New Zealand REWhite Kits


Seller Name: David Sutherland
Location: Cheyenne Wy
Rabbit Breed(s): New Zealand RE White

I have 5 Pure Bred New Zealand Red Eye White Kits for sale (Not Registered).

They were born April 25, 2015.

I can provide any additional details you need.

Weights: (as of 6-16-2015)
#1 – 3.83 Lb Doe
#2 – 3.66 Lb Doe
#3 – 3.84 Lb Doe
#4 – 4.05 Lb Doe
#5 – 3.72 Lb Doe

(I can’t guarantee the gender, I have never been 100% accurate on it at this age, but I am 99% sure on it)

Call, text, email!!! If you miss me, Leave a Message, I Will call you back.

Seller Email:
Seller Phone: (307)212-9191

New Zealand RE White Rabbits
New Zealand REWhite Kits