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MA Fleming
Advance, North Carolina
Holland Lops
Tar Heel Rabbitry
Tar Heel Rabbitry is a small Youth based rabbitry located near Winston-Salem, NC. Our goal is to produce healthy Holland Lop rabbits that adhere to the breed standard. Our main focus is showing our Holland Lop rabbits. From time to time, we will have young rabbits for sale as well as some adults. Please email us for information and to check about rabbits we may have for sale or about upcoming litters.

Hali Long
Advance, North Carolina
Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Oliver’s Rabbitry
At Oliver’s Rabbitry our #1 goal is to breed and raise rabbits that will make a great addition to any home! They are interacted with each and every day and we love them as our own. We offer Lionhead/Netherland Dwarf breeds and no rabbits can go to a new home before 8 weeks. We want to help you find a rabbit that you LOVE!!

Chelsie Troxel
Angier, North Carolina
Holland Lop, Holland Lop
Olive Branch Farm
We are a small farm in Angier, North Carolina where we breed and raise pure bred Holland Lop bunnies. All of the bunnies on our farm are held by children and are raised happily with other animals. Come say hello and bring home your new baby bunny!

Briana Atwell
Asheboro, North Carolina
Flemish Giant, Rex Velveteen
BreezyBri Rabbitry
BreezyBri Rabbitry is run out of Asheboro, NC. Currently, kits are a mix of Flemish giant/new zealand (male/stud) and Rex Velveteen (female/doe). The father rabbit is white with a grey “broken” pattern. The mother rabbit is a black otter/harlequin mix.

Emily Lamar
Asheville, North Carolina
Geeky Bunny Rabbitry
We are a new rabbitry in the beautiful mountains of WNC. We are just starting off with Lionheads which we have fallen in love with. Like us on facebook to get updates on what we currently have in our rabbitry.

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Rod Medlin
Albemarle, North Carolina
Silver Fox, Silverfox/tenn redbacks, Lops
Rods Rabbits
Small rabbitry in stanly co., NC with about 40 holes silverfox/tenn redbacks/lops/.

Anna Ahlers
Apex, NC
Mini Rex
Hase Rabbitry
Raising Mini Rex rabbits in the Raleigh area for pet and show quality. Member of the ARBA. I have a small number of rabbits focusing on disposition, personality, and type. I usually have pet, breeding, and show quality rabbits for sale.

Heather Carew
Apex, North Carolina
Mini Rex
Field of Heather Rabbitry
Field of Heather Rabbitry was started in 2019 and is located in Apex, NC and focuses on selling high quality pedigreed mini rex rabbits with beautiful colors including castor, black, blue, red, fawn, chocolate, tort, broken and blue & black otters. We have around 4 litters a year and all Babies are held daily so that they are easy to handle and super friendly. Find us on Facebook at Filed of Heather Rabbitry for weekly (and sometimes daily) updates on the fluffle and what litters are coming available.

Yoko Detrich
Alexander, North Carolina
Rex, Standard Rex, French/German Mix Angora
Lupine Wood Rabbitry
Our house, set on 5 acres of land, is a gem in the countryside outside of Asheville. I built a rabbitry in the woods below our house where our Standard Rex and Angora can happily live, no matter what the weather! I am a naturally inquisitive person, and I have put hundreds of hours into research, workshops, YouTube videos, farm visits and experience to gather a wealth of knowledge to make sure my rabbits are kept as happy and healthy as possible.
I have between 4-6 Breeding Rex Does at any given time and 2 Breeding Males. I mainly produce Black and Black Otter, Brown and Brown Otter, Lavender Otter, Red Eye White, Blue and Blue Otter babies. We raise them for Meat, Fur and Pets. I tan the furs myself and macerate the bones to make jewelry and other items. We make rabbits feet for key chains and anything that is left is buried in our garden for fertilizer. I provide workshops as well as rabbit help/guidance. I love teaching new rabbit breeders (and often people who have been doing it for awhile)!
We raise the Angoras for their wool, as I work at Echoview Fiber Mill and am an avid spinner. I keep a couple of breeding females, one breeding male, which is a full German and two spayed males. I will spay males for an extra fee. I only breed my Angoras occasionally, so please contact me for details.
We also run a small garden and AirBnB, so it’s a great destination if you want to come check out our Rabbitry. I always keep my website updated with Buns in the Nestbox as well!

Tristan Groeger
Apex, North Carolina
American Chinchilla and New Zealand
Abundant Meadow Rabbitry
Here at Abundant Meadow Rabbitry we mainly breed pure bred American Chinchilla Rabbits. We also sometimes breed pure bred New Zealand Rabbits. There is no inbreeding with are rabbits and all are very well taken care of.

Abby Perry
Apex, North Carolina
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, English Lops, Mini Rex, Dutch
Bless Bunny Rabbitry
Our rabbitry raises pedigreed purebred rabbits. Show quality & friendly pet bunnies available just outside of the Raleigh / Durham area. Specializing in smaller breeds 2-4 lbs. We are members of ARBA.

Aldo Wilford
Apex, NC
English Spots, Holland Lops, Standard Rex, Lionheads, Dutch
Marthas Rabbits
Small Rabbitry founded on 2009 with less that 18 holes..We raise quality rabbits for pets. We are located on the beatiful heart of North Carolina, Near Jordan Lake ( APEX 27523 ), proud member of ARBA SINCE 2010. All our bunnies are consider part of our small family, they are born, raise an kept on a clean and secure environment. We mainly raise New Zealand, Dutch, Lionheads, Hollands Lops, Mini rex, Rex. Please visit our website.

Lory Ann Rubinstein
Asheville, NC
Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop
Ruby’s Rabbits
We are a small rabbitry located in Asheville raising Holland Lops and American Fuzzy Lops. We strive for quality and have show,brood and pet rabbits.

Crystal Willett
Bear Creek, North Carolina
New Zealands, California, Satin Rex, Mini-Rex, Holland Lops, Lionheads
The Rabbit Barn
The Rabbit Barn is home to many rabbits. I specialize in meat rabbit (New Zealand & California) and also carry pet rabbits. Meat rabbits can be purchased for stock or dressed, ready to eat. Also in the barn, you will find chinchillas, sugar gliders, hamsters and mice.

Sandra Kreal
Beulaville, North Carolina
Rabbits and Crafts
We have Lionhead mixes in a wide range of colors. These are not pure bred but the father is. We breed for gentle temperment and appealing colors.
We have recently relocated to North Carolina and want to make it clear that these rabbits are pets and not food.
Our rabbits all weigh less than 4 pounds.

Dave Lembke
Beualaville, North Carolina
New Zealand, New Zealand Reds, Reds, Blues and Brokens of both
Duplin New Zealand Rabbitry
We are a family owned, small, Rabbitry in Southeast North Carolina. We specialize in Blue and Red New Zealands. All of our bunnies are 4 generation pedigreed. We are A.R.B.A. members. Check out our F.B. page for latest availability. Duplin New Zealand Rabbitry.

Debbie Phillips
Bessemer City, North Carolina
Holland Lop
Wabbit Habitat
We raise and sell quality Holland Lop rabbits in an environment like no other. They have 2 story hutches inside of huge 10 X 10 covered lots where they can romp and play and climb on rocks and go through tunnels. The boys are separate from the girls and the babies are healthy with fresh air and sunshine on them whenever they want. But when it is hot, fans cool them as do the huge trees they nestle under which also keep the cold winds off of them in the winter. Inside the hutch nice thick nests of straw awaits them for bedtime. Fun toys are inside and out to chew on and play with. They are handled daily which makes them very friendly.

Heather Williams
Blanch, North Carolina
Holland Lop
Edelweiss Acres Rabbitry
A small rabbitry dedicated to preserving the standard of perfection for the Holland Lop breed. Not only in conformation but in temperament! I love this breed and they make the best pet and companion! They have great personalities and they are so adorable with their big eyes and short floppy ears and such thick soft fur! They love people and are also great with other gentle pets.
My bunnies are raised in a clean, healthy environment and only given the best quality food. I have a very high standard of cleanliness in my rabbitry and it shows in their health and happiness! I give my bunnies daily individual attention and handle the babies daily so they are used to LOTS of TLC from day one! I often have babies available for sale and sometimes young adults also.

Jaime Pike
Burlington, North Carolina
Silver Fox, New Zealand, New Zealand/Fleming Cross
Walnut Creek Rabbitry
We breed pedigree Silver Fox Rabbits of all colors and New Zealand’s without pedigree. Great for 4H projects, showing or meat rabbitry.

Ariel Bridgers
Castalia, North Carolina
Holland Lop, Lionhead, Lionlops
Air-Air’s hopping Bun-Buns
Hey there! I’m from a small town in North Carolina! Castalia, most have probably never heard of , lol ! I’m just starting out with my rabbitry . I’ve had bunnies for years now and finally decided to let my herd grow! I have lionheads and Lionlops mostly but have recently introduced holland lops to the herd! Please check my babies out!

