson, New York
Mini Rex and Lionheads
Reagan’s Royal Rabbitry
We raise show quality mini rexes (white, himi and chin)and lionheads (tort and rew) in Wilson New York. We treat our bunnies like Kings and Queens! We are working on making a website, so emailing me is the best way to contact.

Danielle W
Windsor, New York
Flemish Giants
Dee’s Rabbitry
I have pear breed Flemish giants, I have blues, and blacks. right now I have 6 kits available 5 blue and 1 black they will come with pedigree, tattoo, 2 cups of feed and there toy

Maria Koons
Wolcott, NY
Mini Lops, English Angoras, Lionheads
Cookies and Cream Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry with 40 holes.
My family and I have been doing this for 5 years.We are ARBA members. All my rabbits are pedigreed and health checked.

Yokairis Montes
Yonkers, New York
Holland Lops
Bello Coniglio Rabbitry
Hello, my name is Yokairis Montes and I am in the process of starting my own rabbitry. My first pair of rabbits where hollands but I really love french lops because of their size. I am located in Yonkers, Ny. I hope to make many friends as my rabbitry grows. I am to raise cuddly beautiful loveable bunnies.

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