Cecilia Del Prado
Cameron, North Carolina
New Zealands, Silver Foxes
Del Prado Rabbits
New opperation, we have several New Zealands, white, black and red. And several Silver Foxes. Member of the ARBA.

Robin Salmani
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Netherland Dwarfs
Breadbox Rabbitry
We breed Netherland Dwarfs for show, breeding stock, and pets. We are a small breeder and our rabbits live in our home and have a large outdoor garden space. We are passionate about educating others about rabbit care, health, and happiness. Our goal is to share the joy rabbits have brought to our family while promoting responsible pet ownership and a deeper understanding of these fantastic animals. We commonly produce chestnut, dilute agoutis, black and blue otters, foxes, self blacks, brokens, and oranges. Visit for pictures and more information.

Gavin Strong
Charlotte, North Carolina
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Strong Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that raise New Zealand White meat rabbits. We take pride in our rabbits getting plenty of exercise, and a diet of hay and only organic, non-gmo feed. Pedigrees available. Charlotte, NC area.

Sarah Coates
Charlotte, North Carolina
Holland Lop
Bunny Burrow
We are a small rabbity serving the Charlotte, lake Norman, and surrounding areas with the finest pedigree Holland Lops available. Since we are small we are able to hold each rabbit daily, making sure that each one is health and accustomed to be held so that your family can enjoy a pet that enjoys you.

Drew Stevens
Charlotte, North Carolina

Kristin Young
Charlotte, North Carolina
Holland Lop
All Things New Rabbitry
We are located just 5 miles outside Charlotte, NC in the town of Fort Mill, SC.We breed purebred Holland Lops on our family farm. All Things New is the rabbity division. We specialize in heavy Vm, Harlequin, Magpie, and assorted colors; chocolate, orange, lilac, blues an others. Many of our sires and Dams have stunning blue eyes. Our rabbits are socialized extensively, handled throughout the days by our 9 children. When old enough they are introduced to litterbox training and socialization with the other farm animals.

Tyler Wyeth
Charlotte, North Carolina
Holland Lop
Pepper Jack
Holland lop buck who just turned 9 weeks. He is super friendly and curious. He is held regularly so he loves people and pets. Looking for his forever home.

Robert Granato
Clemmons, North Carolina
Flemish Giant, Flemish Giant/New Zealand and Purebred Flemish baby’s with pedigree papers
Backyard Rabbitry

Candy Hardwick
Cleveland, North Carolina
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Holland Fuzzy Lops
Candy’s Lionhead Country Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry in Cleveland, N.C. We are members of varies clubs including the ARBA! We breed lionheads, Holland lops, and Holland Fuzzy Lops. All of our rabbits are kept inside and handled on a daily basis. The great thing about having a small rabbitry is it allows us to have plenty of time to handle and spoil each one of our bunnies. This helps with socializing and creating great temperaments. All of our baby bunnies are also introduced to a litter box at an early age. We strive to have excellent quality, healthy, and loving bunnies.

Ernie Stryk
Conover, North Carolina
Netherland Dwarf
2 sisters Netherlands Dwarfs. One white with black markings (Broken Otter). The other black (Otter). Born Oct. 12, 2015. Both have papers. Grew up indoors. Use to people holding them. Diet of pellets and hay. Occasional carrots and wheat grass. Includes 2 cages (18×40 loft and 18×29), water bottles, food, hay bins and Dwarf Rabbit book. It’s a must that they be sold together. No exceptions. Total cost: $150.

Shelby Warlick
Dallas, North Carolina
Silver Fox, Creme d’Argents, and Argente Brun.
Visions Arise Rabbitry
We focus on breeding as close to the breed standard as well as friendly personalities. We are mostly breeding for meat and show purposes.

Kendra Cabiness
Eden, North Carolina
Netherland Dwarfs
White with blue eyes

Hannah Wilson
Eden, North Carolina
Holland Lop
Blessed Arrows Farm
We are a family with a small rabbitry in Central, NC and raise pedigreed holland lops. We focus on the Vienna gene and the white ear gene as well as harlequins and magpies. Check our website or find us on Facebook for our most up to date available bunnies. Our bunnies are handled daily by adults and children and are very friendly and sweet! We’d love to help you find the perfect bunny to add to your family!

Tina Winspear
Harnett County, North Carolina
Silver Fox, American Chinchilla, Creme d’Argents
Winspear Family Rabbitry
We are a small Rare Heritage Breed rabbitry founded in 2009, we are located in Harnett County, North Carolina. We are members of and our rabbitry is registered with ARBA, as well as NSFRC. We breed quality rabbits for both show and food source. We have a variety of Silver Fox such as the black, blue and chocolate. All of our show rabbits come with a tattoo and pedigree. We do not sell bunnies under 8 weeks of age.

Jamie & Eric Woody
Cameron, North Carolina
Silver Fox, Mini Rex, French Angora
Woodpile Rabbitry
We are a small breeder of Mini Rex, French Angora, and Silver Fox rabbits in North Carolina.

Elizabeth Holmes
Canton, North Carolina
Holland Lops
BlueBuns Rabbitry
We are a small, hands-on rabbitry specializing in blues and blue torts, otters, and blacks. We also have torts. Striving to breed and raise show quality and brood quality rabbits. We do occasionally have pet rabbits for sale, but will not sell at Easter. Member of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, A.R.B.A. and the Blue Ridge Rabbit and Cavy Club.

Allen Anderson
Charlotte, North Carolina
Holland Lops
Apple Tree Rabbitry
We breed show quality Holland Lop Rabbits and provide great pet rabbits to the Charlotte, North Carolina area!

Gavin Strong
Charlotte, North Carolina
New Zealand White
Strong Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that raise New Zealand White meat rabbits. We take pride in our rabbits getting plenty of exercise, and a diet of hay and only organic, non-gmo feed. Pedigrees available. Charlotte, NC area.

Gloria Korany
Charlotte, North Carolina
French Lops
NC Bunnies
I have a very small rabbitry, with 2 does and 3 males at this time.

Robin Smith
Claremont, North Carolina
Flemish Giants, Dutch, Mini Lops, Rhinelander
R.T. Rabbitry
We are a family owned that we do from our home. We give all our rabbits the attention they deserve. We will NOT sale a bunny under 8 weeks of age.

Robert Grnanato
Clemmons , North Carolina
Flemish Giant, Californians, New Zealand’s Super Rabbits
Backyard Rabbitry
Good healthy rabbits great for breeding

Amber Wilhoit
Concord, North Carolina
Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf and Dwarf Lionheads
Carolina Cottontails
Casey and I are hobbyist rabbit breeders located in concord NC. We both have a love for animals and wanted to be able to share the joy and happiness we feel since having adorable rabbits. I know i love the time i spend with mine. We have a selection of Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf and Dwarf Lionheads. We are also on facebook look us up at

MaKayla Cash
Concord , North Carolina
Mini Rex
She is an amazing rabbit. She is very energetic and loves attention. Snowy enjoys being rubbed in between her nose. She is great with kids and loves being played with.

Jordan Crump
Connelly Springs, North Carolina
Silver Fox, Holland Lop and Mini Rex
Crump Farm
We are a small hobby farm located in Connelly Springs, North Carolina.
We began our journey in 2017 when we purchased our property. Our goal started out to raise our son with the understanding of where our food comes from and to share our love for nature and the outdoors. Now, we embark on the journey of sharing this with others too. We have different livestock on our farm including Heritage bred Kunekune. Our rabbitry focuses on Holland Lop, Mini Rex and Silver Fox. We do have pedigrees available. Visit our website or facebook page.

Rebecca Whisnant
Connelly Springs, North Carolina
French Angoras, American Chinchillas, Dutch, Holland Lops, Dwarf Mixes, American Fuzzy Lops, Jersey Woolies
RAIN Rabbitry
My daughters and I love our rabbits. We have a nice climate controlled rabbitry that makes the Bunnies feel wonderful. We have our bunnies on breeding schedules so we will know what bunnies we have coming,this insures our moms get much needed rest to have healthy babies. So if your looking for a bunny check us out. We also offer accessories and training to get you started on the right track with your new addition to the family.

Virginia Schwalen
Currituck, North Carolina
Silver Fox , Californian
Currituck Rabbitry
Small Family Rabbitry specializing in Silver Fox breed. Blue is our main color although we have just introduced some black Silver Fox for genetic diversity.

Debbie/Chuck McCormick
Davidson, North Carolina
English Angoras, Holland Lops
Heart Felt Hares Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry outside of Davidson NC where we work hours with the rabbits on a daily basis to make sure they get interaction and socialization they need.
Also a clean environment is very important for the health of the bunny, our rabbitry is only devoted to rabbits (no other farm animals) with adequate ventilation and insect controlled with fly predators and ivomectin.

Ingrid Griffin
Denver/Lake Norman, North Carolina
Holland Lops
The Bunny Girl
Pedigreed Holland Lops…..Small hobby breeder with emphasis on quality and care in our climate controlled bunny building. Babies and adults are handled and interacted with daily. Very sweet and calm bunnies. Adults are wormed on a quarterly basis as well as babies at 7 weeks. We specialize in BEW’s, VM’s and sable points. We are an open rabbitry and take pride in matching families with the perfect bunny! We can be reached at or call 704-614-9664. Member of ARBA since 2010.

Ashley Osborne
Denton, North Carolina
English Lops, Holland Lops
Redmon Farms Rabbitry
Pedigree English Lops & Holland Lops. Located In Denton NC 27239.

Jimmy Mitchell
Dudley, North Carolina
Netherland Dwarf
J and D Rabbitry
Father and son team that raise pedigreed Netherland Dwarfs. We have mostly solid colors chins, otters, silver’s, and chestnut. But getting into the broken colors as well. Our lines include Bond’s, Smith’s, Rieman’s, Critterranch. We occasionally have adults and babies for sale. Check out our Facebook page janddrabbitry and like our page. Rabbits we have for sale will be on there.

Jase Wagers
Ellerbe, North Carolina
American Chinchilla, Crème D’ Argent, Champagne D’ Argent, English Lop, Silver Fox, and New Zealand Whites
Snow’s Farm
Hello. My name is Jase Wagers, I own Snow’s Farm in Ellerbe NC. I was wondering if you could edit my listing please. We have changed up our rabbit breeds.
The breeds we are currently working with are: American Chinchilla, Crème D’ Argent, Champagne D’ Argent, English Lop, Silver Fox, and New Zealand Whites.
If you could please update this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Sarah Rife
Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Holland Lop, Lion Heads, Hotots, English Spot Lops, Harlequin,
Beach Bunny Rabbitry
Hand Raised Rabbits in Emerald Isle, NC. Pedigreed Holland Lop & Lionhead Rabbits.

Sarah Rife
Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Holland Lop, Lionlops, Netherland dwarfs and LionHeads
Our small Rabbitry raises Holland lops and Lionheads. And occasionally Lionlops and Netherland dwarves. We are located in Emerald Isle NC, between Jacksonville NC and Morehead city NC. Go to for more info!

Drew Cogman
Fayettevillle, North Carolina
American Fuzzy Lop
Drew Rabbitry
I would like to have rabbit as a pet

Robert Fields
Fayetteville, North Carolina
American Chinchillas, New Zealands
Fields Family Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry located in fayetteville nc specializing in breeding quality American chinchilla rabbits. Our chinchilla rabbits come with pedigrees from great stock with grand champion bloodlines! We also have New Zealand rabbits that we sell as pets or meat rabbits. WE DO NOT SHIP OUR RABBITS!! We will try to make arrangements to deliver when we can. Or arrange pickup from a mutually agreed upon location for a fee. The American chinchilla rabbit Is a beautiful and smart rabbit that is At risk of being added to the endangered list so if you are thinking of raising rabbits they would be a great rabbit to concider. For more info on prices and availability please drop us a line at or call or text us.

Meg Jones
Fayetteville , North Carolina
New Zealand, Red, White & Blue New Zealand, Standard Rex
Red, White, & Blue Rabbitry
At Red, White, and Blue Rabbitry we specialize in raising pedigreed New Zealand and Standard Rex for meat, show, and pet. I have red, white, blue, and some black New Zealands and chocolate and broken chocolate Standard Rex. I selectively raise my rabbits for several qualities including: temperament, litter size, and growth rate. I almost always have something available, everything from just weaned to proven bucks and does.

Candace Mosteller
Fayetteville, North Carolina
American Fuzzy Lops, New Zealands, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
CanJo’s Rabbitry
Offering Quality Show Or Pet Rabbits. Please message me or visit me at

Julie Pruitt
Franklin, North Carolina
None of the above, PEDIGREE LIONHEADS AND Lionhead Netherland dwarf mix and Mini Holland lop
We help strive to have our bunnies well socialized before foingvto their New homes we have tlstarting on potty training and nails clipped by the time they go to their forever homes we have Pedigree Bl

Isabel Mountain
Franklinton, North Carolina
English Lops
Mountain Rabbitry
Breed and sell English Lops for pets. Contact me if you are interested!

Christa Barbee
Gastonia, NC
Holland Lops, English Lops
Bunnies Galore
We breed Holland Lop, English Lop and French Lop rabbits in NC. Our rabbits are pedigreed and many are shown locally. We are members of ARBA and LRCA.
3320 Robinwood Road Gastonia, NC 28054

Kristina Hairr
Garland, North Carolina
Dwarf Hotot
Skippin Kid
We raise only Dwarf Hotot rabbits and have about 3-5 litters per year. We try to get show quality babies and also have pet quality rabbits as well. We do have our buck babies neutered before going to homes so they make better companions! Will take deposits if you are looking for a special “eye of the fancy” rare rabbit! They are beautiful and not too common!

David Bryant
George Hilderbran, North Carolina
Californians & New Zealand
B & B HOPPERS Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry of about 70 does. We are hoping to get bigger & better to make it a full time job.I love raising rabbits wheather its for pets or for the good healthy food they provide. In order for us to keep growing, we have to sell also. So if your looking for rabbits , we hope you will give us a call.We like to sell them at about 4 1/2 – 5 lbs. Tks. & hope to hear from you.Please email , text, or call . I am on facebook . Look me up under David Bryant. I have pictures there you can view of our rabbitry.We are between Hickory & Morganton , N.C.

Brandon Brandewie
Gibsonville, North Carolina
Creme d’ Argent
Brandewie Rabbitry
Specializing in the rare Creme d’Argent rabbit breed. We have pedigrees for all of our rabbits. We raise them for multiple purposes. Showing, meat, fur, and as potential pets.

Mark Hinson
Goldsboro, North Carolina
Tennessee Redbacks
Tennessee Redback Rabbits
I breed Tennessee Redbacks which are as close to a wild Cottontail as You can cage raise. They are used for release to the wild for replinishing/restocking areas, for training beagle pups and for stocking Running Pens.This rabbit is very agile and sturdy. They are also very quick footed and closely mimic the lines that Cottontails run while in the wild. I have 13 Does and 3 Bucks now as I have downsized from the 70+ Does I originally ran with the first Rabbitry. I am currently attempting to complete a Book about this Business startup, including HOW TO assemble the cages, the tools used, the various watering and feeding methods, etc and had completed that portion and then I saw/heard a need for expanding the information into Running Pens and the Acclimation of these rabbits to the Pens. So I am presently compiling pictures and more information directed at the Pen area.

Alan Jewell
Graham, North Carolina
Tennessee Redbacks
AJ’s Redbacks Rabbitry
I raise Tennessee Redbacks, I have 20 does at this time and am planning on adding more. 8 week olds $10.00 each you can contact me at 336-512-8847 or

Jason Deardorff
Greensboro, NC
New Zealands
Nates New Zealand’s
If you’re looking for high quality New Zealand rabbits in or around the Greensboro, NC area, you’ve come to the right place. Our rabbits are grain and hay fed daily and make great pets and/or good breeding stock for a food source. We do what we do for several reasons, first we really enjoy the entire process of breeding rabbits, culling and developing higher quality stock. We love the interaction with our breeding stock and spend a good bit of time with them each day. Our breeding stock also provides our family with a replenishing food source. For more information, please take a look at the following pages. Thanks for checking us out and if you have questions send me an email at
(336) 451-3963

Kayla Rouse
Greensboro, North Carolina
Holland Lop
Bella Bunnies
We breed and sell adorable Holland Lop babies for pets. All of our babies are carefully raised in optimal environments as they develop and are well socialized to make wonderful pets. Most of our babies have blue eyes, and all have thick soft fur. We currently have Blue, Chestnut, White, and Silver colorings in our stock. We are located in Greensboro, NC. We would love to set up a time for you to come meet our babies and choose the perfect companion for your family!

Jerilynn Hanna
Greenville, NC
Mini Rex & Jersey Wooly
JRAS Rabbitry
We are a small, family owned/run rabbitry in Eastern Carolina specializing in show quality (and loving pets) mini rex and jersey wooly breeds. All our rabbits are our pets and part of our family as well as part of our “herd”.

Gregory Reinhardt
GROVER, North Carolina
Different colors. I have many that are white with black eyeliner. Some caramel brown. Please contact by email.or text (980) 3182447. Bunnies are 15.00 each. Updated Aug. 9th 2019.

Greg Riley
Hamptonville, NC
New Zealands
Riley Rabbits
Getting back into after 25 years of being out. Mainly for meat rabbits but will sale some as they are available.

Robin Olson
Harrisburg, North Carolina
English Angoras and Jersey Wooley
Fuzzy Butts Rabbitry
I am a small rabbitry focusing on showing and raising quality animals. My rabbits are raised in a climate controlled environment attached to my home for the safety and monitoring of my animals. I breed not for numbers but for show quality. All of my babies are handled daily. I only have a couple of does I breed at a time to not over populate which my cause a waiting list at times. No matter whether a show quality animal or a pet/wooler they will come with a lot of love put into them. I do take deposite of 50% of the price of rabbit whether on waiting list or current animal.

Beverly Barney
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Holland Lops
Bev’s Bunny Home
I am in love with Holland lops and their personalities and friendliness. I am breeding to show the Holland Lops and to provide top quality pets for families. I am a small rabbitry with big plans! You can check my website or facebook page to see if there are any rabbits ready to go to new homes. All my babies are held constantly and are very friendly from day one! LIKE my facebook page at and get updates. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Lois Gomez
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Californian, New Zealand White & Reds, Lion Heads
L G’s Rabbitry
Our rabbitry is located in the mountains of Hendersonville North Carolina. We have been raising rabbits for breeders and for meat. We raise white and red New Zealand Rabbits. We also raise Californian Rabbits. We have Lion Heads for pets. We sell four different breeds of rabbits.

Kristen Berbec
Hickory , North Carolina
Mini Lop, Mini Plush Lop
Sweet Kay’s Rabbits
I have a trio of mini plush lops available. All are pedigreed. 1 magpie buck born in March. 2 does, lilac magpie and sable magpie, sisters born in June. Located in Hickory NC. Can be separated or as a trio.

Steve MacConnell
High Point, NC
Champagne D’Argents, New Zealand Reds, Californians
Mac Rabbitry
We are a small family owned and operated Rabbitry. Our rabbits are healthy, well maintained, hand held and pedigreed. We have a nice quality line of Champagne D’Argent’s, New Zealand and Californian. We buy and sell rabbits for meat, breeding stock or pets.

Shannon & Regina King
Hildebran, North Carolina
Mini Lops
King’s Rabbitry
King’s Rabbitry was established in March 2012. We have 2 does and one buck. Our does are named Snuggles and Sniffles. Snuggles is a blue/gray color. Sniffles is a broken white and gray/blue . Snickers, the buck, is solid black. Snuggles just gave birth to her first litter on June 25, 2012. She had seven babies that are healthy and happy!
King’s Rabbitry is located in the Eastern Burke County of North Carolina. Regina has had several pet rabbits and adores bunnies. Her love of bunnies is what brought about the establishment of King’s Rabbitry. She and Shannon love watching the babies grow and change each day.

Kirsten Wagoner
Hillsborough, North Carolina
New Zealands, Satins, Velveteen, Holland Lops, Holland / English Lope Cross
Rock Hill Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry in Hillsborough, North Carolina. We have many different breeds of rabbits, they vary in size and color. Rabbits are very good pets, and with the right care, and lots of love, they can have great personalities too! We would love to match you with the perfect pet.

Wesley Kloos
Horse Shoe, North Carolina
Champagne d’ Argent
The Homestead Rabbitry
The Homestead Rabbitry was established in 1948 at North Branch Station, NJ, and continued until 1964. During that time, the principal breeds raised were Champagne d’Argents and Standard and American Chinchillas. The rabbits were shown and won at local, state, regional and national conventions. The rabbitry owner, Dr. Wesley Kloos, was an ARBA judge and registrar in the 1950’s-1960’s, then retired upon entry into the US Army Medical Service Corp. After retiring as Professor of Genetics at North Carolina State University, Wes and his wife Deborah re-established the rabbitry in NC in 2010. The new Homestead Rabbitry stock descends from lines of Ed Hildebrand, Ray List, Bobby Crosby, Nathan Persinger and Jerry Fisher, and many of those lines originated from the stock of Wayne Cleer. Champagne rabbits gain weight rapidly and have a high “dress out” percentage and meat to bone ratio, making them ideal for commercial or home meat production. In keeping with the longstanding WNC tradition of sustainable agriculture, The Homestead Rabbitry continues to produce breeding stock for both show rabbits and meat production.

Cecil Teeters
Hudson, North Carolina
American Chinchillas, Champagne, d’ Argent, French Angora, Satin Angora, and German Angoras
Chingora Rabbitry
Chingora is a small family owned rabbitry (ARBA members) located in the Hudson area of North Carolina at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountians. We raise meat and fiber rabbits for the purpose of breeding stock, rabbit shows, spinning fiber, rabbit sales, and of course for great pets. Most all of our rabbits have pedigrees and are registered with ARBA as soon as they are old enough. We have five different breeds of rabbits. Each rabbit has two sources of water, a feeder, hay rack, two types of toys, and scheduled run time for exercise. All rabbits are feed a high quality diet with natural treats from our garden. We have 14 rabbits/pets for our breeding stock. Come and meet our Am. Chins and our Angoras at Chingora Rabbitry.

Kandice Sage
Jonesville, North Carolina
Cinnamons, Californians
The Sage Farm
Cinnamons, Californians and New Zealand cross

Melissa Burleson
Kannapolis , North Carolina
Pride Lionheads Rabbitry
We are a local rabbitry, specializing in the Lionhead breed. We serve Charlotte, and the greater Peidmont area. My husband and I opened our first rabbitry the Spring of 2004, in a small town in Florida. There, we raised Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, Hotots, Holland Lops, and Polish rabbits. We were always fond of the Lionheads because of their sweet temperaments and curious nature…..We closed our rabbitry in Florida, to begin our family. Now that our 3 children are getting older we have been welcoming our furry friends, back into our lives. Shortly after our relocation to North Carolina, we decided to find some Lionhead bunnies, for our children to raise. We soon realized that it proved to be a nearly impossible feat. We traveled all over the place, following ads that “claimed” to be selling “Lionhead” bunnies…… however, we knew better. It was sad to see that the breed quality of a “lionhead rabbit,” was well below standard, for our new area….. After a couple of road trips out of state and all around, we found just the perfect bunnies for our family. It is this experience that made our decision to open our rabbitry, here in Kannapolis, North Carolina. We specialize in Purebred Lionhead Rabbits. They meet breed standard in color, size, and mane…….AND……they are just as sweet as they are adorable! ***All of our bunnies are raised with our 3 children, ages 4, 6 and 7. They are socialized and handled and their temperments reflect all of this love.

Shawn Evans
Kannapolis, North Carolina
English Lop, Tans
Lily Patch Farm
High quality show english lops located in Kannapolis NC

April Milam
Kannapolis, North Carolina
Holland Lops
Lops to Luv Rabbitry
Lops to luv is a small rabbitry… My husband, two children, daughter 5 years old ,son 21 months,and I wanted to start a rabbitry as a family project… We all help do something… We handle our rabbits daily to keep them friendly…

LORA Smith
Kannapolis, North Carolina
English Angora
Out of Kannapolis, N. C. We love our fluffy lovable English angora bunnies! Visit our Facebook Page HAMPSHIRE ENGLISH ANGORA RABBITRY for adoptable bunnies. Our bunnies are available to rent for photo sessions and bucks are available for breeding for a small stud fee.

Chris Heath
Kinston, North Carolina
Mini Rex
Sand Hill Bunny Farm Rabbitry
Mini-Rex rabbits ranging from bunny to full grown rabbit. Have been raising rabbits as back yard hobby for the past two years. Enjoy everything about these little guys. When it comes to colors I have to say almost every shade in the Rainbow: grey, white, amber, crème, black, and also different eye color to boot. I do not have the farm registered with a true blood line nor are these show rabbits. however for a pet and loving animal these little guys fit the bill. currently have around 7 bunnies, 12 half grown, 4 full grown and a dwarf just for company.

LAUREL HILL, North Carolina
Californians, New Zealands, Dutch
A grandfather,father, and son rabbitry started as a hobby and now a family business. Selling rabbits for meat or pets. Rabbits are very gentle and make great pets. Please contact us for any of your rabbitry needs and we will be more then happy to help you! Thank you and God Bless.

E.C. Tatum
Laurel Hill, North Carolina
New Zealands, Californians, Mixed
Hare Farms Rabbitry
We raise meat rabbits and breed to achieve desired traits, health, size, litter sizes being the main traits we breed towards. We usually have a stock of rabbits on hand ready to add to your breeding stock. Call for more information.

Tray Muse
Laurinburg, North Carolina
Mini Rex, Lion Lops, Dutch, Mini Lops
Over Time Rabbitry
Over Time Rabbitry is located in laurinburg, NC. We have mini lops, mini Rex, lion heads, and a dutch. We breed them for pets only and not for meat.

Catherine Varner
Laurinburg, North Carolina
New Zealands, Holland Lops
Woodland Haven Rabbitry
We raise top quality New Zealand whites out of Graham Russel’s line for meat, pets or breeders. We also have some adorable Hollands- black, tort, solids and brokens. We sell the Lops for pets, breeders, or show. We almost always have some ready to go.

Carla Burnette
Leicester, NC
Holland Lops (chocolates)
Burnettes Lovable Lops
We specialize in Holland Lop Chocolates and chocolate otters.

Malena Hamilton
Leicester, North Carolina
Holland Lops
Hamilton’s Hoppin’ Lops
Hamilton’s Hoppin’ Lops is a small rabbitry located in the mountains if western North Carolina.

Christie Cunningham
Lenoir, North Carolina
Netherland Dwarf
Cedar Rock Rabbitry
Small 20 hole rabbitry in western North Carolina. Specializing in Netherland Dwarf rabbits. Colors include Chinchilla, Black Otter, Chestnut, Opal, REW, Black, Tort, Orange and Fox. These are show quality rabbits derived from the best lines in North Carolina. Rabbits priced at $50 or less depending on show potential.

Star Arnett
Lenoir, North Carolina
Holland Lop
Perrydise Rabbitry
Holland lop rabbitry. Working with VC, VM, and BEW genetics. Wren bloodlines.

Tobie Cooper
Lewisville, North Carolina
Tans, Dutch
WestBend Rabbitry
My Father n Law and I have been starting out in showing our Tans and the Dutches. Our Rabbitry is a nice place and its big. We take alot of pride in keeping the rabbits clean and most of all healthy. We also like telling friends about them. We also like giving rabbits to good homes and to kids, who love them.

Christi Craver
Lexington, North Carolina
Silver Fox
Brier Patch Bunnies
Brier Patch Bunnies is dedicated to preserving the treasures of yesterday for tomorrow’s generations.
We are members of the ARBA and the National Silver Fox Club. I have always loved animals and often dreamed of having a farm where I could raise and keep all my favorites. I didn’t even realize until I got involved with Spanish Mustangs that there was such a thing as “Heritage Animals”. I started studying them and realizing that as a society, we are in grave danger of losing what should be a national treasure. All species of farm animals that were developed in the early years of our country or that were here before we became a nation, are in danger of extinction. Sadly, we have already lost too many. It has taken me a while to get my rabbitry together and I still have a lot yet that I want to get done but I have taken the first step. I have chosen the Silver Fox Rabbit—which is listed as “threatened” on the Livestock Conservancy page and I have future plans to add several other breeds of rabbits. The Silver Fox Rabbit is a beautiful rabbit with short dense fur—that is comparable to the Silver Fox. They are valuable for not only their fur but also their delicious meat. The Silver Fox has a wonderful temperment and is easy to raise. They are sturdy, compact rabbits–weighing between 8 – 11 lbs.
We also help out with the conservation of Spanish Mustangs—and am proud to own two of them.
Do your part and help preserve America’s Heritage!

Jonathan Laws
Lexington, North Carolina
New Zealands, Californians
What’s Up Doc?
I have just begun to raise rabbits. I am looking to raise meat rabbits to sell and eat. I presently have four bred does, two bucks, three does that are 6 weeks old. I am planning to raise more as I learn the ins and outs of rabbit farming, and as I learn how to market them.

Terry Musgrave
Lexington , North Carolina
Silver Fox
Country Lane Rabbitry
We have black, chocolate, lilac, and silver rabbits.

Jessica Martin
Lilesville, North Carolina
Silver Fox, Giant Chinchilla and American Blues
Riverdale Rabbitry
Riverdale Rabbitry raises show quality Silver Fox, Giant Chinchillas and American Blues as a part of our larger farm on a historic plantation in rural North Carolina. We raise our own organic GMO free vegetables for ourselves and our animals. Our primary focus is the Silver Fox breed and development of the chocolate variety. We have several lines here and raise all four colors recognized by the NSFBC, black, blue, chocolate and lilac. Only the best leaves our farm, if I would not proudly show the rabbit it does not leave. Our stock has been carefully brought in from all over the US. Giant Chinchillas are a favorite breed of mine that often gets over looked as a high quality multi purpose rabbit. American Blues are a new addition here but are very sweet, easily handled rabbits. The current line comes from multi champion stock over generations. Our focus here on our farm from the heirloom vegetables to the rare breed livestock is to make sure they do not get forgotten in our fast paced world.

Trent Canipe
Lincolnton, NC
New Zealands, Californians, Holland Lops, Mini Lops
Fatboys Rabbitry
Quality New Zealand and Californian meat rabbits. We buy and sell rabbits for meat , pets, or breeding stock. Fryers sold for meat for humans or dog food. Also, have rabbit supplies and cages available.

Joncole Somers
Lincolnton, North Carolina
Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead
Wacky Wabbits
Full bread netherland dwarf and netherland dwarf lionhead mixes available. Our stud Miller is a purebred netherland dwarf with a smoky grey coat and sky blue eyes. Our main doe is “Stormi” she is a purebred lion head with a white, and smoky grey coat and brown eyes. Anyone interested is more than welcome to come meet the parents and see are facility and take home a “WACKY WABBIT!!”

Ress Vilorio
Lincolnton, North Carolina
New Zealands, Meat Rabbits
Liberty Farms Rabbitry
We breed a variety on non registered rabbits. The rabbits we have are bred for consumption purposes and our goal is to produce the best quality meat rabbits possible. Our rabbitry consists of New Zealand’s, Altex, Flemish Giant crosses, NZ crosses, Californian crosses, and Altex crosses.
Please feel free to contact us.

Melanie Barilla-Gottfried
madison, North Carolina
Holland Lop
Natures Love Farm Rabbitry
Hello! Thank you for coming by and checking us out. I’d love to tell you all about our beautiful Holland Lop bunnies. All our bunnies are fully pedigreed back to three generations and two of our breeders have BOSB (best of show breed) in their bloodlines. We currently have 3 rabbits, one buck (a blue VC) Stitch and two does Lilo (a broken tort) and Meadow (VM orange). Both Lilo and Meadow as presumed pregnant and are due August 9th and 10th. The litters do not go home until 8 weeks.
We handle our bunnies daily with our children and get them familiar with a small dog and start potty training before they go home. It’s extremely important to us that all our bunnies go to for ever homes where they will be loved and cared for. We do have a questionnaire that needs to be filled out before placing any deposits on any litters. As breeders we do reserve the right to refuse a sale if we don’t feel it’s a good fit.
Getting on our waitlist is fairly easy. There’s a $50 non refundable deposit that will go towards the purchase of your selected bunny. The deposits are transferrable to another litter if you are looking for something specific. Please mark the calendar date 8 weeks from when your kit is born. We will send photos via text the day their born, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and at 8 weeks. The 8 week photos will be individual photos where you’ll be able to then make your decision on what bunny you’d like. When you choose your bunny it is presumed “held” for you. We will hold the bunny for you for 1 week or a $10 per day boarding fee will incur after that. If we don’t hear from you or you are a no show then the bunny is available to sell. This is why it’s so important to mark the 8 week date on your calendar so you are available to pick up your new furry friend.
Our bunnies are $150 each and come from high quality lines. They’ve even been featured in Parent Magazine as “Hopper” made his grand appearance while in the care of Anna from For The Love Of Sandy Rabbitry. Please check out our website for more information on our rabbits.

Rick Sipe
Maiden, North Carolina
New Zealands, Californians
Red Gate Rabbit Farm
We are a 250 doe operation located in the foothills of NC. We have been raising rabbits as a hobby for a couple of years, and have finally transitioned into becoming a business. We have set a goal for ourselves to become the largest meat rabbit producer in NC. We raise mainly New Zealands and Californians, but you can spot a Chin hybrid among our groups.

Patrick Wilson
Maiden, North Carolina
Wilson Farms

Amelia Stuetzel
Mars Hill, North Carolina
Californian, New Zealand Whites
Forest Garden Rabbitry
We have a homestead and rabbitry in Mars Hill which is 25 minutes north of Asheville, NC. These rabbits are beautiful and make wonderful mothers. We keep them for meat, furs, and pets. Our rabbit are fed a lot of fresh grass and weeds and they spend time in rabbit runs in our garden. We are open to rabbit trades as well.

Candace Meggs
Marshville, NC
English Lop, Holland Lop, Velveteen Lop, Flemish Giant
B and C Farm
Small rabbitry in Marshville, NC raising and showing english lops, holland lops, velveteen lops, and blue flemish giants.

Dave Lavalle
Marvin, North Carolina
Holland Lop, Lionhead, Mini Holland Lop, New Zealand
Marvin Farm Rabbitry
Breeder of happy healthy rabbits that are handled on a daily basis. rabbits come with transportation crate, starter bedding and feed. Text 704-759-6623 for fastest response.

Roger Wilson
Matthews, North Carolina
Mini Rex, Dwarf, Flemish Giants
Wilson Farm & Rabbitry
Many Rabbits to choose from..

Katy Buterbaugh
Mocksville, North Carolina
Mini Rex, American Chinchillas
Hyper Hoppers Rabbitry
Small family owned rabbitry. We have has mini rex rabbits for almost a year now and just started into the American Chinchillas. We raise mainly pet mini rex but I’m trying to develop show quality. My American Chinchillas are still too young to breed so it’ll be a while before I have anything from them.

J Doss
Mocksville, North Carolina
Silver Fox, Dutch
The Bunny Barn
We are. A small hobby farm, raising Dutch bunnies for pets, and also Silver Fox that are a dual purpose pet, meat, hide.
In the silver foxes I have Blacks, Chocolates, and the Rare REW.
My Dutch dam is a tort, Sire is black and white, they have a variety of off spring; blavk/ white, grey/white lilac/white,, blue/white, and chocolate and white.

Dee Mixon
Monroe, North Carolina
Rex and Rex Havana
Healthy Homesteaders
Selling Rex/Havana breed. Weanlings and Breeding age rabbits available.

Jenna Sue Bennett
Mooresville, North Carolina
Holland Lops, Blue Eyed White Holland Lops
Ice Cream’s Bunny Blessings Rabbitry
We are an ARBA Licensed Holland Lop Breeder located near Mooresville, NC. We are a small family dedicating our time and love to raising supreme cuteness, upmost adorability, and sweet love of the purest white and softest variety. The love between our Doe—‘Edelweiss’ and her Buck—‘Ice Cream’ blesses us with sweet baby ‘vanilla scoops’ and bright blue eyes! If you are interested in giving one of our precious babies a forever loving & cuddling home, please contact one of the Bunny Mommies… Donna Sue & Jenna Sue Bennett (Mother/Daughter team) at or text (704) 402-0033. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have or to put you on a waiting list. Thank you.

Mary & Jodi Adams
Mooresville, North Carolina
Flemish Giant, Continental Giant, New Zealand, Holland Lop, Lionhead, Lionlop, Mini Rex
Rabbit Habbit Rabbitry
Mooresville, North Carolina
Flemish Giant, Continental Giant and (cross Conti & Flemish), New Zealand, Holland Lop, Lionhead, LionLop, Mini Rex.
Rabbit Habbit Rabbitry
Flemish Giant (many colors), Continental Giant, New Zealand, Lion Lop and Lionhead
100 hole +We are an OPEN Rabbitry so visors are welcome to come and visit, offering many different breeds and sizes (3# to 18 +#) always adding new ones. Many of our rabbits have full pedigrees.
We carry; meat pelt, breeders, show and pet.
Our hours are 9 am to 9 pm – seven days a week, lights in our barn if needed for extended hours, just call or text for time and location-Jodi 980 435 2489 she helps with information and appointments.
Other contacts;
Please leave a message or go on our facebook page; Rabbit Habbit Rabbitry of Mooresville, NC, rabbit information, health, different breeds, pictures of what we have available. PM for prices
If we don’t carry the breed you want we’ll try to help you find it., MEWE Adams Mary
980 435 2388 – Mary leave message or 980 435 2489 – Jodi

Valerie Harrell
Morganton, North Carolina
Holland Lop
Mountain Bunny Farm
Mountain Bunny Farm was established in 1995 breeding mini lops. Through the years we have raised and shown Mini Lop, Dutch, Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lops. We now specialize in Holland Lops, winning the Holland Lops Nationals in 2005 with a black doe. We have many Grand Champions and Best in Show winners that produce excellent quality babies. All stock is fully pedigreed.

Melissa Williams
Mount Holly, NC
Misty Mount Farm & Rabbitry
Small hobby farm raising Thriantas, Nubians, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Chickens for eggs and organic gardening. We also raise and train Shetland Sheepdogs for show, agility and therapy 24 years experience.

Shanta Hyde
Mount Olive, North Carolina
New Zealand, Silver Fox, Lionhead, Dutch, Dwarf, Crossbreeds, Californian
Hyde’so Rabbitry
We are a small family run rabbitry. Teaching our three children about running a business and a strong work ethic. All of our babies are handled daily and are spoiled.

Clint Dobbins
New London, North Carolina
Mini Rex
Bella’s Mini Rex
Mini Rex in blue, black, tri, magpie, chinchilla, sable point, bew, chocolate, harlequin and broken of these. I am located close to Charlotte, NC.

Abbey W.
New Salem, North Carolina
Lionhead Rabbits
The Lion’s Den Rabbitry
I am a small rabbit breeder in NC who raises Lionhead pet rabbits. Check out my website for education on Lionheads, tips and tricks on raising you furry fluff-ball and be on the look out for babies who are looking for a new home!

Dave Buterbaugh
North-Central, North Carolina
American Chinchilla, German Angora, French Angora
Hippity Hop Rabbitry
Specializing in American Chinchilla and German Angora rabbits. AmChins for show and food source and German Angoras and Angora hybrids for fiber arts.

Anthony Childress
N.Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Flemish Giant
Mountain valley Flemish
My name is Anthony Childress and here at mountain valley Flemish we raise quality Sandy and fawn flemish giants for show and an see our rabbits on face book (mountain valley flemish).

Michelle Hoots
Olin, North Carolina
Satin Angora, Angora, Holland Lop
Hoots Fuzzy Lop Rabbitry is a small Family Hobby started from the Love of Bunnies and desire to work with fibers and 4H and as part of our homeschool. The kids created and run the website and help maintain the care of our fuzzy luvs.

Tonya Ferguson
PILOT MOUNTAIN, North Carolina
Holland Lop, Lionhead, Rex Mix
Three Son’s Blue Farm
Farm Family owned & Operated
Raise Holland Lops, Lionheads, And a Rex Mix Mutt… we also raise Nigeria Dwarf & Mini Nubian Goats & make goat milk soap. We raise and sell several type chickens.
We are lovers of all animals. If you come here, you have animals free roaming & little boys giving them attention!

Tammy Padgett
PINETOPS, North Carolina
Dutch, Holland Lop
Copperhead Farms, Rabbitry and Kennel
Breeding show quality Dutch and Holland Lops.

Katlynn Stotesberry
Plymouth, North Carolina
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex
Berry Bunny Rabbitry
We operate a small, family operated rabbitry in Plymouth, NC. We produce show and pet rabbits.

Sheila Black
Raleigh, North Carolina
Dutch, French Angora
Raleigh Pet Rabbits
Small rabbitry focusing on well socialized, (tame and friendly) humanely raised, high quality family pets. We specialize in Dutch rabbits in black, blue and chocolate. We have babies available from time to time and do keep a wait list. Please contact us for more information. We also rarely have baby French Angora bunnies available as well.

Rebecca Jackson
Raleigh, North Carolina
Holland Lops
Beccas Bunny
We raise sociable friendly, easy to hold Hollands.

Charli Jo Jordan
Raleigh, North Carolina
Holland Lop, Lionhead , Lionhead-Holland
Raleigh Rabbits Lionheads
Extra small ‘dwarf’ size, Lionheads and some Lionhead Holland mixes..
Fluffy longish silky fur,
cute faced
compact round baby-doll like body
typically combined with Lionhead standards.
Father is smoked pearl siamese sable and 2lbs , mother a vivid orange 4 lb lionhead

Angel Lineberry
Randleman, North Carolina
New Zealand, Californian, Cross, Dwarfs
Wascally Wabbit Rabbitry
We are mostly a New Zealand rabbitry, but we have a few dwarfs, and California’s. Good pedigree rabbits disease free all liters have been bred in site.

Amanda Drye
Rockwell, North Carolina
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Angoras, Lionheads
Cinnabun Rabbitry
We are a small family run Rabbitry. We try to spend time with our bunnies and they are raised around children. We have Angoras, Holland Lops, minilops, lion head and Netherland Dwarfs. Our Facebook page is Cinnabun Rabbitry
(704)798-3312Robert Swan
Randleman, NC
New Zealands
Swans Rabbitry
I raise New Zealand rabbits for meat, and show. I have a smaller rabbitry right know around 60 rabbits babies and up, but definitely will, and am growing. I buy and sell New Zealands.

Nicholas Newbold
Richlands, North Carolina
Mini Rex
Nick’s Rabbitry
My name is Nicholas Newbold and I run Nick’hs Rabbitry in Richlands, NC. I have been raising rabbits for over 10 years. I currently raise purebred and pedigreed Mini Rex rabbits. The varieties that I work on are: black, blue, otters, chinchilla, red. I am now starting to work on chocolate, tri color, opal, and REW as well. I am fairly new to showing, but I have already been to some shows and I have done quite well. I hope to be able to participate in more rabbit shows, and to be able to help those that may be interested in showing rabbits. Find me on Facebook. My page is Nick’s Rabbitry.

Emmanuelle Wilts
Ruffin, North Carolina
Silver Fox, Standard Rex
Wilts Natural
A small rabbitry mainly focused on breeding silver fox with an emphasis on a more natural diet to breed good homestead rabbits.

Elizabeth Bailey
Salisbury, North Carolina
French Angora, American Chinchilla, Standard Rex
The Backwoods Harehouse
Here at The backwoods Harehouse we breed rabbits for wool and for meat. We have American Chinchilla, French Angora, Standard Rex and will be adding Red New Zealands in the months coming. We are a small rabbitry and use methods natural methods to raise our rabbits. We are family based and are happy to supply for meat, wool, rabbitry and pet purposes. We are also happy to answer any questions and to teach what we know to anyone willing to learn. You can find pictures of our breeders, past litters, litters available now, up coming litters, tips and information at our website

Melissa Hunter
Salisbury, North Carolina
English Angoras
Cuddle Bunnies Rabbitry
Cuddle Bunnies is a Registered Rabbitry with The American Rabbit Breeders Association. We specialize in English Angoras. All of our rabbits are housed inside in temperature controlled housing to make sure they are healthy and family friendly when they go to their new home.

Ron Lundy
Salisbury, North Carolina
New Zealands, NZW, Califorians mix, Tennessee Redback
Ron’s Rabbits
Hello, I raise NZW, Califorians, and Tennessee Redback. The NZW and Cal’s make excellent meat rabbits and pets. The Tennessee Redbacks are used to train young pups, and to re-stock hunting lands. I also use rabbits as part of your pets RAW diet.

Johnny Lane
Saluda, NC
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Flemish Giants, Californians, Lion Heads, Holland Lop Mixed
Small Town Rabbitry
We are a new rabbitry in the Western North Carolina area. We are family owned and operated working towards providing affordable, healthy rabbits. Rabbits are available both as pets and for consumption.

Jessica Byerly
Sandy Ridge, North Carolina
Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Rex Hybrids
Gracie B’s Bee’s and Bunnies
We are a 1st year Rabbitry – We currently are raising Mini Rex and Mini Lops – We hope to have a hybrid of Mini Rex-Lop’s this fall.

Tim Smith
Shallotte, North Carolina
Netherland Dwarf
Smith Family Rabbitry
Very small Rabbitry that focuses on very high quality show bunnies. I do NOT breed for the pet market, but when non breeder/ show quality bunnies happen, they are sold for $30 without pedigree. I do not show often, as most shows are several hours from my location

Deborah Kidd
Seagrove , North Carolina
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops
Silver Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry that provides healthy rabbits raised in a clean enviroment. Our rabbits are individual pen’s we feed rabbit pellets / hay / fresh water. Our rabbits are handled, petted & spoken to by name everyday. My son started the rabbitry a few years ago now we work together to provide great bunnys to good homes

Mib Wood
Sherrills Ford, North Carolina
Holland Lop
Lops on the Lake
We specialize in breeding Holland Lops that are true to the Holland Lop standard in conformation. We also love our bunnies, so they are held every day as soon as they hop out f the nestbox. When you purchase a bunny form us, you are assured of a high quality, well socialized rabbit who will provide years of enjoyment. We are members of ARBA, the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club and the North Carolina Rabbit Breeders Association. We also provide free delivery service to any location that is within 3 hours driving distance of our farm.

Delbert Spillman
Sophia, North Carolina
New Zealand, New Zealand Red, White, Black, Blue & Broken, Silver Fox, Californian, English Spot, American, Champagne & Creme D’argent
Spillmans Rabbits
I have a hobby rabbitry in central North Carolina where I raise several breeds of rabbits. My rabbits are purebred and most are pedigreed. I raise quality rabbits for breeding and showing. I don’t show rabbits myself but a few of my breeders have been shown and a lot have show lines in there background. Thanks for looking, Delbert.

Karen Erickson
South Mills, North Carolina
New Zealand, New Zealand Red and New Zealand Broken Red
Briar Patch Farm Rabbitry
We operate a small rabbitry focusing on pedigree New Zealand Red and New Zealand Broken Red”s . We keep our rabbitry small to allow us to be able to offer cage free rotational grazing on pasture that was planted with seed that was selected especially for rabbits in mind. We plant a rabbit garden and offer sprouted grains that I grow using the Fodder method to keep our rabbits in good health. We carefully match our breeding pairs to make sure we are getting the best traits possible. We look for temperament, size, mothering skills, large litters, health and more. After weaning the litters they come inside our home and spend time with our family. We handle them while they are with the mother some and when they come inside they are handled multiple times a day so we can observe behavior, make sure they are tame and most importantly we love them.
The only time our rabbits are caged is when a doe is about to give birth, a rabbit is quarantined or someone has figured out how to escape and that’s only until we fix where they escape or when the babies come inside. This keeps our rabbits very happy and happy rabbits are healthy rabbits. We offer pedigrees on our rabbits and breed unrelated pairs. At this time I have some juvenile bucks for sale and a litter of 7 that’s about to be weaned.

Jon Whitley
Snowhill, North Carolina
American Chinchilla, Standard Rex, Havana, Dwarf Netherlands, Hymalains
Ditch Bank Homestead Rabbitry
Young Rabbitry Business . Breeding quality rabbits.

Jeremy Stanton
STAR, North Carolina
Mini Rex and Silver Fox
Starwoods Farm Rabbitry
Starwoods Farm’s Rabbit Information:
– American Rabbit Breeders Associations – 7/23
– Starwoods Farm Rabbitry -D9291
– National Mini Rex Rabbit Club Member
– National Silver Fox Rabbit Club Member

Silver Fox rabbits are bred for meat, show, and unique fur. The Silver Fox is a large, docile breed and excellent with children. Check out Wikipedia for more information:

Mini-Rex rabbits are a small size, plush coat with friendly personalities that make them one of the most popular rabbit breeds in the United States. They come in 20 different colors. Check out Wikipedia for more information:

Nancy Miller
Statesville, North Carolina
English Angoras, Giant Angora Rabbits
Liberty Hill Farm & Rabbitry
Our Rabbitry is located just 35 min’s from Charlotte and Winston Salem. We are only 100 miles from Asheville. We carry English Angora Rabbits as well as the very rare Giant Angora Rabbits. Our rabbits are breed for their luxurious fiber-which is a dream come true for spinners, great disposition (all rabbits are handled and talked babytalk to daily), and are extremely healthy. We also raise rare heritage sheep , Harlequin’s (minature ) and Southdown Babydoll Sheep. We love our little farm and hope you do too !

Jennifer Leach
Stedman, North Carolina
English Angora
Bunny Love English Angora Rabbitry
Specializing and raising only pedigree purebred English Angora Rabbits. We have 3 does and 1 buck all which have pedigree. They are handled daily, groomed and well maintained. We are a small rabbitry located here in Stedman, NC. For questions and future litters pls email at or feel free to call me at 910-916-9985.

Bobby & Libby Knight
Stoneville, North Carolina
New Zealand, New Zealand White, Standard Rex and Mini Rex
Twin Springs Acres
Small Homestead Raising Rabbits for Pets and for Meat.

Tammy Padgett
Tarboro, North Carolina
Holland Lop, Lionheads, Velveteen Lops
Bunny Farm Rabbitry
I breed pet and show quality Holland Lops, Lionheads and Velveteen Lops.

Tim M. Bowman
Taylorsville, NC
New Zealand Whites, Californians
KNB Rabbitry
We have been breeding and showing our New Zealand whites and Californians for 20 years. It all got started with my daughters receiving Easter bunnies and progressed to now over 200 holes. Our interest in showing our rabbits required upgrading to show quality stock from the top breeder lines in the country. We cull for meat and keep the best for showing and breed stock. Members of the ARBA(BOWMTIOO), AFNZRBA(31425), and NCRBA(1714).

Priya Allen
The Piedmont, North Carolina
Silver Fox
The Wabbit Warren
We are a small, family owned rabbitry. The Wabbit Warren is located in the NC Piedmont. All of our rabbits are humanely raised, with daily attention to ensure sociability and spot any problems immediately. Our rabbits are also fed naturally- eating hay, greens, grains, and herbs. We do not show ourselves, but many of our rabbts are show quality. We sell rabbits for pet, show, breeding (we can help you whether you breed for pet, show, meat, fur, ect. ), and raw feeding. Please visit our website! And feel free to email us with questions.

Amy Shore
Thurmond, North Carolina
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Dutch
Happy Valley Rabbitry
We raise pedigreed Holland Lops and Mini Rex in many colors including blue eyes. We have also just added blue eyed Dutch rabbits.

Debbie Perrigo / Donna Cayton
Timberlake, NC
Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lop, Lionhead
Luv Some Bunny Special
Specializing in smaller breeds. Pet and show quality available.

Priya Allen
The Triad, North Carolina
Silver Fox, Silver fox
The Wabbit Warren
We are a small, family owned rabbitry. The Wabbit Warren is located in the NC Piedmont. All of our rabbits are humanely raised, with daily attention to ensure sociability and spot any problems immediately. Our tabbits are also fed naturally- eating hay, greens, grains, and herbs. We do not show ourselves, but many of our rabbts are show quality. We sell rabbits for pet, show, breeding (we can help you whether you breed for pet, show, meat, fur, ect. ), and raw feeding. Please visit our website! And feel free to email us with questions.

Eric Hinkle
Thomasville, North Carolina
Silver Fox, American Chinchilla
Hinkle Family Rabbitry
We are a small family owned rabbitry located in the piedmont of North Carolina. After much research we decided to specialize in the heritage rabbit breeds American Chinchilla and Silver Fox. Please look around the website and contact us with any questions you may have.

Amy Shore
Thurmond, North Carolina
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Lionheads
Happy Valley Rabbitry
We have a small rabbitry located in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. We raise Holland Lops, Mini Rex and Lionheads and have many different colors including blue eyed white, chocolate and other rare colors. Show and pet/breeding quality at affordable prices. My rabbitry is registered with the ARBA # D1160.

Heather Lee
Tyner, North Carolina
Silver fox, New Zealand-red only
Henny Penny Farm
We are a family owned rabbitry and small farm. We raise red New Zealand and Silver Fox. Our rabbits are handled daily, making it possible for them to be used for pets or for meat as we do.

Chris Moore
Vass, North Carolina
New Zealands, Californians, Lionhead
Moore Acres Ranch Rabbitry
Small family owned rabbitry raising New Zealand meat rabbits and Lionhead bunnies for pets.

Shane Rominger
Vilas, North Carolina
Holland Lops, Giant Chinchillas, Flemish Giants
Cold Mountain Rabbitry

Michael Chase
Wade, North Carolina
New Zealand, New Zealand White and Rex
K and M’s Rabbitry
We raise New Zealand Whites mainly for meat but sometimes will sell as pets or breeding stock depending on the rabbit. Our Rex rabbits are pedigreed and their parents are show stock that came from different states. We plan to sell the kits for $40 when they are between the ages of 8 weeks and 16 weeks. Once they are past 16 weeks we will sell them for $50. Prices may vary. We can provide a pedigree if it is wanted. We currently have 3 breeding NZW does and 1 NZW buck. We also have 1 castor rex doe, 1 black rex buck, and 1 broken blue buck. If you ever have questions feel free to ask. As of 3/4/18 we have 8 rex babies that we will be selling. I believe 2 are white, 3 are broken blue, and 3 are either castor, blue, or black (I think). However they are only 4 days old as of 3/8/18 and will not be for sale until they are 8 weeks old. Genders are unknown at the moment.

Sharon OKelley
Wake Forest, North Carolina
Holland Lop
O’Kelley’s O’Hare’s
Raising quality Holland Lops since 1996. I’m a very small rabbit breeder located in Wake Forest, NC. Since my rabbitry is small, I am able to provide each and every rabbit with attention everyday. All of my rabbits are handled daily and have toys in their cages based on their interest.

Kimberly C.
Washington, North Carolina
Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Lionheads
Mystic Warren Rabbitry
We are a small rabbitry, consisting of 30 ‘holes’. We are located on the beautiful Pamlico River. Our primary breeds are Mini Rex, Holland Lops and Jersey Woolys; we do however still breed Lionheads for pets, and have started taking an interest in E lops. We are members of 4-H and ARBA, our rabbitry is registered and listed on the ARBA web site. Our rabbits are all fed a diet of pellets, timothy hay and fresh veggies. We water them a minimum of twice daily, they are also handled and spoken to by name daily as well. We breed for temperament and also strive to better the breeds we promote.

Kenny and Betsy Isaacs
Sugar Grove, North Carolina
New Zealand White, Red, and Broken, Femish, California and Mini Lops
Wildwood Rabbitry
We are a small Rabbitry located in the beautiful mountains in Watauga County. We have been raising rabbits for over 33 years. Are goal is to raise meat, showable rabbits and secondary pet rabbits.

Jamaal McCabe
Washington, North Carolina
Mini Lop, Tennessee Red Buck, Netherland Dwarf, Meat Rabbit
Little J’s Rabbitry
I enjoy being Rabbits because I enjoy doing this as a hobby. I have a little child and he loves helping out.
Quality is our highest priority.
I am also a ARBA member
Facebook Page: Little J’s Rabbitry

Dave Lavalle
Waxhaw, North Carolina
New Zealand, Dutch, Holland Lop, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf
Marvin Farm Rabbitry
Long time Union County, NC rabbit breeder Selling long time proven breeding stock. Boardmember Union County Rabbit Breeders Association. Also selling additional breeds: Dutch, Holland Lop, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf, nest boxes and rabbit manure. Text for quickest response and availability:

Emmy Wilts
Waxhaw, North Carolina
Silver Fox, Mini Rex, Standard Rex, Lion Heads and Flemish Giant
Bonnie Hill Bunnies
We are a small time rabbitry, focused on providing the rabbits with the best possible life… They are fed greens daily along with fodder, which makes up the bulk of they’re diet in the spring and summer… Our Silver Fox are all pedigreed, and carry both the Blue and Chocolate genetics… Silver Fox are quickly gaining popularity as homestead rabbits because they have a better dress out weight than New Zealands and Californians, with better mothering abilities and higher milk production, they also do better on forage than the common’meat’ types. Our Silver Fox are show quality as well as breeder/pet quality… Our Mini Rex have won at several fairs, the buck is registered, our mini Rex a pet quality, colors include; Opal, broken opal, Castor, broken castor, black, blue and several other colors… Lion Head colors include black, broken black, broken silver, tri color… We also have other breeds available, contact for information… Thank you.

Christopher Lile
Waynesville, North Carolina
Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops
Lile’s Lops Rabbitry
Lile’s Lops is a youth run Holland Lop and American Fuzzy Lop rabbitry in Western North Carolina. We strive to have quality, not quantity in our herd. Hollands are our main breed, and we work on torts, sable points, and some dilutes.

Autumn Spence
Waynesville, North Carolina
Mini Rex
Autumn’s Little Animals Rabbitry
Here at Autumn’s Little Animals we Breed, Sale , and Show Mini Rex rabbits! We also sell and show a few other breeds. We do not sell are babies until they are 8 weeks old and as soon as the babies can be reserved they go up on the site!

Michael Brown
Whiteville, North Carolina
New Zealand White, Smuts (Cross NZW with California)
Brown’s Rabbitry of Columbus County, NC
I have started a small rabbitry with primary goal to raise meat and secondary pets. I purchased current mature stock from Carolina Pete’s Rabbitry ( in Claremont, NC. Current mature stock consists of 6 New Zealand White does, 2 New Zealand White bucks, and one California buck. Their first litters arrived on and around 11/26/12 (33 out of 38 survived). With these litters, I expanded my New Zealand White does to a total of 13 for stock. My rabbits are fed high quality 16% protein feed and locally grown hay. I hand fed oats to our “babies” during the weaning process. All are healthy and strong. Looks like we’re in the rabbit business! Call for directions 910-918-3253. Thanks!

Betsy Despathy
Wilmington, North Carolina
English Angora
I would like to buy a English Angora bunny. I am raising lion heads at this time

Angela Oliver
Wilmington, North Carolina
English Angora, Angoras
Greenfield Lake Angoras
My female is a chocolate torte angora and my male is a red eyed white. My first litter is 3 chocolate tortes , 2 lilac tipped red eyed whites, and 1 black.

Joe Glover
Wilson , North Carolina
Flemish Giant
Bigfoot rabbitry
I breed and show flemish giant sandy /fawn/blue/whites.pedigree from the very best lines in the country.

Amy George
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Mini Rex (Black Varieties), New Zealand Whites, Mixies
Garland Rabbitry
Garland Rabbitry is a micro family run rabbitry in Winston-Salem, NC. We breed for quality, not quantity. At least that’s my saying. They are well taken care of, handled everyday, and get free run time in a large back yard while being supervised. Here at Garland Rabbitry we do more than just pellets. We feed our rabbits fresh greens, oats, fresh fruit, hay, and pellets according to their weight.

Gavriel Holler
Winterville, North Carolina
Dutch, White lop, Mix
Holler Bunnies Rabbitry
Our rabbits are healthy rabbits that do not eat commercial food, only grass, are very loved, and handled constantly. We will be selling lops, steel dutch, dutch and lop mix, and soon either tans or lionheads.

Rebecca Skillman
Youngsville, North Carolina
Holland Lop
Homestead Hollands
We raise purebred & pedigreed Holland Lops of all colors outside Raleigh, NC.

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